IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-02-21

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nipuLlilo port needs updating00:27
nipuL22.7.3 -> 22.800:28
Roomsterit had been well in 2.300:28
RoomsterO_o again...00:28
Roomsterah no got 22.8 in 2.3 now.00:28
nipuLoh hang on00:30
nipuLi forgot to merge00:30
Roomsterhmm don't think its been updated in 2.2 yet00:33
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pitillotryng 2.3 and looked at handbook. Is anyone changing/adapting it to 2.3?01:56
teKerr.. ehm I mean.. hi01:59
Roomsteri've moved to 2.3 on my firewall and its running :)02:07
pitilloat section of kernel compilation can be added a little reference to use the crux image? (or that is supposed to be known)02:07
pitilloRoomster, I am installing it on a vm... using the setup-chroot to not mount by hand (I suppose that will be added to handbook)02:09
pitillofinished... trying it02:10
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pitilloummm the kernel image does not wupport inotify... Rebuilding a custom one.02:16
rxiRoomster: got a link to the 2.3 iso?02:18
Roomsteri just checked out the 2.3 ports and did it in my safe-build script then transfered it over after doing the toolchain and all of core, get the git repo02:29
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rximight wait til final02:35
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rxiprologic: thanks got that one03:00
prologicit works quite well atm03:01
prologicbuilding a 2.3 from ports it a little too ahrd :)03:01
rxihehe yeah03:02
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rxiim in no hurry03:04
prologic  jcatcw writes "David Short, an IBM consultant who works in03:09
prologic  the Global Services Division and has been beta testing03:09
prologic  Vista for two years, says users should consider 4GB of RAM03:09
prologic  if they really want optimum Vista performance. With Vista's03:09
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teKread that, too. Funny, isn't it?03:16
teKBut while "they" are barking against Vista they still buy those shiny laptops with 2GHz and 2GBs of RAM03:17
Romsterprologic, hard pfft ;/03:17
Romsteri did it and i'm no expert just a seasond user.03:17
teK"Hey with 2GHz and 2Gigs of RAM it's running really smooth"03:17
Romster2gb of ram gawd03:18
Romstererrr 4*03:18
teKinsane and insane..03:19
Romsterif vista needs that much its not optmised very well03:19
rxivista runs ok on 512 without anything else installed03:22
prologiccrux runs really well on 32M of ram03:25
prologicwithout anything else installed :)03:25
rxihehe i meant the likes of norton, etc..03:26
Romsterwell my firewall is running at 42MB of ram :P03:29
Romsterdesktop pc 1020MB03:30
Romsterwith 576Mb swap03:30
nipuL/home/ben/nicotine/completed/blue king brown - blue king brown/redraw03:33
nipuLmy firewall is running on 10Mb :P03:34
nipuLno swap03:34
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Romsteronly 10MB :/03:48
Romsterwhat is it with netsplits tonite most networks i'm on are having them.03:49
teK< rxi> vista runs ok on 512 without anything else installed <- according to /. it's running worse than XP with 512MB03:49
Romsterand i hoped it would be faster more optomised, but no they add stupid DRM to it.03:50
Romsterglad i moved away from winblows when i did.03:51
teKah well, my point of view is that everybody gets what he or she deserves ;)03:51
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nipuLrxi: sold many vistas yet?03:54
rximachines yeah .. upgrades no03:54
nipuLwe've only sold one copy so far, and that was with a new laptop03:54
rxisold about 10 since release i think03:55
nipuLyeah, vista is going off!03:55
rxipeople would still buy it with xp03:55
rxiwe are still sellin business clients xpp03:56
nipuLwe still sell pcs with xp03:56
teKeven my mom knew about this new OS some weeks ago.. my MOM! PR at its best03:56
nipuLbut did she buy a copy?03:56
nipuLi'm tring to convince the boss to start selling macs03:56
rxianyone selling apple in armdale?03:57
