IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-02-26

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guaquathe zoffix ass :<01:41
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prologicguaqua, zoffix my new buddy :)03:08
prologicnot :)03:08
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Knight0has anyone experience an error wherein when one fires x for the first time after a fresh boot it utilizes the correct resolution, yet any time you restart X thereafter it defaults to a base resolution ?03:17
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* AkiraYuki saluta tutti05:22
AkiraYukihi all05:23
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guaquaprologic: i'm harrassing him now *rolleyes*05:51
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namenloshi, on the homepage, i see that mutt, imagemagick and fakeroot updated, put when i run a ports -u and a prt-get diff, it tells me, that nothing has changed.07:03
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rehabdollare you running 2.3 perhaps?07:38
namenlosno, 2.207:40
teKwhat repo are those programs in?07:41
namenlosi think opt07:41
namenlosthey're fakeroot, mutt and imagemagick07:41
rehabdollstrange, same here07:41
teKdid you adapt your prt-get.conf to include /usr/ports/opt?07:42
namenlosnow i deleted the ports directory, but nothing changed...07:42
rehabdolltek, those ports are not checked out07:42
namenlosi made a symlink to /usr/ports, or where the default lokation is.07:42
rehabdollguess theres something flakey with the rsync repo07:43
namenlosrehabdoll: me, too07:43
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Romsternamenlos, rehabdoll might be just a Pkgfile cleanup and not worth increasing the version of the said port08:25
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j^2happy birthday to me08:30
teKwell done08:32
Romsterhappy birthday j^208:51
j^2thanks Romster!08:51
namenlosj^2: happy birthday09:00
j^2thanks namenlos :D09:00
onestepj^2: HB :)09:01
j^2thanks onestep :)09:01
onestepbtw, my birthday was yesterday... :)09:01
j^2hehe happy bday :D09:01
onestepthanx, j^2 ;)09:02
sepen|workj^2, happy!09:03
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Romsterh/b to onestep for yesterday too09:10
j^2thanks sepen09:10
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* j^2 is proud of Azeni 09:56
j^2we talk alot in this channel09:57
Azenium... yes i can tell09:57
* j^2 is very sarcastic09:57
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* ningo squares j again10:23
ningoI hope you like your present j^4 :)10:23
j^2thanks ningo10:23
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tony__Problem: I added a repository with the p7zip package, but when I prt-get search p7zip I come up with nothing. I already ports -u12:31
jaegerdid you add that repo to /etc/prt-get.conf?12:34
tony__Well I used the httpup command12:36
tony__I added a text file to the /etc/ports12:36
jaegerprt-get only knows about what it can find via prtdir entries in its config file12:36
tony__Ok, I thought that httpup program would fix that. Ill have a look at that file12:37
AkiraYukibut the crux kernel is already setup?12:38
tony__Well, I managed to set up the system, and I have WindowMaker running.12:38
tony__I am trying to get my stuff back now, connecting an USB harddrive and 7zip so I can get my documents back,12:39
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rehabdolljaeger: somethings up with the rsync repo? the latest commits wont download with ports -u12:44
tony__Tjanks jaeger, I edited that file and now it12:44
tony__it's compiling :)12:45
jaegertony__: np12:45
jaegerrehabdoll: which one?12:45
rehabdollnothing since firefox in opt12:47
rehabdollsame with the 2.3 repo it seems..12:48
rehabdoll2.3 core updated fine touth12:49
jaegerok, will pass that on12:55
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RyoSwhat points about crux should definately be in a wikipedia article?13:30
RyoSabout crux of course.. :)13:30
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j^2it's up there isnt it?13:30
