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tilmanah :)03:02
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maro(finally...) :)04:06
tilmani wonder whether i should plug in my radeon04:13
tilmanand test r300 dual-head04:13
tilmanand test that radeon s-video out patch04:13
tilmanand ofc play truecombat and urban terror 404:13
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Abstracter!seen mike_k05:19
-MelOne- Abstracter, you must introduce me to mike_k one day, must be a great person!05:19
Abstracternoone know mike_k ?05:20
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jaegerrxi: aye, saw that... but I don't think I'll change anything until they change the names on the downloads... perhaps with the 2.0.0 release09:43
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rxijaeger: ahh ... just giving you the heads up09:58
tilmandovecot 1.0-rc31 \o/10:14
tilman"v1.0 still planned to be released next friday."10:15
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aonii  dovecot        0.99.14-1sarge10:47
aon<3 debian10:47
unexistOne rc every week? ;)10:47
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* Romster coughs11:17
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jaegerrxi: no problem, thanks :)12:06
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tilmanthe available lua ports are a bit crippled. here's how to install the pkgconfig file for it, that eg lighttpd wants:13:18
tilmansed -i -e 's/^prefix=.*$/prefix=\/usr/' etc/lua.pc13:18
tilmaninstall -D -m 0644 etc/lua.pc $PKG/usr/lib/pkgconfig/lua.pc13:18
tilmanrugek, jaeger: you guys' lua ports could use that :)13:18
jaegerI should remove mine. I haven't used lua since I quit playing WoW13:20
Romsterquit playing WoW O_o13:28
jaegeryeah, some time ago13:29
jaegeranyone in here a docbook expert?13:31
Romsterthink that anyone is just tilman jaeger and myself now.13:32
tilmani'm googling for "lua regular expression" and the first hit is wowwiki.com13:32
Romsteri'm off to bed13:32
tilmanjaeger: can you extend wow with lua or what?13:32
jaegerthe more exposure I have to docbook the less I understand it and the more I dislike it13:32
jaegertilman: aye, lua is *the* scripting language for wow addons13:33
jaegerRomster: later13:33
tilmannice, i guess ;)13:33
tilmanjaeger: not sure we've ever had a docbook *expert*13:33
jaegerI wonder if one even exists :)13:33
tilmancptn probably knew it "well enough" and hated it :D13:33
jaegerthe problem I'd like to solve right now is dependence on external data13:33
jaegerI don't see why it can't reference local stuff13:33
jaegerif the docbook site has problems, some packages fail to build, and that pisses me off to no end13:34
tilmani sooo don't want to learn lua13:38
tilmanbut lighttpd's mod_magnet seems to be pretty cool13:39
jaegercould  be worse. lua isn't too bad13:41
unexistLua isn't really difficult, actually really nice though. ;)13:43
unexistThe worst with Lua are the developers.13:43
tilmando you happen to know how to compute a md5sum with lua?13:43
tilmani'm not sure whether it's built in or whether i need another library13:44
unexistYou need a library or just use a shell command.13:44
unexistLua doesn't even support directory listening, I had to use ls in a pipe..13:45
tilmanfound that and hoped i didn't have to use it13:45
unexistjaeger, it's always possible to implement the algorithm in the language. ;)13:45
jaegera problem for someone besides me :)13:46
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alanciohey people13:48
tilman"an extensible extension language"13:49
unexistTcL is kind of outdated. *g*13:51
tilmanwhat's the default LUA_PATH? :o13:51
alanciothats the language used in WoW13:52
alancioit must eb addictive :P13:52
treachWoW and Ion. A match made in heaven? :p13:53
treachWoW stuff running directly in the WM :o13:53
unexistI don't like Ion anyway. :D13:54
alanciomake love, not WoW13:54
treachI don't like either, I guess I'm abnormal.13:54
alanciowhat is Ion?13:55
tilmanugh, this POS seems to only search for libs in /usr/local/lib/...13:55
treacha WindowManager13:55
alancioohh its like ratpoison13:56
aonhm, new stable debian13:56
unexistBoth are tiling window manages, but Ion is more scriptable.13:56
aoni wouldn't say so13:57
treachaon: you better hold that upgrade off for a few years so it accuires the right "debian" aroma. ;)13:57
alanciowhat is debians aroma? the old aroma? :P13:58
aonless ratpoison-$version/contrib/genrpbindings13:58
unexistaon, uhm actually I've never tried ratpoison - it's kind of ugly - and I am writing my own WM. ;)13:58
aoni see13:59
treachalancio: if you are looking for a debian stable box. follow the smell of decaying organical matter.13:59
treachunexist: How can ratpoison be "ugly"?13:59
alancioyeah, how can something be ugly if you can't see it?13:59
unexisttreach, in comparison to my own of course. ;)14:00
treachI wouldn't think there was enough of it visible for anyone to judge that..14:00
aonah yeah, i forgot that this is a linux user channel, where claims don't necessarily come from experience14:00
