IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-02-23

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pitillogood morning01:02
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namenloshi, does anyone of you use wmii?03:04
nipuLeek, all my fonts look like leetspeak03:16
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nipuLwell in gtk apps that is03:18
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nipuLnow the only font that works is fixed03:31
nipuLprobably because i haven't installed any of the other font ports03:32
prologicmaybe you should read the fonts section of installing Xorg :)03:38
nipuLwhy? i know what i did wrong03:39
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sepen|workRomster, I have a trouble with 2.3 contrib04:58
sepen|workonly simone and you are authorized to contrib2.3?04:58
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bd2_prologic, pkgutils-c is alive, but host is often offline06:07
prologichow come ?06:09
bd2_I don't know, it's not mine host ;-)06:10
bd2_but at this moment it's working06:10
mike_kbd2_: any reason to avoid public ones? sf, berlios?06:16
bd2_no git repos?06:20
prologicyou're welcome to host it on my servers if you like06:20
bd2_thanks for the offer! maro also offered some space, but seems busy right now.06:23
mike_khe or you?06:24
prologicbd2_, heaps of space here, and I have git repos obviously :)06:24
bd2_mike_k, he, and me ;-)06:24
Romsterno anyone can do contrib06:24
prologicRomster, bit late :)06:24
mike_kI doubt the are reliable public git servers06:24
sepen|workRomster, when this take effects, when we are running 2.3 release no?06:25
Romstersorry i'm soldering here06:25
Romsteri dunno when they'll allow the 2.3 contrib but i started to add my ports.06:26
Romsteri'm not far off to update my desktop and drop support for my ports in crux 2.206:26
sepen|workit could be useful for test from beta 2.3 release06:26
Romstersepen|work, git checkout 2.306:27
Romsterthen add your ports and git push them06:27
sepen|workyeah! Im browsing accross the git web06:27
Romsteralthough no rsync out yet i hope soon06:27
sepen|workbut I plain for the next week to push my port on 2.306:27
sepen|workthanks for the explanation06:28
Romsteri did mine a bit early but i'll be doing updates and adding more to 2.3 xorg related06:28
Romstersepen|work, np06:28
sepen|workcontrib roocks06:29
prologicnight all06:33
sepen|workhere 13:33 xD06:34
sepen|workgood night!06:34
marobd2_: I'm going to LinuxForum (danish conference) next week with the server guy, perhaps we'll work something out :)06:36
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marobut anything will be better than what we have now :)06:38
bd2_maro, yup. But if it's anyhow bothers him or you, prologic could give hist host too.06:39
maroindeed, it'd cost me at least one pizza to get it ;)06:40
maroso I'm all for it06:41
bd2_for what? for prologic's offer? ;-)06:42
maroyep :)06:44
mike_kbd2_: you could make the "pizza-ware" license06:45
bd2_maro, ok! I'll answer him through email, I guess he is sleeping now.06:48
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bd2maro, btw, please try libarchive >= 2.0b11.. it have my patches inside, thus should work w/o issues now.06:57
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marobd2: nice :)07:01
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* Romster takes a coffee break07:38
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sepen|worknon-contrib users can write tickets on flyspray┬┐?08:36
Romsterhmm i think so register an account08:37
sepen|workis not a problem, they need another who confirms the ticket08:40
sepen|workI think flyspray is better than the new trac version08:40
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j^2hey hey08:43
sepen|workalso mantis bug system xDD08:44
rehabdollflyspray seems nice, seems a lot better than bugzilla08:55
j^2any postfix users around?09:04
j^2do you have alot of remote users with it?09:07
