IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-04-13

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jaegergood morning :)00:48
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Romstertimezones :p00:53
Romsterwhy are mornings good?00:53
jaegerthey don't necessarily have to be, I just say that in greeting00:53
jaegeranyway, as it's 00:57 here, going to bed.00:57
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pitillogood morning01:19
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pitillohello maeki05:50
maekisorry this is my first time on irc in years and years.05:51
maekii'm in the process of getting my computer running again with crux.05:53
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maekiwhere's an appropriate place to ask semi-annoying questions?05:58
pitilloif it is related to crux... I think this is a good place. You can use ML too.05:59
mike_kmaeki: unless the answers are described in handbook =)05:59
maekiso i got crux to install. i can boot off the HD and rebuild kernels...06:00
maekisshd is working...06:00
maekinow it's just the annoying part of stuff like cups, etc.06:00
rximaeki: google is your friend06:00
maekioh NOW it's my friend.06:01
rxiwell no one else wants it06:01
maekithey give out free ben and jerries and naked juices.06:01
maekii ate dinner there over the summer.06:01
rxiwas it all multicoloured and in the shape of a g?06:02
maekium. the tshirts were.06:03
maekievery 3rd person is wearing one06:03
maekibut no. there were no 3 story fountains.06:04
blizzcould anyone try to compile the current dietlibc port, please? it fails here.06:05
maekiok i just wanted to check in and say hi and see if anybody actually used this distro and say thanks.06:06
Romsteralot use this distro06:06
mike_keven some people attending this channel use it06:07
maekiwell that's what i plan on doing from now on so add me to the list.06:08
mike_kRomster: not that many people =(06:08
Romstermike_k, enought well more if others would use it.06:09
maekido any of them have ATI radeons?06:09
Romstermaeki, look on the portsdb on the site06:09
Romsterthere are packages06:09
maekiah yes i saw those...06:10
maekiand to use them...06:10
Romstererr crux.nu06:10
maekii just execute the command by the port...06:10
maekiand do pkgmk -i in the directory?06:10
Romsterwasn't watching what i was typing06:10
Romsteryou can use prt-get06:10
Romsterman prt-get06:10
rxiRomster: cursed keyboard strikes again06:10
maekii have gotten two already06:11
Romsterrxi, nar its me not paying enougth attention and need to relearn how i type06:11
maekibut none of the source= sites have been working06:11
Romstermaeki, have you enabled the contrib repo?06:12
Romstertheres an ati port in there06:12
maekii think i grabbed... windowmaker, cups, and ircii06:12
maekiwhat do you mean by enable it? when/where?06:12
maekii've just been going to the portsdb webpage06:12
Romsterthe rest of the repo's are private/personal colections and yeah use at own risk.06:12
Romsterits in the handbook06:13
maekiok i'll reread it.06:13
maekiit sure would be nice to print it though :p06:13
Romstermv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive ... to contrib.rsync06:13
Romsterand enable it in /etc/prt.get.conf06:13
maekiah ok i'll read that section. i glanced over it once but didn't have a use for it at the time.06:14
Romsterthen run ports -u contrib; prt-get cache06:14
Romsterthen run prt-get depinst ati06:14
maekiso prt-get is the preferred method of package fetching?06:14
Romsterno problem prt-get is a frontend to pkgmk, pkgadd and pkgrm06:14
Romsteras it has dependencys handiling06:15
maekiand contrib is the official(ly tested and happy) depot for pkg additions?06:15
mike_kAnyone knows how to contact Jukka Heino?06:15
Romsterthe only time i use pkgmk driectly is when i need to update a port in a repo that i maintain.06:15
Romstermike_k, i dunno what that even is06:15
Romstermaeki, its a colection of packages that have to meet guidelines06:16
maekiso prt-get gets the Pkgfile off of some remote site and handles whether it's an update or install or ... and makes it work?06:16
rxiwasnt that vektori?06:16
Romsterprivate repos can do what they please.06:16
maekiok i'm starting to understand.06:16
Romstervektori wasn't he a person here ages ago?06:17
rxihe was a jukka im sure06:17
mike_kRomster: he had a nice notes for post installation, fakeroot and such. I want to modify and put thet on the wiki...06:17
Romstercore is the distro opt is what the core maintainers mess with contrib is what us private repos users have access to when we meet the guidelines06:18
