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saereanyone running lighttpd with php?00:21
teKwell.. yes00:22
saereare you running php as fastcgi?00:22
teKiirc yes00:43
pitillogood morning00:56
saereteK: what is your server.fastcgi section in lighttpd.conf like if I might ask?00:58
saereteK: I'm having a few issues with spawning00:59
Romsterupdating to crux-2.3 on my desktop is alot of fun :/01:08
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teKsaere: sec.01:31
teKi cannot query you, can you give me your email adress? I will mail my .conf files01:32
saerethat would be great01:33
teKwill be out in a few seconds01:34
saerethanks ) been fiddling with this all evening...01:34
teKgot it?01:40
teKhope so.. i'm afk, ... later01:42
saereteK: got it, thanks mate :)01:44
saereand just as I did I figured out what my issue was... chrooted environment.  gah.01:45
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saerenight all02:08
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namenloshi, how do i initialize an int array with -1 the shortest way? if i remeber correctly from k&r c it should be possible with int arr[SIZE] = {-1}; but somehow this doesn't work...03:14
namenlosonly the first element will be set to -1.03:15
namenlosand all other approaches i found till now are working with loos and memset...03:15
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lasso|qtnamenlos: i guess you either loop or set them all like above if it's not too many elements03:49
namenloslasso|qt: you mean to write SIZE times -1 into the {}? hm, got to take out k&r c in the evening and search for this part again...03:57
lasso|qtor a for (int i = 0; i < SIZE; arr[i++] = -1);03:58
lasso|qtor the memset approach03:59
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namenlosk, thanks04:10
lasso|qtbtw, if you find a beautiful oneliner approach in k&r please tell me :)04:12
namenlossure. also someone in the forum where i initially read the quesion mentioned, that it shoule work with int arr[SIZE] = {-1}; and asked, whether the c standard was set correctly, but i also tried to compile with -ansi and noting changed...04:35
lasso|qti think he was wrong ;)04:52
lasso|qtnot sure though04:53
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lasso|qtbut to me it's obvious that {-1} sets the first element only04:53
lasso|qtbut a quick search in google groups seems to prove me wrong04:56
namenlosyes, with 0 it works (because as far as i know 0 is the default value for ints in c)04:58
namenlosno, that was not correct. only static variables are initialized to their defaults.05:55
namenlosbut i have to read that paragraphs again too05:55
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Romsterno wonder sip didn't get my message...07:25
Romstertimed out dunno why...07:26
jjpkMaybe your ip range is blacklisted, misconfigured smtp daemon at the isp etc.07:36
Romsteri'll hve to fire a email at the isp07:39
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rehabdolli dont get it :(08:28
rehabdoll now love is a universal language!08:28
rehabdollrequires flash, wich is not as universal08:29
rawrehabdoll: translation: Wouldn't it be simpler if we would bar the windows right here?08:30
Romsteri'm missing afile and can't build xine-lib among a few ports i ditched libiconv as its ment to be in glibc, well i can't find /usr/lib/ or in glibc either...08:38
Romsterhmm think i've found the problem old gettext08:48
Romsterrecompiling it.08:48
Romsterdarn that didn't do it...09:24 does not exist in any official repo09:57
rehabdollprt-get fsearch ftw \o/09:57
j^2i just discoverd that over the last month i've rejected ~94% of spam for my company09:59
rehabdollgrep -c /dev/null .procmail.log10:01
rehabdollwow! less than 50% of my mail is spam!10:03
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Romsteri know libiconv has but what the hell glibc is ment ot provide this?10:14
Romsteri got rid of libiconv when i moved from 2.2 to 2.310:15
sepen heheheh10:16
sepenevery time I read something like this I love crux and prt-get more and more10:17
j^2that is odd sepen10:17
sepenyeah! horrible pfff10:18
j^2trying to become m$10:18
sepenwinbugs? xD10:18
Romsteryeah so what i was thinking10:18
Romsterlike lindows?10:19
j^2not too bad though for all the people that use it on say an office10:19
j^2but not hobbiest like us10:19
sepenRomster, curious that link10:19
Romsterj^2, maybe10:20
sepenj^2, yes for end-desktop-users10:20
Romstermight be more brainwashing.. who knows10:20
Romsteror another kind of like site10:21
Romstercan anyone build xine-lib in crux 2.3 without libiconv installed?10:45
Romsteri've checked all dependencys...10:45
tilmani didn't enable all the crappy deps though10:45
j^2tilman: how many days till you see VNV?10:46
tilmanbut i couldn't go :(10:46
tilmani wept all day10:46
tilmanlast week was very fucked up10:46
tilmanworst week ever probably10:46
jaegerthat sucks :(10:47
j^2just put on Future Perfekt :D it'll make you feel better ;)10:47