rehabdollno, none :)09:07
j^2i'm thinking of using helo restictions09:08
j^2nvm then ;)09:08
j^2thanks though09:08
jaegeranything in particular?09:10
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j^2well i'm paranoid that the remote users with stupid windows FQDNs will get rejected09:10
j^2or things along those lines09:10
j^2i have no restirctions on helo right now09:11
j^2put i think i should09:11
jaegerI can paste mine in a query if you want an example09:11
marobd2: still doesn't build w/o libacl :(09:29
tilmanmaro: you mean libarchive 2.0b11?09:29
tilmanthe fix is trivial09:29
tilman- VOID(a);09:30
tilman+ VOID(ad)09:30
tilmanor somesuch09:30
marobut it's a little worrying that such a trivial bug hasn't been fixed for ~5 releases now :)09:30
maroI tried to contact the author when it first appeared, but it bounced09:31
maroall my mails to him from the past 6 months have bounced09:32
tilmanthat address worked in november09:32
marobut I've had dialogs with him before that09:32
bd2address worked a week ago for me ;-)09:33
maroI'll try my gmail account next time09:33
bd2though, I didn't tried to work out libacl issue, never seen it.. only segfault and wrong permissions were fixed09:35
tilmanmaro: i'll mail him about the acl crap09:36
marotilman: cool, thanks09:37
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NokiHi! Is one of the dev's around here right now or do I better write a mail to get in contact?09:56
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j^2Noki: whatca need?09:59
NokiI want to submit informations about a new download mirror in central germany...09:59
j^2ah, we dont have offical mirrors, but if you'd like to start a public page about on that would be great!10:00
j^2thanks for helping out!10:00
tilmanthere's a mirror list10:00
tilmanj^2: can you edit it?10:00
j^2sssshhhh you tilman :P10:00
j^2maybe...i dunno10:00
Nokiwell :-)10:00
j^2i thought you meant ports mirrors10:01
j^2that's what was on my mind10:01
j^2yeah i can10:01
j^2i can edit it10:01
Nokiah, ok - so I'll give you additional informations in private chat...10:02
j^2tilman: making me do your dirty work :P10:02
tilmani'm busy10:02
jaegerj^2: would you mind removing the torrent link for 2.1 and the mirror?10:02
jaegerand the torrent link for 2.0 ppc10:02
j^2haha k10:02
jaegerI'll do it myself if you prefer, just hadn't looked at that page recently10:03
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j^2no worries, jaeger you asked nice, i'll gladly do it for you10:03
* j^2 growls at tilman10:03
j^2done and done10:11
* j^2 bows10:13
Noki:-) well, nevermind...10:14
mike_kthat ua site is down for a long time and the person in charge seems to be not able to support that10:21
jaegerso it seems10:21
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j^2yep, i think on  the random times i've gone there, its only been up like 2x, and that was for the "live-cd"10:22
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j^2noob question: how do i config top to MB instead of K?10:40
Viper_man top :)11:09
j^2yeah, to much help11:09
Viper_$ man top | wc -l11:10
Viper_you're right :)11:10
j^2opps s/to/not11:16
tilmanmaro: "It will be fixed."11:39
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marotilman: :)11:47
Romsterj^2, try out htop?11:57
Romsterits my fav11:58
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rehabdollnew firefox & openssl14:26
j^2or you can stick with the BASICS :P14:30
j^2score one for the lame old joke!14:31
ningoI like it14:42
prologicmaro, u around ?15:01
marosort of :)15:14
prologicsend me your pub key :)15:14
marodone :)15:24
prologicusername of "mark" ok ?15:27
maromuch preferred :)15:27
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prologictest for me ?15:29
teK_hi there (again)15:29
maroworks :)15:30
prologicAnton's should be working too15:30
prologicbut he's out atm15:30
maronice, thanks a lot for hosting15:30
prologicgit anonymous url is git://
prologicto push,
prologicgit web at
