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pitillogood morning00:59
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Romsterhi pitillo01:32
pitillomorning Romster :)01:33
Romsterwhats up01:35
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pitilloworking a bit here :)01:36
pitilloand there? (at night I think no?)01:37
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Romsterah k02:25
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JKnifeohh thank god...06:52
* JKnife just read the read me for openoffice06:52
treachheh, not keen on compiling it yourself? ;)06:56
JKnifea couple of days.. would be a couple of years06:56
surrounderhehe, you don't want to run OOo on a 33 Mhz ;)06:56
Romsterhah i've doen a tool chain on a 266MHz b4..06:56
surrounderRomster: respect, how long is your beard by now? ;)06:57
treachmaybe he should try overclocking it about a 100% or so. :P06:57
Romstersurrounder, lol it only took a day06:57
JKnifenot enough duct tape to over clock it06:57
RomsterJKnife, if you got heaps of pcs use distcc06:58
JKnife1 windows, and this one06:58
Romsterbe even quicker06:58
* JKnife shrugs06:58
JKnifei need a pc that can run games06:58
Romsterdualboot the winblows pc then06:58
treachnot all apps play nice with distcc.06:58
Romstertreach, so i have noticed.06:59
treachand considering how fragile the ooo build is, I doubt, it'd like distcc.06:59
Romsterbeen meaning to address that somehow..06:59
Romsterstate what programs don't like distcc06:59
treachyes, at least from what I've read.. it's hugely complicated and very error prone.07:00
Romsterone day i'll mess with compiling OOo07:01
JKnifeone day?07:01
Romsteryeah when i'm too bored.07:01
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unexistHey, what must I do to make a _working_ cd from these .iso images? Tried to burn 2.1/2.2 for the third time and everytime it just freezes after the ISOLINUX line.07:26
unexistMy burner is working properly, every other live/install cd boots up fine.07:27
Romsterhmm did you check it to match the md5sum?07:28
Romsterb4 burning?07:28
unexistAnd I tired different mirrors.07:29
Romsterand did you burn it as a raw image?07:29
Romsteruse 2.207:29
unexistI did both.07:29
Romsteris it a i586 or i686 pc?07:29
unexistI just wanted to check if 2.2 is somehow broken.07:29
Romsterit shouldn't be broken07:29
Romsterso oyu got the i686 i would assume..07:30
Romsterdid you verify your burn and tryed a slower burn speed07:30
unexistYes, I got the hint from a friend - he also had some problems with burning.07:31
Romsteralso it assumes your cd drive is hdc if its not you have to press tab i beleave and use boot=...07:31
unexistDecreasing the speed solved it for him - but not for me.07:31
Romsterhmm odd07:31
unexistThere is no prompt - so tab should work?07:32
unexistLooks for me like it freezes.07:32
Romsterhes usig crux 2.2 aswell?07:32
Romsterhmm no exotic hardware?07:32
Romsterthere is a live cd thats more upto date for 2.2 that may work07:32
unexistNope, Via, Ati and Intel.07:33
unexistWhere can I get this cd?07:33
Romsterhmm trying to find the url07:35
unexistOkay, thanks I will give it a try. ;)07:36
Romsterits more upto date crux 2.3 will be out soon too but its not much effort to update it later.07:36
Romsterk might have mroe luck should have more devices enabled in the kernel i'm guessing it hasn't got the driver for your ide or something on that one off the crux web site.07:37
Romstercrux is very nice once its installed :)07:38
unexistHeh, I still want to give it a chance - hopefully it works now. ;)07:39
Romsteri can help ya once you get the thing to boot to the prompt if you get stuck at partitioning etc.07:43
Romsterand general setup07:43
Romsteri've done mine a few times :)07:43
Romsterjsut call my nick i have highlighting or someone else may help ya in here too if there not asleep or afk07:44
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unexistRomster, thanks for the help but once the thing really starts the bootup I can handle it by myself. :)07:51
Romstercool quite expeareanced :)07:52
Romsterwe do get a few newish that just manage to get it to work07:52
Romsterif oyu plan to install xorg 7.2 there is a wiki on the crux web site on how to do that.07:53
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Romsterand don't forget rejmerge :)07:53
Romsterafter updating.07:53
Romsteralot forget that.07:53
