IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-03-31

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StepDVis anybody here?02:19
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Romsterhow do i change the group id on brw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 22, 0 Mar 29 07:10 /dev/hdc02:34
Romsterits ment to be 21 not 2202:34
Romsteri've edited /etc/group and did a udevtrigger... but no change02:35
Romsternor can i remember the command to change the group chgrp isn't ment to work on files?02:35
Romsterbah is in chmod i just didn't see till i looked at the man page man what an idiot02:37
Romsterstill stick damn it02:40
Romstersudo chmod g21 /dev/hdc arn't rignt neather is g=2102:40
Romsteroh you idiot ok someone wack me would they why did i just use root:cdrom ...02:43
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Romstermy group ids are still out..03:50
tilmanRomster: what's the problem?04:23
tilmanRomster: except the fact that you ignored my wish that you talk to me before you push >:04:24
Romsteri didn't create a branch and you where afk i followed the wiki but i had to commit then git pull and rebase and push 2 times to get it to go04:31
Romsteryou said don't if it creates a what ch ma call it i forgot now...04:31
tilmanRomster: i'm cool. ;)04:32
tilmanRomster: is there any problem on your end?04:32
Romsteri've had diferent groups for audio and cdrom and video i've edited the /etc/group file to fix them to hoe the merge would of without removing my other not conflicting lines rejmerge dosn't havea  edit or a one way merge of not removing lines that don't exist...04:33
Romsternot so far04:33
Romsterhaving fun with some ports and crux-2.3 :/04:33
Romster$ ls -l /dev/dsp04:34
Romstercrw-rw---- 1 root audio 14, 3 Mar 31 18:46 /dev/dsp04:34
Romster$ grep audio /etc/group04:35
Romsterthose numbers don't match now and i've restarted rebuilt udev rejmerged you name it...04:35
Romsterchmod even but apon reboot its like out again04:35
Romstercdrom and video group aswell.04:35
tilman /dev/dsp is set up by udev04:35
Romsteraudio 1404:36
Romster14 is its group right?04:36
tilman<   Romster> audio::16:romster,bar04:36
tilmanunload the audio driver and reload it again04:36
Romsterwell its set to the crux's default of 1604:36
tilmanthat should work maybe04:36
Romsteri've rebooted thats what it set too...04:36
Romstercdrom and video is wrong too04:36
Romsterthought udev rules be out but i see no numbers for groups in udev rules04:37
Romsteri'm out of ideas.04:37
tilmandid you reboot after the upgrade?04:37
Romsteror don't know enougth to fix this.04:37
tilmanmaybe udev doesn't create /dev/dsp on your box and it comes from something else04:38
Romsteryes upgrade rebooted fixed all broken ports with revdep, and rejmerged.04:38
Romsterhadn't checked for that04:38
Romsteri don't understand why they don't match unless theres more to it than just editing /etc/group ?04:39
Romsterwith shadow i only had to add the www user.04:39
Romstersound works but the numbers of the group don't match.. can't play audio cd's either.04:40
Romsteri'll dig around in it more later but i'm puzled04:40
tilmanbah what the fuck04:40
tilmanyou confused me04:41
tilmanresp you're confused04:41
tilmanand i didn't realize04:41
* tilman just got up04:41
tilman <   Romster> crw-rw---- 1 root audio 14, 3 Mar 31 18:46 /dev/dsp04:41
tilmanthat 14 is the major number04:41
tilmanthe group is alright ("audio")04:41
Romsternot group...04:41
tilmanroot audio04:41
Romsterah fu&k04:41
tilmanuser group04:41
Romsterthen i'm chasing a nonexistant problem...04:42
Romsterother than audio cd's wont play..04:42
tilmandid you check whether it's really a permission problem?04:42
tilmanlike chmod o+rw or try as root04:42
Romster$ file -sL /dev/cdrom04:45
Romster/dev/cdrom: ERROR: cannot read `/dev/cdrom' (Input/output error)04:45
Romsteri'll try soon got food here probbly some other problem i had missed04:46
Romstersorry to distr you tilman :/04:47
Romsterthink my playr is at fault not sure yet04:47
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Romsterok its another problem that i didn't notice05:08
Romster/dev/stdin: writable, no read permission05:08
Romsterlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 Apr  1  2007 /dev/stdin -> /proc/self/fd/005:08
Romstererr thats a symlink...05:08
Romstermight be wise i just not touch the pc till another day ffs05:08
Romsteri'm oviously out of it...05:08
Romsterok its a player issue i did a cd rip worked fine jsut won't play in beep05:15
Romsterargh it would pay to look at the options yeash, sometho they got altered....05:28
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waffis anyone else having trouble compiling stuff with the newest version of CRUX w/ gcc 4?11:15
