IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-03-23

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nipuLcrap() { echo "crap program"; crap; }; crap00:38
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pitillogood morning01:55
jjpkhi pitillo01:55
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caraca1Good morning everyone :) its 4:55 am here in wilkes barre pa usa04:00
caraca1Im sure everyone is sleeping but i just wan't to share my view on why microsoft will never sue the gnu/linuc community.04:01
caraca1If your not from the states then you may not no some very interesting facts about the us governement and how it uses gnu/linux.04:02
caraca1Over the years i have bagered many people mostly people in the armed forces about what type's of computer systems they use and how they are used.04:04
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caraca1And i have learned that in any government projects were the safety of the people depends on the stability, security of a system you will find open source.04:06
caraca1For instance the us troops are useing a navigational system that allows commanders to keep track of the location of his/hers troops.04:07
caraca1From my understanding not only does it track there locations but also there vital signs.04:08
teKwell, I'm awake04:08
caraca1And on this system you will find gnu/linux.04:08
caraca1Good morning teK04:08
caraca1Now lets take a differant look were would you say nasa uses gnu/linux?04:09
caraca1Ahh well ill tell ya that there entire command center and i do beleve the rovers use gnu/linux or is that the new rovers i cant remember.04:10
caraca1Then you have the us navy you will find gnu/linux on all there defence systems.04:11
caraca1You will only find windows on computers that are not important.04:11
caraca1Now i could go on and on but i asure you microsoft being a 3 time covected monoplist.04:12
caraca1Would never dare attack a system that is used so exstensively by the us government.04:13
caraca1Even the us weather observatorys use gnu/linux and they are useing windowmaker for there desktop.04:14
caraca1Ive seen them04:14
tilmanteK: what's "laberflash" in english? ;)04:15
caraca1Now as i said if the stability, security depends on saveing a life or if the satbility and security depends on loosing millions of dollars you will find gnu/linux.04:15
caraca1laberflash did i say that?04:16
caraca1I think that mean's someone who is babbeling.04:17
tilmanyeah :D04:19
caraca1A german slang word for someone who is babbeling04:19
caraca1Why am i babbeling04:19
caraca1Bit me tilman you should be asleep.04:20
caraca1Wie ungefähr, wenn ich Ihnen eine Geschichte über was ich erkläre und Ihre Mutter tat gestern Abend.04:21
hidavetat gestern abend was?04:21
caraca1lol sorry im not even sure that came out right.04:22
hidaveyes gestern.. ?04:23
caraca1Sie besagt mein Stichel war das größte, das sie überhaupt gesehen hatte!04:24
hidavehahaha good one ;)04:24
caraca1Ok im done.04:24
caraca1I tried to learn german once.04:26
caraca1And it wasnt learning how to say the words that was hard it was the strucker on how you said thing and trying to not say english slang that had no meaning in german.04:27
caraca1Because i find a lot of english is slang or a differant english word04:27
caraca1or = for04:27
tilmansince when does calling someone "babbling" call for "i fucked your mom"?04:28
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caraca1:-P i was just playing04:28
caraca1I am awake and in a good mood.04:29
caraca1tilman are you an american?04:29
hidaveare u on some cind of drugs? :)04:29
caraca1Noooo i dont do drugs!!!!04:29
caraca1Unless a porter every now and then is a drug.04:30
tilmani suspect you take a lsd ticket with your morning coffee04:30
tilmancaraca1: i'm german04:31
caraca1No no i tried that when i was a kid but i constantly had bad trips.04:31
rehabdollit looks like it had some lasting effects :)04:33
caraca1Well here in the us you could say "Dude shutup your talking to much" and my responce might be "Ya last night your mom wispered the same thing in my ear" and then we would both laught.04:33
caraca1Its the tone of your voice that makes the words good or bad.04:34
guaquaor you and your friends and your social class would do that. the others just to fit into the image of a cool guy04:34
caraca1If your in school yes but the tone still makes a differance.04:35
tilmanor i'd set you to +q04:35
tilmanuntil you're sober ;)04:36
caraca1If he said it with an angry tone then i would et the feeling of conflict but if it was in a happy tone then i would know he was jokeing.04:36
caraca1+q ?04:36
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caraca1Hmm i wonder if i upset tilman?04:37
caraca1Man im trying to setup a binary package repository for pkg-get and i can find any decent open source hosting that will take me on.04:40
caraca1Id host them my self but id have to upgrade to a T1 and that would cost me like $300.0004:42
caraca1My isp provider offers internet hosting but its $499.95 for 19 gigs of space and 100 gigs of bandwidth04:44
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sepenirc --silent plz!!04:47
teKwho has a talking-flatrate for sure04:47
teKwho = he04:48
rehabdolldear god04:48
jjpkthrow out the lsd, crack and/or cocaine is his weapon of choice.04:49
rehabdolli've never seen anyone with a worse case of diarrhoea of the mouth04:50
rehabdollon irc.. :)04:50
jjpkI have known people who had difficulty *not* thinking out loud04:51
jjpkThis case is just incredible :|04:52
teKI did not geht his point about (F)OSS in critical infrastructe04:55
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sepenbd2, are you here?06:06
Romstermy god what the hell happend in here O_o caraca1 looks like a troll06:12
sepenI think he's a bot xDDDD06:13
Romstercheap form of advertising price of a isp?06:14
jjpkNah, a severe case of speech diarrhea06:20
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bd2hi sepen!06:31
rxiRomster: no darts tonight?06:32
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Romsterthats on monday nights06:35
Romsterits friday now06:35
treachI think I need a hobby. I feel like strangling people who just can't stop providing redundant information. :-/06:38
sepenbd2, ported it!