Romstermerges changes to configs etc07:53
Romsterbut asks you when there are conflicts07:54
unexistHeh, I will. Sounds a bit familar, normally I am using Gentoo. I just try on which different Dists my wm compiles without problems and learn more about them.07:55
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JKnifeif you suspand a program while using time{} does it pause the time also?08:14
Romsterty it and see?08:15
Romsterprocessing time so i guess it would08:16
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JKnifeit didn't display time after it ended =\08:17
JKnifetime {find /usr/ports -iname xorg;}08:17
treachwhy use {} ?08:19
* JKnife shrugs08:21
JKnifealways have?08:21
JKniferemoving them didn't display a time either08:21
treachworks here, without the {}08:22
JKnifedid you suspend?08:22
treachheh, no. it was too fast. :P08:23
JKnifewell try a time and suspend it..08:23
treachHm, apparently it doesn't.08:25
JKnifePkgfile fix for claws-mail is libetpan is needed to build08:25
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Romstertime find /usr/ports -iname xorg08:33
treachRomster: he wants to *suspend* the process for some reason.08:33
Romsterdunno why on earth you would wanna do that...08:34
unexistRomster, it still does not work. I will try it manually without booting this cd later.08:34
Romsterit workd for me...08:34
* JKnife just wanted to know if time would keep counting if a program was suspended or if it paused08:34
Romsterhmm i would assume it would pause too.08:36
Romsteror not show at all being invalid..08:37
unexistIt does.08:39
unexistsleep 5  0.00s user 0.00s system 0% cpu 12.370 total08:39
JKnifehow did you get it to show?08:40
unexistI just created a shell script and interrupted it.08:40
unexist|% cat foo.sh08:40
unexist|time sleep 508:40
j^2hey all08:42
Romsterhi j^208:45
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JKnifeOOo 2.1 runs nice and smooth here.. takes a little bit to start but other then that no problems09:53
treachit's the *buildprocess* that is fragile and slow, not the result.09:56
JKnifeone sec09:56
JKnife"07:56 < surrounder> hehe, you don't want to run OOo on a 333 Mhz ;)" quoted with a fix typo XD09:56
treachI'm not running anywhere..09:57
JKnifeHostname: B14cKh013 - OS: Linux 2.6.21-rc2-CRUX/i586 - CPU: AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor (334.099 MHz) - Processes: 76 - Uptime: 2d 5h 5m - Load Average: 1.35 - Memory Usage: 98.23MB/248.11MB (39.59%) - Disk Usage: 7.70GB/147.29GB (5.23%)09:59
JKnifewhile running OOo and building claws-mail09:59
aonwhat a hostname09:59
treachbeware, 1337 waring issued.10:00
* JKnife has used that hostname since.. ummm10:00
JKnife.. i forgot when i started using it =\10:00
JKnifeat least 2 days :)10:01
aoni've had this naming convention for 4 years or so10:02
aondefinitely not that many10:02
treachaon: like what? host1, host2 etc? ;)10:02
aonokay, 210:02
aoni had to check my cv10:02
aontreach: trees10:02
treachJKnife: you've never seen aon's hot screenshots, have you?10:03
aonOpenBSD 4.010:03
aonLinux beech
JKnifei think i started using this one in 03-04 some where in there10:03
JKnifetreach: nope10:03
aontreach: they're not hot anymore10:03
treachaon: don't tell me you've fallen as deep as being a gnome-user or something.. ;)10:03
JKnifedefine something...10:04
aonnot quite10:04
treachJKnife: KDE, xfce or some other eyecandy environment.10:04
JKnifexfec isn't eyecandy.. =\10:04
treachof course it is.10:05
JKnifei mean... look at xfce 3.x10:05
JKnifethat thing made me pull my eyes out10:05
treachok, good, now you can start a club with prologic.10:06
j^2me <3 openboex10:07
tilmanthe author says my favourite bug has been fixed10:07
tilmanbut he lied10:07
j^2me <3 (sometimes) fvwm210:07
treachtilman: lol10:08
treachthe time thingy?10:08
* JKnife likes XFCE 4.410:08
treachfvwm2, or ratpoison here. :P10:08
JKnifeEvilWM > Ratpoison10:09
treachabsolutely not.10:09
JKnifeaon: don't like EvilWM?10:09
tilmananyone know where i can find a UCS-4 code table?10:09
j^2OSX > *10:09
aonratpoison = awesomeness, evilwm = "boohoo, look at me, i can go without configurability!"10:09
JKnifeOSX shouldn't even be called a Unix10:10
guaquait's not10:10
guaquadarwin is10:10
j^2treach: not a bad setup10:10
treachj^2: you hopeless fan-boy.10:10
j^2treach: amen10:10
aonyay rp10:10
treachj^2: it's not done, but the surface is ok.10:10
