IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-03-10

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Romsteragh tilman i have that screen blaning problem again, maybe it happen after i lock my session and unlock it later... haven't confirmed that but i think that may be it..03:34
Romsterok xset -q says its my screensaver doing that, i did not touch my screensaver settings nor have a screensaver on...03:36
RomsterScreen Saver:03:36
Romster  prefer blanking:  yes    allow exposures:  yes03:36
Romster  timeout:  70    cycle:  60003:36
Romsterok i turned it off xset s off03:39
Romsterbut what turned it on i dunno..03:39
tilmanx turned it on03:57
tilmanit's enabled by default03:57
Romsterapparently, think its only when i lock and unlock my X session, that that happens though04:05
Romstermaybe a KDE issue.04:05
tilmanwhat's the problem about it again?04:06
Romsterafter 70 second it blanks the screen04:06
Romsterbut it only does that after i lock and unlock the kde session.04:06
Romsteri have the screen saver off by default oviously its a kde issue?04:07
Romsterand nothing wrong with xorg04:07
tilmanwell o_O04:08
tilmando you set BlankTime in xorg.conf?04:08
tilmanthe default is 10 minutes04:08
tilmanso these 70 seconds have got to come somewhere ;)04:08
tilmanmaybe you call xset in your xinitrc or something04:08
Romsteri haven't got any settings for screensaver  in my xorg.conf04:09
Romsterhmm i'll look into that.04:09
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tilmantreach: working okay?05:46
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treachyeah, so far.05:51
treachhmm? lists as latest stable again..05:54
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tilmani just checked 5 minutes ago and it said .2 O_o05:55
tilmanor maybe i didn't read correctly ;)05:55
treachhm wtf is going on? It was .2 yesterday, and I'm running it on my desktop. :/05:58
treachpatch was 38k, and today acts like it never was. :/05:58
treachit's still available here if someone feels like calling me a liar..06:02
treachbut I got it from yesterday.06:02
onestep"The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is:"06:03
onesteptaken from now06:03
treachhmm.. wtf?06:03
onesteptreach: maybe the page is cached on your side?06:04
* onestep is gonna try new cairo06:04
treachonestep, I actually think their frontpages exist in multiple instances..06:04
tilmanwe don't have 'finger' in ports?06:05
* treach tries searching and then realizes he's in front of a debian box :-/06:05
onestepwe still don't have cairo 1.4.0 in opt? :(06:07
onestep"image-rgba long-lines-uncropped-100 479.64 -> 4.98: 96.24x speedup"06:08
onestepnice :)06:08
treachonestep, something is borked at, if you go straight to their ftp, you'll find .2.06:08
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treachdeus_ex_, I suspect some kind of round-robin error.06:42
guaqua /init: line 32: /etc/udev/udev.functions: No such file or directory06:44
guaqua /init: line 137: trigger_device_events: command not found06:44
guaquai guess i need udev in the ramfs06:45
deus_ex_treach: it's possible, it took few times to actually get the patch, insted of full tarball06:45
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testorsup all07:54
testorcan i install KDE after the crx installation?07:54
marofedora is pretty nice on my laptop :)07:55
jkrHehe, did you install from DVD?07:56
maroversion 6.9107:56
testori will try07:56
jkrThere's a funny phenomenon where it doesn't install from DVD correctly if you burned the DVD too fast07:57
marothis was at 16x on verbatim media using a liteon burner07:57
marosounds weird though07:57
jkrI was actually rolling on the floor laughing when that Fedora maintainer guy in #fedora suggested burning it again with less speed07:58
jkrBut it actually worked then07:58
testoru should burn cds in slow speed07:58
jkrI tried Maxell and Octron dvd-rs07:59
jkrIt finally worked with a maxell dvd+rw burned with double speed07:59
marojkr: probably a general issue (not related to the fedora iso's)07:59
testorya it general issue08:00
jkrI think it's something with that isolinux cd boot loader08:00
testorit is in burning cds and dvs anywa08:00
testorit is in burning cds and dvs anyway *08:00
jkrNever happened to me before, and I burned a LOT of linux dvds08:00