waffi had to downgrade it to compile things properly11:15
tilmanwhat kind of stuff breaks for you?11:15
wafffirefox isnt compiling11:15
waffeven bitchx wouldnt11:15
waffalso the site listed for the 'shadow' package appears to be dead or have changed11:16
waffer no, wait its back up now11:16
waffis there a certain criteria for things to be in the optional ports or is it simply a matter of someone making the port11:17
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jjpkMy guess is that optional ports are up to the dev team, then there's the contrib ports.11:24
jjpkContrib ports are from users.11:24
waffmakes sense11:24
tilmanwaff: well, that's weird. i haven't heard about any compile problems lately11:25
tilmanwaff: i didn't build the new firefox though11:25
waffmakes me wonder if my hardware is going11:26
waffi woudlnt be surprised11:26
tilmangcc also might fail if you feed it bad CFLAGS11:27
tilmaneg i can never compile mplayer with my usual cflags11:27
waffeither way, i used crux a while ago and its come along way11:30
* waff is pleased tho11:31
waffwow, im realizing how stupid i am as i look at theres ... tons of shit11:33
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tilmanfrigging pgup bug in epdfview11:55
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juliousDeanhi ppl13:16
juliousDeanis there a way to upgrade crux from an iso image in a remote server?13:16
tilmancan you boot the server into a rescue system?13:18
juliousDeani can only boot to a 2.2 cd in the drive13:21
tilmanthat should be good enough13:22
tilmanget the iso onto the box13:22
tilmanboot 2.213:22
tilmanmount the target system in /mnt (remember to mount /usr, /home etc)13:22
tilmanchroot into the 2.3 iso13:22
tilmanand run the upgrade13:22
juliousDeaneasy enough13:23
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deus_exRomster: You maintain ladspa port in contrib?14:08
deus_exIt needs small patch to compile with gcc-4.x (atleast I had to patch it).14:09
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Romsterdeus_ex, pastbin the patch and i'll patch ladspa. i'm still working on the compilers first then i'll be testing all the other ports18:22
Romsterfirefox compiles just fine on gcc 4.1.218:26
deus_ex  Romster
Romsterdeus_ex, looking into it now18:41
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Romsterdeus_ex, done.19:16
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deus_exRomster: Cool :)19:30
Romsterthanks for that, i would of found it broken soon though but maybe not the fix19:32
Romsterwish they would update that project, i'll email them but i doubt it'll get altered.19:32
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nipuLthe portdb is still using 2.2 repositories19:46
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Romsterdeus_ex, you don't have a crux repo do you? just curious what audio apps your running.20:44
deus_exArdour, Jamin, Sweep...20:44
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deus_exI don't have much time lately to do any sound processing, though.20:47
deus_exThere is only 24 hours in a day :)20:47
Romsterheh true20:53
Romsterdeus_ex, systems admin?20:54
Romstermost here would be in some form of IT20:54
deus_exRomster: No, I don't do IT professionally, computers are 'just' a hobby for me ;)20:59
Romsterah k21:00
rehabdolli sell paint :)21:02
rehabdolljust part-time though :)21:02
Romsterrehabdoll, ah21:06
Romsteri have a m8 that spray paints21:07
rehabdollsounds a bit more glamorous than what i do21:07
rehabdollhaving to deal with idiot customers all day21:08
rehabdollpeople are stupid btw :)21:08
Romstersome are yes21:09
Romsterr should i say most are21:09
deus_ex<rehabdoll> people are stupid btw :) <---Amen, brother :)21:11
* deus_ex is watching Farscape re-re-runs21:11
Romsterheh wasn't bad but got boring after awhile21:15
* rehabdoll is watching cowboy bebop21:18
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* Romster is listening to killswitch engage21:28
Romsterand googling about21:28
Romstermy brother is on the ps321:29
Romsteri've noticed a few quirks with it21:29
Romsterits frozen up once on him but it was still playing music!21:29
Romsterseems to lag on the games sometimes yet my line only has 30ms approx lag time and dosn't jump too much higher when only the ps3 and xchat is on.21:30
Romsterdsl uploads seem to lag it the most downloads do bugger all lag providing i don't choke off the data to the ps321:31
Romsteri'm guessing the only 2 servers afaik of atm are overloaded at times.21:31
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deus_exGood night.22:05
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Romsternite deus_ex23:36

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