jjpkrehabdoll: haha nice06:40
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rehabdoll \o/06:44
rawok, I've tried booting the CRUX 2.3 cd on my Thinkpad T60, the kernel panics because it can't find the root partition (secondary master, /dev/hdc)06:45
prologicCRUX root=/dev/hdc06:46
prologicenter that at the lilo prompt06:46
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guaquadoes someone know how crux is bootstrapped?06:47
guaquais there a tool for it or a collection of scripts?06:47
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raw_prologic: I did06:47
pitilloraw_, may be some kind of srX device?06:48
prologicthen look for the line that says what device your cdrom is06:48
rehabdollraw_: what kind of controller is the hd connected to?06:48
prologicand specify the correct root option06:48
raw_The device doesn't exist in kernel-land, it's probably a missing driver.06:48
guaquathen you need a custom kernel \o/06:48
mike_kguaqua: take a look at git/iso/Makefile06:49
guaquathanks, mike_k :)06:49
guaquai also have to learn how to use git then :S06:50
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mike_knot really:;a=tree06:50
guaquawell basically yes06:51
guaquai have plans to implement a way to bootstrap crux into xen environment with one command06:51
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Romsterrehabdoll, what a waste of a dns name :/07:00
rehabdollhehe, it provides a useful function! :)07:04
guaquathere are many sites like that in finnish :)07:05
rehabdollcoreutils 6.907:09
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MNKyDeth|AFKif anyone has an issue with binary software on the 7.2 xorg with xcb errors, downgrade xorg-libx11 to 1.0.3 to fix the issue08:27
pitillobinary software?08:28
MNKyDeth|AFKgames and such08:28
pitillowhich game? (for example)08:28
MNKyDeth|AFKSavage I know has the issue08:28
pitillocan not be ported?08:29
MNKyDeth|AFKSavage is native on Linux08:29
pitillothen, why not port it instead of use the binary?08:29
MNKyDeth|AFKbut the newer xorg-libx11 1.1.1 breaks lots of software like this, check the the google :) lots of posts on Ubuntu about it and gentoo aswell08:30
pitillobut related directly to binary packages....08:31
MNKyDeth|AFKwell, how do we go about porting a game that's already Linux native? and how do we get the source code for commercial software on Linux?08:32
jjpkWell, you don't.08:33
jjpkThat's why you are supposed to pester the company until they fix it.08:33
treachor take out your hexeditor. :P08:33
pitillodont know about comercial software on linux..08:33
MNKyDeth|AFKI just figured I would give the heads up on it though08:34
pitillobut there are games provided in binary packages that are ported08:34
jaegerok, time to install 2.3 on this machine... back in a bit08:35
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jjpkIn my experience with native linux ports of commercial games, they lag behind very often.08:37
pitillo(do not know if that can be usefull for that game)08:37
jjpk1) you conform to their requirements or 2) annoy them until something gets done OR 3) give up when they tell you off :]08:38
MNKyDeth|AFKwell, WD and Uttar re the only two people that support Savage anymore on all platforms, I have been in direct contact with them08:38
MNKyDeth|AFKthey know about the issue with this game, but as Savage2 is just around the corner, there busy porting that one to Linux currently08:39
treachlinux doesn't mix with closed source, that's just the way is. :/08:39
pitilloseems interesting...08:39
MNKyDeth|AFKwell, I have about 75% of all games on and every game grom garagegames.com08:40
pitillobut in binary way or ported to CRUX?08:41
MNKyDeth|AFKthere all binary, with installers pitillo games made by idsoftware epic, bioware, s2games, there all commercial software08:41
MNKyDeth|AFKLGP and Loki08:42
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pitillomay be I am in wrong or missunderstanding something. (taking a look to nwn)08:45
MNKyDeth|AFKright, it's Linux native, it runs out of the box on Linux, just like all these other games without any emulation of any sort08:46
pitillofor example, did you take a look to nwn? it is a game and you need the original to play (I understand that is comercial software) It provides a installer for linux but there is a port to keep it in the CRUX way.08:47
MNKyDeth|AFKwell, since it is commercial software you can't just go into it's executable and change it, the one in the repo is just an installer, for crux, it doesn't change the game in any way08:48
pitillois not the same that use directly the installer (you install lot of stuff and you can not keep track of files installed, this last sentence can be wrong, if there is a unistall script which search for that stuff to remove it, but you lose the CRUX way)08:48
