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rugektilman: I will update the port when i'm back from vacation03:32
rugeknext monday ...03:32
rugekbreakfast :)03:33
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mike_khmm, commit is successful, but "error: remote 'refs/remotes/origin/2.3' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/remotes/origin/2.3'..." appears. Do I really have to git fetch, git rebase origin/2.3, and actually git push?04:00
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Romstermike_k, yes04:11
Romstermike_k, did you checkout a clean WC first?04:11
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mike_kRomster: yes. anyway, I made git clone to be shure.04:13
RedShiftthe big moment is here ^_^04:14
Romstersure, shure is a microphone company :P04:15
RomsterRedShift, i can't read that, its not in english..04:16
RedShiftRomster: jah it's in dutch :-D04:16
RedShiftyou know, the language we speak here04:16
RedShiftanyway, sup?04:18
Romsternot alot found out i got no darts tobite...04:18
rxi_stay in and watch cops04:19
Romstertyping with one hand got a dog on my lap  here04:19
rxi_not very nice thing to say about your gf :P\04:19
mike_kRomster: oh, that microphone is my favourite mistake on IRC =(04:24
Romsterhehe :P04:30
Romsteri used todo that too but i use shure mics04:30
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blusthave installed crux 2.2 on apple G4 , when try init 3 , get 'timeout opening/writing /dev/initctl'05:26
blustalredy tried mknod and mkfifo , after deleted /dev/initctl05:26
blustbut nothing change05:26
rehabdollinit 2 is the default multi-user runlevel05:28
blustyes , but get same messages05:28
rehabdolldoesnt the ppc 2.2-version use udev?05:29
blustif i look in /dev i see like an dead link that file05:29
blusti think yes05:29
blustits alredy so complicated install on apple , now i've installed ..that problem05:30
blustif reboot always i get maintenance mode05:31
rehabdollim not sure how the ppc version differs from i38605:31
rehabdolli think there's a mailinglist though05:31
blustok rehabdoll thanks , i'm seeking there too , maybe later someone reply more05:33
mike_kRomster:  and thats after a clean 'git clone'.05:41
* Romster shrugs05:49
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blustwhat about udev? useful for what?06:20
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tilmanmike_k: you forgot to remove obpager-1.8-errno.patch from git...06:50
mike_kgoddamn, I did 'git rm obpager-1.8-errno.patch; git commit -m "..." Pkgfile .md5sum obpager.diff' Should I add a remover file to the last command's list?06:55
tilmandoes anyone even read the tutorial that i wrote?06:55
tilmangit rm this06:56
tilmanvim that # do changes06:56
tilmangit add that06:56
tilmangit commit -m "done"06:56
tilmanmike_k: if you choose to specify all the crap you want to commit on the command line, you have to also mention the deleted stuff06:58
tilmanquite logical, no?06:58
mike_k - what I did06:59
mike_kyes, logical enough. but if that was implicitly deleted...07:00
tilmani'd say you explicitly removed it07:01
tilmanbut anyway07:01
cohanhm, a little off-topic.. anybody used gnuplot 4.2 with epslatex already?07:08
cohani just upgraded to 4.2 and get very weird problems, this gnuplot 4.2 seems to produce different .tex-files with many \gdef and macro stuff07:09
Romsteri read the tutorial..07:25
Romsterbut it still gives a error but still pushes..07:25
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tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > sudo /etc/rc.d/lighttpd stop08:21
tilmancat: /var/run/ No such file or directory08:21
tilmankill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigspec] pid | jobspec ... or kill -l [sigspec]08:21
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >08:21
tilmanis that KISS, or is it a bug?08:21
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tilmanhah, /etc/rc.d/sshd is smarter08:25
jkrI also noticed that many rc.d scripts use killall to kill services, which is almost never installed on my machines :(08:31
tilmanit's in core/psmisc08:32
tilmani'd say your machines are a bit funny perhaps? :O08:32
