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pitillogood morning00:56
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nipuLhehe I just got the best error message on this ubuntu box01:24
nipuLOption utf8 is no longer supported, using option nls=utf8. Please use option nls=utf801:24
nipuLit makes sense when you think about it, but poorly worded nontheless01:25
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RedShifthi all04:55
RedShiftdoes anyone know some good groupware?04:55
RedShiftprefferably something that can be made to work with ms outlook04:56
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uninvited_guesttilman, how is the http/ftp download for crux 2.3?05:24
uninvited_guestso far here is some mirrors i found:,,
uninvited_guestthere is also from but i can't d/l from it...05:27
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namenloscrux is on
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teKa friend of mine gets random(?) crashes when he calls vim foo or does a :qa! .. zsh causes kernel oopses.. any random guesses? ( Besides broken hardware )08:32
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jaegerI'd test the RAM first08:33
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teK15:32 < teK> Mal deinen Speicher geprueft?08:34
teKwaiting for an answer08:34
jaegercrashes are one thing, maybe tracing those would be worth it08:34
jaegerbut kernel panics would make me test RAM08:34
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tilmandid anyone of you submit news about 2.3 to :)10:41
jaegernot I10:42
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rawtilman: nope10:54
rawtilman: first time they covered crux since 3 years10:54
tilmanAuge^: was it you who posted about ports that fail often?10:56
thrice`eek, looks like a new gnome in the works :-\11:04
thrice`my poor cpu can't take anymore gnome compiles :)11:04
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thrice`or perhaps find a nice window manager and let my cpu die a slow death11:12
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thrice`any recommendations on a new window manager?  Nothing is sticking out13:31
jaegerdepends on features you want, I guess13:31
treachthat's not true. twm definitely sticks out. :P13:32
treachblackbox works pretty well here, if you like to rtfm, fvwm is probably a good choice. ;)13:33
jaegerif you want something rather minimal, I like evilwm and windowlab13:34
treachaon, 3, 2, 113:34
* tilman ponders13:34
tilmanthrice`: openbox rocks if you don't use with rdate13:35
treachor openntpd13:35
tilmanntp does work13:35
tilmanbecause it uses adjtime() - rdate uses stime()13:35
treachI wonder what causes it to hang here then..13:35
treachbecause i don't use rdate.13:35
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brointhemixdon't you experience funny behaviour of Midnight Commander after you have built it with GCC 4.1.2?13:48
tilmandunno, never liked it :)13:51
thrice`yeah, blackbox doesn't seem bad, except I dislike not having my windows listed on the slit13:52
tilmanyou could use some panel app13:53
tilmanfspanel, pypanel, *panel ;)13:53
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thrice`yeah - evilwm may be a bit minimal for my taste ;)13:55
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thrice`i guess I always jumped straight to fluxbox, since it had that feature - BB looks nice, too14:05
thrice`or maybe just wait for gnome and give in :)14:11
thrice`heh; thanks for the input14:12
treachbuild all of gnome just to get a damned tasklist. :/14:13
treachprobably *the* worst excuse I've seen so far for using it. :D14:13
thrice`er, Han gzip's his footprints now, making it basically not usable with default pkgutils14:24
treachsurprise! :D14:24
thrice`heh - not really14:24
treachif you can trus han with anything, it's the fact that he'll go his on way.14:24
treachs trus/trust14:25
thrice`just enough to try and make a point14:26
thrice`of some kind14:27
treachwell, it does make a difference.14:28
thrice`gzip'ing the footprints ?14:28
treachyes. ;)14:29
guaquasaves maybe 1 megabyte of disk space14:29
treachguaqua: thrice` already noted how it made a difference.14:29
treachexactly. I didn't say it was a positive difference. :)14:30
treachas for what han's point is, who knows?14:31
guaquashowing that he has his head firmly stuck up his ass?14:32
guaquawell that's pretty much what it's all about14:33
guaquahe's a smart guy, just a little eccentric14:33
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aontreach: lol :)14:36
treachhow did the experiment with that bloated dwm thingy end?14:38
treachand wasn't that madman about to launch another project?14:39
tilmanare you talking about garbeam or about han?14:39
