IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-03-22

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rezziestill no http/ftp download for crux 2.3?01:35
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pitillogood morning02:01
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rehabdollrezzie: im hosting the iso at
rehabdollbut nothing official yet03:53
mike_krehabdoll: thanks, already downloading03:59
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hidavehi, is there a way to upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3 without booting from the 2.3 iso?05:35
treachyes, but it's not for the faint of heart.05:35
hidavehmm.. the iso is not bootable on my box05:35
RedShifthidave: yes, it's called the magic wand05:35
RedShiftyou can find it in many applications, including photoshop and the gimp05:36
treachhidave: loopback mount it?05:36
hidavethink it is the famous Jmicron issue05:36
treachtry loopback, or maybe creating a new iso with a more suitable kernel maybe.05:39
hidavetreach: got it05:40
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rehabdollhidave: i got no issues with the 2.3 cd05:46
rehabdollsata-dvd on jmicron05:46
rehabdoll2.2 wont boot though05:46
hidaverehabdoll: strange.. my board is an asus pb505:47
hidavei had the same issue with 2.205:47
rehabdollalso got p5b05:48
rehabdolldeluxe on desktop, plain p5b on server05:48
hidavethe jaeger latest works05:48
rehabdollhavent booted on the server though, and only 2.3-rc1 on desktop.. but i suspect there are no issues with final05:48
rehabdollare you using a ide-cd/dvd?05:49
hidavedosen´t find hdc after booting05:49
hidaveyap ide dvd05:50
rehabdollno, i suspect it wont, since its not called hdc05:50
rehabdollhdc does not exist since it implies ide2 and there is only one ide-channel05:50
rehabdolltry hdb instead05:50
hidaveah :)05:50
rehabdollit could be something else.. be on the lookout for your cd during boot.. and see what the kernel calls it05:51
rehabdollCRUX root=/dev/hdX05:51
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hidaverehabdoll: it boots fine until md: autorun DONE.  VFS: Cannot open root device "hdb" or unknown-block(0.0) - then  Kernel panic05:59
prologicso specify the correct root device06:00
prologicthe crux cd assumes your cdrom is the primary slave06:00
prologicif it's secondary master use hdc or slave hdd06:00
prologicthe boot proess will tell you which it is06:01
prologicsome CD-... line06:01
treachhe should probably try hda instead.06:01
treachprologic: you should read the story from the beginning before starting to confusing the victim. :)06:01
prologicyeah sorry :)06:02
* prologic goes back to chess06:02
treachs confusing/confuse06:02
hidave:D sorry guys stupid me06:03
Roomsterprimary slave wtf?06:04
Roomsterits secandary slave hdc06:04
treach<- afk, car wash.06:04
Roomstermost would use hda primary master if they have ata hdd's06:04
Roomsteris ok06:04
hidavethank you anyway ;)06:04
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Romsterhidave, don't worry even i've done something stupid i'm sure everyone here has at one point.06:07
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hidaveRomster: hehehe ..yap u right06:09
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Romsterand i made a bobo <Roomster> its secandary slave hdc < is secandary master hdc06:11
rehabdollim gonna check what the boot-cd kernel calls my ide-device06:11
prologicRomster, secondary slave is not hdc06:14
prologicit's hdd06:14
prologicwhat I said was correct :)06:14
* prologic back to chess *sigh*06:14
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Romsterdefault is hdc06:16
Romsteri got the wrong word..06:16
hidaveRomster:  don´t worry :)06:18
rehabdollhda should do it06:20
rehabdollbut the kernel refuses to find my ahci-connected sata-dvd06:21
Romsterah because you don't have the driver for that interface06:21
Romstersee what module you need.06:21
rehabdollwho, me?06:22
Romsterhi jkr06:22
jkrLooks like crond update removed my crontab :(06:24
Romsterrehabdoll, yes you :/06:25
rehabdollnono, its the boot-cd06:25
rehabdollstrange, since the cd-kernel both has ahci and scsi-cd support compiled in06:26
rehabdollwich should do it06:26
rehabdollie: CRUX root=/dev/sr006:26
Romsterwhy does pciutils have lscpi in /usr/sbin instead of /sbin ?06:27
Romstersince its in core.. it should be in /sbin ?06:27
Romsterjkr, hrmm that should be in the file to not update but to run rejmerge...06:27
rehabdolllspci would do fine in /usr/sbin, no?06:28
rehabdollsince its not critical to anything06:28
Romsterbut its in core...06:29
Romsterwhat if you have /sbin on the root partition and /usr on another partition.06:29
rehabdollthen why would you need lspci?06:29
rehabdollsince the kernel-source resides in /usr :)06:30
* Romster shrugs06:30
Romsterjsut seems logical that all core ports install to /sbin06:30
rehabdollmost things in core live in /usr i believe06:30
rehabdollgcc for example06:31
prologicRomster, where did you get the idea that core ports should install their binaries to /sbin ?06:31
Romsterand not /usr/sbin06:31
rehabdollas few things as possible sould be in / directly06:32
prologicwhich includes /sbin and /bin06:32
rehabdollyeah ofcourse06:32
prologicgenerally you only need file system repair and mount tools in /sbin06:32
prologicwhich is why they are in /sbin :)06:33
rehabdolland vi :D06:33
prologicvim lives in /usr/bin/ :)06:33
rehabdollno, /bin !06:33
Romsterages ago. sbin is system binarys, while /usr/sbin is for users system binarys, how can pciutils be a user system binary... ? when its in the core repo.06:33
rehabdollits only a symlink in /usr/bin06:33
* Romster gives up even thinking at some of the logic06:34
rehabdollbecause its a non-critical userland util06:34
prologicand because the software's Makefile installs to /usr and not /06:35
Romsteri never said about anything isntalling to root itself..06:36
Romsterother than /usr/... and /bin /sbin06:36
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tilmantreach: yep, someone mentioned it06:57
blizzwhat's the name of the script which finds files that do not belong to any installed packages?06:58
tilmanpitillo: hi06:59
tilmanblizz: pkgorphan i think06:59
tilmanblizz: opt/prtutils06:59
tilman24 gb pushed o_O07:00
prologic769M pushed :)07:00
pitillotilman: morning :)07:00
blizzprtorphan -d / it is!07:02
blizzthanks, tilman.. rtfm is my friend.07:02
tilmanactually, prtorphan does something else07:03
tilmanit finds files that belong to packages (= ports) that aren't available in /usr/ports/07:03
blizzyep, i used that main function of it yesterday07:03
tilmanorphaned files however are files that don't belong to any package07:03
jjpk386 torrent downloads / ~92gb transferred \o/07:04
jjpkIt won't take long for 2.3 to out do 2.2.07:05
tilmanjjpk: for a moment i thought you meant that you alone transfered 92 gb :D07:05
blizzfat pipe07:05
blizzi feel like nobody wants to download from me :)07:05
jjpkrofl. not possible with this worthless connection.07:05
tilmanblizz: possibly because my pipe is so fat that i satisfy all leechers07:06
blizzdownloaded it with 2.2M/s peak yesterday, though07:06
tilmanand jaeger seeds from morpheus afaik07:06
blizztilman, 100mbit?07:06
tilmanwhich is in some university network :D07:06
tilmanblizz: yeah07:06
blizzyeah, me too07:06
jjpktilman: the uni must love that :]07:07
jjpkLucky them that this is not a warez dumpsite ;)07:07
blizzi know some guy working at tum, they had a <de>azubi</de> who had an illegal torrent running over a really fat 10gbit pipe i think07:08
blizzwell, turned out to be a lot of traffic after one night07:08
tilmanblizz: "trainee"07:08
blizzthats the term, thanks :)07:08
blizzhowever, the trainee isnt working there anymore, after he used their cluster as a renderfarm for a blender project07:09
tilman: D:D07:09
tilmancool, clemens is back07:09
jjpkNice, just a little bit of personal use.07:10
aoni remember someone used some cluster for running seti@home renamed to 'a.out'07:13
jjpkPadding your seti@home statistics nicely :D07:14
aonlol @ the survey07:15
blizz*troll* all seti@home is contributing to is global warming :P07:16
aonah, can't answer it as i'm not working07:16
jjpkHaha, maybe was convincing enough about being mostly for advanced users.07:16
blizzit would be so funny to calculate the amount of watts spent on seti@home calculations07:17
blizzi mean. kilo watt hours07:17
