IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-03-01

prologicdoes anyone check these httpup repos for errors, broken links, timed out issues and the like ?00:00
Romsterbd2, private repos with no revivion control... some use cms00:00
prologicbecause quite a few of them are broken00:00
prologicyes I'm download them all00:00
Romsteri'm going over mine atm00:00
Romsterwith prtverify00:00
thrice`i thought there was a script that did it00:00
prologicnot that00:00
prologicthere are quite a few httpup repos that are broken and contain errors00:01
prologicand some with bogus files00:01
prologicthrice`, not for 3rd-party httup repos afaik00:01
prologicthat script only checks opt/core for broken links to source=() entiries00:01
thrice`ooh, ok00:01
prologicI'll email the list with a list of broken httpup repos00:01
Romsteri've found a few broken ones an some anoying web servers think Pkgfiles and httpup files are binary bah00:02
Romsterand can't view them only download...00:02
prologicviewing == download00:03
Romsterand wget the *.httpup downloads some crap and says in the file could not download or osmething i forget.00:03
Romsteryes but binary when its a text file can't view it in the browser00:03
Romsterit insists you save it to disk first00:03
Romsterbecause of stupid wrong mime type00:04
prologicwould normally be an issue with your browser's understanding of mime-types00:04
Romsterwell not all are bad most work00:04
Romsterand this is firefox
prologicyeah is it any good :) ?00:04
prologicthey prolly don't have zooming support yet00:04
prologicstill only text size zooming I guess00:05
Romsterno zoom maybe with a extension?00:06
Romsterif oyu find the name i'll try it out00:06
prologicjust inall oper00:06
prologicand hit ctrl+plus00:06
prologicff doesn't have that00:06
Romsterheh but a extension for firefox may00:06
prologicI submitted a feature request a year ago00:06
prologicthey're still apparently working on it00:06
Romsterctrl plus does text only00:07
prologicI still get emails from bugzilla00:07
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prologicin opera ctrl + plus does both text and image00:07
prologicit zooms in the whole page rather nicely00:07
thrice`doesn't opera depend on qt though?00:07
Romsterctrl +/- is size of text, 0 is normal size00:07
prologic# ports -l | sort -u | wc -l00:07
prologicall working httup and core/opt/contrib/kde/gnome/xorg/xfce repos00:07
Romsteras for lack of contrib ports why don't we contact the personal repos and askt hem if they would like to join contrib?00:08
prologicCollections: 7000:14
prologicPorts:       635200:14
Romsterprologic, This extensin is built on the Firefox's Gecko engine which currently does not support real pagezoom. Full pagezoom is scheduled to be implemented in Firefox 3 with Gecko 1.9, which will be out in 2007 or later. Look forward to it for those who want the pagezoom like Opera or IE7 has.00:18
Romsterhope it supports CSS300:19
Romsteralot of new featuers i wanna use but no browser supports them yet.00:19
Romsteri had a very good idea for ports editing but i don't think anyone here be intersted as its not really KISS in code but in funcitionality00:21
Romsterthe idea being a distributed ports editor, that each can keep there own changes to the ports that are already in the repos, but heres the intersting part the majority of the edits is keept and the minority have to just keep there version diff's00:22
Romsterso if alot want a certain feature added or removed it'll migrate to the main port in the supported repo00:23
Romstershould hopefully reduce duplicates.00:23
Romster@seen drijen00:26
clbRomster: drijen was last seen in #crux 1 day, 18 hours, 32 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <drijen> i just feel that a centralised repo is a good idea - if it can be managed00:26
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pitillogood morning00:57
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bd2 - CRUX is also there! on its own branch ;-)10:04
bd2oh.. I guess it's called "trunk"10:05
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mike__bd2: I guess you saw this: ?10:15
mike__I've managed to print that and place on the wall... need to update10:16
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xraiderI keep getting this error when trying to pkgmk "util-linux":12:25
xraidergcc -c -pipe -O2 -mtune=i486 -fomit-frame-pointer -I../lib -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -DNCH=1  -DDISABLE_NLS -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DSBINDIR=\"/sbin\" -DUSRSBINDIR=\"/usr/sbin\" -DLOGDIR=\"/var/log\" -DVARPATH=\"/var\" -DLOCALEDIR=\"/usr/share/locale\" -O2 llseek.c -o llseek.o12:25
xraiderllseek.c:34: error: syntax error before '_llseek'12:25
xraiderllseek.c:50: warning: return type defaults to 'int'12:25
xraiderllseek.c:50: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype12:25
xraiderllseek.c: In function '_syscall5':12:25
