IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-03-03

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prologicoes xchat fail to build on 2.3 for anyone ?01:43
prologicI get things like LANG: command not found01:43
prologicLC_COLLATE: command not found01:43
rehabdoll=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/xchat#2.8.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.02:07
prologicon 2.3 ?02:08
prologicnot working here at all02:10
prologicyou do anything special after upgrading to 2.3 with the rc1 ?02:10
rehabdollget a few warnings regarding libtool and glibc-lang stuff though02:10
prologicmy system woudln't even work02:10
prologicit clobbered my files in /etc02:10
prologicbroke my fstab02:10
prologicand most apps were broken due to a new expat library02:10
rehabdolli've updated via ports02:10
prologicI had to rebuild most of xorg02:10
prologicand xfce4 which isn't working too well atm02:10
prologicyeah mine aren't warnings though02:11
prologicthey're errors02:11
prologicalso if I start X with X or startx02:11
prologicI cannot switch video modes02:11
prologicnor can I switch vt's02:11
prologicand DontZomm and DontVTSwtich _are not_ in the xorg.conf file.02:12
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep xkeyboard-config02:13
tilmanhave a look at Xorg.log02:13
prologicI have that installed02:13
tilmanwhat does it print when you hit the keys?02:13
prologicI can't exactly see what I'm doing here :/02:14
prologicconsole fonts aren't so great02:14
prologicwhat am I looking for in the log ?02:14
prologicI notice something02:14
prologic"Couldn't load XRB keymap falling back to pre-XRB keymap"02:15
prologicmean anything ?02:15
tilmanguess ;)02:17
tilmandoes it print additional info?02:17
prologicno it doesn't02:17
prologicjust a single line saying that02:18
prologicthen it load the mouse02:18
tilmangrep -i xkb /etc/X11/Xorg.conf02:18
prologicnothing :/02:19
tilmanpaste it somewhere02:20
tilmanw/ the log02:20
tilmanOption "XkbRules "xorg"02:32
tilmantry that02:32
mike_kdoes anybody know a way to find what task/module/kernel-routine is using IO heavily? system+user are 7-10%, CPU spends 30-35% of time in IO operations.02:33
prologicunder what secetion, input ?02:33
prologictilman: no difference :/02:35
tilmanin the inputdevice section of course02:36
prologicyeah made no difference02:37
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SourfWho knows about the next crux ?02:49
SourfWho help to develop ?02:50
prologicSourf: the next release is 2.3 will be out soon02:51
prologicthere is an rc1 out atm at
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Sour1jdolan do you know about who help to develop crux linux .... when is the creator  here ?02:53
Sour1I have good ideas02:54
Sour1nobody here talk ?02:55
prologicThe developers (whom I pressume you wan tto speak to) aren't here atm.02:56
prologicmost likely afk :)02:56
Sour1thank you !02:57
prologicand the next release is 2.302:57
prologicwhich should be out soon02:57
prologicthere is an rc1 out atm at
Sour1thank you very very much .... it's because I was think about a linux moder with some customizations to us ... a linux preper to be base of others linux .... this will ... ok let to there ...02:59
Sour1but without lose the old style ...03:00
prologicI would suggest you subscrib and post your ideas to the mailing list03:01
Sour1but let to there ..... another a talk .... I guess that everybody will like ....03:01
RomsterSour1, crux can be made into anyhting a server, router or a desktop just by what you add to it.03:01
Romsterold style?03:01
Sour1ok I will do this .... thank you prologic03:01
Sour1I will let it be more chooser03:02
Sour1like without the window maker.... let it only preper with a beryl/compiz .... with a server so customized ...  with this options ... to install XGL ... and if how want .. download for self a desktop or a window manager03:03
Romsterit would help if your sentinaces where easier to read03:04
Sour1ok let me see03:04
Romstermore chooser? its alrady customised with what ports you install03:04
Romsterif you really want to you can even mess with the core ports too. but thats more expeareanced.03:05
Sour1yes I know .... its because the crux goes with wmaker ... why not with openbox for example  ..... if no ... let the wmaker to the ports too and we can test the x with the twm ... and for this way the people will see that crux don't put a fish to no one desktop or window manager .... you will choose with the ports03:06
prologicwhat he's suggestion is we remove windowmaker from opt03:07
prologicbut this has already been done :)03:08
