IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-03-12

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pitillogood morning02:02
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rxiis there a rough timeframe on 2.3?05:47
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pitillosomeone plays planeshift? No port made by now. Has anyone built it from source or has Pkgfiles to look at?07:22
prologicwell that was fun07:25
prologica week with no desktop07:25
prologicold one blew up :/07:25
prologicnice to be back07:25
prologicnice shiny new Athlon64 3500+ now07:26
prologicwith 2G of ram :)07:26
prologic$ free -m07:26
prologic             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached07:26
prologicMem:          1963        228       1734          0         4307:26
prologicthink I need more :)07:26
ningonice pile of gold in your bathroom07:26
prologicman it was amazging07:26
prologicmy desktop caught on fire and started smoking07:26
prologictook out the cpu, power supply and cd burner ;/07:27
prologiclucky my hard disk was in tact07:27
rxihehe thats pretty burn proof07:27
prologicwell just lucky the spike didn't take it out :/07:27
prologictook out most other components07:27
prologicnot sure if the 1G of ram still works in it07:27
prologicthe mobo still works apparently07:27
prologicleast it beeps :007:27
rxii would doubt it07:28
prologiccpu is fried though07:28
rxilightning damage07:28
prologichigh voltage07:28
prologicstupid energex ;/07:28
prologichad power outage because of it, then they fixed it, turned everything back on, power went out again07:29
prologiccame back from training, turned my desktop on, and poof!07:29
prologicsmoking like a pipe07:29
rxii assume you milked them for some money?07:29
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prologicgoing to07:30
prologicI want a free desktop out of this :)07:30
rxigood :)07:30
prologicor at least another box to stic in the server closest :)07:30
tilmantime to finally install rc107:41
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prologictilman, lemme know if you run into any Xorg troubles with the rc1 :)07:46
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tilmanof course i don't07:57
tilmancause i already had xorg 7.2 running07:57
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prologic$ Xorg -version07:59
prologicX Window System Version 7.2.007:59
prologicI seem to be as well though07:59
prologicand I"m on 2.207:59
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tilmanjaeger: i just installed rc1. when i rebooted, /usr/bin/sleep couldn't be found. probably because i moved it to /bin/sleep in a newer coreutils package. will that automagically be fixed for the next rc?08:11
jaegerI told sip about it last week, not sure if it's fixed yet. I'll check08:12
jaegeractually, it should be, just need a rebuilt ISO08:13
tilmanthat's what i guessed, but wasn't sure :)08:13
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tilmanupgrade from 2.2 w/ x 7.2 worked like a charm anyway08:13
teKwill there be an official Script for this?08:13
prologicI'll have to try again soon :008:13
prologicteK, yes you need not worry about it :)08:14
tilmanteK: the setup script has an "update" mode08:14
tilmannipuL: does bsd have getopt.h?08:14
teK2.1 -> 2.2 worked out anyway (script by "this italian guy" ;))08:14
teKI *do* have a /usr/include/getopt.h on my NetBSD box, tilman08:15
tilmanjaeger: can you queue a cairo bump? they got a new stable series apparently (1.4.x)08:15
tilmanteK: that's good enough i guess08:15
teKhand over some testing code, I'll test it out08:16
jaegerI'll have a look08:16
tilmannope, that's all i wanted to know08:16
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prologicnipuL, ping08:55
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prologicwhere are the fan and temp stuff stored in /proc ?09:07
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mike_kprologic: afaik, only some basic values from ACPI sit there09:13
prologicI can't get anything showing atm :)09:14
mike_kf.e.  cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature  But, I believe it is only available on laptops.09:16
mike_kother things are from I2C/ISA/HW monitoring chips09:16
prologicknow any way of testing this stuff on a desktop ?09:23
