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saereThe one odd thing that would indicate that this machine isn't trying to hop on the AP is that Network Utility in OSX says that zero packets have been received on en1, the wireless device00:02
saerebut who knows...00:02
jaegerif you don't see the local interface associating with a mac address, it's probably right :/00:02
jaegerdon't know what to tell you00:03
jaegerhave you got any WEP or WPA setup?00:03
jaegermight try without00:03
saereHaha, I would, but OSX requires atleast forty bit :)00:03
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saereThink I might try a different ap momentarily00:03
saereI imagine it is just some quirk of os x not liking this type of setup or some such00:04
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saerepeople in the mac channel are hostile00:12
jaegerunfortunately that seems to be more common than the other00:12
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Sourfwhen will we join with crux 2.3 ? Are some news ?00:42
SourfSomebody knows ?00:44
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pitillogood morning00:55
Roomsterhi pitillo01:00
pitillomorning Roomster :)01:01
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sepenmorning all02:39
RedShiftehlo sepen02:46
Romsterhi RedShift sepen03:05
RedShiftehlo Romster03:05
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uepuarqanyone know why i would get this before my system comes up:03:35
uepuarqudevd[341]: main: the kernel does not support inotify, udevd can't monitor configuration file changes03:35
uepuarqmount: special device /dev/hda1 does not exist03:35
uepuarqfor every partition except the one '/' is on03:36
uepuarqafaict it started happening after i installed xfce403:36
mike_kafaik, xfce4 has no relation to kernel/udev (especially on boot time)03:43
mike_kplease,  grep NOTIFY /boot/config03:43
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pitillothe udev warning is because your kernel does not suport it...03:44
pitillo(the error told you it)03:44
pitilloI had the same problem about the mount swap and other partitions. Like I told someone few days before, recompiling and adding inotify support solves it, but I do not know why it appears after a sysup in my case.03:46
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uepuarqok will add inotify see what happens04:06
uepuarqi don't have a /boot/config04:06
pitillothe warning sure disappears... the mount point not sure if will be fixed. Like I said, works in my case, but not sure why04:07
mike_kuepuarq: I mean linux-2.6.x/.config (where you put that)04:10
pitillohe has no inotify support, that is the reason because the warning appears04:12
mike_kyes, but there is CONFIG_INOTIFY, CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER, CONFIG_DNOTIFY I was wondering what is essential04:13
pitilloif you dont add support to first... the other will not appear I think..04:14
pitilloI think are options under inotify support04:14
mike_kI never bothered to check04:19
uepuarqCONFIG_INOTIFY is not set04:27
uepuarqno CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER04:27
mike_kI wonder if CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER is a must-have. for sure enable all of that04:30
Romstercan someone paste there xorg.conf file i don't thnk i got mesa working right i get a crap figure out of glxgears 172.778 FPS04:36
RomsterCONFIG_INOTIFY=y is all you need04:38
Romsteruepuarq, ^^ set that and unset CONFIG_DNOTIFY04:39
mike_kRomster: this goddamn matrox G450 is showing same 170 even with DRI enabled here04:41
pitillodo not belive in glxgears xD04:41
Romsterheh i know its not a benchmark04:42
pitillotake a look to glxinfo to see if it is enabled...04:42
Romsterbut i don't seem to get a decent figure plus wine games run very slow but xine plays ok..04:42
Romster < my xorg file04:42
pitilloand what about glxinfo? what says?04:43
Romsterdirect rendering: No < hmm ?04:44
pitillothen dri is disabled04:44
Romsterjust a bunch of glx extensions04:44
Romsteri got dri in xorg.conf....04:44
Romsterin that paste above...04:44
Romsteronly have xorg-xf86driproto installed..04:45
pitilloI I dont use nvidia. I think can be the extensions... dri+glcore+glx04:46
pitillodid you took a look to man nv? may be you need to disable one of them, but like I said, I only used nvidia driver, not nv04:46
Romsteri do have the nvidia driver but everytime i use it it gives me the hangs once in awhile04:47
Romsteri'll look up a forum or something..04:48
pitilloprueba a quitar glcore y dri04:51
pitilloy dejar unicamente el glx04:51
pitillotry to remove glcore and dri, and put only glx04:51
Romsterhmm maybe04:54
Romsteri got dbe loaded too04:54