xraiderllseek.c:52: error: storage class specified for parameter 'my_llseek'12:26
xraiderllseek.c:52: error: syntax error before '{' token12:26
xraiderllseek.c:56: error: syntax error before 'retval'12:26
xraiderllseek.c:70: error: storage class specified for parameter 'do_compat'12:26
xraiderllseek.c:70: error: parameter 'do_compat' is initialized12:26
xraiderllseek.c:72: error: syntax error before 'if'12:26
xraidermake[1]: *** [llseek.o] Error 112:26
xraidermake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/core/util-linux/work/src/util-linux-2.12r/fdisk'12:26
xraidermake: *** [all] Error 112:26
xraider=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/util-linux#2.12r-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.12:26
tilmanthanks for the spamming12:26
xraiderthanks for calling me spammer12:26
xraiderjust wanted to know if sombody else knows what to do - since i dont think such a basic package is "broken"...12:28
tilmanwhat version of crux and util-linux?12:29
xraiderutil-linux is 2.12.r from core12:30
tilman2.2 or 2.3 test/rc?12:31
xraider2.2 but i did some ports -u and prt-get update12:31
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tilmani'm having a look12:34
xraiderthanks. and sorry if its no good style to just past my pb to the channel...12:35
tilmandid you mess with your kernel headers?12:38
pitilloxraider, next time take a look to topic and try to paste there.12:39
xraidermay be: /usr/include/linux softlinks to /usr/src/linux12:41
xraiderpitillo, ok. got it.12:42
tilmanjjpk: quick, we need your link!12:42
*** Viper_ has joined #crux12:42
tilmanxraider: yes, that counts as "messed with"12:42
tilman"fucked up"12:42
tilmandid you create that symlink manually?12:43
tilmanor who/what did?12:43
xraidertilman, please explain. wont tell you who linked otherwise...12:43
tilmanit's not that i really need to know anyway ;)12:44
xraiderok,... maybe you explain anyway ?12:46
tilmanthe rule "/usr/include/linux should point to /usr/src/linux" hasn't been true for ages12:47
xraiderhow do we do it today - if i may ask...12:47
tilmanreally, wtf12:48
tilmanyou removed /usr/include/linux?12:48
xraideri was installing a new kernel12:48
xraiderwith new headers12:49
tilmando NOT install kernel headers manually12:49
xraideri was reading before i did12:49
tilman /usr/include/linux contains the kernel headers that your glibc was compiled with12:49
guaqua/usr/src/linux includes linux kernel sources12:50
tilmannot necessarily12:50
tilmanbut it's still commonly found there, yeah12:51
tilmanxraider: rm /usr/include/linux && pkgadd -u glibc#whatever.pkg.tar.gz12:52
guaquatilman: if it doesn't, i've been really sloppy :)12:54
tilmandoesn't what?12:54
xraidertilman, i dont have the package anymore. i need to recompile. may that work as well?12:55
tilmanxraider: it's on the crux iso, too12:55
tilmanxraider: better not recompile glibc12:55
tilmanit would use your new kernel headers, which could theoretically screw up your system even more12:55
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jkrHas anyone successfully compiled the ATI drivers on CRUX?12:56
jkrI'm getting tons of compile errors, I guess my kernel is missing something12:56
jaegerjkr: might be of some help12:57
jkrIs this the sames the Pkgfile from the contrib repo?12:58
jaegerno idea, sec12:58
jaegerlooks like it is12:58
jkrBecause the Pkgfile from contrib doesn't work :)12:58
jaegerpastebin your errors somewhere?12:58
jaegerthere's one in the topic12:58
jkrHmm, where is my stupid nopaste-script..? :)12:59
jkrHehe, +1000 lines of errors :)13:04
jaegerI'd suggest asking sepen when he's around13:06
*** onestep has joined #crux13:07
jkrHmm, I found something13:07
jkrIt looks vor version-*.h, but there's only version.h13:07
onestepare you talking 'bout ati drivers?13:07
jkrGot the same problem? :)13:08
onestepsome time ago :)13:08
onestepseems like you've not done make modules_install13:08
onesteptry to remove /lib/modules/<kernel_version>, than make modules_install13:08
jkrSure I have13:08
jkrI'm here because of ipw2100.ko, ieee80211.ko and acerhk.ko :)13:09
jkrI also did headers_install because I thought there were header files missing13:10
jkrBut still doesn't work13:10
onestepati installer cannot guess that you run 2.6 kernel series13:10
jkrIt does13:11
onestepno, 'cause in that case it wouldn't search for version-*.h ;)13:11
jkrIt uses /usr/src/linux-2.6.20 if I understand the logs correctly13:11
jkrWhat can I do about this? Just rename version.h? :)13:12
onestepno, that's incorrect. I've solved this with reinstalling /lib/modules/...13:13
jkrAnd it says "assuming foo bar ... since we do have kernel 2.6.x..."13:13
onestepand, btw, what's your kernel version?13:13
onestepati don't like this :)13:13
onestepwait a sec13:13
jkrArgh :)13:14
jkrI had an older kernel before, but the IPW2100 didn't like it :)13:14
onestep(maybe I needed to paste this link to pastebin... :D )13:15
jkrNo problem, I got screen :)13:15
jkrHow do I apply that patch? patch it against the