prologiccrux 2.3 doesn't come shipped with windoamekr afaik03:08
RomsterSour1, you can use what window manager or desktop enviorment you like03:09
Sour1was put beryl suport splashboot ... splashy ....03:09
Romsteryou install what you use03:09
Sour1more free that I have imagine03:09
Sour1I tried a lot of distros .... but my love always is the crux .... that destiny03:09
Sour1more chooser03:09
prologicinstall crux, use prt-get03:09
prologicgo nuts :)03:09
Romsteryes customiseable and no bloat03:09
mike_kkeep your hands off windowmaker, NeXT step god will punish you!03:10
Sour1:) laugh03:10
Romsterlol mike_k03:10
Sour1nothing against wmaker03:10
Sour1I'm using here ... too03:11
Sour1It's only help to do a linux that one day I will talk to my children and children of my children03:11
Romsterwhat distro are you on atm Sour103:11
Sour1I've tried puppy kurumin slackware debian gentoo foresight litrix and others more03:13
Sour1But Crux is what I was looking for !03:13
prologicwelcome to the club :)03:13
Romsteryou've tryed a few!03:13
Sour1thank you prologic   ....03:14
Romsterwe all came from other distros :)03:14
Sour1few why ?03:14
Sour1laugh and happy to know ... I'm not the only03:14
Romsterfew diferent distros i mean ;D03:15
Romsterbefore you found the ultimate crux :D03:15
Sour1ahhhhh :D03:15
Sour1God bless me with Crux in my life ...... If my girlfriend see this I'm fuckE(&*@&*(03:16
Sour1crux 2.3 come with suport with xgl server ... beryl .... compiz in opt ?the crux 2.3 come with suport with xgl server ... beryl .... compiz in opt ? it's for a time as son as possible will be default ... I guess03:16
Sour1beryl is GPL   compiz is MIT lic03:17
RomsterSour1, lol03:17
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Romsterfunny fellow03:17
Sour1this sourf was me03:18
Sour1I guess that my soul like crux too !03:18
Sour1I guess that crux can live without compiz and beryl and xgl too ...... I was travelling here03:21
Sour1it's better03:21
Sour1great changes sometimes finished in bad changes !03:22
Sour1ok to everyone ... I will sleep now ... I will besy today  .... but later I talk to everyone ..... nice to meet you my friends .... have a good night !03:23
Sour1see ya !03:24
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prologicwell if anyone has any other ideas about why I can't swithc video modes or vt's please speak up :)03:27
prologicI'm trying to recompile xorg-server atm03:27
tilmanbecause xkb is fucked03:27
prologicyou don't mean to say it's buggy ?03:28
prologiccause that would suck :/03:28
tilmani mean something's wrond on your box03:29
prologicwell the only thing I did was upgrade to 2.3 via the rc1 iso that sip made03:30
prologicwhich clobbered all my /etc/ files and broke my fstab03:30
prologicand a number of apps were broken because of a new expat library03:30
prologicI could recompile all of xorg ?03:30
Romsterno harm in trying03:30
Romsterand i'd try that03:30
tilmanbetter figure out why it doesn't work03:30
prologicI can't :/ you looked at my Xorg log03:31
prologicthat's all it says about xkb03:31
Romsterif oyu updated and there not linked to the new glibc?03:31
prologic/usr/lib/xkb doesn't exist03:31
prologicbut it claims to belong to xorg-servef03:31
prologicoh wait03:32
prologicthat's /var/lib/xkb03:32
Romsterhmm recompile xkb03:32
Romsternope i don't have /usr/lib/xkb03:33
prologicI said /var/lib/xkb03:33
prologictilman: it doesn't give that xkb error anymore03:36
prologicbut still swithcing video modes don't work03:36
tilmanwhat did make the error message go away?03:37
prologicwell I just recompiled xorg-server03:37
prologicand startx, tested the keys didn't work03:37
prologicdidn't look at the log then, but then recompiled xkeyboard-config and tried again03:38
prologicthis time noticing that error had gone in the log03:38
tilmanno find out which of these two packages was bad03:38
tilmanby reinstalling the other from the iso03:38
* tilman didn't install the rc yet03:38
prologicbut it still doesn't work though :/03:39
tilmanother noteworthy messages in the log when you hit the keys?03:41
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tilmantreach: you're running rc1 too, right?03:47
tilmanwith the xorg packages from the iso?03:47
treachpresumeably, yes.03:47
tilmandoes Xorg.log say anything about XKB not working?03:48
treachI just ran the upgrade, no problem noted03:48
tilman(WW) Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keymap03:48
treachmoment mal bitte. ;)03:48
treachhm, I've seen that warning previously, but it seems to have gone away with the upgrade.03:50
