IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-03-19

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tilmanthe git hit the fan02:28
namenlostilman: thx. as far as i know you can commit all changed files with git-commit -a (without the git-add before that)02:41
tilmanexplicit is better than implicit!02:42
tilmangotta run02:42
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prologicmaro, what was your username ? cbou ?04:02
marocbou is bd204:04
prologicoh right04:04
prologicmaro, then
mike_kanyone know who is behind yhafri repo?04:05
marocool, an the anonymous one? :)04:05
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j^2*ribbit* *ribbit*10:15
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tilmanthese gnome people...10:48
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tilmanwhy does a syntax hilighter for the gtktextview widget (gnome/gtksourceview) require libgnomeprint and gnome-vfs?10:48
mike_ktilman: would 2.3 ship the 'old' 2.6.18 glibc includes?10:49
tilmandon't know10:50
mike_kok, is there any reason you know of why that shouldn't be updated?10:51
tilmani'm too busy to take care of that stuff right now10:53
mike_kthanks, np10:54
tilmanmike_k: i'll put it on my list of things to mention tomorrow though10:55
mike_kI was unable to follow the process in the last few weeks, but that question can't leave my mind o_O10:56
thrice`I thought RC2 was basically final ?10:57
mike_kif all rc's were really a final versions...11:02
thrice`well, I thought sip said "should I put out another rc, or should we call this final?"  about RC2, though I may be wrong11:03
mike_kthat's why I bring up that question (again) (before an actual release)11:05
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treach info dovecot11:27
treachVersion:      1.0.rc2711:27
treachI'd say there still is room for some improvement..11:28
treachrc2 is just the beginning. :P11:28
guaquaat rc143 we should start thinking about releasing11:28
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treachRomster: k3b depends on packages that are outside contrib.13:16
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daggerrningo, thats some good porn you have there!14:45
RedShiftlol, bonzi buddy14:59
RedShiftyou know that's spyware right :O14:59
guaquai want bonzi buddy on linuxxx15:05
ningoaon: ?15:05
guaquai wonder if bonzi buddy works with wine15:06
aoni've been laughing at that for some minutes now15:06
guaquai once got home drunk and someone sent a link to dunecat15:06
guaquamade me laugh so hard15:06
ningoaon: LOOOOL15:07
guaquaalso somehow fit the sense on the skin and all15:07
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tilmanspeaking of cats15:41
guaquaanyone though of crux on playstation3? :>15:41
jaegerpardon me while I go laugh my ass off :)15:42
jaeger... about the price of the playstation 315:42
guaquawell, price vs performance15:43
jaegernot worth it, in my opinion15:44
jaegervery cool piece of hardware, but too expensive15:44
tilmanjesus, this website owns15:44
jaegertilman: for yet another, see
guaqua700 euros15:45
guaquaokay, it is too expensive15:46
tilmanbut i need to get a little stuff done tonight15:46
tilmani better not open it15:46
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tilmanthe stupid spelling is a bit annoying in those cat pics though16:03
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tilmanwhat wicked person started this misspelling thing?16:07
tilmanit's sooo stupid.16:07
jaegerI have no idea16:08
tilman^ awesome :P16:08
rxi_nothing beats the mythbuster one16:13
tilmana lot beats the mythbuster one16:13
aonw/o text :)16:15
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thrice`do you use bb aon ?16:21
thrice`oh; just found your screenshots your site you posted, and trying to figure it out ;)16:23
rehabdollaon, is that your lada?16:23
rehabdoll :)16:24
tilmanrehabdoll: i thought you meant the bike ;)16:24
aonthe bike's a finnish frame with a yugoslavian engine :)16:25
aonor was, dunno if it exists anymore16:25
prologicbored tilman ? :)16:31
aon :D16:33
tilmanfakes aren't as funny16:34
aonbut still16:35
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tilman(except the spelling)16:35
tilmani'm done with dropline.net16:36
prologicfuck I can't stand frames :/16:37
prologicstupid web develoeprs16:37
guaquahow about those three-frame HOMEPAGES16:38
prologicdisgustinly horrble to use ;/16:39
prologicbah I can't type16:39
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prologicoh great16:47
prologicwhat happened to the j2sdk port ?16:47
prologicor the j2re port16:47
guaquaeasier to just download from the sun site, install on luser, then chown to root and place in /opt16:48
guaquaor that's what i did16:48
guaquai have 1.6.0 and 1.5.0_11 in tar.gz if you are interested16:48
prologicit's ok16:49
prologicit's been renamed to jre16:50
prologicand jdk16:50
sepenwhat about ports which depends on the older x11 port (e.g 2.3/opt/qt3) it's a definitive solution?16:51
prologicxorg provides x1116:51
prologic$ egrep x11 /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases16:52
prologicxorg: x1116:52
sepenbut my question is if will be definitive16:53
prologicI don't even understand your question :)16:53
prologicwill _what_ be definitive ?16:53
prologicports depending on x11 ?16:53
prologicit's more than likely to change to xorg over time16:54
prologicmost distros and users seems to be using xorg vs. x11 - x11 will become dead if that's the case16:54
sepenIm plained to migrate my x11 dependent port to 2.3 branch, should be a good idea change x11 for xorg?16:56
prologicI'd check with tilman and others first16:56
