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pitillogood morning01:56
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tilmandebian 4.0 is to be released in april02:31
tilmanmayeb we should release crux 5.0 in march02:31
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RyoS02:29:30 <@jdolan> it's not pr0n. <- damn i hoped so... but i lol'd hard :D02:41
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JKnifeo.O holy crap i have never seen text scroll this fast05:45
JKnifeand it wasn't errors05:46
rxiyeah #crux is very actice05:46
JKnifeit was talking about the install stage of pkgmk with kdelibs ^_^05:47
JKnifes|<blah1|<balh2>| works05:53
JKnifeecho "Wee" > blah && sed -i 's|e|l|g' blah05:53
JKnifebbl.. shower05:55
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aspetosdid anyone have any complaints while starting beryl-manager, emerald compaining abt an 'undefined symbol XRenderCreateSolidill' after using han's ports?07:01
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rxii think the keyword in that sentence is hans port07:56
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_mavrick61Could any one be interested in having a test envorioment. I just have an idea to set up a vmware server to use for testing. That might gain the process for testing new pkg and other stuff.09:49
pitilloI think is a good idea... (only a opinion)09:55
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sepencould be possible with qemu?10:07
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_mavrick61It seams we have a server out of duty, with 2 * AMD Dual Core = 4 Core, and 6 GB RAM. I think that should make it possible to run up to 6-10 Virtual Linux.10:18
pitillonice, It canb be interesting, at least for me, with some vm crux basic installation(core/opt/xorg) and another with the core/opt/xorg/contrib updated10:20
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_mavrick61I shall try to set that up that server when I have som spare time.. And let some users have a VMware server Console privilage.10:23
pitillomay be more opinions arrive  if there is a post at ML...10:23
guaqua_mavrick61: xen works10:23
guaquai'm running crux in xen10:23
pitillodo not worry, it is not important by now. Can be setup while talking about10:23
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JKnifewhat package is xmkmf in?10:43
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jaegeruse prt-get fsearch to find it10:44
JKnifexorg-imake ^_^10:45
* JKnife takes note of fsearch10:46
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rehabdollis it just me, or is down?10:59
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pitillorehabdoll, seems down from here too11:02
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jaakkophas anyone succefully compiled hnc's deluge?13:15
JKnifehavn't tried13:15
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treachhmm.. ping
treachping: unknown host
treach"The original release was written for the SCO Xenix operating system, but was quickly ported to other platforms."14:03
treachI wonder if this is related. :o14:03
rehabdollthe original release of what?14:11
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j^2tinyproxy is BADASS14:48
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j^2it's so much easier to set up than squid, faster then squid, and also smaller foot print14:55
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teKtiny never hurts :)15:04
teKas in _tiny_dns15:10
aondoes it do everything squid does?15:10
j^2from what i can tell yep15:10
teKI'd love to see a traffic shaping feature.. squid only had some strange patch from yonks ago..15:11
teKthe author states '2MB with glibc' .. does it build against dietlibc, too?15:11
teKand: old(er) release dates are nothing bad in particular but a devel release that's *current*  since 2004.. hmmmm15:12
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teKauthentication against/via LDAP or smth. would be cool, too15:20
j^2there are 3party patches for tinyproxy to do that15:22
teKwhy not offical ones? (2004)15:22
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rehabdollfor those of you who run 2.3: are your /bin/vi's linked against /usr/lib/ or /lib/ ?16:05
rehabdollsame on my desktop.. but my server links against /usr/lib..16:06
rehabdollso is bash16:33
rehabdolloh, how nice16:33
rehabdolli wonder for how long i've had /usr/lib in
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daggerrhas anybody here managed to get the alsa-bluetooth to work with headsetd?17:33
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Romsterdaggerr, sorry but sounds intesting i'd like to have a bluetooth headset20:52
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