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pitillogood morning00:59
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pitillofriday crazy Q. Anyone know about the mmorpg "tantra" ? (I think here there are people playing wow)01:39
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sepenmorning all02:30
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RyoSpitillo: looking at the picture it remembers me totally of lineage 202:33
RyoShi sepen02:33
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RyoSeven their website reminds me of the l2 website haha :D02:36
schniggiehi all02:57
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schniggietilman: i tried to fix my could not open default font 'fixed' error, googled and googled again but cannot find a solution :(03:24
schniggiei added it to fonts.conf03:25
schniggieand i installed misc, and there is and entry for fixed in the fonts.alias03:26
schniggiebut no way :(03:26
tilmani'm busy03:27
tilmanthe fact that it always boils down to people just NOT running the post-install scripts doesn't help03:27
schniggiein my prt-get.conf is runscripts yes03:28
schniggieso the postinstall scripts should be installed03:28
schniggieok maybe you can msg me when you have some freetime, would be very cool ;)03:28
pitilloRyoS, I m not sure, I did not play lineage or wow. Bur seems interesting, it is free03:35
tilmanschniggie: have someone else help you03:35
pitilloschniggie, try to run manually the scripts (mkfontdir, if I am not in wrong, under the fonts directories)03:37
RyoSschniggie: have you reinstalled all the packages needed for fonts manually? mkfontdir, all the fonts and so on?03:39
schniggieRyoS: yes03:43
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pitilloschniggie, did you try to run them manually?03:49
schniggiei did mkfontdir /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc and mkfontscale03:50
schniggiestill same error03:50
tilmancheck your fontpaths in /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:50
pitilloschniggie, did you follow the instructions of the doc at Take a look to fonts.conf too.03:52
tilmanfonts.conf/fontconfig has NOTHING to do with x core fonts03:54
pitilloschniggie, then dont take a look to it....03:57
schniggiehehe but i did it too03:57
tilmanwc -l /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.alias03:57
schniggietilman: 7704:01
tilmanlooks like your font path entries are fucked04:02
schniggiein my xorg.conf04:03
schniggieok wait i upload my xorg.conf04:03
schniggietried to remove the slash at the end but no positiv result04:10
schniggielalal :)04:49
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guaquai'm attempting to install crux into Xen domU06:27
guaquais there any way to set correct paths for setup?06:28
guaquaset the it's installing06:30
guaquawell, it could be patched in a way that you could give it the path to mounted cdrom as an argument06:35
Romsteryou can06:38
Romsterguaqua, root=/dev/hdd etc06:38
Romsteror was it boot=06:38
Romsteri forget now its in there when you press F1 or tab iirc06:39
guaquai didn't boot from the cd06:39
guaquabut mounted the iso image in the vm06:39
Romsteryeah so the device in the vm will be hdc still06:41
Romsterbut can be changed when you boot the crux cd...06:41
guaquai never boot the crux cd06:43
guaquawhen you find a way to boot the crux image in a xen vm, tell me06:44
Romsteronly ever used qemu06:46
guaquaif someone has an image of the hard drive, i'd appreciate one06:46
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Romsterguaqua, what are you trying to test?06:47
guaquatrying to get crux running in domU06:48
guaquanot testing anything06:48
Romsterbut why?06:49
guaquawell, why do you use computer at all?06:49
Romsterheh i dunno a domU06:49
guaquado you know what it means?06:50
Romsteri use ibm clones06:50
guaquadomU is xen term for a virtual machine06:50
guaquathere's dom0, and then there's domU06:50
Romsterah ok06:50
Romsterthought it be more exotic like sparc or something06:52
guaquanah, pure i38606:53
Romsteranyways i'll google but atm i'm eating lamb chops and there a bit greasy06:53
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guaquait says qemu images can be used for the initialization of xen domains07:02
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schniggieRomster: can you maybe help with with xorg7.2 ?07:07
Romsterya i can try07:08
Romsterwhats the problem07:08
Romsterbbs finishing off dinner and grabing a coffee07:10
schniggieyesterday i updated to xorg7.2 before i used 6.907:12
schniggienow when i start i get "could not open default font 'fixed'"07:13
Romsterdid u read the xorg wiki?07:13
schniggie <-- here is my config07:13
Romsterah that07:13
schniggiefontpath is correct misc fonts ( conatining fixed ) is installed07:13
Romsterhelp ya soon u didn't run --install-scripts?07:13
schniggiesure, runscript yes is in prt-get.conf07:13
Romsterneed a coffee first07:14
schniggiei checked the post-install scripts07:14
schniggiei did mkfontdir and mkfontscale manually too07:14
pitillotry to go to the path and exec there mkfontdir, instead of mkdfontdir path. Or did you try it too?07:16
