IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-04-14

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rxihey Romster00:35
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Romsterhi rxi jsut got back from walking the dogs01:59
rxihows it hangin?02:00
Romsterto the left :P02:06
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Romsterhmm ever since i've updated my ck4up.conf file i don't seem to get as many updates..02:07
Romsterquite warm today but there is a very blowly cool breeze02:11
rxiits nice here now02:11
rxiwas pretty hot earlier02:12
Romsteryeah its colled off a little.02:18
rxialmost feel like going outside to do some gardening but feeling too lazy atm02:20
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* rxi wonders why exim is in core02:29
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* Romster shrugs02:43
Romsteri cought a large miscitto looking insect and just looked now, nd find out its a crane fly02:43
rxiis it edible? :P02:44
rawwith enough beer, everything is edible!02:51
rawas an aussie, you should know that02:51
rxiwell you can never tell with those victorians02:52
Romsterno lol02:52
Romsterresembling giant mosquitoes02:53
rxinot much meat on him02:54
rawyou need dragonflies agains mosquitoes02:55
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JKnifesoo umm yeah.. there was a BIG speed increas when i went from my old 333mHz/i586 to a 2.2GHz03:18
rawwho had though...03:18
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JKnifeo.O no gnome?03:30
rawgnome is not the BASICS03:31
JKnifeit also isn't listed on the ports page03:32
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JKnifelike KDE, XFCE and many others are03:32
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RomsterJKnife, lol what are you doing with a 233MHz :/04:02
Romsterthere is gnome but its nto on the prots db04:02
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JKnifeRomster: 333mHz and that was my old pc XD04:03
Romsterlol ah04:04
JKnifeyou think KDE4 is gonna be any good?04:05
Romsteri got a 486DX4 120MHz overdrive, 233 PII, 450MHz K6II, and the 2 that i got in service are 667MHz PIII and a 1,4GHz K7, wannna get a socket AM2 next.04:05
Romsterwho knows i use KDE alot.04:06
Romsterstill haven't got used to XFCE04:06
JKnifeahh this is a P4 2.2 GHz04:06
Romsterand i don't think i wanan try gnome.04:06
* JKnife <3 XFCE04:06
JKnifei like it =\04:06
Romsteri just can't get the hang of XFCE04:06
rxiRomster: of course you want gnome04:07
JKnifeyeah.. it is different04:07
Romstermaybe i need to spend more time in it04:07
Romsteri want to get away from bloatware and KDE and Gnome is bloat04:07
JKnifebut firefox can also be called bloat.. i look at it like this.. if your pc can run it and it feels right for you it isn't bloat04:08
Romsteryeah i like firefox, it could be considered bloat, but i like the extensions i have on mine.04:09
Romsteralthough i'd love to see firefox split up into smaller modules to remove stuff ya don't you.04:10
Romsterya don't use*04:10
rxiopera ftw04:10
Romsteri use opera too but it don't haev extensions...04:10
JKnifegaleon is my fav right now04:11
rxii like all the little details that make opera04:12
Romstergaleon ?04:12
rxiui using mozilla coke04:13
JKnifeit is this light weight gnome web browser that uses gecko04:13
Romsterso same engine just a light interface.04:13
JKnifemy bad.. NGLayout engine o.O04:14
Romsterwhy arn't it in the ports DB04:15
JKnifeno one has made a port for it04:15
JKnife=\ it should be in the gnome ports04:16
Romsteryeah oh hmm thats not on the db yet i keep telling jaguer to add the gnome repo...04:17
JKnifeIIRC it used to be on the list =\04:17
Romsterused to be..04:18
Romster$ find /usr/ports/gnome/ -name galeon04:18
Romsterreturns nothing..04:18