onestepnope. first unpack package contents, then go to directory with unpacked files and issue "patch -p1 < ../kernel-2.6.20.patch"13:18
pitilloonestep, nice... I think sepen was working on that. (another problem similar with 2.6.19)13:18
onestepbut this is not related to Makefile, hmm...13:18
onestepthat's Arch PKGBUILD, somewhat similar to Pkgfile's13:20
jkrArgh, I guess I'm just too stupid to patch that13:21
jkrIt keeps asking me which file to patch13:21
onestepI can make a quick and dirty Pkgfile, if you want :)13:22
pitilloonestep, make a diff of it and send it to sepen13:22
jkrI think I patched it, but the installer still fails13:24
jkrBut a Pkgfile would be great, I'm not sure if I patched it correctly13:24
onestepokay, so I'll be afk for some time...13:25
jkrThank you :)13:25
pitilloonestep, thanks :D13:26
jkrI'll reboot in the meanwhile :) brb13:28
jkrYeah, Terminus looks really good in framebuffer :)13:31
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jkrHmm, looks like the URLs of the lilo and shadow Pkgfiles are broken13:49
treachthat's what the email adress in the Pkgfile is for. Or flyspray.13:49
onestepjkr: try this to build a module -
onestepsorry, I can't test, so if you experience errors - please notify ;)13:55
jkrSure, thank you :)13:55
onestepI'll do complete Pkgfile in a couple of mins.13:57
jkronestep: s/pkgver/version/ ;)14:00
onestepoops :)14:00
jkrAnd the link to the patch is missing in the URL list :)14:01
jkrHey, it worked! :D14:01
jkrSome warnings though, but that's normal for ATI ;)14:01
onestepnice :)14:02
jkrDamn, now I still have to make Xorg use the driver :(14:06
jkrHmm, now gl-select says ati isn't install14:08
sepenjkr, onestep, from contrib/ati Pkgfile see:14:13
sepen# required for use opt/gl-select14:13
sepenmv $PKG/usr/X11R6/lib/ $PKG/usr/X11R6/lib/libGL_so_1_2_ati14:13
sepenplease read the ati port and gl-select before14:14
jkrI removed the "exit 1" from checkInstall in =gl-select for now :)14:15
jkrBut fglrxinfo complains about a missing lib14:15
sepenI am not liable for any damages incured as a result of using your modificatons under the opt/contrib ports14:16
jkrIt wasn't in the port14:16
sepenI think your action could not be reversible14:16
jkrThat's also why it didn't find the ati package - I installed with onesteps Pkgfile14:17
sepenjkr, contrib/ati14:17
onestepsepen: gl-select not works for xorg 7, I've modified it for my machine14:18
sepenonly for crux 2.2 (kernel-2.6.15 + x11-6.9)14:18
onestepyeah, yeah, yeah...14:19
sepenonestep, is on 2.2 branch14:19
jkrsepen: That port doesn't work14:19
onestep2.6.20 fails14:19
sepenwith kernel based on crux 2.214:19
sepenis 2.6.20 available under crux 2.2?14:19
onestepwhy not?14:19
onestepI use 2.214:19
onestep2.6.20, xorg 7 and so on :)14:19
prologicCRUX isn't tied to any kernel ver14:20
prologicyou build whatever you want14:20
sepenplease if you find a bug paste it to the mantainer14:20
onestepjkr: btw, what xorg version do you use? :)14:20
jkronestep: The current one from the official ports, I think it's 7.9 or something14:21
onestep7.2 afair14:21
jkr6.9 :)14:21
prologic7.1 actually14:21
prologic7.2 will be shipped with 2.314:21
prologic7.2 is in ports now14:21
jkrprt-get info x11 says 6.9.0 release 514:22
onestepI use the version from ports... :)14:22
jkrSo do I :)14:22
onestepjkr: you'd better upgrade to xorg 7.x :)14:22
prologicthen you're ports are out of date14:23
prologicboth of yours are out of date14:23
jkrI just did a ports -u14:23
prologic$ prt-get info xorg | egrep Version14:23
prologicVersion:      7.214:23
treachprologic: dude..14:24
*** AkiraYuki has quit IRC14:24
treachit's not in opt.14:24
prologicdon't tell me he's using X11 :)14:24
treachapparently that is the case.14:24
jkr[jkr/snatch:~]# grep version= /usr/ports/opt/x11/Pkgfile14:24
prologicwow what I morning :)14:25
* prologic drinks his coffee14:25
onestepbash-3.00$ pkginfo -i | grep xorg14:25
onestepxorg-libx11 1.1.1-114:25
prologicmorn'n treach14:25
onestepbash-3.00$ pkginfo -i | grep x1114:25
onestepx11 6.9.0-314:25
treachgood evening-14:26
onestepprologic: good evening, btw... :)14:26
prologiconestep, jkr ou guys suck :)14:26
prologicupgrade to xorg :)14:26
prologicmuch superior :)14:26
onestepprologic: i'm too lazy to do this on my machine ;)14:26
jkrIt _is_ xorg :)14:26
jkrAt least I configured it with xorgconfig14:26
treachprologic: stop talking so much with romster. :P14:26
onesteptreach: :)14:27
treach(he's having a bad influence, apparently. ;) )14:27
onestepi have half of libs from xorg 7.x, but I like apps from 6.9, so I left it installed...14:27
onestepand wonder why it works :)14:28
prologictreach, eh why ? :)14:28
ningoso you're running 6.9 apps on a half 7.2 system?14:28
prologicwhat's he done now ;P14:28
ningowhat the fuck, is it even possible to be more broken?14:28
treachprologic: if you scroll back and read what you've written, you'll see. :)14:29
