IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-02-22

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drijenwtf is intltoolize00:22
drijennvm, located the root pkg00:24
drijengnome ftl.00:25
Romstergl-select uses symlinks for the binary and mesa3d drivers iirc00:34
Romsterto switch between each00:34
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nipuLjaeger: cairo depends on libpng00:37
jaegerok, thanks00:40
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drijenjust when i thikn i have it.00:45
drijenit breaks.00:45
thrice`what does ?00:46
drijensays no Xcomposite found00:47
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tilmannipuL: yes, i fixed that some days ago01:01
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tilmandrijen: pong02:48
drijentilman: greetings02:49
drijeni have triumphed.02:49
drijenberyl finally works02:49
drijenonly a few issues02:49
* drijen grabs a bottle of vodka02:49
drijentilman: how are you02:49
tilmani'm fine02:49
drijenglad to hear02:49
tilmanhacking on mga again, after  a long break02:50
tilman-> \o/02:50
drijendefine for the noob.02:50
drijenwhat is mga02:50
treachtilman: btw, did you hear anything about the exa bug I ran into?02:50
treachI've been ill, so I've been kinda out of the game..02:51
tilmani didn't02:51
tilmantreach: please just report it, and i'll have a few people look at it02:52
treachOk, I guess I'll have to create a bugzilla account then. :/02:52
tilmantreach: yes ;)02:53
* treach scores another password to keep track of. :(02:54
rxi_treach: just use treach :P02:54
treachoh, right..02:54
treachwhy didn't I think of that..?02:54
rxi_tho i guess you dont want anyone hax0ring your account to make false bug reports02:55
treach... exactly.02:55
tilmanyou could also just forget your password, and have it mailed to you/reset it next time you need it02:55
* tilman built xorg-server w/ debugging symbols and stuff in /dev/shm02:55
treachhehe, that's another solution. :P02:55
rxi_or he could just bitch enough and not worry about bugzilla02:55
tilman... and rebooted02:55
treachtilman: kinda one-time passwords. :P02:56
drijenpardon me03:12
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drijeni was browsing the man page, and did not find the option, but can prt-get be told to d/l all the packages first and then compile them>?03:13
nipuLanyone know of a program that can do binomial expansio for me, i'm feeling particularly lazy tonight03:14
drijendoes that help?03:15
drijenerg, nvm thats for a calculator03:15
drijensorry, veyr sleepy03:15
nipuLnot really, waiting for firefox to build03:16
drijennipuL: not finding much in google :(03:16
drijenprologic: that rocks03:18
nipuLneh, i'll do it by hand03:18
nipuLi need the practise03:18
drijengoodnight all, take care03:19
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pitillotilman, are there support for touchpads under new X (2.3)?04:34
nipuLhasn't X supported them for a while now?04:35
pitillonipuL, for synaptics one I think is external, but not sure. That is the reason why I ask.04:35
* nipuL give mozilla the finger04:36
* nipuL get mad04:36
* nipuL SMASH!04:36
rxi_opera ftw yo04:36
prologicelinks ftw04:36
rxi_ie ftw04:37
prologicie is evil :)04:37
prologichas anyone here gotten kvm/qemu to work ?04:38
nipuLgetting the dreaded R_X86_64_PC32 relocation error04:38
prologicon kvm ?04:40
nipuLno with firefox04:40
prologicgeez the kernel sources are getting big :/04:40
nipuLi have a first generation amd64, so no pacifica04:40
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nipuLhmm, "apparently" the relocation errors have been fixed in gcc 4.204:49
nipuLreguarding visibility pragmas04:50
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nipuLbut that's not released yet :\05:01
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pitillois there any loginmanager in 2.3? looking for xdm but it is not. Found slim, but configuration file seems to be for old X11R6, is thought to be changed to use the Xserver command for 2.3 (to not do it by hand)?05:33