aon"We found alien life! Now let's quickly escape to that planet before this one melts!"07:17
blizzhow unscientific :)07:18
blizzhar har07:18
prologicwhat's this about a survey ?07:19
jjpkzomg, opportunists!111107:19
jjpkI can imagine several seti@home users would be pissed about that :p07:19
blizzaon, that would be a douglas adams kind of irony07:19
rehabdollnow thats just wierd.. the crux-kernel refuses to find my sata-dvd when connected to my jmicron-ahci controller, but finds it fine on the intel-ich8r controller07:21
rehabdollim counting 16 downloads from my httpd07:26
treachheh, either my isp has put the brakes on me, or the frenzy has died down a bit. :p07:30
treach(pushed about 14GB)07:31
guaquano-one's downloading from me :<07:32
guaquai wonder if it's ktorrent's fault07:32
treachI've got 4 connections right now, but they are slow. (2-5 kb)07:32
treachguaqua: I don't think so.07:32
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treachI have used ktorrent in the past, used to work pretty well, but iirc I had to use upnp to make peace love and understanding between it and my router.07:34
guaquathere's no router here in between07:34
guaquastraight 100/100 lan to the internet :<07:34
guaqua(i really have 100/100) :D07:34
treachheh, apparently your torrent has  hansens disease as well. :P07:35
rehabdolli only have 10/10 :(07:35
jjpk0.5/0.5 here :(07:40
jjpkStone age compared to your connections :|07:41
prologic6/1 here :/07:41
treachwell, better than that old 56k..07:41
jjpkThe only good thing is the flatrate cost, but that's about it.07:42
treachI'd much prefer 0.5/0.5 to the old 14.4 modem I used the first time I got online..07:42
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treachwasn't that old back then though.07:43
jjpkSome years ago I had this 14.4 Hayes modem on the serial port.07:45
* deus_ex has USR 56k modem as a backup07:49
deus_exYou never know :)07:50
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deus_exopt/libgd lists x11 as a dependancy.shouldn't that be xorg?07:52
pitillodeus_ex: are not the same? (alias)07:54
pitillo(not sure)07:56
deus_expitillo: I don't know, prt-get lists it as missing (missing packages - x11 from libgd).07:57
deus_exI was updating my graphviz port when I stumbled upon it.07:58
pitillo(looked at prt-get.aliases in 2.3, that is the reason I told you it, but I am not sure at all) May be someone can explain it.07:59
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tilmancan someone give me the Message-Id of that mail? ttp://
tilmanRomster: ping08:05
tilmanprologic: ping08:05
tilmansepen: ping08:06
aontilman: Message-ID: <20070321150438.GA11740@viper.lan>08:07
teKthat's really FQDN :)08:08
prologictilman, pong08:11
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:11
tilmanprologic: see my mail to crux-contrib. i'd appreciate if you could fix subversion-perl in the 2.3 branch, so a) we have a test for 2.3 and b) i get a working svn-perl08:16
tilmanRomster: i'd like you to talk to me first before doing your first 2.3 commit again. to prevent havoc and the like08:16
tilmanah shit08:17
treachRomster: I think that's a suspended sentence. ;)08:17
treachtilman: too late? :P08:18
prologictilman, I shall do this tomorrow when I awaken :) after I upgrade my desktop to 2.3 :)08:18
tilmantreach: no, i thought i might have used the wrong email address for that email08:18
tilmanbut mutt picked the right one08:19
tilmannot sure why though08:19
treachah, ok. :)08:19
tilman<3 mutt08:19
Romsterstilw ating on the next email saying if its ok to resume adding... i'm assuing my exsiting git checkout would mess things up08:19
Romsterjust read the recent email08:22
Romsteri'em subscribed..08:22
Romsterlost changes oh well got a local copy08:22
tilmani made a backup, too. just in case08:23
Romsteri'll just have todo it again...08:23
tilmanRomster: note though that right now 2.3 == 2.208:23
tilmanso you don't have to add everything again to it08:23
Romsterdo i just commit how i do/did in 2.208:24
tilmanbut you check out 2.3 first08:24
rehabdollIntroduction to DNS & BIND  April 16-17  $1295.00 <- cheap08:24
prologicrehabdoll, I could write a 10 page boook on that08:24
prologic$10 :)08:24
Romsterk so i'll just have to alter my ports i had them modifyed to the new 2.3 crux...08:24
tilman10 pages, wow08:24
Romsteryeah i'll checkout a new copy.08:24
tilmanthat's probably not as enlightening as the workshop :P08:25
prologicmaybe I should write books for a living :)08:25
rehabdollthe advanced course is $1895 :)08:25
Romstersince --use-separate-remote is now default in git 1.5 do i not need to use git-pull . refs/remotes/origin/2.3 any more?08:25
tilmanread the mail to crux-devel that i wrote08:33
tilmanand follow it08:33
tilmanno need to whack around with --use-separate-remote08:33
Romsterwell in the past i did so i wouldn't loose changes with ast forarding08:34
Romsterbut its default now in git 1.508:34
Romsteri'll read the mail :/08:34
tilmanRomster: you also created lots of merge commits in the 2.2 tree08:35
tilmanyou should use fetch & rebase instead of pull08:35
prologicwas that him ? :) lolz08:35
prologicactually git pull works fine, it must be somsething else that causes a remote merge08:36
prologicafaik :)08:36
tilmannope, it's the pull08:36
prologicreally ?08:36
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct08:37
prologicnah it can't be08:37
prologicsince I git pull, then commit and then push08:37
prologicbut Danny _is_ causing the remote merges :)08:38
Romstertilman, ok but if i loose changes following that i'm going back to my way08:38
tilmanyou don't...08:38
prologicyeah you don't08:38
Romsterwell int he past i had lst changes08:39
Romsternevermind not that i matter if i loose stuff.08:39
tilmanyou WILL not loose anything08:42
tilmanRomster: before you push, please run git log and check whether you added new "merge commits"08:43
tilmanif you did, don't push08:43
tilmaninstead, talk to me08:43
bd2what's wrong with merge commits, btw? except few more lines in the log08:52
tilmanthey are nothing but noise08:52
bd2I see08:52
bd2tilman, just have looked into man git-log.. there is --no-merges option08:54
mike_kand looks odd in gitk and same frontends08:54
tilmanbd2: so? it will still be there08:54
bd2tilman, I just thought that merge commit lines are okay at RCS POV.. and it's matter of front-ends to show it or not. fetch+rebase is a bit hackish for such stuff.08:57
bd2though, fetch+rebase indeed does the job08:58
tilmanthe common way is to use fetch & rebase08:58
tilmanit's recommended basically "everywhere"08:58
tilmanso i don't think it's hackish or anything08:59
bd2oh.. let me google then ;-)08:59
prologictilman, I still believe Danny is doing something much weirder, since I use pull08:59
prologicand I cause no merge commits09:00
tilmanalso depends on *when* you pull, as i already said09:00
prologichow so ?09:00
tilmani don't have time for an in-depth discussion right now09:01
bd2btw, if I use fetch+rebase for everything, then I'm losing ability to revert whole that "merge".09:05
bd2so, I guess fetch+rebase is useful when trying to pull from say 2.3 to "own" branch.09:06
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caraca1Hello everyone :)09:21
caraca1So has anyone tried aptana yet?09:23
caraca1Looks really nice to me.09:23
caraca1There are some flash tutuorials hold on let me find the link.09:25
rehabdollare you prehaps part of an astro-turf movement?09:26
rehabdolli dont care09:26
caraca1astro-turf? umm no i don't think so.09:26
caraca1And here it looks like someone is trying to get tinymce to work with aptana
caraca1Smells like a real futur competetor to dreamweaver to me.09:30
rehabdollif i want spam ill just read my email, thank you.09:30
caraca1What do you mean spam? I was just asking if anyone had tried it.09:30
caraca1Anyways if you think that my posts are spam then oviously your not interested in html editors and you have my permission not to feel  obligated  to respond.09:33
rehabdollits just the impression i got09:37
rehabdolli apologize if i was wrong09:37
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caraca1Thats fine :) Do you guy get spam bots?09:38
caraca1or people try to sell you something.09:39
prologicyeah all the time :)09:39
prologicthey're relaly annoying :P09:39
prologicjoking :)09:39
caraca1lol mmhhm09:40
prologicmost of the time we're bored shitless ;)09:40
MNKyDethI just want to thank all the people that made Crux 2.3 it's a great release, thank you09:40