jkrAnd even more linux cds :)08:00
* deus_ex_ will test the update to xorg-7.2 from within 6.908:02
deus_ex_what could possibly go wrong ;) ?08:02
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tilmanpeople should start blogging about crux08:24
tilmanso we can have!08:24
* rxi stabs tilman 08:25
deus_ex_nope, it will not work, xorg-xproto conflicts with files from /usr/include/X11, which is a symlink from X11R6/include/X11.08:28
tilmandear user,08:29
deus_ex_I guess I'll have to pkgrm x11 before this.08:29
tilmanas the FM says08:29
deus_ex_tilman: I did, it does say that update from running session is not tested, so I wanted to test it.08:30
tilmandeus_ex_: mmh08:32
tilmanthe 4th paragraph says to pkgrm x1108:32
* deus_ex_ reads again08:33
deus_ex_You are right, of course.08:34
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treachthat sounds like a difficult proposition.08:36
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tilmanRomster: your fftw port seems a bit funky. why do you mess with the cflags?09:29
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JKnifetilman: maybe he changed them because it wouldn't build with certin flags?09:50
JKnifejust a guess09:50
JKnifeis glade-- in libglademm?09:57
surroundertilman: owww, messing with cflags is teh 1337, don;t you understand that? ;)10:00
* surrounder runs10:00
jjpkUp next, the wrath of tilman.10:01
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clarehi folks; Is there a way to draw freehand on a screenshot? (circles, arrows to point out parts as documentation?10:05
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* JKnife hands clare xpaint, or the gimp10:06
jkrHrhr, xpaint :D10:06
jjpkclare: try gimp.10:06
JKnifejkr: he said freehand XD10:07
clareThanks - I will try it tomorrow. Goodnight.10:07
JKnifeset it up to install over night10:07
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jkrI think I've asked this before, but does anyone have autocompletion scripts for the prt-get/pkg-tools for ZSH?10:09
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rehabdollopenssh 4.6p1 \o/11:10
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saereis 'make DESTDIR=blah install' always supported, or should I configure with a prefix generally?11:19
jaegervery often you should do both11:20
saereshould I just check the given intall script, and see if it references DESTDIR?11:20
jaegerdepends on the build system/makefile11:20
saereboth, alright then :)11:20
tilmanyou usually need to set prefix, cause the default prefix is /usr/local in most cases11:20
jaegerusually, specifying --prefix=/usr, for example, at least with automake, causes prefix to be installed under DESTDIR when the final make install is run11:20
jaegerthink of prefix as system location, DESTDIR as temporary package root or something11:21
saereah, I see, they actually serve separate functions....11:22
jaeger*usually* :)11:22
jaegerit's not a 100% thing, depends on the author/package11:22
jaegerbut most often works for autotools-type stuff11:22
jaegerfakeroot is a fantastic tool for checking11:23
saereshall take a look at that, I'm not familiar11:23
saerethanks for the php5-cgi port by the way :)11:23
jaegernp :)11:23
saereI'm confusing myself with this makefile11:25
saereAh, there we are11:27
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sys0110sup all11:29
sys0110when i try to install CRUX11:30
sys0110it says error in mounting the root11:30
sys0110or something like that111:30
saereat what point?11:30
sys0110before the install begin11:31
jaegerwhen you ask for help, it's good to have the exact error message handy, as it can be hard to troubleshoot without it11:31
jaegerwhen you boot the CD?11:31
sys0110after i pressenter11:31
jaegerwhere is your cdrom drive in the device chain?11:31
jaegerwhat kind of drive is it?11:31
jaegerIDE, SATA?11:31
jaegerok. primary or secondary ide controller11:32
jaegermaster on the secondary controller?11:33
sys0110secondary master11:34
jaegerhrmm... that should be fine, then. might need you to get the exact error message11:34
jaegersecondary master on an ide chain should be hdc, which is the default root for the boot CD11:34
sys0110ummm , wait i will check the md511:36
Romsteryeah some install regardless so beware.11:40