teKnipuL: of course not03:57
nipuLand service contracts for desktop linuxes03:58
nipuLyeah, there are 2 mac shops in town03:58
nipuLone everyone hates because they are dodgy03:58
minuxAnyone live in Detroit perhaps?03:59
rxii hear its pretty hard to become an apple reseller03:59
nipuLand the other is hell expensive because they ha "mac" in their name03:59
rxinipuL: we can sell ipods and shit without being a reseller03:59
nipuLwe sell peripherals for more 20% less03:59
nipuLwe just bought into jaycar04:00
rxiahh the boss didnt want to04:00
rxithrough electus?04:00
nipuLno, the boss approached them directly04:01
nipuLhe's an electornics nut04:01
nipuLthe good thing is we'll be getting some casual sales staff once it all happens04:02
minuxnipuL: electornics? :P04:02
nipuLit was a tpyo, get over it04:02
rxinipuL: cool04:02
minuxnipuL: What an attitude04:02
nipuLi'm going to see if i can start at 904:02
nipuLso i can finish at 3 each day04:02
nipuLthat would be awesome04:03
rxilol its good to be home early04:03
rxii used to do 7-4 shifts .. was a bitch getting up at 6.30 but you can get shit done in the arvo04:04
rxinipuL: if you wanna push your boss to apple apply with for a cash account and put a copy of the apple reseller application on his desk :)04:08
nipuLi don't get paid enough to care04:09
nipuLmy sister gets more than i do04:09
nipuLand she's a pie bitch04:10
rxiyou casual or fulltime?04:10
teKpie bitch. @_@04:10
nipuLshe work in a bakery seling pies04:10
teKsomeone explain this to a german guy.. I know 'pie' for women from www.bamf.com04:10
nipuLpermanent part-time04:10
teKah well04:11
teKwhat's your qualification(s)04:11
rxiim getting ~550 per week04:11
nipuLhow much an hour?04:11
rxicant remember about 14 i think04:11
teKhey it's about 650 per month for me04:12
nipuLyeah same, but i only do 31.5 hours a week04:12
nipuL6 half days04:12
rxii do 38 + weekends and the odd overtime04:12
teK< 38.5h04:12
teKovertime is prohibted04:12
nipuLteK: a meat pie is beef mince and gravy baked inside a pastry crust04:14
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* teK grabs a dictionary04:14
nipuLtraditional australian cuisine04:14
teKsounds tasty04:15
rxiit is04:15
nipuLdepends on the baker04:15
rxiyeah you can get some nasty pies04:15
nipuLthe ones where my sister works taste like dog food04:15
rxiprobably use pal04:15
nipuLwell i imangine they would taste like dog food04:15
teKI usually eat italian, greek, chinese and german ;-)04:15
nipuLif i ever tasted dog food i think that's what it would taste like04:15
nipuLmy dog likes them04:16
teKwe told a friend the dogfood (chips) are chocolate and he loved them04:16
rxiyeah they arent bad04:16
rxithe good ones anyway04:16
rxinot as good as chicken pellets04:17
nipuLi used to eat birdseed when i was a kid04:17
teKyu, yu,04:17
rxinipuL: i fed on chook pellets .. might buy some actually04:17
nipuLyou do that...04:18
rxitry some :)04:18
nipuLhell no04:18
rxiyeah thats me04:19
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minuxDamnm I need another computer.05:13
Romsterso do i :/05:18
Romsterstill on a old althon05:18
pitilloRomster, how old?05:18
pitillo1200XP herre xD05:18
nipuLme too, i only have 305:18
pitillo3? xD05:19
nipuLwell 6 if you count the ones collecting dust05:19
pitillopowered off then... But how old the 3 working? one with 10Mb... seems old xD05:20
Romsterdunno had it for a few years now 4 or so? not new when i got this one either thro i've upgraded some of it over the years05:20
Romster1.4Ghz slightly over clocked05:20
nipuLit's only using 10mb05:20
pitilloRomster, ok... not bad 1.405:20
* prologic looks at his 1105:20
Romster1.470MHz stupid mobo else i'd clock it to 1.6GHz got a decent enougth cpu fan on it and heatsink05:21
pitilloningo, sorry, missunderstand it05:21
nipuLtab completion rocks05:21
Romsterits the cpu that can handle 1.6GHz too i checked the stepping.05:21
pitilloarf, sorry the completion .Was to nipuL05:21
pitilloyeah, sorry :)05:21
nipuLhehe, and here i am thinking i need to replace my amd64 3000+05:22
