IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-03-05

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prologicjust decreased my boot time00:03
prologicfrom 1m1s to 28.4s00:03
teKwhat Distro? $(SuSE)?!00:06
prologicCRUX of course :)00:06
prologicSuSE can kiss my ass :)00:07
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Romsterprologic, yeah don't set a timeout :P00:23
Romsterand remove most of the SERVICES=() stuff.00:23
Romstertimeout on lilo.conf that is.00:23
teKprologic: how come?!00:28
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pitillogood morning00:56
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tilmanaon: why oh why does opt/netcat remove the 'nc' symlink? :)01:05
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Romsterwhy do alot of Pkgfiles force remove stuff, forcng just arn't right for everything and can mask other problems too.01:39
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aontilman: because it conflicts with nedit03:09
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pitilloRomster, did you get your graphic card working?05:15
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AkiraYukiHi all :-D06:17
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Romsterpitillo, nar not much more progress yet06:47
pitilloRomster, with wich server version?06:48
Romstertilman, i've found something funky on xorg 7.2 that i didn't have on 7.1, after switiching to a new console and running a new instance of xorg, startx -- :1, and then exiting it and switching back to the main on on F7 after like a minute the screen goes blank on me, as if a screen saver is cutting in but i don't have any scren savers setup. after exiting xorg then starting xorg again its fine..06:49
Romsterthis is on crux 2.206:50
Romsterpitillo, always upto date.06:50
pitilloRomeo-, did you try with han xorg-nvidia port? Take a look if you can. Yesterday I checked one Nvidia Gf4 4000 I think with that port and runs well.06:51
pitilloarf Romster, sorry06:51
Romsterno i made my own its nvidia-x11r7-legacy in contrib06:53
Romsteri haven't rebooted this pc yet06:53
Romsterjsut been too busy06:53
Romstermaybe i'll try again tomorrow06:53
Romsterthis video card is now classed as legacy and i'm not gonna bother with a new agp vid card best to trash this pc to a server and get a new one with PCIe06:54
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j^2hey all08:38
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Romsterhi j^2 RyoS jaeger onestep jdolan08:39
RyoShey Romster :)08:39
RyoShow are you?08:39
Romstertoo many more to list if i scroll up :P08:39
Romsteri'm fine.08:39
Romsterediting my ports repo more :)08:39
onestephi, Romster08:40
onestepsomeone here use linux-based cellphone? :)08:40
RyoSnot me :/08:41
j^2nope, doing well RyoS just got to work acutally...*sigh* mondays08:41
RyoSi see :) schools out for today already08:42
j^2RyoS: you're in asia right?08:45
RyoSnope ._.08:45
RyoSyou are right my nickname's from a japanese animation08:45
RyoSwell at least related to :)08:45
saereHail Romster :)08:45
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jjpkunstable? haha09:39
tilmanaon: omg, sacrificing the awesome netcat for the sucky nedit. what a deal :)09:47
j^2hey guys, i'm looking for web statistics software. i've heard rumors of a free one that all you need is some java script, and it'll grab it... any suggestions?09:50
j^2i dont have access to the server logs :(09:50
RyoSme not sorry09:50
tilmanerr, i guess if you can't access access.log, you're SOL09:51
tilmanbut i'm not an expert :D09:51
jaegerperhaps google analytics would work for you09:51
jaegernot sure09:51
j^2yeah that's what i'm leaning towards09:51
jaegerbut if you could get access to the logs, I'd recommend awstats09:51
j^2hehe thanks09:52
j^2i didnt even know analytics existed09:52
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aontilman: indeed10:11
aonbut nedit apparently needs the binary10:11
