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Romstertc link set dev eth0 qlen 30, gives me Object "link" is unknown, try "tc help", i can't find where i can alter the txqueuelen, any ideas?02:29
Romstererr think its ment to be ip not tc..02:32
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sepensomeone known any alternative to renattach??04:31
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prologictilman: you there ? have a problem with xorg and my interal via video shipset06:13
prologicI have the xorg-xf86-video-via driver installed and the appropiate via drivers in the kernal laoded06:13
prologicbut Xorg -configure gives: "No devices to configure"06:14
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prologictilman, strnage I can't get the via driver to work with xorg06:29
prologicwith my system06:29
prologic# lspci | grep VGA06:29
prologic01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. Unknown device 3230 (rev 11)06:29
prologicjust says "NO devices found" if I try to use it06:30
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jaegertreach: avahi is not gnome-specific08:52
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j^2do any of yall have a machine just dedicated to watching logs go buy?09:36
jaegernot at the moment... I've considered it09:38
j^2i'm starting to also, i have now 4 logs that continiously change that i need to keep an eye on, i'm just not 100% sure the best way to do it09:39
j^2just looking for input that's all09:39
prologic4 terminal windows ?09:40
j^2it seems fesable09:41
treach1 viritual desktop. :P09:41
j^2jesus i cant spell :P09:41
tilmani'd buy another machine09:41
tilman+ 4 displays09:41
prologicI used to use 4 terminal windows once09:41
prologicwhen I _could_ see09:41
j^2my only problem is the damn powersaver that x kicks in09:42
namenloshave you considered multitail?09:42
prologicturn off the screensaver09:42
prologicand the powersaver option in xorg09:42
treachj^2: "cat-of-nine-tails" :p09:43
prologicwell you can tail multiple files with just the regular tail anyway09:43
prologictail -f file1 file2 file3 | ccze09:43
namenlosprologic: thanks, didn't know that...09:43
prologicyou can :)09:43
j^2ah but they are on multiple machines :(09:43
namenlosbut are they mixed up?09:43
prologic$ sudo tail -f /var/log/messages /var/log/mail | ccze09:44
prologicj^2, sshfs mount their /var partitions to a local desktop space :)09:44
prologicthen tail them all :)09:44
j^2prologic: nice09:44
j^2not a bad idea at all09:44
namenlosprologic: what is ccze?09:44
namenlosah, thanks09:45
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j^2nice prologic so much better ccze ;)09:46
prologicnps :)09:46
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jaeger@seen thrice`09:55
clbjaeger: thrice` was last seen in #crux 11 hours and 24 seconds ago: <thrice`> told you he cheats :)09:55
tilmanis there a script that checks my PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR for old tarballs?10:01
tilmaneg i'm sure i have up to 5 old tarballs of x crap lieing around10:01
tilmanfinding the old ones will take too mcuh time :P10:01
treachI think so, not sure what it's called though.10:01
prologicI"m not aware of one10:04
namenlosi would use oldfiles...10:04
namenlosor i didn't get your question...10:05
jaegeroldfiles from prt-utils sounds like maybe what you want, yes10:06
tilmanah, i see10:07
tilmanit doesn't exactly do what i want, but it's good enough10:08
namenloswhy? oldfines | xargs rm deletes all old files10:09
namenlosif you want only the source dir, i would put a grep in between...10:10
tilmaneg that one isn't old10:10
tilmanit's NEWER than the one in ports10:10
* jaeger shakes his fist at ftp.gnu.org10:11
namenlosah, ok...10:11
tilmanjaeger: wassup with it?10:11
jaegerhaving trouble downloading from it, that's all. such a spotty mirror10:11
jaegerI've started keeping distfiles on another machine because of it and a few others10:11