ningopitillo: huh?05:22
pitilloningo, sorry, was a sentence to nipuL  :)05:22
ningoYeah, I see.05:22
RomsternipuL, heh send it our way if you do :P05:23
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* AkiraYuki saluta tutti06:50
rxi_tutti fruitti06:58
teKhow do I get dig or nslookup to print out all available subdomains from
rehabdollhas anyone managed to build iputils (2.3)?06:59
prologicteK, if you find out lemme know :)07:02
prologichard one that one07:02
Romsterhmm iputils won't build strange07:19
Romstercc1: error: include-glibc/glibc-bugs.h: No such file or directory07:19
Romstercrux 2.3 yet it worked on my desktop in a chroot07:19
Romsterthat file dosn't exist in the chroot either07:21
rehabdollthat seems to be an issue with the pkgfile, when i cd'ed in to the source and ran make it passed that part atleast07:35
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rehabdollhey jaeger, we were just talking about how iputils wont build :)07:52
jaegerit won't?07:53
jaegerit built fine for me yesterday in 2.307:53
rehabdollcc1: error: include-glibc/glibc-bugs.h: No such file or directory07:54
rehabdollseems like a pkgfile-issue07:55
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jaegerI'll take a look07:56
rehabdollwhen building by hand: cc -o setkey setkey.o parse.o token.o pfkey.o pfkey_dump.o key_debug.o ipsec_strerror.o -L../libipsec -lipsec -ll07:56
rehabdoll/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ll07:56
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mike_krehabdoll: setkey, the one from ipsec-tools?08:00
rehabdollno, iputils08:02
mike_krehabdoll: are we talking about ?08:04
mike_kno setkey there08:05
mike_khowever, it would be nice to see ping from that package in core08:05
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jaegerhrmm, still builds fine for me today08:10
mike_kjaakkop, rehabdoll: aren't it supposed to use the latest version s20070202?08:11
mike_kjaakkop: sorry, I mean jaeger08:11
jaegerthe latest requires sgml/docbook to build the man pages08:11
jaegerwhich we don't want in core08:11
jaegermaybe I'll build them in a separate tarball, not sure yet. but for now I went with the version you see08:12
mike_kI see08:12
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Romsterrehabdoll, jaeger it built fine in a chroot, but not on my running pc i got crux-2.3 on08:36
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Romsteri built it in the chroot the copyed it over and pkgadd'ed it08:38
jaegerI built it in a normal install in a VM08:38
Romsterstagnely that worked. though it give linking errors08:38
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Romsterand ah yeah wvdial is borked with the gcc 4.1.208:40
Romsterits patchfile needs updating i hadn't looked into it furthor08:40
j^2hey all08:40
Romstersome change from 4.1.1. to 4.1.2 i guess08:41
Romsterhi j^208:41
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Romsteri'll go though core again on the working 2.3 system and rebuild all the ports minus the toolchain08:43
Romsteri could of missed something.08:44
pitillohere a fresh instaall and 2 sysup and seems fine.... installing iputils...08:54
pitillodownload problems.... I will try it later...08:56
Romsteryeah had download probs too had to retry afewtimes09:00
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pitillobrbrbr read it Romster.. :) but the problem is tima09:01
pitillos/tima/time :)09:02
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Romsterugh i crashed xchat somehow...09:04
pitillobrbrbr read it Romster.. :) but the problem is time09:05
pitillogot a error here too with iputils...09:15
pitillofresh install 2.3 in a wm with 2 sysup (no error found, only some download trouble with first)09:16
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pitillogot problems with xorg... using xorgconfig to make a xonf file and changing font paths, can not load fixed fonts.10:48
onestepI use xorgcfg instead10:48
tilmandon't change the font paths then? O_o10:48
