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prologicRomster, that's the whole idea of a merge00:24
prologicif it doesn't conflict, it _will _ successfully merge00:24
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Romsterwell i wanted to do a normal merge except for -lines that didn't conflict!00:56
Romsteris that even possable without doing it manually.00:56
Romsterwith rejmerge?00:56
pitillogood morning00:59
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Romsterhi bd2 pitillo namenlos kyado02:30
guaquano hello guaqua02:31
Romsteroh and hello guaqua02:31
guaquahello Romster :)02:31
pitillohey Romster :)02:31
Romsteri hadn't seen you recenty join02:31
guaquai didn't :/02:32
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Romsterheh thats why :D02:36
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prologicRomster, you're confused about how diff's work02:58
prologica - and + just means that in the first version a line was removed02:58
prologicand in the 2nd version a line was added02:58
pitillowhat about contrib members? Why wait to people becames to be one? Why not recruit members? Core members or contrib with experiencie  can take a look to private repos, look for ports that are not in contrib and try to talk to maintainer to propose him to became a contrib member and maintain that port in contrib?02:58
prologicthey could very well be the same line though02:58
prologicbut that's usually where a conflict arises02:59
prologicthe diff tool usually generates a file that can be used to bring version a of a file to version b03:01
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pitilloI hope that propposal can be discussed and thinked, instead of waiting people. (can be added to contrib a few interesting/well done ports from private repos)03:41
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knight0are there any simple tools to monitor file access, as in whether and which files are being accessed?11:13
yipknight0: have you looked at inotify?11:14
yipwhat's the best glade package?11:26
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bd2knight0, if you want to look which files using specified program, your best choice is lsof and fuser11:34
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RedWeebosomething to discuss around here?15:11
tilmanfeel free to start a discussion :p15:11
ningoCRUX sucks and Gentoo is superior to everything, especially, but not limited to, tilman!15:12
* ningo hands tilman his handkerchief15:13
RedWeebowindows ftw15:15
* RedWeebo hides15:15
tilmanningo: drunk?15:15
ningoUhm no. Not right now.15:16
ningoBut I can change this, if you desperatly insist15:16
RedWeebothat's a first15:16
RedWeeborebuilding a raid array here15:16
RedWeebo57% :-(15:16
RedWeebostupid adaptec blah15:16
RedWeebolinux softraid is so much faster15:17
* RedWeebo pets his tuxbear15:17
rehabdollbears are godless killingmachines!15:17
RedWeebothat's why I pet them15:17
RedWeeboif I suddenly decide to have children, they are there to prevent/fix that mistake15:18
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ningorehabdoll: Some of my best friends are bears!15:19
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RedWeebothe end is in sight15:21
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ningoThats so incredible. Do you exist as command so I can spit out random percental values on my screen? Something like RedWeebo --random --whoa-there15:23
jjpkNo experience with hardware raid, but software raid has been fine in linux.15:23
RedWeebo78% :P15:23
jjpkApparently ningo has no ability to read a backlog in irc :D15:24
tilman#crux attracts funny people at times15:25
jjpkYou can tell you are in good company here...15:25
jjpktilman: indeed :D15:25
tilmanlike the guy last week15:25
tilmanwho randomly decided to join #crux15:25
RedWeebowho was that?15:25
tilmanforgot the name, too lazy to look him up :-)15:25
ningotilman: Yeah it's funny here, you people make me laugh on a regular basis.15:27
tilmanmission accomplished!15:28
ningoThat's pretty much what IRC is for, indeed. :)15:28
RedWeebothis is IRC?15:28
RedWeebowhat the15:28
RedWeeboI feel so dirty15:28
jjpkningo: random percentages you mean? :D15:28
ningojjpk: Yeah, a common typo15:29
RedWeebojjpk: they are not random15:29
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ningoI use it all the time15:37
jjpkMust be fun reading your code.15:42
tilmanthat app is awesome15:42
tilmanverbosity=3, relevance=0, religous references on15:43
aonthis somehow reminds me of the enum i saw somewhere someday15:43
ningowith profanity=on,relevance=0,verbosity=10,self-importance=10,biterness=10 you can bet on that15:43
tilman//goddamit I need some freaking coffee15:43
tilman<3 <3 <315:43
aonenum languages { EN /* english */, FI /* finnish */, SV /* The Devil */ };15:43
aonor sth15:43
tilmancrap, it was an april fools joke :(15:43
tilmanaon: heh15:44
tilmando they mean dijsktra when they write dykstra? :)15:47
aonthat crossed my mind, too15:47
tilmanno idea whether he's known for his jokes, too, though ;)15:48
jjpkJust mentioning "god" puts you in the religious ring for some reason hah.16:01
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RedWeebothey say teddybears are evil16:03
RedWeebobut they are nothing compared to religion16:03
jjpkThat usually results in problems when you have extremists with intolerance against other interpretations.16:09
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sepenjaeger, are you the owner of clb?16:29
sepencan I use it on my own ircd server?16:29
sepenhave you written a patch or something special to show git commits?16:30
jaegercertainly -
jaegerit's nothing special, just the RSS plugin16:30
jaegerit periodically checks the rss feeds from the gitweb installation16:30
sepenIm planning to use svn for develop my own repo/ports and also I think supybot could be nice for me16:31
jaegerit's pretty simple to set up16:31
sepensvn commit's through rss ...16:31
jaegerwell, I don't know about that, I was referring to the bot itself16:32
jaegersvn::web has an rss feed, I wouldn't be surprised if trac did as well16:32
sepenanother question, could be excesive for this channel that clb shows contrib commits?16:32
sepencouldB xD16:34