Romstermike_k, ah06:18
maekiexcellent. thanks rom06:18
maekiare there many other crux-related sites of note other than
Romsternot really06:20
Romsterother than some of the maintainers have there own crux section.06:20
rxiapart from the ML06:20
mike_kmaeki: PowerPC one, random user's pages06:20
rximy god the cruxppc site finally got a design06:21
mike_krxi: thanks06:22
rximike_k: np .. im pretty sure it was vektori06:23
Romstermike_k, been awhile i forgot about him.06:25
Romsterthere is a #crux64 too but thats not offical yet06:25
maekithat's cool i'm just trying to get my desktop back up and running06:26
Romsterthere is a wiki on the site on xorg06:26
maekimy country and the space aliens are telling me it's time to respect the intell. property laws.06:27
maekior else.06:27
Romsterso your not new to linux so it seems?06:27
maekiand they read my email and banking transactions.06:27
maekino before it was just a hobby in high school06:28
maekinow its 4realz.06:28
maekifedora core just doesn't cut it anymore.06:28
Romsterwell you dig into a expert distro :P06:28
maekiyeah- slackware was my favorite before06:28
maekithe aliens are telling me that i should switch back to dialup too. for numerous reasons :).06:29
Romsteri hate dialup06:29
maekii don't recommend telling people about the aliens though. or else you will spend 10 days in rehabit-ilization psychiatric wards.06:30
maekidepending where you live of course :)06:30
blizzcould anyone test-compile dietlibc please? :)06:31
pitilloblizz, building here... waiting to finish06:33
blizzthanks alot!06:33
Romsterhmm i'll try it out tooo06:33
Romsterover distcc06:33
blizzi think it only fails with gcc 4.1, though06:34
pitilloversion 0.30....06:34
maekiok thanks romster for the help i'll be around again in the future. bye!06:34
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rxidamn its a shame my office balcony isnt more private or i could wouldnt have to walk so far to take a piss06:35
Romsterbuilding ok so far..06:37
Romstercollect2: ld returned 1 exit status06:40
Romsterdistcc[24785] ERROR: compile (null) on localhost failed06:40
Romstermake: *** [pic-i386/diet-dyn] Error 106:40
Romstermayube it hates mroe than 1 make jobs06:40
blizzpic-i386/ undefined reference to `__guard'06:40
blizzthat's what i get06:40
blizzand what i got in the past06:40
Romsterjjpk, i dunno abotu the 'aliens' thing lol06:45
Romsteroh so its noy my too many make jobs then hrmm06:46
Romsteri got gcc 3.4.6 here i'll test with that.06:46
jjpkThe "aliens" in my head are telling me there are no aliens!!!06:49
jjpkor maybe it was "there is no spoon", I cannot recall.06:50
Romsterseems like it'll build on gcc306:53
Romstersed -i -e 's/^CC=gcc$/CC=gcc-3.4/' Makefile06:54
Romsterbut it died at another spot..06:54
Romsterpic-i386/toascii.o pic-i386/utimes.o pic-i386/verr.o pic-i386/verrx.o pic-i386/vwarn.o pic-i386/vwarnx.o pic-i386/warn.o pic-i386/warnx.o pic-i386/syscall.o -Lpic-i386 -lc -Wl,-soname=libcompat.so06:55
Romsterpic-i386/ file not recognized: File format not recognized06:55
Romstercollect2: ld returned 1 exit status06:55
Romsterjust what version of gcc was used to compile this...06:56
blizzcould you try 4.1.2?06:56
Romsterthe first attempt was 4.1.206:57
Romsterthen i tryed with 3.4.606:58
Romsterand got the above error06:58
Romstertime for google06:58
blizzoh, ok!06:58
blizzobviously, it wont work06:59
pitilloblizz, here the same error like yours.07:01
pitilloblizz, with the same version of gcc like yours too.07:02
Romsteri'm still messing i mgiht get it to work.07:05
RomsterO_o that built07:08
Romstertesting again to see if i can narrow down the fault.07:09
Romsterthank goodness for distcc and ccache :D07:09
Romsterblizz, comment out the "#make prefix=/usr/dietlibc dyn" line it'll then build but won't be dynamic07:11
Romsterblizz, or use version=0.2907:14
Romsterseems the 0.30 has problems with dynamic libs07:15
Romsteri'll email the maintainer07:16
pitillonot suure if you read something related to this. found a log that tells dietlib builds without NOPARALLEL. I do not know what does it mean, I hope that can be a clue for you.07:16
* Romster shrugs07:16
pitillo(and do not put you in the wrong way, that can be another possibility. Sorry if is this one)07:18
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Romsterpitillo, could you possibilty make scense :/07:22
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Romsteryou baffeled me :/07:22