pitilloI think it is explained in man but not sure...04:54
Romsterif i knew the page i'd of read it :/04:55
pitilloman nv ¿04:55
Romsterthats only 2D04:56
pitilloI can not help too much sorry04:57
pitillotake a look to Xorg.log, may be can give you some clue05:01
Romsterhmm would help if i had DRM on in my kernel05:05
prologicI get 300FPS with glxgears05:05
prologicand I don't even have DRM05:05
Romsterthis is a shit 1.4GHz pc05:13
Romsterwith a nvidia 405:13
prologicI only have an ATI Radeon 920005:13
prologicpos :/05:13
pitillohere shit1200xp with shitradeon9250 xD05:14
prologichow many fps ?05:14
pitillotce runs fine... and quetoo and q2w better :D05:15
pitillodo not know how many fps, like I said, for me it is a lie05:15
Romsterbe nice if red alert 2 ran ok in wine...05:15
Romsterthats preaty much what i'm missing and to setup starcraft too05:15
prologichey guess what :)05:17
prologicI broke my 60m pb this evening05:17
prologicand took 0.2 off my 100m time from last week05:17
prologiccoach very happy05:17
pitillo60m pb?05:18
prologicI"m a sprinter05:18
Romster60 meter05:18
Romsterwhats pb?05:18
prologicpersonal best05:18
prologicran it in 7.79s05:18
Romsteri used to bike race, got alot of trophys for it too05:19
Romsterwas doing 70-90KM races05:19
prologichehe when I used to cycle (before I lost my sight) I used to do 50K average per day05:20
Romstergood luck to the sprinting05:20
prologicjust for the heck of it05:20
prologicwas my primary mode of transport ;/05:20
prologicto and from uni, to and from city and shopping05:20
Romsteryeah just touring i did more but that 70-90KM was a race flat out as hard as ya can go05:21
Romsterin rain hail or shine even wind05:21
Romsteri used to get back sometimes and be so worn out my legs felt like jelly.05:25
Romsterwhen i walked.05:25
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pitillomorning onestep05:29
* deus_ex enjoys in beer.cz05:31
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AkiraYukihi all05:55
Romsteri dont get it binary driver is installed no nvidia.ko won't load riva wont load only nv05:58
pitilloi do not understand you Romster06:00
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Romstermodules for my video card06:12
Romsterits ment to work as riva06:12
Romsteras its a NV17 geforce 4 mx42006:12
Romsteri have riva in my kernel its there its loaded but i can' use Driver "riva" in xorg.conf06:13
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pitilloummm riva is not your chipset man... it is nvidia mx, supported by nv and nvidia06:17
pitillonv provided by xorg and nvidia private one. If you had problems with private try the open (nv) or better try to search a good/older version for your chipset06:18
Romsterin the kernel it says the riva is ment for the older nvidia chipets06:21
Romsterlike the geforce406:21
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pitillowith the closed one... do you have the 3 extensions loaded?06:32
pitilloor only glx like says the nvidia readme¿06:33
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Romsteronly glx to use nvidia07:14
Romsterbut when i modprobe nvidia it says not found when it is plainly installed.07:14
Romsterand i used gl-select..07:14
Romsteri'm reading forums07:14
pitillogl-select is to fix the lib and use which nvidia provides...07:15
pitillodid you made the depmod before trying to modprobe nvidia?07:15
pitillowhat about insmod directly the .ko?07:15
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Romster(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)07:56
Romsteri'm looking into it07:56
Romsteri always run depmod -a07:56
pitillodid you make the gl-select?¿07:59
Romsteryes i did....07:59
RomsterFATAL: Error inserting nvidia (/lib/modules/ No such device08:11
Romster$ ls -la /lib/modules/
Romster-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 7494751 Mar  2 22:48 /lib/modules/
Romsterseriously i don't get it....08:11
Romsterhmm unless i don't have agppart loaded first...08:11
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Romsterreinstalled nvidia-x11r7 goto modprobe it and it says it does not exist still yet ls says it does exist and it isn't a symlink either, i give up08:27
Romsternever was this hard to get working.08:27
jaegeryou've run depmod?08:29
Romsterdepmod -a is at the top of rc.modules08:29
Romsterlike i pasted not long ago08:31
Romsterprt-get update -fr nvidia-x11r7; depmod -a; modprobe nvidia08:31
Romsterand i get the does not exist but it is there in the filesystem.08:31
Romsteri just do not get it..08:32
jaegerit only gets run at boot time unless you or a post-install does it manually08:32
jaegeris it in the right kernel version's module tree?08:32
Romsteri'ver rebooted like 3 times now..08:32
