IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-03-24

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jonnekhow i can setup pppoe connection in crux?05:01
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treachget the rp-pppoe port from opt, seems like it got removed from the iso because of some miscommunication.05:04
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tilmandid anyone put a package of it up on already?05:06
treachnot that I know of.05:06
jonnekyep. i already installed that pakkage, but i can't connect using pppoe-start.05:07
tilmanthere's nothing crux-specific about our pppoe setup afaik05:08
tilmanso any generic setup guide for rp-pppoe should work for crux, too05:08
jonnekhmm.. i done that in arch and ubuntu before. but crux causes problems :D05:09
rxiyeah its pretty straight forward05:09
tilmanjonnek: i don't use it myself, so i can't share my config, sorry.05:11
jonnekwhat kernel settings have to be enabled to use pppoe? if i forgot something...05:15
rxijonnek: i did have it setup a while back but alcohol and a bad memory aent helping05:16 doesnt have anything?05:16
teKhi there05:18
rxihi .. looking for a good time?05:19
treachrxi: I thought you were australian, not english. ;)05:20
rawAussis are brits that are not wanted anymore. :)05:21
rxiim a fair dinkum aussie05:21
rxithats why we beat them at everything05:22
treacheven at being gay? ;)05:25
tilmanespecially at being gay!05:25
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ManoWarriortilman: get your lazy ass in #e :-D05:26
rxioh stop it05:26
ManoWarriortilman: you broke ecore-evas :-)05:26
rxioh someone needs a spanking05:26
treachrxi: now you're kinky as well.05:26
treachsure you're not english?05:27
rxilol well im a 3rd generation aussie05:27
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treachgtg, someone smashed a window. :-/05:29
rxithe poms are coming for you npow05:30
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sepenmorning all06:14
tilman30 gb pushed for the 2.3 torrent06:28
_mavrick61Hi all.. I have promoted for Crux on several Swidish Linux Forums.. Please can someone else promote Crux on other forums.07:10
rawQuality promotes itself.07:10
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treachpromotion almost always backfires :/07:13
vovanhello! Did anybody install Crux-2.3? I have a problems07:17
jkrGood mMorning07:17
_mavrick61I got a lot of nice respondes in most all forums. One say "Why have I not seen this dist before..." etc..07:17
treachanybody? about 500 people or so I'd guess.07:17
treachs people/persons07:17
vovantreach, I have xlib assertion when trying to start Qt4 programs07:18
treachsorry, I don't use qt.07:18
tilmanvovan: okay, that would be me07:18
vovanextension: xcb_xlib.c:41: xcb_xlib_lock: Assertion `!c->xlib.lock' failed.07:18
tilmangay gay gay07:19
tilmanqt is gay07:19
vovantilman, do you know what is it?07:19
tilmanvovan: i'll fix it07:19
vovanqt is gay - why do you think so?07:20
tilmanvovan: if qt was programmed properly, it would work07:20
tilmani mean, this is a bug in qt07:20
tilmanvovan: could you get me a backtrace, by chance?07:20
jkrqt is not the CRUX way, anyway ;)07:20
vovantilman, I had no problems with crux-2.207:21
vovanok I'll try to get backtrace07:21
tilmancool :)07:21
tilmanvovan: do you know how to apply a patch to a crux port?07:28
vovantilman, no but I'll learn )07:29
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vovantilman, I have built qt-4.2.3 by myself07:29
vovantilman, thats not from ports07:29
tilmanis 4.2.3 the latest version of qt4?07:29
vovantilman, yes07:29
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tilmanvovan: extract that, cd xorg-libxcb and run pkgmk07:30
tilmanand install the package07:30
tilmanthat will work07:30
tilmanvovan: i'll try to find out whether we can patch qt4 instead :)07:31
tilmansepen: your qt4 port is a bit outdated :)07:31
sepencould be07:32
vovantilman, this is last official relese ;-)07:32
sepenI'll try to update it the next week07:32
sepenand test it on 2.307:32
sepenI need some time to test all my ports on 2.307:33
prologicit'll take me days :)07:33
sepenanyone is using qt4?07:33
prologicnot i07:33
rawno, never.07:34
vovannobody using qt4 )07:34
prologicqt3 3.3.7-107:34
sepenIm developing on a amd900, compiling qt4 on it's a hard job07:36
treachI doubt there will be much adoption until KDE407:36
treachsepen: I guess it's not much worse than qt3 ;)07:36
treachpitty qt is such a hog to build really.07:37
sepenqt3 it's cleanly ported I doubt if qt4 also07:37
* treach tries to digest the second part.07:38