alancioI use fvwm for my minimalistic needs, screen for my mouseless needs and kde for everything else14:00
aon"yeah, it doesn't look like anything so i _think_ it can't be commanded from language $foo"14:00
treachaon: care to take a look in some windows user channel instead? :P14:00
unexistaon, blah. I read about it, saw the screenshots and decided not to give it a try.14:01
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treachratpoison is actually nice, although a bit slow.14:01
alanciowriting a wm is cool, you get to learn allot14:02
aonyeah, but what are you doing here claiming that it's not scribtable, then?14:02
aontreach: heh, i once benchmarked it with rasterman's wmtorture or whateveritwascalled :)14:02
aonactually the only slow thing here is that firefox download dialog14:02
unexistaon, I never said it's not - I just said Ion is _more_ scriptable.14:02
aonyes, but how do you know that if you didn't try it?14:03
aonyou read the source?14:03
unexistParts of it.14:03
aontreach: yeah, but apparently that was sometime before gmail14:03
tilmanmmh, maybe lighty doesn't want me to loadlib additional modules14:04
aoni.e. i don't have the mails stored anywhere14:04
treachaon: ah, well, IMO, there was a clear difference between 1.4.0 and 1.4.114:04
aon1.4.1 being slower?14:04
treach.1 feels a lot slower imo, yes.14:04
treachmaybe I'm just crazy, but hey..14:05
aonratpoison 1.4.2-CVS (built Mar 25 2007 23:57:52)14:05
treachcheater. :P14:05
aon(i wonder if ion lets you do something like $RATPOISON -c "putsel $($RATPOISON -c version)")14:05
unexistDon't know, read the doc. ;)14:06
alanciogaim has a new name!14:11
treachDidn't everyone already know that?14:12
alancioI didn't know that14:12
alancioI wonder if it will still segfault as usual14:12
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treachworks just fine here.14:13
alancioI never updated to 2.0, didn't like it14:13
alancioI just switched to kopete14:13
treachyou're probably linking it agains some smelly unneccesary dep which causes problems :P14:13
treachblech, kopete. :/14:14
alancionope, the segfault is in the msn plugin14:14
treachstrange that it works for me then.14:14
alancioI don't use gtkspell or anything like that14:14
alancioit started crashing when I added too many buddies14:14
alancioI have to be more selective from now on :P14:15
treachah, that could be it, guess.14:15
alanciohey I have a DNS question14:15
treachI don't have a lot of people in my lists. (I wonder why...? :> )14:15
alanciomy question: can you use TXT records as if they were SRV records?14:15
alancioI mean, is it the same type of records?14:16
alancioie: SRV a specific format of a TXT record14:16
jkrI suggest using irssi + - works like a charm14:17
jkrNo crashes, never, and as many buddies as you want :)14:17
alanciois that an IM or IRC client?14:18
jkrIt's a IRC->IM interface14:18
treachI think the term is "application layer gateway" or something like that.14:18
jkrYou talk like you where in an IRC channel, but you're talking in jabber, icq, ...14:18
jkrAll your buddies are listed as if they were in your channel and you can talk to them by either querying them or talking to them in the root channel like "buddy-name: foo"14:19
alancioand what happens if you omit the buddy-name?14:20
alancioyou talk to everybody?14:20
jkrThn nothing happens14:20
alancio"hey baby, wanna come to my home tonight"14:20
jkr21:20 @<lizer> hey baby, wanna come to my home tonight14:20
jkr21:20 @<root> Unknown command: hey. Please use help commands to get a list of available commands.14:20
treachif you want to talk to more than one person you have to create a groupchatt.14:20
alanciooh ok14:21
alanciobut some things I'll be missing: display pictures, sending files, blocking/unblocking people14:21
jkrEverything !~ /^$nick:/ is treated as a command to your channel operator14:21
treachalancio: wrong.14:22
treachsending/reciving files is WIP iirc, and also iirc you can block/unblock just fine.14:22
treachand I'm not sure I'd descibe not seeing those stupid avatar files as "missing" something.14:23
jkrWhy would you want to block/unblock someone in IM? I mean, it's your buddy14:23
unexistFor the paranoid one. :D14:23
alancioI do it all the time, with the clients in the company I work for14:23
jkrYeah, those avatars suck14:23
treachjkr: well, maybe it *was* your buddy, until you banged his mum or something. ;)14:24
alancioor he banged yours :P14:24
jkrThen you can still "unbuddy" him14:24
treachanother possibility, however remote.14:24
jkror her14:24
alanciothe thing I like about gaim is the chat history format14:25
alancioplain text files, one for each conversation14:26
treachI guess irssi saves it's logs in .doc..14:26
jkrYou can make whatever log format you like in irssi :)14:26
alanciothat makes it easy to transfer all your chat history to one single computer14:26
alanciotar -cf - .gaim/logs | ssh x.x.x.x tar xf -14:27
jkr /dumplog my-log.pdf :)14:27
alanciono overwriting is possible14:27