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tilmanaon: anyway, i fixed my immediate problem by porting corkscrew, so i'm okay with that for now :D10:13
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Romstertilman, i got a funky problem that i typed out earler ^^ not sure if its just me or it happens to others too.10:33
tilmanRomster: not to me at least10:35
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Romstertilman, hmm duno then but it is reproduceable, maybe i should rebuild xorg, theres no errors on it.10:43
Romsteri'm assuming its got something to do with scrensaver but i could be wrong it just goes blank after about a minute.10:44
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tilmancool, try to google for11:24
tilmanlinux license11:25
tilmanqnx license11:25
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blokkiehey tilman  ,  you still use hobix ?11:28
blokkiebugger ,coz I just tried the 0.5 cvs but ruby version 1.8.5 doesn't play nice11:28
blokkiewhat do you use now ?11:28
tilmanwrote my own crappy system11:29
blokkieI need some cli  blogging thing11:29
blokkiehobix was perfect11:30
tilmanyou could try whether it works with the latest ruby 1.8.6 preview11:30
blokkieand I don't want wordpress stuff or drupal11:30
blokkieit's on a production server .. I'm a bit scared with the testing version of ruby11:31
tilmanok, 1.8.6 final is due in a week anyway11:31
blokkieah .. maybe I'll just wait a week11:31
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tilmanmaro: libarchive 2.0b12 fixes that acl problem11:36
marotilman: nice, thanks11:45
maroI had other trouble with it though11:46
maroFailed to extract /bin/: Could not unlink: Is a directory: Is a directory11:46
maroFailed to extract /boot/: Could not unlink: Is a directory: Is a directory11:46
maro(while reinstalling the filesystem package)11:46
marowith bd2's pkgutils11:46
* maro just bought a new laptop11:47
maro2 gigs of mem and widescreen :)11:47
marovista manages to bring it to its knees anyway11:48
maroI'll put rc1 on it as soon as the vista install finishes11:49
jaegermaro: which laptop, if you don't mind me asking?11:51
marojaeger: hp something11:52
maroit has a geforce in it so I'll probably have to use proprietary drivers now (!!!)11:52
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tilmanuse nouveau!11:53
maroat least till the nouveau guys has something usable11:53
marotilman: have you been following the progress on that?11:53
jaegerthere's progress? :)11:53
tilmannot closely11:53
tilmanbut it does exa + multihead apparently11:53
tilmandepends on the exact chip i guess ;)11:54
maroxv accel yet?11:54
marothis is a 7400 Go IIRC11:54
tilmanprobably, but i dunno11:54
maroit also has a remote11:55
marowonder if it works with lirc11:55
marobought it at work, 8k DKK ($1200)11:56
maropretty nice for a workstation replacement11:56
tilmanblokkie: are you thibaut fernagut?11:57
surroundertilman: lol, you know thibaut ? :D11:58
tilmanhe's writing to the hobix mailing list every now and then11:59
surrounderhehe ok11:59
tilmanand blokkie just asked about hobix, too11:59
surroundergreat guy irl11:59
tilmansurrounder: WELL11:59
tilmansurrounder: you say han is a nice guy irl, too, so......11:59
surrounderhe is11:59
tilmanmaro: blog software thing12:00
surrounderwe went to visit han with thibaut and another belgian guy a a few years back12:00
marotilman: ah, thanks :)12:01
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* surrounder pets battle_rodent 12:14
battle_rodentdoes crux use i686 binary packages or compile everything?12:14
surrounderbattle_rodent: read the website12:15
tilmanbattle_rodent: usually, the only packages you get are those on the CD12:15
battle_rodentoh bugger so you can't download from a repository online?12:17
marothe packages on the cd are i686 optimized12:17
maroso is the stuff you build yourself by default12:18
battle_rodentIm kinda comparing arch to crux12:20
battle_rodentcrux's install seems kinda low level12:20