schniggieno result07:18
Romsterschniggie, did you remove all traces of 6.8?07:19
pitilloand adding some font¿07:19
Romsterthe X11r6 out of PATH07:19
pitillowich one?07:19
schniggieand fixed is in misc07:19
schniggieyes X11R6 is out of and out of /etc/fonts/fonts.conf07:20
schniggieadded the fonts described on the crux doc page07:21
schniggieis there a script to update fonts.alias ?07:21
Romsterand you ran prt-get depinst xorg --install-scripts07:21
schniggiewhen i do mkfontdir and mkfontscale ... only font.dir and font.scale is updated07:22
schniggieRomster: nope but i have runscripts yes in prt-get conf07:22
Romsterwhen you install fonts you need to run there post-install scripts too07:22
schniggieand i checked all xorg packges for post install files, and checked all07:22
schniggieonly some ports LIKE the fonts have post install script07:23
pitilloschniggie, wich fonts have you got installed?07:26
schniggiethe fonts listed at xorg7 howto07:27
schniggieand fixed is inside misc font package07:27
Romsterschniggie, preaty sure you don't need Section "DRI", mode 0666 is taken care of in udev07:29
Romsterhmm, trying to find that fix for that07:29
schniggieok but thats not the problem :)07:29
Romsterschniggie, can ya pastebin the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file?07:30
pitillowich wm are you using?07:30
Romsterschniggie, no but not needed.07:30
schniggiepitillo: currently my xinitrc is complete empty07:31
schniggieRomster: wait07:32
pitillohow do you start the server?07:33
pitillodid you try to run it with X?07:33
Romsterpitillo, i use startx it works fine that way07:33
Romsterschniggie, did you add truetype?07:43
Romster(WW) The directory "/usr/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType/" does not exist.07:43
schniggiecorrect isn' installed07:44
schniggiewait i remove the line07:44
schniggieok same error without the little error above ;)07:44
schniggiestill fixed fucking font could not be loaded07:45
Romsterhmm forgot what package does truetype now...07:46
tilmangrep fixed /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.alias07:46
tilmanegrep ^fixed ... maybe07:47
tilmandoes the referenced font show up in fonts.dir?07:47
tilmanwc -l fonts.dir, too07:47
schniggiegrep fixed /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.alias results in a huge output ;)07:48
tilman(14:47) <@   tilman> egrep ^fixed ... maybe07:48
schniggieegrep ^fixed /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/ is empty07:49
schniggiewait i upload the fonts.alias07:49
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Romsterschniggie, if you installed xorg-font-misc-misc and and ran its postinstall that would be fixed.07:52
tilmandon't fucking upload it07:53
tilmanjust answer the question07:53
schniggiewhich question now ;)07:54
schniggieegrep ^fixed gives no output07:54
tilmani will not spoonfeed all that stuff to you07:54
tilmansure it does07:55
tilmantilman@hammerfest [/tmp] > egrep ^fixed fonts.alias07:55
tilmanfixed        -misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed--13-120-75-75-c-60-iso8859-107:55
tilmantilman@hammerfest [/tmp] >07:55
schniggieok sry07:55
schniggiewc -l /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.dir07:57
schniggie9 /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.dir07:57
tilmanseems wrong07:57
tilmanupload fonts.dir07:57
tilmanthat's clearly borked07:59
tilmanthere's no 'fixed' anything listed in there08:00
schniggieok should i do mkfontdir again ?08:02
schniggieok still same small file08:03
tilmanhow many files are in the directory?08:03
schniggiethe most are only 20bytes is this okay ?08:05
tilmando you happen to have a crappy libfreetype in / or /lib?08:06
schniggieshould i remove the libfreetype08:15
tilmantry reinstalling freetype08:15
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guaquawhere would i get mkinitrd-command?08:33
tilmanschniggie: if that doesn't help, it looks like you need to whack at mkfontdir in a debugger08:34
schniggietilman: yeappi ;)08:36
schniggierecompiled libfreetype and font-misc and now the error is away08:37
guaquaany ideas on mkinitrd? :/08:37
schniggienow i get FreeFontPath: FPE "/usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/" refcount is 2, should be 1; fixing.08:37
schniggielet'S google08:38
Romsterrefcount is 2, should be 1; fixing. < had that for ages never bothered to fix it..08:38
Romsteronly a warning.08:38
tilmanwhy bother, it fixed itself08:38
schniggieah ;)08:38
schniggieshort coffee break then leT+08:39
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j^2_hey all08:49
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guaquaRomster: any ideas on the mkinitrd?08:52
Romsterguaqua, on how to make one?08:53
guaquai just need to get the program itself :)08:54
Romsteri'd ask jaeger hes been messing with it.08:54
guaquai have no idea where to get it08:54
Romstergood point prt-get search dosn't find it hmm08:55
Romsteri belave its called mkinitramfs now08:57
guaquacommand not found08:59
Romsterguess no one has ported it yet?