JKnifewell that is the ports section it SHOULD be in as galeon is a offical gnome project XD04:18
Romsterand i got the recent gnome repo but i don't use it i just use it as a reference.04:18
Romsterso no repo has that proggie..04:19
RomsterJKnife, have you made a port of it?04:21
* JKnife just reinstalled CRUX04:22
RomsterJKnife, why don't you have a private repo listed on the ports database?04:23
Romsterhmm well if it dosn't depend on too much of gnome i'll port it...04:23
JKnifecause i don't have my own ports repo?04:24
JKnifei usally just over lay my ports04:24
* JKnife is a selfish basterd04:24
Romsternothing anoyes me more than ppl making ports and not hosting them for others to use...04:24
JKnifeas i said i just reinstalled CRUX and the only port i have so far is for the nvidia-96xx driver04:25
Romsterisn't that in contrib..04:26
Romsterso is my legacy one.04:26
JKnife-_- for the package to with with gl-select it would have to be nvidia-x11r7-96xxx right?04:28
Romsterthat other one gl-select should be removed...04:30
JKnifeyeah i mean gl-select-x11r704:31
Romsteris 1.0-974604:31
JKnifelines 62 and 69 of /usr/bin/gl-select need to be fixed to find nvidia-x11r7* packages04:31
Romsterthe gl-select should be removed and that one renamed to just gl-select since we don't have R6 anymore.04:32
Romsteri thought thats been fixed..04:32
Romstermake a patch and email the maintainer.04:32
JKnifeworking on it XD04:33
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Romsteralso tell him about the one in opt..04:35
Romsterthat be for the old R6 non-modular one thats not needed anymore.04:35
JKnife62 would have to be changed to grep ^nvidia-x11r7* and 69 would need to be made into a if statment because -f2 would make it x11r7 so it need tobe 404:35
Romsterah as the old one was X11 and nwo its X11R704:36
JKnifeXD all patched04:39
JKnife-_- jaeger = the maintainer04:39
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Romstergaleon depends on too much gnome for me to even be bothered making a port of it.04:42
rxiRomster: come on *pokes*04:42
Romsteri'm not a gnome fan :/04:44
Romsteri'd be using gnome if it installed the time i installed crux... but no it was totally broken back then04:45
Romsterso i went to KDE04:45
Romsterwhich installed flawlessly.04:45
rxiworks good atm04:45
Romsterplus i dont' have alot of hdd space either.04:46
JKnifei have 200gb =\04:48
Romster/dev/sda2             176G  165G  2.4G  99% /04:50
Romsterrxi, if your so keen on gnome why don't you port it :)04:50
JKnifeLABEL=/               143G   16G  119G  12% /04:51
* JKnife is lazy and mounts his filesystems via labels04:51
rxiRomster: lol jaeger has already taken care of that04:51
JKnifewhich is a good thing really.. first was the devfs naming to udev then the kernel devs find it great to change the device names..04:52
JKniferxi: he was talking about galeon04:52
Romsterrxi, really? i don't see it in the gnome repo04:53
rxii thought you meant gnome04:53
Romsteryes no one has galeon04:53
rxicos its kinda pointless04:54
JKnife <-- anyone with nvidia-x11r7 package can you test that and make sure it works?04:54
RomsterJKnife, got the patch uploaded i wanna see it04:55
Romsteri can apply it to the port myself04:55
Romsterprefered way.04:55
JKnifei havn't ran diff but i need to make sure it works first.. hint the asking if it works for other people04:56
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JKnifenope.. doesn't work for the 97xx version -_-05:02
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JKnife\o/ fixed05:05
JKnifeohh wb05:06
JKnifechange line 64 from non to none XD05:08
RomsterERROR 504: Gateway Time-out.05:13
JKnifeis dyndns down?05:13
Romsteryou got the wrong ip on it...05:14
JKnifedamn ddclient05:14
JKnifeone sec05:14