RyoSpitillo: slim works fine with X11R705:35
RyoSat least for me05:35
pitilloRyoS, yes, for me too. But it needed to change the config file by hand. I mean if there is some prevision to provide the .conf with new Xserver setup05:36
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rehabdollslim works fine with 7.205:51
Romsteriputils defently have a problem compiling on my gateway pc but worked fine in a chroot06:07
Romsterso i cheated and pkgadd from the chroot build :/06:08
Romsteras a work around till something is sorted.06:08
pitillorehabdoll, did you modify the conf file by hand?06:15
rehabdolli get that exact same error on my gateway06:16
rehabdolldiffrent on my desktop (running 2.3)06:16
rehabdollyou were talking about slim?06:16
rehabdollyes, i did :)06:17
rehabdollnothing big, just modify the paths06:17
pitillorehabdoll, I mean that. Is a modification thought to be done to the slim.conf when 2.3 will be prepared? If it is not thought... what do you think about?06:18
pitillorehabdoll, yes, the Xserver path06:18
rehabdolldefault_xserver     /usr/bin/X06:19
pitillowell, I need to review my english... day by day is worse I think.06:20
Romsterrehabdoll, its confirmed then thought it might be because its a pentium3 and my desktop is a althon06:21
Romstererr no iputils :/06:22
rehabdolluhm, i get that exact same error with my desktop now too06:22
rehabdolldiffrent error yesterday06:22
pitillorehabdoll, I understand the configuration file, is well explained in it. (and at webpage there is some info too). My Q is. if it will be changed to not edit it by hand. (is this at some to do list? )06:22
Romsterdosn't xorg have a manager anymore?06:23
pitilloRomster, xdm is not included...06:23
prologicxdm is an ugly pos06:23
rehabdolldunno, think that the config is shipped with slim itself06:23
prologicit's likely that we won't be shipping X11 anyway06:24
prologicin favor of Xorg06:24
prologicthe slim config will probably get updated to reflect this06:24
Romsterso i have noticed06:24
pitilloprologic, I hope so.06:24
rehabdollemail sip or something :)06:24
prologicme too :)06:24
rehabdollim sure he's complaining of too little work :)06:25
Romsterjust would of thought xorg have its own manager?06:25
prologicwtf for :)06:25
prologicit's just a windowing system06:25
prologicwhy should it have a login manager :P06:25
prologicthat's why xdm, gdm, kdm, slim, all exist!06:25
Romsterxdm is in x11 nothing seperate for xorg..06:31
Romsterjsut thought xorg-xdm or something would of been about thats all, oviously not06:31
Romsternot that i use any of them, jsut ol' startx06:31
rehabdolllooks like something from xorg atleast06:32
Romsterargh zsnes fails to build...06:35
Romsteron 2.206:35
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Romsterzsnes is out of date even..06:51
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mike_kjaeger: can you give a look at (opt/smpeg part) ?  Seems it wants another sdl API version08:20
pitillojaeger, thanks for the tip you gave me yesterday :)08:23
jaegermike_k: 2.2?08:25
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mike_kjaeger: yep08:29
jaegerbuilds fine here...08:30
jaegerusing sdl 1.2.1108:31
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mike_ksame version here, I'll try on another box right now08:34
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mike_konly footprint mismatch on the other box: NEW usr/bin/gtv   That is gtv.c, where the first box build fails.08:39
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j^2hey all08:39
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Romstermorning j^08:40
Romsterj^2, (forgot tab)08:40
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mike_kjaeger: --enable-gtk-player=no  helped. and no footprint mismatch. So, gtv is the problem app.08:50
jaegergood to know. wonder if it could be split out to a separate port or something08:50
