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jiribwhat is that nonsence of configuration files in /usr/etc?06:47
jiribthat's really silly06:47
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rxigod damn just had to use the handbook to get contrib07:01
treachman, I had no idea theo was such a hypocrite.07:28
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treach"don't tell the world we are copying GPL code."07:37
treachHe'd be squealing like a stabbed pig if someone infringed on *his* copyright, that's for sure.07:38
rxilol theo the freebsd guy?07:43
rxiahh my bad07:44
jiribsure they are 'copying' some code07:44
jiribwhy not?07:44
treachdude. think07:44
jiribthey don't copy & paste, man07:45
treachin this case, apparently they did.07:45
jiribthey do their own version of that07:45
jiribopencvs for example07:45
jiribanyway, cry for your shitty linux07:47
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treachwhat an idiot.07:47
treach"Don't insult Theo the Great, my hero""07:47
rxihe;s no worse/better than stallman tho07:48
treachI don't think you could accuse stallman of being a hypocrite.07:48
rxiyeah thats true07:48
Romster@seen jflash07:57
clbRomster: jflash was last seen in #crux 22 hours, 17 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <jflash> do you expect him to be back online at some point this week?07:57
Romsterprologic should be back on soon (i assume) got a sms from him asking for a ip of a dsl modem funky ting uses O_o07:58
Romstershitty linux, pfft who was that bozo..08:00
Romsteri'm getting someting to eat..08:00
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rxihey jay08:01
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prologic23:11:19 (338.90 KB/s) - `download_test.exe' saved [8068841/8068841]08:14
prologicgod bless open wlans :)08:14
prologicsucks having no internet :/08:15
surrounderhmm where are all the gnome packages ? updating to 2.18 or something ?08:18
surrounderah nevermind, read it on jaeger's site :)08:21
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rehabdolltreach: where did you read that openbsd thing?08:29
tilmantheo's reply rocks08:38
treachit's stupid, and childish.08:39
treachI somehow get the feeling copyright isn't important unless it says Theo de Radt©08:39
tilman"So next time, talk to the specific people, so you don't come off08:40
tilmanas being mean, ok?"08:40
tilmanfunny, i thought michael buesch's original mail was pretty nicely written08:40
treachLook who's talking..08:40
treachthat's all I have to say on the subject. :>08:40
tilmanmh, yeah08:41
tilman> Maintaining whitespace and variable names.08:43
tilmanCopyrighted whitespaces and variable names, you mean, right?08:43
aonthe surname has two a's08:44
tilmanIt's too late.  He has given up, because of your first mail.08:45
tilmanHe has already deleted his work from our tree.08:45
tilman("He" being the openbsd person who stole the code)08:46
tilmanoh my08:46
aonppl should stop using gpl so problems like this wouldn't arise08:46
prologicwhat's the big deal anyway ? it's gpl'd code ?08:47
prologicI only read the original mail from Michael :)08:47
tilmanmaybe you missed the first sentence08:48
tilmanman, i could quote from theo's mails all day08:48
treachprologic: the big deal is that you don't relicense other peoples work.08:51
treachwhereas theo's point seems to be, "don't tell anyone, now, look you made the poor guy cry!"08:52
Romsteryo prologic08:52
treachand then he proceeds to call the copyrightholders all kinds of names.08:53
treachI guess he's in love with the code-thief.08:53
aonlesson learned: don't commit if you initially use badly licensed code08:53
prologicdon't know why they just didn't keep the origianl license08:54
aonbecause it's bsd08:54
treachyou can't go that way.08:54
aonstuffing gpl'd code into the kernel is a disaster08:54
* Romster laughts08:55
aonNo definitions were found for laught.08:55
aonSuggestions: - Make sure all words are spelled correctly.08:55
* tilman chuckles08:56
tilman> That is a complete lie.  You called him a thief, and PRESUMED that he08:56
tilman> did it on purpose.08:56
treachof course he did.08:56
tilmanoops, did i just copy GPLs source code? i had NO IDEA!08:56
aonagreed tho, theo is taking it completely wrong :)08:56
tilmanwas there a COPYING file? oops!08:57
tilmanall this talk about human beings08:57
aoni woudln't be surprised if there even wasn't one08:57
aonah, there is08:59
aongood for them, then :)08:59