Romsterthats a lan ip not the isp assigned ip05:14
Romsterhwo do ya set that up i'll move my ports to my router i'm sick of them being offline...05:14
rxithats pretty funny05:15
JKnife-_- it was ddclient's fault05:16
JKnifeit SHOULD work now05:16
rxisure it was05:16
Romsterother ahan registereing with the site and adding that ddclient program to track my ip?05:16
RomsterConnecting to||:80... connected.05:17
RomsterHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 504 Gateway Time-out05:17
JKnifemake a dyndns account and run dyndns as a daemon05:17
JKnifesounds like a bad hop somewhere between me and you =\05:17
Romsterk easy enougth todo.05:18
JKnifeyeah i cannot connect using my external ip =\05:18
JKnife6:30am no sleep XD05:18
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rximost routers dont allow loopback05:19
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maekidoes ircii support color text?05:23
JKnifethis red?05:23
JKnifeno ircii05:23
tilmanircii :)05:23
maekiJK: not red.05:24
teKimho and iirc ircii seem to be an IRC client :roll:05:24
* JKnife has a hard time beliving people still use that05:24
teKI heard, there ARE bitchx users, too05:24
maeki-_- it's all i got!05:24
JKnifeteK: holy shit05:24
maekiis bitchx in the port catalog?05:24
JKnifemaeki: prt-get depinst irssi05:24
maekiwhat's irssi?05:24
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tilmana sane ncurses based irc client05:25
maekioh that sounds nice.05:25
tilman_the_ text based irc client05:25
maekiok let's give that a shot.05:25
rxihehe its probably what 95% of people here use05:25
Romsterhmm you got port 80 closed mroe than likely..05:26
tilmani'd be willing to bet that only thrice` and jaeger use xchat ;)05:26
rxiand jay05:26
maekirxi well i searched and searched for irc clients but *irs* was never one of the strings.05:26
rawJKnife: I saw it as red05:26
maekiit's building now.05:26
rximaeki: yeah someone took the detailed search out of portdb05:26
maekirxi: didn't know it had one :). i was just slashdotfreshmeating05:27
rawtilman: well ncurses and sane is an oxymoron05:27
tilmanraw: why? :)05:27
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maeki_now this is sexy.05:28
maeki_thanks rxi05:28
rxi*takes all the credit*05:28
maeki_+credit for color scheme05:28
*** maeki_ is now known as maeki05:29
JKnifecan anyone connect to
maekijk via what?05:29
JKnifeport 80 web05:29
JKnifewhat ever you wanna call it05:29
rawtilman: look at the source05:29
maekimy provider blocks port 8005:29
rxiJKnife: got a dir listing05:30
JKnifeRomster: port 80 isn't blocked..05:30
maekiso i have to run port forwarding 8000->8005:30
maekii can telnet to 8005:30
maekiare you running some kind of network video compressor as well?05:30
jjpkWorks here.05:31
jjpklighttpd is running and it lists 4 files (2 backups).05:31
RomsterJKnife, i can't even ping you..05:33
JKnifeRomster: safe bet is a bad hop05:37
JKnifetry traceroute05:37
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tilmandoes anyone want to try my ufoai port?05:39
tilmanyou'd need a somewhat modern graphics card though05:39
rxiwtf is that?05:39
rxihmm turn based is evil05:40
tilmana kind of remake of the old x-com game05:40
tilmanunfortunately the graphics engine is so beefed-up that it won't work on my oldish g55005:40
maekiis xcom the turn based ufo hunter game05:41
rxihehe its not going to work on my gma950 then05:41
maeki3/4 view on the earth05:41
tilmanrxi: gma950? intel?05:41
maekii would so pay $5 if i saw that in the discount bin!05:41
rxitilman: yeah05:42
tilmanmaeki: try the remake,
maekisorry what's the name of the port?05:43
maekinot listed...05:44
tilmanstupid ports db05:44
Romsterconsidering my ip is dynamic but has never changed since i moved i've manualyl set it for now. romster.homeip.net05:44