guaquai'd just need a binary08:59
Romsterhrmm i'll make a port i may use that09:00
jaegerI just use gen_init_cpio or whatever it's called09:09
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Romsterguaqua, arge i keep typing qu <tab> instead of gu <tab> irs in my repo now 'Romster'09:24
guaquai'll take a look09:27
Romsterbeen meaning to mess with that myself09:27
Romsterhah nice one j^209:38
j^2gotta love being bored at work waiting for ubuntu to install09:38
Romsterdarn paperclip ascii clippy :P09:38
guaquahow does /dev/sda1 translate to grub?09:39
Romsterhdd(0,1) i think?09:40
guaqua0,1? not 0,0?09:40
Romstermaybe not hdd?09:40
Romsterno there is no 0 partiton09:40
guaquaweirdo grub09:40
Romsterpartiton starts at 1,409:40
Romsternar werido bios09:40
Romsterfist hdd is 0, first partiton is 109:41
Romsternot sure what the start is google grub config :)09:41
Romsterwhy use grub i find lilo is fine.09:41
guaquai avoid grub at all costs :)09:42
Romsterjust don't forget to /sbin/lilo after a change hehe09:42
Romsterlilo -R CRUX-newrkernel :P i like that feature when ya testing a new kernel.09:42
Romsterif it fails just reboot :D and it goes back to the origional one09:42
guaquaVFS: Cannot open root device "(0,1)" or unknown-block(0,0)09:42
guaquaPlease append a correct "root=" boot option09:42
guaquaKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)09:42
guaqua:( :( :(09:43
jaegergrub's devices are 0-origin09:44
Romsterroot (hd0,0)09:44
jaeger(hd0,0) is hda1/sda109:44
guaquacould it be that this sucker of a kernel doesn't have scsi09:44
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Romsterbut thats just stupid as bios starts at 1 hda1 not 0 so why does grub use 0 for the first partition....09:44
jaegerfeel free to complain to the authors :)09:45
Romsterin actuall fact the bios should start at 0 and remove the 4 primary partiton limit and abolish logical/extended parttions09:45
tilmangrub is correct09:45
tilman0 is the first natural(?) number, at least in computer science ;)09:46
Romsterthen everyone should be using hda0 for the first partition...09:46
Romsterfdisk says 1-409:46
Romsternot 0-309:46
guaquajust needed the ramdisk to recognize09:47
tilmanblame fdisk then09:47
Romsternot a major problem jsut one of those anoyances, tahts never been corected yet.09:47
guaquai got a working crux installation09:48
guaquawith a shitload of errors though, but still09:48
guaquaRomster: # Depends on: libbash09:50
guaquawhere can i get this?09:50
thrice`prt-get search libbash09:51
thrice`er, shoulda checked - that returns nothing :)09:51
guaquano matching packages found09:51
Romsterin the same repo of course09:52
thrice`what is that for ?09:52
Romsteroh libbash09:52
thrice`according the portdb, no repo contains libbash09:53
Romsterit says int he description09:53
Romsterits in my repo09:53
Romsteri freashly added it.09:53
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Romsterso maybe it hasn't shown up hrmm my index file wheredid it go... prologic had some damage when he had a power surge after a blackout its messed hes network up desktop and data out, he should of been up by now...09:56
Romsterah there it is i was looking in the wrong spot hmm09:57
guaquait is there09:57
Romsteri was looking in crux/ and not in crux/ports09:57
Romster<- idiot09:58
Romsteri should do soemthing about that...09:58
guaquawell, i have to say10:00
guaquainstalling crux to domU in xen wasn't too hard10:00
guaquaonce again, the kiss-method has paid off10:00
Romstershould write a wiki page on the crux site if you feel the need too :)10:02
Romsteri should put up some stuff i've done myself.10:02
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guaquawhen i get it running10:07
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j^2anyone have experiance with zimbra?10:11
guaquaprintk: 11245 messages suppressed.10:12
guaqua4gb seg fixup, process bash (pid 950), cs:ip 73:b7e871d510:12
guaquai'm seeing this kinda stuff in dmesg10:12
guaquawhat do you get from it?10:12
Romsteri dunno someone here may know or ask in #linuxhelp10:13
j^2guaqua: bash is breaking?10:14
guaquaglib problem i think10:14
j^2and how much ram do you have?10:14
guaquawhole machine 640M10:14
guaquathat domain 256M10:14
j^2i wonder what the 4gb means then10:15
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guaquaj^2, Romster: that is a libc issue10:24
Romsteroh odd..10:25
Romsteri've not seen that10:25
guaquait's related to xen10:26
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Romsterah k10:38
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AkiraYukigood night19:45
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