guaquaanother happy customer. gj, dev team :)09:40
caraca1Well what are your interests i can bs about anything.09:40
tilmanMNKyDeth: :)09:40
prologicAI, distributed computing09:41
prologicsoftware architecture :)09:41
MNKyDethI can mirror the iso for you guys aswell, I have a server that has about 700gigs of free bandwidth if you are interested09:42
caraca1Hmm well i am building a wifi antenna and i am going to try to set up wlan and get my own gnu/linux wifi community going.09:42
prologicI recommend using MikroTik RouterOS :)09:43
caraca1I have been collecting all the public domain & oss content that i can find to add to it09:43
caraca1Is MikroTik RouterOS open source and not a corperation?09:45
caraca1Im looking at the sight and it looks like a mom and pop shop which is great just wondering if the software is oss09:46
prologicno it's closed and commercial09:46
prologicbut a mighty fine router09:46
caraca1Ohh i know what this is09:47
caraca1this is www.routerboard.com09:47
caraca1yaaa i buy there stuff all the time09:47
prologicPPPoe, l2tp, bridging, ntp, ospf, bgp, rip, etc09:47
prologicit has it all09:47
prologicyeah you can get their own hardware as well09:48
prologicbut I run the pc x86 version on my PIII router09:48
caraca1Have you heard of gumstix?09:48
caraca1They support gnu/linux and make some really cool hardware app modules09:49
caraca1There really exspensive though.09:50
caraca1I want to build a wifi phone but my mean wife won't let me :(09:50
prologicI like those ^09:51
caraca1wrap :)09:51
jjpkIf I may suggest, get a spare box and install openbsd on it.09:51
jjpkThen make sure you find a working wlan adapter for it, then you are good to go.09:51
pitillosomeone found any problem building mplayer in 2.3?09:52
caraca1Have you tried miros09:52
prologicyou people and your bsds09:53
prologic#xorg told me to use bsd when I couldn't get my via video card working :/09:53
rawdamn right they are :]09:53
tilmanprologic: did libv comment on your problem?09:54
caraca1Like the bsd's because they are a chalenge for me to setup.09:54
tilmanmaybe ask him again09:54
jjpkiptables works, but I highly dislike its syntax.09:54
caraca1Why is it when i come in here everythin is really really quiet and little by little the room begins to fill up?09:55
rawcaraca1 > reward09:55
caraca1So when do you think microsoft is going to sue everyone?09:57
prologicfor what ?09:58
prologicbeing smarter then they are ?09:58
rawprologic: we would be so fucked :(09:59
caraca1:) what i could never understand was how does a company with like 50,000 developers develop such crap software?09:59
prologicyou have crap engineers10:00
prologicand crap developers10:00
prologicthey don't listen to the people10:00
prologicthey _think_ they know how best to implement and design something10:00
prologicit's the culture they're in and blieve in10:00
caraca1When i built my first computer i bought a copy of windows 95 and then 3 hours later i installed slackware.10:01
prologichmm good for you :)10:02
caraca1And the general population just loves microsoft.10:02
raw'general population'10:02
prologicI didn't really know anything else living in Papua New Guinea at the time :)10:02
prologicI don't think that's really the case10:02
caraca1Sorry i really suck at spelling10:02
prologicthey're just a giant and people have become _used_ to the software10:02
caraca1I cant stand windows or windows software i even think photoshop sucks its just sooo bloated.10:03
prologicmicrosoft saw a need, they filled it, and created a caulture of computing10:03
prologicthey didn't do a very good job at it in our hubmle opiions10:03
caraca1My wife use to hate crux untill i showed here how to use it now she comes home and bitches about here crap xp work computer lol10:04
*** onestep has joined #crux10:04
caraca1sorry i like to talk shit on microsoft10:04
prologicit's fine :)10:05
prologicI like to as well most times, but thinking about it objectively is good too10:05
pitillonice... now mplayer builds fine.... sorry10:05
tilmanshould i email contrib to tell them not to touch 2.2 anymore?10:05
prologicI made my gf promise that she'd never use a windows computer in my house :)10:05
caraca1I met bill once he in seattle he is a totoal dick thinks he is better than everyne else.10:05
prologictilman, not yet :)10:05
caraca1Now balmer id punch him in the head and go to jail with a sile on my face.10:06
caraca1prologic how does your gf deal with gnu/linux does she like it?10:07
prologicI don't know yet :)10:07
prologicshe does use my computer when she visits sometimes10:07
prologicwe don't live together yet :)10:07
caraca1Just remind her that with the good come the bad and that gnu/linux is like a good whiskey gets better with age.10:09
prologiccrux + xfce4 = done10:10
sepenprologic, I also using xfce410:11
prologiclovely ain't it :)10:11
sepenreally fine for my amd900 xD10:11
caraca1xfce4 is the only desktop i use10:11
prologicfine for my amd3800 :)10:11
sepenanyone are using urxvt-unicode?10:12
caraca1One i figured out glade that was the end of my kde and qt days10:12
prologicI could run vista on here comfortably :)10:12
prologicglade rocks :)10:12
caraca1i like glade-3 but it gets in my way sometimes10:13
prologicthere's glade 3 ?10:13
prologicI need to update my port :/10:13
caraca1Now if the ruby community could get a new interpreter out and i could learn to do all my programming with c and gtk i would be a happy man10:14
caraca1 go look10:14
caraca1Its diferant than glade210:14
namenlossepen: yes, i use it.10:15
namenlosbut only as a simple terminal...10:15
caraca1it uses the sdi instead of the mdi10:17
caraca1I feel right now with macslow and xgl along with cairo and all the new advancements with gtk applications we are in the calm before the storm phase10:20
caraca1Things are going to really rock soon.10:20
caraca1I wish i had an nvidia card so i could set fire to may applications.10:21
jjpkterminal / curses apps ftw.10:22
caraca1Console junky10:22
jjpkCall them outdated and dead, but they are efficient in my opinion.10:23
caraca1Ok im seeding crux 2.3 untill i have seeded 1 gig then im going to update mysystem10:24
caraca1nahh we all spend most of our time in the console as crux users.10:25
* jaeger doesn't10:25
jjpkThat's a generalization.10:25
jjpkMany spend most of their time in an x11 environment.10:25
jaegerI spend a hell of a lot of time in terminals but not at the console :)10:25
tilman<3 ncurses10:25
caraca1Ahhh yes but with a console :) lol10:25
caraca1Sorry terminal10:26
caraca1I used kde for to many years10:26
rawncurses r teh shitz10:26
caraca1its acutaly konsole10:26
rawcurses on ncurses10:27
jjpkWith the amount of superstitious people out there, no wonder unix has a bad light enshrouded.10:27
jjpkdaemons and curses, run for your life.10:28
caraca1ncurses applications are hard to develop in my opinion10:28
tilmanseen libgnt?10:29
caraca1Gaim Ncurses Toolkit10:30
caraca1Yahh but i have never used it.10:30
tilmanme neither, but it seems to be cool10:30
caraca1From the looks of it with gpm and libgnt you could drag & drop curses widgets thats cool.10:32
caraca1Have you guys evr thought about includeing toolchain support into pkgmk10:33
jjpkMeaning what?10:36
sepenmmm when I put this URL ( on my browser I can't see correctly the favicon.ico ...10:41
jjpkWhatever it is, it sounds very much like its going against KISS principles.10:41
tilmansepen: hey. did you see my mail to the contrib list already?10:42
tilmansepen: if you have trouble reconstructing the diffs that got lost, let me know10:42
sepenof course10:44
sepenbut I can't understand why commits are lost, due to me and romster?10:48
sepenhe tells me that Im was able to commit on 2.310:48
caraca1Are you useing a gtk browser?10:50
sepensorry often Im problem with english10:51
*** mjeq has joined #crux10:51
*** mjeq has quit IRC10:52
caraca1Does anyone know where i can find the make file used to build the crux iso?10:52
caraca1It use to be in svn i think but that link is now gone.10:53
*** mjeq has joined #crux10:53
caraca1Hmm git? ive never used that before is it better than svn?10:54
tilmanit's mostly different10:54
jaegerbetter is a matter of opinion, but it's different10:55
caraca1this is a python thing isnt it?10:55
tilmanwell, it uses a little perl somewhere10:56
jjpksvn is centralized while git is not, but it still can be made centralized for revision control.10:57
jjpkDepends on your needs.10:57