tilmanmaeki: download the httpup and grab the port that way05:44
Romsterneed to setup apache then i'll start to add my ports and stuff and send a corection to the portsdb05:44
Romsteri can't wait any longer for prologic...05:44
maekiso i download the .rsync file and put it in /etc/ports?05:45
tilmanrsync -aqz ufoai05:46
tilmanyou can also issue that command05:46
tilmanthat will only get you that one port05:46
maekiafter i put the rsync in the /etc/ports dir?05:46
tilmanrxi: i thought the 950 would be well suported05:46
tilmanmaeki: no, no need for that05:46
tilmanif all you want is ufoai/05:46
maekithat's for prt-get?05:47
rxitilman: it has pixel shaders 2.0 but ill be fucked if i can get working properly in x05:47
tilmanmaeki: the rsync file syncs a whole repo to /usr/ports/foo, so all of the system can use it. including prt-get05:47
maekigotcha. i'm new to this aspect of linux.05:48
tilmanrxi: jesus, if it's *that* chip, then it's one of the best supported chips atm05:48
rxiin xorg?05:48
JKnifeRomster: i lose you on the 13th hop05:48
tilmanrxi: though you might want to wait for xorg-server 1.3.0 and the driver05:48
JKnife14th hop*05:48
tilmanrxi: yes05:48
rxitilman: im using i810 atm05:48
tilmanrxi: yeah05:48
rxihow long til 1.3.0?05:49
tilmana few weeks05:49
maekiwhich window manager do most of you use?05:49
tilmanrxi: i think you will be a lucky camper05:49
rxitilman: s/lucky/happy :P05:49
treachmaeki: *box is pretty common.05:49
tilmani'm using timebombbox05:50
treachmetacity is only for those gnome-wankers.05:50
rximaeki: gnome .. atleast thats what im using05:50
rxitilman: im stuckin 960x60005:50
maekichecking for gnome port05:50
treachseparate repo05:50
rxitilman: just cos your machine cant run gnome :P05:51
tilmanrxi: you could try to bump xorg-server to (rc3)05:51
tilmanrxi: and update xorg-xf86-video-i830 to the latest rc, too05:51
tilmanrxi: but it might not work ;)05:51
rxihmm thanks will do05:51
rxitilman: ill try anything .. and i mean anything *winks*05:51
tilmanactually, RC5 is out05:51
maekihow can i get gnome on this thing?05:52
tilman^^^ server05:52
tilman driver05:52
rximaeki: check the docs page on crux.nu05:52
tilman(xf86-video-i830 has been renamed to -intel)05:52
maekiah found it rxi05:52
rxitilman: thanks .. ill let you know when it bombs out05:52
treachtilman: that means "only 25 more rc's to go" right? :P05:52
tilmanmaybe it's days instead of weeks05:52
maekii just read through the handbook...05:52
tilmantreach: no, that's only for imap servers05:53
tilmanit's such a nice day05:54
tilmanspring ftw05:54
rxiwinter is coming yay :)05:54
tilmantsk, antipodian weather ;)05:54
rxiwinter > *05:55
maekitilman: downloading the data chunk now...05:56
rxitilman: can you change your ports that use sf to use a specific mirror05:58
tilmanrxi: can you change /etc/hosts to fix the problem in a nicer way?05:58
rxitilman: much easier to whinge and complain :P05:58
rxitilman: have you built rc5 yet?06:00
tilmanno, i'm on rc306:00
tilmanrxi: just bump the version, remove that diff, and it should work06:00
*** Roomster has joined #crux06:01
rxitilman: yeah doing that now06:01
rxijsut wondering if you have06:01
tilmanrc3 works stable for me, updating is a bit of russian roulette06:04
tilmanrxi: you're on a laptop, right?06:04
tilmanthe new stuff will allow you to dynamically resize your desktop to a dfp, if you happen to have one around06:05
tilman(xrandr 1.2)06:05
tilmandigital flat panel06:05
treachmh, methinks if updating from one rc to another is russian roulette, it shouldn't be rc's..06:05
tilmantreach: i mean, it's xorg-server. no x, no fun.06:06
rxigerman roulette? :P06:06
tilman-> extra precautious06:06
treachrxi: what's that? You sit in a circle around an aggrevated german shepherd and whomever the dog bites loses?06:07