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mike_kany need to?08:54
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mike_kI mean, it's ancient and other aps hardly rely on gtv's presence08:55
jaegerwell, I don't use it, I wouldn't mind seeing it go08:55
mike_kmy task was to report. up to you to decide =)08:59
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tilmantreach: didn't go too bad, did it? :)09:44
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treachtilman: you mean nobody chopped my head off? Actually I'm a bit confused.12:52
treachThe bug in question apparently is *old*.12:53
treachAnd it's marked as *fixed* and *closed*.12:53
tilmanbecause it's a duplicate12:53
treachAnd *yet* I run into it..12:53
tilmango look at the bug it's a dupe of12:54
tilmanthat one is still *open* :)12:54
treachit is?12:54
tilmannot sure12:54
treachI'm refering to 6811..12:54
tilmani  geuss? ;)12:54
tilmanthen it's probably fixed on the branch12:54
tilmanbut the fix didn't make it into 1.2.012:54
treachwell. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's quite unclear wether it's really fixed or not.12:55
*** blokkie has joined #crux12:55
tilmanstatus: resolved. resolution: fixed12:55
tilmanthat's clear12:55
treachyes, on 061228, and yet it didn't make it. A bit strange.13:00
treachAnyhow, as long as the fix gets out I'm happy.13:01
treachbtw anyone using conky who experience it making X hog the CPU? Like 20-40%?13:03
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tilmanhi o/13:51
Nickname__how do I register? It's been a while13:52
Nickname__my nick i mean13:52
treachsee the freenode howtp13:53
treachtilman: is there a timeline someplace for the xorg repo btw?13:53
tilmantreach: in the usual place. -> xorg13:53
treachhm, ok, thanks13:54
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Nickname__ /msg nickserv link <coolarron> <JPacr5>13:56
Nickname__oh shit13:56
Nickname__like I said it's been a while13:57
treach :D14:03
* Nickname__ is away: autoaway [l(on) p(on)]14:07
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jjpkGet rid of that public away notice.14:08
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Nickname__hmm, problem I've never had before14:30
Nickname__mkdir mnt/var/ - cannot create dir /mnt/var/ read-only14:31
drijenbefor or after chroot14:31
drijenthats messed up14:31
drijensup treach14:31
treachheyo drijen14:32
drijensorry bout last nigt.14:32
drijeni was, um, really happy.14:32
treachdon't worry *I* didn't notice. :P14:32
Nickname__i re-instled from skrtch14:32
drijenNickname__: dunno, ask treach14:33
drijentreach > Drijen14:33
treachFrankly I haven't observed very much the last few days, except the thermometer.14:33
Nickname__hah, ok14:33
treachfever > treach.14:34
Nickname__it's getting much warmer here in kansas14:34
drijen:( :(14:34
Nickname__it's nice14:34
treachat least it's over now, but I was really wasted for a couple of days. :/14:34
Nickname__hah, me too, now i've got a server to set up14:36
treachare you that crazy chinese dude in disguise?14:36
Nickname__not that I know of14:37
treachlkthomas or what he called himself..? Sure?14:37
Nickname__I can't figure out how to change my nick, i accidently registered this one14:37
Nickname__any clues?14:37
treachwell, if you're not happy about it, drop it.14:37
aon/nick something14:37
treachtalk to nickserv about your problems.14:38
aontreach: lkthomas didn't have any problems using irc :)14:38
aonwhere is he, anyway :)14:38
Nickname__one sec, im still getting used to this14:38
tilmanmiqorz? stderr?14:39
treachaon: that's true.14:39
Nickname__it's been years14:39
treach@seen lkthomas14:39
clbtreach: lkthomas was last seen in #crux 39 weeks, 6 days, 8 hours, 52 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <lkthomas> brb14:39
tilmanmy list of known full-time whackos on irc is too short :P14:39
aonr indeed :)14:39
jjpkbrb has just become an alias for bbl/never14:39
Nickname__it's more pc14:40