tilmancrux is letter than arch12:20
tilmanwe're pretty much the linux elite12:20
ningoOh, yes you are the elite12:20
tilmanmore leet12:20
battle_rodentwhat in hecks that mean?12:20
battle_rodent1337 means a power hacker or something?12:20
tilmannobody can be told what the leet is12:21
tilmanyou have to experience it for yourself12:21
ningoand don't forget the BASICS12:21
tilmantry it12:21
ningoonly crux ships (without) the BASICS12:21
battle_rodentpackages only on cd? :( what window mgr I get to use?12:21
tilmanwhich one do you prefer/12:22
tilmanwe've got ports for most of the popular ones12:22
jkrLike evilwm :)12:22
tilman-> there's a port for icem12:22
battle_rodentevil!! evil knee deep!!12:22
battle_rodentis updating the whole system ez or hard?12:23
battle_rodenthow do you get new kernel etc?12:23
jkrIs IceWM that Win95 themed wm?12:23
battle_rodentif no online package house?12:23
ningojkr: ya12:23
tilmanjkr: yes12:23
surrounderbattle_rodent: the kernel is your own responsibility12:23
battle_rodentvery lightweight12:23
tilmanjkr: or do you mean fvwm95? :D12:23
jkrGotta try that one12:23
surrounderbattle_rodent: the rest if very easy to update via prt-get12:23
jkrprt-get search 95 :)12:23
battle_rodentmaybe Im not ready for crux12:23
surroundermaybe not, you could always run it emulated first or on a second partition or something12:24
battle_rodentoh you mean you have source based ports?12:24
ningobattle_rodent: there's a quick test to find that out: is lynx BASICS for you?12:24
battle_rodentthat get compiled like gentoo?12:24
surrounderbattle_rodent: more like ABS in archlinux12:24
battle_rodentI like opera12:24
battle_rodenthaven't used abs12:25
*** jaeger has quit IRC12:25
surrounderwell, the Pkgfiles are really easy to read/modify12:26
battle_rodentok so basically you have o be closer to a c programmer hardcore admin to use crux12:26
surroundernot really12:26
battle_rodentsee linux as bunch of ssytem calls and packages for the kernel12:26
battle_rodentknow everything12:26
battle_rodentso why crux over arch12:26
saerebattle_rodent: hardly, the package management system is great :) I actually think it works better / is simpler to grasp than most "simple" binary package systems, eg rpm12:26
battle_rodentarch gives me fast platform to start to dev apps12:26
ningoit attracks hot chicks12:26
treachyou have to, as ze website states, be an experienced user who knows what he's doing. That's all.12:26
jkrIt attacks hot chicks? :>12:27
tilmanningo: oh really? why didn't i notice that so far?12:27
battle_rodenthot chix HATE me when I say I'm a computer guy12:27
battle_rodentesp here in los angeles12:27
treachtilman: well, there's claire. ;)12:27
ningotilman: that's because you hold your screen upside down12:27
surroundergirls love me <312:27
tilmanningo: d'oh12:28
tilmanwe need crux t-shirts12:28
tilmanor at least i do12:28
ningotilman: that repels them. logic.12:28
jkr[x] T-Shirts!!12:29
tilman"CRUX. Beating the shit ouf of arch linux since 2001."12:29
tilmanor whenever it was founded12:29
saerebattle_rodent: clearly one of the advantages is a friendly channel :)12:29
ningo"CRUX. Because it works bitches."12:29
battle_rodentok so I predic this:  I learn crux, I get linux easy to setup, plus modern packages, but I have that with arch that holds my hand a bit more, and I have to worry about less with arch, and can then worry about building apps, making money, and gettin laid more, unless there is some secret to cruz im missing where it is faster than arch to do somethings because its rmeo low level?  But I can't envision such a situation right now.....12:29
tilmani'm not really sure how crux compares to arch, battle_rodent12:30
tilmani've never used it12:30
*** jaeger has joined #crux12:30
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger12:30
saerearch and crux are fairly similar really, atleast when you compare the two to something like suse or redhat,12:30
tilmanbut i find crux comfortable and easy to work with12:30