rxinah an angry insane short bloke with a mustache06:08
treachhe was austrian, fwiw.06:08
rxiclose enough06:09
treachamusing, just like stalin who was georigan, not russian. :)06:09
rxitreach: need to bump xorg-randrproto to 1.2 asweel06:09
tilmanhe got german citizenship though06:09
rxierr tilman i mean06:10
tilmansome funny people wanted to revert that some weeks ago06:10
tilmanrxi: oh, yeah06:10
tilmanrxi: and then you'll eventualy want to bump librandr and xrandr too06:10
tilmanto get the screen resizing thing06:10
rxiahh .. that can wait06:10
rxigot the exact version? or xorg-randrproto?06:11
treachtilman: obviously, but oh well.06:11
tilmanrxi: 1.2.106:11
tilmantreach: yeah06:11
* tilman doesn't really care06:11
tilmanabout where he's from, i mean :]06:12
treachbut I thought it was revoked a long time ago, I thought the new thing was that he was a honorary citizen of some german backwater town, which recently someone put on a map..06:12
tilmanmaybe that's what i'm thinking about06:13
treachhowever, it's silly. The dead are dead, who gives a shit.06:13
aontreach: but georgia was a part of the russian empire back when he was born06:14
teKtreach: the ones that would have not had to die if someone had not ..06:14
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treachteK: the point is, there is nothing to be gained be messing around with them.06:14
treachs be/by06:15
treachsure, he was a really bad guy, now he's just really dead. Let him stay that way.06:15
rxitilman: have you made an xorg-xf86-intel port yet?06:16
tilmanrxi: nope.06:16
teKI just can speak for me but that's my point of view, too06:16
rxiif i get it working you want it?06:16
tilmanno, it's trivial anyway06:16
teKand it's funny to see that it seems that simply politicians and victim's organisations do not "forget" (distinguish between ignore and not thinking every day about it)06:17
tilman:%s/i810/intel/ done06:17
tilmanteK: i think it's important to "not forget".06:17
tilmani wonder why that honorary-citizenship-removal thing even hit the media?06:17
treachteK: it's wildly off topic, but IMO most of those "don't forget" organizations tend to be people trying to profit from the past anyway.06:17
tilmanwhy didn't they just do it in secret?06:18
teKtreach: right but I as a german am not allowed to claim this ...06:18
treachheh, don't worry, I'll do it for you. ;)06:18
aonbut isn't questioning the holocaust sort of a gray area in sweden too?06:18
treachdamn leechs.06:18
aondidn't some teacher get fired for participating in a conference regarding that?06:19
teKaon: in germany it's a crime (and that's good)06:19
treachaon: that's not the question.06:19
aonteK: i know06:19
tilman"questioning the holocaust"? how did you get to that topic?06:19
aonfrom it not being legal for germans to do that06:19
teKever been to a camp for jews,... ?06:19
teK*former camp06:19
treachaon: the point is that every time anyone dares to question israel for instance, the "you damned anti-semite" "argument" pops up.06:19
teKI was and it was awful06:19
teKtreach: exactly and this sucks and pushes antisemitism ...06:20
rxidamn jews06:20
treachyes, it kind of validates what hitler said, right?06:20
aonno it doesn't, sometimes people can be wrong and it doesn't have anything to do with their race06:20
treachabout the leeching, international jew..06:20
maekiis it true that hitler was a great guy and everybody loved him06:20
teKin neither way.06:21
maeki*everybody that is06:21
treach"look, they even try to cash in on their own dead."06:21
maekias in he was very charismatic06:21
maekiand charming06:21
aon(or well, whatever "white" people do wrong isn't ever related to their race,
teKhis nice hair cut O_o06:21
teKdamn cool beard *hmhm*06:21