pitillowell seems that fonts are in the good way...10:48
pitillotilman, true... first I did not change it and same problem. Then changed it and same problem. Look for the path and it is ok, but got the same problem10:49
pitillos/Looked for the path10:49
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pitillowell I think tomorrow I will continue with it...10:57
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mike_kjaeger: any idea of what kernel version will be shipped with 2.3 release? Latest stable on that point, I hope? Or (what is more important) what kernel-headers version will be inside glibc port?11:20
jaeger2.6.20.1 is what's in it right now, not sure on the headers11:24
tilmanheaders are at 2.6.18 iirc11:24
mike_ktilman: the question is: why that "old" headers?11:26
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tilmannobody looked into updating them yet i  guess11:30
tilmanalso, afaik it's not that big an issue11:30
mike_klike in iproute2 case (latest version of which requires at least 2.6.18 headers) some apps could be unable to update. Better to have most recent ones, to minimize such risk.11:33
pitillojaeger, are you running X under the vm?11:35
jaegernot yet11:35
jaegerI could set it up if needed11:35
pitillojaeger, ok. I ask because I had problems. Only want to know if you had it running. Thanks.11:37
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jaegerpitillo, tilman: fresh 2.3 install in a vm, x complains about fixed missing... after a mkfontdir in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc, it works12:00
jaeger(no changing of paths)12:01
jaegergenerated the xorg.conf with Xorg -configure12:01
tilmanjaeger: that's expected12:02
tilmanjaeger: and will be documented in the handbook12:02
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nipuLtilman: is this another devious trik to scare off noobs that don't read documentation?14:29
tilmanit's least annoying way we could find :(14:29
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nipuLjaeger: you forgot to bump the release number for rc15:03
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rehabdollthe md5sums are wrong though :)15:56
jaegeroops, forgot to commit that15:57
* jaeger sighs15:57
jaegerI can't think today, apparently15:58
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rehabdoll#fluxbox is funny16:15
rehabdoll<hjmills> hi - how can i make open office use the gnome theme?16:16
prologicdon't use open office :) ?16:17
rehabdollbut why ask in #fluxbox? :D16:18
prologicbecuase fluxbos == openoffice :) ?16:18
prologicoh wait16:18
prologicusers == idiots :16:18
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fabriziohei c'รจ nessunooo?16:57
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prologicif anyone hasn't tried gmpc-0.14 yet with it's plugins17:27
prologicand mpd17:27
prologicyou should :)17:27
prologicit's awesome :)17:28
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nipuLtilman: xkeyboard-config depends on p5-xml-parser18:14
ningoprologic: all mpd clients suck18:14
prologicnot gmpc18:18
prologicand ncmpc and mpc are nice too18:18
ningoncmpc screws my display18:18
prologicit what ?18:18
prologichow ?18:18
ningoprologic: It totally scrambles everything18:19
prologicit doesn't here18:19
prologicit's only a curses app18:19
ningoyeah, I wonder how it's even possible to produce such utter crap with ncurse18:20
prologicit isn't18:20
prologicsomething about your termianl :)18:20
ningono, it's ncurses18:21
ningoor rather how ncmpc implements ncurses18:21
ningototally bat-shit crazy18:21
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drijenevening all19:09
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC19:11
AkiraYukigood evening19:12
drijenand how are ya :)19:12
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drijenwb _mavrick6119:15
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:15
AkiraYukigood night :-D19:29
*** AkiraYuki has left #crux19:29
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nipuLsuper! i'm losing about half of my workshop19:57
