IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-04-10

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pitillogood morning01:05
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sepenhi loko04:14
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sepenjaeger, here?08:36
surrounderheya jaeger, any idea when gnome can build again? :)08:40
jaegeris it not building now?08:41
surroundernope, at least yesterday it wasn't08:41
jaegeroh, you're having the "content error in external subset" thing?08:41
surrounderlet me check te logs08:41
surrounder parser error : Content error in the external subset08:42
surrounder<!ATTLIST setinfo08:42
rxii had that error in gnome-applets08:42
rxiclean 2.308:42
jaegeryeah. that's been driving me nuts. I ended up replacing the docbook-xml ports to fix it08:42
surroundergnome-desktop#.2.18.0 here08:42
jaegersurrounder: mind testing something for me?08:42
surroundernot at all08:43
jaegerremove docbook-xml-{dtd,entities}, install, and try the build08:43
jaegerscrollkeeper will mess up the deps unless you change its dep on docbook-xml-whatever to docbook-xml08:43
surrounderjust a binary I can add with pkgadd ?08:44
jaegernah, it's a port, but very short build time08:44
jaegerso far it's working for me but I'd like to have another confirmation before I put it in the repo08:44
surrounderdownloading it now08:44
surrounderConnecting to||:81...08:45
surrounderresolving is slow ?08:45
surrounderit won't continue after that08:45
jaegeryou've already resolved it if you see that :)08:45
surrounderhehe ok08:45
jaegerno idea what might be the problem, it's working well for me... I'll upload it somewhere else08:46
rxiworked for me08:47
surrounderbuh ?08:47
surrounderit really doesnt work here08:47
surrounderjaeger: did you block my ip again :< ;)08:47
jaegernot intentionally08:47
surroundernice, this works08:47
sepenjaeger, it's all around ati port, gl-select needs to remove this line: cp /usr/lib/libGL{.a,_a}08:48
sepenI though that I notified you about this change08:48
jaegersorry, if you did I missed it :(08:49
jaegeris it only that line?08:49
surrounderit tries to install docbook-xml-entities08:49
surrounderwhere can I remove that ?08:49
jaegersurrounder: check scrollkeeper08:49
surrounderah yeah08:49
sepenjaeger, it's working fine but I received many emails requesting me about gl.a's08:49
surroundercompiling now, I'll take a shower08:49
rxijaeger: if it works for surrounder will you commit it to the repo?08:51
jaegersepen: just to be clear, it's line 143, right?08:55
jaegerrxi: yes08:55
sepenjaeger, yes and thanks08:56
surrounder-- Packages installed08:56
surroundergnome-desktop [post: ok]08:56
surrounderworks jaeger08:56
jaegersurrounder: great :)08:56
jaegersepen: ok08:56
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surroundergreat it's compiling again09:02
jaegerok, changes are in09:02
surrounderjaeger: you get +10 kudos ;)09:02
jaegerwoo :)09:02
rxijaeger: thanks09:02
jaegernp, glad to get feedback09:03
surroundertsk, and they say gentoo is bleeding edge with their 2.16.3 ;)09:03
surroundercrux <309:03
jaegerwell, they're still ahead of debian09:04
surroundermy c64 is ahead of debian ;)09:04
surrounderright, time to go for some shopping09:05
surrounderthanks jaeger :)09:05
j^2lalala skipping out of wark to go to another interview :D09:12
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tilmantreach: yeah, i'm still awake10:22
treachstill? ..ok.. well, anyway, I was just about to tell you could probably sort me in the loon bin..10:25
tilmanhehe, why?10:25
treachthe same thing happens with Crux as well, wrt the .Xdefault color settings.10:25
tilmandoesn't surprise me10:26
tilmanurxvt, right?10:26
tilmancan you quote the offending line?10:26
tilmanfrom .Xdefaults10:26
treach"*color3: #BE5F00 "10:27
treachfor instance.10:27
treach"URxvt-color3: somecolor " does the same thing.10:27
tilmanurxvt: unable to parse color '#BE5F00 ', using pink instead.10:27
treachs /-/.10:27