tilmanit doesn't get in my way12:30
tilman-> i can worry about building apps all day :)12:30
treachno handholding please. :)12:30
ningono, there's a fatal flaw in your logic. Because you worry less with arch you work more with your computer and don't meet girls, don't get laid and end up as RMS.12:30
battle_rodentarch has the easy to use pkg mgr, i686 bnaries from download repo, and not a lot fo shit, bsd init scripts12:30
jkrIs Arch that distribution where you can play tetris while it installs?12:30
saereregarding package management, if anything I have found crux to be simpler and more elegant12:30
tilmanningo: smelly?12:31
battle_rodentstallman LOL12:31
battle_rodentarch quick to install12:31
surroundercrux is too12:31
battle_rodentI got kicked from freebsd room because freebsd so far is closest to making me happy as arch12:31
battle_rodentcrux simpler pacakge manager?12:31
surrounderwell, nothing against arch really, used it for quite a long time12:31
jkrNo, seriously. There's a distribution that has a tetris game built into the installer. I forgout the name :(12:32
*** onestep has joined #crux12:32
surrounderjkr: hehe not arch anyways12:32
jkrMaybe Ark?12:32
treachjkr: wasn't that corel linux?12:32
battle_rodentarch I got pacman -Sy X and X is downlaoded and isntalled automatically12:32
ningojkr: Ubuntu comes to mind.12:32
saereprt-get install xorg does the same on cru12:32
saerecrux rather12:32
battle_rodentX can be the kernel!12:32
surrounderbattle_rodent: prt-get depinst X12:32
jkrNo, it was something not very mainstream. I think it was something short, like ark or arch12:32
tilmanprt-get depinst xorg12:33
surrounderjkr: can be ark indeed12:33
battle_rodentso will that COMPILE the bugger12:33
saereyou asked about updating the system earlier12:33
saereprt-get sysup I believe12:33
treachif building the kernel scares you, I suggest you stick to ubunut, or something.12:33
saereall excepting the kernel, in which case you just download the source yourself, configure, compile and go12:33
battle_rodentwell Ive done configure, make install clean n stuff12:33
surrounderthat's the way ahaha I like it ahaha12:34
treachAnd that's pretty much a one time operation.12:34
surrounderright, time to visit the gf12:34
ningoYou need a live cd ;)12:34
battle_rodentso that will compile?12:34
surrounderlater peeps12:34
jaegerlater, surrounder12:34
tilmanbattle_rodent: yes12:34
saerewhat will compile?12:34
tilmanbattle_rodent: but12:34
battle_rodentgf is good12:34
tilmanbattle_rodent: xorg is on the CD12:34
saereas in will it compile and install everything from that command? yesw12:34
treachsaere: everything, obviously. ;)12:34
battle_rodentso its like gentoo then12:34
tilmanbattle_rodent: so chances are you'll seldomly build it yourself12:35
battle_rodentcompile everything12:35
saeretreach: naturally ;P12:35
tilmanif you don't want to12:35
jaegerI can't wait for my vista install to finish, it's so easy :)12:35
treachtilman: kick the bastard.12:35
* jaeger trolls12:35
treachhe's calling us gentoo!12:35
saerelike gentoo, but a lot lighter, cleaner, simpler, more elegant )12:35
battle_rodentIm confused you said there is no downloading i686 binaries, now you are saying I think download and compile apps?12:35
battle_rodentsource based?12:36
saerecheckout the handbook12:36
battle_rodentincluding the kernel?12:36
saereit will answer all of your questions, quick read12:36
saere or Handbook2-212:36
*** muerto has joined #crux12:37
tilmanthe kernel isn't an app12:37
jaegerI like how honest the vista installer is: "your computer will need to restart several times during the install process"12:38
treachDoes it say "You ass belongs to us now" too?12:39
tilmanall your asses*12:39
tilmanare belong to us12:39
jaegernot until you actually get it installed12:39
treachheh, right. :D12:39
jaegerfortunately you can turn that off (UAC)12:39
jjpkRead the EULA, it's just a long, legalese way of saying "your ass is ours"12:39
treachDigital Restrictions Management, NO thank you.12:40