tilmanwhen i decided to go, i couldn't find tickets in any of the well-known online shops here anymore10:47
tilmanthen i was lucky enough to get one of the last tickets for that damn show10:47
tilmanand it turns out i can't go10:48
Romsterhrmm maybe one of the deps is borking it..10:49
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tilmanfyi, i just pushed giggle 0.2 to my personal repo11:25
tilmanit has commit support11:25
tilmanalthough it doesn't work perfectly with git 1.5 (wrt remotes), it might be useful to you11:25
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aoni'd like something that shows per-committer statistics11:31
aonlike n. of commits/insertions/deletions etc. :)11:31
aonactually i almost have an app for that, but i got somewhat bored with doing string-parsing in C :)11:31
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thrice`jaeger, gnome built well.  a couple footprint mismatches, but I think both were from faac with plugins.  Does "image viewer" work for you?15:18
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jaegerthrice`: seems to15:22
thrice`odd; bug buddy just comes up and it crashes; terminal doesn't give anything either15:25
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thrice`is that updating for anyone else ?15:37
aon2007-03-28 08:23 is the latest15:52
LontronicsGood evening everyone. I do have some questions about Crux...16:12
LontronicsI never tried Crux and Crux is completely new for me. For the last year I used Zenwalk, and now I am using Arch linux.16:12
j^2Lontronics: hellow16:13
LontronicsWhen comparing these to Crux, how is the speed and stability?16:13
j^2well that's up to debate, it really depends on the software you run16:13
j^2but arch and crux in all honestly are extremely close, the main differenace is arch is binary we are src16:14
LontronicsNothing special; Opera, Sylpheed, Open-Office, Medit, Graveman, Gimp, GQview, Emelfm216:14
j^2if you dont mind playing with ./configs et al, crux is right for you :D16:14
LontronicsWith src you mean, everything is compiled at installation and there are no packages? I thought I had seen something else..16:15
LontronicsNo, not afraid of configs etc... Did built my own packages for the ZW community also16:15
j^2there are some pkgs, but all in all we use src16:15
j^2there are pkgs on the install cd, but we use ports to do most of the contrib/opt repos16:16
LontronicsHow large is the community of Crux? I have checked the mailinglist archives, and they are very small. When you have a problem for example, is there any support available by users, developers etc..?16:16
LontronicsThat's nice ;)16:16
LontronicsI do like the bsd like scripting and ports16:16
j^2here, mainly and the ML, it's a pretty fast turn around16:17
j^2we arent flashy and all, we are "powerusers" and help where we can16:17
j^2or at least thats MHO16:17
LontronicsThat's only possitive. For example at the Arch and ZW forums, there are a lot of noobs, without any knowledge and without the ability to search for some solutions....16:18
j^2ah cool cool16:18
LontronicsThat's no problem, but then I think there are other solutions (read distro's)16:18
j^2there is usually some one around here too, most of us idle here 24/716:19
LontronicsOkay, that's nice.16:20
j^2and dont list to aon he's crazy :P16:20
j^2opps s/list/listen16:20
LontronicsOkay, thanks for the advice ;)16:21
LontronicsI did not find anything about wireless setups and other exotic stuff like synaptics?16:21
LontronicsHi aon :)16:21
aonhey Lontronics16:21
schniggiehow can i update my crux to 2.3 using the ftp update ? i cannot find a doc :)16:21
LontronicsAnother happy Crux user? Or developer?16:21
LontronicsI mean aon..16:21
schniggieuser ;) with some ports16:22
schniggiecrux rocks ;)16:22
schniggiei use it since a half year and i am very happy16:22
j^2schniggie: i dont think we have an ftp update yet16:22
schniggiej^2: look at the download mirrors ;) there is one16:22
aonLontronics: i do have commit access to opt16:23
LontronicsHow about dependencies with the standard install? When I do have a default installation with X installed also, but no wm and other programs, how large is a setup then?16:23
aonso guess that makes me some sort of a developer :)16:23
schniggieor im drunken maybe :D16:23
j^2schniggie: ah i thought offically we ask yall to use bt right now16:25
j^2i could be wrong16:25
j^2Lontronics: we have something called prt-get16:25
j^2it "normally" takes care of most everything16:26
LontronicsI have seen. It is a frontend made by the comm?16:26
schniggieok i download the iso now and update ;)16:27
schniggiemust i recompile my 2.6.20 kernel when updating ?16:27
j^2Lontronics: cli is all the frontend you need16:27
Lontronicshehe :)16:27
j^2schniggie: not that i know of16:28
LontronicsThank you, you do make me happy :) (no really!)16:28
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j^2now if only i could please a woman like that :D16:28
LontronicsI already downloaded the iso today, and have planned to try an install on a backup system.16:28