onestepningo: works perfectly, even with proprietary nvidia driver, installed not by ports... :D14:29
* onestep is kinda original :))14:29
prologictreach, oh about the diff/rejmerge crap ?14:29
prologicI kinda have lost all that bit hours ago :)14:29
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jkrSo how do I make those ATI drivers work now? :)14:31
onestepjkr: ^_^14:31
*** DaViruz has joined #crux14:31
treachprologic: ->  "wow what I morning" " ou guys"14:31
jkr(without installing new x11 versions)14:31
tilmanwhat are you mourning about?14:31
sepenonestep, you need an environment chrooted crux to test ports before installing them on your system (imo)14:32
onestepjkr: okay, so I need to change this Pkgfile14:32
jjpkx11 is xorg, the xorg repository is just the modular branch. There have been some changes from 6.9 to 7.2 but still, they remain quite the same.14:32
jjpkI think you will run into problems further down the line :D14:33
sepenjkr, we are using now on crux opt the 6.9 port of it, ati port must be run on it14:33
onestepsepen: I have two versions of crux on my machine: original 2.2 and current, with xorg 7.x14:33
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux14:33
sepenwell the best practice14:34
onestepand I'm unable to test ati driver on my nvidia card :)14:34
jkrWell, the current ati port doesn't work since it needs the 2.6.20 patch (which onestep applies in his Pkgfile)14:34
jkronestep: I'd be happy testing it for you :)14:35
sepenjkr, I need your contribution14:35
onestepI just use Radeon X550 at work... ;)14:35
sepenplease send me all you want to my mail14:35
onestepjkr: okay, wait for a couple of mins, the next revision will be ready soon :)14:35
jkrsepen: What I want? A working driver :) I could mail it if I had it14:36
sepen<onestep> sepen: I have two versions of crux on my machine: original 2.2 and current, with xorg 7.x14:36
sepenat work?14:36
sepenjkr, Im planning to use svn for depelop my ports, then I need some time to run at 100%14:37
sepenin the next days surely I'll try to run ati on 2.6.20 kernels14:38
jkrsepen: Want a repository? :)14:38
onestepsepen: at home14:38
onestepbut at work too14:39
sepenonly for development, my repo is using httpup driver14:39
jkrI think we're missing each other right now :)14:40
jkrDo you need a svn repository for development?14:40
sepennot only for crux14:40
jkrFor the ports14:40
sepenand my scripts, my personal projects and more14:41
sepenI think that a control version system is needed if you are developing something14:42
jkrSure :)14:42
onestepjkr: try this, plz -
jkronestep: Seems to work, but you should either rename that port to "ati" or patch gl-select, or gl-select won't work14:45
onestepokay, I'll rename it and make it compliant with gl-select14:46
jkrI patched gl-select, but it still says:14:46
jkrlibglx cp: cannot stat `/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/': No such file or directory14:46
jkrlibGLcore cp: cannot stat `/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/': No such file or directory14:47
onestepok, wait :)14:48
sepenonestep, jkr, the first gl-select modification for use it with ati port was made for this ati port, could be interesting if you find a solution for another driver14:49
jkrsepen: All I did was removing the "exit 1" ;)14:49
jkrDon't think that'll help others14:49
sepenI think you need to compare with some diffs the .footprint of your ati mod and the .footprint of your x11 port14:50
jkrHe, good idea14:51
sepenthat the task you need to do before nothing14:51
xraiderdoes someone know if its possible to compiler linux-2.6.20 with glibc 2.3.6? I just get a bunch of errors when im trying to make my bzImage14:51
onestepxraider: it's possible, I use glibc 2.3.6 and kernel 2.6.20 as well14:52
jkr<-- too14:52
jjpkLinux / glibc 2.3.6 here14:52
sepenxraider,  #kernel channel is also a good place for ask this14:53
xraiderthanks. im still new here...14:53
sepenyou can stay in both places at time xD14:54
jkronestep: Wouldn't it be better to just take the Pkgfile of contrib/ati and add the 2.6.20 patch?14:54
*** onestep has quit IRC14:55
*** onestep has joined #crux14:55
jkrSorry, did I say something wrong? :)14:55
jjpkjkr: onestep's quit message confusing you? :D14:57
jkrYup :)14:57
jkrKind of14:57
onestephmm, what's my quit message?! :))14:57
jkr"Konversation terminated!"14:58
jjpkonestep: because it says "Konversation terminated" you confused him ;D14:58
jjpkBad timing if anything else.14:58
treachheh, so much for "smart" names.14:59
onestepI've just executed pppd one more time... that was a bad idea :)14:59
onesteptwo pppd's cannot live together14:59
*** Viper_ has quit IRC14:59
jkr^^ That's a goo quit message :)14:59
onestepRead error: 100? :))15:00
onesteperr, 11015:00
jjpkReminds me of the short time with an apartment connection using ppp.15:00
jkrYup, says it all :)15:00
jjpkWhat a pain it was. :|15:00
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux15:00
jjpkSo much fun dealing with rp-pppoe back then...15:02
