IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-04-02

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namenloshi, anyone got an idea whether the yhafri repository is strill maintained, or not?03:48
teKit's this fefe-repo, right?03:49
namenloswhat is fefe?03:50
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teKoops, no, I meant zh_embeded03:50
teKfefe: :)03:50
namenlosah, ok, i see...03:51
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Romsternamenlos, yhafri is suposidly maintaining he rips ppls ports off and changes the Packager to himself and makes he's own ports too most are out of date except a bunch that (s)he uses oftern.04:32
treachRomster: btw, cario/poppler doesn't have circular deps per se.04:34
Romsterah ok i still hadn't checked i just assumed from what you said04:34
treachit's just that the --enable-pdf switch for cairo makes it look for poppler.04:34
treachand poppler depends on cario..04:35
Romstercan ya find iostream in any package httpup uses it but it's not in core04:35
treachiostream.h ?04:35
Romster#include <iostream>04:36
treachare you drunk?04:36
Romsterno .h04:36
treachdude, the file is called iostream.h04:36
Romsterbut i can't see a iostream.h in core either04:36
treachyou just don't have to type the .h in your c++ program..04:37
treachit's in gcc04:37
Romsterno i got something wrong on my system04:37
treachif you're missing iostream.h then you've really screwed up.04:38
Romstereh now it shows up i had rm'ed the gcc and glibc ports then done a pkgmk -r in /usr/ports/core04:39
Romstertreach, look in httpup in httpup.cpp04:41
Romsterline 1204:42
treachwhat do you want me do see?04:42
treachs do/to04:42
Romsteri didn't see it b4 but i still got something funky04:44
Romsterhttpup.cpp:12:20: error: iostream: No such file or directory04:45
treachsuch master, such dog we use to say here. :x04:45
RomsterIn file included from httpup.cpp:20:04:46
Romsterbut the fscking file is there04:46
Romsteri don't get it...04:47
Romsterfile exists it won't bloody compile04:47
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treachsorry, I have no idea how you've messed up this one.04:48
Romsternah i have it /usr/include/c++/4.1.2/backward/iostream.h04:49
Romstereven got gcc-3.4.6 on here as well04:50
Romsteri thnk the .h is required just that iostream is just that iostream not iostream.h in the include04:50
treachcoherence, please. You make my head hurt.04:51
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Romsterneather do i i feel like just reinstalling off the cd05:04
Romsterseems to path problems i think05:04
Romstereverything else had compiled but a few ports05:04
* Romster laughts05:04
Romstererr no t in laughs05:04
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Romstercpp arn't my kettle of fish... i alterd the path to iostream that works but now the inclune in iostream is the wrong path... has to be a path issue...05:07
RedShifthey Romster, heard from prologic yet?05:08
treachRomster: btw, do you know why your libidn footprint contains a "Libidn.dll" ?05:15
Romsterhi RedShift nar not yet hes moving again family issues..05:15
RedShiftbecause shortcircuit is offline05:16
Romsteris a real pain my ports are offline...05:16
Romsterhi _M05:16
Romsterah that be either wine or mingw32 support or maybe C#05:17
RomsterRedShift, ya :(05:17
treachok, I guessed it was related to mono in some way.05:17
Romsteri removed libidn out of my repo ages ago and i stoped using it since the crux 2.2 to 2.3 change05:18
Romsteryeah its not in my repo so how come you still got it?05:18
treachit's in contrib..05:19
treachalso, it's listed as a dep for _atleast_ kdelibs, so it might be a good idea to not just yank it.05:21
treachnot sure if gnome stuff use it as well.05:21
Romsteraha got httpup to build i had to add05:21
Romster-I/usr/include/c++/4.1.2 -I/usr/include/c++/4.1.2/i686-pc-linux-gnu05:22
Romsterbut why?05:22
Romsterknew it was a path issue05:22
Romsteroh your talking libidn... argh i got that confuzzeled with another lib05:24
Romsteryeah thats international support and kde uses it.05:24
jkrfirefox uses it afaik05:26
Romsterok what the hell is going on, httpup compiles just fine on my other pc but not on my desktop pc without that them 2 directorys i added to the path...05:27
Romstertreach, dunno, never used gnome i would have if it had compiled the tiem i installed crux it didn't work so i went with kde05:28
Romsterprt-get dependent libidn05:28
Romsteri only see kdelibs but i don't have the other repos in prt-get.conf05:29
nipuLremember the days when han's port repository was great05:29
jkrAh, Firefox depends on libidL, it guess that's something else :)05:29
nipuLnow it just shits me with all those gzipped footprints05:29
Romsterlooks like xine-lib can use libidn too.05:30
Romsteri'm gonna eb rebuilding my ports in a chroot so i can flean the .footprint files up more..05:31
Romsteri so think i deen a bit bigger keyboard this one is a cheapie and its not very comfatable05:31
jkrs/comfatable/comfortable/ :)05:32
RomsternipuL, yeah since han moved out hes modifyed hes verson of pkgmk05:33
treachI've copied the few of his ports I used. I'm not going to futz around to make things work "the Han" way.05:35
RomsterMANPATH        /usr/X11R6/man < seems we still haev some x11r6 cruft lying aorund in configure files05:35
treachsome ports still depends on the X11 port as well.05:36
Romsterah yeah i'm just lazy and can't remember all the spellings..05:37
Romsterdon't ask me why i typed it worng...05:38
Romsterso why does httpup compile fine on my other box but needs the paths added to the extra headers on this desktop..05:38
Romsteri got all the ones i was using off hans05:40
Romsteri actually had a backup of hans that where in contrib and i edited thema nd took over the ones i use05:40