treachyou don't think qt4 is cleanly ported?07:38
vovantilman, uuuh, your patch helped!!!07:38
vovantilman, it i already working :-)07:39
sepenwell I've work for the next week07:39
vovantilman, thanks a lot )))07:40
sepentreach, Im not using qt4 it's that all07:42
treachok, I just couldn't parse "I doubt if qt4 also"07:43
sepenI've the worst english of the channel 8)07:43
sepenI'm a bastard spaniard hehe07:44
sepensometimes I can't explain that I mean07:44
treachWell, I'm sure you're trying, that's what counts IMO.07:44
vovantilman, but I can not not understand - does it mean that Qt has written incorrectly?07:48
vovanand oher distros are uing patched libxcd too?07:48
treach13:20 @<tilman> i mean, this is a bug in qt07:49
tilmanvovan: yeah, i know of some distros that patch libxcb07:49
tilmanvovan: i'll try to reproduce the bug and fix it in qt407:50
morlenxusIs doxygen available as a port? I don't find it.07:53
sepenhan qt4 port is up to date08:02
prologicwhere is Han these days anyway ?08:02
sepenon openbsd08:03
prologicdoesn't lurk aorund here anymore ?08:03
sepenhmmm he mantain his repo08:06
prologiche does ?08:06
prologicthat's a first :)08:06
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sepenUI advances on vista (pfff) and optimizations to the Qt OpenGL engine08:09
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tilmanvovan: how do i reproduce the qt4 error anyway?08:55
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vovantilman, just compile and try to run any app08:58
vovanit should give assert08:58
tilmanprobably takes an hour to build qt4 anyway08:59
prologicwould it help if I built it ?09:01
prologicfaster box *shrugs*09:01
tilmanprobably not09:02
tilmansine i'll want to patch it afterwards09:02
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tilmanfrigging qt still compiles10:28
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vovantilman, :(10:31
vovantilman, it's so big10:32
tilmanhi boogy10:32
* tilman 's box grinds to a halt10:33
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boogy_i heve litle problem10:38
boogy_pleace help10:38
boogy_my englesh is very bad10:38
boogy_vovan help me to speak10:39
prologicPlease state your problem and one of our trained experts will assist you.10:40
vovanboogy_, ok, Ill try10:41
vovanhe is trying to install crux-2.310:42
vovanon laptop10:42
vovanboogy_, tell the model of your comp10:42
rehabdollwhat fails?10:42
vovanhe has sata HDD and kernel does not see it10:43
rehabdollthen theres probably an issue with the controller-driver10:43
rehabdollis it supported in the kernel?10:43
tilmanhad to reboot the box10:43
tilmanno idea whether it was OOM or not10:44
vovanboogy_, what is the model of your hard disk???10:44
prologicdid you check if /dev/sdX exists ?10:44
treachtilman: how much ram do you have?10:44
tilmantreach: :))10:45
tilmantreach: 76810:45
tilmantreach: i hate g++ :)10:45
treachand no swap? :P10:45
tilmani've got 250 mb swap10:45
tilmani don't want to stock up on ram because some c++ app doesn't build *again*10:46
boogy_i have vai master ide controler10:46
tilmani hope it ran out of space on /dev/shm10:46
treachah, well, that would probably be the cause.10:46
tilmani hope ccache will kick in now10:46
tilmandoesn't seem to10:46
treachsome apps just get too big to build in tempfs. :/10:47
treachwine is a real sucker as well.10:47
tilmani used to have to change _WORK_DIR for gimp10:48
treachI can *just* build it in tempfs, if I quit *everything* else. :P10:48
tilmaneventually i resized /dev/shm10:48
rehabdollvai master ide? could that be via perhaps?10:48
rehabdollsata or ide?10:49
vovanhe cant find driver in modules list of standard kernel he said10:49
vovanso he cant mount and setup the system10:49
rehabdollin that case you probably need to build and boot a custom kernel10:49
vovanthis is before setup10:49
rehabdolland never buy non-open hardware ever again :)10:49
tilmanvovan: that doesn't matter10:50
tilmanyou need to build a custom kernel, and use that one to boot the cd10:50
vovanI understand10:50
rehabdollyeah, boot the custom kernel off a usb-stick if possible.. or a good old floppy10:50
rehabdollor build your own crux-cd with the new kernel10:51
vovanboogy_, you should make your own install CRUX-cd10:51
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vovanfor your laptop exactly10:52
rehabdollthe via_sata driver does not work? must be some wierd piece of hardware :(10:52
vovanrehabdoll, ok he will try now to load via_sata10:54
rehabdollvia_sata is built-in in the CRUX kernel10:54
vovanrehabdoll, oh,10:54
rehabdollthere are no /dev/sd* devices at all?10:55