RedShiftseems far away15:33
prologicit is :)15:33
prologicI'm a whole 12 hops from his backbone :)15:34
RedShift25 hops here15:37
RedShiftnice route15:37
prologicthanks :)15:37
RedShift(level3) london, new york, chicago, denver, san jose, (optus) somewhere... (tpgi) somehwere15:37
prologicyou would have hit my router after that15:38
guaqua2 hops here15:38
prologicahh that's my other link15:39
guaqua371ms :D15:39
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prologicRedShift, how many to :)15:39
guaquafancy traceroute15:40
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guaqua25 to this later one15:40
RedShiftholy shit 27 hops :-D15:40
prologicouch :/15:40
prologicyou don't have ag odo route to powertel :/15:41
guaquatrinet -> funet -> nordunet -> telia -> sprintlink -> optus -> powertel15:41
prologicand they're a fsck'n good backbone here in brisbane15:41
RedShiftprologic: well duh, I'm from europe (belgium)15:41
prologicstart rolling your own :)15:41
guaquaping goes up once it hits optus network15:41
guaquawhat's your ip, RedShift ?15:42
RedShiftfirst of all it's hard to peer with .au and second, it's quite useless because we don't have much contacts with .au15:42
prologicyeah I dunno what sprintlink go through optus15:42
prologicshit network :)15:42
aoninet -> telia -> sprintlink -> ?? -> optus -> tpgi15:42
aon25 hops15:42
RedShiftI can do a traceroute from my colo'ed boxes hold on15:42
guaquawhat network are you in, aon?15:42
jjpkIsn't optus the "network" monopoly in .au? Big surprise if it slows down :D15:42
prologicit's not15:43
prologicneither is telstra15:43
RedShift21 hops15:43
prologicthe big backbones are datafast and comindico15:43
aonguaqua: sonero15:43
prologicnow known as soul15:43
RedShiftinteroute and than level3, same route starting from level315:43
prologicoptus and telstra are just telecommunications (phone/mobile)15:43
prologicthey have crap network capablitiles for end-users :)15:43
jjpkIn either case, Australia is far away in terms of distance.15:44
RedShiftfrom my other colo'ed box15:44
RedShift19 hops15:44
RedShiftbut it does go via cogent :-(15:44
guaqua16 hops from nebula network :D15:44
guaquaand 25 from my own connection15:44
jjpkThat justifies the large number of hops.15:44
prologicit's a shame cogent and level4 split :)15:44
guaquanebula uses telnor at this end15:44
RedShiftok now let's floodping ^_^15:44
guaquaand level315:44
guaqualevel3 is nice15:44
prologiclevel3 is nice15:45
prologicRedShift, great idea :) let's see if bd2 and mark get mad!15:45
prologicbad sarcasm :)15:45
RedShiftprologic: I've got enough resources to mount a small DDoS attack15:46
guaqua 5 (  8.158 ms15:46
guaqua 6 (  212.208 ms15:46
prologicRedShift, I don't wanna know15:46
aon14 hops :)15:46
prologicI hate DDoS attacks ;/15:46
guaquahow do the aussie connections get to
aonerm, YA'RLY15:47 <- sounds a little bit like klingon15:48
guaquawhere do you get that? :)15:48
guaquapuhelin is telephone in finnish15:48
prologicguaqua, sprintlink, telia, norud, and
guaquaerr :)15:48
guaquaprologic: the same both ways :)15:48
guaquahow many hops?15:49
prologicdeas after that :)15:49
RedShiftlol we absolutely have nothing to do don't we15:49
guaquawhat is the last hop you get?15:49
RedShiftfollowing some traceroutes, comparing results15:49
prologic21 (  372.274 ms  377.601 ms  370.333 ms15:49
prologicfun isn't it :)15:49
guaquathat's the next hop from me15:49
prologiccrux is just too boring :)15:49
prologicnever breaks :)15:49
prologicguaqua, yeah your router/box prolly doesn't respond :)15:50
guaquaso my firewall is blocking15:50
jjpk...and? It's not good to always be up to the neck in work. :D :D15:50
prologicabsolutely not :)15:50
prologictell your boss to stop giving you soo much!15:50
prologicirc + work == happy worker15:50
guaquai'm actually like half a kilometer from the finnish internet exchange15:50
RedShiftguaqua: hmmm half a kilometer15:50
RedShiftif you have the money for fiber15:51
RedShiftplug in :-D15:51