tilmanjaeger: hope it gets better soon, i remember switching quite a few ports to some months ago o_O10:15
treachcool, but I'm not certain announcing stuff with the word "YOU ASS" is the best way..10:15
rehabdollfirefox seems to be out10:31
jaegeryep, building it to test already10:35
rehabdolldistrowatch's "latest packages" rss-feed is really up to date :)10:36
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prologicwhat's your rss feed for that ?11:14
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jaegerworks well so far. I wonder when the official release update will happen11:27
rehabdollyeah, noticed that beta warning stuff11:32
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caraca1Hello i was wonder if anyone here has a problem with applications staying resident in memory after they have been shut down.13:46
caraca1I keep seeing stuff like  xfmedia <defunct> & firefox <defunct> etc13:48
caraca1I even have xfrun4 still in memory and it hase been hours since i shut it down.13:49
tilmanso your kernel is being weird and not killing off zombies?13:49
caraca1I guess you could say that i am useing the default crux 2.2 kernel and the only changes i made were just enableing alsa for my sound card.13:51
tilman2.2 :D13:51
caraca1Yah Crux 2.2 kernel version
caraca1tilman are you a ruby programmer?13:53
tilmanoh, crux 2.2. i thought you meant linux 2.2 :)13:53
caraca1Do you ever use gnome-ruby13:54
tilmanonly the gtk part though13:54
caraca1Ahh i was going to say is it just me or does Ruby/GtkMozEmbed never work.13:55
caraca1Im going to just update my kernel and see if that solves the problem.13:57
caraca1Kernel seem's promising.13:58
caraca1tilman one last uestion do you think we will be seeing crux 2.3 any time soon?13:59
caraca1weeks or months?13:59
tilmancaraca1: i hear sip built the final iso already ;)14:00
caraca1I m surpised that crux isnt as popular as ubuntu i think crux's package manager and lay much much better14:01
caraca1Do you have any idea were i might be able to find that iso?14:02
jaegerit's not posted yet14:02
caraca1Im looking at your guys port. And i can tell that jaeger like beryl :)14:04
caraca1And has a decent nvidia card. Good choice!14:05
guaquaokay, caraca1, first off. you are using root account?14:05
caraca1Ahh and how did you know thatO:-)14:06
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caraca1Well you see the reason for that um um yah14:08
caraca1Doesnt matter i dont have anything anyone would want anyways and even if i did have a security breach good luck finding anything i tend to like to exspearament with my system and screw everything up untill i have to reinstall.14:10
caraca1Besides im hidden hehind 3 hardware firewalls and i have nothing running other than x14:11
caraca1But if anyone does get in just dont move anything around!!14:12
caraca1Brb im going to rebuild my kernel and login as a normal user so when i come into this room i want feel like a 27 year old newb that has been useing gnu/linux for 10 years and people will wont to chitchat.14:14
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JKnifehas anyone had problems with the kernel hard locking on them when using bootsplash? I am using the kernel and it likes to hard lock if I include the initrd with the bootsplash15:55
prologicisn't bootsplash not officially supported by hte kernel still ?15:56
jaegernever used it, myself15:56
JKnifeprologic: yeah =\15:57
prologicprobably a good idea why then15:57
prologicweren't you the one that wanted ports of the gtk patch to look more like MacOSX ?15:58
prologicwhy and why ? :)15:58
* JKnife shrugs15:59
JKnifewhy do people make there desktop look like vista?15:59
jaegersorta like the "why climb the mountain?" thing... because it's there15:59
jaegeror because we can15:59
JKnife"Read this if you're confused about all the files named .bz2 on this site." on umm if they are on that site they *SHOULD* know that .bz2 files are -_-16:02
jaegercan't rely on should, unfortunately16:02