treachtilman: good ol' anselm.14:40
treachrelates to the ratpoison reference above14:40
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treachaon did some evaluation of dwm last I heard, but I think he said it was too bloated, or something. :P14:41
tilmanwell, that guy is whacko, too14:41
tilman"[...] it's source code is intended to never exceed 2000 SLOC."14:41
* tilman rolls his eyes14:42
treachwell, I don't think there is anything wrong with his basic ideas, but he doesn't know when to stop, imo.14:42
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tilman# Because dwm is customized through editing its source code, it's pointless to make binary packages of it. This keeps its userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid questions."14:42
* tilman rolls his eyes even more14:42
treachI mean, a windowmanger you can't reconfigure without recompiling, that's just silly.14:42
treachalso, watch his horrible irc client14:43
jdolan_sounds hilarious.14:43
treachtotaly unuseable14:43
aontreach: it has this unnecessary bar in the top of the screen14:43
treachunless you're some kind of machine, or so.14:43
treachaon: yeah, I know, I found it annoying as well.14:43
aonyeah, and having to kill it for rehashing the conf is a bit tedious too14:44
tilmanbut it's probably < 2 KLOC14:44
guaquawell i mean14:44
tilmanguess you mean "sic"?14:44
guaquayou can write a wm with perl on one line of code14:44
tilman"It consists of lesser than 250 lines of code."14:44
* tilman slaps garbeam for the typo14:45
guaquabut it doesn't make it clear or any better14:45
treachIMVHO; a coder who thinks LOC is *everything* wrt applications is probably in the wrong business.14:45
treachtilman: yes, it's sic(k)14:45
treachsic could probably be usefull with some very small additions, but as it is now.. useless14:46
aonthere's ii, too14:46
tilman"(C)opyright MMV-MMVI <name> "14:47
aoni don't think it's very pleasant either14:47
aon'irc it'14:47
treachw t f ..14:47
aonactually dwm wasn't too bad, i've seen worse14:47
aonit's there on somewhere14:48
treachFound it14:48
aoni thought about using it for real, but as i'm rather lazy nowadays i rather stick with code i don't have to alter or am familiar with already14:48
tilman<@  Mikachu> tilman: ntpd or ntpdate?14:49
treachmmmh, it was faster than ratpoison, but rp is easier to handle imo.14:49
tilmantreach: ntpd or ntpdate?14:49
tilmanright now i feel very proxyish14:50
aontreach: yeah, and it's got my name on it :D14:50
treachN.B it's from openntpd14:50
treachaon: I guess that helps as well in your case. ;)14:51
treachtilman: Note that I'm not sure ntp is to blame, just that I have that problem with ob freezing.14:52
guaquaup to a point the philosophy of less works14:52
treachguaqua: as always, you have to know when to stop pushing it.14:52
guaquabut when you limit your ability to code by separating your programs to little chunks, it only adds to the complexity14:53
treachand when your irc client makes your head hurt and your eyes scream, I'd say you're past that point a long time ago14:53
guaquathat too14:53
tilmantreach: it's pretty likely it's the same problem14:53
treachtilman: maybe, just felt like announcing that I'm not pointing any fingers.14:54
aoni'd say that the bias is wrong when you lack some features but have completely useless ones instead14:55
aonof course that's a matter of taste14:56
tilmantreach: yeah, i know :)14:56
aonbut well, facts can't be argued :)14:56
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tilmantreach: i guess you ran it via cron, and eventually it froze?14:57
tilmanyou started ntp*, and ob froze immediately?14:58
treachI just fire up the /etc/rc.d/ntpd script14:58
treachno. I run ntpd as I said above, and openbox just freezes seemingly radomly.14:58
treachno cron involved14:59
tilmanso you had ntpd running for some time already when it froze?15:00
tilmanit's not immediate anyway?15:00
treachno, it's not immediately.15:01
treachjust at very inconvinient times, usually. :)15:01
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morlenxusCan someone help me with nfs-root? I get the following error when the kernel want's to mount the nfs share: Unable to get nfsd port number from server, using default"15:25
morlenxusIf i boot my system from hdd, i can mount the share without problems.15:25
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jaegerI've seen that if portmap isn't working or refuses connections15:26
morlenxusSo the server portmap is meant?15:27
jaegerI believe so15:27
morlenxusI also get another message after that: Looking up port of RPC 100005/1 on"15:27
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morlenxusThere the kernel hangs.15:27
