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namenloshi, i'm updating xorg at the moment, and i'm a little bit confused... i read the emails from tilman on the ml.01:27
namenlosdo i first have to remove the ports from the first mail, and then do the steps in the second ont?01:27
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Romsternamenlos, no you can do a sysup01:37
Romsterprt-get sysup --install-scripts01:37
Romsterand make sure p5-xml-parser is installed aswell then remove them 3 unneeded packages01:39
Romsterprt-get deptree xorg afterwords and see that nothing is missing and run revdep to see if any of the existing packages needs rebuilding01:40
Romsterthe last step running revdep out of prtutils is a good idea after updating packages that others depend on.01:42
namenlosRomster: thanks for your instructions. in i did a sysup, but without the --install-scripts...01:43
namenlosand until now it seems to be fine...01:43
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Romstermight be ok might not be i did it for good measure01:49
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Romsterstill check with revdep, and if you do get other problems you'll know why from missing --install-scripts01:50
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namenlosgit version 1.5.0 is out announce: homepage:
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jiribhi all08:06
jiribi don't know how to setup alsa, is there any crux related howto on internet? i haven't found one :(08:07
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Viper_jirib: i don't think that you need a crux-related howto.. it's not very hard to configure it08:08
Viper_try /usr/sbin/alsaconf :)08:10
jiribi know, but it still doesn't work :( but i'm not right now using crux so i can write more details :(08:11
jiribi made audio group08:11
Viper_usually people forget to unmute the master channel08:11
Viper_-> alsamixer08:12
jiribplaying via mplayer a file under root it 'works' but i can't hear anything08:12
jiribi did alsamixer08:12
jiribunder regular user it show a lot of errors08:12
Viper_strange.. did you compile sound card's module into the kernel or as a modul?08:13
jaegerit would help a lot to have the specific errors, probably08:13
Viper_hmm haven't used that yet08:13
jiribi know08:13
Romstereach user needs to be in the audio group08:18
Romsteralsa needs to be in the kernel as mentained, is there more than one sound card? right socket for he sound out, and made sure the pcm and master volume is set lould enougth and not muted.08:20
jiribi'll try to solve it when my crux is running08:21
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jiribis it possible to 'bond' eth0 with wireless interface? :)08:29
guaqua_bridging should do it08:30
jiribopenbsd dhcp client can protect local setting in resolv.conf, is it possible with dhcp clients in linux?08:31
jaegerdhcpcd can, -R08:32
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j^2hey all08:36
jiribwhat do you use crux for?08:40
jiribany crux in production?08:41
j^2i use it in production08:41
jiribas what?08:42
j^2how's it hanging jaeger ?08:42
j^2soon to be fileservers08:42
j^2an backup server and also a base corporate file sharing system08:42
jiribi'd like to use it as my virtual server, vmware or xen08:43
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jaegerj^2: it's alright, just a bit busy08:58
jaegerjirib: I use it for various file servers and my own desktop use, plus one production server at the moment08:59
jiribi see crux is pretty simple and fast08:59
jiribso i would love to use it as base for other virtualized systems08:59
j^2where you from jirib ? pure and utter curiousity09:07
j^2where'd you learn english?09:07
jiribczech republic :)09:08
j^2<-- Texan09:08
jiribwe should learn esperanto :P09:08
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sepen|workjaeger, what about gl-select?09:14
jiribother stupid question :) how can i move built files from my new port if it doestn't get DESTDIR?09:15
jiribi was trying to do gaupol (gtk subtitle) program at home09:15
guaqua_what is the exact problem? it doesn't add the files to the right subdir in your build dir or?09:16
jaegersepen|work: haven't had time to update it yet09:16
sepen|workwhen you want you can tell me09:17
jiribpkgmk makes package from $PKG, right?09:17
jaegerjirib: indeed. if the Makefile for the software you want to package doesn't support DESTDIR, check for something similar like a prefix var that can be used, or update the Makefile to support DESTDIR09:18
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jiribit's written in python... and i don't know much of it09:19
morlenxusIs it possible to edit .mo files?09:19
jiribmaybe this could work python install --root=$PKG --prefix=/usr09:21
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jaegerthere are python-based packages in the ports tree already you could compare to it09:22