onestepI use vpn connection via pptp15:02
jjpkMaking something harder than necessary :p15:04
jjpkor so it seems.15:04
* jkr is waiting for that pseudo hacker tv series to start :(15:06
* treach is waiting for that pseudo entertainment/diety "TV" to vanish.15:07
treachfat chance I guess. :/15:07
* jjpk does not own a tv by choice.15:07
jjpktreach: nah, it's not going anywhere.15:07
aonthere's like one good programme per week on tv15:08
treachjjpk: of course not, people love their daily dosis of stupidity.15:08
aonplus the simpsons, which is available otherwise15:08
jjpktreach: exactly. The networks have empowered the worst of the worst...15:08
jjpkStupid shit sells like nothing these days. :|15:09
treachmodern day humor... Just make some dumb shit, no matter how stupid or pointless, and people will call it humor, or entertainment. :/15:10
* jkr is happy with his TV :)15:11
jkrWhen there's shit on TV, I get some english episodes "from the future" ;)15:12
jkrThen I'm years ahead of the german TV programme and can impress my friends by knowing what'll happen in every episode15:12
*** yip_ has joined #crux15:13
jkrYuppie, numb3rs starts :)15:13
*** yip has quit IRC15:15
*** yip_ is now known as yip15:16
onestepjkr: can you paste a .footprint of your built ati port?15:16
onestepplease do it :)15:16
jkrDone :)15:17
onestepok, tnx15:17
jkrDamn, I can see the beacons of my wlan in my shitty wireless tv15:18
jkrAnd every key I press15:18
treach"Wireless TV"?15:19
aontreach: there are also cable tv's..15:19
treachsure, but still..15:19
jkrI have no tv port in this room, so I got this wlan-scart-expander (don't know how it's calld)15:19
aoni doubt it uses wlan15:20
aonor does it?15:20
jkrIt doesn't really, but the frequences seem to overlap15:20
treachhardly surprising.15:20
aondunno, my laptop causes all sorts of radio interference15:20
treachthat's probably due to poor {shielding,filtering}15:21
jkrWell, I can also see it on tv when someone stands between the two radio stations :)15:21
aontreach: yeah..15:21
jkrOr someone uses the microwave two floors downstairs15:22
aonheh, on high frequencies you need quite a straight contact15:22
jkrThe distance between the station is only about 10 meters15:22
treachproblem is that you get all kinds of other frequencies as well. :/15:22
aon(and low powers, presumably, too)15:22
jkrAnd my laptop is _not_ in this line :)15:22
jkrI should try another fequency for my wlan I guess15:23
treachharmonic frequencies -> bloody annoying.15:24
jkrI'm still waiting for the TV companies to make some good channls available via dvb-t15:25
jkrATM there are only public channels available, and they really suck15:25
aonyou think that tv thing would operate on such high frequencies15:25
aonlike 4.8 or 7.2GHz...15:26
jkrI don't know the frequency15:26
aonjkr: where do they do that?15:26
jkrDo what?15:26
aonhave only public channels on dvb-t15:27
jkrIn germany :)15:27
jkrThey keep promising that DVB-T will be expanded soon, but 'till now there are only about 10 shitty channels15:28
jkrSo nobody really uses DVB-T here, and therefore they don't see a reason to make more channels available via DVB-T, so less people use DVB-T ...15:29
aonwhen are they going to shut down analog tv there?15:29
jkrAnalog TV?15:29
aonwhatever you have besides dvb15:29
aonthe old transmitters15:29
jkrCable? Satellite?15:29
aoncable, probably15:30
jkrProbably never :)15:30
aon(satellites are largely dvb, too..)15:30
aonwe'll get rid of analog cable and terrestrial transmissions in october, iirc15:30
jkrMost people use cable atm, satellite is very popular too15:31
treachthat digital tv thingy is another reason not to bother with the crap.15:31
aon22 channels here15:31
aon4 on analog15:31
treachhuge hassle, no discenable gain, and much more expensive.15:31
aoni wonder why they didn't take dvb-s as the new standard15:31
aonwould've presumably been a lot easier to deploy15:32
treachwow. 22 channels of pure crap as opposed to four. "a winner is us"..?15:32
aonprovider-wise, at least15:32
jkrI don't really know anything about tv technology, I just bought that dvb-t usb dongle so I can get rid of that shitty wireless tv :(15:32
aona few of those require decryption, though15:33
aonoh, and there are two channels i've yet to see broadcast anything15:33
jkrHmm, I think encryption is another reason for them not too support dvb-t so "early"15:34
aonabout 12 are somewhat useful15:34
jkrI heard rumors that they want to encrypt all channels (even free-tv) so you have to register to receive it15:34
aonthere's one channel that shows still pictures and plays schlager15:34
onestepjkr: try to build this -
jkronestep: Did you put that $pkgver back into the Pkgfile? :)15:37
jkrOh sorry, wrong Pkgfile :)15:38
jkronestep: mv: cannot stat `/root/ati/work/src/usr/X11R6/lib/': No such file or directory15:38
jkrAt the end of the build process15:39
onestepokay, wait a sec15:39
jkr /root/ati is my port directory, btw15:39