LontronicsAre there crusial points>16:28
Fane_3Dfxanyone installed 2.3?16:29
aonit should be quite straightforward16:29
Fane_3Dfxaon: ?16:29
aonFane_3Dfx: probably the most of us :)16:29
Fane_3Dfxaon: I'm asking because I have two problems :d16:30
j^2Lontronics: ?16:30
j^2i dont understand your question16:30
Lontronicswhich one?16:30
j^2 Are there crusial points>16:31
Fane_3Dfxthe thing is ... my fonts are messy, though I've recompiled freetype with #define FREETYPE_BYTECODE_INTERPRETER ...16:31
aonthey aren't messy here with the standard port..16:31
Fane_3DfxI've installed KDE and fonts are simply not anti-aliased (i've enabled anti-aliasing in kde also)16:32
Fane_3DfxI mean ...not messy ...they are ...edgy16:32
LontronicsWhat I ment; a ZW installation is with your eyes closed, the installer is doing everything. A little boring even ;) The Arch setup is a little more complicated because you have to setup your scripts/ configuration by editing your config files by hand. No problem at all, but it is wise to read the manual before install.16:32
j^2Lontronics: crux install process is pretty straight forward16:33
j^2refer to the handbook and you'll be fine ;)16:33
LontronicsI am reading the Crux manual at the moment... but would like to know if there are difficult parts in the installation, for example wireless16:33
LontronicsI will give it a try somewhere next week and come back with the results ;)16:33
LontronicsAnd may be you have a new happy user then16:34
LontronicsThanks for answering my questions16:34
Fane_3Dfxaon: and one more thing ...kde has a nice feature ...when you plug some device in, it presents a window asking the user for some actions ...see periferials/storage media in Control Center16:35
Fane_3Dfxnow ...I really can't get that sh*t workin' ...16:35
Fane_3Dfx(not that I could on 2.2)16:35
aoni don't do kde, sry16:35
Fane_3Dfxgood answer16:35
schniggiehehe ;)16:36
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Fane_3Dfxanyone here using KDE? :D16:43
Fane_3Dfxguaqua: got it workin' with 2.3?16:44
guaquakubuntu feisty on the desktop, sorry ;<16:44
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nipuLman i hate the internet, it used to be about sharing ideas19:17
nipuLnow it's sharing ideas...for a price19:17
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plundranipuL: Got around to make an iso yet? :)19:27
nipuLi have other priorities at the moment19:30
plundraHow about a rough estimate, this week? next week?19:31
nipuLwhen it's ready19:32
plundraHmpf, oh well :-D19:32
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Roomsteriso? another one O_o20:45
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Romsterschniggie, if you alter glibc and in case of a crux 2.2 -> 2.3 chage it changes glibc you need to recompile the kernel20:46
plundraRomster: for x86_6421:27
Romsteryou got crux 64?21:30
Romsterthats not been maintianed in a while21:30
plundraI ain't got nothing, but I'd like to give Crux a try again, last time was a few years ago. And I'd like a x86_64 system.21:37
Romsterlast i checked the 64 bit version is out of date.. the 32bit will work on a 64 bit pc jsut won't get all the performance out of it,..21:40
Romsterplundra, maybe you'd like to pitch in with the few others that haven't done anything that own ia64 systems21:41
Romsteri'd pitch in but i'm still on a ia32 system21:41
plundraIs there a list of what needs to be helped with? :)21:50
Romsternot what i know of, wonder who is ment to be maintaining it..21:57
Romsterhmm there is a crux64 list...21:58
Romsterbut no where can i see the crux64 repo22:02
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jaegerthere's no "official" 64-bit version, thus no official maintainer22:03
Romsteroviously someone should start a crux64.iso git repo :/22:08
Romsterwhere is all the crux64 stuff i see it in the ML but no references...22:08
Romstersomeone has to have a copy of the iso for crux6422:09
Romsterjaeger, i got an anoying problem i can't comple some ports since i've removed libiconv, b4 i updated to crux 2.322:10
Romsternow its missing isn't this ment to be in the glibc package?22:11
Romsternotabily xine-lib won't compile but i have a few others with iconv issues too.22:11
jaegerI don't have a libiconv.la22:11
Romsterneather do i since i removed libiconv22:14
Romsteras its in glibc22:14
jaegerI don't have one in glibc, either22:14
Romsteryet some ports i have are complaining of a missing libiconv.la22:15
jaegerwhich ones? besides xine-lib22:15
Romstericonv.h is in glibc /usr/include/iconv.h22:15
Romstereh let me check22:15
Romsteri'll redo it and see what fails..22:18
Romstermjpegtools also fails looking for more...22:44
Romstersame error missing that file22:44
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Romstermake check on glibc dosn't even pass either
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Romstermaybe it don't like  MAKEFLAGS=-j4 but i hadn't checked that.23:13
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