tilmanexcellent, i can reproduce it10:27
tilmanwonder why it didn't work yesterday10:28
treachI guess we need an astrologist for that. :P10:32
tilmangood good10:32
* tilman gets cracking10:32
tilmantreach: did you know that the urxvt dude doesn't put comments in his cvs commits?10:33
tilman</random hilarious fact>10:33
tilmanunless he uses another SCM for primary development and just offers a cvs mirror for the hordes10:33
treachlol. that sounds like fun. :P10:34
treachafk, food.10:34
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tilman(17:44) <      ajax> probably.  pretty sure spaces are significant in color  names.10:46
tilmantreach: ^^^ :/10:46
tilman(17:45) <    tilman> strange10:46
treachwell, considering some colours are named things like "Skye Blue" I guess it makes sense to some extent.10:48
treachor at least it would, if using such names actually worked..10:48
tilmantrailing whitespace should be insignificant imo10:49
tilman(that's what ajax responded to)10:49
treachanyway, it's just another of those annoying things you've got to keep in mind. :/10:51
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tilmantreach: what ajax said just doesn't make sense for rgb triples. so there's still a chance10:56
treachwell. there are other terminals that doesn't care one way or another.10:57
treachthe question is which way is the most "correct"10:58
treachfor what it's worth it appears that xterm doesn't care. Neither does aterm11:01
tilmanurxvt uses XParseColor() (from libX11)11:02
tilmani probably should have mentioned that...11:02
tilmanso atm i'm trying to find out whether i may fix libX1111:02
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treachah. :)11:02
tilmanor whether that idiotic behavious is by design11:02
tilmann = strlen("#deadba    ");11:03
tilmanif (*spec == '#') { /* rgb*/   n--; if (n != 3 && n != 6... ) return BAD11:03
tilmanso stupid11:04
treachcrazy, I just tested to put a blank behind the code again, and suddenly it's like it was yesterday for you; nothing happens.11:04
treach(ie, nothing=no complaints)11:05
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tilmanmaybe it always works if the number of hex-chars % 3 == 011:05
treachCould that be because the colour is already "set" by reading it before?11:06
treach(welcome to geniouses speculates..)11:06
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treachit wasn't. :/11:09
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Romsterusing pink instead < *laughs*11:47
treachyeah, "That ought to teach ya!"11:47
treachI whish I understood why it's so apparently random though.11:48
treachfrankly, I didn't expect you to. ;>11:48
Romstermessing with ports again11:49
Romsteri've been here for ages.11:49
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treachdid you get your xine-lib straight?11:49
Romsterworking on it still11:49
Romsterin the process i found 1.1.5 is out11:50
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Romsterbe in contrib soon11:50
treachwell, it already is.11:51
treachthe point was that I was curious if you could get it to use the external liba52 mumbo-jumbo.11:51
treachbecause I couldn't, even with --use-external-blaha-blaha11:51
Romsteri have11:51
treachare you positive?11:52
Romstersorted that ages ago messing with other parts of it atm.11:52
Romsteryou can double check my work after i commit it all.11:52
treachok, because if I looked in the configure summary, it said "using internal" no matter what I tried. :/11:52
Romsterbecause of a missing *.h file...11:53
Romsterwhich i have fixed but not commited yet11:53
treachI see.11:53
Romsteri need a coffee and wating to get this to finish recompiled a few times even with distcc and ccache it takes time...11:54
Viper__Romster: do you have prologic's email address?12:07
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RomsterViper__, ys but it won't work hes network is out...12:10
Romsterbut i do have he's mobile number.12:10
Viper__ok thanks12:11
