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pitillogood morning00:59
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nipuLjust my luck, discover that ufs2 write support has been integrated into the mm kernel, and is down06:09
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nipuLand will be merged into 2.6.21, nice06:11
mike_knipuL: try git.kernel.org06:12
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nipuLcan't see mm there06:21
RomsternipuL, damn06:25
nipuLjust checked linus' repository, 2.6.21-rc306:26
nipuLwith ufs2 write support06:26
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jaegersepen: have you tested your ati port and gl-select with xorg 7.x yet?09:27
JKnifeanyone good with C++?09:31
JKnifeI have a segfault i know what function it is in but i do not know what is causing it09:32
JKnifevoid BogusCustomer() is segfaulting
sepenjaeger, not yet, but I need it09:48
sepenI'll try to have some time at night!09:49
jaegersepen: I ask because xorg-nvidia will replace nvidia in 2.309:52
jaegerso gl-select will need updating09:53
jaegerJKnife: not enough to tell what's wrong there, sorry09:53
jaegersepen: I'll likely just convert the current gl-select, though, instead of the current xorg-gl-select, since it's got the ATI stuff and abstractions already09:54
j^2when did we take out fastcgi?10:01
j^2we only have mod_php in the ports tree?10:01
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jaegerI'm not sure when there was a fastcgi version. I created when I couldn't find it10:02
jaegerfor lighttpd10:03
j^2ah nice, yeah i just did a prt-get search php and came up with mod_php and phpmyadmin10:03
j^2yeah that's what i wanted to get working myself10:03
j^2i just love getting lighttpd working over apache anyday10:06
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sepenjaeger, now Im at work10:11
sepenbut this night surely Im trying to adjust my sources to 2.3 like yours10:11
sepenI copied your links jaeger, thanks for the info10:12
sepenj^2, I ported mod_fastcgi two weeks ago, but seems mod_fcgid is more efficient, I removed the port from my repo and also I'll try to get working mod_fcgid with apache10:14
sepenthere are few ports like mod_ something10:15
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j^2sepen: ah nice, thanks for the heads up10:15
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JKnifejaeger: ok11:10
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* deus_ex played with adsl2+ (24Mbit) link today 11:37
deus_exit is...unreal...11:38
surrounderI have 100 mbit at home11:38
deus_exsurrounder: local network, I guess :)11:41
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rehabdolli only have 10/10 :(11:43
deus_exthat's dsl?11:45
surrounder<- 100/100, eur 3 a month11:45
surroundergotta love the university of this city :)11:45
rehabdollmine is ethernet11:45
surrounderit's actually included in my rent11:45
rehabdollthe whole apartment-block i live in have ethernet11:46
* deus_ex apparently still lives in stone age11:47
jaegerI still have crappy cable if it makes you feel better11:48
deus_exthis country is way behind in many things, hopefully it will get better.11:51
deus_exbtw, since free cable net I'm using is supposed to end soon, I was thinking of taking adsl.Any adsl modems/routers you'd recommend?12:01
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surrounderdeus_ex: linksys <312:13
deus_ex surrounder any particular model?12:15
surroundernot that I know, I just have a switch here12:16
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deus_exsurrounder: ok, I'll look at linksys hardware, thanks.12:18
surroundernp :)12:18
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RyoSjaeger: ping14:22
RyoShey :) you dont seem to have grub configured to boot windows too?14:23
jaegerI do14:24
RyoSthe find method doesnt work for me, and i read about some weird chainload methods (oO) which dont work for me either14:24
RyoScan you give me a hint about how to make it work14:24
jaegerlinux is booting but windows isn't?14:24
RyoSit is installed on another hd though14:24
jaegerthat's my current config14:25
RyoSmh okay14:26
RyoSok i try it in a minute14:26
jaegerif you pastebin yours I'll take a look at it14:26
RyoSit should work now, i try it now brb14:27
RyoSok does not.. prints out a screen with "99 99 99 [...]"14:29
RyoSone sec14:29
RyoSargh damn14:31
RyoSof course it doesnt work.. i was distracted on all those comments and one said /dev/hda1 is (hd0,0)14:31
j^2RyoS: ah yeah the 9999914:31
j^2i've seen it14:31
j^2i fixed it by (no joke) going back to lilo, rewriting the mbr, then going back to grub14:32
j^2thats' why i ended up sticking with lilo, seemed pointless to me14:32
RyoSi still have lilo installed so thats no problem14:32
RyoSj^2: but lilo wont boot my windows too :/14:32
RyoSit did before and well i dont know if i have changed something but it refuses to work ^^'14:33
RyoSboy how i loved the play lilo.conf14:33
RyoSlilo> CRUX # *works*14:33
tilman"lilo > CRUX"?14:34
tilmanyou mean grub? :)14:34
jaegerso your boot, / and windows are all on the same partition14:34
tilmanthat was a prompt14:34
RyoSi am now using grub (i want to use it now) but you know the tiny bootmenu lilo gives14:34
tilmani hardly remember the lilo days14:34
RyoSjaeger: no ^^'14:34
tilmani guess i was an earlyish adaptor of grub ;)14:34
RyoS/ is on /dev/sda1 and windows is on /dev/hda114:35
jaeger(hd0,0) always refers to the first partition of the first drive14:35
jaegerso one of those needs to be (hd1,X)14:35
jaegerthe other (hd0,X)14:35
rehabdollanybody successfully running grub on a jmicron pata-controller?14:37
jaegernever used one, myself14:37
rehabdollim forced to run lilo on one of my comps :(14:37
jkrWhat's wrong with lilo?14:38
jaegertilman: adopted early, never looked back :)14:38
tilmanbut i only boot linux and memtest, no chainloading weirdness ;)14:39
rehabdollhaving to run "lilo" everytime one changes something sucks :)14:39
JKnifejkr: ... maybe theoption to fix kernel lines with out having it booted14:39
jkrHmm, I guess that's useful if you play around with lots of different kernels or kernel options14:40
jkrI might be wrong, but LILO feels a bit faster to me14:41
JKnifelilo maybe faster because it doesn't have to load a secound stage14:41
jaegerI think tilman wrote all Squall's lines in final fantasy VIII14:42
tilmanwhich one's viii?14:42
jaegersquall: ...14:42
jaegersomeone else: interesting stuff14:42
tilmanrofl, the redneck strikes again14:42
jaegersquall: ...14:42
tilmani think i played xii14:43
tilmanbut i don't really know14:43
JKnifei have watched the movie of 714:43
jaegerviii was crap, in my opinion14:43
j^2vii all the way14:43
tilmani mean the one with that amnesia magick chick14:43
jaegerthat would be vi14:43
j^2tilman: (which one) :P ;)14:43
j^2every japanese anime has one14:44
jaegerone of the best14:44
tilmani don't like the battle system14:44
tilmanthat strange mix of turn-based and real-time ... time annoys me14:45
jaegermost people either like it or don't, not a lot of in-between14:45
tilmanhooray, i'm special14:45
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RyoSwho here made the fglrx port?15:07
jaeger1, 2, 3, not it!15:18
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* sepen at home15:28
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jaegerthat's not right at all... Jack Bauer ONLY says "WHERE'S THE BOMB?!!1"15:56
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jkrHmm, why doesn't alsaconf find my sound card?16:29
jkrMultimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)16:29
jkrintel-8x0 is compiled into the kernel16:29
jkrAnd even alsamixer recognizes the card name16:30
jkrBut alsaconf says it can't find a card16:30
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jkrArgh, got it16:46
jkrThere was no audio group for udev :)16:46
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