jiribit would be great to have more advanced search at crux.nu09:22 is quite standard09:22
jiribin ports db09:22
jiribnot only for ports name, but deps and description09:23
pitillomorlenxus, do not know if this can be usefull for you:
jiribdoes anybody use crux with some MAC? (rsbac, selinux...)09:27
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j^2where can i find out the lease table for dhcpd?10:35
j^2 /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases is empty10:35
jaegercheck the startup options or watch the dhcpd log?10:36
j^2hmm ok thanks10:37
j^2it looks like it's in /var/log/messages10:37
j^2but oddly enough, it's giving out ips..but not solid table10:37
j^2router_dallas dhcpd: Wrote 82 leases to leases file10:44
j^2that's helpflu10:44
j^2fraking router10:44
jaegerperhaps it's just writing the file somewhere else10:50
j^2yeah..but alas i cannot find it :(10:50
j^2any other default place?10:50
jaegertried lsof?10:52
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j^2 /var/state...10:59
j^2bastard router10:59
jjpkdnsmasq has worked well for me in the past, give that a go.11:00
jjpkIt's just me, but I found its dhcp daemon functionality saner :p11:01
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RedShiftdnsmasq is nice14:35
* drijen is trying to figure out wth his sound doesn't work14:35
rehabdolldnsmasq now has a dhcpd ?14:36
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RedShiftrehabdoll: yes14:38
RedShiftrehabdoll: and what's especially nice it that it automatically registers the hostname in DNS so you can ping on hostnames14:39
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drijenso apparently udev 45 has issues with /dev/snd or /dev/sound14:43
RedShiftbad udev!14:43
drijenit blocks the correct creation of sound devices, hence - no sound14:43
RedShiftmaybe you should talk to it more14:44
RedShifthook up a mic and say nice things to your computer14:44
drijenmebbe i should kick it some more.14:44
drijensurely someone else here is using onboard sound, and has seen this issue.14:45
jjpkFirst of all, upgrade udev.14:45
drijeni've got the highest one, from core14:45
RedShiftdrijen: you did compile the right sound driver right?14:46
drijenRedShift: course14:46
jjpkThe latest in core should be udev 096.14:46
drijenthe sound card is there14:46
drijenmodprobe is there, volumes are there.14:46
drijen/dev/dsp is not14:47
drijencat /proc/asound/cards lists correctly.14:47
jjpkMaybe you forgot to enable OSS emulation because /dev/dsp is not an alsa dev.14:47
drijenfine /dev/snd14:47
drijenthats there, but kde/mpg/xmms/name-your-app complains.14:48
deus_exalsa-oss missing?14:48
drijeni don't compile it14:48
drijeni leave out all that oss stuff14:48
drijenjust build in alsa, module the driver, and go14:48
jjpkYou need to tell apps to use alsa, not oss.14:49
drijendid so :-p14:49
deus_exthat's alsa emulation for oss.14:49
deus_exfor apps that don't use alsa yet14:49
drijenall of these should14:50
drijenfro example, when i tell kde to use alsa - it will spit the same error14:50
drijen"device: default can't be opened for playback (no such device)"14:50
drijenthen goes on its merry way, using null14:50
jjpkMake sure a unix group for audio exists and your user belongs to it.14:51
jjpkAlthough that does not seem a problem since it does not even exist.14:51
jjpkBased on the error message.14:51
deus_exdoesn't kde use artsd?14:51
* drijen bounces to another shell and checks14:51
drijendeus_ex: or esd14:51
deus_exhow many sound daemons are there, anyway? :)14:52
jjpkThey all appear redundant because they are quite old.14:53
jjpkAlsa was in its infancy and there was no dmix back in those days, probably why the sound daemons exist.14:54
drijenesd is still very useful14:55
drijenits good at shifting sound to other network devices14:56
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RedShiftesd is old15:00
deus_exone daemon to rule them all ;)
RedShiftI use alsa with a hardware mixing soundcard15:02
RedShiftno more software tricks15:02
deus_exRedShift: which souncard?15:03
RedShiftdeus_ex: Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 08)15:03
jjpkSometimes you don't have much of a choice, especially on laptops.15:05
jjpkOn the desktop I have an SB live which has been excellent.15:06
deus_exEnsoniq ES1371 [AudioPCI-97] (rev 06) here15:06
deus_exit is ancient, but it works fine ;)15:07
RedShiftdoes it do hardware mixing?15:09
jjpkAs long as this works, it is not going anywhere.15:10
deus_exRedShift: yes, afaik15:10
deus_exas jjpk said, as long as it works, I don't plan to replace it.15:15
RedShiftsame here15:15
RedShiftI've been using these sb live cards for like15:16
RedShiftforever+1 or something15:16
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drijen /wrists15:23
drijenthat was very odd.15:24
deus_exRedShift: is this the one that you have ?!-5.1/comp_comp_soundcard/39/1415:24