pitilloI think it is a port to use that game with CRUX and using CRUX philosphy08:49
MNKyDeth|AFKeven if I made a Pkgfile for any of the games not in the repo, it would not fix the xorg-libx11 issue08:50
pitillook, nice point that. (thank you for that aclaration, I thought you can go without that problem using a port)08:51
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pitillo(I tried to port planeshift, made a few necesary ports wich installs lot of crap (I need to keep the sources for example) cg,cal3d,cs,cel and planshift) If anyone likes this kind of games and can give me a hand....08:54
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pitillonext week I will let more time to it... Time to eat, bbl :)09:00
MNKyDeth|AFKyeah, that's a cool game, I'll see what free time I have over the weekend to help out with it if ya like, I host the largest Savage server in the US though so that takes lots of my freetime though09:03
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rezzieanyone know any place to download crux 2.3 from http/ftp? it seems the ones on is down...09:53
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MNKyDeth|AFKI'll get you a mirror link, one sec09:54
pitillomy repo down until monday :( (cpu fan crashed and temp is growing)09:57
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rezzieow, thank you09:58
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pitillogood weekend to all10:00
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MNKyDeth|AFKgotta like a quick image of the iso in less than 10seconds pulling it at over 4000k on bittorrent o.O10:01
treachwell, considering the number of seeders..10:02
MNKyDeth|AFKfor real10:02
jjpkThere are a few fat pipes on those seeds, that's why you are getting good speeds.10:02
treachheh, 4000k isn't good.10:04
treachit's insane. :P10:04
treachor at least almost.10:04
MNKyDeth|AFKI've uploaded 2700MB so far on the bittorrent10:04
MNKyDeth|AFKfrom my server10:04
treachI'v stoped counting. it's closing in on 20 I think.10:05
MNKyDeth|AFKwell, I typically have 700gigs free BW per month, figured I would use them for Crux :)10:06
MNKyDeth|AFKthe other 1.3TB goes for my Savage servers10:06
treachfortunately, I don't have any quota that I'm aware of. :P10:06
* jaeger has none as well10:07
treachwell, that's not the same thing, is it?10:07
MNKyDeth|AFKI can't afford to uncap mine :/ they want to much10:08
jjpk499 torrent downloads \o/10:09
guaquai regularly download my kernels at 8 megabytes/sec from :)10:09
guaqua4 hops ;)10:10
guaquaaverage ping .5 ms10:10
guaquaor actually more like .410:11
ningoguaqua: you are the internet!10:11
guaquai think so :D10:11
guaquathough i have to leave this apartment pretty soon10:11
guaquaand switch to a crappy dsl :<10:11
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jjpkLess speed but usually no bandwidth caps.10:15
guaquadsl is generally better than cable10:17
guaquai guess10:17
jaegerdepends on your location10:18
jjpkOnly problem in Finland is the miserable installation times with adsl.10:18
jaeger(well, that and a number of other factors including quality of provider)10:18
MNKyDeth|AFKmost cable places overload there nodes10:18
guaquajjpk: cable is faster to get, yeah10:18
MNKyDeth|AFKso DSL is typically more reliable in peak hours10:18
jaegerthere's unfortunately only one DSL provider in my area and it's a bad one10:19
jaegerthe cable has issues every now and then but is generally stable... so YMMV10:19
jjpkguaqua: true. I had a connection from htv/welho between 2003-2006 and it was on immediately after the contract was signed.10:20
MNKyDeth|AFKmy cable goes out 2 times a week atleast usually :/ the DSL is decent around here but I can't get it where I live10:21
jjpkIt was a rollercoaster though. When it worked, it worked.10:21
jjpkSome others I knew said it always worked fine.10:22
jjpkProbably depends heavily where you live.10:23
guaquajjpk: also handy when you are moving...10:25
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j^2good god wwiii is starting11:28
aonthat doesn't seem too bad11:29
aonafter all, north korean diplomats were bitten by border control dogs here and that didn't start a war :)11:30
j^2:) yeah but this is 15 military personal, it's 1978 or whatever year that teron thing happend11:31
aonwhat's teron?11:32
jjpkNot the first time uk soldiers were "abducted" by Iran.11:32
j^2true, but it's the first time it's been reported on CNN11:33
jjpkYou mean Tehran, not teron11:33
j^2that i know of11:33
treachaon: american for "Teheran".11:33
aonthat crosssed my mind...11:33
j^2...i didnt know Iran...i walked :P11:33
treachaon: I guessed so. ;)11:33
treach"Teron, ya 'now were all thos tererists come from, ya 'now?"11:35
jaegerthe war on terriers is never won11:35
aonsure, that's probably enough of a reason to start a war as some wars have been started without any apparent reason at all :)11:40