jaegeryou can query the bot for the rss feed at any time, so I figure it's not vital to have it broadcast in the channel16:35
sepenbrowse the git web i really more effective16:35
jaegertry /msg clb contrib16:35
sepenall that I need16:36
sepenI need to read about supybot16:36
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sepenI though that clb was a hook script xD16:37
jaegerI'm sure it could be made to run that way if you preferred16:39
sepensurely I'll like it16:40
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rehabdollhmm, shouldnt the following be included in the gcc 4.1.2 footprint: ?16:54
rehabdollit said missing16:55
rehabdollforget it, im a retard16:55
rehabdollstill, howcome its missing?16:55
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knightAnyone know of a simple way to follow dmesg a la tail -f on a file being appended to?17:20
knightnoting that /var/log/messages isn't providing the same content17:21
knightgiven that I'm trying to look at kernel io debug messages that I've turned on17:21
prologictail -f ...17:21
knightHow can you tail -f an application?17:23
prologicoh you can't17:25
prologicit has to spit it's log out somewhere17:25
prologicnohup ./app 2>&1 > log.txt &17:25
prologictail -f log.txt17:25
knightwill check that out, thanks mates :)17:25
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bd2knight, actually, you can just cat /proc/kmsgg18:33
bd2 /proc/kmsg18:33
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bd2but most right way to "tail -f" kernel messages, is to use klogd18:35
bd2most correct18:35
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AkiraYukigood night18:49
bd2as for contrib issue, on october crux-devel meeting I proposed exacly same thing - softer and less bureoacracy joining rules. I recalling that all, including cptn and tilman, almost laughed at me, and verbosely refused idea. Plus they done opposite - strict rules. ;-)18:49
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bd2and retired... ;-)18:49
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prologicbd2, I happen to agree with you19:20
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bd2further more, I just had a look at arch web site, they have "unsupported" repo, where *anybody* can upload pkgfile. What I purposed is just the same thing, make contrib kind of "unsupported", and opt as really official repo, with trusted pkgfiles.19:32
prologicI guess in a way the repos on the portdb are a kind of "unsupported" thing19:35
prologicbut it's often too much trouble to use them (I find anyway)19:35
bd2no. portsdb is a source of work duplication. almost nobody subscribe and trust to the outside repo19:35
prologicand even if you had a bunch of them syncing locally into your /usr/ports/ there are quite often duplicates19:36
bd2plus, outside repos (http) have no any revision control, which is PITA when you want to make own changes19:36
prologicthe whole idea behind contrib though is great19:36
prologicbut I agree the rules are too strict19:36
prologiceither that or there isn't enough encouragement to bring in more contributers19:36
bd2there should no any rules, except that you should not touch other's packages. that's simple19:37
prologicwell a set of guidelines for creating packages is good though19:38
prologiceveryone should use the same format for instance :)19:38
bd2even more, I purposed flag in Pkgfile, which will tell other person if he permitted to, for example, bump version of this package, w/o asking explicit permisson from maintainer/packager. This will much help keep pkgfiles up to date19:38
bd2prologic, what format? email mangling? hehe.. it's not serious. ;-)19:40
prologicno I mean the Pkgfile itself19:41
prologicyou can't "have no rules" :)19:41
prologicor "guidelines"19:41
bd2prologic, what rule you'd made, for example?19:41
prologicotherwise people might just write a source9) { } :)19:41
prologicand nothing else19:41
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bd2if you'll look into core/ and opt/ repos, you might notice, that even official repos don't follow any standard (tab/spaces, depends on commas, long line breaks, e.t.c.). Oh, pardon, they ARE follow standart in comments, especially email mangling format.19:46
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prologic>>> len(core) + len(opt) + len(contrib)19:47
prologic>>> len(core) + len(opt) + len(contrib) + len(xorg) + len(gnome) + len(kde)19:52
prologicgawd we have so few :/19:52
bd2pkginfo -i | wc -l    -> 381 , if also pipe grep -v xorg , then it's 158.19:54
bd2hehe.. I just found that calc is no longer in opt (logs says since october).  hey, it's BASIX. without basics.. without calc.. sorry makes no fun.20:00
bd2but thanks to git, I just need revert it, locally20:01
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nipuLprologic: quality != quantity :)20:15
prologicof course not :)20:15
prologicbut we do still have very few ports in contrib20:15
nipuLthe 2.3 branch is looking rather small20:16
prologicI haven't started committing to there yet20:16
bd2quality of 0 ports is also 0, fyi. In contrib case think of 0 as mathematical limit, of course.20:17
bd2(aur) packages in unsupported: 3906.  (crux) packages in contrib: 345. 3906 and 345 differs by order. Highest order is 1000. 3900/1000 = 3.9 = 4.  345/1000 = 0.345 = 0. contrib's quality is 0. oops20:30
bd2heh.. even if we introduce avg_port_quality = sum(port_quality[i])/num_ports, and will name it "apq", and will normalize it to 1 (0 - bad port, 1 - perfect port). Then we'll suppose apq_arch = 0.5 (50% ports are crap, 50% perfect), and apq_crux = 1 (all contrib's ports are perfect), still avg. repo's quality will be 0 for the crux (0.345 * 1 = ~0), and for the arch it's just downs to 2 (4 * 0.5).20:47
bd2..and don't resent at me, it's just plain math. ;-) I nevertheless love crux, but not crux's contrib policy20:52
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nipuLgod damn i'm bored. we're in the middle of renovating, and i can't do anything until the new carpets get laid21:23
nipuLmy workshop is in shambles21:24
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knightwhat sort of workshop?22:27
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