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nipuLyay, fiannly got firefox to complile on amd64, bloody gcc :[05:10
guaquai'm happy with my proprietary opera05:13
prologicme too :)05:17
guaquawait, did i say proprietary...i meant to say superior05:18
guaqua;) ;)05:19
nipuLi'm happy for you. no, i really am05:21
nipuLbut as i stated, the problem isn't with firefox, but rather gcc05:22
prologicseriously I do find opera ot be superior05:22
guaquai attempted to compile my own firefox with qt -> no luck05:23
prologicas a vip, having nice zooming like opera is a really nice feature05:23
prologicI couldn't live without it05:23
guaquai like opera's way of handling tabs and because there's less latency in normal use05:23
prologicI like that too05:24
nipuLprintf("%d", carefactor());05:24
prologic$ printf("%d", carefactor());05:24
prologic-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `"%d",'05:24
guaquagenerally there should be more focus on the latency of desktop in linux05:24
prologicI agree05:24
prologicin general - not just linux05:24
guaquai think the new kernel versions should be improving those things quite a bit05:25
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prologicwell it's likely a lot to do with app design too05:28
prologicnot entirely the kernel's fault :)05:29
guaquawell yes05:29
guaquai wonder how qt4 improves things in kde, if it even does...05:29
prologicand how much it improves apps that use it05:30
prologicfor instnace opera05:30
guaquathat primarily in mind :)05:30
guaquabeen thinking of starting to contribute to some kde apps05:31
guaquakopete primarily in mind05:31
guaquabtw, does someone here use gaim and msn file transfers?05:31
guaquadoes it work in practice, cos in kopete it doesnt05:32
prologicit's been working for a qhile now05:32
prologicsince several versions back05:32
guaquagaim looks like crap though :/05:33
guaquaand i've sort of gotten used to kopete05:33
prologicactually I quite like the look of gaim05:34
prologicdepends on your gtk theme I guess05:34
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guaquawell, i'm all kde so i wouldn't know :)05:34
guaquayuck, i don't like those round corners at all :S05:36
guaquaand the fact that it wastes space showing two icons per contact (one being the picture)05:37
prologicwell it does happen to be a multi protocol client05:42
prologicI happen to use both msn and icq :)05:42
prologicso I like to know who's who :)05:42
prologicgood feature if you ask me05:42
guaquafor me it's only a nuisance cos i use msn only05:42
prologicthen perhaps you should use amsn ?05:43
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prologica client designed specifically for msn05:43
guaquait's not nice05:43
guaquai have used it05:43
prologicit's nice enough05:43
guaquai've had problems with it. it didn't show up in any clear way when someone sent a message05:44
prologicused the latest version ?05:44
guaquait just created an entry to task bar but didn't blink in any way05:44
prologicI think I maintain the port for that05:44
guaquai'm on kubuntu now so...05:44
prologicand you're in #crux why ? :)05:45
guaquai run crux boxes05:45
prologic0.96 is out05:45
prologicahh k05:45
prologicas servers ?05:45
prologicahh k05:45
prologicI do too05:45
prologicbut I also run crux desktops :)05:45
nipuLi use openbsd, freebsd, ubuntu and crux(64)05:46
guaquaif i had a more powerful desktop i might use crux05:46
guaquabut with this one it takes ages to compile, and i'm not so fond of it05:46
prologicwho says you need a powerfull desktop to run crux ?05:46
guaquarunning kde :)05:46
prologiconly take a day or so to compile :)05:47
prologicwhat specs ?05:47
nipuLyou dont have a powerful desktop, but run kde?05:47
prologicI could compile for you :)05:47
guaquayeah, exactky :)05:47
guaquai might try again when 2.3 comes out05:47
prologicI'll start compiling kde for you then :)05:48
guaquaor then again, if someone has a spare socket a processor05:49
prologicwonder if the one I have is05:50
prologicsome Pentium 4 Celeron cpu05:50
guaquaathlon xp something05:50
guaquaor generally a faster processor (than duron 1600) for this mobo:
prologicyou could cluster your servers together05:50
prologicand compile on them :)05:50
guaquathey are not physically close, so no luck05:51
guaquamaybe with some vpn magic, but still05:51
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mike_kprologic: contrib/transfig seems to work without xfig (which is listed, as dep but missing)13:17
fumasystem keeps locking up at boot. trying to figure if its lighttpd or dropbear13:28
fumalooks like both are locking up at boot13:43
fumaok, now its just dropbear thats causing problems14:00
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prologicbd2, ping17:05
bd2hi prologic17:07
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prologicjust wondering if your git accounts are working ok17:11
prologicyours and maro's17:11
prologicI got maro's key the other day, and he could login ok17:11
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bd2prologic, hehe.. I don't know where to ssh, firstly. Second, we don't need actual shells, but git-shells, you know it?17:34
prologicboth accounts are just git-shell's :)17:34
prologicboth yours and maro's keys are there17:35
prologicpush url:
bd2cool, I just need todo inital push?17:35
prologicanon git: git://
prologicgit web:
bd2wow! git web :-) cool17:36
prologiclemme know of something doesn't work :)17:36
prologicI could have screwed up something - being vip and all :)17:36
prologicthere are also irc notifications similar to the CIA bots17:38
bd2nice! will there any ftp or http space for the tarballs?17:39
prologicsure if you'd like17:40
prologicneed a different account for that - different box17:40
prologicsame username "ufo" ?17:41
bd2prologic, could you make it "cbou"? sorry for the inconvenience17:41
prologicahh right17:41
prologicsorry :)17:41
prologicmy bad17:41
prologicon both ?17:41
bd2no, it's my actually :-)17:41
bd2prologic, yup17:41
prologicdone, try the git login17:42
bd2works great :-)17:43
prologicjust setup your web account17:43
prologicdone, ssh
prologicput files in ~/www/17:44
bd2wow! you're fast, thanks!17:45
bd2I'd better said much thanks ;-)17:45
prologiclemme know if you want a vhost or anything - that's nps too17:45
prologicbut soryr no ftp :)17:46
prologicssh/scp only :)17:46
bd2no thanks, that's more than enought. just git + some space for release tarballs.17:46
bd2it's just fine17:46
prologicheaps of space on cancer :)17:46
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prologicbd2, you have email (2)17:54
bd2lol.. I ssh'ed to your host to read it :-)17:55
bd2much thanks, I've received it17:56
bd2firstly I just thought you've sent it to local mail spool17:57
prologicyou figured out there's mutt alrady :)17:57
prologicnice job17:57
prologicanyways bd2, I must go now18:06
prologichave a 200m race at 130018:06
prologichave fun :018:06
bd2thanks again!18:07
bd2good day18:07
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thrice`is there a way to subscribe to repos if i'm testing the 2.3 iso ?19:42
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HostisHej. Finns det någon snäll gosse vaken ?20:08
aonhär pratar vi engelska20:08
aonalltså ja :)20:11
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