IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-03-13

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morlenxusDid someone of you had the issue that a dhcp client always get a new ip on every boot? This happens for me but not for all clients. Most do work normal, they get their old ip, but a few always get a new one, even if the previous was given only a few minutes ago.01:21
pitillogood morning01:55
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rxitilman: do you know of a rough time when 2.3 will be released?07:03
tilmanthe plan is to do another RC07:03
tilmanrxi: we'll talk about that tonight (utc)07:03
rxiahh so another month or so give a take a couple of weeks?07:03
tilmanmight be faster than that07:04
tilmanbut i honestly can't say07:04
rxiahh ok .. i just want to install crux on my new laptop so i was waiting for 2.307:05
tilmanfont installation isn't finalized in RC107:05
tilmanso that might be annoying07:05
rxiyeah ive had the laptop since dec so i can wait07:06
rxibesides my free vista upg hasnt arrived yet anyway :P07:06
rxii dont have the patience or inclination to attempt to get windows stuff working on linux or use linux versions of windows software07:08
rxiso laziness prevails :)07:10
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RyoSanyone here got xorg 7.2 with latest fglrx working?08:21
tilmanhaha, fglrx haha08:22
RyoSgush ;p08:23
RyoSi am bidding on a nvidia card right now08:23
jkrI got it working with 6.9 :)08:24
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RyoSjkr: thats good :p08:24
tilman6.9 is sooo boring08:24
RyoSit works with 7.1 too but i updated yesterday08:24
jkrBtw, what's the format of the dcron log files? I only see a lot of binary data08:25
jkrAnd some clear text at the end08:25
jkrWhat's the binary data for?08:25
jkrAnd the file is really big :(08:26
jkr1.7M binary data + 1 "real" clear text log message08:27
RyoSok modul is loaded...:> lets test08:28
* jjpk <3 nvidia...08:28
jkrI want a NVidia for my desktop08:29
jjpkNow I have officially have ye olde hardware according to the driver.08:29
RyoSas expected... :D08:29
tilmanjjpk: congrats!08:29
RyoSfglrx does not work08:29
jaegerI finally have some ATI hardware now, by the way :P08:33
jaegerin my xbox 36008:33
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tilmantreach: i urge to register your repo :]09:08
tilmanurge you*09:08
treachbad idea.09:09
tilmani have lots of crap in mine09:09
tilmanpeople NEVER tell me about bugs09:09
treachwell, that's not the problem.09:09
tilmanoh, i thought that was your concern09:10
treachnot really.09:10
tilmannamenlos: i'm testing git 1.5 right now btw09:11
treachtilman, It's just that if I *know* people are using my repo I'll start feeling responsible for it.09:11
treachAnd I have enough to worry about as it is.09:11
tilmanerr, okay09:12
treachbut thanks for the encouragement. :)09:16
tilmanwell, in this case it seems to be a bad thing09:16
tilmanmore people encourage you09:16
tilman -> you realize people use it09:16
tilman  -> you shut it down09:16
treachno, I won't, because they are using it at their own risk. :)09:17
treachI've never listed it anywhere in the first place. :)09:17
treachbtw, didn't you read the disclaimer?09:17
tilmanthere's a disclaimer?09:18
tilmani was given the httpup url directly09:18
tilmandidn't look at the webpage09:18
treachah, It's on the web.09:18
treachmaybe I should make the port show it before compiling starts? :>09:19
treachs /port/ports/09:19
aoni thought you use the whole bloody distro on your own risk09:22
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aonbut if not, where do i send complaints?09:22
treachcruxcore-ports at crux dot nu?09:23
treachfor instance09:23
aonno, the problem i have is mostly about stuff not being ported and compilation taking ages09:23
aoni demand that $entity provides me with binary packages of everything!09:24
tilmanand missing BASICS?09:24
aonthat too09:24
aoni also lack a car like this:
jjpknice :D09:25
RedShiftcheck that riding brick09:27
RedShifthow ghey09:27
RedShiftI would still beat it though...09:27
pitillo+1 to treach repo :) (I think registering it at least is a good idea, adding some qualified ports to contrib may be too. You did a nice work :)09:39