Viper__because the e-mail address i have doesn't work12:11
Viper__but now it's clear :)12:12
Romsteryeah his shortcircuit dns is out, i gave him access to my box to setup mx recorlds to hes network till he gets a phone line then dsl, as he only has wifi there atm12:13
RomsterViper__, want prologics mobile number or i can send james a message on your behalf?12:14
Viper__no it's not so important12:14
Viper__i will wait until he is back12:15
Viper__thanks anyway :)12:15
Romsteri wanted to see you about someting but i forgot now :/12:15
Romsterand thanks for fixing the crux-2.2 to 2.3 change on the ports db that was one of the 2 things i was gonna ask.12:16
Romsteri'm sure i'll remember later when your off :D12:16
Viper__could be; just query me or send me an email :)12:17
Viper__when you remember it12:17
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Romsteryeah k12:21
Romstertoo many things on my mind atm to recall it.12:21
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tilmanmutt's imap header cache sucks.14:17
jjpkNever used that feature in mutt.14:29
jjpkI prefer pulling the mail locally first.14:29
tilmanit's a bit fragile when you update mutt, it seems14:30
tilmanhad a crash one time14:30
tilmanbut now it seems to work14:30
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LithiumFXHey everybody14:46
LithiumFXAnybody got a smart answer to identifying what ports/what missing ports are causing cyclic dependencies?14:48
Romsterprt-get can't handle cyclic dependences...14:53
RomsterO_o bull any on my cealing...14:53
LithiumFXOn running a sysup, I just get "cyclic dependencies"14:54
Romsterok got the darn bull ant i'll go and put this outside...14:55
Romsteri borked prt-get with xine-lib ...14:55
tilmani thought you had a bull on your ceiling14:56
tilmanLithiumFX: what ports does it want to update?14:56
LithiumFXI removed mark's repo since it's 404ing/not maintained, and it's caused the cyclic dep error14:56
Romsterthis is nuts libcdio depends on libcddb and libcddb depends on libcdio... wtf do i do without borking prt-get...14:56
Romsterbull ant14:56
LithiumFXlibcddb, man-pages, ncurses (my port), netpbm, transset-df (my port)14:56
Romstervery agressive stinging ants14:56
tilmanseems to be romster's problem :)14:57
Romstermeh LithiumFX wait...14:57
Romsteryes i knwo i borked it i'll have to remove one but which...14:57
LithiumFXlibcddb depends on libcdio, but that depends on libcddb14:57
Romstereach depends on the other...14:57
Romsteri just knew this would happen..14:57
LithiumFXThat MUST be an error14:57
Romsterno each configure script looks for eachother...14:58
LithiumFXBut it fudges prt-get14:58
tilmanRomster: really?14:58
LithiumFXI'll copy the libcdio port to my local dir and remove the libcddb dep14:58
Romsterunless i didn't read configure right14:58
LithiumFXIt's not getting that far14:59
RomsterLithiumFX, do a sysup when i say i'm doing that now14:59
tilmanhe's fixint it :P14:59
Romsterok ports -u contrib15:00
Romsterfixed it15:00
Romsteryeash its 6:06am and i'm tired...15:00
LithiumFXYou can have a: A) Pony B) Beer15:01
LithiumFXI must go, the best TV programme in the world, ever, is on15:01
LithiumFXThanks for fixing it15:01
Romsterb :P15:01
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Romsterlet me know of any other problems...15:01
Romsteri bet i removed it the wrong away.15:01
tilmani'm not sure the issue is settled with that, Romster15:01
Romsterhrmm he never stays onlone..15:01
tilmanlibcddb will still autodetect libcdio, no?15:02
Romsteri think so i'll have to check..15:02
tilmanupstream sucks in your case15:02
tilmanhow can they be so retarded15:02
treachanother cairo<->poppler polka?15:03
jjpkCyclic dependency issues are hot this time of year.15:04
tilmantreach: did you happen to find out why cairo/poppler are being stupid like this?15:04
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treachnot really. Just that they are.15:05
LithiumFXHmm, back again15:05
treachfact of life.15:05
