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Romstergood one nipuL :D01:47
Romsterand its subversion not svn01:47
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rxi_ive done that before01:49
rxi_anyone ever had an issue with compiling stuff and it just pauses til you press enter and it continues?02:12
Romsternever seen that before what programs?02:23
rxi_happened to me on my hp c3700 and now my lappy to i think02:29
rxi_i think its a kernel issue02:31
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rxi_!seen cptn05:23
-MelOne- rxi_, I don't know cptn, ask rehabdoll, maybe he knows something.05:23
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raw!seen ningo05:29
-MelOne- raw, I don't know anything about ningo, don't you mean syn_?05:29
rawMelOne sure is a hell of a clown.05:30
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tilmandovecot 1.0-rc30 \o/08:10
teKdovecot rocks08:10
jkrHow many rcs are planned until final release?08:11
tilman42 of course08:11
jkrOh, sure08:11
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rxianyone else here using ipw3945?09:19
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* rxi stabs the init scripts with a rusty spoon while frothing at the mouth10:07
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jkrIs there a FAQ for how to run synaptics touchpads and ATI cards on CRUX 2.3 with xorg 7.2?11:17
jkrThe old synaptics port doesn't some to work with the new xorg version and I can't find a new port in the xorg repo11:18
raw synaptics touchpads and ATI cards on CRUX 2.3 with xorg 7.211:18
jaegerI doubt it, since there's nothing CRUX-specific about synaptics or ATI11:18
jkrSure, but the old ports worked so good, I wonder if anyone tried to upgrade if them already11:19
rxijkr: i just install crux 2.3 and a synaptic touchpad11:19
rxiworked fine for me11:19
jkrDid you use the synaptics port?11:19
rxii had to configure the xorg InputDevice section11:20
jkrYeah, synaptics works :)11:21
jkrNow ATI... :(11:21
tilmanjust use the open driver11:21
jkrEhm, you mean the slow one? :)11:21
jkrActually I could do that, I'm not playing games anyway11:22
jkrOh wait, does it support video out?11:22
tilmanno idea11:22
tilmantv-out isn't supported at least ;)11:23
jkrI wanna watch Tenacious D tonight :)11:23
jkrI only need tv-out for the beamer11:23
jkrvga-out :)11:23
jkrMaybe flgrx doesn't work because xorg isn't installed at all11:26
tilmanIs it possible to upgrade to 2.3 without booting from CD-rom och NFS?11:28
rxioch? what are you scottish now11:32
tilmanthat guy is swedish i think11:32
jjpkUsual brainfart when writing emails it seems. och is not or in English ;)11:32
jjpkThen it would be highly unorthodox :D11:32
* Romster just got home from the pub :P11:39
Romstersed -i -e 's/och/ouch/' brainfart11:42
jkrWhere is that fixed font again?11:51
jkrHmm, but where on the hard drive is it after installing? :)12:00
jkrLooks like I wrecked my files section in xorg.conf12:00
jkrFound it12:02
rehabdollRomster: how unusual :D12:06
Romsterrehabdoll, heh12:12
jkrHas anyone ever seen this error and knows how to deal with it?12:13
jkr(EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/dri/ failed (/usr/lib/dri/ undefined symbol: __glXFindDRIScreen)12:13
Romsterjkr, did you add the xorg repo to /etc/ports/xorg.rsync then ports -u xorg then add xorg to prt-get.conf?12:13
jkrOf course12:13
Romsterborked library compile?12:14
jkrI recompiled (almost) everything revdep listed12:14
Romsterlike you didn't recompile that.12:14
jkrOnly firefox left, I'll do that one after xorg works12:14
jkrAfter that error occurs, xorg falls back to software rendering, which works fine12:15
jkrBut I need the fglrx driver :(12:15
jkrAh, btw12:16
jkrgl-select ati says that libGL.a is missing - maybe that's important to know :)12:16
Romsterprt-get update --install-scripts `prt-get listinst --depsort xorg`12:16
Romstershould be in mesa3d? or the ati binary12:17
jkrI recompiled both several times12:17
Romsterdepending what symlink the gl-select you set it too.12:17
jkrI also grepped the footprints but didn't find it12:17
jkrThere are a lot of*'s however12:19
jkrBut no libGL.a12:19
tilmanthat symbol is in mesa12:20
Romsterthats why i said mesa3d...12:20
Romsterprt-get fseach would see it too.12:21
Romsteri'm too drunk to be here :D12:21
tilmanprt-get can't help you with __glXFindDRIScreen12:21
jkrSo what/who can help me? :)12:24
jkrI only found fixes for redhat packages with that problem12:25
tilmantalking to the fireglx port maintainer might help, too12:25
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jkrYeah, just killed xorg and it blew up with a lot of kernel "BUG" messages12:34
unexist<Nelson> Haha! </Nelson>12:35
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jkrNot funny! :)12:37
tilmancomplain to ati/amd12:37
jkrSeems like it tries to reach some memory out of range :D12:37
unexistIndeed funny. Seeing jkr with GL troubles is priceless. :D12:37
treachFTR: "och" -> "and".12:38
jkrI don't even want GL, I just want support for the vga out for the beamer :(12:39
tilmandon't enable dri then?12:39
jkrI already disabled it, now there are other errors12:39
jkr(EE) AIGLX error: dlsym for __driCreateNewScreen_20050727 failed (/usr/lib/dri/ undefined symbol: __driCreateNewScreen_20050727)12:40
jkrI really don't know why it's still using that lib12:40
treachstop loading AIGLX:...?12:40
tilmangot the latest version of teh excellent driver?12:41
jkrIt's the driver from the "ati" port12:41
tilmanjust answer the question ._.12:42
jkrI don't know the answer12:42
jkrWhat's the most current version?12:42
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tilmanraw_: o_O13:12
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