Romsterem home and drunk :P11:41
treachyou mean there's a difference? :>11:41
jjpkPiece of advice, step away from the keyboard.11:41
tilmandon't listen to jjpk11:41
tilmanpunch in random stuff!11:41
tilmanand post the results!11:41
tilmani'm bored!11:41
Romsterwill look into why i edited cflags on fftw later tilman, after i have slepeet11:42
Romsterjjpk, lol11:43
jaegerhow odd; my UPS just put my windows box into standby mode on full power, with a critical battery warning11:45
jaegernow it seems fine :P11:45
guaquacrux <311:46
saereit seems that everything is atleast a few years gold11:46
saereold, even11:46
guaquathe same tcl-package still works. i once built it for 2.0 .)11:46
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tilmandockapps were popular in the 90s11:46
treachmmh, apparently wmaker has lost some of its former glory. :>11:46
saereI'm trying to find a simple battery monitor that actually works properly in full11:47
treachnow everyone oohs and ahhs beryl/compiz instead. :D11:47
saereso far wmacpiload seems to be at the top11:47
tilmansaere: there's this torsmo fork11:47
tilmani forgot the same11:48
treachsaere: fancy hw accelerated 3d wms.11:48
saeretilman: ah, I wasn't aware )11:48
tilmansaere: then there's gkrellm11:48
saeretilman: I like my nice, clean and simple wmaker... it does the trick )11:48
tilmana relic of the early 00s ;)11:48
treachconky doesn't play nice here. :-/11:49
tilmanwmaker is an ugly bitch11:49
tilmanopenbox ftw11:49
tilmanopenbox's original developer has returneth btw11:49
treachconky makes X consume ridicolus amounts of cpu here, no idea why.11:49
tilmanso there's some real developing going on again :D11:49
treachtilman: maybe he can make it useable again then. ;)11:49
tilmantreach: mmh. i don't run it myself. i tried it when i needed a fan monitor, but couldn't get that to work anyway11:50
tilmanacpi/stuff seems to be a bit weird for my mobo11:50
treachok, I see.11:50
treachwmaker may take som tweaking to get nice looking, but at least it's reliable. ;)11:52
saereindeed, nothing if not stable11:52
treachIn a positive way, specifically. :D11:52
saerenot very resource hungry either, which I like on this lappyt11:52
saerelappy rather11:52
jaegerI like to run beryl on my laptop because people see it and go "oooh, pretty"11:54
* treach runs ratpoison on his laptop.11:54
jaegernot much reason other than that, hehe11:54
treachI run ratpoison because it makes people look and say "ooh, scary". :D11:54
treachwell, only partly. ;)11:55
saereone that actually works, cheers, wmpower11:55
jjpkI don't pick my wm based on how others will see it.11:55
jaeger <-- most recent of my shots, shows the fun blur effect11:55
jjpkI pick mine based on whether it does what I need it to. ;)11:55
jaegernor do I, really. I'll admit I like beryl quite a bit11:55
jaegermost of its features are purely eye candy but I can run it, so that's fine11:56
treachjjpk: not me either, but it's a plus if it scares co-workers to leave it alone. :D11:56
saereThat's a rather nice display11:56
jjpkUsually works nicely if you have a terminal window maximized.11:56
jjpkWTF IS THAT?!?! zomg11:57
tilmanwheres the start button!?!?!?!11:57
jjpktilman: exactly haha11:57
jaegertop left, the foot :)11:57
tilmani mean in ratpoison!11:57
jaegergo ahead, hate on gnome all you want, I'm still gonna use it11:57
jaegerah, it's hidden off-screen11:57
tilmanwe're not making fun of gnome jjpk11:57
jaegertypo in the source11:58
jaegerI could send you a patch if you like :)11:58
* jaeger ducks11:58
treachtilman: who needs to make fun of gnome?11:58
tilmanthat's what the _coworker_ would say, man11:58
treachthey take care of that just fine themselves. :D11:58
jaegerno one needs to, lots of people do it anyway11:58
jaegerthe gnome people really need to hire some usability people... separate them from the programmers11:59
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treachand over everything else, don't do *all* your farking useability studies on complete computer illiterates..12:01
guaquagnome is horror. i don't get stuff done with it.12:01
treach"I use gnome to get real work done", "I'm not interested in fiddling with my computer, I just want to get stuff done"12:02
saereI think I might write my own dockapp for this purpose..12:03