guaquabetter to include a note for morons than to answer to a thousand moronic questions16:03
JKnifeehh true i guess16:05
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*** tilman changes topic to "CRUX 2.3 | Homepage | Ports | Paste"16:30
tilmanholy release, batman!16:30
* tilman submits article to osnews.com16:31
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JKnifenow ya need to update the home page :)16:35
thrice`download complete :)16:35
* JKnife downloads to seed it16:36
treachthere will soon be more seeders than downloaders. :P16:36
thrice`i'm uploading at 0.0 currently16:37
thrice`it was going around 20 for a bit, which I believe my max is16:37
JKnifemy max is around 60 or so :P16:37
treachI think we have all the bw we need then..16:37
* treach maxes at 102416:38
* prologic maxes at 115216:38
treach10Mb up / 100 MB down.16:38
jaegerthrice`: no funky files in / for me, by the way16:38
thrice`jaeger, really?  out of curiosity, I only added p5-xml-parser to deps, and added --disable-perl to configure, on a stock 2.3 install (rc2)16:39
thrice`the same files treach had in his .footprint16:39
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treachthrice`, fixed now. :P16:40
thrice`did you just do Gaim* to /usr/lib/perl5/.. ?16:40
treachat first, yes.16:40
treachthen I just decided to disable everything I don't need in that port. :P16:41
thrice`ah, awesome - did you determine which one caused it ?16:41
jaegerthrice`: I'm just using the contrib port, which has --disable-perl in it16:41
treachI guess it's perl related, but I was way too tired to find out how things worked exactly.16:42
treachIt was like 4 or 5 AM here when I finally called quits on that particular project..16:42
thrice`jaeger, that's very strange, as the only difference is avahi then, I suppose16:42
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hp_tuxhello :-)18:11
hp_tuxhmm, why was rp-pppoe removed from crux-2.3?18:11
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hp_tuxwell, I#m new to crux18:12
* JKnife has no clue what rp-pppoe is18:12
treachppp over ethernet.18:12
hp_tuxI need it for joining the internet18:13
JKnife?for dsl18:13
hp_tuxyes, DSL18:13
JKnifeohh ok...18:13
treachhp_tux: maybe you should look again?18:13
hp_tuxI'm just downloading the iso file18:13
hp_tux- Removed packages18:14
hp_tux- opt/rp-pppoe18:14
hp_tux <-- look here18:15
JKnifehe is right.. not in the iso18:16
JKnifehave ppp18:16
treachok, strange.18:16
hp_tuxis it possible to use the port from crux-2.2?18:16
treachI can't see why not.18:17
hp_tuxwell, I'm a crux noob, but not a Linux noob ;-)18:17
treachbut I wonder why I still have the port in opt, if it's removed..18:18
hp_tuxtreach, did you upgrade?18:18
hp_tux2.2 -> 2.3?18:18
treachyeah, to rc118:19
treachso I'm not using the old repo18:19
hp_tuxbtw, the torrent is quite fast :-)18:20
* JKnife has uploaded 95mb18:20
treachwell, nobody should be afraid of seeding that iso..18:20
hp_tuxul speed: 0.0 KB/s18:20
hp_tuxsharing:  0.022  (5.4 MB up / 243.4 MB down)18:21
JKnife*           done      243.6 MB Rate:  12.3 /   0.0 KB Uploaded:    95.3 MB                 [   R: 0.39]18:21
JKnife^ rtorrent18:21
hp_tuxwhy crux isn't mentioned on
JKnifeit is.. or so i thought18:21
treachI've got a strange problem with rtorrent.. it crashes as soon as the download is finnished. :-/18:22
JKnifeversion of libtorrent?18:23
JKnife"*** rTorrent 0.7.1 - libTorrent 0.11.1 ***"18:23
treach 0.11.1-118:23
JKnifehp_tux: look in at the top under "Select Distro" and CRUX is there18:23
JKnifeuhmm strange...18:24
hp_tuxI got the following message from bittorrent-curses: resumeProducing error <type 'instance'>18:24
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hp_tuxJKnife, but it is not in the news section18:25
JKnifeohh.. well last time i checked main page wasn't updated18:25
JKnifebrb gotta test this kerne;18:25
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treachsolved the rtorrent issue btw. apparently it didn't like their own compiler settings. :P18:32