guaquaor maybe a kilometer15:51
guaqua5 hops though :D15:51
prologicI'm about 12km from the worldcom data centre in my city :)15:51
RedShiftsame here but for LCP15:51
aonmy city doesn't even have any kind of centres15:52
jjpkKnowing how Finnish bureaucrats are, forget about just "pluggin in" :]15:52
aonexcept dslams15:52
prologicaon, where's your nearest worldcom backbone ?15:52
guaquaplugging into ficix requires plugging in at otaniemi, where i am and at pasila, which is about 5 kilometers :S15:52
aonno idea15:53
jjpkYou also have to be an organization from what it looks like on their site.15:53
guaqua5 kilometers, over a few highways and the finnish railroad backbone :D15:53
jjpkNo individuals allowed :D15:53
guaquayeah :D15:53
guaquait'd kinda cool to be the only individual15:53
prologicnot hard to register an org :)15:53
prologicI can get a 100Mbps tail to worldcom for about $5000/setup and $500/month :)15:54
prologic10Mbps burst15:54
guaquawell i have 100mbps to sweden15:55
guaquaso :>15:55
prologicfrom your house/pcs ?15:55
guaquai probably could try to download from ftp.sunet.se15:55
RedShiftprologic: how much datatransfer do you get with that?15:56
guaquaone sec :D15:56
*** maro has quit IRC15:56
RedShiftI pay about 30 euros excluding vat per mbit15:56
prologicRedShift, as much as I want :)15:56
prologicjust 10Mbps burst15:56
guaquai've been downloading sun's java stuff at 4 MB/s15:56
RedShiftso you can only pull 10 mbps?15:56
RedShiftthat's slow15:56
prologicbut with a 100Mbps tail15:56
prologichey if I wanted more it goes up from there :)15:56
RedShiftwhat's a 100 mbps tail?15:57
prologicjust a tail to the worldcom data center in my city15:57
RedShiftwhat's a tail?15:57
RedShifta wire?15:57
prologicoh yeah15:57
prologicsoryr :)15:57
prologica wire with another network15:57
prologicie: powertel, telstra, etc15:57
prologicworldcom don't have wires in the country15:58
prologiconly coming in and out15:58
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RedShiftfirst time I had a box in colo15:58
prologicjust fibre links between their other centers15:58
RedShift100 mbps to the internet15:58
RedShiftI was like... wtf15:58
prologicoh yeah of course15:58
prologicbut that's _in_ a center15:58
guaquagua@angeldust:~$ time wget
guaqua23:58:29 (7.69 MB/s) - `linux-' saved [54550468]15:58
RedShiftprologic: well I have 15 megabits at home15:58
RedShiftso that's not bad either15:59
RedShiftcable powah!15:59
prologicI have 24Mbps + 8Mbps15:59
guaqua7 seconds to download a new linux kernel from another country, i think it's good enough ;)16:00
RedShiftprologic: I have a whole rack with 100 mbit to leech from... blah you :P16:00
prologicbah leeching :)16:01
guaquabtw, have any of you experimented with crux running as dom0 in a xen environment?16:01
prologicnor know what that is :)16:01
guaquaor in domU in that sense16:01
guaquadom0 is the host16:01
guaquadomU are the client oses16:02
RedShiftguaqua: shouldn't be too hard, running xen just requires some kernel patches16:02
prologicusing the xen emulator ?16:02
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j^2what kinda fraking crap is this?16:02
guaquai already subscribed to shutdownday :D16:02
jjpk"Remember kids, the faster you download the bigger you dick is!"16:02
RedShiftj^2: jah something my customers would be really fond off if I were to participate :-D16:03
guaquathe only downside of my connection is that there's 14GB upload limit/7 days16:03
guaquatorrent running at 3MB/s :D16:05
guaquathis is what i call crazy16:05
prologicI just subscribed to shutdownday :)16:06
prologicnice concept16:06
guaquagetting an episode of a tv show in 2 minutes...16:06
guaquai could actually pay for that16:06
prologicI'd have to shutdown all 6 computers16:06
RedShiftthat would probably save some on your electricity bill16:08
guaquaor not16:09
guaquaheating costs go up once you turn off the computers16:09
guaquadepending on the type of heating though16:09