maekithen one day someone got a little TOO high, said something stupid... and everyone took it a little bit too far.06:22
jjpkAfter WWI, Germany was in shambles and the general mood was that the then government backstabbed its people.06:22
* maeki starts taking notes..06:22
*** clb has joined #crux06:25
teKhe won?06:25
treachtilman: why? they gave hitler & co perfect preconditions.06:26
tilmanbecause i'm not sure i understood what you mean :P06:26
jjpkIt's propaganda. The allies shifted their "share" of the slaughter on Hitler. Standard practice.06:26
jjpkNot like they were angels, war is war.06:26
tilmantreach: yes. that's what i meant, too.06:26
treachtilman: ok. I'm suggesting you compare the Versailles treaty to the Marshall help plan.06:26
*** maeki is now known as pinkpixelguy06:26
treachsome difference, right? and some different results as well.06:27
pinkpixelguyone bad pixel ruins a monitor :)06:27
*** pinkpixelguy is now known as maeki06:27
treachpinkpixelguy: just set your desktop background to pink. :P06:27
tilmantreach: yes, i know. that was what i was hinting at06:27
tilmanmaeki: and it's pretty damn sick to say hitler just got a little bit high and took things a bit too seriously o_O06:28
maekiso it's not as easy to make 1600x1200-1 people turn pink to make the 1/1600x1200 happy.06:28
maekii didn't say HE took things a bit too seriously.06:29
treachhe didn't?06:29
maekihe said the words06:29
teKhe had just one egg as a popular german tv show claimed :>06:29
maekiput em on paper06:29
maekiand everybody else acted on them06:29
treachmaeki: german society at that time.06:29
tilmanteK: mit einem ei kann man nicht ficken!!!11106:30
treachmaeki: like the guy with the rats in the tale.06:30
teKtilman: mein GLIED wird nicht steeeeeiff06:30
teKund deshalb gibt es KRAAAAEEG06:30
tilmanich muss staendig pissen!06:30
maeki<shrug> just sayin that all the video clips with the big H man that i see06:31
maekishow he's great at public speaking and a good writer and people are happy to see him. - charismatic guy.06:31
jjpkHe did have a brilliant propaganda machine behind him, it does mean he was a great writer.06:32
treachmegalomaniac fool with people who are taught to obey, not think.06:32
maekithat's why we(i) have a saying that says 'hitler wasn't a bad person. the problem was that he was great and everybody loved him.'06:32
teKhe sucks. </discussion>06:33
maekiwell there's a moral to the story...06:33
treachnote to self, that reminds me of someone, but I can't remember who..06:33
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tilmanexcellent saying o_O06:33
rxitilman: both intel driver and rc5 built ok .. bout to test06:33
tilmangood luck06:33
maekikeep an eye on charismatic kids who can write well06:33
treachmaeki: he couldn't :D06:34
maekibecause when they get pissed off and find out there's no jobs they might be the next adolf :)06:34
maekistill wokring on building the ufo gam06:34
*** rxi has quit IRC06:35
tilmanphew, successfully switched from nazis to ufos06:36
teKback to topic.06:36
treachtilman: ...and the difference is? :P06:36
maeki(ps the world is socialist_06:36
maeki(and flat)06:37
tilmantreach: the latter haven't fux0red the world yet?06:37
teKwho knows?06:37
tilmanor have they...? *whisltes the x files melody*06:37
teKBush pretty much looks /acts like an alien to me06:37
treachwell, I always thought nazis came from outer-space or something.06:37
maekithey're still in the process of eating brains06:37
maekithere are lots of brains to eat, and they are very small06:37
teKtilman: Mittermeier: Bainsuckers form outterspace, do you know? :))06:38
maekigive it time.06:38
tilmantreach: nonono, but they live at the north pole now, in the earth ;)06:38
tilmanteK: nope06:38
maekioctopuses and jellyfishes.06:38