drijennipuL: ??19:57
drijentilman: are you here?19:58
Romsteris this just me?20:20
RomsterResolving failed: Name or service not known.20:20
Romsteras i can't download shadow in 2.320:21
drijenRomster: will ping, one sec20:29
drijenRomster: no pong.20:29
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux20:30
Romsterdrijen, so it resolves but no ping?20:35
drijenRomster: no sir, unknown host20:35
Romsterdrijen, thanks, wanted to make sure it wasn't just me.20:35
* Romster goes to look for the new location20:36
drijenRomster: no problem20:36
* drijen is trying yet again to compile xorg, kde, and beryl :(20:36
Romsterdrijen, dunno about beryl but kde and xorg i've done20:37
drijenRomster: its screwed last three times20:38
drijenwith stuff i just cannot figure out20:38
Romsteru did use --install-scripts ?20:38
drijenRomster: yes sir20:38
Romsterremve it all and start fresh :)20:38
Romsterxorg that is20:38
drijenRomster: have yet to even get as far as typing prt-get depinst beryl20:38
drijenRomster: last time20:38
drijenRomster: i installed xorg, and kde broke in a very odd way20:38
drijenif this doesn't work this time, i'm admitting defeat and going back to fluxbox.20:39
Romsterstrange its fine here.20:39
Romsterprt-get remove --test `prt-get listinst xorg*`20:39
drijenRomster: it started fine, but i had no background20:40
Romstereasy way to remove xorg :)20:40
drijenand my mouse didnt' work on that background20:40
drijenit was very strange20:40
Romsterjsut remove the --test when your happy it won't do something bad if you goto use it to remove other packages20:40
drijenRomster: oh its gone now, i wiped the install and skipped over x11 on reinstall...20:40
Romsterah k20:40
drijenthen depinst xorg from the xorg repo ;-p20:40
Romsteru did it that way20:40
Romsterdid you put xorg at the top of prt-get.conf?20:41
drijenyeah, i did nto have a lot of time invested in it, so i just kille dit20:41
drijenRomster: yes, followed the docs on by tilman20:41
drijenkde is going rigth now,20:41
Romsterand with --install-scripts20:41
Romsterodd then20:41
drijenso i'm killing time, writing a .bashrc20:41
Romsterdepinst kdebase20:41
drijenRomster: kdelibs actually20:42
Romstermaybe you had a funky xorg.conf ?20:42
drijensince the mirror for 10888-bt has gone missing20:42
drijenRomster: i checked it20:42
drijenall the paths, modules, fonts all good20:42
drijenkde just wanted to QQ about it20:42
Romsterkdebase depends on kdelibs20:42
drijenRomster: i know, i'm doing kdelibs then kdebase20:42
drijeni like to do things in parts - easier for me to understand what is going on20:43
drijeni lack the XP and intelligence that a lot of folk in this channel have :-p20:43
Romsterif it stoofs up pastebin the xorg log along with your xorg.conf file and i'll have a look over it or someone else here too20:43
drijenRomster: thanks20:43
Romsterdrijen, you gain that with expeareance20:43
Romsterdrijen, i like to use prt-get deptree <port> that way i know what a depinst <port> will do20:44
drijenRomster: i do that as well20:44
drijenfor the most part i know what i'm installing - i do the same config everytime20:44
drijenfunny - i've always been a fluxbox head - then i just had to go and play with sabyon - and then i found out about beyrl :(20:47
drijenheh, bloody cups gone bye bye too20:48
thrice`jaeger just pushed the new gnome - try that :)20:50
drijenthrice`: no.20:50
drijen</3 gnome.20:50
thrice`i got it working with beryl20:50
drijenbloody elinks20:50
thrice`I haven't tried to compile KDE because it takes too damn long20:50
drijenelinks sucks20:50
drijenthrice`: i compile kde in under an hour...20:51
thrice`not ALL of kde with qt20:51
drijenthrice`: yeah i do :-p20:51
drijenbeasty machine20:51
thrice`unless you've got a quad core20:51
drijenexcept when little crap like cups 1.2.8 fail out20:51
Romsterthrice`, pfft not that long really...20:51
Romsterstart it and goto bed done when you get up.20:51
drijenRomster: thats what i do :-p20:52
Romstercan do it in a afternoon too.20:52