RyoSi mentioned ports system, prt-get13:30
RyoSj^2: german wikipedia13:30
RyoSthey deleted old article which only briefly stated what crux is about and gave a timeline of versions13:31
sepenalso I can include some lines on wiki-es13:39
Romsteri'm on to yhafri he added egenix-mx-base to hes repo and changed the Packager line! he could at least keep who made the port, and possability email me about alterations :/13:42
sepena lot of ports = a lot of bugs13:44
Romstertrue i keep to what i find useful and what i use..13:45
Romsterthe point is altering the Packager line13:45
Romsternot notyifying me of a improvment either.13:45
sepene.g.: openexr: packager=sepen mantainer=romster13:46
sepenthat's ok for me13:47
Romsteri fi use someone else port i keep the origional packager or the current maintainer gets the packager if its missing a packager, oviously yhafri is dishonest and claims all the ports as he's13:47
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sepenyeah XD13:47
Romsterwell most the majority has him as the packager13:47
Romstersepen, yes i keep the origional packager and if the origional packager wants to take over maintaining they can.13:48
Romsterits principal that yhafri isn't maintaining, ok he may have overlooked checking that port but the majority of hes ports are hes, yeah right.13:49
sepenyeah, yhafri seems to work ont their own yhafri_crux xDD13:49
Romsterseems to be13:50
sepenis he a contrib user?13:50
* sepen wrong english xD13:51
Romsternot sure13:51
TheDuxcan any of you point me in the right directon to installing my network cards? :o13:52
TheDuxlike website wise :o13:52
guaquaplug it in, turn on the computer13:52
guaquaas for which kernel modules you have to13:53
guaquacompile in...13:53
guaquathat's another case13:53
RomsterTheDux, find the chipset then find the kernel module and enable it then add it to /etc/rc.modules13:53
guaquasee the chipset on the nic and decide from that13:53
Romsterand modprobe it13:53
TheDuxthx :o13:54
TheDux<--- was babied from debian :)13:54
Romsterdon't learn as much when ya use debian :P13:56
TheDux:P thats why I am trying to switch to something new (ie crux)13:57
Romsterwell crux is the way to go other than LFS13:57
Romstereasy to turn crux into any system you need.13:58
TheDuxheh :) never could finish lfs becuase someone always rebooted my computer13:58
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RomsterTheDux, i'd get anoyed if someone did that to my pc's14:07
Romstermmm coffee14:08
TheDuxI did the first few time :) then I gave up being angery with it heh14:09
* RyoS gets a vt420 hw screenie of crux on a intel core 2 duo for the wikiarticle14:16
RyoStilman: didnt you notice the linux article wipe on wikipedia?14:19
prologicyeah why was that ? :/14:19
tilmanRyoS: i've heard somebody mention it14:20
RyoStilman: this was most likely me too :รพ14:20
tilmanwhy would a vt420 hw screenie help?14:20
ningothe article is still there14:20
RyoSprologic: dont know. some os-nazi went through all linuxes and said: ok, this is not something special (like ubuntu) - delete it :D14:20
RyoSningo: no its not14:20
tilmanwhat makes you think he's a nazi?14:21
RyoSsarcasm ;(14:21
tilmandon't misuse the term please14:21
tilmanit makes tilman 50% annoyed and 50% angry14:21
RyoStilman: gosh how can every german be so prude about it?14:21
ningoRyoS: link please14:21
RyoSningo: link of what?14:21
tilmanonly 14 year olds think it's cool14:22
tilmani'm >14 :P14:22
ningoRyoS: to the article14:22
RyoStilman: its not cool, its sarcasm14:22
RyoSningo: its deleted oO14:22
RyoSgone, away, for ever14:22
ningostill there14:22
tilmanningo: s/Linux/CRUX/ i think14:22
RyoSningo: we talk about german wikipedia14:22
RyoSwas the name14:23
prologicyeah you know14:23
prologicthe name of this distro14:23
j^2in* it's CRUX14:23
prologicetc :)14:23
ningoindeed, it's gone14:23
RyoSanyhow.. about the vt420, tilman: you know ubuntu's article, arch linux and so on, all post fency screenshots.. how ordinary right?14:23
prologicyou thought we'd be different14:24