Romsteryeah some haven't been changed yet05:41
Romsteri've changed all of mine but i got more testing todo.05:41
Romsterand using xorg isn't reall the right thing todo so i gotta go though them and find what ports of xorg it actually uses.05:42
Romsteri'm recompiling then retesting this problem, i have a suspicision something arn't right05:52
treach*shuts eyes*05:54
Romsteri'm much better at talking than spelling :P05:55
treachwell.. that just leaves the grammar thing then.05:56
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sepen@seen _M06:32
clbsepen: _M was last seen in #crux 1 hour, 25 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <_M> hi06:32
Romsterwho is _M anyways?06:36
Romsterappears bot like.06:36
Romsteror should i say 'who was _M'06:36
jjpkNow you are just jumping to random conclusions.06:37
jjpkI doubt bots can maintain a discussion about "including sources with the ports"06:37
Romsteryep :P06:37
Romsterlol no but all i saw was '_M hi'06:38
Romsternothing else.06:38
Romsterok someting funky with my system as the crux-2.3 cd updated in a chroot worked fine to install httpup.06:39
Romsternow to try the recompile all of core in the chroot and then see if it borks after i've done each of the programs and retest.06:39
Romsterthink it might be the new binutils06:40
treachor just maybe your update procedure..06:40
Romstermight of been just me..06:41
Romsteri won't know till i test06:41
Romsteri updated my desktop from the cd..06:41
Romsterbut the other box i had on crux-2.3 long b4 the cd came out so i just redid its tool chain as it was on 4.1.106:42
Romsterand recompiled everything on that box and theres no poblems on it.06:42
Romsterthough that box dosn't have xorg on it either.06:42
sepenany idea about how can I mesure the max bandwitdh rate of a ethernet device? reading /proc ??06:46
sepenhmmm Im reading something similar (netperf)06:48
sepenseems that I need client and server side both running for iperf test performance06:51
sepenmy box is configured as a transparent bridge06:52
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Romstersepen, i just use bmon08:13
treachjaeger: ;)08:18
jaegerthanks, I'll have a look at it08:21
treachIt certainly helped epdfview at least.08:31
jaegergood to know08:32
treach(as did the little cairo-poppler-cairo tango yesterday.)08:32
jaegeranyone in here familiar with dell's openmanage stuff in linux?08:36
guaquaso epdfview took a mere week to get working or...? :)08:37
treachnot really.08:37
treachI haven't bothered trying to fix it before, and besides it was a pure coincidence I found out about the circular thing with cairo/poppler.08:38
treachbut now it at least seems really useable, even with pdfs รก 30 pages or so, which it didn't before.08:39
treach(I'm sure it still leaks like a seive though ;) )08:40
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LithiumTXAny ideas why I don't get any output from /etc/rc.multi when starting my system09:17
jaegernone at all, including the "starting services:" bit?09:18
LithiumTXIf I run /etc/rc.multi after logging in, it's fine09:18
LithiumTXAnd it IS running, just I'm not getting any output09:18
jaegerhrmm, new one to me09:18
LithiumTXI've moved my installation to a new disk09:19
LithiumTXMade a tar archive, extracted it using preservation options09:19
LithiumTXEverything else is fine, and all the permissions are fine09:19
LithiumTXIt's weird09:19
jaegerthe rest of the boot output is normal?09:19
LithiumTXIt gets up to "Mouting blah blah", then skips Hostname: and after09:20
LithiumTXrc.multi starts services and then rc.local, it's running OK09:20
LithiumTXCRUX 2.3, linux
jaegerdo you have an entry for /dev in your fstab?09:21
LithiumTX(Congrats on CRUX 2.3, by the way)09:22
LithiumTXYeah, for /dev/pts and /dev/shm09:22
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j^2LithiumTX: are you _really_ in TX :P?09:22
jaegerthose are fine, I was just thinking /dev might be getting mounted after udev was run and you were losing /dev/console09:23
jaegerbut doesn't sound that way09:23
LithiumTXActually, I do get this09:24
LithiumTX"Warning: unable to open an initial console"09:24
jaegermaybe that's part of the problem after all, then09:24
LithiumTXAh, I know the problem09:25
LithiumTXOut of curiosity, what happened to the CRUX64 port?09:25
rehabdollit died, then came back to life09:26
rehabdolllife.. well sort of anyway :)09:26
rehabdollnothing has been released yet09:26
LithiumTXI'm interested in migrating to 64 bit09:27
LithiumTXFor completion I guess, since I've got Vista in 64 bit09:27
LithiumTXThanks Bill G. for SLIP09:27
Romsteri will migrate to 64 bit later too when i get a new pc :D09:30
LithiumTXI've got an AMD 64 and love it09:31
LithiumTXBig upgrade from a 233MHz Pentium II :P09:31
surrounderhehe can believe that09:31
LithiumTXAny ideas on "Warning: unable to open an initial console". I've got the correct permissions on /dev/console, /dev/tty*. Google's not helping much either.09:31
jaegermy dual-core amd64 is currently less useful than a 233mgz p2, as it won't boot :)09:32
surrounderjaeger: ouch!09:32
LithiumTXBIOS death?09:32
RomsterLithiumTX, LOL09:32
jaegerthe SATA controller on the old motherboard died, then the RAM went after it09:33
jaegeralready replaced the motherboard, don't have new RAM yet09:33
Romsterjaeger, you los the sata interface wasn't it?09:33
jaegerI've kept that motherboard because it seems fine other than that... but all my disks are SATA so I either needed a new one or a controller card to plug into it09:33
Romsterram aswell wtf09:34
Romsteri'd seriously look at that psu09:34
Romsteror you've had very bad luck09:34
Romsterram totally dead or just alot of errors?09:34