j^2treach: that's why i love fvwm you can NEVER finish it ;)10:11
treachheh, well, I guess you can. but it's tempting...10:12
j^2aon: that would drive me crazy :P10:12
j^2treach: hehe10:12
aonnotice the awesome informational winlist formating10:12
treachj^2: finns are known to be heavy drinkers. I understand why every time I see one of aon's screenshots. :p10:13
JKnifeok.. back to all essy test10:13
j^2<-- home brewer now10:13
aonwaste of time, you should become a home distiller10:13
tilmanj^2: vnvn in two weeks :P10:14
j^2tilman: yep!10:14
j^2i might actaully get to meet them too ;), i got connections :D10:14
j^2wait a second...10:15
j^2they are supposed to be at SXSW :(10:15
tilmanthey definitely aren't in texas in two weeks ;)10:16
j^2never mind :(:(:(:(:(:(10:16
* j^2 cry10:16
tilmanwhat i meant was that *i* am going to the concert in two weeks10:16
j^2i'm very jealous now10:17
tilmanexcellent, i succeeded10:17
j^2i swear they were supposed to be SXSW10:17
j^2they lied10:20
* treach hands j^2 a hanky.10:21
* j^2 blows nose10:21
j^2(actually my allergies are crazy right now)10:21
tilmanwait, i thought SXSW was in june or something10:21
treachthere bubba, can you stop crying, or should we man the lifeboats?10:21
j^2tilman: nope like next week10:21
j^2frak, com10:22
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j^2aon: i like it10:45
j^2i love this line:11:23
j^2irc is just a multiuser notepad11:23
JKnife my desktop.. and yay done with that freaking test11:24
surrounder - <311:24
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JKnifei love the irssi the,e11:26
surrounderthanks :)11:26
guaquasurrounder: wanna share that theme? :)11:27
surrounderit's on irssi.org11:28
surrounderdot, made by Han11:28
j^2our Han?11:28
j^2*sigh* :P11:29
surrounderhe rocks, really11:29
surrounderknow him irl11:29
rehabdollwhere is he these days?11:29
surrounderat home ;)11:30
rehabdollhe got tired of #crux or what?11:30
surrounderhad some personal problems with a few peeps afaik11:30
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clareHi Folks,  I am getting some odd behaviours in 2.3
tilmanprt-get install /MPART2/PKG-2.3/xchat#2.8.0-1.pkg.tar.gz12:40
tilmanthat's not supposed to work12:40
tilmanprt-get install [PORT_NAME]12:40
tilmanit doesn't want a package name/full path to a package12:40
j^2clare: isnt it like 3am where you are?12:41
clareAha! so what doies it want?12:41
treachIOW, use pkgadd ;)12:41
clareHi treach, yes that is what I have been doing. It is that yapo used to work even when I put things in odd places.12:41
tilmanclare: does "prt-get install xchat" work?12:42
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clareHi j^2  yes, but so peaceful, I don't sl;eep all night.12:42
treachclare: ok, sorry, wasn't really following. (Fighting with input buffer... grr.)12:43
tilmanclare: it wants the name of a port (eg xchat)12:44
claretilman I didn't try that, but I would expect not, becasue that is basically what yapo did at the top of the paste12:44
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claretilma;n I have put an addition on the paste. I f you have a sense of humour you might like it12:54
claretilman; sorry I am a bad typist12:54
tilmanheh, shoot12:54
clareI can no longer read the paste getting proxy server could not handle the request GET /display/37884.12:56
clareshould I make a new one?12:57
tilmansure, why nott13:00
tilmanprt-get knows PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR usually13:05
tilmanbut it doesn't seem to work for you13:05
clareIt wouldnt be the first time I broke something13:05
pitillocat /etc/pkgmk.conf|grep PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR13:07
clarehi pitillo - just for you:  export PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="/MPART2/PKG-2.3"13:08
pitilloclare, /MPART2/ports-2.3 ...13:09
clarepitillo: why? it is writing PKGs where I asked it to, I keep ports in /MPART2/ports-2.313:12
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treachhmm, anyone who knows some nice gdb crashcourse?13:16
treachI'm going nuts..13:17
tilmangdb foo13:18
tilman*rub chin*13:18
tilmanwhat's the specific problem?13:19
treachI want to watch some variables, something's screwed up.13:20
treachthanks, I'll have a look at it. :)13:21
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treachmeh. gdb: error while loading shared libraries: :(13:25