tilman> You are a very poor example of humankind.09:00
rxiwell i know your easily entertained :P09:01
tilmanhe's right09:02
rxiwho theo?09:02
tilmanjeff garzik09:02
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tilmanthis whole thread is so great09:04
tilmanwhy did gpl-persons ask bsd-persons to relicense their bsd-code?09:05
tilmanthey could just have taken it :P09:06
tilmanlegally, too, etc09:06
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tilmanmmh, or do they use the bsd license w/ the advertising clause?09:08
jaegerI wonder occasionally if openbsd isn't around solely so theo can fight with someone for the rest of his life09:09
jaegernever seems to matter which side is right :P09:09
tilmanhow can ANYONE be THAT fucking retarded?09:10
tilmanit just doesn't seem POSSIBLE09:10
aonjaeger: openbsd is a lot better in some ways, tho :>09:10
jaegerthat may be, my point was that he seems to *always* be fighting with someone09:12
rximaybe he has half of canada stuck up his arse09:12
treachaccusations about copyright being based on white space, variable09:12
treachgah, is he an idiot, or just pretending?09:12
jaegerI imagine that'd be painful09:12
aondunno, there's a lot of code merging going on, though09:13
treachaon: was that related to the whitespace stuff?09:14
aonno, it was related to *always* fighting with someone09:14
treachah, *phew* :)09:14
aonalthough perhaps that just means that they're not *always* fighting with the same people09:14
jaegerit amazes me that they would actually delete code instead of work out some petty bullshit09:15
tilmanwell, if i had been threatened to death like that...!!09:15
tilmanoh wait09:15
tilmanit was a mistake! :'(09:15
treachcry me a river.09:16
aonyeah, doesn't make a lot of sense09:16
aonperhaps it'll come back someday :)09:16
jaegerI'd be surprised to learn the author doesn't have a copy of it somewhere09:16
treachwhat amazes me the most is that theo apparently doesn't understand how much damage he's doing to the project by defending this guy.09:16
treachit's perfect fud ammo for ms etc.09:17
rxi yeah doesnt paint a pretty picture of a "community"09:17
treach"aah, you know, those obsd guys, they aren't very concerned with copyright, are they?"09:17
treach"It would be a petty if your servers turned out to be running illigal code, wouldn't it?"09:17
treach"sure you'd not like a $699 license?"09:18
aonnow for something more serious:
* tilman glimpses over it09:20
tilmanseems to be bullshit as well09:20
tilmanmy desire to read bullshit is fullfilled for today09:20
tilmani don't think you meant to link *that*09:23
tilmanright-click the node in the tree to copy the real link09:23
tilmanjavascript fun ftw09:23
treachgha. sorry.09:23
tilmanyeah, that one's nice09:24
rxigod can you guys flog that dead horse any longer? :P09:25
aoni bet at least until 1900EEST09:25
tilmanrxi: are you an openbsd fan/user/lover, too? ;)09:26
Romsteryeah i'm just sitting here reading all  this bullshit :p09:26
rxitilman: lol no09:26
rxii dont mind netbsd09:26
Romsterwhy not do something constructive... oh wait i'm reading crap and not doing anyhting constructive too09:26
Romsterflame war :P09:27
aonwhy not go port some drivers :)09:27
jaegerit seems like the biggest reason NOT to use any OS is its users and developers :P09:27
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tilmanjaeger: mmh, i'm not sure i wanted to advertise an os that theo leads ;)09:28
jaegerit's the perfect thing if you love flame wars :)09:29
tilmani enjoyed reading some of the emails, but i'd prefer if such shit just didn't happen09:30
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prologicanyone a gameknot player ?09:55
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saereGreetings *09:56
jaegerheyo, saere10:01
saereEve jaeger10:04
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deus_exfaad2-2.5 tarball is a mess ( all files have execute bit set, CR/LF all over the place).'Nice'.11:22
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rehabdolldid you report it upstream?11:29
deus_exrehabdoll: It's a known problem, advice is 'use zip then.'11:33
rehabdolllol, nice workaround11:35
rehabdollresponsible devs :)11:35
deus_exYup. :)11:37
rehabdollthat openbsd-thread rocks11:40
rehabdollit just lacks jörg schilling for a spectacular flamefest11:41
treachgod damned morons. I never thought those guys would piss all over the foundation of their and others work.11:42