* treach writes a letter to santa, asking him to kick out his unwelcome neighbours06:38
maekii have a tentacle wrapped around my head as we speak. holding an icecream cone.06:38
tilmanare you insane? :)06:39
treach...who? :>06:39
maekinah man. i'm serious. i work in aerospace. and all our stuff is classified because nobody fscking believes us when we say it.06:39
maekiso we just wont say it.06:39
* maeki resets needle on xfiles record.06:40
maekidid you _get it_ tilman :)?06:41
maekicuz i still dont06:41
tilmanget what?06:41
maekinevermind. i'm just reciting lines. i've been told there are several jokes in them. i suppose i need to work on the delivery.06:42
maekihow old are you tilman - if i might ask?06:42
tilmani just have a deja vu06:42
tilmanhave you been in #crux before?06:42
maekijust yesterday.06:42
tilmanmaeki: older than 15, at least06:43
tilmanrevealing my age makes me feel old, so i prefer not to06:43
maekican you give me an upper bound?06:43
maekitighten that omega06:44
tilmanno more hints for you!06:44
maeki:) yeah man. aliens are real.06:44
tilmanrecently, scientists have found an epsilon that was so tiny, that if you divided it by two, it would become negative06:44
maekithis seems like a fun channel to hang out in.06:45
JKnifeit isn't06:45
teKyeah, discussions about nazis and ufos are always fun06:45
tilmanit's usually not as funny as it is today ;)06:45
JKnifeit is a blackhole.. it seems fin but as soon as you get seated good it becomes boring and you cannot leave06:45
tilmanusually we just make fun of Romster's spelling06:45
maekiwell we can try to fix that. i just got out of the psych. ward hospital. for reals.06:45
JKnifewith the nice men in white coats?06:46
maekiso i wasn't a high enough threat for that place... more on the training side.06:46
maekithe staff is nice and for some reason nurses, both male and female are always damn cute.06:46
maekiis what they are.06:47
tilmanand the first thing you do is install crux, instead of partying or something?06:47
maekiyeah. my brains been deep fried already.06:47
maekithe hospital visit is to crack off the outer crust, like snakeskin06:48
maekiso now i'm able to install crux :)06:48
maekithat shxt aint easy you know!06:48
JKnife-_- all the insane people use Linux06:48
JKnifei found the crux install easy06:48
maekiyeah well when you start making iptables rules -DROP ALL- and you STILL get login attempts on sshd06:49
maekithen you know somethings fishy06:49
maekiJKnife: it is actually, very painless06:49
maekiif you are accustomed to reading docs, etc.06:49
JKnifewait.. there was docs on the cd?06:49
maekii have installed libsdl06:50
tilmanyou need sdl_ttf06:50
maekibut it does not have the SDL_ttf06:50
tilmanprt-get install sdl_ttf06:50
maekiprt-get sdl_ttf?06:50
JKnifei usally just install sdl_*06:50
maekii capsed it06:51
maekiwildcarding didn't work.06:51
JKnifei mean install all the sdl packages06:51
tilman'ports -l|grep -i sdl' to search for stuff ;)06:51
maekii like this port system06:52
maekioh boy it's building.06:52
JKnifetilman: then you could feed that throught prt-get and have it install them XD06:52
*** rxi has joined #crux06:52
* rxi gives tilman a big sloppy kis06:52
tilmanit's working?06:53
maekionce i get gnome and my ati card working i'll be hiphiphappy06:53
tilmanwith sane resolutions etc?06:53
maekiit's building and linking06:53
rxiyeah i got 1280x768 instead of 1280x800 but i can live with out 38 pixels06:53
JKnifewell 38x1280 pixels06:54
rxiJKnife: dont care .. its better than the 960x600 i had before06:54
maekitilman the pkgmk just finished successfully06:54
maekiand so did my gnome06:55
rxitilman: --with-xserver-source <<< you'll need to put that in the configure options for the intel driver to get it to work with xorg 1.2<06:56
maekiso i have a question06:56