vovanhe said no10:55
prologicwhat brand and model is the laptop ?10:56
prologicremind myself not ot buy that :)10:56
vovanI dont remember Fujitsu-Siemens10:56
vovanI dont remember numbers10:56
rehabdollill never buy anything with via in it :)10:56
vovanI'll ask10:56
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vovanrehabdoll, )10:56
prologicvia is actually okay for the most part10:57
prologicthey do build linux drivers for their stuff10:57
prologicmy motherboard is an ASus with via shipsets10:57
rehabdollyeah.. but their chipsets generally sucks10:57
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vovanrehabdoll, that's his chipset11:02
morlenxusWhat should /etc/rc.conf timezone variable set to if i want to use UTC? TIMEZONE=UTC+1 ?11:03
tilmanif you want to use UTC i'd just put UTC there11:04
tilmancause UTC != UTC+111:05
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morlenxusYes, but my timezone is UTC+111:13
morlenxusSo i can't use simply UTC there.11:14
tilmanhow about using Europe/Berlin then11:14
tilmansounds obvious, but it's correct anyway11:14
morlenxusBut isn't this the old style?11:14
tilmandon't think so11:15
tilmanvalid timezones are the entries in /usr/share/zoneinfo11:15
tilmanand /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Berlin exists :)11:15
jjpkEither works, depends whether you want local time or utc.11:15
morlenxushm k11:15
jjpkTime obsoleted? you must be joking today sir...11:16
tilmanbut "UTC+1" probably won't work11:16
tilmanjjpk: that's what he wanted to try i think11:16
morlenxusjjpk: No, UTC is the new format, while greenwhich is the old format.11:16
jjpkutc+1 only exists as a concept, it spans several countries you see.11:16
morlenxusWell it spans timezones.11:16
morlenxusAnd that's what we want, don't we?11:17
tilmanthere's noething "new" about the "UTC" timezone afaik11:17
jjpkI want local time, not UTC. just so you know.11:17
morlenxusWell i use Europe/Berlin11:17
tilmanso what's the problem????11:17
prologicyou guys are going around in circles11:18
jjpkIf you want UTC, you tell it to use UTC ffs.11:18
jjpkThere is nothing difficult to understand about this.11:18
tilmanhe wants UTC+1 and doesn't like to put Europe/Berlin there11:18
tilmanor something like that11:18
morlenxusNo, i readed that you define the timezones with UTF+/-<hours>11:19
jjpks/readed/read while your at that.11:21
morlenxusFirst sentences.11:21
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morlenxusUTC was a replacement for GMT, that's why i thought Europe/Berlin is the GMT format while UTC needs to be UTC+1 for me.11:22
tilmanUTC == GMT11:23
jjpkYou cannot do that because UTC+/- is NOT listed in the zoneinfo, you have to select it based on your location.11:23
morlenxustilman: This is wrong.11:24
morlenxus"Die Greenwich Mean Time war von 18841928 Weltzeit und ist in dieser Funktion heute von der Koordinierten Weltzeit UTC ersetzt."11:24
morlenxusReplaced doesn't meant ==11:24
treachtrusting wp for semantics?11:24
tilmancompare /usr/share/zoneinfo/GMT to /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC11:25
morlenxustilman: Yes, but the Idea behind is different.11:25
morlenxusEven if GMT today is only a link to UTC on your system.11:25
morlenxusAnd so i thought i needed to use UTC+1.11:25
tilmanfunny that spain and france are in UTC+1 btw11:26
jjpkThe Brits do their own thing, it's political even.11:27
tilmanand that .tk is in UTC+4 o_O11:27
tilmanerr, +211:27
morlenxusBtw. i use vim on crux 2.3 but can't use syntax on anymore11:28
morlenxusEven a few other settings.11:28 = Tokelau, that is in the pacific ocean. wtf are you talking about tilman? :D11:28 maybe11:28
prologicworks fine here morlenxus11:28
morlenxusE519: Option not supported: syntax11:29
morlenxusI get this.11:29
morlenxusWhen i do a :set syntax on11:29
teK:syntax enable11:29
tilmanit's :syn on11:29
morlenxusE319: Sorry, the command is not available in this version11:29
morlenxusThe vim version is from the crux iso, i used a fresh installation.11:30
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tilmanvim --version|grep -i syn11:30
morlenxus-sniff +statusline -sun_workshop +syntax +tag_binary +tag_old_static11:30
tilman:syn on11:30
prologic$ vim --version|grep -i syn11:31
prologic-sniff +statusline -sun_workshop +syntax +tag_binary +tag_old_static11:31
morlenxusE319: Sorry, the command is not available in this version11:31
morlenxusSame error.11:31
morlenxusHm i recompile.11:31
tilmanmaybe you .vimrc is strange11:32
morlenxusThe file worked before with crux 2.211:32
morlenxusBut i also renamed the config, same error.11:32