aonexcept *krhm*PROFIT11:41
treachwell, there is just blind stupidity as well.11:41
jaegeras soon as we figure out how to profit FROM blind stupidity, we'll be rich11:42
treachI think we already did. unfortunatly they call it "scamming", and is not allowed to be performed by individuals. :/11:43
treachon a political/corporate level it seems to be A-OK though.11:44
aonwell, there's tv shopping, which is pretty much it11:45
treachproprietary software == large scale scam.11:46
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_mavrick61jaeger: Did you add the LSI driver in Crux 2.3 final?12:41
jaegernot yet, don12:42
jaegerdon't have a build environment anywhere at the moment12:42
jaegerbeen upgrading my machines to 2.312:42
_mavrick61I can test it here.. I have a spare machine just for testing VMWARE stuff..12:43
jaegerif you're in a hurry you could always make a new kernel with that on a floppy image or something12:43
jaegerwhich version of vmware are you using, by the way?12:44
_mavrick61VMW Server 1.0.212:53
_mavrick61Latest released 28 FeB 0712:53
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thorstenpricht hier jemand deutsch?12:56
roberthes ist lange12:56
roberthein bisschen glaub' ich12:57
j^2thorsten: also iirc12:57
thorstenhabe ein problem beim gdm install12:57
thorstenja da ist aber keiner12:57
aonit's in the list tho,
thorstenja ich weiß bin ja auch dort.12:58
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_mavrick61I start my torrent with "HighWay experss" speed now for the Crux ISO.  Limit to 100 Mbit.13:00
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thorstenwho is a crux linux german forum?13:01
dododestructoranyone know when the 2.3 iso will be available for download via HTTP or FTP?13:03
MNKyDeth|AFK    your more than welcome to use that13:07
jjpkforums are not people ;)13:08
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dododestructorMNKyDeth|AFK: thanks!13:09
_mavrick61You can use this FTP User crux no pass.13:11
thorstencan you help me this on.
*** thrice` has quit IRC13:12
MNKyDeth|AFKedit your /etc/prtget.conf file, uncomment runscripts line and change no to yes then try again13:13
destructor simple prt-get depinst gdm --install-scripts .. :)13:15
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman13:15
MNKyDeth|AFKyeah, but I figured enabling it in the prt-get config would help in the long run :)13:15
MNKyDeth|AFKprolly always best off using depinst instead of install aswell13:16
Viper_somebody here who is running slim with xorg?13:26
treachI used to, how come?13:37
Viper_do you still have this slim.conf?13:41
Viper_can you send it to me?13:41
Viper_i've some problems with slim and xorg13:41
Viper_-> viper (at) hometux.de13:42
Viper_please :)13:42
*** lasso has joined #crux13:42
treachViper_: wget
Viper_ah that's even better13:42
treachnp, good luck.13:43
Viper_is this really Xorg?13:43
treachyes, it used claim so, at least..13:43
treachI'm not sure I understand the question.13:44
Viper_well i want to start Xorg by slim :)13:44
treachjust put slim in your service array.13:44
Viper_yes of course13:44
Viper_slim starts xorg but i have many keymap problems13:45
Viper_for example the alt keys are broken13:45
Viper_it works when i am starting Xorg without slim13:45
treachoh, ok. I know nothing about that, I had no problems.. but otoh we don't use the same keymap.13:46
Viper_well that's true but i also tried different ones13:46
Viper_non worked13:46
Viper_thanks anyway :)13:46
treachno problem.13:46
MNKyDeth|AFKtry downgrading xorg-libx11 to 1.0.3 I beleive that was one of the xcb issues, but I could be wrong, ig it doesn't fix it, then just go back to the current 1.1.1 version13:48
Viper_i will give it a try, thanks MNKyDeth :)13:49
tilmani disagree13:50
tilmanxcb has nothing to do with xkb13:50
Viper_lol i thought it was a typo :)13:51
MNKyDeth|AFKI undertand, it was a shot in the dark on my end, but with some of the people having xcb issues on other forums,  they were losing keymaps aswell13:51
tilmani heavily doubt that losing keymaps has anything to do with xcb13:53
tilmanbut i'm too lazy to explain why13:53
Viper_well i guess it's a problem of slim; without slim Xorg is working as expacted13:57
treachI haven't tried slim with 2.3, only with xorg on 2.2.14:02
treachthat said, the only problem I had was that you couldn't stop it via the initscript.14:03
Viper_i've no problems with that.. strange :)14:04
treachok, time to get the laundry. :/14:04
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tilmantreach: is anything wrong with xorg/xorg-xlsfonts?14:08
tilmanis 1.0.2 broken or something?14:08
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tilmandid you see that new mozilla mascot? :D14:19
tilman<3 <3 <314:19
treachtilman: I guess not, just me being a bit confused. Too much going on at the same time. :P14:21