*** mjeq has quit IRC11:00
caraca1Well ill try it before i pass judgement but i dislike perl or python anything other than (c, ruby, bash) makes me grrrr :)11:00
tilmanthat attitude will only cause you pain ;)11:01
tilmanjust accept that they are both pretty popular :D11:01
caraca1I know trust me i once tried to build a autotools replacement and i waisted about 2 months of my life.11:02
caraca1But you cant really blam me wanting an entire system comprised of languages that i know.11:03
jjpkDo not take this personally or in the wrong way, but are you obsessive compulsive?11:03
tilmani'd say you're just insane11:04
tilmanbut who isn't *shrug*11:04
*** mike_k has quit IRC11:04
jjpkApparently sanity never existed, you simply have those who are very demented and some that are less :]11:04
teKah, bash. Imho it would be cool if CRUX were bash-independent (did never try)11:04
Romstersepen, i said i added ports anyone else can too...11:04
Romsterwhy ruby?11:05
treachteK: dash works pretty well as a replacement. :p11:05
tilmanruby is what jesus would have used11:05
jjpkteK: Han did something like that.11:05
jaegerunless you want to use cedega. dash breaks its tests pretty badly11:05
jaegerbut that's the only app I've run into problems with so far11:05
teKjjpk: I now. Officially bash-independet as a symbol :-)11:05
tilmanteK: why exactly would that be cool?11:06
teKthere are people who don't use bash11:06
teKat all. :>11:06
tilmanand all three of them use crux, too?11:06
teKahem ahem!11:06
treachavoiding depeding on some particular package when not needed is a good thing IMO.11:06
teKbeing bash-independent scriptwise does not mean one has to let it out..11:07
sepenRomster, yeah all is ok!11:07
teKtreach: ack11:07
caraca1Yes i am obsessive compulsive as are most programmers11:07
teKas CRUX is (maybe?) the most BSD-like distro this step would be just natural ;-)11:08
tilmantreach: i agree, in general11:08
caraca1 git clone git://
caraca1is that right im trying to get the crux iso make file but im just getting fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly11:08
caraca1fetch-pack from 'git://' failed11:08
treachagain, imo; what advantage does depending on bashisms bring?11:09
teKwell $AUTHOR was/is used bash.. bash is installed an "most" systems, so why not. (thats the reason, I guess)11:09
teKremoving bashism would be great. period. :)11:10
teKbtw: bashism is quite a cool (netgative? ;)) word11:10
jjpkIt would not take much effort, but good luck convincing the devs about that.11:10
teKand THIS is not a  technical argument, imho11:10
caraca1Bash could be done away with but only to be replaced with ruby.11:10
treachjjpk: prologic already did that.11:10
teKwhat? remove or convince?;)11:11
jjpktreach: as in its official in 2.3?11:11
teKI think (sadly) convincing would be harder then removing11:11
treachjjpk: no.11:11
tilmancaraca1: it will work if you spell "iso.git" correctly11:11
treachjust removed the bashisms from the bootscripts11:11
caraca1ohh lol :-P11:11
treachPresumeably you could use bash for ports that are broken without it.11:12
caraca1atleast i didnt spell it got11:12
caraca1get, git, got11:12
* treach guesses that number of packages will dwindle since ubuntu links sh to dash..11:13
teKso 2.3 "vanilla" would work without bash?11:13
treachI didn't say that. just that prologic fixed the scripts11:13
caraca1Ok everyone forgive me for this but.11:14
caraca1Are these all the package that make up the cd core11:14
caraca1filesystem bash coreutils bzip2 devfsd e2fsprogs jfsutils xfsprogs \11:14
caraca1    reiserfsprogs patch findutils glibc grep gzip kbd module-init-tools \11:14
caraca1    less lilo gawk ncurses net-tools pkgutils procps readline sed shadow \11:14
caraca1    mktemp sysklogd sysvinit tar util-linux vim which dialog pine mdadm11:14
treachpine shouldn't even be in that list.11:15
teKtreach: fixed like: removing *all* bashism11:15
caraca1What? when you boot the cd you would pico /crux/handbook11:15
sepenIm planning to translate the handbook to spanish, what I need? (docbook? lyx?)11:16
treachteK: well, why don't you ask him? It works if you call dash instead of bash so I guess it was successful.11:16
jaegertreach: he might be looking at the 2.2 Makefile instead of 2.311:16
teKI'll have a look myself, I think :)11:16
treachcaraca1: the pine package was superceded (sp?) by nano.11:17
caraca1Wait a min kernel
caraca1This isnt the right one11:17
treachbesides, nano is for wimps. ;)11:18
caraca1So how would i git the 2.3-rc111:18
tilmangit checkout 2.311:19
jaegergit clone blah; git branch 2.3 origin/2.3; git checkout 2.311:19
tilmanwill give you the 2.3 branch11:19
tilmanoh, right11:19
Romstercaraca1, thats whats on the cd itself11:20
caraca1im sorry but but could you give me the full command i have never used git before.11:23
tilmanyou cloned the iso.git thing, right?11:23
caraca1git checkout 2.3 or git checkout git:// doesnt work11:23
tilman1.) git clone git://
tilman2.) git branch 2.3 origin/2.311:24
tilman3.) git checkout 2.311:24
jaeger1.5) cd iso11:24
tilman(which is exactly what jaeger said :D)11:24
caraca1git branch 2.3 origin/2.3 :fatal: Not a git repository11:25
caraca1dont yell at me11:25
tilman(17:24) <@   jaeger> 1.5) cd iso11:25
jaegercaraca1: cd into your iso checkout and run git branch, it might help make things clear11:26
caraca11.) git clone git://
caraca12.) cd iso11:29
caraca13.) git branch 2.3 origin/2.311:29
caraca14.) git checkout 2.311:29
caraca1See what happens when i mess with applications tainted with the essance of perl11:31
caraca1Ohh and mysql sucks postgres is a real mans database11:33
caraca1and sqlite rules11:34
jjpkperl has nothing to do with your failures or successes.11:34
caraca1mysql is a sissy boys dbms11:34
caraca1Its the community not the language11:35
caraca1But mysql really does suck11:35
*** job has joined #crux11:36
caraca1I tried to learn perl once and just because i was haveing trouble with the syntax they were very rude i tried multaple forums and everyone i was made to feel that newbs were not wellcome but python on the other hand even though i think there indentation rules suck and piss me off the community is really grate you can ask them stupid questions all day and they just answer with a smile.11:38
*** Romster has quit IRC11:39
jaegerthe indentation rules are part of what I like about python :) to each his own, of course11:40
*** Romster has joined #crux11:41
caraca1jaeger it just feels like if you are off by one indentation then your code doesnt work11:41
teKthere was a recent change regarding indention, right?11:42
jaegerI prefer a language that encourages consistency and cleanliness rather than doesn't discourage them11:42
caraca11 tab in a 1000 lines of code and your app wont work seems crazy.11:42
caraca1Now if you can recommend an editor that does automatic indentation and possable tell me how to get (pygtk,gnome-python,glade,cairo,gstreamer,wnck) all to work ill focus my efforts on python and promote it to all.11:44
sepenlike ViM? hehe11:45
jaegerdoesn't matter to me if you prefer perl or promote python, just conversing11:45
treachI'm pretty certain it fits the bill.11:45
caraca1Vim has automatic python indentation?11:46
caraca1does it have code completion and code folding to?11:46
caraca1that would be cool11:46
treachcode folding exists, not sure about the rest, but vim is kind of like emacs.11:47
treachdoes fucking everything..11:47
caraca1ohh jaeger i wasn't trying to be rude i was actualy asking a question.11:54
jaegerI didn't take any offense11:55
caraca1Asking you to recommend and editor with possable auto indentation and if you could help me get all the pygtk stuff to work.11:55
jaegerI use vim for pretty much everything. the few times I've needed to do gui work, I use glade 211:56
caraca1Because i can never get pygtk and pygnome and cairo to work right11:56
caraca1Ill try it now is there like a special module for python support or is it built in?11:57
jaegerbuilt into pygtk11:58
jobAfter upgrading to crux 2.3 my Alt-gr key doesn't work in X11:59
jobThe keyboard section in my xorg.conf is the same as I used for crux 2.211:59
jobI only changed Option "XkbRules"  "xfree86" to Option "XkbRules"  "xorg"11:59
jobI get the error (WW) Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keymap when I start X12:00
caraca1No is the python support built into vim12:00
jaegerthere are autoload, ftplugin, indent, and syntax files for it included, yes12:01
caraca1And is gvim the same way do you know?12:01