LithiumFXcontrib isn't showing any updates15:05
tilmani just asked my poppler liaison ;)15:05
Romsterjjpk, seems so...15:06
jjpkMaybe the dev(s) were struck by laziness and they just copied the configure script.15:07
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jjpkDoesn't take much effort to screw those up.15:07
Romsterreally prt-get should see a cyclic dependency and build the deptree then rebuild each port once to make it relink with what it depends on.15:07
treachfrankly, why cario deals with pdf's is a mystery to me. :/15:07
tilmanit has a pdf _output_ module at least15:08
tilmanie, you can print a cairo surface to a pdf15:08
Romsterjjpk, who knows15:08
treachI guess that explains it, still backwards though.15:09
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Romstermaybe bad devs?15:10
tilmantreach: not entirely. since poppler only _reads_ and renders pdf afaik15:11
tilmani just don't know15:11
tilmanbut it's fugly15:11
treachnew lib, "cairo-poop"15:11
Romsterbah that didn't fix it i hate cyclic dependencys15:12
treacheh, that was supposed to be "cairo-pop"15:12
treachsame difference I guess. :>15:12
tilmanRomster: what? your commit should pacify prt-get at least15:13
Romsternow i have, but i bet i'll get foo depends on bar...15:17
Romsterthen later bar depends on foo..15:17
tilmani must admit i'm a bit afraid that you'll b0rk contrib.git15:18
Romsteri'm going to take a closer look at them 3 ports later.15:18
Romsteri'm being careful..15:19
Romstertilman, whats to stop anyone thats got access to contrib to mess it up anyways?15:20
treach"Brains" ;)15:22
tilmanRomster: nothing, of course15:23
tilmanthat's the deal15:23
* treach cowardly runs afk15:23
Romsterok i'm not the smartist around here but who cares :D15:23
teKsheeeesh, fluxbox is gone from contrib15:25
tilmani think your l33t git skillz improved since the Big Breakdown, so no worries15:25
Romsterwonder how other package managers handle cyclic redundencys.15:25
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tilmanRomster: cyclic deps just don't happen, usually15:26
Romsterwasn't much of a breakdown tilman15:26
tilmanyes it was, admit it!15:26
teKtilman: thanks, I know. I like having a small number of different repos in /usr/ports15:26
Romsteri'll carefully go over them 3 ports and see ehat relises on what again later15:27
tilmanteK: sure15:27
RomsterteK, ya could ask to get contrib access then add some of your ports to it..15:27
teKhm, I doubt(?) my ports would be useful, mostly things that are already present in contrib.. was fluxbox removed due to maintainer lazyness?15:28
Romsteri dunno look in git15:28
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tilmanwas it han's port that was in contrib?15:28
* teK sets mode -1337 teK15:29
Romsterya han want beserk and removed all of his ports and one of mine i had been maintaining that had han's name in the Packager field i bet he used a grep han... remove15:31
Romsterthat was a long time ago now.15:31
Romsteri'm gonna get some sleep15:35
teKI just prt-get'ed filesystem from crux-2.3 on crux-2.2; let's see what happens on reboot. :>15:44
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jiribhi all16:35
jiribi try to do: losetup -f /dev/loop1 /bigfile1.img16:36
jiriband all what i get is help :(16:36
jiribwhat's up with it? it worked on fedora16:36
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roberthjirib: losetup -f /bigfile1.img16:39
roberthor losetup /dev/loop1 /bigfile1.img16:40
jiriblosetup --help is silly16:41
jiribit should work via losetup -f device file16:41
jiribroberth: but it works, thx16:41
roberthman page says not.16:47
roberthmeans either -f or a dev should be given.16:49
jiribi'm playing with lvm2 with loopback files :)16:50
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* Roomster yawns21:16
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loopholewell, it's reproducible23:32
loopholewrong channel, sorry23:32
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