tilmando you have gvim?11:33
tilmanqt4 still not done :(11:38
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vovantilman, is it still compiling?11:39
vovantilman, is's real monster11:39
tilmanthe tarball is 36 mb11:39
tilmanthat's larger than firefox11:40
tilmanoh, no, same size11:40
vovantilman, I undestand changes in xorg-7.2 causes this errors in qt apps?11:41
vovanIn any case your patch helped )11:42
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tilmanvovan: correct11:44
tilmanvovan: libxcb has these assertions, to find locking errors in apps11:45
tilmanlibx11 uses libxcb as its backend11:45
tilmanand every x client uses libx1111:45
vovanso, qt developers overlooked something11:45
tilmanthey probably never tested it against libxcb11:47
morlenxusoh lol11:51
morlenxusIf i start `vi` i can't use syntax on, if i use `vim` i can./11:51
morlenxusWasn't that simply a link to vim before?11:51
tilman"vi" uses 'compatible' mode or something11:52
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seekwillSo what does it take to make an x86_64 version? Just need a machine and time? Or a lot of hardcore Linux hacking?11:57
rehabdollmachine and time11:57
rehabdolland some patience :)11:57
seekwillheh. Is it "easy"? I'm willing to try :)11:58
rehabdollthere's lfs for x86_64, so there shouldnt be too many problems11:58
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seekwillSo I'll need to install that in order to make Crux 64?11:59
seekwill(or is someone else working on it?)11:59
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quad3ddoes 2.3 installation cd have mdadm on there?12:09
jjpkI suggest you look at the 2.3 changelog.12:14
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tilmanmy qt4 working directory is almost 1 gb12:18
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tilman> 1 gb12:32
jjpkThe devs have really crammed everything, including the kitchen sink...12:35
tilmani think it might be done soon12:35
tilmanit's installing docs12:35
jjpkPromising :p12:35
tilman12 mb package12:36
tilman(with debugging symbols though)12:37
tilmanvovan: okay, "qtdemo" reproduces the error :)12:37
tilmanno debugging symbols found12:38
tilmanwhat the hell12:38
tilmanoh crap12:38
tilmani set CFLAGS, but not CXXFLAGS12:38
rehabdollthat might be significant for qt :)12:42
tilmanmaybe, yes ;P12:42
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rehabdollim gonna see how long i last cross-compiling for x86_64 :)12:44
rehabdollim already bored12:45
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rehabdollmake: *** [all-gcc] Error 212:47
rehabdolland now im giving up12:47
jjpkGood choice ;)12:50
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*** raw has joined #crux12:56
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tilmanit's also great that qt appends its own sucky CFLAGS after my own13:29
tilmanso my -O0 gets overriden13:29
tilmanhooray for qt crap13:29
treachlol, *another* build?13:31
tilman(18:38) <@   tilman> i set CFLAGS, but not CXXFLAGS13:31
tilmani think i'll get a good glass of wine13:31
treach"third time is the charm", or how is it?13:31
tilmanand enjoy a book13:31
tilmanand by wine i mean a beer13:31
tilmanand by book i mean a stupid action movie13:32
thrice`nothing like scotch + qt :)13:32
treachthrice`: I think you got that wrong.13:32
treachit's qutie, not q t.13:33
thrice`it's...not installed on my system, that's what it is13:33
thrice`my poor 2100 can't do those compiles anymore13:34
tilmanwhere's the difference between "scotch + qt" and "scotch + cutie"?13:34
thrice`no, after enough scotch, they turn into the same thing13:34
treachtilman: the difference is that qt screws you, rather than the other way around. :>13:35
tilmani could make a list of truly crappy bond movies13:40
tilmanso i remember not to watch them again, ever13:40
thrice`i hope that's not referring to casino royale13:40
tilmanhaven't seen the new one yet13:40
treachmh, they are all more or less cheesy AFAIC.13:45
tilmani hate 'live and let die' & 'you only live twice'13:46
tilmanand one of the moore ones13:46
tilmanforgot the name of the evil guy actor13:46
treach"For your Eyes Only" isn't particulary good either. :/13:46
tilmanchristopher walken13:46
tilmanthat one sucks so much13:47
tilmanfor your eyes only is cool! :)13:47
treachok, I'll never take your advice considering movies then. :)13:48
tilmanhehe ;)13:48
treach(I just gave up on it)13:48
tilmanbuild done \o/14:20
tilmanjesus motherfucker!14:26
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thrice`what are you building qt for ?14:27