jaegeras far as I know it'll use the same files12:02
caraca1I take gvim is just a gtk wrapper for vim12:02
caraca1Ill try it12:02
caraca1I <3 crux12:03
treachjob: you are missing a package12:03
caraca1I feel l33t because i use crux12:05
deus_exjaeger: Could gl-select check if nvidia* port ( e.g nvidia, nvidia-legacy) is installed and not just nvidia?12:05
jobWhat package? I think I have all xorg-packages12:06
treachhm? Is that so?12:06
jaegerdeus_ex: are the files installed by the legacy package the same as the default one?12:06
jkrMy /etc/rc.d/net is gone since upgrade to 2.312:06
jkrGood that I notice before I trying to reboot my server12:07
caraca1Whooo i have never seen some many differant syntax support options12:07
jdolan_heh, ouch.12:07
deus_exjaeger: afaik, yes, it's just different version.12:07
jkrWhat's wrong?12:07
tilmanyou didn't read the release notes12:07
tilmanthat's what's wrong12:07
jkrDamn :(12:08
caraca1gvim has syntax highlighting for like every language, make file, gui lib etc known to man12:08
jaegerdeus_ex: I'll have a look, it's probably no trouble12:08
deus_exjaeger: thanks :)12:09
jaegerjdolan_: hey, do you know if it's legal to ship beer? the wachusett brewery won't ship me that wachusett blueberry stuff :P12:09
caraca1Not in the usa12:09
jaegerthat's unfortunate12:10
*** rezzie has joined #crux12:10
teKcaraca1: so does vim. why use gvim..12:10
caraca1I love yuengling (porter, lauger, black & tan)12:11
caraca1Why use firefox when you can use lynx12:11
treachgvim is a paradox.12:11
jkrRelease notes say the rc.d/net will be moved to net.orig and a new version will be put in place12:11
jkrBut there's nothing - no net and no net.org12:11
caraca1What do you mean by gvim is a paradox?12:12
tilmanjkr: strange, it worked for me (and others)12:12
jkrThe problum occurs on 100% of the computers I've already upgraded to 2.312:13
jdolan_jaeger, they wont, but i will :)12:13
caraca1Best beer you can git in the states
jdolan_jaeger, mail me with your requests.12:13
jaegerjdolan_: wouldn't want you to get in trouble for it, hehe12:13
jdolan_you can UPS whatever you want.12:13
caraca1jdolan_ atf will confiscate it12:13
jdolan_it's private property.12:13
treachcaraca1: a gui application that is mostly command driven for dealing with text.12:14
caraca1Special Agent Jay McCrary with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in Fargo has been selected as an Honorable Mention winner representing the State of North Dakota for the Top Cop Award presented by the National Association of Police Organizations12:14
jkrAh, you should have told me to install the iproute2 ports12:14
treachjdolan_: alcohol, tobaco and firearms iirc12:14
deus_exjaeger: .footprint diff (nvidia vs.nvidia-legacy)
caraca1woops wrong text12:15
jkrAt least there's a rc.d/net in the footprint12:15
caraca1The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is a principal law enforcement agency within the United States Department of Justice dedicated to preventing terrorism, reducing violent crime, and protecting our Nation. The men and women of ATF perform the dual responsibilities of enforcing Federal criminal laws and regulating the firearms and explosives industries. We are committed to working directly, and through partnerships12:15
treachcaraca1: stop flooding.12:15
jkrSo do I really need that iproute port or can I just take the rc.d/net from a backup?12:16
caraca1it wouldnt make it past kenney airport. Now one would get in trouble but he just wouldnt get his beer.12:16
caraca1Trust me i have tried12:17
caraca1I have tried getting some real guinness but the atf allways confascates it i have even tried getting beer from canada because they get some really good german beers but no hope there eather i just built a micro brewery in my home.\12:18
caraca1hate the atf12:19
jaegerAFK for lunch12:19
jkrNeed advice badly.12:20
treachjob: xorg-xkbcomp plus deps springs to mind as a candidate.12:20
tilmanjkr: use iproute12:21
tilmanresp iproute212:21
jkrWhy is iproute2? better?12:21
jobtreach: xorg-xkbcomp is installed12:21
tilmanno, because crux uses it now12:22
tilmanit just does :>12:22
treachand all postinst scripts etc are run?12:22
bd2wtf.. xpdf port abandoned12:22
*** Viper_ has joined #crux12:22
jkrI'm afraid that I mess up with it and my server won't come up again12:22
tilmanbd2: we have epdfview instead now :)12:22
jobtreach: I didn't compile any of the xorg packages, I used the ones on the cd12:23
tilmantreach: simone put it in opt, don't worry :)12:23
treachtilman: I wasn't as much worried as I think it sucks.. :/12:23
rawjkr: or better yet, use pf12:23
tilmantreach: even when compared to xpdf? O_o :)12:23
caraca1has epdfview gotten better or is it still really slow?12:24
bd2tilman, I can't find it in opt/contrib12:24
treachxpdf may look like an app from the stonage, but it works 10.000 times better.12:24
tilmanbd2: well, it's in the 2.3 branch at least12:24
bd2and how it compares with xpdf? is it anyhow better?12:24
jkrI think I'll just put my old rc.d/net on it and play around with iproute2? on my desktop for a while12:24
tilmanxpdf uses motif, epdfview uses gtk212:24
treachepdfview is great for small pdfs, but if you start scrolling around, or try to open bigger docs, it's in a heap of trouble.12:25
*** namenlos has quit IRC12:25
caraca1I tried to get adobe to give me a licences to redistribute acrobat but no go you have to be some form of corp.12:25
bd2I don't care much about with GUI library used.. I'm more interesting in performance/capabilities..12:26
treachbd2: it uses poppler12:26
tilmanwhich is based on xpdf12:26
treachso that shouldn't be any problem per se12:26
bd2treach, then.. why epdf is so slower?  only because gtk?12:27
treachbecause the developer is a total n00b according to tilman. :P12:27
tilmani didn't say "total"12:27
caraca1I havent tried xpdf for a long time so im not sure how the stability is i personal use evance it seems to work good but you end up with some gnome libs12:27
treachok, just n00b, then.12:27
tilmancaraca1: epdfview is kinda like evince w/o the gnome libs12:28
caraca1I know i tried it a couple of months ago but i found that the performance was really bad everythin else was really good.12:28
* treach regrets that he's not a coder.12:29
tilmanjob: did you fix your xkb problem?12:29
jobtilman: No12:29
jobI have tried to fix it for several hours12:29
tilmanjob: upload your Xorg.log12:29
tilman+ your xorg.conf12:29
*** rezzie has quit IRC12:30
*** raw_ has joined #crux12:30
caraca1I want a svg doc viwer that converts all pdf's to svg and i wold like that doc viewer to become a standard for all gnu/linux distros and just plain out due away with pdf.12:32
treachnothing wrong with pdfs.12:33
caraca1I just think that a svg based doc viewer would be better.12:33
treachactually, I think that's the *only* kind of reasonably cross platform format that actually works that I can think of..12:34
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux12:40
*** caraca1 has left #crux12:40
*** raw has quit IRC12:44
tilmanjob: also, did you use an old xorg.conf or did you create a new one?12:45
tilmanhow the hell did i end up being the x monkey anyway?12:45
treachbecause you're the only one how knows how the wire and chewing gum makes it hold together? ;)12:46
treachs how/who12:47
tilmanprologic: your subversion-perl port says "python" in the Description line :)12:47
tilmanso i'm kinda like mcgyver12:47
jobtilman: I created a new one12:47
treachthat actually makes sense, if you speak swedish, python as description that is.12:47
treach"Jag mår pyton", "I really don't feel good"12:48
tilmanegrep -v -e '^[[:space:]]*#' /etc/X11/xorg.conf > /tmp/xorg.conf.without.the.hashes12:49
tilmanjob: can you run that command and upload /tmp/xorg.conf.without.the.hashes please? ;)12:49
tilmanmakes it much easier for me to read it :)12:49
jkrtreach: That sounds like something sexually offensive to me :)12:50
jkrBut maybe I just watch too much Southpark12:50
jobWithout hashes:
tilman(**) Option "XkbRules" "xfree86"12:51
tilman(**) Keyboard1: XkbRules: "xfree86"12:51
jobI tried to run it with XkbRules set to both xfree86 and xorg12:53
jobNone of them works12:53
jobXorg.0.log with XkbRules set to xorg:
tilmanjob: hang, i'll have a look soon12:59
pitillojob: do you have installed xorg-xkbcomp and xkeyboard-config13:00
pitillos/do you have/have you got....13:01
jobpitillo: I have both installed. I think that I have all xorg packages installed13:01