thrice`on my old 2100, KDE took like 8 or 9 hours, while gnoem took under 320:52
Romsterdrijen, hehe20:52
drijenthrice`: ow.20:52
drijenthrice`: 3800+ X2 1GB ram20:52
drijeni couldn't do it without a clean kernel though20:52
Romstertool chain takes a whole day from morning to evening to do on this pc.20:52
thrice`so what's wrong with your xorg ?20:53
drijenthrice`: nothing20:53
thrice`did you remvoe X11 first ?20:53
drijenthrice`: that convo was so 5 min ago :-p20:53
drijencatch up :)20:53
thrice`are you on crux 2.3 or 2.2 ?20:53
drijenthrice`: long story short20:54
drijenthrice`: clean install, no X, xorg 7.2 is finished building, fonts are installed, paths checked, installing KDE now.20:54
drijensince when has easynews suddenly wanted a user/passwd?21:09
Romsternever sued easynews21:45
Romsterfudgen word i keep typing out of order... lucky i'm not a lawyer21:46
drijenwhoa, kde failed22:51
drijenxmkfm/imake not found - what is that?22:52
drijendoesn't specify22:53
drijenits never popped this before - that would be in sbin correct?22:54
* drijen double checks his path22:54
* drijen tries again23:03
drijendamn did it again23:04
drijenhaha, wtf23:06
drijenimake not installed23:07
drijenman i freaked out.23:07
Romsterprt-get fsearch imake23:15
Romsteryeah its in x11 or xorg-imake23:17
Romsterso just install xorg-imake the retry23:17
Romsterprt-get fsearch comes in handy23:18
drijenRomster: kde is cruising - i just flipped out a little :S23:24
drijenreading my database book atm23:25
Romsterwhen we get to 2.3 i'll be glad to see the last of x11r6.823:36
Romsterthen all ports can have the extra xorg dependencys that they require.23:36
drijenwoot, kde works23:46
drijenfonts were jacked, i madea  type :<23:46
drijen*I made a typo.23:46
drijenanything else i should know before executing the beryl install?23:47
drijeni don't see any readme's23:47
thrice`gentoo has a good readme in their wiki23:48
drijenthrice`: thanks23:48
drijeni meant crux wise23:48
drijenusign ecarux's ports23:48
thrice`han's worked well for me.  jaeger also has very good svn builds23:49
jaegerI recently replaced the svn builds with release builds, but they still work well23:49
thrice`i take it back; jaeger's suck23:49
thrice`:)  jaeger - have you messed with any ATI on crux's xorg ?23:50
prologicpooe jaeger :)23:50
prologicI have ATI cards here thrice`23:50
drijencan i smash?23:50
jaegerI have nvidia cards23:50
prologicI wish I had nvidia cards :)23:50
drijenprologic: hehe23:51
jaegerexcept for a radeon m9000 in one of my laptops, which works fine with xorg23:51
prologicI have an ATI 920023:51
thrice`me too =\23:51
drijenmy laptop has an ati, i don't even bother with it23:51
thrice`I found beryl unstable with OSS ATI23:51
thrice`but that could be because I was trying the 0.1 (I think) branch of beryl23:51
prologicprolly cause ATI suck :)23:51
jaegerabout a third of my screen goes white and stays that way on the m9000 when I use aiglx23:51
drijennvidia doesn't need aiglx correct23:52
drijenits inbuilt to the driver?23:52
jaegerother than that, the functionality is fine23:52
thrice`jaeger, on gentoo ?23:52
jaegercrux, gentoo, take your pick... the results are probably the same23:53
thrice`I can't figure out if gentoo does anything when you add AIGLX to USE flags; it wants xorg-server rebuilt, but I couldn't recognize any new options23:53
drijen"command svn not found"23:53
* drijen locates subversion23:53
prologicprt-get depinst subversion23:54
drijeni like to think out loud23:54
drijendidn't mean to annoy, sorry23:55
prologicso do i :023:55
drijenok, my databse book23:55
prologicthough I should prolly shutup :)23:55
drijenany reccomendations?23:55
prologichnb ?23:55
thrice`jaeger, I don't quite understand gl-select.  Does it swap out the glx extensions for rebuilding of modules / X components ?23:55
jaegerit moves around the libGL/libGLcore library files so that hardware accelerated 3d works23:57
thrice`alright.  I noticed the ATI addition, and became interested23:59

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