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tilmantreach: :)14:41
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rxigod im so out of touch with the kernel :(17:54
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jjpkit's good practice to maintain your skills.18:05
*** Peter___ has joined #crux18:05
*** Peter___ is now known as rxi-18:05
*** muerto has quit IRC18:16
*** rxi has quit IRC18:17
rxi-can someone put prompt in the default lilo config18:19
jkrPrompt sucks18:19
rehabdollgrub \o/18:20
jkrNoone wants to press enter before booting18:20
rxi-id do18:20
rehabdollyou dont have to18:20
rxi-since i dual boot18:20
rehabdollwith prompt18:20
rehabdollim retarded18:20
rehabdollnevermind :)18:20
rehabdollwas thinking text18:20
jkrrxi-: Oh yeah, then put your 2nd OS in the default config, too18:21
rxi-yeah that might be good too18:21
jkrBest thing is if everybody sent all their boot configs in so we have an ultimate lilo default config that can boot every system18:22
rxi-sounds good to me18:22
onesteprehabdoll, grub is not the CRUX-way :)18:30
onesteptoo big, too complex bla-bla-bla... :)18:30
jkrTrue :)18:30
onestepbtw, hi everyone! :)18:31
jjpkhi onestep18:31
jkrHi onestep18:31
onestepI've tried to use ru_RU.utf8 today...18:32
onestepand finally discovered that utf8 is not the CRUX-way too18:32
* jjpk uses a full utf-8 system without problems18:33
onestepjjpk, where do you run "start_unicode"?18:33
onesteperr, "unicode_start"18:33
jjpkat the login console when I have the need to.18:33
onestephow do you check that you need this? :)18:34
jjpkThe "little" amount of work I do at the console usually does not need utf-8 support.18:34
*** Romster has joined #crux18:34
onestepI experience problems while trying to run "su -l"18:34
jjpkFor one, mutt will not show my mails correctly.18:34
jkrUse nail :)18:35
jjpkThe default console font is not utf-8 enabled anyway.18:35
onestepso utf8 have many issues... its usage is problematic18:35
jjpkstart_unicode changes the font to a utf-8 capable font.18:35
onestepjjpk, yes, but the console seems ugly with normal font and LANG="...utf8"18:36
treachwhat encoding you're using shouldn't affect your fonts..18:37
onestepso I've thought that I must check for running X in my bash_profile...18:37
onestepif it's running - I don't have need to run unicode_start18:37
onestepbut that's too complex too... :)18:39
onestepI'd better continue using ru_RU.koi8r18:39
onestepat least I don't need to rebuilt my mc18:39
jkrHrhr, mc still exists?18:39
jjpkSure it does.18:39
rehabdollutf8 is wonderful18:40
treachmc will probably never die. :)18:40
onestepmc is *simply* the best :)18:40
rehabdollnow if just everybody used it..18:40
jjpkIt's a great tool, and its light.18:40
jjpkNone of that konqueror or nautilus effect going :D18:40
treachat least not until the last ex dos user is dead. :>18:40
onesteptreach, :)18:40
jkrIt reminds me so much of norton commander that I thought it must have been died long time ago :)18:40
jjpkThere is still hope, not like they would all get wiped out all of a sudden.18:41
jkrBut what is it good for?18:41
treachjjpk: if you're a kde user, all is not lost, for there is Krusader, iirc. :P18:41
jjpkI don't use a desktop environment, but thanks for the tip.18:42
onestepKrusader disappointed me 2 times18:43
onestep1. there is no Ctrl+O :)18:43
rehabdollkde.. *brrrr*18:44
jkrZSH never disappoints anyone :)18:44
jjpkYou get easily disappointed ;)18:44
onestep2. I can't say it that I don't want to store my file permissions18:44
treachjjpk: well, you're welcome, even if I used "you" in a general sense.18:44
* onestep doesn't know, what's zsh... :)18:45
treachI never understood the idea of creating a gui version of *commander. :/18:45
treachgotta be one of the more useless gui-fications.18:46
rxi-can someone tell me what package owns /etc/rc.d/net?18:46
jkronestep: A funky shell :)18:47
onesteppkginfo -o /etc/rc.d/net18:47
jkrrxi-: iproute218:47
rxi-onestep: dont have access to a working crux system atmn18:47
onestepokay, I'll check it in my CRUX 2.2 now18:47
rxi-jkr already did18:48
jjpkI'm just loving this time of my life18:48
jkrI had to learn that yesterday :)18:48
jjpkFinal stretch of business school and it is completely lagging behind...18:48
jjpkSupposed to be working on a "mini" thesis/project/whatever you want to call it.18:48
onesteprxi-, net-tools - etc/rc.d/net18:48
jjpkJust my luck, I get assigned a supervisor that is never available.18:49
jkronestep: In 2.3 it's iproute218:49
onesteprxi-, iproute2 is in CRUX 2.318:49
onestepjkr, I know :)18:49
jkrOk :)18:49
onestepI'm too lazy to upgrade... :)18:50
jkrYup, I hadn't updated too if I had known what expected me :)18:50
onestepjkr, what's wrong? :)18:51
jjpkI probably will not upgrade for a few more weeks.18:51