Romsteryeah you could throw a pci stat card in it i got a pci card in this althon09:34
jaegerlot of errors. sometimes the machine will power on enough to run memtest and sometimes the bios just beeps about the RAM09:34
rehabdollmy current core2duo is the best cpu i've had since my old celeron 300a09:35
jaegerI considered that but I wanted a motherboard that supported SLI anyway, so now I have 2 AM2 motherboards09:35
Romsteri'll use these sata1's for storage and get some new sata2's for my next pc.09:35
jaegerI'll probably get an SATA PCI card and a new CPU/RAM for that one as well and replace an older machine09:35
LithiumTXI had a laptop that did something similar, reported faulty RAM. Turned out that a piece of foam had stuck to the DIMM slot :\09:35
Romsteri've been in the habbit to upgrade and keep the case but this time i'm thinking of building from scratch09:35
Romsterjaeger, sounds like a plan09:36
RomsterLithiumTX, lol luckly it wasn't ahrd to fix or expensive09:36
Romstersoem good advice get a can of contact cleaner works wonders09:36
LithiumTXDumb question alert: I've got a Centrino Duo, enabled the SMP, and other, options to take advantage of the two cores, but does CRUX make use of them?09:37
rehabdolldid you build smp into the kernel?09:37
LithiumTXYeah, everything in the kernel is fine, just somebody said CRUX won't use the second core09:37
LithiumTXActually, rephrase: How would I check if the second core is utilised?09:38
Romsterand paper clean the ram and pci,agp,pcie etc cards and spray the sockets and then insert and remove the cards as much as needed to get rid of intermeintant problems i had a agp slot that worked fine but as soon as i had 3d graphics it would freeze i soon fixed that.09:38
rehabdolli fail to see what "CRUX" has to do with it09:38
rehabdollps, top etc09:38
RomsterLithiumTX, lol why wouldn't it?09:38
Romsteryeah since its kernel that does that.09:39
LithiumTXRomster, the guy thought that prt-get/pkgmk would ignore the core. I don't agree with him, but trying to make sure.09:39
treachyou know, you have to use windows to utilize all cores.. :D09:39
rehabdollwell yeah09:39
rehabdoll"make" only uses one core unless instructed otherwise09:39
rehabdoll-j X flag..09:39
LithiumTXBasically, will the second core ever be of use to me09:40
treachCRUX won't use it since there is no antivirus or norton shit to keep it busy. :P09:40
treachs norton/symantec09:40
rehabdolllots of packages fails to build with multiple make-threads09:40
LithiumTXThanks for clearing that up09:40
jaegershort answer: by default, crux's make flags don't make use of multiple CPUs/cores09:40
LithiumTXAnd forcing them to use multiple cores is likely to break things?09:41
jaegersome packages yes, some no09:41
LithiumTXFair enough09:41
RomsterLithiumTX, i'd assume programs that arn't multithreaded won't use the second core but whats not to stop a process selecting a core thats not being used as heavily?09:41
rehabdollyou can use something like "export MAKEFLAGS="-j3"" in your pkgmk.conf to use the second core when building ports09:41
LithiumTXI'll give it a try, see what happens09:42
LithiumTXWhat about gcc/glibc, do they need to be rebuilt to support multiple cores/CPUs?09:42
Romsterand it dosn't really matter that prt-get isn't (preaty sure it arn't) dosn't use much cpu anyways, as for pkgmk its not yet, but that dosn't matter its the fact make can run on more than 1 cpu and even distrbuted with distcc09:43
LithiumTXGuess what I did when upgrading to CRUX 2.3?09:43
Romsterdidn't think there was a option to force them to use more than 1 core?09:43
LithiumTXDoes pkgmk.conf apply to non-ports compilations?09:47
LithiumTXI.e. compiling the kernel09:47
LithiumTXHow would I pass my CFLAGS to the kernel compilation?09:48
jaegereither specify them in the kernel config or pass on the command line, I would guess09:48
jaegerCFLAGS=blah make09:48
rehabdollits not recommended though09:49
LithiumTXI'm guessing for the makeflags export it's -j x, where x is the number of cores/CPUs (i.e. -j2 for a dual core, single CPU box)09:49
rehabdollno, its the number of threads09:50
RomsterLithiumTX, in pkgmk-conf just add export MAKEFLAGS=-j409:50
Romsterput your CFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf09:50
* LithiumTX is confused09:50
LithiumTXRomster, why -j4?09:50
rehabdollyou should have one or two more than the actual cpu-number09:50
rehabdollor thats what i read09:51
LithiumTX-j4 works for me then09:51
Romsterfor the kernel it dosn't use CFLAGS afaik its set by the cpu type in the .config file09:51
Romsterexport MAKEFLAGS=-j409:52
Romster2 cpus 4 jobs09:52
Romsterone finishes another can start without waiting09:52
LithiumTXAh, right09:52
jaegercpus+1 is a very common suggestion but you can tweak it as you like09:52
Romsterso 2x the number of cpu cores09:52
Romsteri've messed with distcc to this09:52
Romsteri'm trying to find a way to run 1 process locally and 2x for each remote pc.09:53
LithiumTX<_< I can't fix the "Warning: unable to open an initial console" error09:54
Romsteri did find a optomising guide for distcc but can't find it now heh09:54
Romsterdistcc with ccache rules09:54
Romsterjust be careful some programs hate more than 1 job running at the same time.09:54
Romsteryou have ran rejmerge?09:54
LithiumTXIt's not causing the kernel to panic, it's just bleeting and stopping rc.* printing output09:54
LithiumTXI've not run rejmerge09:54
rehabdollperhaps your /dev is screwed up09:54
LithiumTXSeems likely09:55
LithiumTXPermissions on /dev itself are fine09:55
RomsterLithiumTX, man rejmerge09:55
Romsteris important on any rejected files after a update09:56
LithiumTXI've not got any rejected files09:56
rehabdollyou probably do if you've never run rejmerge :)09:56
Romsterah then thats ok then.09:56