*** sepen has quit IRC13:04
* RedShift off13:05
*** RedShift has quit IRC13:05
pitillojob: did you try to use setxkbmap?13:08
jobNo. But is that necessary? I have never done it in the past13:10
tilman crapeticrap13:17
tilmanjob: xkbRules "xorg" is correct anyway. could you try to use the 'us' layout?13:18
tilmanjob: just to test things :)13:18
tilman Load        "xtt"13:19
tilmanyou can remove that line btw13:19
jobStill doesn't work. I get the same error in Xorg.0.log13:21
tilmanjob: can you run 'xkbcomp'?13:22
jobYes, but what source should I use?13:23
tilmanjust wanted to see whether the binary works13:23
jobIt works: Error:            No input file specified13:23
tilmanls -l /usr/share/X11/xkb/compiled13:24
tilmanls -l /usr/share/X11/xkb/xkbcomp13:24
joblrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12 2007-03-22 01:49 /usr/share/X11/xkb/compiled -> /var/lib/xkb13:24
joblrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 16 2007-03-22 01:49 /usr/share/X11/xkb/xkbcomp -> /usr/bin/xkbcomp13:25
jobThe /var/lib/xkb directory only contains a README file. Should it be that way?13:26
tilmani'm out of ideas13:26
tilmancould you run "strace X"?13:26
tilmanprobably need to install strace first :(13:26
pitillojob: ls -la /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/|grep se13:27
jobpitillo: There is a se file13:30
*** hidave has quit IRC13:30
jobtilman: X doesn't start when I use it with strace13:30
onestepjob: are you using nvidia port?13:30
jobonestep: Yes13:31
onestepyour X cannot find "wfb" extension13:31
tilmanthat shouldn't mess up his xkb though13:31
onestepsome time ago I wrote my own port for nvidia13:31
onestepwhere I fixed that :)13:31
tilmanjob: you *could* try to use the "vesa" driver though13:32
jobonestep: I got that error when I used my XF86Config. But when I created a new it dissapered13:32
onestepjob: my /var/lib/xkb only contains README.compiled too13:33
onestepcreated a new what?13:33
tilmanconfig file13:34
jobWith xorgconfig13:34
onestepwhat method you've used?13:34
onestepso please try vesa driver as tilman said :)13:35
jobChanging to vesa doesn't help13:35
tilmani'll ask around13:35
onestepFailed to load module "xtt" (module does not exist, 0)13:36
*** blueCommand has joined #crux13:36
jobonestep: tilman said that that module is unessecary. Remoeve the load line from your xorg.conf13:36
onestepyes, AFAIK it's obsolete13:37
onestepremove that13:37
tilmanjob: you run 'startx', right?13:38
jobtilman: Yes13:39
onestepmaybe you just have no ./.xinitrc? :)13:39
tilmanjob: could you try to run it as root?13:39
*** mjeq has joined #crux13:40
*** mjeq has quit IRC13:42
jobtilman: It works as root13:43
tilmanbut at least we've got a start now13:44
*** onestep has quit IRC13:44
tilmanjob: does it work as your normal user now, too?13:45
tilman(ie, did start-as-root-once fix it?)13:45
jobNo, it only work when I run startx as root13:46
MNKyDethgroupadd video then usermod -G video (username)13:46
jobThe user that I use is already a member of the video group13:47
tilmanjob: ls -l /usr/bin/Xorg13:47
job-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 1600112 2007-03-01 11:19 /usr/bin/Xorg13:47
tilmancan you run Xorg as a user?13:47
tilmanafter it starts up, you can hit ctrl-alt-backspace13:48
tilmanand then check whether the same xkb error is in Xorg.log13:48
jobI still get the same error. Strange since the setuid bit is set on Xorg13:50
tilmanany leet persons around?13:51
jobI got an error in the terminal when I ran it as my normal user13:52
tilmanwhat did it say?13:52
jobIt seems that normal users doesn't have write permissions to /var/tmp13:52
*** laod has quit IRC13:52
jobI'll try to change that and try again13:52
tilman/var/tmp should be world writable13:53
jobIt works now13:53
tilman(grep var/tmp /usr/ports/core/filesystem/.footprint)13:53
tilmanjob: did you install crux 2.3 from scratch or did you update from 2.2?13:54
jobWhen I ran setup the installation of filesystem failed so I installed it by using tar on the package manually13:55
jobObviously I didn't get the permissions right13:55
tilmanwhy would it fail...13:55
jobThe installation of the package failed because I hadn't removed my /dev directory13:56
jobThe file /dev/console already existed so it complained13:56
tilmananyway, i'm glad we could resolve this :)13:57
tilmanthanks for your patience, too13:57
*** laod has joined #crux13:57
daggerrboth my alt and altgr keys just died after installing xkeyboard-config i think, any ideas why?14:11
tilmangrep XKB /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:13
daggerrTilman, it warns about not being able to load XKB keymap14:17
tilmanls -ld /var/tmp14:17
daggerrall the permission flags are set and its owned by root14:18
tilmandid you upgrade from 2.2?14:18
daggerrno, still 2.214:19
tilmandid you build xorg-server after installing kxeyboard-config?14:19
daggerrit happend as i installed heliodor i think14:19
daggerrno, i did not, it is a good idea you think? :)14:19
daggerrtilman, that package is not added recently?14:20
tilmanyes, it was added recently14:21
tilman4 weeks ago or so14:21
daggerrok, thanks.14:21
*** pitillo_ has joined #crux14:23
*** pitillo has quit IRC14:23
*** lasso has joined #crux14:23
*** pitillo_ is now known as pitillo14:24
*** _unexist is now known as unexist14:30
tilmandoes anyone know how to make less work with a german s-z?14:32
tilmanit happily displays other umlauts for Viper_ and me, but s-z doesn't get displayed correctly14:32
tilmanthanks, fixed14:33
tilmanhaving $LESSCHARSET set to latin1 = no good14:33
tilmanutf-8 works better :)14:33
jkrexport LC_CTYPE=german14:33
jkrHmm, if the other umlauts work, maybe your font just has no sz?14:33
tilman(20:33) <@   tilman> thanks, fixed14:34
tilman(20:33) <@   tilman> having $LESSCHARSET set to latin1 = no good14:34
tilman(20:33) <@   tilman> utf-8 works better :)14:34
jkrI blame the lag14:37
j^2hey all14:55
j^2anyone mess with iis here?14:55
jaegernot in several years14:55
j^2i'm asking ##windows ;)14:56
tilmanany t-com employees around? ;)15:03
teKhuh, why15:04
tilmanjust got a huge ass bill from them15:04
tilmani'm pondering suicide or a suicide attack in bonn ;)15:04
teKEin Kollege hat Mal 1 Jahr keine Rechung mit ISDN bekommen und natuerlich das als Flat gewertet und dann kam ne Rechnug ueber 1000DM15:05
jkrHe, hope you don't have the bundestrojaner installed yet, or they'll ring at your door in a few minutes :)15:05
teKjkr: German?15:05
tilmanteK: it's > 1000 DM for me :(15:06
jkrteK: Did you hang around at buha some time ago? I think I've seen your nick before15:06
tilmanatm i'm just hoping it's a mistake15:06
teKjkr: yup15:07
teKim still on #buha.unix15:07
teKtilman: that's frigglin' bad.. how come?15:08
jkrDidn't they shut down the irc channels and move to psyrc or something?15:08
teKjep, it simply killed #buha15:08
tilmani used isdn call-by-call crap in january/february15:08
teKare registered on their board?15:08
tilmanmaybe the bitches raised the tariffs by around 900% when i didn't check15:08
jkrYup, but don't really read posts there anymore15:09
tilmanlet's hope they didn't15:09
teKTariffs what for15:09
*** mrks has joined #crux15:09
teKhi lizer15:09
teK! :))15:09
jkrHi teK :)15:09
teKdich fand ich immer sehr nett :>15:09
jkrBin ich ja auch :)15:09
treachDM? I thought you guys were in the euro crowd nowadays.15:09
teKthe best was your joke about finding web 2.0 acronyms15:10
teKtreach: it's been back some time15:10
jkrHehe, you mean womanizr? :)15:10
teKno! better!15:10
tilmantreach: yeah15:10
teKmom. :>15:10
*** onestep has joined #crux15:10
treachteK: the return of the DM?15:10
tilmantreach: i'm too afraid to tell how much EUR it is. it could be a valid claim o_O15:10
tilmanshit shit shit15:10
tilmani probably should call my lawyer15:11
teKthe bill of 1000DM (~= 500$)15:11
tilmanwhere's dr gonzo15:11
treach1000 euro would really suck..15:11
jkrThere recently was an interesting report of the bundesbank-dingsbums about regional independent currencies in bavaria15:11
tilman"ich habe meinen aaaanwaaaaaaaalt mitgebracht [...]"15:11
jkrSeems like every village there has their own currency15:11
jkrtilman: It's "bei mir", not "mitgebracht" :)15:12
seekwillWhich program queries dns servers?15:12
treachjkr: not "umgrebracht"? :P15:12
treachbah "Umgebracht"15:12
jkrNope, I know that movie pretty good :)15:12
treach(just playing. :) )15:13
teKjkr: it was: sed -e 's/er$/r/g' /usr/share/dict/words or something.. I laughed my ass off15:14