blizzi think it also works after commeting out the lines which define WANT_SSP in dietfeatures.h (110-112) and building then07:24
pitilloRomster, sorry, may be that comment make no sense with CRUX. (not sure if that can be a clue, but I think it is not, and only can make you go in the wrong way, sorry)07:25
Romsterhrmm i didn't know -fstack-protector is now in gcc..07:27
tilmansup bitches07:30
tilmanlovely weather around here :)07:31
tilmani need beer and steaks :D07:31
blizz-fno-stack-protector might help, too07:31
rxi*looks out the window* bit dark here07:31
blizztilman, guess what, biergarten time :D07:31
teK!seen jaeger07:32
-MelOne- teK, I last saw jaeger in this channel (quit saying "Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)") 1 year, 324 days, 9 hours, 35 minutes ago07:32
tilman@seen jaeger07:32
clbtilman: jaeger was last seen in #crux 6 hours, 35 minutes, and 1 second ago: <jaeger> anyway, as it's 00:57 here, going to bed.07:32
teKI thought he's german07:32
tilmanmaybe we should ask maol to remove melone?07:32
blizztalking about time deltas..07:32
rxisomeone should kill MelOne07:32
jjpkCompletely useless bot07:32
* blizz stabs MelOne in the back07:33
tilmanteK: nope, he's in the us07:33
blizzi also thought he's german, becuase jaeger is a german name/word07:33
blizzMatt Housh is his realname?07:33
blizzahh, ok.. i kind of remember it from vim Pkgfile sessions07:34
teKok, What do you think about a (simple) /etc/rc.d/alsasettings that calls alsactl restore and alsactl store at boot up/shutdown?07:34
tilmanhe used to (or still does) drive a VW, too07:34
tilmanway to confuse germans!07:34
blizzoh yeah.07:34
teKand yes that's his name, blizz07:34
blizzdoes he like german beer?!07:34
teKone hast to love it07:34
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rxilol aussie beer > *07:35
teKsure. :rollyes:07:35
tilmannot bavarian beer though07:35
tilmanone doesn't have to love *that*07:35
teK< from Bavaria.07:35
rxiyeah i can tell that07:35
rxiall the german/euro beers ive tried i couldnt stand07:36
rxicold filtered all the way07:36
blizztilman, hmm, which sort of beer is your favourite?07:36
blizzsomething like pils? koelsch?07:36
teKI am definitely no (beer) drinker but Augistiner Braeu is great07:36
pitilloteK, wich is the point of that? (I mean is not hard do it by hand, one time store and restore always at boot)07:37
teKKoelsch.. urinated water :>07:37
tilmanblizz: mmh, i probably don't have a favourite beer07:37
blizzteK, i currently have two bottles in my fridge. YES YES!07:37
tilmanblizz: i'll drink about any pils07:37
blizztilman, me neither, but i don't like becks, jever and such07:37
teKpitillo: where would you place a script like that07:37
rxishould try to get your hands on some aussie beers07:37
tilmanexcept oettinger pils07:37
blizzha, gotcha07:37
teKblizz: nice!07:37
blizzthe only pils i like is FAXE. one gotta love 1l cans of beer07:37
pitilloteK, I am using alsactl restore in /etc/rc.local07:37
blizzrxi, foster's?07:37
rxiblizz: lol no07:38
rxino self respecting aussie drink fosters07:38
blizzit's ok, but it's not that great.07:38
teKand rc.shutdown, i suppose07:38
RomsterVB for me or crown larger07:38
rxitooheys, xxxx, carlton, hahn07:38
pitilloteK, I only used once alsactl store...07:38
Romsterblizz, ok commenting out them lines makes it build..07:38
pitillos/only used/used only07:39
blizzRomster, i already did and it worked here07:39
tilmanit's funny how only non-aussies like/drink foster's07:39
Romsteri don't see it using that fearure in the makefile though...07:39
pitillo(that is why I asked the point. May be I am missing something)07:39
Romstercrown larger is made by fosters!07:39
blizzhow about irish beer? i like guinesss, but e.g. newcastle brown ale is great.07:40
rxinot a stout man myself07:40
teKguiness is awful07:40
teK(note: is vs. tastes)07:41
tilman.oO(wir brauchen mehr hunde!)07:41
Romsterguiness is such a dark drink07:41
Romsteralmost like molasses.07:41
rxiRomster: tastes like liquid vegemite :P07:42
Romsteryeah preaty much would describe it i've tryed it and went O-o funky07:42
Romsterand i like vegemite :P07:42
rxilol who doesnt07:43
Romsterusa banned the stuff :/07:43
rxiyeah i heard07:43
Romsteri was like wtf..07:43
rxisaid it was like toxic or something07:43
Romsternar some ingredent that helps pregnaunt women is in it...07:43
rxiwe've been eating it for 50+ years and look at us :P07:43
teKtilman: do you know "Goassmass"?07:44
blizzwtf is vegemite again?07:44
rxiblizz: spread made from vegetable exract07:44
rxireally distinct taste/smell07:44