Romsteralot forget to do that.09:56
LithiumTXBasically, I've upgraded to CRUX 2.3, gone through the rejected files, rebuilt all installed packages against my port of gcc 4.1.2, made a tar archive of / (excluding dev,sys,proc etc), then extracted it preserving permissions09:57
LithiumTXTo make /dev, I've just done mkdir /dev and booted. I thought dev auto-populated?09:57
jaegeryou need console and null before udev starts09:57
LithiumTXGuessing I need to reboot off the CRUX CD?09:58
jaegermaybe just console, can't remember09:58
RomsterLithiumTX, looked at /etc/inittab ?09:58
RomsterLithiumTX, also used redvep?09:59
LithiumTXYeah, first thing I checked. It matches the working file on my desktop?09:59
Romsterargh no /dev /tmp and /proc gets made virturally09:59
Romsterman revdep09:59
Romsterchecks for broken dependencys09:59
LithiumTXThe filesystem port makes the console node10:00
rehabdollkernel build with just one job: real 5m55.674s10:01
Romsterif you don't have revdep installed prt-get fsearch revdep10:01
Romsterwill tell you the packeg it belongs too.10:01
rehabdollmake -j5: real 3m4.948s10:02
Romster /dev is a virtual file system that udev makes.10:02
Romsterrehabdoll, hmm i haven't tryed todo a kernel over distcc yet that be intersting..10:02
LithiumTXFixed the console issue10:02
LithiumTXDidn't have the console node in /dev10:03
Romsterrehabdoll, i'd assume too many jobs would start to go slower again?10:03
Romsterthat be a udev problem...10:03
LithiumTXI booted off the CRUX CD and copied the filesystem port command for the console node10:03
Romsteri'd try after /sbin/udevtrigger10:04
LithiumTXRebooting now, everything works10:04
Romsterwhy did you do that for O_o10:04
LithiumTXThe filesystem port makes /dev and the console node10:04
LithiumTXThen you reboot, use udev whatever10:04
LithiumTXI didn't have the  console node as I only ran mkdir /dev10:04
Romsterah it does too hrrmmm10:05
LithiumTXRomster, do you use the -j<x> makeflags?10:05
Romsterah so it borked at that..10:05
rehabdollromster: are all your distcc nodes using the same gcc version?10:06
RomsterLithiumTX, you never ran mount --bind /dev mnt/dev ?10:07
Romsterrehabdoll, is now10:07
Romsterwasn't b410:07
Romsteri didn't have a issue with 4.03 to 4.1.210:07
LithiumTXRomster, no I didn't. I wasn't "installing" CRUX per se, just partitioning with fdisk, making filesystems then unpacking my tar archive10:07
LithiumTXIn the bug report rehabdoll linked to, the author talks about adding -j1 to the Pkgfiles. Sound advice?10:08
rehabdollthat was me :)10:08
Romsterdiferences i'd expect a 3.4.6 to 4.1.2 would bork though10:08
*** Romster has quit IRC10:09
*** Romster has joined #crux10:10
LithiumTXWelcome back10:10
rehabdollyou use tor romster?10:10
Romsterwtf i had the ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| going accross my screen..... keyboard or xorg went nuts10:11
Romsteri had to kill xorg10:11
Romsterfunny the console didn't do the same thing10:11
LithiumTXIf I exit xorg on my laptop with dri loaded I get a LSD-style messup10:11
Romsteryeah i'm though tor10:11
RomsterLithiumTX, ta10:11
LithiumTX I'm tempted to make a local copy of the fudged ports and bump the -j1 flag in.10:12
Romsterrehabdoll, yeah i'm adding j1 to any of my ports that hate more than 1 make process10:12
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LithiumTXHow would you add -j1, make MAKEFLAGS="${MAKEFLAGS} -j1"?10:14
Romsterrehabdoll, and i hadn't looked at your sugestion but i had the same intention since using distcc i've found a few that hate more than 1 make process10:14
Romsteri've been on kde so much i'm on xfce4 and trying to get used to it :D10:14
Romsterexport MAKEFLAGS=-j410:14
LithiumTXRomster, I mean for ports that hate -j4. In their pkgfiles, would export MAKEFLAGS="-j1" suffice?10:15
Romsterif your not wanting to use the built packages on another pc, portability between diferent cpus i'd recomend export CFLAGS="-O2 -mtune=$(uname -p) -pipe"10:15
Romstermake MAKEFLAGS=-j110:15
Romsterdosn't need to be on the make DESTDIR=$PKG install10:16
Romsterjust that top one10:16
LithiumTXKnow any other broken ports besides autoconf, groff, gzip and mktemp?10:16
Romsterdon't need to use curly brackets unless its needed10:16
Romsterlike in ${name}_$version10:17
LithiumTXMy repo10:17
Romster${version%.*} is a nice one too will chop the last .1 off a version string10:17
tilmanare the ports randomly generated when you grab them?10:17
Romsteri've used some of your ports :P10:18
LithiumTXI've jused axed my gcc and glibc ports10:18
LithiumTXThey didn't do anything different to the CRUX 2.3 ports10:18
treachtilman: did you see my note above about the cairo/poppler tango?10:18
tilmanjust connected10:18
LithiumTXrehabdoll, got a fix for the gcc packaging issue with -j2/3/4/etc10:18
RomsterLithiumTX, any reason to have alsa stuff?10:19
LithiumTXCRUX was dated10:19
LithiumTXBut isn't10:19
treachtilman: Ok, I found out that it, together with the new cairo version helped our dear pdf reader quite a bit.10:19
LithiumTXI keep them for updating alsa10:19
LithiumTXMy laptop has a Intel HD chip and I can't change the volume, I'm hoping for a fix by the ALSA guys :(10:19
treachbut it's a bit silly to have to rebuild cairo :-/10:20
jaegergot one of those in my laptop, have to use the front control to change volume on mine10:20
LithiumTXjaeger, the front control doesn't let me adjust anything10:20
tilmantreach: i didn't quite get that. epdfview benefits from what?10:20
treachthe cairo upgrade, plus if you rebuild it after you get poppler.10:21
RomsterLithiumTX, alsa-lib etc is in opt i don't see a reason but maybe you use some customing?10:21
rehabdollLithiumTX: oh?10:21
treachtilman: (well, if you upgrade cairo it's just one step I guess..)10:21