jkrTo me the vista installer said "If you cancel the installation now, vista will not be installed" when I realized that that CD was NOT a live-cd :D12:40
*** onestep has quit IRC12:40
battle_rodentinstall of crux is pretty low level12:41
jkrAnd then it said "The computer might freeze if you try to reboot" now, and it really did12:41
battle_rodentmounting manually12:42
battle_rodentI guess a real admin is fine with this eh12:42
jaegerall it takes is some experience with linux and ability to read documentation12:42
*** RedShift has joined #crux12:42
battle_rodentIm just not sure what the heck to put for font or keyboard or timezone in /etc/rc.conf12:42
treachyou don't have to be an admin, just some basic reading/computer skills.12:42
Romsterbattle_rodent, its good for customising how you want it to work.12:43
battle_rodentI am an admin sadly12:43
battle_rodentI suck i guess12:43
* treach bites his tounge.12:43
battle_rodentkeyboard... hmmm12:43
jaegeryou learn what you need to12:43
tilmanwhat system is commonly used to manage user accounts in a corporate network?12:43
battle_rodentfont hmmmm12:43
Romsterread the handbook file off the cd12:43
jkrHe, I just saw a video of a guy installing OpenBSD in less than 5 minutes - I bet CRUX can be installed in less than 3 on the same machine, someone should make such a video just to show the BSD people who's the boss :)12:43
tilmancan ldap do that for me?12:43
battle_rodentput that fucker on youtube!!12:43
Romsterya open it in another console :D12:44
jaegertilman: ldap, AD12:44
tilmanjaeger: you mean active directory (service)? the ms thing?12:44
battle_rodentput all users in postgresql!12:44
treachNDS is pretty common too.12:44
tilmanbattle_rodent: are you a fake?12:44
jaegertilman: yes12:45
tilmannintendo double screen?12:45
tilmanjaeger: okay, i'm looking for a linux/unix solution12:45
battle_rodentI actually only heard sony was doing that for domains sicne their virtual hosts file was excessively long12:45
tilmanand i'm not deploying it myself12:45
jaegertilman: ldap would be where I'd start12:45
battle_rodentldap is for that yep12:45
*** destruct has joined #Crux12:46
battle_rodenthow much faster is compiled vs i686 binary on a p4 3Gz12:49
jkrHmm, now I really want a CRUX shirt12:50
treachspeed is not the advantage. You need to think harder.12:50
tilmanlikely nnot noticable12:50
jkrSome mac-using design monkeys should design one12:51
battle_rodentthe pain of using crux vs arch may not be worth it12:53
battle_rodentmaybe time better spent on building on top of arch12:53
battle_rodenta good app12:53
battle_rodentand profiting12:54
battle_rodentI dotn want to optimize anthills12:54
jkrThere's nothing to optimize about an anthill12:54
treachJust imagine how much profit you could have made if you had worked in stead of whining here..12:54
blokkietilman:  yes I am12:55
jkrMaybe he's getting paid by arch linux people? :)12:55
blokkietilman:  how did you know ? Mailinglist hobix ? :-)12:56
tilmanblokkie: yes12:57
*** muerto has quit IRC12:57
blokkieYeah,well , I was thinking just to mail it , if somebody ansers it tehn others can read it as wel13:02
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*** daggerr has joined #crux13:21
saereThat was beautiful.  I've never had suspend to ram work flawlessly afore.13:24
*** saere has left #crux13:35
*** saere has joined #crux13:35
Romstersaere, how did you manage that, i read it was rather expearemintal13:37
saereromster it was surprisingly easy.  I just compiled in acpi sleep state support, and then echoed mem to /sys/power/state13:40
saereromster recompiling and trying out suspend to disk now13:40
saereromster standby just worked without a hitch as well -- this really has improved in the last few years it seems13:41
Romsterwhat kernel version?13:42
Romsterah the most recent one.13:44
jkrWhat else can I echo to /sys/power/state? Is there a list?13:51
jaegercat /sys/power/state to see what's supported13:53