onestepjkr: find a line "mv $SRC/usr/X11R6/bin $SRC/usr/"15:40
onestepchange the next to "mv $SRC/usr/X11R6/lib/ $SRC/usr/lib/"15:40
treachthere could be some "best practices" guidelines wrt that IMO.15:40
treachI don't think putting stuff in /root would fit in those though. :P15:40
jkrcp: cannot stat `/root/ati/work/src/usr/share/man': No such file or directory15:41
treachthat's wrong as well.15:41
treachit should be /usr/man iirc.15:41
onestepyes, sure15:42
onestepjkr: find the line you've just changed...15:42
onestepadd "mv $SRC/usr/share/man $SRC/usr/" to the next15:42
onestepand change next occurence of "/share/man" to "/man"15:43
jkrGot a footprint mismatch now, delete .footprint?15:44
onestepyep :)15:44
jkrNow fglrxinfo etc. are missing :)15:47
jkrHmm, I guess I need to recompile x11 *g*15:47
onestepoh no :))15:47
onestepplease show me a footprint ;)15:48
jkrWell I guess that's my fault, I didn't gl-select back to x11 before installing15:49
*** DaViruz_ has joined #crux15:49
onestepI've tried to move usr/X11R6/bin/fglrxinfo to usr/bin/fglrxinfo, am I succeeded? :)15:50
tilman"did i succeed"15:50
jkrDon't seems so :)15:51
jkrHere's the footprint:
treachGrammar, what's that? :P15:52
onesteptilman: just more practice, and I'll be well... :)15:52
onesteptreach: LOL, sorry, english is not my native ;)15:52
tilmanit's not ours either15:53
onestepjkr: okay, I discovered my fault15:53
jkrYuppieh, then it's not mine :D15:53
onestepjkr: Line 38, add "cp -r $SRC/usr/bin $PKG/usr/" before it ;)15:53
treachonestep: I wasn't really pointing any fingers in your direction.15:54
jkrLine 38 before or after I did the previous changes? :)15:54
onestepafter. :) it's "cp -r $SRC/usr/sbin $PKG/usr/" in my case15:55
jkrLooks like this now:15:56
jkr    cp -r $SRC/usr/bin $PKG/usr/15:56
jkr    cp -r $SRC/usr/sbin $PKG/usr/15:56
jkr    cp -r $SRC/usr/include/GL $PKG/usr/include/ati/15:56
onestepyeah :)15:57
onestep    cp -r $SRC/usr/bin $PKG/usr/15:57
onestep    cp -r $SRC/usr/sbin $PKG/usr/15:57
onestep    cp -r $SRC/usr/lib $PKG/usr/15:57
onestep    cp -r $SRC/usr/include/GL $PKG/usr/include/ati/15:57
jkrCan you paste a new version please? It's confusing me :)15:57
jkrWait a second15:58
onestepokay. start from deleting all your Pkgfiles, .md5sums and .footprints... :)15:59
jkrDone :)16:00
onestep - that's what I have now in my KWrite :)16:00
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct16:00
jkrUse this :)16:00
jkrOr don't, if you're not using a shell :)16:01
onestepseems like I experience connection timeout :)16:03
jkrFootprint looks fine now, but I have to wait for x11 to finish :)16:03
onestepI recommend you to reinstall x11 :)16:03
jkrYeah, that's what I'm doing16:04
jkr[snatch:~/ati]# time wget --quiet
jkrwget --quiet  0.00s user 0.00s system 0% cpu 0.404 total16:04
jkrWorks fine here :)16:04
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:05
onestepokay, now it works for me too16:05
surrounderdoes a user has to be in a special group to use alsa ?16:06
surrounderthank you, I'll try that16:06
onestepgid 2616:06
guaqualistening to billboard top100 from 198516:09
guaquapure entertainment16:09
onestepjkr: perl scripts seems too complex for me... :)16:09
jkronestep: It just reads from stdin, posts it to and prints the URL :)16:10
onestephmm, nice :)16:10
onestepjkr: when you build a pkg, show me a footprint, pls :)16:11
jkrSaves a lot of time if you paste a lot :)16:11
jkrSure, wait a sec16:11
treachjkr -> "Sir Pastealot"?16:11
jkrHrhr, I used to16:11
*** rehabdoll has quit IRC16:12
onestepjkr: very good, I like that footprint :)16:12
jkrI also wrote a irssi plugin that scans channels for nopaste-urls, fetches the code and prints it in window 1 :)16:13
onestepso let's adapt gl-select to work with this driver now16:13
onestepjkr: perl too? :)16:13
jkrYup :)16:13
jkrWant it? I can paste it ;)16:13
onestepI wonder how can you understand this pathologically eclectic rubbish lister... :)16:13
jkrI love perl16:14
jkrIt's easy, efficient and it looks really l33t :)16:14
onestepI prefer python :)16:15
aonit's as bad as you make it16:15
tilmanperl looks l33t? ._o16:15
aonas are many other languages16:15
jkrtilman: Not as l33t as zsh script, but it's not bad :)16:15
onestepit's very complex, as I can see... :)16:16
jkrNot really - you can do almost everything with a small subset of the perl syntax, but that makes your script a lot more readable and bigger16:17
onestep"if(/(http:\/\/nopaste\.php-q\.net\/[0-9]+)/) {" seems hard to understand... :)16:18
jkrThat's a simple regex :) Are there no regex' in Python?16:18
onestepregex was born in Perl, afair... :)16:19
jkrMaybe, but it has been adopted by grep -E, sed, some more unix tools and a lot of programming languages :)16:20
tilmanregular expressions are far older than perl16:20
* onestep gone googling16:20
jkrI think he means the perl-style regex16:20
jkrThe "other" regex is much more simple and rather useless16:21
jkr...if we're talking about the same thing ;)16:21