RyoSnow a screen without X11R7 from a vt420 connected to a 3 months old intel core 2 duo14:24
tilmani see14:24
prologicand post a vt420 screenie :)14:24
RyoSwould be nice14:24
RyoSi like the idea ;) and i really had a long fight about this article to be restored, i even made additions to it already and they deleted it right away with the comment (same article we deleted 2 days ago)14:25
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RyoSprologic: i'll post the screenie as soon i will get it :)14:27
blueCommandwho's maintainer for faad ?14:27
RyoSi dont have a vt myself :) a friend will make it14:27
RyoSblueCommand: Pkgfile will tell you :)14:27
prologicblueCommand, check yourself14:28
blueCommandIt says  Maintainer: Matt Housh, jaeger at morpheus dot net but which one :)14:28
blueCommandor.. ah14:28
prologicthen that must be the one14:28
blueCommandI thought it was 2!14:28
tilmani guess matt housh aka jaeger is the maintainer then14:28
blueCommandStupid me14:28
prologicit's ok :)14:28
prologicapparently not as stupid as i :)14:28
RyoSyoure welcome14:28
blueCommandjaeger, Any reason why faad is 2.0, not 2.5?14:28
* prologic thinks about his blog yesterday14:28
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prologicon thinks :)14:29
prologicbah I can't type14:29
prologictoo early in the mron'n14:29
prologicI meant to say morn'n14:29
tilmani know :P14:29
prologichey do our crux repos send commit msgs to CIA ?14:31
tilman works btw14:32
blueCommandanyhow, I have a Pkgfile (.foot and .md5 too) for faad 2.5 (now it's 2.0). Is there anything special that needs to be done for it to be accepted?14:33
tilmanblueCommand: talk to jaeger about the update14:33
jaegermail it to me and I'll test it14:33
blueCommandah nice14:33
tilmanis anyone interested in creating a port for the jagged alliance 2 sdl port (not the commercial one)?14:34
prologicnever played it :)14:34
prologicI'm assuming it's a game14:34
aontilman: you? :)14:34
j^2tilman: old school man14:34
tilmanaon: no14:34
tilmanaon: i got it installed already14:35
tilmanaon: but the maintainer/lead coder said he'd be interested in spreading it to distros14:35
prologicis it any good ?14:35
aonyou installed it without a port? :o14:35
prologicI'll maintain it if it's worth my doing so :)14:35
tilmanaon: i'm hacking the code anyway14:35
aonah, right14:35
aonmakes sense :)14:36
tilmanprologic: it's stable. no sound support yet (i'm implementing that right now)14:36
tilmanit's not as much fun without sun14:36
prologicahh k14:36
prologicchuck it over here, I'll try it out :)14:36
tilmancause the sound owns14:36
prologicif me likes it I'll maintian a port for it :)14:36
aonoh, that game :)14:37
prologicdownload tarball ?14:37
tilmanprologic: get svn head and create a snapshot14:38
tilmanyou'll need the game cd though14:38
prologicthe webpage sucks badly btw :)14:38
prologichorribly contrast of colors :/14:38
j^2awww our user map is br0ked14:38
prologicoh what ? I don't have the game cd :/14:38
aonjust w4r3z it (tm)14:39
tilmanbuy it for 5$ cause it's awesome14:39
prologicis it really that cheap ?14:39
tilmanit was originally released in 98 or 99 ;D14:40
prologicahh k14:40
prologiccool :)14:40
prologicwell gotta go for now, gf :)14:40
blueCommandjaeger, sent14:40 calc 5 USD in EUR14:41 calc 5 USD in EUR14:41
aon@google calc 5 USD in EUR14:41
clbaon: 5 U.S. dollars = 3.80807312 Euros14:41
jaegerblueCommand: ok14:41
aon@google calc 5 AUD in EUR14:41
clbaon: 5 Australian dollars = 3.00571211 Euros14:41
tilmanaon: i forgot about the awesome dollar/euro rate14:41
tilmanaon: maybe 5-10 euro ;)14:41
aonhehe :)14:41
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tilmani think i got sound working correctly :D14:42
j^2i keep forgeting clb can do neat things like that ;)14:42
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treach"look, I've got a new mac, bye"15:42
*** tri has left #crux15:43
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theduxI did it :) not a complete failure (using crux atm)15:45
treachIOW, Failure still WIP?15:46