jkrSuspend worked fine, but how do I wake it up again? :)13:53
Romsterls /sys ls /proc13:54
saerejkr: power button13:55
Romsterjkr, heh13:55
jkrWhen I pressed a key, the power led was turned on again, but the screen is still black13:55
*** jaeger has quit IRC13:55
jkrSame for the power button13:55
saereHm, haha13:55
Romsterthink you gotta pass the memory dump to the kernel somehow13:55
saerestandy or ram?13:55
saerestandby or mem really13:55
jkrI did echo mem > /sys/power/state13:56
jkrstandby, mem and disk is supported13:56
saereI just held the powerbutton down for a moment and it returned properly13:57
saeredo you have acpid running?13:57
saereI don't think thats your problem, but hey )13:57
jkrThere's [kacpid] in `ps -ef`13:57
saereHm... poke it?13:58
jkrI'll try drinking a beer, that almost always works13:58
treachthe problem is a A Crappy Power-management Implementation. ;)13:59
jkrAt least I'm less frustrated if it doesn't :D13:59
saerewere I to make an archive with tar of my home directory structure and then move it elsewhere, would it retain permissions etc once I unarchive?13:59
saerewhich kernel jkr?13:59
jkrsaere: 2.6.2013:59
saerehm, I'm just .1 ahead, so thats not the diff...14:00
saereor lappy?14:00
treachsaere: yes, provided that you used the right switches.14:00
saeretreach: right14:00
jkrTravelmate 291 LMi14:00
jkrHmm, wait a sec14:00
saeretreach: eep, misinterpreted that, will man, thanks :)14:00
treachno problem. :)14:01
RedShiftehlo #crux14:01
jkrOk, the machine seems to be frozen14:02
jkrDoesn't response to pings :)14:02
RedShiftwhich machine14:02
RedShiftcan I dos it?14:02
saerein suspend to ram I don't believe it would have the facilities running to respond to that, in the case that it is still suspended14:03
saerebut this you know :)14:03
jkrI mean, after it wakes up14:03
saereI think standby retains a few components and cpu, whereas I believe ram kills essentially everything excepting ram14:03
RedShiftsuspend to ram == standby14:03
jkrWell it doesn't really wake up, but the leds are turned on again and the hard drive led shows some activity for some seconds14:03
jkrAfter that, the machine is gone14:04
*** jaeger has joined #crux14:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger14:04
jkrI'll try standby now :)14:04
treachwe'll stand by for the results.14:05
* treach hides14:05
jkrHe, standby works fine :)14:05
jkrEven the WLAN connections comes up again after only a few seconds14:05
jkrShould I try susp. to disk now? :)14:06
jkrWhere exactly to the disk does it supend to?14:06
RedShiftjkr: you can configure that14:07
saereneed swap partition of ram size or better14:07
jkrswsusp.txt in the kernel docs says evil things14:07
saereRedShift: I thought suspend2 wasn't the kernel-included suspend to disk setup?  rather swsup?14:08
jkrLike "kiss your data goodbye" and "bye bye root partition" :(14:08
RedShiftsaere: nope but the patch is simple and suspend2 works a whole lot better14:08
saereRedShift: Cheers, how so? :)14:09
RedShiftsaere: just try it14:10
jkrsuspend to disk works like a charme :)14:13
saerekernel default, swsup or suspend2?14:15
*** muerto has joined #crux14:15
saeresorry, kernel default swsup, or suspend2 rather?14:16
RedShiftuse suspend214:17
jkrsaere: I just added append="resume=/swap-partition" to the lilo conf. and then echoed mem to power/state14:18
saereechoed mem?  not disk?14:18
jkrAs describe in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/power/swsusp.txt14:18
jkrAh, yeah14:18
jkrdisk of course :)14:18
saereokie :)14:18
saeregiving it a go once I've resized my partitions properly...14:18
jkrI have a 512M swap partition, that should be more than enough :)14:19
*** blokkie has quit IRC14:19
jkrHmm,m I should drink more frequently - I'm feeling dizzy and I haven't even finished the first beer14:20
saereshall return...14:21
*** saere has quit IRC14:21
jkrOr maybe I should ear something before drinking :)14:22
j^2jkr: never format and drink; bad things happen14:24
treachdon't use computers while drinking.14:25