treachSome days you should just stay in bed.14:27
jjpkbloody devs who take on too ambitious plans ;)14:30
tilmandon't think i'll give it another try14:33
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tilmanError, eth0: netlink: Network is unreachable16:21
tilmangetting that when running dhcpcd on the if16:21
tilmandoes that mean the dhcp broadcasts are getting blocked?16:21
jkrMir ist sooo langweilig :(16:22
jkrHmm, wrong chan16:22
* treach has a look in crux.de16:24
treachamazing, still people there. :P16:24
jjpkThe irc channel.16:27
treachtilman: what if you try setting your ip manually (to the one you had before)?16:27
tilmanproblem is i have no idea what the network address is16:27
tilmanresp submask16:27
treachoh, dang.16:27
treacharp ?16:28
tilmani'll just try /2416:28
treachblocking dhcp seems like a work of genious..16:29
tilmani'm pretty sure it's not my fault16:30
tilmanbut it worked before16:30
treachmaybe the dhcp server is dead?16:30
treach(nmap ftw :P )16:30
jjpkDon't know, never seen dhcpcd give me an error like that.16:30
treachme neither.16:31
treachseems really strange.16:31
tilmanbut it *must* be the dhcp broadcasts that it's talking about, no?16:31
tilmani'm not a network guru, but afaik that's all dhcp does16:31
treachiirc dhcpservers doesn't broadcast.16:32
tilmanbut clients do16:32
tilmanto find the server(s)16:32
treachhmm, routing issue?16:35
tilmanwonder why the handbook has a section on how to setup /etc/rc.d/net on crux < 2.316:35
treachwhat's your default route?16:35
tilmanthe default route is set after dhcpcd is started16:36
tilmancould be that the example is broken though :)16:36
treachwell, I've no idea what your default route is when dhcpcd is run.16:37
tilmancan you set the default route an interface? eg, eth0?16:37
tilmanor do you need an IP?16:37
treachI think you can set it to an interface, but I'm not sure.16:38
tilmani shall ask jaeger when he's around16:38
tilmanhe proably knows that stuff well16:38
treachI've done *very* little routing on linux..16:38
treachI bet.16:38
treachafter all, he's the pro. :)16:38
jjpkI'm clueless about this as well. all I have done is set the default gateway manually to an ip.16:38
tilmanditto :]16:39
tilmanseems dhcpcd could at least query the nameservers to use16:40
tilmanoh well!16:40
treachI was just about to point out that it apparently managed to find out default gw etc..16:40
treachotherwise it wouldn't work with the manual ip. :p16:41
tilmani set the default route to that ip, too16:41
*** tilman has quit IRC16:41
*** tilman has joined #crux16:42
treachwb :)16:42
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman16:43
treach"Linux is like a teepee. No Windows, no Gates, Apache inside!!!"16:43
*** vico has joined #crux16:43
jjpksuccess :D16:44
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tilmanit seems i just cannot get a debug build of qt416:51
tilmanconfigure -debug instead of -release didn't work either16:51
treachit's cursed! :O16:51
jkrLeChucks Software Revenge!16:51
tilmanthe curse of qt16:52
jkrYup, right after The Secret Of Qt16:52
treachNO_STRIP=no ?16:53
jkrAnd finally, Escape from Qt16:53
tilmantreach: oui, pkgmk -ns16:53
tilmanhehe, that would been stupid16:53
tilmanif i wasted 6 hours because i forgot about that switch16:53
treachaye, but sometimes..16:53
tilmanwouldn't be the first time ;)16:54
treach"a small turf often overturns a big load" as the local saying goes.16:54
treachuh, s turf/tussock/16:56
tilmani still don't get it, but i can live with that ;)16:57
treachok, it means that a small obstacle often can cause big troubles.16:57
*** lasso has joined #crux16:58
treachwer're almost hitting 500 downloads..17:02
tilmani just checked, too :)17:02
tilmantreach: almost 600 though (in bt at least)17:02
treachmmh.. some typo. :]17:03
jkrHehe, that's more users than Vista will ever have17:05
treach...unfortunately not. :(17:05
jkrAt least CRUX doesn't fuck up hard drives :)17:06
jkrThat's a big advantage over Vista IMO17:06
treachdamn, I wish the guys in bruxelle would stop pansying around17:06
jjpkMicrosoft or the EU Comission?17:08
treachI didn't know MS had it's HQ there.17:08
tilmanthe latter probably :P17:08
tilmanjkr: they asked MS to pay a few million eur, don't remember? ;)17:09
treach*and* to open up their protcolls.17:09
jkrAh, bruxelle ^= Bruessel?17:09
jkrOk, now I see :)17:09
tilmani think that isn't the proper spelling17:10
tilmanbut i'm not sure17:10
tilmanthat town's name sucks in english anyway :D17:10
treachI'm sure it's not.17:10
jkrWell it's BrĂ¼ssel in german, that's all I know :)17:10
treachit's bryssel in swedish, so...17:10
