IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-02-20

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minuxAnyone have a theory why my SSH connection is so slow? Though I am on a 100Mbit network.01:25
minuxeth is set to 100BaseTx-FD01:25
minuxEverything else runs relatively fast, it's only SSH that lags.01:27
teKssh(d)'s cpu usage is low?01:31
teKraise debug/log level and have a look at the log files01:32
teKuse ssh -v01:32
teKwatch TCP traffic utilization per (ssh) Port01:32
teKand last bot not least you may try strace01:33
minuxteK: Thanks.01:34
teKyou're welcome01:35
teKI'll think about other reasons later01:35
guaquaminux: see ping times01:36
guaquaand is the connection utilization at near 100% or at 100%?01:37
guaquassh tends to be slow in that case. for example with adsl connection it's best to limit the maximum input and output to a bit lower than the maximum with traffic shaper01:37
minuxping time is less than 1 ms01:37
teKu may use mininet from fefe's CVS repo (needs libowfat to build, btw): cvs -z9 co libowfat mininet (it's the tstat program)01:38
minuxguaqua: This is over a 100mbit LAN.01:38
teKmaybe it's in this fefe repo provided by some guy for CRUX, dunno01:38
minuxHow do I see "connection utilization"?01:39
teKit isn't01:39
teKu may use mininet from fefe's CVS repo (needs libowfat to build, btw): cvs -z9 co libowfat mininet (it's the tstat program) <-01:39
minuxah, thanks.01:39
teKI'd (dis)courage the compilation according to your experience in such things, btw01:40
guaquaminux: oh yeah :=01:40
teKIt's not hard if you did it once or twice before01:40
teKyou have to build libowfat first01:40
minuxI have over 10 years experience of Linux/C/autotools development =)01:41
guaquawell that might not be the case then01:41
teK(no need to do a make install)01:41
teK10 years? Great.01:41
minuxI just haven't ever done any network debugging before, so I am a real noob when it comes to network troubleshooting.01:42
minuxPerhaps the problem isn't with the SSH server, but with Symantec Client Security running on the windows client (using Putty).01:42
teKyou took the long road, huh? ;)01:43
minuxYeah =)01:44
teKand so you're running an IRC Client on your DNS Server. hmhm.01:46
minuxMy hostname?01:46 :)01:47
minuxYeah, that's a mistake.01:47
minuxA little misconfigured file in /var/named but I changed it later.01:47
minuxAnd I don't think it's important enough to reconnect to freenode, just to update my hostname :)01:47
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guaquatry ssh:ing into the computer through localhost01:49
minuxWorks like a charm.01:50
guaquahow about the external ip?01:52
guaquathen try running tcpdump on the external interface with only ssh traffic flowing and see, if it's spiky or somehow the flow is weird01:54
minuxDoesn't lag, but neither does the internal IP now. It's going up and down.01:54
guaquaand the ping time is constant too?01:55
guaquadon't really have an answer01:58
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teK~/src/mininet% sudo ./sspeed -nev02:11
teKusing interface eth002:11
teKarcher: 0 connections, 0 packets lost, 0 resends, 0 connections poisoned, 2 packets total.02:11
teKarcher: 0 connections, 0 packets lost, 0 resends, 0 connections poisoned, 54 packets total.02:11
teKmaybe this could be interesting to you, too02:11
minuxteK: I'll try.02:12
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minuxJesus, Ford Motor Company is assigned an entire /8 IP range. What can Ford Motor Company possibly use all those IP addresses for? They aren't into computers, they're making cars.03:45
teKfirst comes first served I guess03:47
minuxStill, a whole /8 for a motor company. Doesn't make any sense.03:53
prologicno it doesn't03:54
prologicany of you know how to change the options given to xterm when you have "Run in Terminal" enabled on panel items ?03:55
prologicin xfce403:55
pitilloprologic, using xterm options your_command ?instead of using directly your command (only an idea)03:57
prologicyeah that would work03:58
prologicbut seems silly to me03:58
prologicif you have a "Run Terminal" option03:58
prologicyou should be able to change the settings03:58
prologicor what terminal is going to be run each time03:58
prologicgotta be somewhere03:58
pitilloI am not under xfce, but really sounds strange.03:58
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* j^2 tips hat08:47
teKhi there08:47
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j^2is there a windows free version of nero?09:04
j^2or something to that effect?09:04
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tilmantillb: /j #crux-devel12:43
tillbhi everybody12:44
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AkiraYukihi all13:09
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sepentilman, are you using ati driver ?13:19
tilmanfgrlx? no13:19
sepenI recently port the lastest propietary driver13:20
sepenIm using also gl-select from jaeger, I think it's a nice port (imo)13:20
sepenif you are interesting on test it or whatever please tell me!13:21
RyoSsepen: i would test it13:22
tilmandon't have my ati card in these days13:22
RyoSi have spare radeon 9250, if you want it tilman?13:23
sepenIm test it with my 9600SE13:23
RyoSsepen: me too, unluckily faith took my geforce 6800gt13:24