LithiumTXRomster, the ports are dated, we're on rc3 now10:22
LithiumTX jaeger, what channels do you get in alsamixer?10:22
LithiumTXjaeger, my PCM channel can be adjusted but doesn't make any difference to volume, and my front channel is unadjustable from 010:22
jaegerI don't remember, the laptop is at home. I'll check later on10:23
LithiumTXjaeger, thanks10:23
RomsterLithiumTX, in the case of rc2 to rc3 i'd jsut bump the versions up there is prt-get edit alsa-lib10:24
j^2mmmm diet rockstar10:24
Romsterjaeger, testing the new alsa release?10:24
tilmanj^2: are you addicted?10:24
Romsterj^2, a what O_o10:25
j^2i drink 24oz a day ;)10:25
j^2so yes10:25
tilman@google 24oz in liter10:25
clbtilman: Search took 0.11 seconds: eBay: Stainless Steel Thermos - 24 Oz Double-wall Vacuum! NIB ...: <>; Camelbak Polycarbonate 24Oz ./0.75L Water Bottle ...: <>; 0.25 Liter (8oz) Kids Lunch Box (1 more message)10:25
tilmannot quite what i wanted10:26
tilmanbut it has the answer, too10:26
Romstertilman, yeah what a ounce :P10:26
Romsterrofl at results10:26
Romster@google ounce litre conversion10:26
tilmani doubt he was referring to ounces ;)10:26
clbRomster: Search took 0.14 seconds: Chinese Liter /Gallon/Quart/Pint/Cup/ Ounce Conversions: <>; Liter to Gallon / Quart / Pint / Cup / Ounce: <>; Conversions, Equivalent Measures, Metric Conversion Table: <>; Online Unit Converter: (1 more message)10:26
tilmanit's "@google calc [...]" i think10:27
treach@google 24oz in grams10:27
clbtreach: Search took 0.15 seconds: Stanley Automotive Tools Catalog - Hand Tools: <>; Daily Deals | NEW Smart Storage Container Systems (49pc): <>; Daily Deals | As Seen On TV Special Value Pack 4: (1 more message)10:27
j^2crazy ass metric system10:27
tilmancrazy ass unmetric system10:27
LithiumTXAnybody tried beryl? I'm considering having a look10:27
j^2710 ml10:27
treachstrange, if you feed 24oz in grams in google it works..10:27
tilmantreach: updating cairo now. i'm absolutely psyched.10:28
treachwhee! :D10:28
jaegerRomster: I haven't yet, kinda in a weird spot between development and stable releases10:28
Romstermeh stupid bot10:28
tilmantreach: that's correct, no?10:28
treachafaik yes.10:28
tilmantreach: oh, you need to use "@google _calc_" here.10:29
tilmantreach: then it will use the calculator10:29
treach@google calc 24oz in grams10:29
clbtreach: 24 ounces = 680.388555 grams10:29
jaegerLithiumTX: I use it off and on10:29
RomsterFluid Ounces US ?10:29
j^2treach: hehe10:29
Romsterthere is a UK one too10:29
j^2Romster: yeah10:29
RomsterOunces is weight10:29
tilman@google calc 12 mol in dozen10:29
clbtilman: 12 moles = 6.0221415 &#215; 10^(23) dozen10:29
RomsterFluid Ounces is measurment of liquid10:30
Romsterthere is a UK and a USA standared both are diferent10:30
tilman<3 <3 <310:30
* treach ponders "liquid grams"10:30
rawjust use the SI-system10:30
Romsterj^2, us?10:30
tilmanfluid means liquid? whoa!10:30
j^2Romster: yes sir ;)10:30
Romster709.765 ml10:31
Romsterso not too far off 1 litre10:31
tilmanyes, we got that 5 minutes ago10:31
Romsterlolz darn10:31
j^2tilman: so much love :D10:31
Romsterjaeger, ah k so you think its best to wait for RC's to get to a new release10:32
LithiumTXjaeger, what WM do you use beryl with?10:32
treachit's just another evidence of the retardedness of the english speaking world. :P10:32
jaegerRomster: at the moment, yes. the last release didn't work with 2.6.19+10:32
jaegerLithiumTX: heliodor10:32
tilmanberyl *is* the wm, no?10:32
jaegerLithiumTX: er, well, beryl is a WM... I heliodor is the decorator10:33
jaegerignore that random "I"10:33
LithiumTXjaeger, my mistake10:33
jaegermy brain and fingers can't get their shit together today10:33
tilmani think i lag, don't listen to me10:33
LithiumTXAnybody tried building gcc with -jx flags?10:33
Romsterjaeger, ah i've roled back to 2.6.20.* is so much changed.10:33
tilmannope, just with -fomfg-optimize10:33
Romsterand thispos althon k7 has no smp support so theres nothing in 2.6.20.* afaik so far to be worth it.10:34
LithiumTXI'm listening to Vanilla Ice. Kill me now.10:36
pitillohi, anyone tried to build the last xchat version with 2.3 and fakeroot enviroment?10:36
LithiumTXRomster, can you build gcc with -jX in makeflags?10:38
jaegerpitillo: works fine here10:40
pitillojaeger, thank you. Here I found a strange error. Reading about.10:41
*** LithiumTX is now known as LithiumFX10:43
RomsterLithiumFX, hehe10:44
RomsterLithiumFX, yes10:45
LithiumFXRomster, I remembered I'd registered a nick ages ago10:45
Romsteri added -jX to pkgmk.conf10:45
LithiumFXRomster, you've built gcc with -j<whatever> without having to specifcy -j1 in it's Pkgfile?10:45
LithiumFXRomster, thanks10:52
LithiumFXI'm off to the land of shooting10:55
LithiumFXThanks [to everybody] for your help10:55
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC10:55
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux10:57
*** _M has quit IRC11:11
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC11:12
*** destruct has quit IRC11:12
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux11:13
pitillothe problem was with fakeroot and all ports. (Updating it like a unprivileged user and making again the fakeroot works) Sorry.11:23
sepen@seen _M11:39
clbsepen: _M was last seen in #crux 6 hours, 33 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <_M> hi11:39
*** lasso has joined #crux11:40
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct11:42
Romstersepen, your missing him :P11:55
j^2@seen cptn11:55
clbj^2: cptn was last seen in #crux 23 weeks, 4 days, 0 hours, 11 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <cptn> makes you forget about the depressing weather11:55
j^2:( :( :( :(11:55
sepenRomster, he's from spain11:59
sepen@seen pli11:59
