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tilmanthrice`: sure, just copy /etc/ports/opt.rsync to /etc/ports/opt-2.3.rsync and change the version number in there02:43
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prologicmike_k, what was it you said before to me ?03:32
prologicI missed it/forgotten now :/03:32
mike_kprologic: me too03:32
mike_koh, yes03:32
prologicI remember :)03:32
onestepfunny :)03:51
Romsterthe new kdelibs dosn't build03:59
Romster+ find /usr/ports/kde/kdelibs/work/pkg/usr/share/apps '(' -name LICENSES -o -name 'README*' -o -name ChangeLog -o -name TODO -o -name BUGS ')' -delete03:59
Romsterfind: cannot delete /usr/ports/kde/kdelibs/work/pkg/usr/share/apps/LICENSES: Directory not empty03:59
Romsterdosn't even exit it just hangs there04:00
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jkrNeed some help with locales. Someone here?07:58
guaquawithout stating your question no one can answer08:00
jkrOk :)08:00
jkrI just want ls to display file names with Umlauts correctly08:00
jkrIt prints a "?" instead if them08:00
jkrI've set LC_CTYPE to de_DE@euro08:01
guaquamounted a ntfs/fat volume?08:01
jkrThought that should work, but it doesn't08:01
jkrNo, it's all local XFS08:01
guaquathat doesn't specify and chatset08:01
guaquathere has to be like .UTF-8 or .iso-8859-1 or something after08:02
guaquasee the locales dir for options08:02
jkrLike de_DE@euro.UTF-8?08:02
tilmanguaqua: "euro" is an alias for iso-8859-15 afaik08:02
jkrThere's only "de_DE" and "de_DE@euro"08:02
guaquawell dunno then08:03
tilmanyou can always generate more locales08:05
jkrThe strange thing is that the problem only occurs with ls08:05
jkre.g. "print -l *" displays the files correctly08:05
jkrHrhr, even "ls | cat" works fine08:08
guaquado you have more than one locale selected?08:10
guaquawhat does export tell you?08:10
guaquaseparate locale and charset-lines?08:10
jkrLC_ALL="C" and LC_CTYPE="de_DE@euro", because I only want ls to display the umlauts, but keep english messages and so on08:11
jkrBut I also tested settings LC_ALL to de_DE@euro, didn't work either08:11
guaquawhy not just put charset?08:11
jkrHow? :)08:12
guaquaexport CHARSET="iso-8859-15" or something08:12
jkrI'll try that, one sec08:12
tilmanLC_CTYPE _should_ work just fine08:12
guaquai've never had to specify anything08:12
guaquags:~$ export08:13
guaquadeclare -x CHARSET="ISO-8859-1"08:13
jkrHmm, charset doesn't work. Is there a list of valid charsets somewhere?08:13
guaquain a dir somewhere, use locate08:13
jkrThere's only a man file called iso-8859-1.7.gz :)08:15
jkrAnd some fonts08:15
jkrAh, damnit08:16
jkrDidn't know that locate is case-sensitive :)08:16
jkrWell, there are some, ISO-8859-* charsets, still doesn't work08:17
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jkrHrhr, got it! :D08:20
jkr"german" instead of "de_DE@euro" worked08:20
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nipuLjust got back from the hospital, i'm a dad!!11:59
rehabdollboy or girl?11:59
tilmannipul can't be a dad11:59
nipuLdarwin was wrong, mwahahaha!12:00
aoni think it's technically possible12:00
tilmannipuL: congrats anyway, i hope mom and the kid are alright:)12:00
nipuLyeah they're fine12:01
nipuLwent to the hospital at 1am, baby was born at 2:56am12:01
nipuLtime to pass out12:02
nipuLget some sleep in before i never get to again12:02
rehabdollhehe exactly12:02
guaquaoff to sleep. getting sick :(12:13
tilmanhave a grog!12:13
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rehabdolldoes anybody know what "Irq xxx: nobody cared" kernel-errors are about? motherboard or device errors?14:21
rehabdollits a sata-pci card thats creating the errors btw14:23
jaegernot I, sorry14:26
rehabdollI would get that same error message.  And while I never really knew14:26
rehabdollwhat it meant, I found that disabling the service "syslogd" (from14:26
rehabdollmemory, I think that's right), I didn't get the annoying popup window14:26
rehabdollany more.14:26
rehabdollsounds like a wonderful solution14:26
ningorehabdoll: grep -ir "nobody cared" /usr/src/linux14:27
rehabdollningo: didnt really tell me much14:29
rehabdollahh screw it.. new mobo with integrated sata would solve it :)14:30
tilmanViper_: ping ping ping14:44
RyoS=======> Building '/usr/ports/core/gcc/gcc#4.1.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded. \o/14:47
Viper_tilman: pong15:00
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sepenhi all!15:10
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sepenhi pitillo15:13
pitillojau sepen15:18
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prologicanyone good at chess ?16:37
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prologicanyone played with google's project hosting ?17:52
jaegernot I18:02
jaegeranyone in here using gnome 2.16.3 and evolution 2.8.3 (current gnome repo)18:03
jaegerer, that's supposed to be a question :)18:08
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prologicanyone got a script to format xchat logs into some pretty html ?19:57
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jaegerprologic: reading even part of that log is painful :P20:16
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prologicI've met someone like him once - last year20:28
prologicworked at a network admin20:28
prologicone day I"ll met this guy for real20:29
prologicand it's gonna just be so awkward :)20:29
prologicyou play chess jaeger ?20:32
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jaegernot recently. never been very good at it20:39
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prologicahh k22:21
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