tilmanteK: don't think so07:45
blizzoh, okay07:45
teKhave a Google for absinth. I never tried it myself, though07:45
rximan i feel like some vegemite now07:45
RomsterVegemite cannot legally be imported into the States anymore because it contains Folate.07:45
tilmanis it true that they use the remains of brewing yeast to make vegemite? ;)07:45
tilmanor something like that :P07:45
rxitilman: lol i hope so :P07:45
rxibut i dont think so07:46
Romstertilman, yes07:46
Romsterits the yeast from beer07:46
rxitilman: try some07:46
tilmanbut i guess it's what convicts deserve!!07:47
Romsterits quite nice...07:47
tilmanit's not in stores here i don't think07:47
Romsterguess its a aussie thing i could eat it all day.07:47
tilmanor at least not in a regular super market :P07:47
tilmanyes, it's an aussie thing07:47
Romsterit is here.07:47
tilmandon't think you can debate that fact :D07:47
rxiyoud need to import it07:47
teKtilman: Goaßmass = 1/2l dunkles Weizen + 1/2l Cola + 1 Stamperl Kirschlikör07:48
Romsterblizz, you should email the maintainer and the dev of glibc mailing list or osmething when you find the bugs in dietlibc.07:48
tilmani'd rather import booze, porn or drugs07:48
rxitilman: think of it like the aussie caviar :P07:49
tilmanteK: don't think i ever tried cola-weizen, but banane-weizen makes it okayish07:49
teKit tastes great. Or Doppelbock ;-)07:49
tilmanwe're happy little vegemites!07:49
blizzdoppelbock is to spicy fmht (for my humble taste)07:50
blizztilman, stop reading wikipedia07:50
rxias bright as bright can be07:51
rxitilman: it goes well with cheese too07:51
tilmandon't like cheese07:53
tilmanAnother set of Australian slang expressions using Vegemite refer to anal sex.07:54
tilman"drill for vegemite"07:54
teKput it in your beer, right07:54
teKbut assie beer >> german beer :P07:54
rxitold you son07:55
blizzi'd love to try that out myself07:56
tilmansee also:07:56
tilman# Vitam-R - especially popular in Germany, but available in health food stores in the UK07:56
Romstermm cheese07:56
tilmanholy shit07:56
tilmanvitam-r is DISGUSTING07:56
tilmanugh ugh ugh07:56
rxiwhat is it?07:56
blizzis there a onlineshop for international beers?07:56
tilmancrap based on yeast07:56
Romsterdiferent to promite thats based on vegitable extract07:57
Romsterits an aquired taste07:57
rxi*offers everyone some vegemite + cheese sandwhichs*07:58
* Romster takes one07:58
Romsterinfact i should make myself one :D07:59
Romsterwith extra tasty cheese07:59
Romsteron wholemeal bread07:59
rxieww wholemeal is for hippies08:00
Romsterwhere 4th O_o08:00
teKGermany >> Australia ;p08:00
Romsterwholemeal, brownbread is better than white bread08:00
Romstereven multigrain08:01
rxiits 3yrs old tho08:01
Romster whaBallarat Bittert the...08:03
RomsterBallarat Bitter what the...08:03
Romsterpiss beer lmao08:04
rxiRomster: hehe boutique beer08:04
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Romstermmm vegemite and cheese sandwiches and a coffee :P08:19
rxihehe would go well with a good beer08:20
Romsterheh i have some VB here08:20
rxia said good beer :)08:20
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j^2sooo hungover09:08
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jjpkj^2: some restraint with your liquor would be in order ;)09:12
j^2yes it is09:12
j^2... but aint gonna happen :P09:12
jjpkAlways easier said than done with booze.09:13
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Romsterj^2, i know the feeling :P09:39
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Romsterstay in a dark quiet room with heaps of water09:52
j^2yeah, check on the water part... but i'm in my cube.. with a massive light(s) above me09:53
Romsternot good..09:58
Romstergot sun glasses?09:58
Romsterwear them inside :P them fluros that flicker drive me nuts09:58
aonreminds me of a dude in one place i worked in09:58
aonwho got to work around noon, wore sunglasses all the time and had loads of empty Jaffa botles in his room09:59
aonjaffa is a finnish orange soft drink, quite often drunk for hungover :)09:59
Romsterah jaffa is a red round lollie in australia thats got choclate inside sort of like a smartie but bigger and rounder like a marble size10:00
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j^2Romster: like a tootie roll pop?10:05
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Romsterhmm no and i can't find it stupid google..10:12
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blizzaugustiner is just great.16:55
blizzright, teK? :D16:55
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