treachat least I can't find it in the log.03:50
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treachtilman: btw, alsa-utils still fail to build with that strange error. I've put the config.log file at
tilmanwhat's the error again?04:00
treachspeaker-test.c:767: error: 'LC_ALL' undeclared (first use in this function)04:00
treachblahablaha make[2]: *** [speaker-test.o] Error 104:00
treachit worked for prologic though. :-/04:01
tilmantreach: grep "definegrep -e "define.*LC_ALL" /usr/include/locale.h04:01
tilmangrep -e "define.*LC_ALL" /usr/include/locale.h04:01
treachthey seem to be commented out.04:02
treachthing:~%  grep -e "define.*LC_ALL" /usr/include/locale.h04:02
treach#define LC_ALL            __LC_ALL04:02
treach# define LC_ALL_MASK            (LC_CTYPE_MASK \04:02
treachforget about that last comment, I've done different things lately. :P04:02
tilmantreach: commented out? please paste from locale.h04:02
aon#ifdef ENABLE_NLS setlocale(LC_ALL, ""); textdomain(PACKAGE);04:03
aonyay for linechanges04:03
aonanyway, why would ENABLE_NLS be enabled?04:03
tilmanwe don't disable it apparently04:03
tilmanaon: but i'd like to know wtf this isn't working anyway04:04
treachtilman: it's not commented out, all that is commented out here seems to be my limted knowledge of C. Forget about it. :)04:05
treachbut it still doesn't explain why it fails for me and not for prologic.04:06
aondoesn't fail here, either04:06
tilmantreach: can you upload the preprocessed code of speaker-test.c?04:06
treachuh, I can try. :)04:07
tilmanie, copy and paste the gcc call that make does04:07
tilmanand add -E somewhere04:07
tilmanand > olol.pre04:07
treachman, I hate makefiles..04:10
tilmantreach: you can copy/paste the output from the terminal when you run make04:15
treachI was about to ask if that was a better solution, makefiles are coded in greek, or something. :P04:15
treachtilman: it's up there, same url but "output.log"04:18
tilmantreach: i'd like you to run:04:46
tilmangcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../include -I../include    -march=athlon-xp -pipe -MT speaker-test.o -MD -MP -MF ".deps/speaker-test.Tpo" -E speaker-test.c > blah.pre04:46
tilmanand upload blah.pre04:46
treachok, where? In the speaker-test subdir?04:47
treachtilman: it's up.04:51
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tilmanit ignores the first "ifdef ENABLE_NLS"05:05
tilmanor so it seems05:05
guaquaany estimates on 2.3?05:05
tilmantreach: lines 34..49. can you replace them with:05:06
tilman#ifdef ENABLE_NLS05:06
tilman# include <locale.h>05:06
tilman# error wtf!!05:06
tilmanand make again?05:06
guaquaor in general, is it safe to install 2.3-rcX and keep on using it when 2.3 comes out and not need to do anything?05:06
tilmanguaqua: likely yes05:07
guaquacos i'm now at my parent's place and would like to do the update while i'm still here physically in case something goes kaputt05:08
treachtilman: ok, in what file? It doesn't match with speaker-test.c..05:08
tilmanwhy not? alsa-utils-1.0.13 right?05:08
treachyeah, but line 34 - 37 is comments. :)05:09
tilmani mean 47..4905:09
tilmanhow did that happen. :)05:09
treachheh, it just spits out "speaker-test.c:54:3: error: #error wtf!!"05:11
treachtilman: Ok, I've updated blah.pre, but I'm not sure it's any different.05:15
treach gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../include -I../include  -march=athlon-xp -pipe -MT speaker-test.o -MD -MP -MF ".deps/speaker-test.Tpo" -E speaker-test.c > blah.pre05:15
treachspeaker-test.c:54:3: error: #error wtf!!05:15
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tilmanmaybe some other header thats included defines ENABLE_NLS then06:04
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prologictilman: ping06:48
prologicahh hi07:04
prologichey I gave up on 2.3 :/07:05
prologicre-installed my entire desktop back to 2.2 (still going)07:05
prologicbut I would like to try and figure out what went wrong07:05
prologicbut I don't know enough about xorg to do that :/07:05
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RedShiftwhy upgrade07:50
RedShiftif everything is working fine, why upgrade07:50
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jjpkRedShift: there have been complaints that crux works *too* well, maybe they need excitement and danger haha08:35
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jaegerthat looks familiar... even looks a lot like my cat when he was little10:41
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raw_are you teaching her to bruteforce?10:49
rehabdoll <- i have one of those t-shirts :)10:50
raw_does anyone know what game that is?10:51
