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pitillogood morning00:56
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Romsterhi everyone07:08
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rxi_hey romy07:32
Romsterhi rxi_07:41
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j^2what's the dealio yall?08:45
* treach points gun at j^2 08:48
treach"English muttafucker, type it?"08:48
j^2treach: you know me better then that now man ;)08:48
jjpkforced compliance ftw!08:49
j^2no caffiene makes jj said08:54
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sepen.. a nicest question: how can I remove form a directory all files named .foo .bar without getting this output message:09:21
sepen$ rm .*09:21
sepenrm: cannot remove `.' or `..'09:21
thrice`try find exec ?09:22
sepenrm .[^.]* seems work09:23
j^2move up a directory?09:29
thrice`is this bash ?09:29
Romstersepen, find -name '.foo' -delete -or -name '.bar' -delete09:30
Romsternot sure if rm \.* would work or not09:30
sepenyeah Romster with find seems to there are many posibilities09:30
Romsteras . is current directory not the file .*09:31
sepenIm trying with regexps09:31
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Romster[\.]* maybe09:35
Romsterdunno without testing09:36
Romstersepen, what are you working on anyways09:36
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sepenavoid the message error without using stderr redirection09:37
sepenfor this command rm .*09:38
sepen$ mkdir /tmp/test; cd /tmp/test; touch .foobar; rm .*09:39
sepentest it if you want09:39
bd2it's much easier to test with echo .* ;-)09:39
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bd2sepen, try GLOBIGNORE=.. ; echo .*09:47
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bd2it works, but read man bash about caveats (i.e. echo * will now print .* files by default)09:48
sepenwhy echo?09:48
bd2rm is not globbing files, bash is. Thus it's does not matter if you're passing .* to rm or echo ;-)09:49
sepenglob rocks!!09:50
sepenthanks bd2 Im doing test09:50
sepen(with care)09:51
sepenxD many interesting info09:52
sepennot sure x@09:52
* Romster bookmarks that site09:56
Romsterbe a good read09:56
sepenRomster, seems the man pages09:56
sepenI think this is better choice for bash learning with examples
Romsterlooks good too09:59
Romsteri've done a few things in bash now but always good to learn more09:59
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Auge^any ideas? ->
Auge^mh, the mp3-file is just a link14:06
Auge^but not the problem...14:07
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RyoSgrub users here?14:39
j^2in ubuntu :D14:40
surrounderRyoS: yes14:40
RyoSthe crux handbook is not very exact about using grub instead of lilo..14:41
RyoSat first14:41
RyoS/boot/grub/menu.lst.sample doesnt exist14:41
RyoSthen, i dont know how to make it boot from my sata2 disk14:41
RyoSand i cant find any good hints on the grub manual14:42
RyoScan someone here help maybe?14:43
jaegerreplace menu.lst with grub.conf14:45
RyoSstill no idea about the sata thing, any hints?14:45
jaegeras for the sata drive, grub doesn't much care.. you give it (hd0,2) or whatever14:45
jaegerhere's mine, for example: kernel (hd0,4)/vmlinuz- root=/dev/sda6 rw vga=0x30514:46
RyoShow do i find out what he calls my sata drive then?14:46
treach"Trial and Error"? :)14:48
jaegeryou could use find in the grub shell14:48
jaegerfind /vmlinuz-, find /sbin/init14:49
jaegerit only finds regular files, though, don't try to find a directory14:49
RyoSi get it14:49
guaquaxen :<14:50
guaquano love for me14:51
surrounderRyoS: you have to copy it from /usr/share/grub/i386-pc15:03
RyoSsurrounder: i know but i didnt know that it was renamed :15:06
RyoSboot worked btw :)15:06
surrounderaaah ok nice15:06
* treach plays the "Festival_Overture-The_Year_1812" for RyoS.15:07
treacherr, *Congratulations.15:08
jkrNone played something for me when the ATI drivers finally worked on my laptop :(15:09
treachwell, now you know what to play. :)15:10
treach(Americans are adviced to not play it too loudly, unless they want a swat-team visit. :P )15:11
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jkrAhoy onestep :)15:19
onestephi, jkr15:23
jkrI made a working fglrx port yesterday :)15:30
thrice`for modular xorg ?15:30
jkrStill 6.915:30
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AkiraYukigood nighr19:07
AkiraYukigood night**19:08
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seekwillIn /etc/hosts.allow, when it says "service", does it mean like "smtp" or "sendmail"?22:05
rehabdolllook in /etc/services for the appropirate name22:18
rehabdolli think22:19
rehabdollerr, perhaps not22:19
rehabdollcheck man tcpd22:20
rehabdollim too tired to think22:20
seekwillThanks. I'll look into it.22:22
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