saereThose that work also try to manage cpu scaling, and those that don't try to manage cpu scaling don't work.12:03
treachguaqua: it's very common comments from gnome users, you just provided the perfect parody I think. :)12:04
guaquawell i mean, everything's hidden in gnome :)12:04
treachif it even exists.12:04
tilmanand gconf == windows registry!! ;)12:04
tilmandid miguel invent gconf btw?12:05
treachno, ms did. :)12:05
guaquaand yet again, i like my kde :)12:05
treachmiguel just ported it to gnome :)12:05
surroundertsk, beryl--12:06
surroundernothing like dockapps12:06
surrounderwmhdplop is so great12:06
jaegerI don't find gnome detrimental to productivity... I mostly work in terminal windows anyway12:06
surroundermade a lot of my classmate drewl12:06
* surrounder too12:07
surrounderthats why I love my fvwm config with a crapload of keybindings12:07
surrounderworks great for me :)12:07
guaquaterminal yeah. but i also like tabbing in my terminals :)12:07
surrounderand it can look shiney with xcompmgr12:07
treachjaeger: I guess it's depending on what you do. Linus found it higly limiting wrt printing iirc. :)12:07
treachsurrounder: nice setup you have over there btw. :)12:07
jaegerit's a classic "to each his own" setup, in the end :)12:08
surroundertreach: thank you :)12:08
jaegerI haven't had any trouble printing with it but then again, I don't do anything unusual, just documents12:08
surrounderI really love the choices in OSS12:08
surrounderto each his own12:08
surrounderatm I'm on a laptop of a friend of mine running gnome on gentoo and still I can work with it (Y)12:09
jaegerI really also like evilwm a lot, ironically :)12:09
treachheh, I thought you prefered twm ;)12:09
surrounderI like fvwm and openbox and pekwm12:10
surrounderand sawfish seems interesting too although I never toyed with it a lot12:10
treachopenbox=reliably unreliable. :/12:10
surrounderkinda happy with my fvwm config12:10
surroundertreach: hmm got a point there12:10
jaegerI like to joke about preferring twm because that dual-head twm screenshot makes me laugh... but I hate using it12:10
tilmantreach: ???12:10
surroundervtwm and ctwm can be nice though12:10
treachtilman: have you stopped playing with sysrq to keep things afloat?12:11
tilmantreach: that bug has been fixed recently12:11
surrounderand I have to admit, I really love the EFL also12:11
jaegerin all, I use evilwm, blackbox, and metacity/beryl... played with xfce but didn't gain anything from it12:11
tilmantreach: it didn't happen very often lately anyway12:11
surroundera little shiney but it's really fast12:11
jaegerand e17 every now and then12:11
treachtilman: well, I guess it hasn't trickled down to debian testing yet then.12:11
tilmantoo bad EFL is maintained by confused people12:12
surrounderfvwm with some EFL apps are nice12:12
treachit hung as late as yesterday for me there.12:12
treach(ob that is)12:12
surroundertilman: why is that ?12:12
tilmantreach: i'll ask when 4.4 is due. otherwise i might patch opt/openbox12:13
treachtilman: that would probably be nice, but note, as I said above it was in debian testing.12:14
treachI don't use ob currently on crux.12:14
surrounderwell, time for partying12:14
surroundertalk to you later people!12:14
tilmantreach: "days or weeks maybe" they say!! ;)12:15
tilmansurrounder: ecore is full of crap eg12:15
tilmanall they care about is e1712:15
treachheh, sounds like 2.3 :D12:15
tilmanwhich sucks12:15
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guaquabtw, there's a slight typo/bug in the opt/apache port12:16
guaquadescription says 2.0.x and the real version is 2.2.412:16
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sys0110hey iam back13:00
sys0110so i made root=/dev/hdb13:01
sys0110but it gave me an eroor13:01
sys0110error *13:02
sys0110hey if iam working from the Virtual machine13:02
sys0110which is the chain ?13:03
sys0110any help?13:03
sys0110iam on the root13:03
sys0110what then?13:03
guaquayou go figure it out by yourself13:06
guaquafollow the handbook13:06
sys0110i already did13:06
sys0110its 19 steps only :P13:07
sys0110i just coulding find the manual13:07
sys0110i will install it13:07
sys0110c ya13:07
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jjpkSomething tells me it is very unclear ;)13:08
guaquahow do i change the default system locale?13:08