tilmanbruxelles maybe17:10
tilmanthe raw is right17:10
treachoh no, that can't be. ;)17:11
rawwhy is raw registered and not online for a year and not purged anyway>17:11
tilmanraw: do you have donald dark's chez guevara in flac by chance?17:11
treachactually it's Bruxelles in french :/17:11
jkrThe EU commission is like Robin Hood, they take it from the evil rich and give it... uhm, ok they keep it for themselves, but it's funny anyway :)17:12
treachjkr: actually they give it to the french farmers.17:12
jkrFor what?17:12
rawtilman: no17:12
jjpkAgriculture subsidies.17:12
treachand the people who grow unprofitable tobacco in greece.17:13
tilmanraw: suck17:13
jkrHmm, the EU probably is afraid of a wine shortage17:13
treachthey are probably afraid of french farmers. :)17:13
jkrI think that'd be kind of funny, a lot of french farmers with pitchforks & torches attacking brussel :)17:14
treachrather, imagine an endless trail of tractors pulling wagonloads of manure to brussel.17:15
treachall to be dumped at the doorstep of a certain place.17:15
tilmandidn't they do something like that before?17:15
tilmanbut maybe just to paris?17:15
vovanvovan: okay, "qtdemo" reproduces the error :)17:18
jkrjkr: I wonder why he's talking to himself :)17:19
vovantilman, would you report it as a bug on Trolltech?17:19
tilmandunno yet17:19
tilmanvovan: if you want to help, you could try to search for a patch for that problem17:27
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:27
*** hp_tux has quit IRC17:31
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC17:32
*** hp_tux has joined #crux17:36
*** tenthirteen has joined #crux17:42
*** thrice` has quit IRC17:47
tilmanViper_: see how gitweb displays your name correcly now?;a=shortlog;h=2.318:02
aoni wonder if it'd display mine too18:05
tilmanaon: the source of your real name should be utf8 encoded18:06
tilmanthen it will work18:06
aoni see18:06
*** Roomster has joined #crux18:06
aonseems like xemacs needs some real patching for deinfoizing18:07
*** vico has quit IRC18:11
tilmanaon: "git config --global FIXME" && vim ~/.gitconfig; change name; :set fileencoding=utf8, :w will do it, btw18:17
tilmanaon: assuming it's probably not a good idea to use utf8 in /etc/passwd18:17
*** Romster has quit IRC18:19
_mavrick61This is a good one..
tilman_mavrick61: heh18:24
tilmanwe should probably patch xorg so it tries to use blackbox by default, rather than twm18:24
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux18:27
_mavrick61Any CRUX CON decided yet?... My proposal of location is still in force...18:29
prologichow bout we hold one in Australia this time :)18:31
prologicso I can attend :)18:31
tilmanwanna pay my plane ticket, too?18:31
prologicwanna pay mine if it's not held here ? :D18:32
prologicsame problem18:32
_mavrick61Hmmmm.. Put you in a wood box and ship it by boat...18:33
treachthe one and true economy class. Granted no yelling kids as an added bonus. :)18:34
tilmanno food either though18:35
tilmanjesus, the qt people don't have a public bug tracker apparently18:43
*** Romster has joined #crux19:05 must be the strangest website ever19:09
treachcan't be worse than "myspace".19:12
tilmanmaybe not19:13
prologicwhat's wrong with ? :)19:15
*** quad3d has quit IRC19:18
jkrHehe, have you seen the qmail site?19:20
*** quad3d has joined #crux19:20
tilmannot sure actually19:21
jkrThere must be something about mta programmers that makes them be strange web designers19:21
treachit's ugly, not confusing.19:22
jkrWell, I'm confused :)19:22
jkrBut maybe it's just me19:22
treachcan't compete with the accomplishments of yahoo, myspace etc.19:22
jkrHaven't seen yahoo for years, and myspace is just crap19:23
treachthat's what I said, wasn't it? ;)19:23
jkrHmm, this must be the most boring night for years19:24
jkrAnd I'm not even drunk :(19:24
*** thrice` has joined #crux19:24
treachI sense a connection.19:24
jkrI'm trying, but it doesn't work19:25
tilmanget the tequila then19:25
jkrI only got lots of beer19:25
prologicpersonally the postfix site is easy to navigate for me19:26
jkrI don't even get mail beside the ones I sent me myself :(19:26
prologicbecause of it's simplicity and non-eye-candy-ish19:26
prologicbut that's just me :)19:26
tilmanmaybe i just don't understand the *concept* of postfix.org19:26
prologicI admit they could have prettied up the tables and layout a bit19:26
prologicgawd I must have compiled this port 7 times by now19:27
jkrHe, in elinks is pretty clear19:27
prologichey how many x64 cruxers do we have around here ?19:27
prologicother than nipul19:27
prologicI have a desktop that I can use x64 on now and considering switching19:27