jjpkDoubt it, it's a drop in the bucket.16:09
guaquajjpk: you'd be surprised :)16:09
guaquawii jjpk16:09
RedShiftwhen I used to have this big mother of a computer I could use it as a heater in the autumn16:10
guaquaor just finger ;)16:10
RedShiftnowadays I have a girlfriend to take care of the temperature stuff...16:10
RedShiftI'm cold!16:10
RedShiftI'm having a penis cramp, could you rub it for me please?16:11
guaquapenis cramp16:11
prologicoh do shutup :)16:11
guaqua"can you fix it for me, like you did last time?"16:11
RedShiftso prologic16:11
RedShiftdon't you have to pay dolby some fee?16:11
prologicno :)16:12
prologicthey can kiss my ass :)16:12
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jjpkYet another fad, great.16:16
prologichmm ?16:17
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prologicyay a fella aussie :)16:25
*** rxi__ has joined #crux16:39
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prologicanother SG1 fan :016:43
prologiconly 2 SG1 fans huh ?16:44
* jjpk <3 life without television16:45
prologiclucky you :)16:45
prologicmy mythtv box is currently without an antenna :/16:46
prologichaven't watched tv in momnths16:46
jjpkMight get one some time later once they kill regular analog tv broadcasts in August.16:49
prologicneed to get a hdtv tuner myself soon16:50
jjpkBig woo about the whole hd era.16:51
prologicyeah well I agree16:51
jjpkMassive campaigns yet it is nothing more than the same shit in twice the resolution.16:51
jjpkProbably not even.16:51
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger16:51
prologicleast you get rid of hte noise16:52
prologicas long as youre reception is good to begin with16:52
jjpkThing is in Finland the government collects revenue by requiring tv tuners to be licensed.16:52
prologicreally ?16:53
prologicgawd that's silly16:53
jjpkMany don't pay it, but still.16:53
*** j^2 has quit IRC16:53
jjpkThe only reason for me to have a tv is for movies or media I personally edit.16:53
jjpkFinland being dominated by social democratic policies (welfare state ideal) becomes a serious money hole.16:57
RedShiftjjpk: the problem is the same everywhere16:57
jjpkAll in all the state does not hesitate in taxing and then taxing you some more.16:57
RedShiftI live in Belgium and we are facing a gigantic money pit just to pay the pensions :\16:57
jjpkThe cracks are showing and the benefits are not really worth the burden.16:58
jjpkRedShift: yeah, it is becoming a problem in the EU nations16:58
*** rxi_ has quit IRC16:59
RedShiftjjpk: the problem is goverments are burning money like nothing16:59
RedShifthow much money goes into useless stuff, government employees that have no added value, huge stacks of paperwork16:59
jjpkStill, I would not place the trust on the private sector either.16:59
RedShiftI think we could keep a healthy social system if we were to create more lieniant governemnts17:00
RedShiftand we should all just work longer17:00
RedShift"back in the old days"17:00
RedShiftpeople worked till 60, and die at their 65 or something17:00
RedShiftwhich means they live 5 years on the government17:00
RedShiftnow they live till 90, which means they live 30 (!!) years on the government17:01
RedShiftand not only that17:01
prologicso you don't mind dying at 65 ?17:01
RedShiftall those medical costs to make it able to get 90 years old17:01
RedShiftprologic: if I have had a good life I wouldn't mind17:02
*** percent20 has joined #crux17:02
RedShiftI'm certainly not planning on ending up in a weelchair17:02
prologicgotta go17:02
jjpkRather die on my feet than slowly crumble and rot away.17:03
RedShiftjjpk: agreed17:03
RedShiftI think the unions did their job a little bit too good17:04
jjpkMy philosophy is "your body, your choice". To me it just seems a shitty deal to be severely limited at the end of your days.17:05
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RedShifton the other hand, look at america17:06
RedShiftit's filled with social disasters17:06