clbsepen: I have not seen pli.11:59
sepenclb, pli is the original developer and author of CRUX and pkgutils12:00
tilmanfyi, nobody understands your funny spanish ... stuff here12:01
Romsteryikes cptn hasn't been here in ages12:01
treach23 weeks already..12:01
*** sepen has quit IRC12:01
treachmy, my, where does time go?12:02
tilmanmmh, did i scare him away?12:02
treachprobably. You should remember to remove those fangs before showing up. ;)12:03
raw@seen ningo12:03
clbraw: ningo was last seen in #crux 1 week, 3 days, 1 hour, 51 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: <ningo> guaqua: you are the internet!12:03
Romsteris it jsut me or are ppl leaving crux too much we seme to have lost quite a few ppl12:03
Romsterto irc atleast12:03
rawyeah, the ever-hungry irc consumes them all12:04
tilmanfyi, ningo just changed his nick12:04
* raw sheds a tear12:04
tilmanfrom lame to uber-lame12:04
tilmanj/k ;)12:04
rawfyi, no, but raw is not used by anyone so irssi uses it's default12:04
treachwell, we can't all go by "tilman" :)12:04
raw /nick tilm4n12:05
tilmanraw: oh, some evil mofo stole your nick? :(12:05
tilman7 is t12:05
Romsterthought 7 was L12:05
Romsteralso but upside down :/12:05
Romsterlol my mistake12:06
tilmanwe won't rub it in12:06
treachbut tit-man, I guess that could be jdolan instead...12:06
Romstert1lm4n then12:06
rawtilman: no, the other way round, I'm an evil mofo and use raw since it's free now12:06
tilmanraw: oh, i see. remembered to register it?12:07
Romsternever liked l33t sp34k anyways i think its anoying12:07
rawtilman: what buggers me is that the registered nick wasn't used over a year and isn't unregistered12:07
tilmanit might help your spelling Romster12:07
*** Lithium has joined #crux12:07
tilmannot sure your usual gibberish is actually worse12:07
tilman:D :D :D12:07
* treach wishes "grumpy" was free.12:07
Romstertilman, lol12:07
treachalas it isn't and I can't be arsed to ask for it.12:07
tilmanraw: awww. iirc there's some kind of timeout though12:08
treachnot really.12:08
rawaccording to nicks are purged after 30 days of not-being-there12:08
*** Lithium is now known as LithiumFX12:08
treachnot quite.12:08
tilmangrumpy :D12:08
LithiumFXOh man12:08
rawexcept you're an /oper-whore or in another vertical companionship with an /oper12:08
tilmantreach: you could still be grumpy2 or something ;)12:08
LithiumFXAnybody good friends with Chuck Norris?12:08
treachtilman: no, that would be too damned lame..12:09
LithiumFXrelocation error: prt-get: symbol _ZNSsC1Ev, version GLIBCXX_3.4 not defined in file with link time reference12:09
LithiumFXAnybody seen that when running prt-get?12:09
rawyeah, I roundhouse kick him on a daily basis12:09
tilmanraw: you tought him to roundhouse-kick properly?12:09
LithiumFXraw, you've kicked Chuck?12:10
rawyeah, that's pretty much obvious, isn't it?12:10
Romsterwb LithiumFX12:10
* treach chalks up another one on whom sarcasm is wasted..12:10
tilmanph4ar raw12:10
RomsterLithiumFX, ddi you run revdep ?12:10
Romsterand rebuilt any remaining packages that are listed12:10
LithiumFXI'm rebuilding prt-get with pkgmk12:10
Romsterseems prt-get needs recompiling by the looks of it12:11
Romsteror its got something funky12:11
LithiumFXOh man what12:11
LithiumFXYou have to see this error12:11
rawyeah, it's like WHAM12:11
LithiumFXMy GCC build broke everything12:12
LithiumFXAll the -j1 addins fudge12:13
LithiumFXThat's so weird12:14
Romstertheres only a few ports that i know of that hate more than 1 build12:14
LithiumFXAdding -j1 rapes GCC12:14
LithiumFXAs in, to stop GCC fudging with -j4, you put -j1 in the Pkgfile12:14
LithiumFXWhich, when building GCC12:14
LithiumFXUpsets it12:14
Romsterhrmm odd hasn't too me..12:14
LithiumFXmake MAKEFLAGS="-j1"12:15
LithiumFXThat upset gcc :\12:15
Romsterodd then unset MAKEFLAGS12:15
*** onestep has quit IRC12:15
LithiumFXActually, wait12:15
LithiumFXOn my desktop I don't have makeflags in pkgmk.conf12:15
LithiumFXSince it's a single core Athlon 6412:15
LithiumFXBut building gcc with -j1 didn't help12:15
LithiumFXAt all12:15
Romsteri have -j4 and gcc builds just fine it then gets bootstraped though on its own.12:16
Romsterso it dosn't make use of distcc much12:16
LithiumFXI'll leave the -j4 commented when doing big rebuilds12:17
LithiumFX(i.e. big being total system rebuild)12:17
Romsterdidn't bother with the other preload lib to hook into cc112:17
Romstermaybe it has issues with 64 bit but its been fine on a 32 bit pc.12:17
LithiumFXBe back in five hours, rebuilding 420 ports :P12:18
LithiumFXThanks for your help today12:18
LithiumFXRomster, dumb question, but how can I get my md5sum and footprint files to update using prt-get?12:18
Romsterheh :)12:18
LithiumFXWould I have to use pkgmk?12:19
Romsteryou can ignore footprints but to ignore md5sum isn't a wise thing todo12:19
Romsterprt-get help12:19
jdolani am/was not tit-man.  lol.12:19
Romster-if is ignore footprint12:19
Romstertake a look at --install-scripts too12:19
LithiumFXI've got --install-scripts enabled12:19
jdolanbut thanks for nominating me ;)12:19
LithiumFXI'm rebuilding my ports, and I want to know how to get the md5sums to be updated after the build (since my port repo doesn't have any .footprint/.md5sum files)12:20
LithiumFX-um -uf, there we go :P12:20
Romsterah well ports -u12:21
LithiumFXTalk later12:21
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC12:21
Romsterwill update the ports repos pkgmk will generate .footprints and .md5sums12:21
Romsterstrange fellow12:22
Romsteryes treach you probbly think the same about me too.12:24
treachscrew that, we're all weird here.12:24
tilmanwe'd use debian if we were sane12:25
treachI actually used debian for a few days recently, thougth I should get a system that was lower on maintainence, more resouces into testing etc..12:29