jkrIt's not really "wrong", it's just much compiling for not really much improvement18:52
jjpkNeed to ensure my "thesis" is completed before I start to fuck my systems in upgrading.18:52
jkrrevdep does a good job after upgrade, but it doesn't work for manually installed things18:53
jkrprt-get remove mc18:54
jjpkSo far I have never upgraded a crux release, I have done a clean installation every time. :p18:54
jjpkI will try the upgrade route this time though18:54
jkrYup, I'll do that next time too18:54
onestepjjpk, me too :)18:55
treachinstalling crux is tedious, upgrading isn't fun either. :/18:55
treachdamned if you do...18:55
jkrInstalling is easy and fun, upgrade sucks sometimes but all in all worked without long-term problems :)18:56
jjpkI have been thinking about creating working images of my systems.18:56
jjpkToo bad I don't have the necessary disk space for that :|18:56
treachjjpk: yeah it's just short time pains, thank $diety.18:57
jkrHow much disk space can a CRUX installation need? :)18:57
jjpktreach: are you basing this on that crux review? :D18:57
jkrMine is about 450M18:57
rxi-jkr: dont know about fun18:57
treachit's called experience.18:57
jjpktreach: yeah, agreed about that.18:57
jjpkIt's always been a day's worth of downtime upgrading from a clean install.18:57
jjpkThen getting everything back to how it was. oh joy...18:58
treachwell, depends on how much stuff you have, I don't have all that much to fix. :)18:58
onestepinstalling crux is just a "find * -exec pkgadd -root /mnt {} \;" :)18:59
treachbut the way upgraded libs break random apps during upgrades isn't that fun, even if the fix usually is trivial.18:59
onestep+some configuring, but that's pretty simple too :)18:59
jkrtreach: That's what I meant about revedp19:00
treachtrue to some extent, but it's still a bit annoying.19:01
jkrIt's a problem with source based distributions in general I guess19:01
treachhappily it makes up for it in the long run. :)19:02
jaegerit can be worked around if you really want to19:02
jaegerthings like pkgsync, scripted installs, etc.19:02
treachnah, it's just short term as I said.19:03
rxi-*reboots and prays*19:04
jjpkrxi-: good luck19:04
treachhehe, if it had been the other .au delinquent it had been "rebbots and prys". :p19:05
rxi-lol which convict are you making fun of?19:05
rxi-jjpk: thanks looks like it did the trick19:06
treachwell, that would be rather obvious, wouldn't it. :>19:06
rxi-i dunno we are all shit typers :P19:07
rxi-but im gunna guess Romster19:07
jjpktreach: lol19:07
rehabdollits not a hard one to guess :)19:09
rxi-i think the delinquent bit gave it  away19:09
rxi-intel gma isnt supported with xorg is it?19:11
jkrHow do I fix perl modules that have been broken during the upgrade?19:11
jjpkre-install them? :p19:12
jkrWith cpan? :)19:12
treachthat's unsupported. ;)19:12
jkruse CPAN; &force(type => reinstall, grep { $_->{broken} } @modules)19:13
treachI was thinking along the line of "CPAN is not a part of CRUX <insert favourite disclaimer>" ;)19:14
treachnot that you couldn't do it with CPAN.19:14
jkrThere are only about 5 modules in the ports, so how do I get the modules I need without CPAN?19:14
treachyou make your own ports :)19:14
jkrSure, plus 10000000... ports of the dependencies19:15
treachhehe, I never said it was easy. :D19:15
jkrI just need a way to find out which modules use binary libs that are broken19:15
jkrSo I can rebuild them19:15
rxi-yay vista is working too .. really pulled this install out my arse19:16
jkrVista is not the really the CRUX way! :D19:16
onestepjkr, :D19:17
onestepI heard it requires 8 Gb of disk space, is it right?19:17
rxi-yeah something like that19:17
rxi-depends on which edition19:17
jkrYou mean 8G RAM?19:17
onestepI only have 2 Gb on my NTFS partition :)19:18
onestepjkr, 8G swap :)19:18
jkrI don't have a NTFS partition at all - does that mean I can't install Vista? :(19:18
rxi-treach: the vista or the arse bit? :P19:18
treachI only have 0GB ntfs. how will I manage!? /O\19:18
rxi-fat32 ftw :P19:18
onestepsure, fat32 rules :)19:18
jkrI have a 12G USB stick with FAT32, can I install Vista on it?19:19
treachrxi-: where you got vista from. we already suspected, but there was no need to confirm it.19:19
onestep12G USB stick... fantastic :)19:20
jjpk\o/ finally seeded about 1GB of crux 2.3 iso :D19:20
treachahem,, "When I was a kid.."19:20
jkrYeah - bought it from my christmas bonus :D19:20
jjpkI hate my connection19:20
onestepsome time ago I was proud of my 2G... :)19:20
treachjjpk: well it's sligtly more than what I've managed - today. :)19:21
jkr...among other similarly useless items19:21
jjpkI just decided to (ab)use the connection. I'm out of here in 5 weeks so whatever :>19:22
jkrWhere are you going?19:23
treachfrom 360KB floppies to 12GB USB sticks.. dammit, I'm getting old.19:23
jkrYou probably didn't mean "out of this channel" :)19:23