guaquai'm trying to switch globally to utf8 and bash is givine me gray hairs13:08
jjpkguaqua: edit /etc/profile or edit your local shell .rc file.13:08
guaquayes, but what exactly should i put into /etc/profile13:09
guaquahave tried these: export LOCALE="fi_FI@euro", export LC_CTYPE="fi_FI@euro", export CHARSET="UTF-8"13:10
jjpkI am quite sure that the @euro automagically sets charmap as iso-8859-15.13:11
guaquaso fi_FI is lost case and generally useless13:11
jjpkI think it is enough to export LC_ALL="fi_FI.utf8"13:11
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jjpkNot a lost cause, fi_FI and fi_FI@euro are iso-8859-* based ;)13:12
guaquawell i don't want iso*13:12
guaquaadded en_US.utf8 for both of those and it seems to work13:14
guaquathough vim still doesn't recognize stuff right13:14
guaquaor it may actually recognize, but my terminal shows it wrong for some reason13:15
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > grep termenc .vimrc13:15
tilmanset termencoding=utf-813:15
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >13:15
tilmancheck whether it recognizes the file encoding correctly:13:16
tilmanset fileencoding?13:16
guaquasettermencoding did the trick13:19
guaquabut bash is still forked :F13:19
tilmanforked how?13:20
guaquawhen i type äöäöä there and press backspace it deletes more than the characters i wrote13:20
guaquahmm, this is only through su13:20
tilmandid you tell su to give you a clean environment?13:21
tilmanthen you probably need to set LC_CTYPE again13:21
tilmanjust a guess though13:21
guaquanow it started working13:22
guaquathanks :)13:22
guaquahow do you know you've used to much vim?13:26
guaquayou start to try :q insted of cd ..13:27
tilmanalias ..='cd ..'13:27
tilmanalias ...='cd ../..'13:27
tilmanbest aliases ever13:27
tilmanwish i got them earlier13:27
*** deus_ex has joined #crux13:28
deus_exupgrade to xorg-7.2 was smooth :)13:33
deus_extilman: hardest part was picking which libs/apps/utils/drivers to install after core xorg and fonts ;)13:38
JKnifeyou should know your hardware then XD13:39
treachguaqua: "alias cd .. = exit" maybe,if you want the :q equivalent. :P13:42
treachNote: this could be annoying. ;)13:43
deus_exnv driver works better with my GeForce4 than nvidia-legacy(9631) one.13:43
JKnifei use the 96xx because i use compiz XD13:43
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deus_extilman: 'hardest' in a  'I have no idea what this is for' sense, like e.g xorg-libwindowswm.xorg-{input, video} were easy enough to pick, because14:19
deus_exI know what hardware I have.14:20
tilman"prt-get depinst xorg" will pick all the libs you need14:20
tilmanso afterwards, you just need mouse/keyboard/video driver14:20
deus_exand fonts :)14:21
deus_exgreat work with the xorg repo, btw :D14:23
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CRUXmanhey all15:17
CRUXmanafter i install CRUX linux15:17
CRUXmanand iam configuring the kernel15:17
*** CRUXman2 has joined #CRUX15:20
CRUXman2iam back15:20
CRUXman2so any 1 wanna help?15:20
tilmani don't think your question got trough15:20
CRUXman2aftwe i make #make menuconfig15:21
CRUXman2after i make #make menuconfig ***15:21
CRUXman2and finsih the kernel setup15:21
CRUXman2i should save the setting right?15:21
tilmanyes :)15:21
CRUXman2when i try to save it it say15:21
CRUXman2type the name to save the file15:22
CRUXman2like .config !?!??!15:22
CRUXman2do u get it?15:22
rehabdollyou dont have to specify save settings from the menu, but you must save the conf when menuconfig asks you about it when you quit15:22
tilmanoh, yes15:22
CRUXman2then what name should i write15:23
rehabdollnothing, you wont be prompted for a name when you quit menuconfig15:23
CRUXman2i must type a name15:24
rehabdollonly when selecting "save config... blabla" from the menu15:24
CRUXman2it says u must specify a name15:24
CRUXman2or if u left it .conf it will be noe saved !15:24
CRUXman2some thing like that15:24
rehabdollwell i suggest you google for a newbie guide to building a kernel for the first time15:25
CRUXman2i built it b4 in Gentoo15:25
rehabdollyou obviously forgot how :)15:25
CRUXman2and it just saved its self into menuconfig.conf15:25
CRUXman2not like that15:25
tilmanin the main menu:15:26
tilmanhit the arrow->right key15:26