tilmanwould be even better if you'd say what ports it requires in detail16:56
prologicbut I'd say that'd be the logical thing to do16:56
tilmancause it likely won't require ALL of xorg16:56
tilmanclients only need the libs eg16:56
prologicgood point16:56
sepenyeah that's the question16:56
prologicso rather than depend on xorg, depend on xorg-xxx16:57
sepenI think we need in the future change our ports according the new modular X16:57
tilmansepen: i just answered the question ;)16:57
tilmanthat's in the ideal world anyway16:57
sepenmore work for devels16:58
prologicI would imagine most ports should just need to depend on xorg-libx11 ?16:59
sepenbut not all16:59
tilmanuh, no17:00
sepenwe need to study the entire xorg tree before anything17:00
sepentoo many changes for this branch, could be for 2.4 (imo)17:01
jjpkI think it's mostly drivers that cause the problems with modular xorg, so it seems at least.17:03
tilmansepen: i think you might be confused a little bit? :)17:04
tilmansepen: having ports depend on "xorg" is sub-optimal, but it works17:04
treachfor the most part, at least. :)17:05
tilmandepending only on what they actually need to build is some work17:05
prologicbut ideal17:05
tilmanso i can understand if most people don't want to do that17:05
treachsepen: are you sure you're not a runaway debian user?17:06
treach"Quick, form a commite!"17:06
sepenyeah sorry the mistake17:06
prologichey I was a debian sysadmin17:06
jjpkCall in the bureaucrats to save the day.17:06
sepentreach, but you dont need all the entire xorg tree for compiling old x11 app's17:07
guaquacreate a tool to do the documentation entries for you17:07
guaquaIN C17:07
guaquawhile the same could be achieved with bash script17:08
treachsepen: true, but the meta port xorg + some additional port usually does the trick.17:10
treachlike for instance kdebase needs like xorg + xorg-ice-auth (or whatever it's called.)17:10
sepenyes, sure17:10
tilmanhopefully kde will switch to scons/waf/whatever soon17:12
tilmanso i can remove fuckin' imake17:12
jjpkOne less thing to worry about.17:19
treachbut instead we get unsermake instead of automake. :P17:27
treach(for kde that is)17:27
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thrice`jaeger: have you built gaim beta6 ?19:49
treachyou think the cheats?19:50
treachs the/he19:51
thrice`oh, looks like 2.3 contrib isn't fully synced yet19:51
thrice`i'm getting oddball files in /19:51
thrice`but yes, I do ;)19:52
treachumm, it's in contrib here, even if I use my own de-gnomified port. :p19:52
thrice`you've built on 2.3 ?19:53
thrice`my contrib only has 59 ports currently =\19:54
thrice`anyways... :)  I'm getting Gaim/ and Gaim::GtkUI.3pm19:54
thrice`in /19:54
treachoh, wait..19:54
treachI'm using 2.2 contrib ports.19:54
treachbut that doesn't matter wrt gaim, since I have my own port.19:55
thrice`did you have to do anything for those files?19:55
treachdo anything for them? Like serving them coffee?19:55
thrice`yeah, hold their hand or something19:55
treachheh, no.19:56
thrice`odd; did you build against avahi as jaeger does?19:56
treachas I said.19:56
treachit's de-gnomified.19:56
thrice`avahi isnt' necessarily gnome, is it... ?19:56
treachwell, it's the impression I've got at least..19:57
treachat any rate, no, I don't use avahi.19:57
thrice`either way.  I've just added p5-xml-parser19:57
treachyes, it's a requirement, iirc.19:57
thrice`damn, my box sucks19:58
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treachin fact it is a requirement.19:58
treach(I just checked)19:58
thrice`I only added --disable-perl to the configure options, but I don't think that woudl do it19:58
thrice`mind if I check out your Pkgfile ?20:00
treachno, you're welcome.20:00
thrice` /home/treach ?20:02
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treachfirefox screwing me over. :/20:03
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thrice`heh - thanks treach20:04
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thrice`I can see your ports in a table, but clicking a version won't allow file browsing20:06
treachyeah, sue my isp.20:06
thrice`ah, nevermind; didn't notice the httpup20:06
treachplease read the disclaimer first. :P20:06
thrice`heh - always20:08
thrice`your .footprint has the files in / too20:09
treachyeah. I know, there's something weird there, I haven't had time to look at it yet.20:10
thrice`yeah, that's exactly my problem20:11
thrice`those 2 oddball files20:11
thrice`which leads me to believe jaeger does indeed cheat :-)20:13
treachok, I have officially no idea what those files are, but I have until now dealt with them by removing them.20:27
treachI guess I'll just put that stage into the Pkgfile, disabling perl wasn't the solution.20:28
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treachthrice`: I had a look at it now, I think it's a typo.21:53
thrice`treach: in the Makefile?21:53
treachno, in the pkgfile. it should be Gaim*, not Gaim.*21:53
treachthe makefile is out of my reach, I'm not a programmer, remember? :P21:54
thrice`yeah, me neither :)21:54
thrice`hardly a linux user21:54
treachyeah, I noticed.21:54
treachirssi, on mac, with a gui.21:55
thrice`don't tell anyone21:55
treachWhy would I? You're doing it fine by yourself. :)21:56
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treachhmmm. --disable-doxygen       enable documentation with doxygen22:46
jaegerreverse psychology22:47
treachmakes you wonder.22:47
Romstertreach, fixed22:54
thrice`told you he cheats :)22:55
treachlol, the cuban UN ambassador doesn't have a lot of clues..22:55
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