RedShifthold on I have two of these cards15:25
RedShiftI'll take a picture15:25
deus_exwrap that second up, and send it to me for close examination :)15:26
drijenjjpk: i misspelled audio :-p15:26
drijenbut fixing it, caused x to crash for my user.15:27
jjpk:s at least you figured it out.15:27
drijenthen sound suddenly worked on root15:27
drijenso i removed the user, remade him, readded to group15:27
drijennow i no sound, and no error message.15:27
drijen*I have15:27
deus_exit kinda makes sense, nothing to complain about :)15:28
drijenhow does that make sense.15:28
drijenRedShift: pretty :-p15:29
RedShiftlol you can see my shoes15:29
drijenyou look like a beefy guy15:30
RedShiftyou think I'm tasty?15:30
RedShiftwell if you were female, I would say, come and find out...15:31
jjpkRedShift: beefy, as in fat15:31
deus_exRedShift: Nice :)15:31
RedShiftnot really, I do weigh 90 kilo's but I'm very healthy15:31
RedShiftI do have a bit of a beerbelly15:32
deus_exdon't we all...15:32
drijen<- american.15:32
drijenuse pounds!15:33
aonmy weight sounds a lot beefier in pounds :)15:33
RedShiftbut you can challenge me for any sport, any time15:33
jjpkThis time you are in the minority, metric is boss around here ;)15:33
jaegerI have a couple of those cards sitting on top of this machine right now15:33
jaegerplus a 3rd that's in it15:33
drijenamerica needs to get with it and go metric15:33
aonthat's the nuisance people under 3 numbers in kg's have to deal with15:34
drijenRedShift: you'rea  lightweight15:35
* drijen weighs 130lbs15:35
RedShiftuse metric values15:35
drijenroughly 75 or so15:35
jaeger130? sheesh15:35
drijenall muscle15:35
jaegerhow tall are you?15:36
drijenthis is sad15:37
drijeni actually haev to think of how many centimeters in an ince15:37
drijenfooking education15:37
jaegeruse the bot15:37
jaeger@google calc 72 inch in cm15:37
drijen160 centimeters tall15:38
clbjaeger: 72 inch = 182.88 centimeters15:38
drijenwait, my math is off15:38
aongoogle converts money too :o15:38
drijen58.9 kilos15:38
RedShift2.5 inch15:38
aon@google calc 1 eur in pln15:38
clbaon: 1 Euro = 3.90745298 Polish zloty15:38
RedShiftI think I'll stick with the metric system15:38
drijen172 centimeters is correct15:39
guaquahow much is 172 in feet & inches?15:40
drijen5'8" welcome to the convo15:40
guaquacos i remember being 5'9 when i was in the states15:40
guaquaand i'm 17215:40
jaeger185cm here15:40
guaquai'm a finn after all, so i don't do feet + inches :)15:40
drijeni think if actually do the decimal math to a foot, cetimeters end up rounding off15:41
RedShiftI'm about jaeger's height, I don't know exact15:41
drijenso 1 foot multiplied several times will almost always result in some cetimeters height, with a bunch of decimal numbers15:41
drijenbrb, new kernel15:42
deus_ex176cm, 65-67kg here15:42
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drijenyou have got to be kidding me15:46
drijenevery distro just has to be different :S15:46
RedShiftdrijen: well duh15:46
guaquawhat went wrong?15:46
RedShiftthat's why there are distributions15:46
drijenno, its very subtle15:46
drijenfor example15:47
drijenin slack, there is no reason to have oss, it works fine15:47
drijenbut if you build in the sound, alsa complains, so you module it15:47
drijenRH is the opposite, if yiou module it, it will complain15:47
drijencrux just has to be onory, want oss emu, and a module15:47
drijensomeone translate please:,2789,1003291,00.html15:52
aonhaha :D15:52
drijenthat cop looks insane15:53
aon"hit the public with batons" "riot after derbymatch: they could've done it in another way"15:54
aonyeah :D15:54
aoni won't translate more as i don't know any swedish15:55
jaegerin general, the public probably needs a bit more beating15:55
drijenhere, i'd like to see the opposite15:55
aonnah, isn't it nice that all the nations FIGHT AGAINST TER-ROR-IS-UHM15:58
drijenif that were the case shouldn't the white house be in flames?15:59
aonnow, don't start getting all logical16:00
aoni'll come back to interrupt your speech and throw ad hominem insults after a bit16:00
drijeni don't always make speeches :(16:01
jaegerArgumentum ad personam! REPRESENT!16:01
* jaeger goes back to work16:01
drijen^ ^16:07
aonhehe :)16:12
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RedShiftcadcomic ownz16:15
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prologic# X17:06
prologicX: error while loading shared libraries: X: unsupported version 0 of Verneed record17:06
prologicanyone know why Xorg is not working here ?17:06
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rehabdolltry a ldd on x?18:24
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Romsteranyway to not make pkgmk uncompress a tar.gz file? other than downloading it in the build() function?18:57
Romstersimaler to how .nostrip works?18:57
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