Romsteryes its reporting thats what i'm running08:32
Romsterunless nvidia hates this version of kernel?08:33
jaegerno idea, then, something else wrong I guess08:33
jaegerit shouldn't, I used that one for a while08:33
Romsteris it too much to ask for my NV17 card to work as fast as it used to :/08:33
jaegerthat might require the legacy drivers these days08:34
jaegernot sure08:34
* Romster sighs08:34
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Romsteri can't think of much else...08:34
Romsterhmm :/08:34
jaegermaybe not, though, the list is smaller than I thought08:34
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Romstermines a geforce 4 mx420 codenamed NV1708:38
Romsterso its still supported even though its a crap card08:39
Romsteri did have ok graphics speed in windoze playing red alert 2, i got red alert 2 in wine and it runs so slow, and anything else that uses alot of graphics is slow too.08:39
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Romsterlooks like i'm fored to use the binary driver as the open nv dosn't have 3D08:40
Romsteryet i can't get anyone to accelerate my graphics.08:40
Romsterhi j^208:40
j^2yo romster08:41
RomsterLatest Legacy GPU version < hrmm08:42
Romstermaybe my vid card falls under that one.08:42
Romsterargh it is too its in the legercy one08:46
RedShiftRomster: what card is it08:48
Romstergeforce 4 mx42008:48
Romsterits in the legercy driver set i'll port it08:49
Romstersicne i'm using it.08:49
RedShiftand it doesn't work with the normal driver?08:49
jaegerit's already been ported08:49
jaegeralthough maybe not yet for xorg08:50
RomsterI need Latest Legacy GPU version: 1.0-718408:50
Romsterfor xorg08:50
pitilloRomster, when inserting the module did you look at dmesg?08:50
pitilloare you in video group?08:50
jaegermy point is that you could save yourself some time by taking one of the already made ports and updating it to 1.0-718408:50
Romsterthats what i' about todo unless you want to make one jaeger ?08:50
Romsterpitillo, of course i'em08:51
jaegerfixing the paths for xorg08:51
jaegerI don't have any cards that old, can't test it myself08:51
Romsteri'm about to cp -r your port and edit the version :P08:51
pitilloand what about dmesg?08:51
Romsterpitillo, if i can't even modprove nvidia thats not gonan work on xorg...08:51
Romsterand i found a problem jsut wait till i use this legercy driver08:52
RedShiftRomster: did you try using the binary from nvidia, and not using the ports08:52
pitillouse the ports... not the binary directly08:52
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Romsteri'm using it from the ports08:54
pitilloRomster, when you modprobe tells about no such device, take a look to dmesg. And... you need your "via_agp" - drm - nvidia08:54
Romsteri'm not stupid enough todo it manually...08:54
thrice`2.3 is running very smoothly :)08:54
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pitillotime to leave. I hope you can fix it Romster. Can not help much, sorry, Good weekend to all.09:04
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RomsterFATAL: Error inserting nvidia (/lib/modules/ No such device09:13
Romsterbut the file exists i do not get this09:14
jaegerthe file isn't the problem09:16
jaegerthe device is09:17
jaegerit thinks you don't have a supported card, I believe, when you get that error09:17
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Romsterah well i got the legercy driver now guess i need to reboot..09:22
Romsterah error inserting doh09:22
Romsteri should read thigns more carefully09:23
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thrice`jaeger: i'm getting a bad source URL from your openoffice port09:45
*** mrks_ is now known as mrks09:50
jaegerok, thanks09:52
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sepenin which package is found the old 'at' command?11:01
Romsterprt-get fsearch at11:02
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sepenlocate at | egrep '/at$'11:22
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deus_exxdtv bombs out with internal ffmpeg, but compiles fine with external
deus_excompiles, yes.runs? "*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (out): 0x082e5e08"12:58
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Romeo-do you have build a current iso for crux?14:41
jaegerthe most current one is what's available on my site. I don't plan to update it since 2.3 is due soon14:41
Romeo-ok, giv me a link , please (:14:43
jjpkSearch for it, its not that hard.14:43
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* surrounder pets all the devs of crux on their backs for doing such a fine job15:43
surrounderreally a joy to use this distro15:43
prologicyes they do a marvelous job15:44
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