tilman"Exit" is now highlighted15:26
tilmanhit enter15:26
tilmanno questions asked15:26
CRUXman2i will try 1 sec15:27
tilmanthough i didn't change anything either :D15:27
CRUXman2i wanna kill myself15:28
CRUXman2i wa trying to make alternate file15:28
CRUXman2iam not in the mod today :|15:28
*** CRUXman has quit IRC15:29
tilmanhe's typing worse than the drunk aussie15:29
jjpkwhat do you mean drunk? :D :D15:31
jjpkHe appears sober most of the time anyway.15:31
tilmanhe came in earlier and said he was drunk15:32
aoneverything's well when the sober people appear drunk and the drunks appear sober15:32
tilmandidn't want to hilight him now15:32
jjpkUnless this was an exceptional announcement of everyday business.15:32
tilmanotherwise he'll start a discussion again :D15:32
aonah yes, it seems he did indeed15:32
jjpkunlikely, a good ole hangover will keep that short.15:32
aonthat doesn't always happen, though15:33
treachI think he's always drunk. You can't spell that bad and be as incoherent as he is and still be sober.15:34
tilman<3 treach15:34
aonactually he seemed to spell the announcement about drunkenness quite well15:34
aononly one word was misspelt15:34
jjpkI will retract my statement, get back to the keyboard NOW15:35
*** debian4alexej has joined #crux15:38
*** debian4alexej is now known as AV161115:39
tilmanhello debian person15:39
AV1611nice to meet15:40
rehabdolldebian is cool, a friend of mine tried to install it on modern hardware today. he gave up when the fancy 2.4 kernel wouldnt find his hardware :)15:40
aon'linux26' in the installer15:42
treachor "install" if you use one of the "testing" install isos..15:42
aonor something, i dun' remember15:42
aoni fail computers15:42
AV1611well, there could be many issues...15:42
AV1611at the old 24 kernel15:43
AV1611kernel 2.6.latest is a solution many times...15:43
rehabdollhe said he got a kernel panic when trying to boot the 2.6..15:43
AV1611at the install stage?15:44
rehabdolli dont know15:44
rehabdollto be honest i didnt really care that much :)15:44
treachahem. aren't you gentlemen in the wrong channel? ;)15:44
tilmanyou just nodded and said "aha. mmh-mmh" when he whined about it? :P15:45 least if its was with sarge, you can advise him to try the latest etch, or *buntu15:45
AV1611work great, as for me15:45
aonor he could switch to older hardware15:45
AV1611(not for the flame sake)15:45
rehabdollpretty much, yeah15:45
aontreach: there seems to be a need for #crux-other-distros15:45
tilmanswitch to older hw15:46
jjpkThe solution to everything isn't it.15:51
*** CRUXman2 has quit IRC15:56
aoni'd imagine it cures a lot of hardware problems15:57
AV1611sometimes knoppix* is a solution - you can find out a lot of things of the linux compatibility of your hw...15:58
*** AV1611 has quit IRC16:16
*** caro has joined #crux16:46
carowhat is the version of xorg in crux ports, please ?16:52
tilmancaro: latest stable16:53
treach"Merry Christmas"?16:53
carook, so 7.216:53
tilmantreach: i know caro. he's contributing to e16:53
treachwell, what version is in 2.2 opt? Isn't that 6.9 or something?16:54
tilmanwell yes16:54
tilmanbut that's technical reasons16:54
treachcaro: tilman maintains a separate repo with latest stable.16:55
carothere is no version number in ports (
JKnifewhich runs just fine here16:55
JKnifecaro: look at the Pkgfile16:55
carothat's why I ask16:55
treachtilman: yeah, I got that. I was just getting at the point that the question is a bit open.16:55
treachcaro: just go for the xorg repo.16:56
JKnifeone sec..16:56
treachjust don't ask about not being able to find some misc font ;)16:56
caroI don't find the gothica-12 font, is it normal ? :)16:57
JKnifeit the version numbers16:57
carotilman: but ? but ? i don't see any e port !!16:58
carowas passiert ?16:58
treachnobody uses e16, and cvs-port is frowned at.16:58
JKnifeand the trays suck -_-16:59
caroi should have known. You said that ports are those of releases only17:00
carolast question: does crux provide bin / libs that are fast, compared to common distro (mandriva, ubuntu, debian, etc...) ?17:03
jjpkcrux is not a binary distribution, you compile your software from ports.17:05
jkrYou can set "optimized" compile flags in prt-get.conf like in gentoo17:05
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC17:06
