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pitillogood morning01:08
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Romstershould i use the sourceforge project name of the foo.tar.bz2 name for a package name?03:14
mike_kI guess - it depends, but most likely the tarball name since some sf pages have more generic names03:16
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Romsterhmm tarball1 unix project name 003:57
Romsterwaits for others to comment03:58
mike_kwhat is that project's aim? to confuse people?04:33
rxiRomster: what have got there?04:45
Romsteroh i'm looking at changing the package name of jack to either jackit or jack-audio-connection-kit04:46
Romsteralso another anoying note why is the gtk package not gtk+ ?04:46
rxidunno .. been that way since 2.904:46
rxineed to standardise the gstreamer ports too .. some are called gst- and others are gstreamer04:48
Romsteryeah i'm not sure on that exactly to rename too04:48
Romsteri keept the names that gnome used... but its not quite rite to use..04:48
rxinah should be gst04:49
Romsterfor jack/jackit/jack-audio-connection-kit what one is best?04:49
Romstersourceforge says jackit04:49
Romsterthe source file has jack-audio-connection-kit, and everyone else uses just jack, but jack on sourceforge isn't jackit04:50
Romsteri'm really confused...04:50
Romstershould i leave it as is or change it and to what?04:50
Romstermore to the point does the sourceforge project name take higher precedence than the tarball name04:50
rxiproject name > tarball04:51
Romsterright that clears that confusion up... so i got a few ports i need to alter..04:52
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Romsterbut the thing is i'll go witht eh corectness what about opt... and other packages :/04:53
rxiyeah .. ufortunatly "community" is a double edged sword04:54
Romsterwell i want to be correct :/04:55
Romsterso i'll alter my packages to compily04:55
Romsterat least mine will be trusted at least04:55
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Romsteri've already adjusted a few to be the correct name04:56
rxiand the right url :P04:56
Romsteryeah and that too hehe04:56
Romsterhi SiFuh05:02
Romsterhmm i should hackat gstreamer and fix all of that..05:02
Romsterrxi, thanks for the clarfication05:03
rxiRomster: np05:04
SiFuhi Romster05:06
SiFuhhi rxi05:06
SiFuhi am back in Au now rxi working for the cabbies :-P05:06
rxihey SiFuh05:07
rxiahh so i should stay off the road :P05:07
SiFuh:-/ I have a good drivers record!05:07
rxiyou lost that when you got into the cab05:07
SiFuhi haven't managed to kill any human life forms yet..05:07
Romsterdoing 240KMg down the straight :P05:08
SiFuhin a Maxi Van (Wheel Chair Access) ?05:08
SiFuh I don't think that's possible05:08
Romsterlol i don't think so05:08
Romstermates got a nissan skyliner!05:08
Romsterit flys05:08
Romsterdamn near05:08
SiFuh:-( my mum sold my cars when i was in Asia..05:09
SiFuhWhen I got weed I fly too. :-)05:09
SiFuhsee ya all tomorrow afternoon..05:10
SiFuhgunna crash for now..05:10
SiFuherr not a good word to say when we are talking of driving records..05:10
Romsterlater SiFuh05:15
RomsterSiFuh, no not really :P05:15
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nipuLwtf, sifuh is alive!?!05:32
rxihehe yeah suprising huh05:33
Romsteryeah been awhile.06:01
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sepenjaeger, are those files really necessary?09:57
sepenbash-3.2# grep -i 'readme' /usr/ports/opt/thunderbird/.footprint09:57
sepen-rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/thunderbird/README.txt09:57
sepen-rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/thunderbird/init.d/README09:57
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jaegersepen: probably not10:29
sepenhmmm also I have this mismatch with .footprint10:35
sepen=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:10:35
sepenMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/thunderbird/components/imgicon.xpt10:35
sepenMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/thunderbird/components/libimgicon.so10:35
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sepenseems that need more dependencies10:36
jaegernot sure what would cause that, I'll take a look at it today if I can... but I imagine thunderbird would still run without them10:37
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mike_kanyone experiencing firefox segfaulting on some pages?12:00
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Roomstersepen, i have them missing also seems to run just fine without.12:05
sepenyeah! running also fine for me12:06
sepenbut I think that it's due to the development environment used12:06
sepenwell Im going to my home, by work! later cruxers!12:07
Roomstermaybe or this version dosn't use them files anymore.12:07
Roomsterjaeger, why is gtk not labeled as gtk+ ? also .11 is out now.12:07
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Roomsteralso the v2.10 part in the source= line should be using v${version%.*}12:09
tilman"should be"?12:16
tilmancome on :P12:16
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Roomsteri don't see it wrong to use ${version%.*}12:19
tilmanyou made it sound like it was a bug12:20
Roomsterthat way when you goto 2.11.0 it'll see v2.11 without having to alter it the point being is ya should only have to touch the version= var to change the version.12:20
tilmanan error12:20
tilmansomething that needs fixing12:20
Roomsterits not a bug but a feature enhancment12:20
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Romstertilman, do you always come across as the 'i don't like you' or lets pick on Romster time' again i get the later impression with trench.12:23
