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vovanI wish I had Pentium-quadro to build this KDE packages00:13
vovanIt is still building all night and it more than half left :(00:13
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jonneki installed nvidia pakkage and cofigured Xorg, but Xorg says that "module nvidia not found".05:38
jonnekwhat else in need to do to get that working?05:38
guaquauseradd jonnek && passwd jonnek && su jonnek05:39
guaquayou should start with thath05:39
guaquais the module name correct in the config file?05:39
guaquaand are we talking about kernel module? because if we are, it needs to be loaded beforehand05:40
jonnekhmm.. i installed nvidia with prt-get and ran gl-select nvidia, modprobe nvidia says "FATAL: Module nvidia not found"05:44
jonnekwhat i am doing wrong05:45
guaquainstalling != loading05:49
guaquabut i guess this isn't a loading issue05:51
guaquawhat does nvidia-xconfig say?05:51
guaquathere's an interesting way of doing init:
guaquaand makes good points about i/o05:52
guaquai just hate the naming conventions they have05:52
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jonneki did nvidia-xconfig but error is same "module nvidia not found"05:59
treachdepmod -a ?06:00
jonnekoh that works, thanks :D06:01
jonnekwhy irssi says "error: couldn,t create /home/jonne/.irssi directory", when i try start it with user "jonne"?06:05
guaquayou haven't created a home dir?06:06
treachwrong permissions maybe06:06
treachaye, even more likely06:06
jonnekhow i change that using console? i am quite noob with these linux commands...06:07
guaquaman chmod06:08
treachas root, mkdir /home/jonne then edit /etc/passwd06:08
treachor if you want to do it the right way; remove user jonne, and recreate with the right switches to useradd06:09
guaquaright way and right way06:10
treachif you start from scratch, it's the right way06:10
guaquai find it easier to create them by hand06:11
guaquain the process i also get to set the correct permissions06:11
treachhmm..? It's hard to add -m to useradd?06:11
guaquatreach: i always have to dig the switch up from the manual. so, yes :)06:11
treachheh, I bet it's quicker to look in the manual than futzing around. :P06:12
guaquai like to use the bare tools sometimes :)06:13
treachman, it doesn't get much barer than adduser..06:13
guaquavim /etc/passwd ... ;)06:13
guaquai do that alot too06:13
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treachroot@... :/06:15
guaquai'm seeing that more and more nowadays06:16
treachhappless windows users.06:16
guaqualuckily ubuntu has by default a different approach06:16
treachhm. maybe we should have something under /etc/skel ?06:20
guaquais someone here using other than the normal init?06:20
treachI guess not.06:21
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tilmantreach: want to submit bugs to the epdfview guy?:)06:50
tilmanlike, "it's slow!"06:50
tilmantreach: i might chime in ;)06:50
treachheh, I guess it's not specific enough.06:51
treach(looks like somone already did) ->
treachlooks like he's not that keen on bugfixing. :>06:56
treachall accepted tickets seems to be related to addning features. :)06:57
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tilmanyay, another dovecot release10:04
treachrc28. ;D10:05
jjpkHaha. Still not ready.10:05
tilmanhe says 1.0 will be released "within a month" though10:06
treach"aside from missing documentation in the tarball, I think this release really is a proper release candidate."10:06
treachabout time, I guess.10:06
tilmanonly took 27 tries10:07
jjpkObsessive perfectionist? :>10:08
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jkrWhee :D11:11
Romsterhehe yeah11:12
Romsteri was like oo about to ignite then i nearly jumped so bright11:12
jkrI wonder what they fired that thing at11:18
jkrOr who :)11:18
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saereI'm attempting to create a package yet find that the install script doesn't seem to follow the DESTDIR flag... how does one get around this?  is it appropriate to initially set the config prefix to $PKG, or should I continue with that as /usr as I have it presently?14:07
tilmani'd patch the package to support DESTDIR :P14:08
saerethat would work :)  could you point me in the right direction with respect to how to educate myself so that I may go about so doing?14:08
saeremodification to install-sh?14:08
tilmanyou'd edit Makefile14:09