tilmanare you saying anything but PCRE is "rather useless"?16:21
onestepPCRE = "Perl Compatible Reg Exp"16:22
onestepnevermind :)16:22
jkrOk, I don't think we're talking about the same regex16:22
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux16:23
jkrHe, new stromberg season next week16:24
jkrHe, found cool zsh regex: echo "${${(j: :)@}//(#b)(?)/%$[[##16]##${match[1]}]}"16:26
onestepsomeone kill me... :)16:26
onestepjkr: change the name in Pkgfile to "ati" and replace "" to "" there16:27
jkrIt's actually a function :)16:27
onestepthen you can use gl-select ati ;)16:27
jkrfunction encode-url; { echo "${${(j: :)@}//(#b)(?)/%$[[##16]##${match[1]}]}" }16:27
jkronestep: Ok, wait a sec16:27
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux16:29
jkronestep: fglrxinfo show libGL errors and that I'm still using mesa3d :(16:38
jkrHowever, gotta get some sleep now16:41
jkrI'll be back tomorrow16:41
jkrGood night16:41
onestepjkr: wait16:41
onestepand good night :)16:42
*** xraider has quit IRC16:43
*** jaeger has joined #crux16:44
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger16:44
*** rehabdoll has quit IRC16:49
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux16:51
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*** AkiraYuki has joined #crux17:22
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*** thrice` has joined #crux18:02
thrice`an RC!  :)18:06
thrice`nice work guys18:06
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC18:23
thrice`will i have access to 2.3 repos, or are they private until release?18:25
aonthey're in git, at least18:27
prologicyou automatically have access to them18:28
prologicthey're just a branch of the master branch for contrib18:28
prologicI personally won't start committing my ports till 2.3 is released18:28
prologicand at least my desktop is 2.3 :)18:28
aoncontrib, yes, but core and opt?18:28
thrice`your'e no fun =\18:28
prologicyou can't commit to core and opt anyway :)18:29
aonyeah, but are there rsyncs for them?18:29
prologicnot if you're just a contirb maintainer18:29
aon(i wouldn't know)18:29
prologicyes there would be18:29
prologicchange 2.3 to 2.3 and fine out :)18:29
prologicthere are branches for them at least I know that for sure18:29
aonyeah, but are there rsyncs now?18:29
prologicso presumably there would be rsyncs for them18:29
prologic_should_ be18:29
aonthey've been branched for quite some time18:29
thrice`perhaps i'll risk it and try18:30
thrice`or figure out how to use git :)18:30
prologicwhat would be better than rsync would be a git driver :)18:30
prologicI should put that forth18:30
thrice`git pull path/to/core ?18:30
prologicumm no18:30
prologicgit clone url18:31
prologicgit checkout 2.318:31
prologicone sec18:31
prologicgit clone git://
prologiccd core18:31
prologicgit checkout 2.318:31
thrice`ok; i'll burn and try, I suppose18:32
prologicdo same for git:// and git://
prologicpretty easy18:32
thrice`I've got a spare partition around here somewhere18:32
prologicI'm gonna upgrade to 2.3 now18:32
aonyeah, there are 2.3 rsync repositories already18:32
prologicthought so18:33
prologicgood :)18:33
prologicI"m gonna write a git driver :)18:33
aon(or well, at least according to the ports port)18:33
* prologic rm -rf /usr/ports/*18:40
prologicsomeone wanna try my git driver in a min ?18:40
nipuLcan you write a "gitup" too?18:47
prologicwaht's the diff ?18:47
thrice`would git be quicker than rsync ?18:48
prologicI think it is actually :)18:48
prologicbut I have no benchmarks to test18:48
prologicI could though18:48
thrice`not sure if that's even possible :)18:48
prologicoh I can test :)18:49
thrice`no, possible that anything is quicker than rsync18:49
prologicnipuL, what's the difference between a /etc/ports/drivers/git and a gitup ? wtf is a *up ? :)18:49
prologicthrice`, git is pretty damn fast :)18:49
thrice`he means like httpup18:49
thrice`I'm guessing18:49
prologicbut since it _does_ deal with trees18:49
prologicit may not be as fast as rsync that just deals with remote files18:50
prologicwell all I'm doing is writing a driver very similar to httpup18:50
prologicbut I'm not writing a httpup script ath does things like httpup sync, etc18:50
prologicgit does use rsync anyway18:54
prologicto transfer the packs afaik18:55
prologicleast man git-clone says something about it18:55
*** _mavrick61 has quit IRC19:02
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:02
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux19:03
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:04
thrice`2.3 burn successful :)19:06
*** ningo has quit IRC19:11
thrice`i'm not sure what I should be using for dhcpcd19:34
thrice`in terms of the new /etc/rc.d/net19:34
thrice`can I rid of all of the /sbin/ip stuff ?19:35
jaegerjust use dhcpcd, leave the ip stuff out for your main interface19:36
jaegerleave it in for lo19:36
thrice`so, leave the loopback the way it is, and change it for the # ethernet ?19:37
thrice`and rid of #rout19:37