treachof course. :/13:25
clarebye folks, seeya later13:26
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tilmantreach: get it working?13:51
treachnope.. it doesn't like my program apparently.13:51
treachor maybe it's just me who is on deep water. :P13:51
tilman"gcc -g -O0 [...]" to make gcc more happy13:52
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treachI'm using -g3 and no O.13:52
tilmanno O means O213:52
treachhm, sure about that?13:53
treachI just added O0 to the makefile, and it said "test is up to date"13:54
tilmanmaybe your target doesn't depend on the makefile13:55
treachI sure hope so.13:56
treachgrr, I hate this. It's just a simple little loop with a switch, inside which it's supposed to feed with some input.13:59
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treachproblem seems to be, no matter what I do, some crap get stuck in the input buffer and totally fubar everything.14:00
tilmanupload it and i'll have a look14:00
treachI warn you. I'm no coder, and this is just some silly thing I'm playing around with.14:01
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blueCmdwhat package contains the ipv6 tools?14:08
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AkiraYukihi all :-D14:19
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schniggietilman: you there ;) ?14:32
schniggiehehe ;)14:32
RyoSif you give some free beer..14:32
schniggietoday i thought should update my x6.9 to 7.2 with your nice repo ;)14:32
schniggiewhen i now start i get could not open default font 'fixed'14:33
tilmansee crux-devel14:33
tilmanknown issue, will be documented14:33
tilmanactually, what?14:33
tilmanread the docs14:33
schniggieok i commented out the fonts config now this error is away ;)14:34
schniggiei have a i915 card ,use the i810 driver and get VBE initialization failed, i googled and found that in 1.7.4 this error should be patched :-|14:35
schniggieany suggestions ;) ?14:36
tilmanunfortunately, even the mighy xorg oracle aka me doesn't know about every issue in every driver out there14:37
schniggiehehe ;)14:37
schniggiemaybe you have the same card :D14:37
schniggiesorry my xorg oracle14:37
schniggieok lets spam the xorg list :)14:38
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JKnife*timed out*16:30
treachgah. :D16:30
treachNP: 03. Cantat No147, Jesus Bleibt Meine Freunde16:31
* treach watches #crux fall to sleep.16:32
JKnife... wth did you just say?16:32
treachNothing, it's called that way.16:32
jjpkNothing new then.16:32
treach(Well, it's not called "NP:" obviously. :P )16:33
treachJKnife: It's Bach, if you ever heard about him. :)16:34
JKnife... that classical artist?16:36
treachcomposer dammit. :D16:36
JKnifecomposers are artists16:36
j^2treach: like Tool eh? ;)16:37
treachso was Houdini..16:37
j^2artists ;)16:37
JKnifeyou don't know who tool is?16:37
JKnifewow.. listen to modern music.. ok.. smoke break16:38
treachok, I officially don't get that one, but I guess it's something rather different from the church musician bach.16:38
jjpkI will assume they are talking about the American progressive band.16:39
jjpkBy the way, why bother listening to modern commercial music? It all sucks :D16:39
treachheh, never heard about them.16:39
j^2oh wow16:39
j^2where you from treach ?16:39
j^2i forget16:39
treachTheir music has been influenced by Justin Timberlake's early work with the Mickey Mouse Club16:40
treachsounds promising..16:40
treachj^2: I'm from sweden.16:40
j^2treach: do you want me to send you some?16:42
treachheh, are you trying to kill me? :p16:42
treachjust kidding, but thanks for the offer. :)16:43
j^2sure man16:43
j^2just say the word ;)16:43
JKnifeme! i will take some XD16:47
j^2dude you screen american, if you dont have tool, i pitty you ;)16:48
JKnifeok.. back to work16:49
treachbeware JKnife is an RIAA agent ;)16:49
j^2he would be, it's about time we get infulrated here at crux ;)16:49
JKnifean RIAA agent from alabama.. that is a new one for me16:52
j^2sneaky bastards :P16:52
treachheh, cheer up. I'm just kidding.16:53
JKnifej^2: lol16:53
JKnifetreach: i know -_-16:53
JKnifebbl.. food \o/16:56
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JKnifei keep getting "421 Service not available." with vsftpd when i try connecting to my pc on anyip, localhost, lan, and outside.. i have also tried different users19:12
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