jkrHmm, I just realized that myself - has it ever been there or just since 2.3?08:32
tilmanit's probably been there since a long tim08:33
jkrBecause pkill is in there too, and I always used pkill instead when killall was not installed08:33
jkrStrange things happen here... ;)08:33
jkrYummy Schmandkuchen08:34
treachthey aren't supposed to be?08:35
jkrI wonder what OS the fat hacker girl in Criminal Minds uses08:38
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j^2hey all09:05
surrounderheya j^209:30
j^2how's it hanging surrounder ?09:31
surrounderkinda good actually :)09:31
surrounderjust upgraded to 2.309:31
surrounderhow about yourself ?09:31
j^2nice!... i'm stuck at work, twidling my thumbs...09:32
j^2i only really run crux on my's been a while since i've had a workstation as crux09:33
surrounderaaah ok, so far I really like it09:33
j^2how long have you been using crux?09:34
tilmanwhat, today isn't a holiday in the us?09:37
j^2that was friday09:37
tilmanfriday and monday for me09:37
surroundersame here09:38
surrounderj^2: few months now I think09:38
surroundermeantime I tried gentoo and lunar but both annoyed the crap out of me09:39
j^2surrounder: yeah... l33t h@x0rs of g3nt00 annoy me too :P09:39
surrounderhehe well, the community isn't that bad I guess, it's just the install sucks and I got problems with my firefox plugins09:40
j^2emerge -frakthis my ass :P09:40
surrounderand crux is the fastest distro I've run so far, and very easy to set up imho09:41
surrounderso I'm happy :)09:41
kyado  9@  */709:45
kyado#2w  9$09:45
j^2some one has a cat09:45
kyado+->9~^029@ -+109:46
surrounderthis is strange, I made a kernel with sound support but it didn't install the modules...09:48
j^2make install_modules?09:48
surrounderyeah they don't show up there09:49
surrounderI don't get it09:49
jaegerbuiltin instead of modules?09:49
j^2rebuild ;)09:50
surrounderah well, kernel recompile I can live with09:50
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surrounderhmm I guess importing my old config didn't quite work out10:29
surrounderthis looks more like it :)10:29
* surrounder is listening to Sonata Arctica - Caleb10:36
tilmanis that from the new album?10:37
tilmanit's not out yet, is it? :O10:37
tilmani see :)10:38
surrounderit'll be out the 25th of may iirc10:38
surroundergoing to buy it no matter what10:38
surrounderI have everything of SA original10:38
tilmani didn't want to accuse you of anything, i just wondered whether i had the wrong release date or something10:39
surrounderhehe I know10:40
surrounderno, it isn't out yet indeed10:40
surrounderit's a great album though, somewhat more melodic and heavier but slower than their previous work10:41
tilmanslower? o_O10:41
surrounderreally had to get used to it but after you listen it a few times you sense they have progressed a lot10:41
tilmani'm too lazy to warez it now. it's on my list of stuff to buy, too;)10:43
surrounderhehe same here10:44
surrounderdo you know machinae supremacy btw ?10:44
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Viper_does anybody have prologic's email address?11:22
blizzdoes anyone have boost 1.33.1 i686/586 binaries?11:23
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tilmanwonder whether i should move a sane lua port to opt...13:42
treachNot that it's my business, but.. 1. Do you use it? 2. Is in popular demand?13:44
tilman1.) yeah, a bit ;)13:45
tilman2.) there's already b0rked patches floating around in private repos. yet another private repo port for lua is probably a bad idea13:45
treachheh, in the name of public safety? :P13:46
jkr[x] Official repo for Perl modules!13:47
tilmantreach: kind of13:48
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williamhi, i just installed crux 2.3 and startx claims to be missing module pcidata. if anyone could suggest something i would appreciate it18:07
treachcheck your ModulePath, for a start.18:09
williamthat must be it, i'm using xorg.conf from my last install and the modules were in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules18:11
treachok. better go over you various config files then.18:12
treachwilliam: also note that rgb.txt has moved iirc.18:14
treachno problem.18:14
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