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pitillogood morning01:05
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Romstersince when are mornings good :P01:25
pitilloRomster, when you came... always are mornings :P (utg)01:30
pitillos/utg/ugt :D01:31
Romsterwell its 4:36pm now here :D01:32
pitillodo you sleep? :P01:33
Romsteryeah at odd hours01:33
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cihi everyone?Glad to see cruxers again :)07:43
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Romstertilman, libvorbis meta tag URL needs updating to
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* onestep wonder why .com?08:52
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Romsteri dunno.09:14
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daggerri just upgrade to crux 2.3 but my dns does not appear to work...12:26
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daggerror it does, but the networking does not seem to be as it should..12:28
tilmanusing dhcp?12:29
daggerrtilman, yes, it does work but it is slow12:29
daggerraah, i know what it is i think12:29
daggerrthe new net script added a default gateway12:31
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morlenxusIn which port are the window fonts like times new roman?16:52
morlenxusah ok16:56
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saereHello all :)17:26
saereguaqua )17:30
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rehabdollwhen will the gitweb rss-feed of contrib list 2.3 instead of 2.2?18:29
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morlenxusHm, i' wondering why the fonts in Crux 2.3 are so nice shape?18:45
morlenxusThey are really sharp, i never saw so nice font rendering in linux.18:46
Auge^how to play amr/3gpp files?18:49
morlenxusI think they can be played with mplayer.18:52
Auge^not with my one... seems the amr/3gpp options are disabled in default crux mplayer and ffmpeg18:59
Auge^sucking ffmpeg...19:01
Auge^doesn't build with amr support19:01
Auge^amr.c:72:34: error: amr_float/interf_dec.h: No such file or directory19:01
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thrice`jaeger: any oddballs to building gnome 2.18 ?19:04
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Auge^i done it wrong...19:05
roberthmorlenxus: Maybe you don't have antialiasing19:11
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morlenxusroberth: Well freetype is loaded.19:13
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deus_exAuge^: <---amr, ffmpeg, mplayer howto ;)20:05
jaegerthrice`: not really, no21:03
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thrice`jaeger: awesome; I was going to try it myself, but it's too overwhelming - not sure how you manage so well :-)  I'll just wait for your push22:35
jaegerI tagged 2.18.0, just haven't updated the rsync yet22:36
thrice`ah (i'm not at my crux box); does that mean it's unavailable via. ports to the user ?22:37
thrice`and just not browsable online22:37
jaegerthe ports driver is the part I haven't updated, mistyped22:41
thrice`ooh, gotcha22:43
thrice`I forgot you changed the method to obtain22:43
thrice`er, your management; I misread22:43
jaegerplanning to remove the httpup stuff and the older rsync files22:43
thrice`jaeger: ah, good idea; I was thinking they'd eventually go on's rsync as kde has22:59
jaegerI have zero desire to work with git22:59
jaegerso we'll see22:59
thrice`is it generally safe to upgrade major versions like 2.16.x to 2.18 ?23:01
jaegerit's technically safe, but I find it's an annoyance sometimes23:04
jaegerwhen I want to do an upgrade instead of a clean install I upgrade the packages, then uninstall and reinstall all of the schemas and entries23:04
jaegerusually works ok23:04
jaegerthe problem you run into is when apps that store configuration in your user's gnome dirs change formats23:04
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thrice`jaeger: ah, that makes sense.  any easy way to reinstall schema stuff only ?23:07
jaeger <--- no guarantees, this is what I use23:07
thrice`ah - looks pretty good :)23:09
thrice`so you just install new deps that may have come up, upgrade packages, and run the script generally ?23:09
jaegerpretty much23:12
thrice`alright - I'll have to give it a try; thank you very much for the info23:13
thrice`is the 2.18 meant to be public yet?  do you mind if I try it on a 2.18 ?23:14
thrice`er, on a new crux install*23:14
jaegerit's meant for 2.3, go ahead23:15
thrice`awesome - thanks, I'll let it go overnight23:16
jaegercups will fail23:19
jaegeralways a dbus-related cups footprint mismatch23:20
thrice`yeah - did in 2.16.3 too23:25
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