jjpkno :p19:24
jjpkyet another physical move, and still not sure where19:24
*** onestep has quit IRC19:24
jjpkDepends if I get any decent summer job or not.19:24
jkrGermany! ;)19:24
treachfar side of the moon.19:24
jkrWe've good beer here :)19:25
*** onestep has joined #crux19:25
jkrYou could ask tilman or tek for a room :)19:25
treachjkr: finns only drink koskenkorva ;)19:25
jkrThey're students, so they would't care :)19:26
jkrtreach: Is that a beer?19:26
jkrFish soup?19:26
treachdefinitely not19:26
jkrThen I'm out of ideas19:26
jjpkhaha. koskenkorva is a vodka spirit19:26
jkrWe've vodka too19:27
jkrAnd we have Jaegermeister :D19:27
jkrAnd Obstler19:27
jkrAnd we have cheap wine like france, at least in Rheinland-Pfalz :)19:27
jkrAnd you can brew your own stuff as long as you don't sell it19:28
jkrAnd soon we'll have something no other country has yet19:29
treachhe's a business school student, he's got to sell it. ;)19:29
jkrWe've Bafoeg for students :)19:30
jkrYou get money from the gov while you're studying19:30
jkrYou have to pay some of the money back afterwards, though19:31
jjpkThought you had to be a citizen before that works.19:31
jkrBut you can go back to finnland before they get you :>19:31
*** prologic has quit IRC19:31
jjpkAt least that is how it works in Finland :D19:31
jjpkRip the system, nice19:31
jkrDon't know, I'm not a foreigner here and I'm not studying19:32
treachjjpk: I'm sure you'll get it if you apply in the right way ;)19:32
jkrBut you might get support from the Sozialamt19:32
jjpktreach: certainly ;)19:32
treachjust look mad, drive your morakniv (tm) in the desk and shout "Perkele!"19:32
jkrI'll get you some Lederhosen, so they won't realize that you're not german :>19:33
jkrWhat's perkele?19:33
jjpka common curse word in finnish19:33
jkrNice, gonna use that at work on monday :)19:33
jjpkit can mean many things. by itself it means devil/satan19:34
treachjkr: I'm swedish, we've got a lot of finns here, so we have some friendly bantering from time to time. Don't mind us. :)19:34
jkrHehe, that'll do it19:34
jkrSince when does google provide a patent search?19:34
jkrDidn't see that before19:35
treachDon't use it, you'll owe tripple damages if they find out. ;)19:35
jkrChicken Breeding Machine?!19:36
jkrDog Toy19:38
jkrThere are patents for the stupidiest shit19:38
jjpkEspecially in America19:40
jjpkIf you can afford, you can almost patent anything19:40
jkrLet's get a patent on "The CRUX way" :)19:41
treachit's a seriously fucked up system.19:41
treacheveryone would probably gain from some russian submarine commander going nuts and sending a few nukes at the patent office. :/19:42
jjpkTry bombing the entire judicial system...19:42
treachwell. the patent system is particulary fucked up19:42
jjpkThat I think is the worst offender19:43
treachsince it long ago cesed to fullfill its original intent.19:43
jkrI bet there's a patent on "throwing bombs at official/government buildings" and they'll sue your asses afterwards19:43
jjpkjkr: maybe not, but someone will very likely sue for emotional distress19:44
jjpkThen there are the tort law fans.19:44
jjpkNegligence court cases, everyone wanting something for pain on made up problems it seems.19:45
jkrHehe, sometimes I'm happy to live in germany19:45
treachpatent holders should be charged under RICO.19:45
treachat least holders of software patents.19:45
Romster<treach> hehe, if it had been the other .au delinquent it had been "rebbots and prys". :p < pfft19:45
jkrHehe, recently read a cool news message about a funny case in germany19:46
treachRomster: "Nobody named and nobody forgotten".19:47
jkrA 14 y/o girl was getting drunk on a party with friends. They played a drinking game with a ball and she got the ball into her face or something, so she lost a tooth or two19:47
jkrShe then tried to sue her friend who organzied that party because of the pain19:47
treachcroquet ball?19:47
jkrtreach: That round thing you often use in sports19:48
jkrpatent #151a2 :)19:48
jjpkThere are many sports balls you know19:48
treachwell, I doubt you'd lose teeth to a tennisball.19:48
jkrI don't know what kind of ball it was19:48
treachlol.. nothing like making someone lose their pace with irrelevant questions. :D19:49
jkrThe funny thing about the whole story is that the judge dropped the case because it was so stupid and instead punished the girls parents because the girl got drunk with 14 years :)19:49
jkrHmm, at least something like that, I'm not really sure anymore19:50
jkrAll I'm sure about is that the drinking game was called fluffy ball :D19:51
jkrGotta play that soon19:51
jkrOr was it flunky ball19:51
treachhm, some "fluffy" ball..19:51
treachI hope I'll never get a "fluffy" german pillow or something.19:51
rxi-should have used a cricket ball19:52
jkrHe, I remember a even more funny law story from USA19:53