tilmani prefer "bbiab" anyway14:40
treachwell, they say chinese people have a different perspective on things.14:40
treachbut I wonder if it goes that far.14:40
Nickname__that's true for all of us14:40
jjpktreach: for a Chinese person, lkthomas lost his temper quicker than a smashed Irishman.14:40
aonchina is a broad term14:41
aonhe was from .hk14:41
tilmandon't be picky14:41
jjpkPoint being Hong Kong is not exactly well integrated with the mainland.14:41
tilmani didn't say anything14:42
jjpkThey do their own thing.14:42
aonand i don't think mainland is exactly similar everywhere :)14:42
Nickname__aisa is a whole other world14:42
aonaisa is 'shaft' in finnish14:42
treachaon: of course it is. Yellow men with angled eyes and funny hats all around, right? ;)14:43
*** Nickname__ is now known as cool14:43
aona sec, i might know what you mean14:43
aoni'll search for the pic14:43
*** cool is now known as coolarron14:43
*** drijen is now known as racismpolice14:43
racismpolicei heard there was some crap going down in here!14:44
*** racismpolice is now known as drijen14:44
jjpktilman: haha14:44
tilmancoolarron: didn't work14:44
jjpkaon: rofl14:45
coolarronit looks ok to me14:46
coolarroni just registered it14:46
tilmancoolarron: did you stumble in #crux by coincidence? :)14:47
drijenouch, tilman14:47
coolarronkind of, i'm working on a system similar to the community development of crux14:47
coolarronand i liked the way it sounded14:47
coolarroni havn't used irc in years though14:47
coolarroni guess i need to fdisk again14:49
coolarronhave you guys seen
coolarronit's pretty rad14:53
* deus_ex thinks dnsmasq is awesome :)14:56
coolarronis that part of iptables?14:56
deus_exno more isp broken-dns-servers trouble, I hope...14:57
deus_excoolarron: what?dnsmasq?14:58
coolarronis that part of it?14:58
coolarronmaybe i shouldnt ask questions that I'mnot ready for14:58
deus_exprt-get cat iptables .footprint | grep ipmasq.15:01
coolarronahh, i mounted before i mkdir mult dir15:01
deus_exApparently not.15:01
coolarronthx though15:01
deus_exIs that what you have in mind?15:03
coolarronawesome, bookmarked15:03
coolarroni've decided that i love command line interfaces15:04
deus_exgoogle truly knows everything :;)15:04
coolarronnot for long though, things will get even better15:04
coolarrongoogle this:Ray Kurzweil15:05
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*** coolarron has left #crux15:16
deus_ex <---one of the best 'futurology' books I've read15:16
deus_ex“Is there intelligent life on earth? Yes, but I'm only visiting.”15:19
* treach sees an evil man rise to power by misleading his people and proceeding to set the world on fire accompanied by the sound of applauses from the masses.15:19
treachCan I have my 5$ now please?15:19
rehabdollsucki sucki, five dollah15:21
deus_exback in the days when Romania was poor, fee was 'jedna chrvena', or 'one red' (red being 1000 dinar banknote, aprox 2 bucks at the time).15:23
deus_ex(Serbia was flooded with..working girls...from Romania then.15:26
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coolarronproblem? - swapon: /dev/hda1: invalid argument , I set up 3 partitions16:12
treachsolution? -> handbook16:14
guaquacoolarron: do you know what swapon command does? do you know what partitions you set up and where?16:15
guaquaby answering these three questions you know what went wrong16:15
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC16:16
coolarroni set up three, hda1,2,3 / mounted; hda1 /mnt; mounted hda2 /mnt/var; mounted hda3 /mnt/home16:17
coolarroni also ceaded swaps for all three16:17
guaquathere's only one swap partition16:17
guaquaand you need to create it separately16:17
coolarronso i need 4 partitions?16:18
guaquawell, normally one swap partition is enough16:18
nipuLyou can use a file for swap if you're depserate16:18
guaquayes, just create one extra partition and do swapon for that16:18
treachif you used 1 for / and 2 for var and 3 for home...16:18