prologicI'm not sure I have all the necessary stuff compiled into the kernel09:23
mike_kprt-get depinst lm_sensors09:24
prologicman I love this AMD Athlon64 :)09:24
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mike_kyou'll most likely need some options before getting any data09:29
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prologichow do ya know which amd i2c driver ? :)09:39
prologicAMD 8111 or AMD 756/766/768/8111 and nVidia nForce ?09:39
mike_kI got i2c_isa, i2c_nforce2, k8temp and monitoring chip itself - w83627eh09:42
mike_konly that modules on NVidia MCP55 and Athlon64* mobo09:43
prologichow sad09:43
prologicI need the latest kernel for my cpu :)09:43
mike_knot really09:44
prologicyeah I do09:44
mike_kjust k8temp gives more accurate values09:44
prologick8temp only came out with 2.6.19 apparently09:44
prologicat least I can't find it in my 2.6.1809:44
mike_kit allows monitiring each core's temp, while my w83627eh gives another cpu temperature sensor. I don't believe in any values.09:46
prologic# sensors -s09:49
prologicNo sensors found!09:49
prologicMake sure you loaded all the kernel drivers you need.09:49
prologicwtf :)09:49
prologicI have most loade09:49
prologicexcept k8temp09:49
prologici2c-viapro eeprom it8709:50
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mike_keeprom is almost useless; maybe need i2c_isa?  it87 is for your particular chip.09:51
prologicmaybe I missed i2c_isa09:52
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mike_kdid sensors-detect suggested that?09:52
prologicstill says no sensors found09:52
prologicno it didn't btw09:52
prologicit only suggested what I printed above09:52
pitillotake a look to the thermal zone under proc/acpi... give support to it in your kernel and you will see temps there I think.09:54
mike_kpitillo: not likely an a regular desktop, IMHO09:55
prologiccurrently nothing much there09:55
prologicI'll reboot into in a sec09:56
prologicwith all modules loaded that sensors-detect wanted09:56
jjpk.20.2 is the latest, just fyi.09:56
prologicyeh so ? :)09:57
prologicwhat possible features could .2 have over .1 :)09:57
* prologic reads the ChangeLog09:57
prologicI wanna see a hardware prober for auto configuring kernsl :)09:58
pitillomike_k, true...09:58
prologichow do you hot switch kernsls anyway ?10:00
prologicI know you can now10:00
tilmandon't think you  do that10:01
tilmanor want to10:01
prologicwell it's a feature of the 2.6.x series now10:01
prologicas of some .x version10:01
tilmanyou still don't do that AFAIK10:01
prologicdon't or shouldn't ? :)10:02
tilmani meant "do" as in "should do" ;)10:05
prologicbah bugger that10:06
prologicreading kernel changelgos are painfull :)10:07
jjpkpainful, not. lazy, yes.10:11
prologicshoosh :)10:12
prologictrying loosing your sight and see if you enjoy reading :)10:13
tilmanattention whore ;)10:14
prologicfine I'll shutup :)10:16
pitillocan someone test jam port build?10:20
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pitillowell, trying to build it under 2.3 .... xD10:27
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pitillobuilt fine under 2.3 ... strange10:37
prologicmy cpu claims to have 2 cores :)10:39
prologicCore0 Temp:10:39
prologic             +32°C10:39
prologicCore1 Temp:10:39
prologic             +33°C10:39
prologicnothing like playing with fan sppeeds10:45
prologiccan't type :)10:45
jkrWork sucks!10:46
mike_kprologic: what was the reason with sensors being undetected?10:49
prologicnot sure actually10:49
prologicmost likely k8temp10:49
mike_kit is only about Core0, Core1. What about it87?10:51
jaegertilman: ARGH!!! cairo 1.4.0 cannot possibly work, there's a footprint mismatch!!11one10:51
tilmanthat will delay crux 2.3 by another two months10:52
jaegerin other words, I'm testing it now10:52
tilmandon't bother10:52
tilmanwe're fucked anyway10:52
* jaeger cries10:52
* tilman goes and installs gentoo10:52
jkrGentoo depends on Python :(10:54
tilmanshould packages that install kernel modules run depmod?10:55
tilmanah, probably not10:56
tilman(from looking at alsa-driver :)10:56
tilmanjaeger: i'll steal your sly depmod fix if you don't mind ;)10:56
jaegerfeel free :)10:57
tilmanhaving my port install a udev rules file for the device is okay too, i guess?10:59
jaegereither install a file or put the info in the readme, either way11:00
