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pitillogood morning01:59
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Romsterhi pitillo02:13
pitillohey Romster :)02:13
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Romsterpower outage #2 :(08:40
Romsteri need to get a ups :/08:40
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j^2hey all08:46
j^2check it out09:20
treachNo advertising please.09:23
j^2hey that's my dad's company, it's a linux based player ;)09:23
j^2treach: you know me better than that :D09:24
guaquadoesn't work09:24
j^2works here....09:24
guaquadidn't work with opera09:24
j^2oh wow09:24
j^2i'll report that09:24
j^2thanks guaqua09:24
guaquajust no response from anything09:25
guaquahow long is that supposed to be loading?09:25
j^2any chance you have it in  firefox?09:25
j^2almost instantanious09:25
guaquadoesn't work in konqueror either09:25
j^2guaqua: firefox?09:27
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guaquaff works09:30
j^2thanks guaqua09:30
guaquacan't hear anything though09:30
guaquanow i can browse the stations, but that's about it09:32
guaquadoesn't play anything09:32
j^2i tihnk you have to hit play09:32
guaquaregardless of what i hit here, it doesn't start playing09:32
guaquaor do i have to be logged in?09:33
j^2you shouldnt have to09:38
jkrDoesn't work in elinks :(09:41
j^2jkr: hahaha09:42
treachdon't laugh. You might soon be breaking some law ;)09:42
jkrNot funny at all :(09:42
jkrThat's discrimination of visual disabled people or something similar09:43
jkrI'LL SUE YOUR ASS111!!09:43
jkrWhat's that page about?09:44
j^2hey the player, is designed for right handers, i've bitched as much as i can about it, being that i'm left handed09:44
jkrGoogle has no description for that site09:44
treachj^2, you know what the difference is?09:45
j^2litterally launched 9 hours ago09:45
j^2treach: ?09:45
treachthere is no organisation with political clout representing left handed people.09:45
treachI've actually seen some pretty serious lobbing being done on this subject.09:45
j^2oh, i thought it was a pun09:46
treach(visually impaired people, that is, not lefthandedness. :P )09:46
j^2well we are only 5% of the market09:46
jkrIIRC, here in germany there's already a law for such things09:46
jkrApplies for official sites only though09:46
treachhow many people are visually impared enough to need a screen reader?09:47
jkr(government pages)09:47
jkrAt least 2 or maybe 309:47
jkrOr much more, I don't know09:47
jkrAt the company I worked for some time ago, there was a woman with a hell of a nose bike09:48
treach"nose bike"?09:48
jkrGerman slang for glasses, I guess :)09:48
treachNever heard that one. :)09:49
jkrShe had to use that windows magnifier tool all the time09:49
jkrWith about 1000% zoom :)09:49
treachsucks. :(09:49
jkrI was programming an accounting for those people and it had to be "compatible" to her eyes :)09:50
jkrHmm, I guess I have to start X to check that slack site out :(09:51
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jkrBtw, "nose bike" because it looks like to wheels of a bicycle on the nose :)09:52
jkrNo one really says that, but I thought it would be funny to translate it that way09:52
* jkr is bored09:54
jkrj^2: Doesn't really work. Looks like it's playing, but I don't hear anything09:54
j^2jkr: lame!09:55
j^2thank's though09:55
j^2i'll report it09:55
jkrI just reported it09:57
jkrI guess I09:57
jkr'll keep using last.fm09:57
jkrThere's a cool console based player for :D09:59
jkrAnd there's even a CRUX port for it10:00
jkrHmm, can I upload ports somewhere or do I have to make an own repository?10:00
j^2your own repo is the best bet10:01
jkrFor only one port? :(10:01
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jkrWhat do I have to submit as URL to register a repository?10:24
jkrThey say "no portspage", but my repository root has a portspage as index.html10:25
j^2jkr: i believe jaeger is your man10:25
jkrjaeger: Are you there?10:25
treach doesn't help?10:26
jkrNo, it just throws up more questions :)10:26
jkrMy ports root is
jkrBut there's a portspage in there10:26
treachwell, move it out then.10:27
jkrDo I have to delete it and enable indexes for that directory?10:27
tilmanthat's the right url anyway10:27
jaegerI believe viper's in charge of that list now10:27
tilmancause URL + /REPO exists10:27
jkrAlright, so the URL + REPO is what counts?10:27
treachjkr, I don't think you need indexes. If I were you I'd just move the portspage to some other place and go with the URL10:29
jkrBut if I remove it one would get only a 503 for the directory10:29
jkrIs that better than a portspage?10:29
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jaegersepen: are you around?10:35
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sepenIm problems with the rc110:54
sepenI can't start my X system, I have an error with 'font fixed', it's usually?10:54
sepensorry, s/it's/is it/10:55
Romstersepen, look in the ML10:55
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sepenyeah Im going to (pitillo tells me about this thanks also)10:56
Romsterits the font cache thats why they have post-install scripts.10:56
Romsterinstead of that funky patch tilman why not have the upgrade run with --install-scripts ?10:57
sepenjaeger, ati 8.34.8 driver compiled ok for me but I need time to read ML for starting using it with xorg and testing10:58
tilmannext guy that tells me to use post-install for xorg gets shot10:59
Romstersepen, i beleave this would also fix xorg too prt-get update --install-scripts `prt-get quickdep xorg`10:59
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Romsterso you been told a few times then11:00
tilmanyeah, cause people like to yell "POST-INSTALL" before they actually understand the problem11:00
sepenI think could be useful another release candidate which merge the lastest post-install scripts11:01
Romsteri know th problem its not regenerating the font cache...11:01
Romsterwqithout the command..11:01
treach./configure --prefix=Romster --without-q11:01
treachor maybe ./configure --prefix=Romster --disable-keyboard11:02
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jaegersepen: just wanted you to take a look at the gl-select in 2.3 and see if it works for you11:11
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sepenjaeger, yes but I need to fix my problems with rc1 iso after reading ML11:48
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jaakkop:D i lol'd14:58
j^2you know noone pirates his CD15:03
ningothat's because he got kill dash nined15:04
j^2i'd like to listen to more then a couple of his tracks15:05
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onestephi! :)17:15
onestepGNOME 2.18 is out17:15
treach...and there was much rejoicing.17:18
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onestepI need help...19:23
onestepthe goal is to have n lines with word "created" from some log19:24
onestepI'm trying to use this: tail --lines=10000 /var/log/some.log | grep "/^+created+$/{$n}"19:27
onestepwhere am I wrong? :(19:27
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onestepregexp is inhuman cruel thing19:47
onestepI'm giving up :(19:47
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jdolanit's not pr0n.20:29
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wavefunctionHi. Within /etc/hosts.allow, how do I turn a service available to all IPs ? apache: ALL ?22:46
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nipuL1. apache isn't a service, 2. read the man page, 3. have a nice day :)23:36
nipuL1.a well it could be, if you edited /etc/services23:38

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