IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-03-30

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schniggieok Romster thanks ;) i will recompile kernel lets start ;)00:25
Romsterand re-run lilo b4 rebooting too :P00:25
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schniggiemh when i mounted my root to /mnt but the setup tells me dir does not look like a crux root directory00:46
schniggiedoes it ook for a vmlinuz oder what does it want to have ;)00:46
schniggieoh it looks for /var/lib/pkg/db and i forgot to mount my var partition :D00:48
schniggieok now let's start ;)00:49
Romsteryou need to mount the important stuff :P00:57
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seekwillWow, 2.3's installer is nice. I'm trying to install only core and opt, but it tells me that I need to install xorg to resolve deps. Why?01:03
Romsterodd i never got xorg to install on 2.3's update01:07
Romsterbut i recompiled xorg afterwards01:08
guaquai guess mod_python isn't compatible with apache 2.201:16
guaquaroot@gs:/etc/apache# /etc/rc.d/apache restart01:16
guaquahttpd: Syntax error on line 56 of /etc/apache/httpd.conf: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache/ into server: /usr/lib/apache/ undefined symbol: APR_STATUS_IS_SUCCESS01:16
schniggiedoes crux 2.3 still use 2.2 repositories for core,opt,contrib ?01:28
schniggieok damn ;) all new files are rejected ;)01:29
schniggiemust now fix it01:29
schniggiehave a nice day to all.01:29
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pitillogood morning02:01
pitilloI see that some apps does not install .desktop and .png. May I think that are unused stuff? To keep well done ports is  good idea to remove that stuff?02:07
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pitillosorry if this is a dumb Q. I will keep, png and .desktop on my ports and in "official" ports I will get them from source.02:17
namenlosdoes anyone know the logrotate homepage? or how do you rotate your log files?02:26
nipuLpitillo: I'd say keep .desktop files and icons. Most modern file managers and desktop environments make use of them02:27
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pitillonipuL, yes, my Q begins because I see that some ports did not keep them. (Another ones wich keep them use differents paths too) I think is a good idea at least keep one icon... .(there is only one .desktop in mosts apps)02:29
pitillonamenlos, did you ask google? with first search I did I can see interesting info02:31
namenlospitillo: sure, i used google. if you mean, this is a bash script written by someone else. i would like to use the logrotate from red hat/fedora, but i can't find it anywhere...02:33
namenloseven the debian copyright file doesn't help...02:33
namenlosbecause it leads to a 404 and if i go up in the dirs and search the path down, i can't find it..02:34
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namenloshm, uses also the logrotate fetched form the debian page.02:37
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Romsterguaqua, hrmm you did recompile python and mod_python?03:19
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bisco'morning guys! :)03:20
Lontronicsmorning ;)03:21
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Romsterschniggie, yeah run rejmerge03:53
Romsterpitillo, i've been in the habbit to add a png and desktop file03:53
Romsterif one isin't in the source directory or installed by default03:55
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pitilloRomster, ok, and is there a "general" path to put them? (I am using /usr/share/pixmaps for png and /usr/share/applications for desktop)04:08
pitilloI am not sure that is the correct way to do that or if it is needed to remove them (may be is not minimal and it is handled like no wanted stuff and  they are removed in official ports)04:11
pitilloI am asking this to keep the pattern of official ports04:12
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treachstep 23..04:52
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daggerr_how can i update my users groups without needing to re-login?05:06
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treachdaggerr_: afaik, you can't.05:10
jkrexport GID=... :D05:11
treachwell, that's just the primary group isn't it?05:11
jkrAnd doesn't work anyway05:13
jkrDoes anyone know a shell script for calculating net income in germany? :)05:15
jkrOr anything else console based05:17
treachsc maybe? :P05:17
jkrsc is nice, but I would have to "program" it :)05:18
treachI'm afraid you'll have to do that anyway, since "normal" people probably use excel or something similar for that task.05:19
jkrSomething like "$ net-income $GROSS_INCOME TAX_CLASS ... -> 0.50EUR" :( would be nice05:19
jkrExcel is bad05:19
treachI did't say otherwise.05:20