treachthat didn't turn out too well. :-/12:29
*** raw_ has joined #crux12:33
*** mrks has joined #crux12:34
*** morlenxus has quit IRC12:36
*** morlenxus has joined #crux12:36
*** mrks_ has quit IRC12:38
j^2i dunno about where yall live...but why do only ugly people ride the bus?12:42
treachbecause it's not "cool"? And it's a poor way of projecting yourself as successful?12:44
j^2i dunno, but i've never seen a hot woman waiting for a bus in my life12:44
j^2only fatties :P12:45
*** raw has quit IRC12:46
raw_bratz bratz bratz anotherone rides the bus12:48
*** morlenxus has quit IRC12:53
*** morlenxus has joined #crux12:53
*** jdolan has quit IRC12:54
*** sepen has joined #crux13:11
*** jdolan has joined #crux13:20
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan13:20
*** treach has quit IRC13:26
tilmanj^2: got judgement yet? \:D/13:39
raw_j^2: judgment day13:40
raw_and next j^1/2: the root of evil13:40
j^2> being a goatee :P13:41
Romsterwas so thinking of that too :P13:42
tilman# What did you do when it locked up? Did you click on something, drag a window,13:42
tilman# alt-tab, open a menu..?13:42
tilmandamn, treach is gone13:42
* tilman bounces13:50
tilmanj^2: :P13:50
tilmantestament is cool13:54
j^2i'm still a carbon fan more so ;)13:57
tilmani usually skip carbon13:58
*** raw_ has quit IRC13:58
j^2then chrome13:58
j^2then the live version of Kingdom13:58
j^2then standing13:58
j^2good ol' itunes :P13:59
j^2the live cd, Pastpefect, gives me chills each time i listen to the whole thing13:59
tilmanthe live version of kingdom sucks imo14:00
tilmanvocals suck there14:00
j^2yeah the begining is wierd, but i love the bass beat14:01
tilmanthe vocals spoil it14:03
tilmanthe track list of past perfect pretty much sucks14:03
tilmanwhere's frika and joy?14:03
tilmanand possibly another old song?14:03
j^2true, frika is quite good, it gets me going14:05
tilmansolitary <314:07
tilmanj^2: the album isnt' that great though14:47
*** treach has joined #crux14:49
j^2eh, i'm all about the live album, it's (which i'm listening to right now), it's the only one they have right?14:49
tilmanif you mean past perfect, yes14:50
tilman(20:42) <@   tilman> # What did you do when it locked up? Did you click on  something, drag a window,14:50
tilman(20:42) <@   tilman> # alt-tab, open a menu..?14:50
tilman(20:42) <@   tilman> damn, treach is gone14:50
tilmantreach: ^^^ openbox bug. can you answer that question?14:50
treachwell. I don't quite remember, but I think it didn't need any interaction at all from me..14:51
treachbtw, the snapshot you prepaired for me has worked without any problems so far.14:51
tilmanthat's r5698, right?14:52
tilman(i think i labelled the tarball that)14:52
j^2tilman: do you have any suggestions on other bands like vnv?14:52
tilmanj^2: i like assemblage23 a lot14:52
tilmanthe apoptygma berzerk live albums are awesome, but i guess you know those14:53
j^2lame not on mininova :P14:53
treachtilman: yes.14:53
RyoShey i updated some corepackages yesterday and now i cant load a terminal. it cant load the pseudo-ttys14:58
RyoSok, i have the devpts line in my fstab and i have done a rejmerge14:58
tilmanj^2: do you like terror ebm/harsh ebm?14:58
j^2never heard of it14:59
j^2i dont think anyway14:59
RyoSany volunters to help?14:59
tilmanless cheerful, more aggressive. distorted vocals14:59
j^2like suicide commando?14:59
j^2i mean :P15:00
*** morlenxus has quit IRC15:00
*** morlenxus has joined #crux15:00
RyoShelloooo *echo*15:05
RyoSi seem to have found a little udev problem?15:05
RyoSwhy does it not create the pts mountpoint folder in /dev15:05
tilmanyou mount devpts to /dev/pts?15:05
tilmanso it's there15:06
RyoSi did creathe the folder manually15:06
tilmanstop saying folder15:06
RyoSwhat ever15:06
RyoSits not there, dang15:06
RyoSso i create it15:06
RyoSwhy is it not there? i dont know. you tell me15:06
RyoSi did a ordinary sysup yesterday15:06
tilmani don't know either15:07
RyoSwhen does it create the "mountpoint"15:07
RyoSor what shall i call it?15:07
tilmanso your kernel does support that devpts crap?15:08
tilmani guess, otherwise you could't mount it15:08
RyoSits working now after doing it manially15:08
RyoSso i guess the rulesets are just wrong15:08
tilmanthere are no pts rulesets15:08
RyoSso when does the magic thing happen? or could it be a one time story? i could try a reboot now and check the result out15:09
RyoSsame thing again15:11
RyoSsame problem with /dev/shm too15:11
RyoSi like that =D15:11
*** Romster has quit IRC15:14
*** rxi_ has joined #crux15:16
*** Romster has joined #crux15:20
*** rxi has quit IRC15:29
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*** sets mode: +oo aon tilman17:08
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treachNP: Little Richard - Keep On Knockin'17:36
*** lasso_ has quit IRC17:38
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux17:52
jjpktreach: late night humor eh? :D'17:54
treachmaybe. ;)17:59
* LithiumFX requests urgent help. Will sell cat.18:00
treachno go, I've already got two..18:00
jjpkDon't ask to ask, what's the problem18:00
LithiumFXI can't build glibc18:00
LithiumFXAnd I get -18:00
LithiumFXprt-get: relocation error: prt-get: symbol _ZNSsC1Ev, version GLIBCXX_3.4 not defined in file with link time reference18:01
LithiumFXI've rebuilt the core gcc port fine18:01
treachwhy bother?18:01
LithiumFXBut even if I use the stock gcc package on the CRUX CD18:01
treachwhat's wrong with the packages on the iso?18:02
LithiumFXNothing, but I was rebuilding my entire system18:02
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:03
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan18:03
treachadvice; reinstall the glibc and gcc packages from the iso, and then read up on how to update your system properly.18:06