jaegerdhcpcd will take care of the default route19:37
thrice`ok, will try; thanks jaeger19:37
prologicdo we still have ipconfig now ?19:38
prologicor we using iputils' stuff ?19:38
thrice`iputils, it appears19:39
thrice`jaeger: btw, in the docs, they refer to /boot/grub/menu.lst, which doesn't exist by default... ?19:52
prologicyeah it should probably exist :)19:54
prologiclike the default /etc/lilo.conf19:54
jaegerit used to be menu.lst, now it's grub.conf19:57
jaegerto which docs are you referring?19:57
thrice`i know they need a bit of tweaking, but figured it might be overlooked19:57
thrice`uh oh!20:01
thrice`bad problem!20:01
thrice`atkbd.c: Spurious ACK on isa0060/serio0.  Some program might be trying access hardware directly20:02
thrice`and just loops that during initial boot20:02
thrice`it says that it can't mount root partition and panics right before that20:05
*** AkiraYuki has quit IRC20:18
*** AkiraYuki has joined #crux20:30
thrice`ok; I don't change a thing (same kernel in /boot), use lilo instead of grub, and it works20:49
*** AkiraYuki has quit IRC20:50
Roomsterprologic, do we still have ipconfig now < ipconfig still exists in 2.320:58
jaegeripconfig is a windows tool :)20:59
prologicI meant ifconfig20:59
prologicI'm presumming net-tools will be replaced by iputils20:59
Roomsterthat quite buged me once fixing a windows pc and couldn't find the3 dns servers because i gotfot ifconfig was ipconfig in windoze.21:02
thrice`I very much dislike not having Han's stuff in contrib21:04
*** saere has joined #crux21:09
Roomsterwhy did he pull out for anyways21:09
saereEvening :)  If I find a problem in a package in opt, what should I do?  Should I contact the maintainer or ..?21:09
Roomsterand not just conform to the e-mail format change.21:09
Roomstersaere, either contact the maintianer or file a bug on flyspray21:10
thrice`saere: file a bug with the bug tracker, or email the maintainer21:10
Roomstersaere, you might even get the person on here.21:10
saereShall do, thanks :)21:10
Roomstersome are very active irc users21:10
saerePackage mainter is Simone Rota... what is his handle?21:10
saereI'll look for him21:11
saereThanks again )21:11
Roomsterhes not on all the time on irc21:11
Roomsterno problemo :)21:11
saereEmailed him )21:13
saereEr, hm21:15
saereRather, the maintainer is Robert McMeekin, and his email addy is failing -- do you know his handle by chance?21:15
saereAh, scratch that.21:16
saereI was right the first time )21:16
thrice`what port is it ?21:20
saereopt/xpdf, simple difficulty, source reference is out of date given that 3.01p12 was removed in favor or 3.02, and might not need the supplied patch anymore21:22
Roomsteropt/core has a source checking script21:23
Roomsterso any broken sources get sent to a mailing list21:23
saerecheers, neat device :)21:24
saereMy apologies... I'm a bit new to crux :)21:24
thrice`no, if it's a new release, that might get overlooked; emailing him is just as easy21:25
Roomstersaere, its ok21:29
Roomsterthats just to alert if the source is broekn, dosn't say about new releases.21:30
Roomsteranyone ever seen this msg? kernel BUG at mm/vmscan.c:591!21:32
Roomsteri get it ocasionally on one of my pcs and its anoying.21:33
jaegernew one to me21:35
*** Roomster has quit IRC21:38
*** Romster has joined #crux21:41
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nipuLooh, rc123:05
nipuLdoes this mean all the xorg deps have been resolved?23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** saere has quit IRC23:06
*** saere has joined #crux23:10
saereanyone familiar with wireless tools?23:10
saereI'm having a slight difficulty configuring this properly.  I have configured my card to the best of my knowledge in line with my access point with iwconfig.  I brought the interface up, yet it isn't attaching itself to my ap, despite the fact that I can 'iwlist eth1 scan' and see it plainly with good signal.  I tried to force it onto the ap with 'iwconfig eth1 ap [addy]', yet that returned that that operation is not supported, which I23:25
saereimagine is a function of my particular card / driver.  Any ideas?23:25
jaegeryou've set the essid manually?23:26
jaegerwhat kind of card/driver?23:26
saereDell Truemobile 1150 which is prism2 based, supposedly works fine as per, running orinoco_cs23:27
saerepccardctl seems to say that everything is well on that end23:27
jaegerdoes your access point have any interface through which you can view logs?23:27
saereessid is identical to that reported by iwlist eth1 scan of the ap23:27
jaegerwould be nice to see if there's any attempted association23:28
saereI'm not sure, the AP is OS X, with which I'm not very familiar.  Let me have a look...23:28
saereDon't think I shall have any luck finding a log if one exists... still looking23:39
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC23:49
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux23:51

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