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guaquaRomster: required a newer version of mod_python, but now it gives segfault06:17
Romsteri'd read up on mod_pythons dependencys06:30
Romsterguaqua, i haven't looked into it yet06:31
Romstermessing with other ports06:31
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Romsterecel is ok for big things not for what jkr wants todo06:36
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tilmanhello weekend!07:10
tilmanjjpk: i put panzerchrist in my car yesterday, and only then i noticed they have this "christ, thy name is panzer" thing in every track of the 'new' album :D07:11
Romsteris there a better way todo this ? pkginfo -i |awk -F ' ' '{ print $1}' |egrep '^foo$'07:12
Romsterto see if a package is installed?07:12
Romsterby better i mean simplier less cpu useage and typing.07:12
Romstertilman, heh07:13
rawwth is 'panzerchrist'?!?07:13
tilmanit's a death metal band from denmark07:14
Romsteri'm more into medalic metal07:14
tilmanthey make me want to mount a gun turret on my car07:14
rawok, no further questions07:14
Romsterthrash, speed, christen a bit.07:14
Romstertilman, haha07:14
pitilloRomster, why not pkginfo -i | grep $foo? Or you are looking only to the name?07:15
rawtilman: btw, I had a look at xmms2 recently and noticed that sun.c is b0rken!07:15
Romsteronly to the name and if 2 ports are foo and foo-bar i only want to match foo07:15
tilmanraw: correct. patches most welcome07:16
tilmanraw: i can give you a hand wrt the internal apis07:16
rawtilman: that would be most appreciated.07:16
Romstermaybe i could us  = 'foo'..07:16
rawtilman: However, I plan to rewrite the whole thing using OpenBSD's audioio.h07:16
rawtilman: I dunno if that's even a good idea considering that sun.c should work under solaris as well07:17
tilmanbetter make a separate plugin07:17
tilmani think :P07:17
pitilloRomster, pkginfo -i |awk '{print $1}' |grep '^foo$' (is really needed the -F in awk?)07:18
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daggerr_wtf, vim hang...07:20
Romster-F is field separator07:20
pitilloRomster, but you are looking for one only... that is why I ask if it is really needed07:22
Romsternevermind found a better method07:22
Romsterprt-get listinst foo07:22
Romsterthe auk bit removes the version part07:23
pitilloRomster, remove the -F and version can be removed with the print $1 only.07:24
Romsterbut prt-get has a better method07:24
pitilloRomster, oki, only looking to your sentence :)07:25
daggerr_hmm, strange. i clearly see vim in a terminal window, but there is no such process..07:29
tilmanjust close the terminal ;)07:30
Romsterits probble not refreshed the screenbuffer?07:30
tilmanyour typing is really bad today07:31
Romsteryeah really...07:31
daggerr_Romster, the terminal is dead07:31
daggerr_i could close it but then i would feel like leaving home with the stove still on...07:32
tilmanthere is no stove07:33
tilman("there is no such process")07:33
tilmanso why matter about something that's not there? :D07:33
daggerr_tilman, because i can see it :)07:33
Romsterpitillo, hrmm you are right with not needing -F ' '07:33
daggerr_perhaps its one of those ghosts in the shell..07:33
tilmanyou see the blurry afterimage of the stove07:33
tilmanbut not the stove itself07:33
Romsterbut prt-get i'll use for this pourpose.07:33
daggerr_tilman, its not the least blurry, i just cant use it07:34
Romsterwhy the hell does xchat flash as in its wanting attention nearly everytime xchat looses focus?07:34
Romsternever done this b4 i chaged to 2.307:35
pitillo:) but that really does not make it bigger... with prt-get you have it coded... instead of using shell...07:35
pitilloRomster, here only flash when a new msg arrives07:35
Romsteryes but everyone has prt-get installed?07:35
Romsteri'll probbly recompile xchat again.07:35
Romsteri haven't altered any settings..07:36
Romsterjust updated to crux 2.307:36
Romsterpitillo, prt-get is in core so its safe to assume everyone will have prt-get installed07:37
pitilloRomster, I think most people have it installed.... if not you have the answer to your Q. Better way to use less cpu is using prt-get I think07:38
pitilloRomster, is not prt-get over pkgutils? may be you can use directly pkg instead of prt-get but IMO most people have it.07:38
pitilloRomster, here with a 2.3 install...07:39
tilmanmaybe we should add "pkginfo --is-installed foo"07:39
pitilloarfarf.... 2.3 fresh install sorry07:39
tilmansomeone should implement that07:40
tilmansomeone not me07:40
tilmanwhere the hell is maro07:40
tilmanhe badly needs to bump contrib/libarchive07:40
Romstertilman, might be an idea07:41
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Romsterman i need a faster pc one day i'l get one, even with distcc this is taking ages.08:24