* jkr wants devices too :(11:00
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JKnife"configure: error: cannot find X11 development files" i get this when i try and build libcaca11:09
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pitilloJKnife, try contacting the packager/maintainer...11:12
* JKnife is gonna try the beta build XD11:13
JKnifeok.. the beta configures11:15
onestepjaeger: I built cairo 1.4.0 with no problems ;)11:39
jaegersame here :) I was joking above11:39
onestepok :)11:39
onestepI wondered why my lcd cairo patch worked... :)11:40
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guaqua#gentoo & every message signed with a "lol"11:49
tilmanis there a sane pdf viewer in plain gtk (no gnome)?11:55
guaqualol we should spend gentoo day, just for the heck of it lol11:55
tilmanNOT acroread11:55
guaquaalso lol we wouldnt use commas lol11:55
jjpktilman: evince is another gtk based pdf viewer.11:56
jjpkWhether it's good or not, I can't answer11:56
jjpknever used it.11:56
pitillotilman, xpdf ?11:57
tilmanevince requires libgnomeui though11:57
tilmanpitillo: sucks ;)11:57
aonuse xpdf and just don't look at it11:58
tilmangreat idea11:59
aonthe borders, i mean11:59
aonfocus on the contents11:59
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jaakkophow about epdfview?12:02
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tilmannever heard of that, will check it out :)12:02
tilmanThe aim of ePDFView is to make a simple PDF document viewer, in the lines of Evince but without using the Gnome libraries.12:04
tilmanholy pdfviewer, batman!12:04
tilmanjaakkop: that looks promising:)12:04
tilmanjaakkop: quick, port it!12:05
pitillotilman, treach has it...12:07
tilmangot the url to his secret repo, pitillo?12:07
guaquaand not the gentoo doesn't let me log in12:07
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tilmanpitillo: thanks12:09
guaquarandom root password in gentoo12:09
guaquawhat is more retarded than that?12:10
tilmani should treach into registering his repo12:15
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pitilloI tried it too... but no way. He has usefull and quality ports12:17
tilmanepdfview is _almost_ awesome12:18
jaakkoptilman: hnc also has a port of it12:18
tilmanjaakkop: already got treach's port, thanks12:19
aonepdfview looks nice12:30
aonperhaps i'll migrate into it when i stop living in the 80's12:30
rehabdollxpdf ftw \o/12:30
aonspeaking of which12:31
aontilman: wtf, no twm port? :o12:31
aonthe weather isn't good for bbq yet12:32
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aoni'll just port vtwm12:38
JKnifeguaqua: Ubuntu has a gtk only version of envice12:44
tilmanJKnife: wanna find their diff for me? :D12:45
tilmani find it a bit hard to believe though12:46
JKnife:) sure .. give me a few mins12:46
JKnifetilman: the gtk only envice?12:46
JKnifeit is packaged with Xubuntu12:46
JKnifesource and diffs12:47
tilmanwhere's treach12:47
JKnifebrb.. fooderz12:48
JKnifeany one know why the kernel v2.6.21-R2 didn't change my device names?12:51
JKnifetilman: was that link what you needed?12:57
tilmanJKnife: thanks12:57
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guaquagentoo does do one thing better than crux. better source handling...not much 404-errors during compile process13:13
tilmansomeone gag guaqua13:13
guaquai thing :D13:14
JKnifetilman: you can +m just him13:15
JKnifeor give everyone voice but him and set the channel mode to +m13:15
tilmanyeah, but then maro hates me13:16
tilmansee the crux-devel ml archives ;)13:16
guaquaill just talk gentoo lol13:17
JKnife*hated gentoo*13:17
JKnifeso hard to upgrade13:17
JKnifeand it wasn't easy to make your own ports13:17
guaquadoesn't it do it by itself?13:18
JKnifeyou have to run these off the wall funky commands to get it to upgrade itself13:18
guaquajust add the right commands to cron?13:19
JKnifeohh yeah.. i want a gentoo upgrade running as a cron job13:19
guaquai'd want any upgrade as cron job13:19
guaquaor at least i'd need to be able to lock plenty of packages13:20
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JKnifeyou would want a glibc, binutils and gcc upgrades set as a cron job?13:20
JKnifewow.. ok13:20
JKnifewell bbl, i am gonna go watch Antitrust again13:20