jjpkWould be a different scenario if you live to old age in decent health and then just pass out and that's it.17:06
RedShiftjjpk: if I were 70 or something, they tell me I have cancer and have like half a year to live or something17:07
RedShiftI would live like there's no tomorrow17:07
RedShiftI wouldn't go through all that what is it that they do these days17:07
RedShiftchemo and stuff17:08
RedShiftno way17:08
jjpkThat's US culture for ya. They adore self-reliance instead of relying on others.17:08
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RedShiftthe US is probably the last place I would go17:08
RedShiftand they are so conservative17:08
RedShifthow weird17:08
nipuLah, now i remember why i hated binary package management. Everytime there's a minor bugfix you need to download the whole thing again17:09
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jjpkIt's called irony. They were founded on radical ideas at the time, but now they seem to be slipping back.17:09
RedShiftwell this was a decent discussion17:10
RedShiftI had a mounth to mounth fight with some nitwit that considers absolute capitalism holy17:10
RedShift*lol, mouth17:10
jjpkRedShift: you mean a verbal fight :p17:10
RedShiftover IRC17:11
RedShift"what if I you had to work 12 hours a day, in bad conditions, for 5 euro per month?"17:11
RedShift"Oh I would just go to another company"17:11
RedShift"but it's everywhere the same"17:11
RedShift"then I would start my own business"17:12
RedShift"with what money?"17:12
jjpkThe world is not black and white like that.17:12
RedShift"you don't need money to start a business"17:12
jjpkI keep hearing the arguements by multinational corporations about how they are helping locals by employing them.17:12
RedShiftjjpk: true17:13
RedShiftbut we tried absolute capitalism 150 years ago, and see what misery it was back then17:13
jjpkIt goes both ways, yes it does help but they usually get abused big time in shit working conditions and hours.17:13
RedShifthe absolutely refuses to believe that it's the socialists that made sure he has a computer to work on, healthy living enviroment and a decent education17:14
jjpkOf course you need money to start a business, nothing is for free.17:14
*** roppert_ has joined #crux17:14
RedShiftI hope he goes to school for a long time, he's already 18 :\17:14
jjpkMost people probably are fairly idealist and radical before they reach the age of 25, methinks.17:15
RedShiftI'm 20, and I'm pretty idealist and radical17:16
jjpkMany times they do get blinded by principle instead of taking a pragmatic approach.17:16
RedShiftI'm all for social security17:16
RedShiftand redistribution (in a limited fashion) of wealth17:17
RedShiftbut it's getting out of control17:17
RedShifttaxes of up to 50% aren't unusual anymore17:17
jjpkI received a joke about the upcoming Finnish general election, talking about differences between the right wing and left wing candidates.17:18
RedShiftthat's just plain ridiculous17:18
RedShifthere in belgium we work like 2 or 3 days for the government17:18
jjpkThe joke goes as following "there is a barber who is giving away haircuts because of the election. A right wing candidate comes in, goes out and the next morning the barber sees two gifts, books about entrepreneurship."17:19
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jjpk"a left wing candidate comes in, gets a free hair cut, goes out and the next day the barber gets 12 other left wing candidates awaiting a free hair cut"17:20
jjpkRedShift: exactly, not worth it.17:20
jjpkYou could compare it to getting robbed blind, a bad deal.17:21
RedShiftbut I'm going to bed17:21
RedShiftI have to get to work in like 9 hours or so :-D17:21
* RedShift zzz17:21
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prologiceverytime I login to my machines17:49
prologicI keep getting17:49
prologicCannot open /dev/port: permission denied17:50
prologicwhat is /dev/port and why do I get this ?17:50
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