rehabdolli actually really like theo, but i think this is a bit ridiculous :)11:46
rehabdollstill, a fun read!11:46
deus_exFor  little rpm vs deb fun, read this
rehabdollwell esr is just retarded11:47
treachrehabdoll: it's not as much that he's redicolous as he's totally boneheadedly wrong, and just down right stupid.11:49
treachapparent *everything* is the problem, except that someone distributed gpl code in an illegal way..11:49
rehabdollyeah, hes a *bit* over-defensive11:50
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treachhe's handing out fud on a plate, as I said before. *groan*11:51
tilmanis that alan cox?11:52
rehabdollyeah :D11:52
tilmannever seen a picture of him without the red hat11:52
rehabdollinstead. This message from ESR really rubs it in. I've always used11:52
rehabdolldeb systems and was only recently totally, I mean totally, blown away that11:52
rehabdollis was not possible to upgrade a CentOS 3 something system to the latest11:52
rehabdolli really need to stop marking the text i read11:52
tilman"I'm sure they will be delighted to have you"11:59
tilman --ac11:59
tilman        "That was said by Eric Raymond who belongs to another movement"11:59
tilman                        - Richard Stallman11:59
tilman!! <311:59
deus_exI give up.Either faad2 is too broken, or I'm too stupid to build it( or both).I'll try something easier, like...updating qt3... :)12:01
tilmanthat reminds me of the qt debug build adventure12:01
deus_exqt3 or qt4?12:02
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deus_exIt didn't go well, I presume ? :)12:03
deus_exI used cptn's qt4 port, and it built fine (not on 2.3, and not debug version, though).12:06
deus_exFew apps that I wan't to play with require qt4 (Sound Visualizer, for example).Building qt4 is on my TODO list, but not just yet.12:10
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RedShiftprologic: hi13:08
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RedShiftprologic: when is shortcircuit coming back online?14:15
prologicwhen I get a phone line installed in this house14:19
prologicand when I transfer my dsl connection14:19
RedShifthow's it going anyway?14:19
prologicsorry my hot tempered brother kicked me out and cost me $10,00014:19
prologicand now it's easter and nothing is going to happen in a hurry14:20
prologicoh great ohterwise!14:20
prologicanyone know if it's possible to install and replace an already live and running remote system with crux ? (one that is running some other distro)14:25
rehabdollwell, sort of14:26
rehabdollglibc will be a problem14:26
rehabdolli replaced slackware that way14:27
rehabdolli just installed the pkg stuff and ports14:27
rehabdolland replaced one app at a time14:27
prologicso it's possible to reboot into crux from X distro ?14:32
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treachrejoining in15:19
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treachwoups.. another bounce release..? Kernel development at march pace. :-/17:53
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thrice`hrm, anyone seen an alsa error like this before?  I'm trying to run mpd, and it gives an error20:06
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thrice`ALSA lib confmisc.c:848:(snd_func_card_driver) cannot find card '020:06
thrice`this happens when I try to play a file with mplayer, too20:08
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treachmmh, wine gives me something similar. but sound still works though.20:18
thrice`mplayer and mpd crap out, unfortunately20:19
thrice`alsa-init: playback open error: No such device20:19
thrice`Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound.20:19
treachok, it's not the same error as I get, and it's only wine in my case.20:19
treach(no pun intended. :P )20:20
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treachALSA lib conf.c:3939:(snd_config_expand) Unknown parameters 020:22
treachALSA lib control.c:910:(snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL default:020:22
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treachbut it still works. :)20:22
thrice`yeah, I don't understand mine20:23
thrice`perhaps udev related20:23
treachNo idea, I think my errors are related to wine, since I don't think I've updated anything else that is relevant.20:24
treachbut they appear at least superficially similar.20:25
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rxi____happy birthday internet20:53
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