treachat least not while using bash. :P14:25
RedShifttreach: but they are more fun that way14:25
treach"rm -rf a *"14:26
jkrI'm using ZSH, so I think that's ok ;)14:26
treachwhoops. ;)14:26
jkrHehe, ZSH warns's when you type something like that14:26
treachyeah, I know.14:26
j^2treach: you beat me to the punch, i was about to do "rm -rf /" :D14:26
jkr[jkr/snatch:~/foo]# rm *14:26
jkrzsh: sure you want to delete all the files in /home/jkr/foo [yn]? n14:26
treachthat's why I switched.14:27
battle_rodentfunnny I switched to zsh on arch at home14:27
battle_rodenthavent noticed difference14:27
jkrZSH rocks14:27
battle_rodentI guess I dont workout my shell too much14:27
jkrWell, not because of that "Do you really want to..." stuff14:27
treacharen't you busy making profit?14:27
battle_rodentI wish14:27
jkrBut ZSH scripting is fun (and profit :)14:27
battle_rodentwe had power outage14:27
*** sepen_ has joined #crux14:28
tilman<3 treach14:28
battle_rodentldpa vmware down14:28
battle_rodentthinks futzed14:28
jkrI especially love zmodload zsh/net/tcp :)14:28
battle_rodentIm asking other admisn stuff and they grouchily reply IM BUSY14:28
jkrYou don't need curl/wget anymore in shell scripts :)14:28
tilmanbusy reading web comics?14:28
battle_rodentgoing over ldap docs14:28
battle_rodentbut msotly u use phpldapadmin14:28
*** sepen has quit IRC14:29
battle_rodentso skipping that14:29
*** sepen_ has quit IRC14:29
*** sepen has joined #crux14:29
battle_rodentalso in mental turmoil over wheather to learn scsh common lisp (sbcl) or java or perl14:29
jkrss2ram from does freeze too :(14:29
RedShiftldap is overrated14:30
RedShiftlots of programs implement it14:30
battle_rodent( I feel you are 100% right)14:30
RedShiftbut I've seen very few pratical uses14:30
battle_rodent(ldap makes me unhappy so far)14:30
*** sepen has quit IRC14:33
*** sepen has joined #crux14:33
*** RedShift has quit IRC14:34
jkrs2ram makes me unhappy14:35
*** sepen_ has joined #crux14:40
*** sepen has quit IRC14:40
*** JKnife has joined #crux14:41
JKnifewhen i run beryl i get a glibc error "*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x080ab788 ***" any ideas?14:41
jkrHave a look at the source - someone might be trying to free NULL :)14:42
treachalso, it could be a good thing to provide some more info..14:43
*** Viper_ has quit IRC14:43
JKnifetreach: like?14:43
tilmanfree(NULL) is valid in glibc14:43
tilman(it's a no-op)14:43
jkrOk :)14:43
treachJKnife: like versions of the stuff involved.14:44
tilmanJKnife: complain to the beryl people14:44
jkrThen someone tries to free memory that wasn't allocated before :)14:44
jkrOr has already been freed14:44
jkrMaybe because the pointer wasn't set to NULL after the first free14:44
treachberyl is slightly infamous for being buggy iirc.14:44
JKnifeglibc-2.3.6-2 beryl-svn-1 beryl-core-0.1.9999.1-114:45
JKnifetreach: well i would use compiz but everyone removed the ports14:45
jaegeryou should probably remove the beryl-svn port as well14:45
jaegermixing 0.1.9999.1 and svn won't be good14:46
JKniferemoved.. still same error14:46
marojaeger: hp dv600014:46
marocore duo T225014:47
jaegerJKnife: no idea what the problem is, just mentioned that because I'm sure it wasn't helping14:48
JKnifeahh ok14:48
*** sepen_ has quit IRC14:49
*** sepen has joined #crux14:49
* JKnife tries a just svn version -_-14:57
treachthat's why they call it the bleeding edge. you get cut now and then.14:59
JKnifeehh.. good point14:59
* JKnife gives up15:02
JKnifesvn doesn't build with the nvidia headers15:03
*** rxi_ has quit IRC15:10
jkrFailed to open DRM: Operation not permitted :(15:14
jkrAny ideas? That's what fglrxinfo says15:14
jkrNo EE's in the X log, fglrx module is loaded, I did a gl-select ati, and the xorg.conf is setup properly15:15
treachvideo group?15:18
jkruid=100(jkr) gid=100(users) groups=6(disk),100(users),101(video)15:18
treachSection "dri" Mode 066615:18
jkrWhere exactly must that be in the xorg.conf?15:19
