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tilmanprologic: yeah, i fixed that yesterday00:37
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prologicahh cool thanks00:43
prologicI must have just missed your update00:43
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bd2hey! did anybody knew that CRUX is in the Linux dictionary, plus it's so important, so they placed it between CRC and CSS :-)
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tilmanbd2: but i think they placed it between crc and css because it fits there :P03:16
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prologicI have pkgmk set to store built packages and downlaoded sources on a central fs04:08
prologicwould there by anything that would be causing those files to be removed ?04:09
prologicthey keep disappearing on me :)04:09
guaquasoftware perl audio converter is crap04:32
guaquait refuses to keep any tag information from the files if it doesn't have every single file format's tag libraries04:33
* tilman only uses vorbis and flac and lives happily ever after04:48
guaquawould have been easier to just manually do the thing04:48
tilmanno need to use weird ass conversion tools04:48
guaquamaybe i'll do ncurses python gui ;)04:50
tilmanncurses is a bit awkward to program :(04:50
tilmanbut maybe i didn't try to use it properly long enough04:51
guaquawell wxwidgets or pyqt4 then :D04:51
tilmanuse gtk04:51
guaquait has gnu stuff in it :<04:51
tilmangtk isn't a gnu project04:52
guaquai rather do it with wxwidgets if not with qt04:52
jjpkgnu is the devil :D04:52
tilmanit's lgpl iirc04:52
tilmanblah blah04:52
tilmanfsf ftw04:52
guaquawxwindows is more portable04:52
tilmantoo bad it sucks04:53
tilmanwindows portability is argueably bad04:53
guaquais it still better than gtk?04:53
tilmanthe only point of wxwindows is portability i think04:54
prologicwhat are we making ?04:54
tilmanbut if you don't care about native os x or win32 interfaces, you don't need it04:54
tilmannot sure what you're making04:54
prologicI asked :)04:55
prologicyou guys were talking ncurses and I raised an eyrbrows :)04:55
guaquagui for converting between audio formats04:55
prologicyou could use python + urwid04:56
prologicthat is if you don't care about pretty graphics :)04:56
tilmanguaqua: converting between lossy formats is evil by definition. please think of the kittens!04:56
guaquawell i don't like having flac files on the hard drive04:57
guaquaso i prefer ogg04:57
tilmanoggenc -q 5 foo.flac04:57
tilmanno need to write a program for that imo04:57
tilmanguaqua: for awesome tags, check out if you don't know it already04:58
guaquai've actually donated to musicbrainz :)04:58
guaquaso :)04:58
tilmani wish i had started to use it earlier04:58
guaquai used the previous gui04:58
guaquafor windows though04:59
guaquai think picard is made with wxwindows, right?04:59
tilmanmmh, could be qt too. i'm not sure04:59
guaquait looks like crap, can't be qt :D05:00
guaquapicard is done with python at least05:04
guaqua"import wxversion"05:05
tilmanok,you win05:05
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Gardinhi! is there any way to reload the services in rc.conf? i know that i can just issue a /etc/rc.d/service restart, but that service won't live when i log out?08:44
prologicof course it will live08:46
prologicmost services deteach themselves from the controlling terminal08:46
Gardinwell... i've written this service myself, so i know it wont live XD08:47
prologicthen run it under nohup08:47
prologicobviously your service doesn't deteach itself :)08:47
Gardinok :)08:47
Gardinhaha no :P08:47
prologicnohup will ensure it does08:47
prologicthen rewrite it :)08:47
Gardinooh, nohup seems nice :), it runs the process as a child to init or what? :P08:48
prologicmost likely08:50
Gardinok, well, it works anyway :), thx :)08:51
prologicwhat's your services neways ?08:52
Gardinwell, it's an irc-bot-api thats written in C and exports its method to lua08:55
Gardinit's kinda nice, has a simple mysql-interface08:55
Gardinso it can be used for logging purposes, or just stupid bots :P08:55