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Romster O_o08:34
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tilmanRomster: ahem o___O08:36
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Romsteri'm just blatantly browsing the net :D08:42
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_Manyone could tell me where is located the svn repository of version 2.309:43
jjpkCrux does not use svn anymore, they use git.09:43
_Mand,  is there some instructions about start using git and crux ?09:44
tilmanwhat part of the code are you interested in?09:45
sepen_M, see the wiki!09:46
_Mthe sources of crux,  I had a copy of crux 2.2 (including makefile) so I was able of build crux from 009:46
_Mthanks sepen09:47
sepenbut this is only for contribute with contrib repo09:47
sepennot for update your sources to 2.309:48
_Mthen, from update to 2.3 ?09:49
sepen_M, maybe all that you need is in the wiki or you can jump from the wiki to it09:49
sepen2.3 for the iso sources or ports?09:49
_Mthe iso sources !!09:50
sepenplease read before -> that's a direct link
sepenand look at projects/system/iso.git09:51
sepenthat's easy to find if you are browsing the wiki09:51
_Msorry for disturbing you and thanks a lot for you help.09:52
tilmani absolute *love* to be called by machines that tell me i've won random stuff09:52
jjpkAlways fun to have every communication channel stuffed up to one's neck in spam...09:53
sepenreally fun! Wishmaster - The Misheard Lyrics10:00
RyoSnightwish *zzZZ*10:01
sepen_M, no problem but I think that it's great and have a lot of info! it's that all!10:04
sepen_M, read also this before start to work with git
_Msepen, ok, thanks again10:07
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sepen_M, are you from spain?10:14
sepensoi de valencia loko!10:14
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j^2if i'd like to have multiple dns entries on my dhcpd.conf how would i do it?10:23
j^2by commas ;)10:26
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treach   <- pwned again. :D11:32
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jkrYeah, I've been laughing about that one all day :)11:32
jjpkI would have thought that would be a security risk haha11:34
jjpkbut hey, it's microsoft. anything is possible.11:34
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rehabdolldamn, hurd wont recognize my ide-controller :(12:19
guaquahurd is like...well...crap12:20
rehabdolldid you get it running?12:20
guaquahaven't got that far12:20
guaquaeven trying to get there was a pain12:21
rehabdollits not that diffucult. just untar the debian-package to a ext2-drive and configure grub12:21
guaquadoes it run in qemu?12:22
guaquai wish you could use specific filesystems in qemu12:23
guaquanot just block devices, but actual partitions12:23
guaquait would be a whole lot easier to get stuff going12:23
guaquamaybe i'll try anyway :)12:24
guaquai basically always have to use crux iso to create the filesystems etc :D12:28
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j^2any macbookpro users?12:58
guaquahow would i find out if there is a boot loader installed to a partition/block device13:01
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guaquaand how do i change keymap in grub?13:19
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raw_tilman: ping14:11
tilmanraw_: pong14:16
rehabdollhaha, hurd rocks14:18
rehabdollno dhcp support yet though :(14:18
guaquai'd like to get fi keyboard to grub14:19
guaquawriting all that stuff to boot is impossible without14:19
guaquatakes a hell of a long time14:20
tilmanyou need to do that manually14:20
tilmansetkey y z # swap z and y14:21
guaquaswap all those keys?14:21
guaquawell i guess that might be possible14:21
tilmanat least that's how i had to do it some years ago when i wanted to have qwertz in grub14:21
guaquathere aren't that many14:21
treachit's a bootloader, not an editor. ;)14:21
rehabdollqwerz? german keyboards are that wierd? :)14:22
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Romstergit gives me  a fatal: Unable to write new index file18:15
Romsterdarn thing..18:15
treachwasn't there some gui thingy for it? ;)18:24
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Romsteroh i had low disk space fixed that issue19:14
Romstertilman, *grumbles* i followed the "f you run in trouble with the last command, because someone else has modified the repositiory in the meantime" on thw wiki exactly and it don't bloody commit....19:15
Romstererror: remote 'refs/heads/2.3' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/2.3'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?19:16
Romsteron a clean wc too19:16
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Romsterok resolved that issue.20:33
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