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prologicHey, has anyone successfully got xfce 4.4 running on crux 2.2 using the xfce rsync repo ?00:47
prologicI've instaleld it twice, but when I login, the screen goes all garbabled, and half the stuff doesn't work :/00:48
prologicI'll try to compile it again00:56
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Romsterhmm i'm missing a file can't find it anywhere in iptables happens when i do a iptables rule -J ppp002:31
Romsteriptables v1.3.7: Couldn't load target `ppp0':/usr/lib/iptables/libipt_ppp0.so02:31
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prologiccheck your kernel config03:00
Romsterit is set.03:08
prologicthen load it ?03:08
RomsterNo such file or directory03:12
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Romsteri must be doing something wrong in the rule..03:14
prologicdoes anyone know how to get esmtp to deliver mail fetched by fetchmail ?03:39
prologicapparently it can use an MDA to do so ?03:39
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tilman       In addition, two variant programs egrep and fgrep are available.  Egrep04:04
tilmanis the same as grep -E.  Fgrep is the same as grep -F.04:04
tilmani guess 'man' fucks us over there, eh?04:04
* tilman just tried to call Egrep :P04:04
tilmanoh no.04:04
tilmanthey really write it with a capital letter in the src04:05
prologicegrep works fine here :)04:05
prologichmm getmail works great too04:05
prologicno postfix yay :)04:05
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onestepwhat's grep -E? :)04:28
onestepI never used it before04:28
onestepoh, regexp04:29
tilmanextended re04:29
* onestep hates regexp04:29
* RedShift joins onestep's anti-regexp club04:30
* prologic loves regex :)04:32
onestepwhy? it's horribly complex!04:33
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onestepall I find usable is s/old/new/ :)04:33
RedShiftregexp is the definition of horrible!04:33
tilmanthat's what you think before you learn it ;)04:34
prologicit's marvelously simple :)04:34
prologicand powerful!04:34
prologic$ cat ~/bin/getip04:34
prologic/sbin/ifconfig ${1} | grep "inet" | sed -e 's/[^0-9]*\([[:digit:]]\{1,3\}\.[[:digit:]]\{1,3\}\.[[:digit:]]\{1,3\}\.[[:digit:]]\{1,3\}\).*/\1/1'04:34
onestepoh s**t... :)04:34
prologicadmitedly that could be simplfied :)04:35
Romsterheh i used to hate regex till i learned some of it.04:39
Romsterits very powerful04:39
RedShiftI know something more powerfull than your regex04:42
Romsterwhat can be more powerful than regular expressions?04:43
Romsteri much prefer to use sed than patch on packages.04:44
RedShifta power socket04:45
RedShiftit has the ability to kill04:45
RedShiftit has the ability to torture04:45
RedShiftit has the ability to make stuff work04:45
RedShiftwaaaaaay better than regexp04:46
RedShiftyou can feel it if you touch the socket with your tongue. That's something you can't get from regexp04:46
RedShiftpowersockets ftw04:46
prologicanyone know what 75 means from procmail as an error code ?04:47
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RomsterRedShift, pfft i'm a electronics tech i know what power is like, it f-ing hurts.. and thats if you survive.04:54
RomsterRedShift, and thats got nothing to do with finding paterns in text, newb.04:54
Romsterhaven't messed with mail stuff yet :/04:55
RedShiftprologic: 75 means "can't create (user) output file "04:56
RedShiftRomster: yeah I was just trolling04:56
prologicuser output file ?04:57
prologiccan you elaborate on that ?04:57
RedShiftI don't know04:57
RedShiftpermissions, enough space left?04:57
prologick thanks RedShift04:58
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prologicfinally :)05:38
prologicesmtp + getmail + procmail05:38
Romsternow i got 1 mails05:47
Romstererr 205:47
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Romsterso this will stop the spam?05:47
Romstergetting a bit of it.05:48
Romsteracrux|ppc < who the?05:48
Romsteroh silyl me this isn't lab doh05:48
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nipuLive been using greylisting+blacklists, getting no spam, without the use of sm filters06:09
jkrI've been using spamprobe for about a year now, works very fine with procmail and after some training I could safely make /dev/null my spam folder without losing false positives :)06:23
Romsterany false positives is another factor you all failed to mentain07:15
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AkiraYukihi all:-D15:02
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sepenhi all15:06
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deus_ex"Jack Bauer has been to Mars. That's why there's no life on Mars."16:17
aonah, a new victim for the 'facts'16:19
deus_exSorry, I just watched two episodes of 24 on tv (season 5), sunday seems so far away :)16:19
* tilman yawns16:21
tilmanwho's jack bauer anyway16:21
ningoIf jack bour jumps into water, he doesn't become wet, the water becomes jack bauer...16:22
tilmanhow totally fucking funny16:23
ningoafter I did the neccessary jack bauer <-> chuck norris reference can we move on?16:23
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aontilman: some farmer, perhaps16:35
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jaegerhe's the token yelling "where's the bomb?!1" guy16:57
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sepenx@ seems is down17:11
AkiraYukiGood Night :-D17:24
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