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bd2hey all. anybody knows where is prologic? It seems his net just down, but maybe anyone aware of details?04:44
Romsterbd2, hes relocating again04:55
bd2ah.. thanks Romster04:56
Romsteris anoying my ports are offline...04:56
Romsterthinking of hsoting them elseware i dunno..04:57
Romsterwith all the moving for work and other stuff going on sites and repo are off too damn much...04:57
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j^2hey all09:11
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jaegeranyone have any insight as to which is a better printer driver to use in linux with cups - PCL5e, PCL6, or PS?10:08
jaegerif it matters, the printer in question is an HP LaserJet 4050N10:08
aondunno, i'm using pcl6 as that's what the printer supports10:08
aonworks fine10:08
tilmanas i was clueless about printers in linux until recently, i checked linuxprinting.org10:08
tilmanthey have a "recommended driver" for each printer in their list10:09
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jaegerI'm looking there now to see what they recommend10:09
jaegerthanks :)10:09
jaegerPS recommended in this case10:09
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tilmanmaro_: mmh, are you ignoring my mail, me, or both?10:39
maro_tilman: sorry, not on purpose10:44
maro_private mail?10:45
tilmanmaro_: it boils down to "please update contrib/libarchive"10:45
tilmanmaro_: version 2 has gone stable, hooray, etc10:45
maro_(I got 1K spams in my inbox to look through... should probably re-train my spam filter sometime soon...)10:45
maro_tilman: ok :)10:46
maro_I noticed the b versioning stopped10:46
maro_but is it stable?10:46
tilmanit was in alpha stage before10:46
tilmanor maybe i just didn't notice it was in beta some time :D10:46
tilmanmaro_: no problems here10:47
j^2hey i've got a sun workstation/server sitting on a pallet in my wherehouse and i'm not to sure what to do with it.  does anyone here have any experiance with Suns?10:54
jaegerknow what model it is?10:55
j^2first off, do i need a sun keyboard?10:55
j^2one sec, i'll find out10:55
tilmanisn't rxi the crux-sparc person?10:56
tilmanhe might know :P10:56
jaegerrxi, cptn, and I all messed with it a bit10:56
tilmanoh, heh10:56
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jaegerI've still got 2 ultra5s and an ultra2 here that could run it if we tried again :)10:57
jaegerand a couple LXs if there were a 32bit version10:58
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j^2it's called enterprise 25010:59
tilmani've always wanted to have a BE machine for testing purposes10:59
tilmanbut i guess if i actually had one, i'd never use it10:59
jaegertilman: heh10:59
j^2it looks like i need a sun keyboard right?11:00
jaegerj^2: uses 1 or 2 ultrasparc-ii cpus so you could run linux on it if you wanted11:00
tilmannot if you ssh in11:00
j^2jaeger: nice11:00
jaegermini DIN 8 keyboard/mouse11:00
j^2that's pretty old school :P11:01
jaegertype4/type5 keyboards, not really sure which11:02
jaegermaybe both work11:02
jaegerit could make a pretty decent little server for something. even has 6 internal disk bays if I remember right11:07
jaegerhrmm, so says the specs page -
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j^2yeah i'm not to sure what to do with it :P11:12
tilmanconnect it and give me a shell so i can use it when i need a BE box11:12
tilmanjust an idea though11:12
j^2i guess a dns server ;)11:12
tilmanyou could also make it serve massive amounts of pr0n11:13
tilmanbig endian11:13
j^2i guess i could :D11:13
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j^2run a little websever off it11:13
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j^2bah! only 18gig hdds :P11:16
j^2not torrenting11:17
jaegerit'll work with larger drives11:17
j^236gigs :D11:17
jaegerthey're just not "supported", which means fdisk can't autogenerate sun disklabels for them11:18
jaegeryou just have to do it yourself, which is easy if you can get specs for the drive you want11:19
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deus_exPower outages/failures are fun...11:27
jjpkThey do...11:28
deus_exTwice today, so far.11:30
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LithiumFXIs there any way to set uncide support in CRUX?21:02
LithiumFXUsing unicode_start only applies to the current tty in rc.local21:02
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