tilmanRyoS: i do have the card, but it's not plugged in13:24
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sepenwell, Im going to host now the port im my personal repo under the name of 'ati'13:27
sepenbut in future I think that is a good candidate for contrib13:27
tilmanRyoS: i might get back to that offer though! :)13:27
RyoShe ok13:29
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RyoSsepen: i try your port know13:42
RyoSsepen: it breaks with drm_proc.h13:45
RyoSthere are so many error i cant even paste it properly13:45
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sepenRyoS with what package?13:51
RyoSone sec13:51
sepenmy port depends on mesa3d which depends on libdrm13:52
RyoSi ofcource have mesa3d installed ;)13:52
sepen  CC [M]  /tmp/ati/work/src/tmp/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.o13:54
sepen/tmp/ati/work/src/tmp/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.c:198: error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before 'mlock'13:54
sepenis the first error13:54
RyoSi have no clue what fails, i have fglrx already running13:55
RyoSthis version too so it should not fail :p13:55
sepenoOoh! initializing...13:59 line 525: [: =: unary operator expected13:59
sepenseems to be an empty var that I use in a condicional if13:59
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* sepen working on ati driver14:02
RyoSsepen: tell me when to update the Pkgfile14:02
RyoSah, question: perl cant load this zlib module though i installed it..14:04
RyoSwhat to do? i really hate perl..14:04
RyoSignore unrelevant flame like i hate perl.. :)14:04
sepenRyoS, #perl14:05
RyoSyea i guess i will try to get on it on my own a bit though14:06
sepenor ruby migration xD14:06
RyoSruby ftw14:06
bd2ahhaha. flyspray bug #136 - Won't fix. That's really mature! :-) lol14:07
bd2I guess crux meeting is really went constructive ;-)14:09
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sepenRyoS, ati works for me14:11
sepenone momment14:11
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sepenRyoS, linux-2.6.20-ck1 ? mmmm14:14
RyoSyea :P14:15
RyoSit works14:15
RyoSjust testing this ck1 patches14:15
RyoSi will leave them on next change again though14:15
RyoSyou are on 2.6.15?14:16
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RyoSsepen: could you try it on 2.6.20?14:23
RyoSi bet it fails ;) ati always fails on current kernel version14:23
RyoSi had to apply patches but not on this file actually14:23
sepenmmm I only have this kernel on this machine sorry14:25
sepenin the future surely14:26
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j^2hey all15:46
teKhi you15:46
jaegerwelcome back15:46
teKhey, what about the guy who had lagging ssh-session...?15:47
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nipuLfinally got the to crux64 toolchain to build (again)17:06
rehabdollnice, i havent had the time to play with crux on 64bit.. seemed like a pain in the ass :)17:10
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AkiraYukigood night19:35
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nipuLi had it all working, but managed to delete it somehow. I'd blame the drugs, but there haven't been any for a veyr long time20:56
jaegerdeleted what?20:56
nipuLall the work i had done on crux6420:57
nipuLports, multiarch patches, everything20:57
nipuLdoh, indeed20:58
jaegerI just recently built a cross-compiler along those lines but haven't gone far with it20:58
nipuLi just about got core finished20:58
nipuLswapping the lib/lib64 symlink around is making things much easier20:58
jaegerI bet so20:59
nipuLtracking down a pre PAM version of danm's crux64 made things easier too21:05
jaegerguess there's not a lot of point in my keeping up with the cross stuff I started21:08
nipuLthat depends on what arch your cross compiler was for21:10
nipuLive got some old javastations that are begging for something to do21:10
nipuLcompiling on them is a pain and i don't have and other sparcs21:11
jaegerstarted on 32bit crux 2.2 and built an x86_64 multilib compiler21:11
jaegerI don't think an x86->sparc compiler would be too touch to get to, though21:11
nipuLcross-compiler ports for crux would be very nice21:12
nipuLi've just never done it before21:20
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Romsterwvdial fails on crux-2.321:29
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RyoSnipuL: there are crosscompiler ports23:49
RyoSread about it here23:49
RyoSnipuL: ah i read you need sparc, this one is just arm i guess23:50
RyoSmaybe you can adjust it :)23:50
Romsterinteresting so there is crux-{arm,ppc,64bit is outdated} any others?23:51
Romsteroh yeah i think i saw a sparc one.23:52
Romsterlol on wikipedia taken from the CRUX SPARC site without permission (yet)23:53
Romsterdoes need some TLC23:53
RyoStilman: they have deleted the german wikipedia article of crux :)23:55
nipuLRomster: han has pkgutils repository for openbsd aswell23:58
Romsteryes he has too23:58
Romsterthe site should have them on the links page to other arch's23:59
jaegeronly ppc is active at the moment as far as I know23:59
jaegerwell, the arm one is new to me, don't know anything about that one's status23:59

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