*** thedux is now known as TheDux15:46
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prologicgame of chess anyone ? :)16:21
*** jaeger has joined #crux16:22
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger16:22
guaquai'm already playing chess16:24
guaquawith java16:24
guaquaand this isn't chess, this is more like wrestling16:24
treach"battle-chess". :P16:24
prologicjava is orrible anyway :)16:24
guaquain so many ways *rolleyes*16:25
guaquait has it's good points though...16:25
prologicunbeliable how hard it is to do simple things in java16:25
prologiccompared to C or python16:25
prologicactually I'm all for stripped down OO languages without the extra complexities that language develoeprs love throwing in16:26
prologicie: interfaces, abstract classes, private/publib, static stuff, etc16:26
* treach never groked OO.16:26
guaquamost horrible thing about java is that it's inside structures can be seen in docs16:26
guaquawhen you see something like
guaquayou start to think16:27
prologicworst thing about java is it's library dependancies16:27
prologicit's a mess :)16:27
prologicand yeah16:27
prologicit's namespace structure is horrible :)16:27
guaquait's pure sun corporate hell16:27
prologicpure java without the libraries is probably not so bad16:28
prologicI implemented a subset of java once for a course last year16:28
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prologicfunnily enoughc alled J- :)16:28
*** morlenxus has joined #crux16:28
prologiconly part left to do is the code generation and optimization :)16:28
prologiccompiler is written in python :)16:28
guaqua:D :D :D16:29
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:30
treachwhat? You should have made it in VB.. just for added insult. :P16:30
prologicno way :)16:30
guaquajava as a language is okay, in my opinion16:30
aonno, qbasic :)16:30
prologicall the other students did it in C with yacc16:30
aonor even gw-basic16:30
guaquabut the whole superstructure around it :/16:31
prologicI wrote it all by hand16:31
prologiccompiler in gw-basic16:31
prologicnow that's a challenege :)16:31
guaquacompiler in brainfuck16:31
prologicguaqua, yeah like I said, plain ol java is probably okay16:31
prologicjust another C-class language ihmo16:31
prologicslightly better than C++ :/16:31
guaquahaven't had much experience with c++16:32
prologicbetter still, compiler in turing16:32
treach{{{{{{{{{{{{{lisp}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} :P16:32
prologicc++ is like obfuscated java ihmo16:32
aontreach: wrong kind of parenthesis16:32
prologiclisp ? hell why not prolog, haskell even :)16:32
*** delinquent has joined #crux16:33
treachaon: what am I think in of then..?16:33
treachdammit, I've forgotten.16:33
prologicit's quite cool how far we've come with programming today16:34
aondamn, i should nuke my firefox profile16:34
aonperhaps search would start working again, then16:34
prologicrm -rf $HOME/.firefox ?16:34
treachprologic: c++ is as obfuscated, or non-obfuscated you make it. You don't *have* to make a mess of it just because you can. :P16:36
aonmore or less16:36
prologictreach, this is true16:37
prologicbut I find by default it's rather hard to get your head around16:37
prologicespecially the std:: stuff, namespaces, etc16:37
prologicit's a bit like java in that sense16:37
jaegerperl, on the other hand, you have to make a mess of. it's a moral imperative16:37
prologicC was okay, C++ (ihmo) they made a mess of the design16:37
treachjaeger: :D16:37
*** j^2 has quit IRC16:37
prologicjaeger, :P16:37
*** ningo has quit IRC16:37
aonc++ isn't that bad16:38
prologicnah it's not16:38
prologicjust not my choice :)16:38
aonand it's nice that you can resort to regular C after spending half of the day reading some stl docs16:38
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delinquenthi, does anyone use a canon printer with their crux?16:42
delinquenti have this canon pixma 1000 and have trouble printing a test page16:44
delinquentcan anyone help?16:44
treachdid you try ?16:44
delinquentnot yet, but i had downloaded their drivers from canon europe site16:45