tilmanand change the install targets14:09
tilmanjust prepend $(DESTDIR) to the paths14:09
saereah, that's quite simple :)14:09
saerethanks tilman14:10
saereI would rather want to edit, correct?14:16
saereactually, it wouldn't really make a difference would it?14:16
saereno, it would, wouldn't it14:16
saerewould wish to unpack, patch and then configure from there?14:16
tilmanyeah, Makefile.in14:17
tilmansaere: yes14:18
tilmanconfigure takes and generates Makefile14:18
tilmanat least in this case ;P14:18
saerecheers, thanks again14:19
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tilmanit seems rdate is somewhat buggy14:59
saereFarewell all ;)15:04
saereThanks again tilman15:05
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tilmanrandom weird response to random weird greeting15:10
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treachjau = meow ? :p15:15
tilmanit's a mystery15:16
treachall swedish cat's are supposed to say "mjau". :)15:17
guaquamiau in finnish15:17
treachexcept jr. here, he says "OOääää" :P15:17
sepennice flyspray!15:19
aonfinnish cats are supposedly to say 'miau'15:25
aonbtw, what do people use to create torrents?15:26
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tilmanor maketorrent-console15:26
tilmanships with bittorrent15:26
tilmanwhy the frowning?15:29
tilmanlook at the new flyspray to cheer you up :)15:29
aoni don't want to install bittorrent15:30
tilmanah :P15:30
aonah, so _that_'s why my rss bookmarks stopped working15:30
sepenaon, Im using ctorrent from the console only for download (I don't know if it can also make torrents)15:34
aonctorrent seems to be able to do it15:34
tilman1 * * * * /etc/cron/daily/rdate15:34
sepenworks really great for me15:35
tilmanshould that call rdate every minute?15:35
rehabdollctorrent is a bit outdated i think15:35
tilmanor once an hour, at xx:01 hours?15:35
aonevery minute15:35
aonehm, no15:35
aonat xx:0115:35
aon*/1 would be every minute15:35
tilmanthanks :D15:35
* tilman wants to stress test rdate15:36
sepenrdate? why not ntpd?15:36
rehabdollsntp is nice15:40
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blizzanyone else having problems compiling dietlibc 0.30 from contrib with gcc 4.1.2?16:05
blizzi get "undefined reference to '__guard'"16:05
brointhemixstill building...16:09
brointhemixwhen did you get this error?16:09
blizzumm, i don't know what exactly caused it16:10
brointhemixbut when did it appear? in the beginning of the building process? in the middle? in the end?16:11
blizzwell, i'd say middle or end16:11
brointhemixbtw, still building16:11
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brointhemixgot the same16:11
blizzdamn it..16:12
brointhemixpic-i386/ undefined reference to `__guard'16:12
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blizzaccording to some google results, it might work with "-fno-stack-protector" in the cflags. trying that now16:14
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blizzhell, didnt work either...16:26
brointhemixtied gcc 3.4.6?16:27
blizznope, only 4.1.216:28
brointhemixmaybe 3.4.6 would solve the matter16:29
brointhemixa few people still have 3.4.6 in their repos16:29
brointhemixmaybe it would be good to give it a try16:30
rehabdollsame here16:38
blizzbrointhemix, commenting out the WANT_SSP flag in dietfeatures.h works16:43
brointhemixyou google's it up?16:48
blizzasked in the linux-vserver chan16:49
blizzthey link their library do dietlibc, and it seems like some people had issues with gcc 4.x/4.1.x and dietlibc, too16:49
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thrice`damn, 2.3 is very popular :)17:57
treach639 downloads, not bad.17:57
thrice`Viper_: does your ati port work on xorg 7.2.x ?18:07
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treachjdolan: ddclient is updated.19:05
jdolantreach, retired :-/19:05
treachah, your port isn't.19:05
jdolanoh :-)19:05
jdolani don't even have a git working copy anywhere.19:05
jdolani became inactive back when we were still svn.19:06
treachyeah, I know.19:06
treachI was kind of confused that the port was still in opt.19:06
jdolantraditionally, that's been very easy to maintain.  i would be just bumping the verison in Pkgfile and ignoring md5 would do the trick.19:07
treachyes, I know. ;)19:07
treachmmh, you still have a whole bunch of ports in opt..19:08
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