jaegerLineage II10:52
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guaquacan someone give me a direct link to the crux-2.3-rc[newest] iso?11:02
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sepencould be a good idea to have a repository that uses svn for retrieving ports?11:13
guaquathanks, tilman11:18
guaquagoing to attempt a xen installation of it soon11:18
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jaegertreach: still have sound problems?12:20
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treachjaeger: no, funny as hell.. it worked all right when I started up this morning...12:33
jaeger weird12:33
treachmaybe the hardware is getting flaky or something.12:34
tilmantreach: can you to build alsa-utils w/ --disable-nls?12:35
tilmantreach: i suspect some other header might define ENABLE_NLS12:35
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treachtilman: oy, that did it. o.O12:36
tilmanjaeger: can you add --disable-nls to opt/alsa-utils? :)12:37
treachtilman: thank you very much. Some headscratcher..12:37
tilmannp, didn't do much ;p12:39
jaegerhaven't seen any problems building it but I don't see the harm in addnig that12:40
tilmanjaeger: yeah, i wish i could tell you why exactly it can cause problems :/12:40
jaegeralways nice to understand, yeah :)12:40
tilmanjaeger: but the pain:gain ratio in finding it out sucks :D12:41
jaegerisn't that usually the case? :)12:41
treachtilman: most of the time knowing how to find the problem is much harder than the actual effort it takes to fix it.12:42
treachdunno why I didn't think of looking if it had a disable nls switch.12:43
treachI guess it was because it built alright for other people. :/12:43
treach(typical for me.. if there's a bug somewhere, no matter how obscure, trust me, I'll get bitten. :-/ )12:44
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jaegerI didn't increment the release12:48
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treachto whomever it may concern.. "tcsh-6.14.00.tar.gz" does not exist. It should be "6.15.00.tar.gz".15:05
jaegerjust installed 6.14, heh15:11
treachheh, did you get a rebate on it? It must have been the last one of the old model. :P15:12
jaegerer :)15:26
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j^2so much chatter :P16:12
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cyrus_like always :D this channel is jamed like Sahara in summer ;-)16:21
jjpkThat's the beauty of crux, or the downside depending how you see it :D16:23
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cyrus_It's positive :)16:24
jjpkI think this place was more active a few years ago.16:25
tilmanyeah, when sifuh was still around16:25
tilmanwith his insane stories16:25
jjpkDon't know what happened then :D16:25
jjpkhaha. ok you are right, that would make more sense.16:25
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thrice`alright - trying to start x for the first time on a 2.3 install, and getting a FontPath problem17:48
jaegertry a mkfontdir in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc and maybe an fc-cache -f17:49
thrice`awesome; X still won't start, but the font side is at least fixed :)  thanks jaeger17:53
jaegergotta start somewhere :)17:54
thrice`it appears as though I still have a few warning / errors in the logs:17:55
thrice`'fonts.dir' not found (or not falid) in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi/17:55
jaegeryou can run mkfontdir there, too17:55
thrice`in all folders in /usr/lib/X11/fonts ?17:56
thrice`ah - i'm guessing that's what post-install's do when compiling xorg17:58
thrice`oh well18:07
thrice`when I startx, it goes black, the CLI text flashes (blurry), and then it goes back to CLI with no error18:07
jaegermight try removing all the video drivers installed except for the one you need18:08
thrice`ati and vesa are all that are installed18:09
thrice`and xorg.conf appears to be properly set18:10
jaegerdunno then, sorry18:12
thrice`np :)  thanks for the help18:12
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thrice`heh; turns out it's "xfce" and not "xcfe"  :)18:21
thrice`the X output was covering up that xfce4-session wasn't found18:21
thrice`and not thus not appearing in the logs18:21
thrice`thanks again jaeger18:22
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prologichey guys, I have the tun module loaded, but no tun/tap interface visible in ifconfig ?20:56
prologicam I missing something ?20:56
prologicifconfig -a doesn't show it either20:56
surrounderwoot, goodevening people20:56
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