IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-04-03

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RomsterDaViruz, ctrl+alt+del force shutdown?03:38
Romsterwack akeyboard in and hit that.03:38
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plundraehm, wrong window :]03:46
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treachironic.. put on stage by typing fg. :)04:09
DaViruzRomster: well the box is 15km away :(04:25
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jjpkIf the dead hdd made the whole box oops, then no command will get through anyway.04:35
treachäh bara en och en halv mil, det är ju bara en liten joggingtur. ;)04:35
jjpkEither get there and yank the power cable out :D04:35
RomsterDaViruz, damn got a sysadmin that can do it locally ?04:44
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DaViruzRomster: not for a few days no04:52
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Romsterthen your screwed :/04:57
Romstertill then04:57
plundraJust check the kernel source for whatever 'b' in sysrq.c or something like that does, and do that? :-)05:07
plundraemergency_restart(); will probably do the trick :)05:15
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j^2tilman: bah10:02
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jjpkNothing wrong with ogg.10:15
jjpkAssuming you were talking about the audio format :p10:15
saereapart from the lossy bit that is ;)10:16
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aonlisten to your cd's for the lossless equivalent10:17
aonyou're talking about bought music, right? :)10:17
j^2aon: of course10:20
j^2i'm just not used to ogg, i've done everything since the begining of time with mp310:20
j^2i had to find a mac player :(10:21
aoni'd use flac but my embedded devices don't support it10:22
aonactually, the car stereo doesn't even support wma10:22
aonerm, wma yes10:22
aonogg no10:22
* tilman wants a car stereo w/ vorbis support badly10:22
tilmanbut they are $$$10:22
j^2same here, my civic has mp3 and wma, but an aux jack for my ipod :D10:22
jaegerI'd love a car deck with ogg/vorbis support10:24
jaegeror even flac10:24
jjpkThat would be nice.10:25
jaegerfor now I settle for a deck with ipod support10:25
tilmani'm juggling audio cds in the car atm10:26
tilmanpretty annoying10:26
aoni wish there was a DIN car stereo sized *nix box with an lcd and programmable buttons in the front :)10:27
j^2mini-itx box with a touch screen ;)10:28
jaegerI'm sure it's been done, just not cheap10:28
aonthe parts are basically in the "related items" list :)10:30
jaegerthat motorized 7" LCD is neat10:30
aonheh, yeah10:31
aonthat kind of a system would cost more than my car did, though :)10:31
aonand that's without an amplifier and speakers10:31
tilmanhow much did you pay for your car? one cube of beer?10:32
aonmore :)10:32
tilmanok ;p10:33
jaegerhrmm... on a fresh 2.3 install fc-cache fails to write its cache for any of the dirs in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/10:37
jaegercan't duplicate it on another machine, though10:37
saerefarewell all, see you10:37
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marotilly! :)10:51
tilmanseen my email from some weeks ago?10:51
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jjpkAnother cycler11:33
aonit's healthy to excercise :)11:34
jjpkProbably not when it consists of channel cycling ;)11:35
j^2OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!11:36
j^2<--- a very happy camper right now11:36
aonah, i remember that11:39
j^2:D :D :D :D :D :D11:39
jjpkIs it just me, or does a lot killing happen in educational institutes in North America? o_o11:47
aons/in educational institutes//11:49
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LithiumFXHowdy all11:56
j^2jjpk: yeah it seems more and more imo too11:57
LithiumFXAt the risk of being attacked: I've rebuilt gcc and glibc (the standard ports from core, just a rebuild), and get libstdc++ errors11:58
j^2the back libstdc++ port you need11:58
j^2i forget what's it called it's in opt11:59
j^2one sec11:59
j^2i used to run into that problem all the time11:59
LithiumFXI'm rebuilding gcc/glibc with my own flags then planning on rebuilding everything else installed, just for completion12:00
jjpkcore/libstdc++-compat is probably what you are missing or something12:00
LithiumFXI've got it installed12:00
j^2jjpk: yeh exactl12:00
jjpkHave you rebuilt that?12:00
LithiumFXprt-get: relocation error: prt-get: symbol _ZNSsD1Ev, version GLIBCXX_3.4 not defined in file with link time reference12:00
LithiumFXThat's the error I get12:00
LithiumFXI've installed CRUX, with EVERYTHING from the core packages on the CD (to make sure)12:01
LithiumFXRebuilt gcc, then got that error12:01
LithiumFXSo I rebuilt glibc, and still have that error12:01
LithiumFXI've rebuilt libstdc++-compat and prt-get12:01
LithiumFXgcc and glibc build successfully12:01
LithiumFXI've checked the rejected files, and there's nothing significant12:01
jjpkI don't know what to tell you beacuse I have never encountered that problem :|12:01
LithiumFXI could rebuild on CRUX 2.212:01
j^2LithiumFX: this'll make you happy :D
bd2LithiumFX, rebuild prt-get, cd /usr/ports/core/prt-get ; pkgmk -f -u12:02
j^2sorry i had too :P12:02
LithiumFXbd2, I've done that12:02
bd2it seems not. but if you done it, then your toolchain is messed12:03
LithiumFXAm I doing anything wrong12:03
LithiumFXIs toolchian comprised of gcc and glibc?12:03
bd2also binutils12:03
LithiumFXI'll rebuild that to test12:03
LithiumFXI was running 2.2, so I used the upgrade12:04
LithiumFXThen installed everything in core after I had this problem the first time12:04
LithiumFXI was using my own glibc build at 2.412:04
LithiumFXBut I'm struggling now12:05
LithiumFXI know what the problem is12:05
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guaquawhy are you rebuilding everything?12:08
