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pitillogood morning01:00
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Romsterprtsweep -a03:58
Romstercat: /etc/ports/*.cvsup: No such file or directory03:58
Romsterwhat the?03:58
Romsterthink it needs fixing03:59
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namenloshi, could it be, that in perl Getopt:Std the function getopt only recognizes the first argument?07:15
namenlosi mean the first command line argument...07:15
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aonnamenlos: seems to work here07:25
aon$ perl -a opta -b optb -c optc; cat test.pl07:25
aonopta, optb, optc07:25
aonuse Getopt::Std;07:25
aonprint "$opt_a, $opt_b, $opt_c\n";07:25
aonperldoc Getopt::Std07:25
namenlosaon: i read that already. now with getopts it works.07:26
aoni see07:26
namenlosbut thats weird...07:26
namenlosworks only with getopts :(07:26
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namenlosseems that my little update-check script is finished: (didn't want to install ruby...)07:45
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pitillonamenlos, which is the objective to keep the older md5? (if you are checking for a update, md5 will change)09:04
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namenlospitillo: only for testing (or god knows why ;) )10:09
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tilmanViper_: thanks11:25
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tilmanViper_: you can't blame though, just found the fm mail re. the release in my mail box ;)11:32
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onesteppong? :)11:47
onestephi, j^211:47
j^2no worries ;) thanks though11:49
* onestep is reading a topic about cedega in ubuntu forums... :)11:50
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Viper_tilman: oh you mean that contrib 2.3 reset mail? i will do it :)12:11
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tilmani'm talking about the lftp bump12:11
Viper_no you've already done it12:11
Viper_ah now i understand it12:12
tilmanwhat the hell are you talking about?12:12
Viper_a bit sleepy right now *sorry* :)12:12
tilmanok :)12:13
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tilman@seen treach13:46
clbtilman: treach was last seen in #crux 1 day, 21 hours, 19 minutes, and 32 seconds ago: <treach> ght..13:46
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saereHello all14:10
saereI'm presently installing a fresh copy of 2.3 on a new system and during kernel compile I seem to be getting into a look.  make menuconfig executed fine, configured, and then on make or make all I get into a loop compiling scripts/kconfig/ various and scripts/basic14:12
saereany ideas?14:12
saerelook = loop14:12
saereask for a p and you get a k ;)14:12
jaegeryou could run make with -d and try to figure out where the loop starts14:14
jaegermaybe some timestamp/timezone issue14:14
saerewould a clock skew potentially be causing the issue?14:15
saerelets see what happens when I properly set the clock14:15
saereappears it was the time indeed14:20
saereor atleast I do hope14:20
saereit seems so, thanks )14:25
tilmantreach: had a chance to test the openbox snapshot yet?14:28
treachyeah, no problems so far.14:29
treachSo I guess it counts as a success :-)14:29
saereis there a particular reason that windowmaker was moved out to contrib, on the subject of openbox?14:30
saereshall have to give openbox a try now14:30
tilmanpli is a wmaker fan14:31
tilmannone of the current core/opt people are14:31
* raw votes for wmii anyway14:32
treachanything but twm is fine..14:32
rawfvwm is cool, too14:32
tilmantreach: please keep me updated on how the testing goes14:33
treachwill do. :)14:33
treachbut I think it's ok.14:33
rawbtw, does someone know how to change the modifier key in xterm?14:33
tilmantreach: the gurls and guys have committed more fixes for that grab stuff in the meanwhile, that's why i'm so curious ;)14:36
treachok. well, I haven't hit anything that annoyed me yet, but I have pretty low demands in general. :)14:37
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plundraSo, anyone made a x86_64 port of 2.3 yet? :-) Didn't find anything about it on the webpage.18:38
nipuLworking on it, just need to put together the iso18:43
plundraMkay, nifty18:44
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thrice`jaeger: is the rysnc driver working properly for gnome?  I couldn't get it to sync last night19:21
jaegeras far as I know. are you using the current one? collection=gnome/tags/gnome-2.18.0/19:22
saeream I missing something or is thttpd no longer maintained?  no updates since 2004?19:23
saerelighttpd stolen the show19:23
thrice`, collection=gnome/tags/2.18.019:23
thrice`rynsc errors19:23
jaegersaere: no idea. I use lighttpd and like it pretty well19:24
jaegerthrice`: with or without the trailing / ? also, what error?19:24
saerejaeger: I'm trying to decide... looking for something simple and straightforward.  Would lighttpd qualify?19:25
jaegerjust tested from here, it's working19:25
jaegersaere: aye19:25
thrice`jaeger: sorry, gnome/tags/2.18.0/19:25
thrice`when I change it to trunk, it pulls in 2.18.0 (appears to be)19:25
saerejaeger: think I shall go with lighttpd given the lack of devel for thttpd19:25
saerejaeger: thanks again19:25
thrice`but, ports -u gnome-release gives "rsync: link_stat "/tags/2.18.0/." (in gnome) failed: No such file or directory (2)19:26
jaegersaere: np19:26
jaegerthrice`: ah, you got the file before I fixed the typo19:26
thrice`yep - that did er.  thanks for the tip19:27
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Romsterlibtunepimp is missing..23:36
Romsterkdemultimedia requires it?23:37

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