tilmanhmpf, i even used a damn smiley12:23
tilmanno way you can seriously think that was hostile12:24
Romsternot hostile i just get a feeling everyone picks on me or em i just being paranoid :/12:25
tilmanlast time i picked on you was when i found out contrib.git was a bit funny ;)12:26
tilmanthat was AGES ago12:26
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Romstersometimes i feel like i'm a troll :P12:29
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Romsterhah thats a troll...12:32
jaegerRomster: because the original port was only called gtk, so I followed that12:33
jaegerwhen gtk2 replaced gtk1, I didn't see any need to change it12:34
Romsterk well i was after gtk+ not knowing it was aka gtk thinking gtk+ was something diferent to gtk and i went ot port it then realised wtf its gtk...12:34
thrice`gtk is easier to type than gtk+, too :)12:35
Romsteri'm fixing all of the ports i maintain so they match the archive name.12:35
tilmanthrice`: yeah12:35
thrice`and since gtk1 isn't in the ports tree anymore, make sense to me too12:35
Romsternot by much12:35
jaegerI honestly don't care which it's called, as long as it works12:36
Romsterjust an anoyance, that all ports should follow the project name..12:36
Romsteranoyed me making a port then realising there the same.12:36
tilmani disagree12:36
mike_kthrice`: you've scared me. it is still in opt12:36
Romsterwell .11 is out and its on .912:36
thrice`oh...I thought it got removed awhile ago - my bad :P12:37
thrice`annoying for most, but gtk is a frequent package, I think everyone should know by now12:37
Romsteras rxi put it package name > tarball name12:37
Romsterseems logical12:38
tilmanso if the project name is "AsSBuRst", you'll go with that, too?12:38
tilmanhave fun with that12:38
Romstereveryone else has went off at me for changing names away from the project name.12:38
Romsterall in lowercase yes12:39
jaegerI prefer all lowercase12:39
jaegerat least if all ports have lowercase names you know what to expect and it's less work to search12:40
jaegerI could see the "+" in the name causing some problems for regex searches, on a side note12:40
thrice`yeah, and prt-get depinst AsSBuRst isn't as nice12:40
tilmanthis is a silly discussion imo12:40
tilmani didn't know we had issues with our ports names12:41
tilmanjust do the obvious thing, and it's likely right12:41
Romsterso then no one can bitch at me when packages don't match project name or tarball name then?12:41
Romsteri'll just continue todo wha ti think is right then.12:42
Romsterwhat I*12:42
jaegerindividuals can and will bitch about anything at all... but you don't have to stress over it12:42
tilmanif you call your beautiful soup port "ASSSBURST", sure someone will think you've gone nuts12:42
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Romsterseems to be the case around here,,, the guidelines don't even guide on some aspects.12:42
jaegerwe aren't all perfect. if you have a suggestion, make it formally. if not, don't worry about it and do what seems the best thing12:43
Romsterwhy would i call it that and why would the tarball archive be named that and not beautiful-soup12:43
Romsteri've been bitched at when i make assumptions :/12:44
Romsterthats why i ask.12:44
Romsternevermind i'll go do it the way i think it should be done (my tm)12:45
jaegerthe point I was trying to make above is that one person bitching doesn't necessarily represent everyone or even the "right" way12:45
jaegerpeople, in general, love to bitch about ANYTHING at all that isn't perfect in their opinion12:45
Romsterguess it shoudl go on the ML for a discussion but 1) the bloody ML emails bounce back at me and now 2) the email address i use is on shortcircuit and thats down along wiht prologic...12:46
Romsteri just want some standared to conform too so we don't get disrepences liek me looking for gtk+ when its gtk...]12:46
jaegeryou could always subscribe another one temporarily... gmail or something12:46
Romsterhmm hadn't thoght of that12:47
jaegeras far as the bounces, what's causing that?12:47
tilmani was just making up a stupid example12:48
tilmanof course nobody would do that12:48
mike_k!seen sip12:50
-MelOne- mike_k, I think I don't know sip yet.12:50
Romsterseems the crux site has blacklisted my ISP i don't know why i use eftel12:50
Romster@seen sip12:51
clbRomster: sip was last seen in #crux 19 weeks, 3 days, 0 hours, 27 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?12:51
Romsterwhat the..12:51
Romsterthats ages ago..12:51
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treachRomster: I don't think anyone has ever bitched at you, except tilman - who had a good reason IMO.12:57
treachI'll try to stop picking at your poor english, even if you by $DIETY make it hard sometimes. :D12:57
treachs has/have12:58
tilman'has' was correct12:58
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treachin fact I think you could scratch it totally.12:59
Romsteri odn't mind being picked on my bad spelling.13:00
Romstererr my bad typing is no excuse though13:00
treachheh, "rite" ;)13:00
tilmani'm not that good with tenses. resp the rules for them ;)13:01
* treach has looked in the log13:01
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RedShiftis anyone experienced with haproxy here?15:38
jaegernot I15:40
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rxitreach: so lady like :P17:27
treachyeah, ronny's back on the ml. my stomach gets upset by just seeing the sender.17:58
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