treachno problem, there is even a howto of some sort somewhere at crux.nu18:08
treachLithiumFX: and btw, try to keep the wilder variants of C(XX)FLAGS in check, or you'll get all kinds of misery.18:11
LithiumFXtreach, I've realised why I should have been using the core gcc port18:12
LithiumFXMy port was a wreck (I've axed it now)18:12
treachgood :)18:12
LithiumFXI've been trying to get Vista to work with my Intel HD chip18:13
LithiumFXVista is a step back18:13
LithiumFXIt makes NT3 look advanced18:13
treachI haven't used windows for years. I'm done with that shit.18:13
LithiumFXI need it for VS200518:14
treachand vista is bizarr, there is no other word for a system that needs 800Mhz and 1GB ram to freaking *idle*..18:14
jjpkI can't wait to get that call from my father on the day he decides to get vista...18:14
LithiumFXSo far, it's crashed six times extracting a cab file18:14
LithiumFXHates copying a file >20MB18:15
jjpkMight as well jump out the window at that point.18:15
jjpkno pun intended :D18:15
LithiumFXFreezes on driver installs (Microsoft WHQL drivers...)18:15
LithiumFXjjpk, genius!18:15
treach"In a world without Gates, who needs Windows"?18:15
treach(or something like that)18:16
jjpkThat time won't come too quickly :p18:16
treachwell, I don't need it at least. God, I hate windows..18:16
treachmessy, fragile and illogical.18:17
treachdesigned to be broken.18:17
nipuLif it wasnt for windows i'd be out of a job18:17
jjpkI doubt that is what they wanted, reality is just not catching up with their ambitions.18:17
nipuLyet...i still hate it18:18
* treach sooths his nerves with Bachs "Cantat No 147"18:18
jjpkSomething tells me I will be emptying my bottles of mint flavored vodka very soon...18:18
treachnipuL: I doubt that, you probably would work with something else, less annoying.18:18
jjpkSupposed to be finishing my final project for this degree. oh joy18:19
jjpkTotal catastrophe with the supervisor, nominally the due date is today but whatever :D18:20
treachmmmh, yay for supervisors who just doesn't show up..18:20
nipuLi'm having the day off, religious holiday18:21
jjpkIt does not help that you have to guess on just about everything.18:21
nipuLmy birthday18:21
jjpkThe guy is simply too damn busy to be supervising anything sheesh18:21
treachjjpk: or, better yet, are in place, but behind locked doors without any means to contact them..18:21
* treach plays the "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" to celebrate jjpk's project. :P18:23
jjpkLet's just say it's a shit situation when others have had the entire time and I was out in the cold for a month.18:23
jjpkAnd knowing this fucking institution, you get points deduced for not informing the supervisor and having personal initiative.18:24
jjpkIf it ain't approved, too bad :D18:24
treach"OMG, students who thinks, where will this end!?" =|18:25
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC18:25
jjpkYes and no, they want you to think INSIDE the box :|18:26
jjpkPlace you in a restrictive mindset, stifle creativitity and make you a drone fit to serve corporate interests. :D18:26
jjpk= business schools, yay18:27
treach*WHACK!* "Don't think in longer terms than 3 months dammit!!"18:27
jjpkThe favorite answer here to any question is "it depends on so and so"18:28
jjpkIt's hell getting a direct answer here for some reason :D18:28
jjpkI find it similar to political talk, a lot of empty words and noise18:29
treachof course. it's business, no need to make numbers match, but rather avoid the questions afterwards. :P18:29
jjpkJust make it look half decent and off you go ;)18:30
jjpkSomething notorious you learn here, never worth it to pursue anything at full capacity18:31
jjpkToo much effort for little to no gain :|18:31
treachif you go for full throttle you'll just burn out. :/18:31
jjpkI was very surprised that many here have a "WTF" attitude toward entrepreneurship in particular18:31
jjpk"how can you think that? go work for a big company and stfu!"18:32
treachmmh. right.18:32
treachthat's people who hopefully will never enjoy their work..18:33
jjpkIt's not an easy subject, many are afraid of the commitment and the risks involved18:34
jjpkOne reason why many go work for big companies is to reduce the risk, create security and stability18:34
treachI guess the glass is always half empty, huh?18:35
jjpkI would say so18:36
jjpkSecond, Finnish culture does not encourage or admire initiative needed for being one's one boss18:37
jjpkThere is a severe attitude issue with this.18:37
jjpkIt's natural for a Finn to say "why bother with anything anyway"18:38
jjpkSave some face by not doing anything18:38
treachheh, it's not much better here. :)18:38
jjpkFairly common in the nordic region :|18:39
treachjjpk: heard of "jantelagen"?18:39
jjpkNope :s18:39
treachheh, it's actually on wp. :P18:40
jjpkJante law?18:41
jjpkI have witnessed this many times, but I had no idea what this concept was called :o18:42
treachthen you learned something new today, not a bad start. :)18:42
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DaViruzso.. anyone got any hints on forcing a linux machine to reboot via ssh? :/20:27
DaViruzwithout sysrq i might add..20:30
treachisn't there a "" equivalent?20:31
treachsomething I remember from a long time ago, an asm program you could use to reset a windows computer20:33
DaViruzwhat everyone reccomends seems to be echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger.. but for some reason i don't have sysrq in this kernel.. and reboot -f etc are completely without effect20:34
DaViruzstupid dead hdd is locking up everything20:34
treachsorry, I think it's beyond me.. time to hit the sack.20:35
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