delinquentdoes your link uses cups for the print manager?16:45
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*** morlenxus has joined #crux16:46
treachdammit, seems like the site just died. :/16:49
*** morlenxus has quit IRC16:49
treachpresumeably it uses cups, yeah.16:50
delinquenttreach: toughluck huh? i'm currently looking at and found out that canon pixma iP 100 is supported16:50
*** knight0 has joined #crux16:50
treach"A winner is you".16:50
*** knight0 has left #crux16:51
delinquent:D but as you said, the site may have died, the links does not work16:51
* treach gives his PS printer three cheers.16:51
delinquenthurrrah!! :)16:51
* prologic gives his non-printer a stern look16:51
*** lasso has quit IRC16:52
* aon doesn't give his PCL6 printer anything16:52
aonit's in the other room16:52
delinquentseriously, its funny that i could get till here:
delinquentbut no further :((16:53
treachcould that be of any help?16:54
delinquentyeah, thanks, it worked.16:55
treachappantly there is some form of PPD file for it at least.16:56
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*** knight has joined #crux16:58
guaquai'm there to piss zoffix off :D16:59
knightHaving just installed php5-cgi from jaeger's repository I find that I can't get php to return anything but the following:16:59
knight/usr/bin/php: line 2: syntax error: unexpected end of file17:00
guaquawhich pretty childish, but still, gives great pleasure17:00
knightFor almost all arguments, including basic 'php -i' -- any ideas?17:00
treachbah, that idiot seems to have a very limited vocabulary.17:00
delinquenttreach: the drivers i downloaded  was installed as easily as documented, but ..17:00
guaquaknight: it's cgi17:01
treachdelinquent: but?17:01
guaquaso you need to output the charset...or something17:01
delinquentwhat i dont ynderstand is that the setting is Device URI: canon_usb:/dev/usb/lp017:02
*** destruct has joined #Crux17:02
delinquentand the error message while printing a test page was: "Unable to open USB port device file: No such file or directory"17:03
treachdoes it exist?17:03
delinquentthere is a /dev/usb/lp0 on my laptop17:03
delinquentany difference?17:04
treachok, and is that the computer you're trying to use?17:04
treachok, so IOW, it does exist?17:04
delinquentmy previous interaction with printers on  linux shows that the Device URI goes something like usb:/dev/usb/lp017:06
treachsounds reasonable.17:06
treachbut what I'm asking is if the device actually exists, as in "have you loaded the appropriate driver?"17:07
treachstill no good answer to that.17:07
delinquentif you mean: do i have all the drivers in /usr/lib? the answers is yes17:08
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC17:08
delinquentarent they supposed to be loaded by cups?17:08
treachbut are they *loaded*? Does the lp0 device show up in dev?17:08
treachnot the drivers for the usb port etc.17:08
treachcups deals with the printing stuff. not your usb ports.17:09
delinquentthere is a lp0 device under /dev/usb17:10
guaquatreach: gotta admire your long threshold17:10
guaquaor high that is17:11
delinquentand "cat /proc/devices" shows that lp is recognized17:11
treachthanks, I'm trying to improve. :)17:11
*** knight has quit IRC17:12
treachdelinquent: well, then if cups can't open it, and paths are correct, permissions would be the next stop, right?17:12
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treach(I'm a bit handicapped here, no printing on this box.)17:13
delinquentboth, root and my user login, are members of lp group17:13
*** blueCommand has quit IRC17:14
delinquentand 'ls -l /dev/usb' shows: crw-rw---- 1 root lp 180, 0 Feb 27 04:20 lp017:14
treachhm, I'm too tired to come up with any more good ideas why it doesn't work. Sorry.17:16
treachmy own printer is connected to a debian box, all I had to do there was run the setup script. Working printer 1 second later. :)17:17
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delinquentok then, thank you for your time.17:19
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