hp_tuxgood night :-)18:56
treachgood night.18:56
treachmmh, apparently we have a whole bunch of dirty ktorrent users out there. :p19:06
* JKnife forgot to reseed when he rebooted19:06
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JKnife\o/ splash screen works19:28
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NineDNineHello everyone19:43
NineDNineI am in the process of trying to install Crux19:45
NineDNineit seems to be looping at: Disabling IRQ #1519:46
treachnever seen that error, google seems to hint at bios incompatibility though.19:49
treachwhat version of crux, btw?19:50
NineDNine2.2 i58619:51
NineDNineI'm browsing the web and it looks like this occurs on several different distributions of linux19:52
treachmaybe you should wait for the 2.3 iso instead.19:52
treach2.3 was just released, but apparently the i586 iso isn't ready yet.19:52
NineDNineim going to try this: pci=noacpi19:56
treachyou can't lose.19:56
NineDNineits looking good, it is asking me to log in :)19:57
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NineDNineeverything looks good20:07
NineDNinei have to admit that I am new to linux20:08
treachwell, seems like you made a wise choice then, if you like to learn new things.20:11
NineDNinethats why I chose to do linux20:13
treachwell, you chose to jump in at the deep end, but people have managed that before.20:14
NineDNineis there a different end to jump in from? :P20:20
treachyeah. I think it's called "ubuntu"20:20
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thrice`crux  Matt Housh has announced the release of CRUX 2.3, an independent, light-weight, i686-optimised Linux distribution designed for advanced Linux users:21:06
treachmm.. I even think it's in the topic. ;)21:07
thrice`oh, no; I knew 2.3 was out, but that's from distrowatch21:07
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seekwillI miss using Crux... I spent the whole day trying to figure out the "CentOS" way...22:21
seekwillOh look, 2.3 :)22:21
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seekwillHmm.. any 2.3 torrent peers?22:33
seekwillAh thre we go.22:33
jaeger30 seeders at the moment22:33
thrice`that was quick22:34
seekwillOh yeah, it's fast.22:34
thrice`man, Han gzips all of his .footprints now?  that's sort of annoying22:35
seekwillHas anyone played with that new Linux virtualization yet?22:35
seekwillWell, maybe not new22:36
jaegernot I22:36
jaeger| sharing:  oo  (3055.0 MB up / 0.0 MB down)                                   |22:40
jaegersharing:  oo  (2209.2 MB up / 0.0 MB down)22:40
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thrice`ok, trying gaim one more time23:01
*** destruct has quit IRC23:01
NineDNineI'm having great success with installing Crux so far23:04
jaegergood :)23:11
thrice`jaeger: any idea when contrib will catch up for 2.3?23:14
thrice`or is that a per-maintainer deal23:14
thrice`ok jaeger, gaim worked as you perscribed :)23:16
thrice`i should know better than to doubt you23:17
jaegerheh... that might be a little excessive but thanks23:18
thrice`perhaps - thanks for the help regardless23:19
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thrice`er, no bittorrent yet :-\23:33
nipuLi suppose i better prepare crux64, now that 2.3 is released23:33
nipuLright after i move and finish my assignments23:34
rehabdollyay 2.3 \o/23:37
NineDNineso whats new in 2.3?23:39
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:43
NineDNinethx, can't believe I didn't find it myself23:45
NineDNineI'm still waiting on the kernel to compile, takes quite a bit...23:47
thrice`hardware dependent :)23:47
thrice`even my poor 2100 athlon can do it in under 10 minutes23:47
NineDNineya, I'm installing it on an older laptop23:47
NineDNinePentium MMX23:48
NineDNineoh it is finished :)23:48
NineDNinenm, false alarm23:49
thrice`bittorrent 4.4.x is much easier to build than 4.20 - no deps at all :-)23:50
rehabdollreal 2m58.313s23:52
thrice`must be nice23:57

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