IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-04-05

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zsircusranyone using an intel 2200bg adapter?06:29
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treachprobably. might not be present though.06:32
sammmit should work, ipw2200 driver06:34
sammmjust getting a cant find firmware error, cant load it06:35
treachwell, I suppose you did download it?06:36
treachiirc, it's a separate download.06:36
sammmhmm maybe i should look at that06:37
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onestepeveryone, hi :)07:19
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jflashhi. does anyone in here know a user by name prologic ?09:08
jflashhey Romster,09:08
* jflash slaps Romster around a bit with a large trout09:09
treach@seen prologic09:09
clbtreach: prologic was last seen in #crux 1 week, 4 days, 4 hours, and 23 seconds ago: <prologic>
jflashRomster knows him, but it's almost midnite where they live09:10
jflashi think i'll have to wait till the morning09:10
Romstereh O_o09:27
Romsterjflash, yo09:28
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jflashhave you seen James lately?09:36
jflashwhat's the word about him?09:36
Romstermoving again see ya notice.09:37
jflashwho is BD@ ?  i dont quite follow09:38
jflashdo you expect him to be back online at some point this week?09:39
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NicePicsI need the crux penguin png/svg for wallpaper, link?10:09
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tilmandidn't we once want to get us another mascot?10:22
rawtake me! *wave*10:29
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* Romster shrugs11:11
Romsterblue penguin that looks like its on drugs :P11:11
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rehabdollits ugly11:20
rehabdolli suggest:
rawI very much like this logo:
tilmanwe could turn it by 90 degrees11:23
tilmanso it's a C11:23
rawand remove the black swirl11:25
rehabdollseriously though. i really think we should look for another logo11:31
rawWhats so bad about the blue penguin?11:33
rehabdollits horrid! :911:33
rawno, it's blue.11:36
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alanciohey people14:18
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* j^2 waves14:20
alancioanybody here using the vmware port from contrib?14:21
j^2not i14:21
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alancioI want to run windows, so I wonder if vmware is the only option14:24
j^2isnt there parallels for linux?14:25
alancioyeah I think so, but can't find any on freshmeat14:25
alanciovmware does run in linux14:25
alanciooh, you mean for the program I want to run?14:26
alanciowell, its IE :P14:26
alanciowith its plugins14:26
j^2i really like, well the mac version14:26
j^2it's soild14:26
alanciooh ok14:27
rehabdollyou can run ie with wine flawless14:30
j^2rehabdoll: interesting  thanks for the link!14:34
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saereHello all15:27
treach@seen all15:28
clbtreach: all was last seen in #crux 46 weeks, 1 day, 4 hours, 46 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: <all> hey j^215:28
treachhm, I had forgotten about that. :D15:29
saereHm... anyone having issues with windowmaker font smoothing in 2.3?15:52
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saereIs there a simple way to capture pkgmk output?16:07
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saereah, tee :)16:10
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j^2any one have a port for routed?16:39
j^2it's not for linux is it :(16:41
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rehabdollguess not16:54
j^2yeah crazy eh?16:54
j^2and i cant find the src either16:54
j^2i'd make the port if i could find it16:55
rehabdoll ?16:57
j^2i was thinking that i guess16:57
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j^2rehabdoll: hmm looks like i need it too :(17:09
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treachah, a whole bunch of new contributors, "the canadian menshealth". Just what we needed.18:39
thrice`heh; contributors to what ?18:40
treachcrux-contrib. :)18:40
treachunfortunately, it seems like they intend to limit their contributions to spam. :-/18:41
treachnow, I'm dissapointed. :(18:41
thrice`are you seeing this on the ML somewhere ?18:41
treachyeah, the contrib ml.18:42
thrice`ah; don't think i'm on that18:42
treachheh, sometimes I wonder if *I'm* on it.18:42
treachI think I've only got like 3 mails or so there, ever. :P18:43
thrice`ah - I won't search, then :)18:43
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rehabdollwrong term D;20:02
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