jkrIrssi can put timestamps in the filenames so nothing will we be overwritten14:28
alanciook thats good14:28
jkr21:20 @<lizer> hey baby, wanna come to my home tonight14:29
jkrDamn, sorry14:29
alanciois the gateway irc <-> im provided by irssi or by
jkrI've no idea how taht could happen :)14:29
jkrBy - works with every other IRC client too14:29
alancioso, aren't you concerned about your privacy?14:30
jkrIt's like connecting to a random irc server and chatting to a bot that connects you to other people14:30
jkrYou can download the server software and setup on your own machine14:30
jkrIt's open source14:30
alanciooh ok!14:30
alancioNOW I like it14:31
alanciolet me guess, its written in python? tcl?14:31
alancioI thought nobody used C anymore :P14:31
* jkr punches alancio in the eye.14:32
treachNobody? ...right.14:32
alanciolately everything new I download is written in python14:32
alancioin the best cases perl14:32
alancioI guess C is becoming too hard?14:33
deus_exWhat is the substitute for  '-I/usr/X11R6/include' ? /usr/include/X11 ?14:33
unexistHeh yea, noticed it too. Most of the projects on Freshmeat or SourceForge are notwadays in an interpreted language.14:33
unexistalancio, more difficult to write than in one of these languages I bet.14:33
alanciodeus_ex: echo '-I/usr/X11R6/include' | sed s#/usr/X11R6/include#/usr/include/X11#14:34
jkrGotta watch a movie now, bbl14:34
alanciogo see Borat, its so funny14:34
deus_ex alancio Mozplugger searches for X includes in /usr/X11R6/include, so I should replace that with /usr/include/X11 ?14:54
alancioI guess14:54
alancioyou could also use CFLAGS for that14:54
deus_exI'll patch Makefile, probably, since I'll have to modify where it looks for X libs, too.14:57
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surrounder - does anyone maybe know what I can do to fix this ?15:30
treachput the file up there?15:37
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tilmandeus_ex: /usr/X11R6/include => /usr/include15:42
tilmandeus_ex: /usr/include is searched by default, so you can just remove it15:42
treachunless you're dealing with some really retarded Makefile. :/15:42
surroundertreach: sorry ?15:46
treachthe url gives a 404 unless I'm totally nuts.15:46
surrounderuh strange15:47
surrounderhold on15:47
treachnot a good way to ask for help by directing people to a 404. :D15:47
surrounderhehe sorry, made a typo15:48
treachhm. isn't this related to what jaeger was talking about before?15:50
surrounderaah yeah15:51
surrounderI see now15:51
deus_extreach: mozplugger has hardcoded paths where it looks for includes in Makefile ( no configure).I guess that could qualify as 'retarded' :).15:52
tilmandeus_ex: well, x used to be in /usr/X11R6 for the last twenty years or so ;)15:55
treachgreat way to get frustrated; start making ports for all the stupid dockapps you can find. :/15:56
deus_extilman: True :)16:00
deus_exI guess when xorg-7x becomes more widespread, more applications will update to it.Oh, well, it's not hard to tweak a Makefile, right?16:02
tilmanwell, apps need to be backwards compatible, too16:03
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deus_exMost apps use configure, so it's not really a problem for them to pick up appropriate headers/libs.Few that doesn't can be patched.16:08
tilmantrue, but even for configure/autotools based apps, things are a bit different with x16:09
tilmannot sure how smart that AC_X(TRA) macro is16:09
mike_kwhat is a general rule on specifying "Depends on: x11" now? replace that with xorg or something more specific?16:11
tilmanplease be specific if you can/want16:14
tilmanotherwise, use "xorg"16:14
tilmanmike_k: hint: usually clients only need some libs16:14
mike_kok, just not shure how to clenly identyfy them.16:15
tilmanlook at the makefile, check what libs it links too16:17
tilmanor use ldd on the binary16:17
tilmanrugek: ffs, ping?16:18
tilmanit's "package.loadlib", not loadlib16:34
tilmanunless you define LUA_COMPAT_LOAD_LIB16:34
tilmanlua is a PITA >:16:34
tilmanrugek: check out arch's lua patch. it does a lot of VERY good things, like chaning LUA_ROOT from /usr/local to /usr, and also installing the
tilmanrugek: also, lua 5.1.2 is out ;)16:35
mike_kjaeger: libgnomeprint depends on opt/popt  [verifyed]16:35
tilmanthat one's better than the other one ;>16:41
aonhooray, upgrading debian broke horde imp16:54
aonnow i'm stuck with reinstalling that piece of shit, in the hope that the new version will be less buggy16:55
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tilmanugh, the "best greets" guy is back17:13
aon<3 roundcube17:23
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aonre-<3 roundcube17:59
tilmanwhat is it?17:59
tilmangoogle ftw17:59
tilmanfirst hit etc ;P17:59
aonit took like two minutes to set up18:10
aonimp takes a lot more and still it seems suspicious and buggy18:10
aonit's also ugly18:10
aoni think i can have a beer now18:12
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rxianyone here using intel 945gm graphics?22:26
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