aonRedShift: beat it with what? a stick?09:39
RedShiftaon: no, my own car :-)09:39
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aonyeah, guess it's just a regular ae86 underneath09:54
j^2anyone set up RT here?10:03
namenloshi, anyone ever tried to compile the openbsd inetd with gcc 4.1.2?10:08
aonj^2: ?10:09
jaegerj^2: once, long time ago. I remember it being a pain, had a lot of deps10:10
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* treach wishes he knew enough C to find out why epdfview is screwed up..10:13
pitilloanyone has any port using jam like compiler?10:15
pitillos/has anyone some port....10:17
tilmanopt/freetype can optionally use jam i think10:17
j^2aon: yep10:19
j^2jaeger: so far so good :D10:19
pitilloummm I will take a look tilman, thanks. I am a bit lost with it, not sure if ./out is the stuff generated and then I dont know what I need to move to $PKG10:21
RedShift82 spammails blocked since 11 march10:21
tilmanpitillo: i never used it myself10:21
RedShiftand that's a low traffic mailserver :\10:22
treachI guess pango needs rebuilding after our little cairo upgrade.. anything else?10:22
RedShiftI wonder how big ISPs deal with it10:22
tilmantreach: nope10:22
treachgood. :)10:22
pitillotilman, me first time... trying to make some ports wich need it.10:22
tilmantreach: they kept binary compatibility apparently10:22
* treach gets the champagne.10:22
tilman2.9.3 -> 2.11.010:23
pitilloummm portage has some clue. Sorry the for the Q.10:40
ningoportage has clue?10:40
pitilloningo, news for me...10:41
ningofor me as well10:41
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jaegertilman: do you remember me asking you about xorg supporting multiple input devices via the same hardware device?11:13
jaegerspecifically because of the mouse and keyboard combo on the diNovo bluetooth keyboard11:13
Romsterpitillo, lincity-ng11:14
tilmanjaeger: yeah11:14
jaegerit works great now, I'm using it at the moment11:15
jaeger4 input devices (2 keyboards, 2 mice)11:15
tilmanhuh, was that fixed in xorg-server 1.2.0?11:15
pitilloRomster, looking at it. Thank you :)11:15
RedShiftman 1997 is like 10 years ago11:15
RedShiftI lived in that year11:15
RedShiftI feel old11:15
jaegertilman: whatever the current port version is, I guess11:16
RomsterRedShift, try 7711:16
pitilloRomster, thank you. I can see I did it well. :)11:17
Romsterpitillo, your welcome.11:18
jaegertilman: just checked, 1.2.0, so yeah11:20
tilmangood to hear11:21
tilmanthat new randr stuff in 1.3 will be cool11:22
tilmanif you have any dual head setup at least11:22
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tilmanjaeger: the nice gtk file dialog only appears in firefox if i explicitly choose "save link as"11:31
tilmanif i just click any link, it uses the XUL dialog :D11:32
jaegertilman: odd11:32
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treachjaeger, multi-seat working as well?11:35
tilmanfor real multi-seat, you need MPX11:36
tilmanmulti-pointer x11:36
tilmanwell, usually11:36
tilmanif you have ordinary mice ;)11:36
jaegertreach: haven't tried any multiseat yet11:36
treachjaeger, ok, keep me posted, ok? ;)11:37
jaegerif I do try it out, I will :)11:37
treachfair enough. :)11:37
jaegerI find it an interesting technology, just don't know that I personally have a need for it11:39
jaegerso I may try it if I get an itch, but no guarantee, hehe11:39
treachwell, you could scrap a few of those boxes you keep around your desk that way.. ;) One box, and you'd still look 1337 with a heap of keyboards and screens on your desk :P11:40
treachI'd be really useful for me if it got working properly, since I've got a "two persons, one desk"-situation over here. :-/11:42
jaegerah, definitely useful in that regard11:43
jaegerfor me, a desktop pager is usually sufficient11:43
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j^2is there a way to change the keymap in X without restarting the server?14:13
tilmansetxkbmap BLAH14:13
j^2thanks!...though if it kicks back with "XKB extension not present" i'm SOL right?14:15
j^2thanks tilman14:15
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