LithiumFXSo my pkgmk configuration/cflags are applied12:09
jjpkI highly doubt the effort justifies a 1-3% gain, if even that :|12:10
LithiumFXThat's the error I get building prt-get12:11
LithiumFXI'm using gcc, glibc and binutils from the core ports, but rebuilt on my box12:11
LithiumFXCould it be my pkgmk flags?12:11
LithiumFX pkgmk.conf12:12
LithiumFXAny ideas?12:15
jjpkHmm. I am reading gcc's manual page, -march=k8 seems to imply you should be running in 64bit mode. are you or are you still in 32bit mode?12:17
jjpk(this is a stab in the dark, I have no experience with 64bit cpus)12:17
LithiumFXI'm on an AMD64 but in 32-bit12:17
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LithiumFXGoogling isn't throwing anything up12:28
LithiumFXIs this a system problem? I could do the same thing in CRUX 2.2 without issue.12:28
LithiumFXPerhaps this is why glibc 2.5 isn't marked stable?12:28
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LithiumFXOr it could be a prt-get issue, as it only seems to effect prt-get12:31
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LithiumFXI'll follow that and get back to you13:04
LithiumFXThanks to everyone for your help13:05
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rehabdollrebuilding libstdc++-compat seems quite pointless, since its just a binary file :)14:16
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LithiumFXAnybody know how to organise divine intervention?18:39
treachwe leave that crap to windows users.18:46
LithiumFXI've destroyed my toolchain, basically18:46
LithiumFXI've followed a CRUX toolchain rebuild guide, but prt-get still complains18:46
LithiumFXIt's only prt-get though :\18:47
LithiumFXI've tried using old versions, all fall over18:47
treacheven the one on the iso?18:48
LithiumFXThe ISO works fine18:48
LithiumFXIf I rebuild, as in a straight rebuild, the only difference being my pkgmk.conf, the issues start18:48
LithiumFXRebuilding gcc causes prt-get to fudge, even when you rebuild prt-get18:48
treachwell, what do you have in your pkgmk.conf then?18:48
treachyou don't happen to be a ricer?18:48
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LithiumFXprt-get: relocation error: prt-get: symbol _ZNSsD1Ev, version GLIBCXX_3.4 not defined in file with link time reference <--- that's the prt-get error if I try and perform install/upgrade operations18:51
LithiumFXI've tried using the "default" flags (-O2 -march=i686 -pipe) too18:51
LithiumFXDo any of the flags I use look suspect?18:51
treachi have no idea what "-funit-at-a-time -fno-ident" does, but I'd remove them.18:51
treachalso, I *know* "-fvisibility-inlines-hidden" causes problems with some apps, not sure if it's relevant in this case, but still.18:52
treach"-fno-enforce-eh-specs" is also unknown to me.18:52
LithiumFXI'll try without18:53
LithiumFXI'll rebuild my toolchain for the... 6th time :\ without the -funit/fno flags18:54
treachFurther, I have no idea why you're setting LDFLAGS for, I've never had to to that.18:54
thrice`out of curiosity, what guide are you referring ?18:54
LithiumFXwxgtk needed them I think18:54
thrice`dont' think so18:54
treachthrice`: sten's18:54
treachLithiumFX: I'd suggest removing them too, unless you really need them. Anthing that could cause problems should go.18:55
* thrice` has never touched the default flags18:56
LithiumFXDoes the guide referenced seem logical?18:56
* treach hands thrice` a medal18:56
LithiumFXI can't think what else could be the prolem - the flags I use are the only difference between the CRUX ISO packages and the ones I've built18:56
treachLithiumFX: it worked for me when I used it18:56
thrice`then again, I woudln't trust me with anything linux related ;)18:56
LithiumFXCompletely random question: Anybody use gaim/xchat/sylpheed and save passwords? I've written a nice wrapper script for them to GPG encrypt the files.18:57
treachif someone can read your configfiles you've got other, bigger problems.18:58
LithiumFXFair point18:59
LithiumFXI'm paranoid though18:59
* LithiumFX looks over his shoulder 18:59
LithiumFXI'll rebuild my toolchain without the extra flags19:00
LithiumFXThanks again for your help19:00
treachsure, good luck.19:00
LithiumFXI'll (hopefully) get back to you with good news19:00
LithiumFXI owe you all a beer19:00
treachjust be a bit less reckless instead.19:01
treachI'm sure we will profit more from that. :)19:01
LithiumFXBefore you ask, I've never used Gentoo19:01
thrice`heh; good luck LithiumFX19:01
LithiumFXBut my flags did come from a Gentoo user19:01
LithiumFXWhich may explain my problems19:01
LithiumFXexport CFLAGS="-Os -march=k8 -pipe" / export CXXFLAGS="$CFLAGS -fvisibility-inlines-hidden"19:02
LithiumFXRevised flags, and I've killed LDFLAGS19:02
LithiumFXLooking good?19:02
treachLithiumFX: next time, *BEFORE* you embark on some mad compiling adventure, make sure you know what you're doing.19:02
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treachget rid of that visibility thing.19:03
LithiumFXThe first time I used Linux, Slackware 9.0, I thought it'd be a good idea to remove *~ and *old19:03
LithiumFXI need to understand what I do before I do it19:03
LithiumFXThanks again, talk to you in the near future19:04
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treachindeed. which is why you should "man gcc" before you add some mad gentoo compiler-flags..19:04
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treachoh well..19:04
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aon-Os coming from a gentooer seems a bit odd19:06
treachnot really.19:07
aonshould be at least -O400000019:07
treachsmaller binaries, loads faster, uses less ram.19:07
tvaalThey use that prelinking magic for that. =)19:08
maro_treach: -Os is -O2 with 2 optimizations disabled19:53
maro_they're almost identical19:53
treachI know.19:59
treachbut those extras sure costs compiletime. :P20:00
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