jkrSo your binaries might be faster, if you set the flags properly :)17:06
guaqua*/5 * * * * in cron means every five minutes, right?17:15
carojust one thing. According to the pkgfile of gstreamer, the dependnecies are given by : # Depends on: glib, libxml217:15
carobut gstreamer also depends on liboil17:15
tilmanis liboil mandatory?17:16
tilmanit could be a bug in the gstreamer port though17:16
caroafaik, yes17:17
jkrguaqua: Right17:18
carotilman: in fact, it's gst-plugins-base17:22
carotilman: and it's in the dependancies17:22
caroso there's no error17:22
carotilman: in case it interest you, I think I'll finish to port ecore_x to xcb in 1 week17:25
caroi keep the same api, I just add some functions that send requests and get replies17:25
tilmancan't you just remove the current api and force raster to rewrite e17? :P17:26
caroi tried, but he does not want :)17:27
caroI really tried :)17:28
caroI'll also write a real ecore_xcb17:29
caronot a bastard one based on the awful api of xlib17:29
carofyi, over ssh, ecore_x init is about 6 s., ecore_xcb init is about 1 s.17:31
carolocally, it's 1s vs 0.2s17:31
carohmm maybe not 1s17:32
caro0.1 vs 0.0217:32
* JKnife wonders how many times raster HAS rewritten e17 on his local pc17:32
treachheh, you can tell gstreamer is made for gnome, spaghetti deps to match. :)17:41
guaquaany ideas why my cron script doesn't do anything17:52
guaquaand when i run the same thing by hand it works17:52
guaquait adds certain interfaces to a bridge every 5 minutes17:52
guaquapath problem, brctl not found18:00
tilmancaro: so, you want to switch to crux or what?18:02
carotilman: I'm wondering18:04
caroi don't like the main distros (mandriva, debian, gentoo, ubuntu or fedora)18:05
tilmanit's a nice distro for developing imo18:05
tilman+ you usually get the latest stable stuff in a timely fashion :D18:05
carosourcemage and crux are 2 source-based distro, which is certainly what I like the most18:05
carotilman: is it nevertheless possible to choose a version of a package ?18:06
guaquacrux is beautiful because of it's simple nature and packages that are kept simple18:06
tilmancaro: nope. but you can go back in time with the git repo, if that should be ever necessary18:06
carofor exemple, autoconf 2.61 is brolen18:07
guaquacaro: you can always tailor your own flavor of any package18:07
caroso I would like to install an older version18:07
tilmansure that's possible18:07
caroxsltproc 1.1.18 and 1.1.19 too18:07
tilmanwe never released libxslt .18 and .1918:08
caro(and xsltproc is needed for xcb...)18:08
tilmani did release autoconf 2.61, but i also don't think it's terribly broken :P18:08
caroanother quesiton : if I install by hand (with no crux script) a prog/lib, can it be problematic later ?18:10
carosay, crux install autoconf 2.61 and I install myself autoconf 2.5918:10
carowill an update be possible  later, for example ?18:11
caro(update of atoconf)18:11
guaquawhy install more than one instance?18:12
tilmanif you need to downgrade autoconf, you first try would be to just adjust the version number of the port18:12
tilmanand  build it properly18:12
guaquawhy not make your own port and install it with crux tools?18:12
tilmanwell, that _will_ work18:12
tilmanif you install stuff manually, without the ports/package system, you really should install to /usr/local18:12
caronot a big deal, in fact18:12
caroyeah, I install in /usr/local or in my home dir18:13
carofor e, in my home dir. No need for a password when installing18:13
carotime to sleep18:15
carothank you and good night18:15
*** deus_ex has quit IRC18:23
*** saere has joined #crux18:26
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*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux19:04
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:04
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*** destruct has quit IRC21:55
Romstercaro, there is a better way transform the program name to autoconf-2.5922:34
Romsterand if some package needs the older version tell it to use that, you may find it'll pick that autoconf on its own22:35
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
Romsterhrmm tilman i read the backlog :P and saw the discussion about me heh.23:06
Romsteri don't drink all the time :/23:07

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