prologicjkr, indeed :)19:27
prologicgreat little browser - use it all the time19:28
jkrprologic: I know one who wants to run crux on a x64, but is still waiting for an ISO :)19:28
jkrYeah, elinks is great19:28
prologicahh k19:28
prologicso that makes 3 of us19:28
*** Roomster has quit IRC19:29
prologicperhaps a few of us should get together and maintain crux-x6419:29
prologicI think nipul is the only one that does it afaik :/19:29
prologicbit job19:29
jkrWait a sec, I'll ask that guy to come here :)19:29
prologicif the crux devs can give us write access to the iso, we can branch a x64 version19:29
*** syn_ has joined #crux19:30
jkrThere he is :)19:30
prologicahh hi syn_19:30
jkrsyn_: crux64 :)19:31
jjpkhaha, good one with the true economy class of travel :D19:39
jjpkCheap, uncomfortable and mostlikely illegal.19:42
jjpkNot to mention all of the practical issues.19:42
treachyeah. :)19:43
treachsmall issues like "oxygen", and "I need to take a leak"19:43
jjpkI like travelling, but the commercial ways suck.19:51
jjpkAirport bullshit security this and that, all they do is cause unnecessary delay and inefficiency.19:52
jjpk"this is for your own good." I beg to differ.19:53
jjpkUseless pseudo checks, cramped seats and bad company. Just the type of "service" I would enjoy paying for...19:55
treachok, I guess it's getting season for rowing boats anyway. :)19:56
* tilman cranks up the music and starts hacking19:57
tilmangreat music ftw ;)19:57
* treach eyes tilman suspiciously.19:57
treachI somehow get the feeling I wouldn't share that view.19:58
tilmanyou don't like music? ;)19:58
treachof course, question is, would I call what you're listening to 'music'?19:59
jjpkoh shit, 4am. Hello "summer" time...20:00
tilmandon't listen much to extreme metal these days20:00
treachI'm increasingly taking the view that no music has been writen since brahms died. :p20:01
treach(slight exaggeration. ;) )20:01
jjpkAt least so in the commercial department.20:01
jjpkMost of it is probably cut from the same mold. :D20:02
prologictreach, I happen to agree with you on the subject20:02
treachyeah. it's been really bad the like the last 10 years or so.20:02
prologicI hutn long and hard to find good decent music20:02
treachprologic: what are your preferences?20:03
tilmanit's okay as long as you don't turn on the radio20:03
treachagreed, the cd is much better. ;)20:03
prologictreach, anything that's interesting and pleasing to the ears I guess20:04
treachtilman: but by god, make sure you chose the right button on the amp..20:04
prologicwhich includes most stuff, except hard/heavy/core/rap etc (some rap is okay)20:04
prologicand repetative crap and most pop is rubbish :)20:04
jjpkYet sells well, hmm :D20:04
treachjjpk: funny you should say that.20:05
treachapparently it doesn't.20:05
prologicyeah you'd be suprised20:05
jjpkFILESHARING!!111 ziomg20:05
treachof course it's all those file-sharers fault20:05
prologicpop doesn't do that well unless it's really different20:05
prologicpop artists like Celine Deion, and Delta I like20:05
*** raw has quit IRC20:05
treachnot that I've ever seen a filesharer that would want to be found out with some brittney spears on their hd..20:05
prologicand Katherine Jenkins is lovely :)20:05
treach..........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnd I will goooooooooooo oooooooooon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd oooooooooooooon........20:06
tilmanhahaha, what was that20:07
treachceline dion20:07
treachtheme of "titanic"20:07
tilmanright, that was annoying20:07
treachgod damn right!20:07
jjpk4 letter. STFU :D20:08
Romsteri so nver got the story of that titanic20:08
jjpkThat is all that has to be said.20:08
treachRomster: simple20:08
treachboy mets girl.20:08
treachboat sinks.20:08
treachboy dies.20:08
treachend of story20:08
jjpkThen a flashback. done20:08
Romsteryeah i know the story line20:08
jjpkThen what is confusing you? o_o20:08
tilmanwhat do you mean, you didn't get the story?20:09
tilmanwhat's there to get?20:09
tilmanit's a love story, made to make women cry20:09
tilmannp: Icon of Coil - Former Self20:09
Romsterand girl lives till shes old and gray and and finally dies single.20:09
* tilman bounces20:09
treachhe got it!20:09
tilmanRomster: yeah, but she had a good time on the ship20:09
Romsteri got the story but i didn't think much of it as being romantic20:09
treachRomster: I don't think you've fully grasped the concept of "romantic"20:10
Romsteri guess20:10
treachromantic doesn't neccessarily involve love storyies etc.20:10
treachyuk.. "stories"20:10