jkrYeah, that's what I meant - womanizr was my favorite result :)15:14
teKhitlr :X15:15
teKer even more leet: s/er$/0r/g ..15:15
jkrSchaeuble ^= hitlr2.0 :)15:15
teKhe's a late beta, I think. yes15:16
teKbut (CDU) has an open registration :> .. no invitation needed or smth.15:16 :>15:17
jkrhome of the bundestrojaner15:17
treachwouldn't that be .gov ?15:17
treachthat would be something...15:18 isn't german15:18
treachI know.15:18
jkrteK: sed -n 's/er$/' /usr/share/dict/words15:18
*** pTr has joined #crux15:19
treachjkr: I don't know about germany, but is used.15:20
jkrtreach: By the swedish gov? Or just someone who thought it's funny to register :)15:20
treachofficial stuff.15:21
jkrHere it's all .de15:21
*** mrks_ has quit IRC15:21 etc.15:21
teKif the EU would settle down with Microsoft the page for the bundestrojan would be ... I don't understand why there is no joint venture between those two parties15:21
treachwell, seems mostly to be used by various official inquiries to present their results.15:22
jkrIt doesn't really need to be on, it will just come with the next windows patch day :)15:22
tilmanbundestrojan o_O15:22
teKyou know.. this claim of the german government to be able to spy on *every* german PC :o15:23
treachall pc's are sold with integrated keyloggers?15:23
teKin politicians' minds it would be as simple as that15:24
daggerrit's strange, even professional drug addicts have ther feet more securely planted to the ground than politicans...15:25
treach"proffesional drug addicts"?15:25
teKit's simply ridiculous15:25
daggerrtreach, well career addicts then15:25
treachfunny expression, even if I get your point. :)15:26
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:26
jjpkthe pros haha15:27
* treach wants to round up all professional politicians and shot them.15:28
daggerrare you a hobby addict? ever thought about going pro? :)15:28
treachtry to get sponsored by Nike or something. :D15:28
daggerrjust do it15:28
*** pitillo has joined #crux15:29
treachwhee, we are just over halfways to the 2.2 downloads. :)15:32
*** sepen has joined #crux15:33
*** caraca1 has joined #crux15:34
morlenxusDoes someone use nfs4 and can help me with a few questions i have? I want to know if the performance is better compared to the older versions of nfs.15:34
jkrCan I use my old xorg.conf (6.9) for xorg 7.2?15:35
caraca1Hello everyone i was wondering what were gets its hosting i need to find some place to store binary packages for use with pkg-get.15:35
jaegermorlenxus: only 3 here, sorry15:36
tilmanjkr: sorry, can't do free support anymore15:37
jkrThat's unfair! I helped you with the Anwalt quote! ;)15:37
tilmani didn't ask for help!15:37
tilmani don't care if i quoted it wrong!15:37
jkrWill you help me if I stop asking for help? :)15:38
tilmanjkr: you'll have to change some paths. since x moved from /usr/X11R6 to /usr15:38
jkrOk, thanks :)15:38
morlenxusjaeger: k, thanks15:38
morlenxusIsn't it really exceptional to have x in /usr ?15:39
tilman10 years ago, yes15:40
teKjkr: I also respect your zsh knowledge  (BTW)15:40
tilmannow, no15:40
morlenxusHm k, i'm living in the past.15:40
jkrZSH rocks15:40
morlenxustilman: Was there a special reason to keep it in /usr/X* ?15:41
tilmanmaybe i should sign up at an online poker place15:41
teKof course15:41
tilmanto get rich quick15:41
tilmanmorlenxus: it was the preferred location for xfree8615:41
teKtilman: what the hell can go wrong.. DSL flat.. phone flat..15:41
morlenxusah ok15:41
tilmanteK: as i said, it's isdn callbycall crap15:42
tilmani'm basically living in the woods ;)15:42
teKthat's shit I lived in outern NIederbayern till 2004 (without DSL)15:43
tilmanwere those in contrib?15:45
jkrHow can I make xorg stop complaining about that fixed font?15:49
*** MNKyDeth is now known as MNKyDeth|AFK15:51
*** muerto has quit IRC15:51
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep font-misc15:51
jkrxorg-font-misc-misc 1.0.0-215:52
*** muerto has joined #crux15:52
tilmangrep fixed /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.dir |wc -l15:53
jkrNo such file or directory -> 015:53
tilmansh /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-font-misc-misc/post-install15:54
tilmanyou probably didn't run the scripts..15:54
jkrSeems so. But it still doesn't work15:54
*** RyoS has joined #crux15:55
jkrOk, I installed all xorg-fonts-* ports and ran all the post-install scripts, but still getting the same error15:58
jkrOk, new error15:59
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:07
*** caraca1 has left #crux16:08
*** pitillo has joined #crux16:08
pTrFrom where does Linux know which modules to load on boot-up? -> à la autoprobe (on CRUX)?16:11
pTrstupid question, I know16:12
jaegerkernel module autoload (if you built that in), /etc/rc.modules in crux's case, or rc.local, etc.16:12
pTrthx! I'll have a look16:13
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:13
*** pitillo has joined #crux16:23
*** onestep has quit IRC16:25
*** syn_ has joined #crux16:30
jkrHi syn_16:31
syn_is there a x86_64 port available?16:31
jaegerI don't believe there is, currently, but there is one in progress as far as I know16:32
syn_thx for the info16:33
jaegernp16:33 :P16:34
jkrsyn_: I'm still waiting for my mail account16:35
syn_jkr: just wait bitch :D16:35
teKgn8 people16:35
tilmangood neight16:35
syn_fuckin' postfix16:35
jkrsyn_: I've been waiting for days now16:35
jkrGood night teK16:35
teKjker :)16:35
syn_n8 teK16:35
syn_hrm... ubuntu or gentoo?16:36
jkrYou mean "What's sihittier?"16:36
jkrI wonder if that word exists16:36
syn_shit shittier shittiest :Ö16:38
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:41
pTrsystat for linux?16:43
pTrok, sysstat exists as package. Sorry for the dumb question.16:47
*** RyoS has quit IRC16:52
*** onestep has joined #crux16:52
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:54
*** thrice` has joined #crux17:16
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:16
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:16
*** blueCommand has quit IRC17:20
*** onestep has quit IRC17:32
treach"Description:  gd libraries"17:32
treachNow, that's what I call a description.17:32
JKnifegod damn libraries?17:33
JKnifei was asking if that what it ment...17:34
treachah, ok. Apparently. :)17:34
treachlol -> "code library for the dynamic creation of images by programmers."17:34
treachnot much better imo. :D17:34
JKnifehow do i take a screenshot of a console?17:35
treachyou mean without X?17:35
tilmancp /dev/fb0 blah17:35
tilmanand then hope that gimp can read it17:35
treachor use qemu or something.17:36
treachI don't think there is any easy way.17:36
*** hp_tux has quit IRC17:36
JKnifeahh ok.. thanks17:38
*** hp_tux has joined #crux17:40
treachI guess you could try as well17:42
JKnifefbgrabed worked great17:44
JKnife :)17:44
treachreadability < 017:45
*** Viper_ has quit IRC17:45
JKnifei can read it17:45
treachok, cool, but useless. :)17:45
tilmanthat's the font you use?17:46
tilmanno kidding?17:46
*** bismark has quit IRC17:46
* bd2 got tears on eyes17:46
JKnifeafter a day or two you get used to it17:46
aonmy X looks less flashy here17:46
JKnifeaon: lol17:47
treachmakes me think of those old unreadble german newspapers..17:47
aonand books..17:47
JKnifebut as you can see i got bootsplash working XD17:48
JKnifeand this font is also useful so people won't read over my shoulders17:48
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC17:49
bd2yea.. they'll break their eyes at the first attempt ;-)17:49
treachbd2: you know the germans used to read books and newspapers like this -> in the past?17:51
treachno wonder hitler had such anger management issues.17:51
bd2treach, I'm sorry about that. ;-)17:51
bd2for that?17:52
treachI'm still not german.17:52
aonperhaps you'd be if the font had been different17:53
treachmaybe. then on the other hand, it might not have been an issue at all in the first place. :)17:54
treachexcuse the pasting, but this is just too rich..17:55
treachThe Dresdner Nachrichten, the main city newspaper, was founded in 1856. It was printed in an old Gothic font called "Fraktur". Initially, Fraktur was considered to be the most "German" font, but it was later prohibited in a 1943 decree by Hitler for being "Schwabacher Jewish lettering". That same year the paper ceased publication.17:56
jkrGood night17:57
treachgood night17:57
raw_treach: german is not german enough17:58
treachapparently not.17:58