jjpkThose do quite a lot of damage if one is inclined to do so.19:53
jkrTwo 14 y/o kids had sex and they got both sued because of child abuse19:54
jkrThat's sick, imo19:54
*** muerto has joined #crux19:54
*** _mavrick61 has quit IRC19:54
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux19:54
treachdoesn't sound like something that would give you a ball in the face.19:55
jkrThat's the game I meant19:56
jkrGotte find that story again, I'm not sure anymore how exactly that happened19:56
treachsome drunk idiot decided to throw the ball at the other team?19:56
jkrNo, iirc it was her own fault20:00
jkrShe was just too stupid20:00
rxi-shame it didnt knock more than her teeth out20:02
jkrCan't find it :(20:02
*** treach has quit IRC20:03
*** _mavrick61 has quit IRC20:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC20:04
jkrYeah, found it in the logs :D20:04
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux20:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux20:06
jkrThe judge compared flunkyball with rugby and other dangerous games and said it's normal that you get hurt while playing it :)20:06
jkrThe tooth was lost because she was drinking from a bottle when she got hit20:06
rxi-should have charged her with underage drinking20:08
jkrThey did, afterwards, iirc20:09
jkrAt least her parents where in trouble20:09
rxi-hehe good20:10
jkrHow do I get my funky radio player into contrib?20:18
*** deus_ex has quit IRC20:19
*** rxi- has quit IRC20:20
*** Viper__ has joined #crux20:21
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*** vertah has joined #crux20:41
*** thrice` has joined #crux20:45
*** prologic has joined #crux20:52
jkrAhoy prologic20:52
prologica 'hoy20:53
prologicOS: CRUX version 2.3 (Linux | CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3800+ (Running: 2400.312) | Memory: (Used/Total) 602MB/1964MB | Videocard: 0.0 VGA compatible controller (VIA Technologies, Inc. Unknown device 3230 (rev 11)) | Resolution: 1280x1024 | Uptime: 1:07,+users | ppp0: IN: 61.4 Mb OUT: 24.4Mb20:53
prologicI am terribly disappointed with one thing though during upgrades20:53
jkrbroken libs? :)20:53
prologicthe broken packages that result and the often difficult task of finding which ones are broken, then recompiling those20:54
prologicthen when something complex like xfce4 is broken20:54
prologicyou have to prt-get deptree ... > foo, edit foo and recompile20:54
jkrrevdep worked fine for the ports, the real problem is the manually compiled software and perl modules20:55
prologicin this case for 2.320:55
prologicit was a new expat library20:55
prologicwhich not all ports list as a dependency so it's hard to tell what you need to recompile20:55
jkrYeah, expat caused a lot of problems for me too20:55
prologiconly apr, neon, and a few others list expat20:55
prologicand what's worse is having to recompile just about all of xfce420:55
Romstertheres quite a few issues like that20:56
prologicbut not only that, I had to cut/edit it's deptree so I woudln't recompile all of xorg as well and half my system20:56
Romsterbut recompile everything is a safe bet20:56
prologicyou shouldn't have to20:56
jkrGood thing I'm using only fluxbox which takes about 2 minutes to compile :)20:56
prologicthis ain't gentoo :)20:56
prologicjkr, the revdep script in prt-utils ?20:56
prologichow'd you use it ?20:57
jkrJust type "revdep > deps; xargs prt-get -fr update < deps"20:57
jkrYou better write the revdep output to a file, because it's damn slow20:57
prologicI didn't know this tool existed actually20:58
jkrYou really don't want to run it twice :)20:58
prologicit _actually_ might solve the issues I'm talking about :)20:58
jkrYup :)20:58
prologichm nice20:58
jkrIt finds missing libs by ldd'ing all binaries :)20:58
*** onestep has quit IRC20:58
prologicI have such a script as well20:58
jkrAt least the ones in the .footprints20:58
prologicbut revdep seems to be nicer :)20:58
prologick good stuff20:59
prologicI take back what I said :)20:59
prologicjust run revdep :)20:59
jkrWhatever you do, put the output in a file! ;)20:59
prologicgot most of my system back up :)20:59
prologicwe'll see what else is broken by revdep's output20:59
jkrWhee, it amazes me everytime how small vorbis files are compared to mp3s :)21:03
jkr[jkr/boredom:.../Propagandhi]# compare-mp3-ogg21:03
jkrOGG: 138M       total21:03
jkrMP3: 253M       total21:03
prologiceh ?21:04
*** Roomster has joined #crux21:08
*** rxi has joined #crux21:14
*** Romster has quit IRC21:25
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*** destruct has quit IRC23:03
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*** Romster has quit IRC23:43
*** thrice` has quit IRC23:47
prologicthrice uses the MacIrssi :)23:53
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:59

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