prologicI have a simple irc bot framework in python :)08:57
Gardinhaha ok :)08:57
Gardinwell, i like C so much, so i tend to do everything using it, even though it can get really complicated :P08:57
prologicyeah it can :)08:58
Gardinhehe :P08:58
prologicmy framework is only 900loc :)08:58
Gardinnice :)09:12
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tilmangreat, i hit "print" in vim some days ago11:42
tilmannow i switched on my printer11:42
tilmanand stupid cups executes the job11:42
tilmandamn technology ;)11:42
tilmanwonder whether i should only start cups when i really need to print something11:45
aonor keep the printer on all the time11:45
aonlet me search for a good pic of accidentally printing stuff11:45
jaegerbad margins :P11:47
aonyep, that too11:47
tilmancan you purge the cups queue from the shell?11:51
tilmanaon: hahahaha, nice :D11:51
jjpkhaha. it happens12:04
jjpkI don't keep my printer powered on, Or even have cups running.12:04
jjpkOnly when I really need it.12:04
aonmine has the power button in the back, it's too much of an effort to reach it12:05
aonalthough some day this week i'll need to move the table it's on anyway :/12:06
aonas i dropped a CD that's not mine behind it12:06
* tilman edits rc.conf12:08
jjpktilman: you probably have to kill it via the web interface.12:11
jjpkDon't know of any other way to clear the queue12:12
tilmanok, that's what i did12:12
tilmanbut it's a bit tedious12:12
tilmanuntil you get to the right page etc12:12
jjpkYeah it is.12:12
tilmancancel -u foo12:13
tilmanor cancel -a12:13
tilmanstupid name for a program though imo12:13
tilmangood they didn't call it "cc" (cups-cancel)12:14
jjpkhaha. Their interface has never been very intuitive imho.12:15
jjpkThe same problem elsewhere, maybe it was the same people. who knows :p12:15
aonyes, lprm is a much more userfriendly name12:19
tilmanare you being sarcastic? ;p12:20
jjpk:D "did I just remove the printer? shit shit"12:20
jjpkAlmost fufills FUD category requirements :D12:20
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rehabdollanybody know a simple app to record from mic to .wav or something?12:42
rehabdollhmm, perhaps audacity is simple enough :)12:43
tilman(from sox)12:44
tilmanor arecord maybe12:45
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mike_kprologic: lirc-0.8.1 is out, but build test with current kernel might be required14:06
blizzdoes someone know the difference between lufs and fuse?14:12
prologicmike_k, okay thank you :)14:15
prologicI have no ir hardware atm to test anything with ;?14:16
prologicdon't spose you can recommend any good usb ones ?14:16
mike_kprologic: sorry, can not test that either atm too =(... same problem14:16
prologicwell I'll just update and rebuild it14:17
prologicand might test out the latest kernel too14:17
prologicwith kvm + qemu14:17
mike_kI've tried audio-alsa lirc module with this laptop. No luck. Learning keys just don't work. Developer was kind to give some advices(in native language)...14:19
prologicxfce4-session needs xorg-iceauth14:22
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blizzoh, notice to myself: lufs is fscking old, fuse isnt ;-)14:29
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prologichmm I have a problem14:41
prologicevery time I try to start gdm14:41
prologicX cannot start14:41
jaegerwhat's in the X log?14:41
prologicX: error while loading shared libraires: X unsupported version 0 ...14:42
prologicsorry mouse batteries flat :)14:42
prologicbut something like that14:42
jaegermy guess is if you can figure out which shared library failed and rebuild what's needed it'll work14:43
prologicyeah well that's the thing14:43
prologicI rebuilt xorg-server14:43
prologicX works fine14:43
prologicstart gdm14:43
prologicit don't work anymore14:43
prologicor rather reboot (start gdm by rc.conf services)14:43
prologicanyway I'll be back in an hour14:44
jaegerrun ldd on gdm?14:44
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drijenhey prologic22:22
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