raw_you have to be the ubergerman: work 24/7, for no money, raise your children at home while doing housework AND regular work and never open your mouth. oh and don't become unemployed, else you're the ass of germany.17:59
treachJKnife: here's the font you should use. :P
JKnifeno.. i cannot read that one XD18:01
*** syn_ has left #crux18:01
treach(Even I can't fucking read it, and I'm at least somewhat fammilar with the text)18:01
treachBut I'm sure you can adapt within a couple of days. ;)18:01
aoni can read that18:01
aonexcept some letters need a bit of guessin18:02
*** rxi|work has joined #crux18:02
aonbut then again, we have these:
treachthat's quite similar.18:03
aononce you discover it doesn't say 'Gifu' on it you're all set for reading all sorts of ancient scripts18:03
treachwell. there are a few other ones..18:04
treachlike "der Bater"18:05
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC18:05
aonthat's a bit similar too18:05
aonthe s's are as strange18:05
treachyeah, looks like "f"18:06
rxi|workgive me a cold filtered beer anyday :P18:15
rxi|workinfact i could go one about now18:17
aoni have just warm beer :(18:17
*** rxi|work_ has joined #crux18:19
tilmani'd drink even that18:20
treachanything that makes you forget about bills, right? ;)18:21
rxi|work_feel like getting drunk even tho its only 10.21am .. day is not going well at all18:21
*** lasso has quit IRC18:25
bd2anyone tried to port Live TeX?18:26
bd2it's so stupid, they seem to distribute it through .iso only18:26
treach lol18:27
rxi|work_stickin it to the man18:30
*** rxi|work has quit IRC18:36
sepentilman, Im working on 2.3 branch, is it all ok?18:36
tilmansepen: seems to be okay, yes18:36
*** pTr has left #crux18:39
*** _mavrick61 has quit IRC18:43
*** Dudde has quit IRC18:43
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux18:44
*** Dudde has joined #crux18:44
_mavrick61I don't know if my laste messages went through...18:45
aonit didn't18:45
_mavrick61Core members fyi: The DNS entry with RR is created.18:45
tilman_mavrick61: yes, i noticed that this morning. thanks again:)18:46
_mavrick61Post me an eMail if something is urgent.. My time behind my computer is a bit limited right now, and IRC is not high prority on my working list.18:51
tilman_mavrick61: will do, although atm everything's working nicely :)18:53
*** rxi|work has joined #crux19:23
treachah, the ultimate terminal font. (used in sylpheed so far. :o) )19:23
jaegermy eyes!19:24
qidgood lord19:25
bd2I'll sue you!19:25
treachjaeger: I guess you missed JKnifes console previously featured here. :)19:25
jaegerguess so19:25
treachAnyone here who can read it?19:25
qidtreach: is that english?19:26
treachit's from the ml. :P19:26
tilmantreach: it looks a bit like old german script ;)19:26
treachtilman: it is. :)19:26
qidI thought "oh wait, that's finnish or something, no wonder I can't understand it"19:26
tilmani can read "hello" and "hi"19:26
tilmanand CRUX19:26
jaegerI just scrolled back and checked it out19:26
tilmanthe context helps19:26
jaegerI'm all for DangerGirl but man, that's obnoxious19:27
treachtilman: it's sütterlin19:27
tilmantreach: *nod* i've read about that before19:27
treachfigured that.19:27
treachafter all it was the standard once.19:27
tilmani prefer latin script though ;D19:28
treachheh, I bet. :P19:28
tilmantime to get some sleep19:29
treachgood night tilman19:29
aontreach: nice :)19:30
treachat least it's original :P19:30
treach(or how you'd put it.)19:30
jaegernight, tilman19:32
aoni'm trying out dwm19:33
aoni must say it's horribly cluttered :/19:35
JKnife=\ i need a Lain bootsplash.. and the font they used =\19:37
aonguess it's back to rp, at least it doesn't fill the display with crap :(19:41
jaegerall this clutter...19:41
* jaeger hugs twm19:41
aonmy twm setup is a lot more cluttered, too19:41
aonit has _window titles_19:41
*** rxi|work_ has quit IRC19:42
jaegerI guess I could start using a default x session without twm installed19:42
jaeger3 xterms and crosshatch, baby19:42
*** MNKyDeth has joined #crux19:49
*** JKnife is now known as [JKnife]19:54
*** [JKnife] is now known as JKnife19:54
_mavrick61jaeger: Did you check out the SCSI LSI driver for vmware....19:57
jaegerI was planning on making a test iso with that driver for you to test but I don't have vmware installed anywhere19:59
*** _mavrick61 has quit IRC20:02
*** Dudde has quit IRC20:03
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux20:04
*** Dudde has joined #crux20:04
_mavrick61jaeger: I can make it here..20:12
_mavrick61I have the latest VMWARE server running 1.0.220:12
_mavrick61jaeger: Just send me info where to get the ISO... I test later..20:13
*** treach has quit IRC20:32
*** raw_ has quit IRC20:42
sepenI wrote a portsearch script that uses portdb from the shell, if anyone want to test it ... here=>
sepenan example;20:55
sepenbash-3.2$ ./portsearch rhapsody20:55
sepenrhapsody (contrib)20:55
sepenrhapsody (sepen)20:55
bd2sepen, cool! Thanks!20:56
sepentry it and tell me whatever you want20:56
bd2web interface is way inconvenient :-/20:56
sepenis powerfull but often I can't use it if Im on my shell prompt20:57
bd2sepen, tried. At least it works ;-)20:57
sepenfor this I wrote the script20:58
sepenuea! nice20:58
sepenI'll port to crux and host on my repo20:58
sepenmaybe tomorrow20:58
sepenhere 2:57pm20:58
bd2Often I choosing from which repo I'll grab Pkgfile.. thus for that my bad habit, it will be great if it will also download Pkgfiles and will show them ;-)20:59
bd2not sure if it's also useful for anyone, or hard todo..21:00
sepenI was written something similar called 'cruxer' but the web changes often and needs to be updated every time21:00
sepenit's too hard to mantain21:01
bd2sepen, but thanks for using bash+curl.. not python or alike :-))21:01
bd2sepen, yea.. I understand21:01
sepenand rewrite as you want21:01
sepenim not an expert bash programmer21:01
deus_exsubversion won't use latest neon ('you have version 0.26.3, we need 0.25').21:03
deus_exmodifying  sed line in Pkgfile to sed -i -e 's|0.26.1|0.26.3|g' configure makes it happy again :)21:03
deus_ex(no footprint mismatch)21:03
sepennew revision21:12
bd2sepen, cool. Probably it's worth to give direct link to the Pkgfile instead? Who ever subscribe to the repos? ;-)21:15
bd2also.. it's interesting why it's a bit slow while displaying ports..21:15
bd2it is downloads page just one time, right?21:15
sepenit's programmed quickly21:15
sepenyes download 1 page21:16
sepenthen processed in a while21:17
bd2aha.. I see.21:18
sepenI think that any bash guru could rewrite it more eficient using only awk21:18
sepenor more sed lines21:18
sepenreally work fine for me, all that I need now21:19
bd2I'm fully satisfied with it speed (i.e. it completes search faster than if I'd load browser to look for ports ;-).. just out of curious21:20
sepenwell It's time to go bed21:20
sepenlater bd2!21:20
bd2good night, thanks!21:20
sepenlater crux! xDD21:21
* sepen z.zzZZ.z.z21:21
*** rxi|work_ has joined #crux21:22
*** rxi|work has quit IRC21:29
JKnifethis a better font? XD21:37
*** JKnife has quit IRC21:54
*** JKnife has joined #crux22:04
nipuLhere's my EVIL! python portdb searcher
nipuLvery alpha :)22:09
thrice`I think a bash version would be very cool to include in prtutils22:10
nipuLnah, let's just include python in core :)22:13
* nipuL ducks for cover22:13
Romsteractaully python in core wouldn't be that bad22:22
Romsterbash - python - C for varying complexities of code and speed and dependencys issues.22:23
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC22:31
rxi|work_nipuL: this isnt gentoo :P22:38
nipuLgentoo != python22:39
thrice`portage is, isn't it ?22:39
nipuLjust because some crappy app exists doesn't mean the language is bad22:40
nipuLi'm sure there are equally shitty programs written in bash22:41
JKnifeohh i know a "crappy" program written in bash22:42
nipuLi mean, look at pkgutils and prt-get, written in c++22:42
nipuLgreat apps, awful language22:42
JKnife:(){:|:&} <-- crappy program -_-22:42
*** Romster has quit IRC22:43
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux22:47
*** Romster has joined #crux22:48
*** seekwill has quit IRC22:51
*** destruct has quit IRC23:02
rxi|work_lol what a reaction23:08
JKnifeno one ran that did that?23:08
*** thrice` has quit IRC23:41
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:42
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux23:56

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