coolarronok, that makes more sense16:18
guaquaor just don't use swap at all16:18
treachwhich one is supposed to be swap..?16:18
coolarroni only made 3, divided my hd (40gb) into 316:18
coolarronnot knowing...16:19
nipuLi generally make the first partition swap as it's closest to the middle16:19
guaquanipuL: and therefor the slowest? ;)16:19
coolarronhah, interesting16:19
coolarroni'm just looking for optimum, but I don't know16:19
nipuLi always though it was faster in the center16:19
coolarronradial velocity?16:20
guaquaactually, swap and var woyuld be best placed in the middle cos they are accessed more often16:20
guaquamy swap and var are in the end of the drive16:20
coolarronhmm, meanwhile, my setup worked this time... 3 equal partitions, no swap ok?16:20
guaquait's the fastest to read from there16:21
treachcoolarron: that would probably be a waste..16:21
coolarronhmm, i onlly need to setup a webserver and run one application with myswl and php16:21
coolarronhow much should i give crux?16:22
guaquaone GB ?16:22
guaqua5GB is a safe choice though16:22
coolarroncrux installs in /mnt?16:22
guaquathat much for root partition16:22
guaquaduring the setup crux uses /mnt for some time16:23
coolarronso actual files are in /var?16:23
guaquaby default i think so16:23
guaquai tend to put all data to /home though16:23
coolarroncool, i didn't understand that16:23
treach "/mnt" is what will be "/" later on.16:23
guaquaand logs to /var16:23
coolarroni see16:23
coolarronshould i let crux instal to /mnt? or say.../mnt/home?16:24
guaquait will install to /mnt16:24
coolarronso when it's booted THEN put date in home and logs in var16:24
guaquayou have to mount /var at the install time16:25
coolarronright, so it dos that automatically?16:25
guaquaso you mount / to /mnt and /var to /mnt/var16:25
guaquano, it doesn't16:25
treachthere is no such things as AUTOMATIC.16:25
coolarronno no, i mean setup the right data and log paths16:25
guaquabut if you followed the instructions it would have done so16:25
coolarroni just need to adjust my partition size16:26
jjpkAUTOMATIC exists, just not in crux :D16:26
guaquaand yes, nothing happens automatically16:26
coolarronthat's good, that's what i wanted. why i chose crux16:26
treachjjpk: I prefer semi-automatic ;)16:26
guaquacoolarron: by trial and error you will get there :)16:26
coolarronit's been a few hours, and i could have done it, but without irc i wouldn't know how to do it right:)16:27
guaquaand be enlightened when you discover that you just did what the developers of some other distros have been trying to automaticize for a decade :)16:27
coolarroni agree, I don't like large distros, and I wanted to learn more and be more efficiant16:28
guaquadifficult subject :)16:30
guaquai mean, gentoo off course is the most efficient and optimized ;)16:30
jjpkSubjective, one size does not and will not fit all.16:30
coolarrontrue, but for my purposes, it will do much better than apache on windows;)16:30
guaquaoh boy16:31
guaquaat least it will scale better and be 100 times more secure16:31
coolarronand why not learn how a distro works at its core, so i can have exactly what i want and only that16:32
guaquawell that too16:32
guaquain crux you get closer to basics16:32
guaquabut if you want to go deeper you basically have to go lfs16:33
coolarronmaybe in the futre I will, but I can barely do this right now16:33
guaquaby trial and error. fortunately it's quite fast cycle if you mess up, in crux16:34
coolarronit seems to be that way, i really like it16:34
coolarronsimplicity, and I've learned alot already16:35
guaqualearned or discovered that it actually isn't that complicated? ;)16:36
coolarrona ton of features means nothing to me if i cant do what i need to, so why mess with all of that16:37
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prologicAnyone know where the pkgutils-c lives now ?19:53
prologicThe current download location is unreachable19:53
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