morlenxusHow can i check if the server portmap runs sucessful?15:28
jaegerrpcinfo I think15:28
morlenxusI mean i can mount the share using a normal system with a local portmap daemon.15:28
jaegerhave you checked the logs on the server side when you try the boot, as well?15:29
morlenxusYes, normal nfs mount message.15:29
morlenxusNo errors.15:29
morlenxusIs there a config file for the portmap daemon? oO15:30
jaegernot that I'm aware of15:30
morlenxushm verbose mode and debug mode is available15:30
jaegerwhat do you get if you run rpcinfo -p <server> ?15:30
morlenxusOn the server?15:30
jaegerI'd run it on both the client and server and see15:31
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morlenxusok wait15:31
morlenxusShould i query you the output?15:31
morlenxusthank you15:31
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Felsentilman ?15:34
Felsenjust having a weird problem with xmms2-scrobbler15:35
tilman#xmms2 please15:35
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treachtilman: ok, playing with fire here, let's see if I can see the evening through without another freeze. :/15:49
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tilmantreach: i could prepare a 3.4 snapshot for you. it's said to be likely more stable than 3.3.115:53
treachwell, it could be interesting to see if I still get problems with it.15:55
guaquawhat are you playing with?15:57
treachI have had bad experiences with it, and everyone else is pimping it like the second coming of jesus or something. ;)15:57
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thrice`is there a trick to getting fonts looking good with mod. xorg + firefox?  any settings that work well?15:59
thrice`mine are all very anti anti-aliased :)15:59
tilmansome people prefer the hax0red freetype15:59
thrice`the actual firefox fonts look great, but webpages are bad15:59
tilman(w/ the patented bytecode interpreter)15:59
tilmanthrice`: try telling firefox to use Vera15:59
thrice`heh; I tried screwing with a few settings, but having trouble finding a decent selection16:00
thrice`tilman: yeah, seemed fine with freetype 2.1.916:00
tilmandefault font: bitstream vera sans, 16 pt16:01
tilmanadvanced, click16:01
tilmanproportional: serif16:01
treachI'm using the same font as tilman, but with freetype
tilmanserif: vera sans (not a typo)16:01
tilmansans-serif: vera sans16:01
tilmanmono: vera sans mono16:01
thrice`when you say vera sans, do you mean bitstream vera sans ?16:03
aonsry, cat16:03
tilmanthrice`: yes ;)16:03
tilmantreach: seen the url between the flooding?16:04
thrice`ok; that helps a bit16:04
thrice`(the changes); still a few oddballs16:04
treachtilman: aye, thanks, just about to restart x.16:04
tilmanthrice`: eg...?16:04
thrice`I had "let webpages choose their own" checked16:05
* thrice` sighs16:05
thrice`one of those days16:05
thrice`thank you tilman, perfect now16:05
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tilmanthrice`: cool :)16:06
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treachnow, the suspense iiiiiiiiiis uuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnsufferable.. :)16:09
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j^2^^^^^ that's not very nice :(16:16
j^2<--- my mommy tells me i'm special and smart! :>16:16
* tilman slaps j^2 around with a smart trout16:17
aonwell, in ancient greece idiot meant a person who didn't partake in politics16:18
treachidiot -> private person iirc16:18
* j^2 ducks too late :P16:18
aonin egypt idiot used to mean a soldier :)16:19
treachwell, that's true enough. :D16:19
aonheh, yeah16:19
* j^2 supports the troops!16:20
treachj^2: from well behind the lines, I suspect.16:20
j^2<-- good american....even though he's british :P16:20
j^2treach: only because i'm a diabetic...and i'm a wuss :D16:20
treachyou've got to be an idiot to charge a dug in enemy with machine guns etc.16:21
tilmanaren't they trained to call for a-bombs in those situations?16:22
treachnot historically.. also, when you don't have that possibility what to do?16:22
treachbesides, that entire war business is so stupid to begin with it's hard to point out any particular part of it that is more stupid than any other.16:23
FelsenDON'T PANIC :>16:23
Felsenremember 42 :)16:23
tilmantreach: i agree16:24
j^2Felsen: you beat me to it16:24
tilmanFelsen: xmms2 code uses "while (42)" for endless loops ;)16:24
tilmanat least in some oldish spots16:24
treachbtw, tilman do you know if there is some sort of collection of what's accepted options in themerc?16:25
tilmantreach: i could try to dig something up tomorrow16:26
tilmanbut i don't know off hand16:26
tilmannow, the zzZz16:27
treachgood nigt.16:27
j^2night :D16:28
Felsenlol tilman16:29
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