jjpkBreak it into emotional issues, that is what romantic means in the context.20:10
* Romster plays Dokken - Tooth And Nail/05 - Don't Close Your Eyes.mp320:11
jjpkThen the tragedy shit floods in big time :D20:11
treachor some form of idealised fairytale world20:11
Romster80's metal ftw20:11
jjpkAs long as movies have suffering, tragedy, loss, they will probably sell.20:11
treachwell, it's human life.20:12
Romsterthe whole romantic stuff *quivers* ugh20:12
jjpkSomehow people get a kick out of watching others suffer in despair.20:12
treachjjpk: I don't think so.20:13
Romstergive me a action, comedy, scifi anyday20:13
prologicI don't think so either20:13
treachthey like to see people suffer and despair and then get a happy ending anyway.20:13
treachthat makes them feel comfy, because shit will happen to them as well, and then they hope they too will experience a happy end20:14
Romsterheh not me.20:15
treachIt's dreams and hopes that sell, rather than "schadenfreude", at least so far.20:15
treachI have less hope on that point for the current generation. :/20:15
rehabdollhappy slapping...20:16
treachfor instance.20:16
rehabdollthem kids these days deserve a good whoopin'20:16
jjpkSecond that.20:17
rehabdollAND GET OF MY LAWN!20:17
jjpk"them damn whippersnappers!"20:18
rehabdolluh-o, it suddenly got very late20:19
treachaye. :)20:19
jjpkGreat, isn't it not? :>20:19
treachseems like nobody said anything between 02 and 03. :P20:20
jjpkLast year it took me a week before I got used to the 1hr time change.20:20
tilmani wouldn't mind if they got rid of that silly DST annoyance20:20
* Romster plays Pretty Boy Floyd - Rock 'n Roll Outlaws.mp320:21
treachit's just a waste of time and money.20:21
Romsterrehabdoll, s/of/off20:21
treachthat's rich..20:21
tilmannight guys20:21
treachsleep tight20:21
*** Viper__ has joined #crux20:22
Romsteri hate mowers at 10am in the damn morning20:22
Romsternite tilman20:22
Romsterwell we are off DST now. (australia)20:22
RomsterUSA has some weired extended DST thats not the same date for all states.20:23
treachso are we, until the next time.20:23
jjpkLucky you they mow the lawn that late.20:23
treachwell,it's arbitrary anyway, isn't it?20:23
jjpkHere they usually get cracking at 7 or 8 am.20:23
treachjjpk: I was about to say the same.20:23
treachjjpk: you know those things they use to blow dry leaves around?20:24
treachsometimes they fire up one of those at 07:30 here.20:24
jjpkYou bet... Nice addition to their already-polluting noises.20:24
Romstercan't start b4 10am on a sunday20:24
*** Viper_ has quit IRC20:24
Romsternot them leave blowers20:25
Romsternoisy power wasting things...20:25
treachI bet you meant "leaf"20:25
Romstererr lol20:26
Romsteri'm still waking up here20:26
treach"leave blower" wtf is that? A hooker?20:26
Romsterhang over from booze and working with a status quo cover band.20:26
Romsteryeash i correct soemones spelling and i use a totally wrong word in a sentance...20:27
Romsterand spell crap in that sentance aswell.20:27
Romsterlike crap20:27
Romsteri'm getting another coffee20:27
treachbut english is tricky, to be honest.20:27
Romsterargh i hate vowels20:27
treachlots of words that are extremely similar but with very different meanings..20:28
treachlike "waste/waist", "seem/seam" etc..20:29
jjpkthey're/their/there is another killer out there in the language.20:29
treachwell, that's because people are lazy, and doesn't know what a contractiotn is.20:30
treachits/it's is another one.20:30
* treach waits for Romster to proclaim that he has the fridge full of bears.20:35
treachs proclaim/claim20:35
rehabdollgodless killingmachines!20:36
jjpkrun for your life.20:37
jjpkOpen that fridge door and you might as well be opening your casket.20:38
*** Viper__ has quit IRC20:43
jjpkzZzz for now.20:44
*** lasso has quit IRC20:53
*** Volkodav has joined #crux21:01
Romsterlol bears O_o21:04
Romsterwas watching my brother play on the ps321:05
RomsterTreach, if you want to be right, then why not use capitals on the sentences :)21:09
Romsterhrmmz i gotta go and pack up pa gear after getting lunch :/21:10
treachcapitals doesn't (with few exceptions) change the meaning of a word/sentence.21:16
*** Romster has quit IRC21:33
*** Romster has joined #crux21:34
*** treach has quit IRC21:37
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC22:17
*** MNKyDeth has quit IRC22:32
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vertahserver irc.gamesurge.net23:02
vertahoops my bad23:02
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** Volkodav has quit IRC23:50

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