treachDon't know if it matters.15:20
treachit's at the very end in mine.15:20
tilman"not inside another section" ;)15:20
treachheh, I thought that would be obvious.15:21
jkrI was struggling15:21
tilmanbut that's the only thing you need to remember ;p15:21
jkrBecause of the missing linebreak15:21
jkrYeah, that's it :D15:22
jkrThanks for that hint15:22
jkrNow I can play Lugaru :)15:22
jkrThey uber-evil karate-rabbit wrestling game15:23
jkrThis is a great day15:25
jkrFeeling drunk from only two beer, ATI drivers finally work and it's only 20 more minutes until the new Stromberg season starts :)15:25
jkrAnd my Fluxbox theme looks great15:28
*** maro_ has joined #crux15:40
jkrIs there a good console based mixer like aumix? Can't find anything in the ports15:49
jkrEek :)15:49
jkrNo curses :)15:49
treachaumix doesn't need a gui iirc15:49
jkrYeah, but I can't find aumix in the ports15:49
jkrAt least not in core, opt & contrib15:50
treachit's in the portdb.15:50
tilmanaumix uses curses, too15:50
tilmani don't really get your point15:50
treachI have a pretty firm recollection you can just do something like "aumix -v 90"15:51
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC15:51
treachno curses there.15:51
jaegeror use amixer15:51
tilmantreach: oh, he wants a CLI15:52
treachtilman: at least that's how I get it.15:52
treachjaeger: amixer seems hugely overcomplicated..15:53
jaegerI suppose15:53
jaegerthough not nearly all its functionality is needed, usually15:54
jaegeramixer set Master 80% unmute15:54
treachthank $DIETY. :D15:54
jaegeramixer set PCM 80% unmute15:54
jaegerfor example15:54
treachwith reservation for eventuall errors: aumix -v80 -w8015:55
jkrYup, just a command line tool like aumix16:01
jkrOr setmixer16:01
tilmanaumix has both CLI, ncurses and gtk ui16:01
treachif the port in the db isn't good enough, it's hardly difficult to make your own port.16:01
jkrYeah, but you can compile it with CLI only16:02
jkrSure, I just wanted to know16:02
*** treach is now known as alsamixer16:03
*** sepen is now known as treach16:03
JKnifehow about.. get some speakers with a volume knob?16:03
*** treach is now known as sepen16:03
*** alsamixer is now known as treach16:03
sepenthat sound good16:03
treachJKnife: can't be controlled from the keyboard. :P16:05
JKniferip out the knobs and glue them to the keyboard?16:06
treachyuck, that's redneck tech..16:06
* JKnife is from alabama16:07
tilmanthat proves the point, no?16:07
treachWhat's the proper word? Exposed?16:07
* JKnife is offended :P16:07
aontreach: BUSTED!16:09
treachheh, I guess you could say that too. :)16:11
aonseriously though, i don't think such long wires are desirable for the controls16:11
aona good idea otherwise :)16:11
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:11
rehabdollthe friendly southern states.. :)16:29
treach"Sweet home Alabama"16:40
jkrThere should be a comic called (cru)X-Men16:45
jkrThey have secret super-system-administration powers16:46
jkrAnd they install linux systems in less than 3 minutes16:46
jkrOf course the stupid windows users are afraid of them and their powers, so they try to criminalize the crux-men16:47
jkrHowever, gotta go sleep now :)16:48
jkrSee you tomorrow16:48
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:49
*** JKnife has quit IRC16:50
*** pitillo has quit IRC17:04
*** ningo has quit IRC17:11
*** lasso has quit IRC17:19
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*** treach has quit IRC17:46
*** blueCommand has quit IRC17:46
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:46
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:46
*** JKnife has joined #crux17:58
JKnife\o/ Compiz installed just fine17:58
*** DaViruz_ has joined #crux18:03
*** AkiraYuki has quit IRC18:05
*** AkiraYuki has joined #crux18:11
*** AkiraYuki has left #crux18:11
nipuLgood for you18:34
nipuLhere, have a cookie18:34
JKnifei have some.. but thanks anyways18:40
*** daggerr has quit IRC18:44
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