guaquawas supposed to say, i wouldn't want any kind of system to update certain system packages without me knowing13:21
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JKnifej^2: yeah.. cause bleach season 1 hasn't finished downloading XD13:50
j^2JKnife: i tried watching Bleach...totally couldnt get in it13:51
j^2smtp-ath required :P14:03
RedShiftthey all say that...14:04
j^2you could be spam :P14:04
jaegeranyone used moto4lin in here?14:04
j^2not i14:05
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tilmanhey hey14:28
tilmanjaeger: did you make firefox use the gtk file dialog?14:29
jaegerhaven't tweaked it at all; if it's using it, it's a default, I guess14:29
tilmanoh well14:30
tilmanit's cool anyway14:30
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deus_exjaeger: I used moto4lin.Why?14:32
* deus_ex has few Motorola phones around :)14:33
jaegerjust curious how good it is in general. I planned to check it out to fix a couple SEEM problems on my razr v314:33
deus_exI haven't used seem editor yet, just the file manager part.14:36
deus_exYou have V3?Me, too.Black one.I had E1000 before that, and A835 before that.14:38
jaegerI've only got one, but yeah, that's the one14:38
jaegerhad a v551 before, hated it14:38
teKlvm2's source has been down for quite some time (.19 vs .2x) .. should I mail Mark Rosenstand directly?14:44
tilmanepdfview eats lots of cpu14:46
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ningotilman: quite the paradoxon, hm?15:01
tilmanmy website needs a new section15:02
tilman"software that's fucking retarded and advertises itself as cool"15:03
tilmanso far i've got waf15:03
tilmanepdfview is a good candidate15:03
ningoyou got a website?15:03
aonwaf is the build system?15:03
tilman"waf is vastly superior to any other build system on this planet."15:04
tilmannot a direct quote15:04
tilmanbut you get the idea15:04
tilmanningo: of course!15:05
tilmanningo: every self-respecting idiot has one!15:05
ningotilman: so you are responsible for xmms215:07
tilmanhell no15:07
ningoevery xmms2 dev says that15:08
tilmani contributed a lot of code in 200{4,5} though15:08
tilmanstepped back a bit15:08
ningotilman: yeah, I have one too, somewhere. If only I could remember the domain...15:08
ningoso, as the self-respecting idiots that we are, shouldn't we rule the world already?15:09
JKnife<song>the idiots are taking over</song>15:11
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JKnifeanyone know how to run vlc in a framebuffer?16:41
j^2i'd have to admit i've never had the desire....16:41
JKnifeohh ok16:42
JKnifeit also has a ncurses gui o.O16:43
onestepncurses *GUI*?! :D16:49
onestepor ui?16:49
JKnifencurses is still graphical16:52
JKnifethere go, gui16:52
onestepfrom there...16:56
onestep"This is a text interface, using ncurses library."16:56
onestepGUI = graphical ui16:56
onestepgraphical != text :)16:57
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JKnifeAFAIK letters are graphical images no?17:00
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magomet÷¸ ÿ åù¸ òóò, ÿ âîîáùå âàíñòåïà ñëàïíóòü çàø¸ë17:50
* magomet Pimp Slaps onestep17:51
onestepfuck you magomet17:51
magometâñ¸ óø¸ë17:51
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onestepstupid auto-answer :(17:52
* JKnife slaps onestep 17:58
onestepJKnife: you forgot "Pimp" :)17:59
JKnifeohh =\17:59
onestepgood nite ;)17:59
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seekwillWow. Never had a kernel compile fail on me before...18:28
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rehabdollwhich version?18:45
seekwillMust be a hardware error. segfaults in different places.18:50
rehabdollprobably, yeah18:50
rehabdollgcc should never segfault :)18:50
seekwillMaybe it's a good excuse to buy a new computer...18:53
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JKnifewhere can i find the i686 contrib iso that has the more upto date packages?19:59
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JKnifei already asked19:59
seekwillYeah, bad hardware. memtest86 just stopped in the middle...20:02
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seekwillEven though it still "blinks"20:03
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JKnifeOrby: search the wiki for that iso20:20
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