JKnifeyou know... 960x600 isn't bad to nvidia not letting me have 1024x768@8506:56
maekii went through the gnome install06:56
maekiand the avahi and hald services are not in the /etc/rc.d dir06:56
maekinor gd06:56
JKnifei have hald there.. no gdm or avahi because it is still installing06:57
JKnifedamn firefox -_-06:57
maekiare you installing the release or development version06:57
JKniferelease of GNOME06:58
maekii'm doing it off of the ports06:58
maekii'll repeat the process one more time06:58
maekitilman it couldn't find snd_sdl nor ref_glx.so07:04
maekioh nm07:04
JKnifeo.O does it use the Quake engine?07:04
JKnifeahh ok07:06
JKnifewhich version of the Quake2 engine? Quake2Max?07:07
tilmanno idea07:07
maekitilman do you know where the snd_sdl libraries are installed?07:07
maekimy is empty atm07:07
tilmanlook at the port's footprint07:08
tilmanit's in /usr/share/ufoai07:08
JKnifesnd_sdl is the engines snd driver, it SHOULD be in the data folder07:08
maekican you explain the footprint part?07:08
maekii see the .sos that are missing07:08
tilmanyes, but i don't want to. check the crux handbook :D07:08
maekiwill do07:08
tilmandoes it work if you cd /usr/share/ufoai07:09
maekiall except the GL portion07:09
maekii was running ufoai bc it was in my usrlocalbin07:09
tilmanhow it did go there?07:10
JKnifehe put it here?07:10
maekisorry, it/s in usr/bin/ufoai and usr/share/ufoai07:10
maekiso i ran ufoai and it complained about not finding the libraries07:10
tilman /usr/bin/ufoai seems to be buggy07:10
tilmani just symlinked it, but that won't work it seems07:10
JKnifecd /usr/share/ufoai then run ity07:10
maekilong solution short - just run it from usr/share/ufoai07:10
JKnifeo.O that is what i said07:11
maeki+2 pts you beat me to it.07:11
blizzwtf is ufoai anyway?07:11
tilmani said it even earlier07:11
tilmanso you both lose07:11
tilmanblizz: ufoai.sf.net07:12
maekiso i'll work on the gnome/ati+gl/printer problem next i suppose...07:12
maekicups can see my printer via usb and network but it will not print.07:12
JKnifesmash the printer with a hammer to fix it07:13
blizzwhat does the cups log say?07:13
maekigood question. i'm going to delete them and try to print the handbook and i'll let you know.07:14
blizzunconfigured_linux_system => problem_recursion07:14
blizzand now i need coffee a late wakeup coffee07:15
blizztilman, as we talked about biergarten yesterday: i just had my first visit for this year :)07:16
*** fragstone has left #crux07:16
blizzif i had a blog, i'd blog it. pf.07:20
maekii need to attend to grooming duties for a bit as well...07:22
maekii will be back.07:22
maekithanks for the help guys.07:22
*** maeki is now known as maeki_away07:22
* Roomster has dinner07:23
JKnifedid someone say a word that deals with food?07:25
Roomsteryep :P07:26
tilmantime for a sandwich and a coffee07:26
rxitilman: make it a vegemite and cheese sandwhich :P07:28
treachdamn, there's more spam than anything else in crux-contrib...07:30
treachDr Arline and Dr Adrian seems to be duking it out. :/07:31
tilmanrxi: cooked sausage spread :D07:33
rxithat sounds even worse than vegemite07:33
tilmanit's tasty07:33
rxiRoomster: which gstreamer plugins have mp3?07:34
treachrxi: it's genetic, the germans will make sausage of everything, just like the belgians who compulsively brew beer on anything they find..07:34
tilmanit's originally sausage07:34
tilmanthen they cook it (i guess) so you can put it on toast07:35
rxiis it like minced sausage or something07:35
tilmanrxi: btw, about your resolution problem: you might want to check or ask in #xorg07:35
treachyuck.. pkgadd: could not install usr/bin/uncompress: Invalid cross-device link07:35
tilmanyeah, you said that two hours ago07:36
treachI know, damned clipboard.07:36
rxitilman: ill probably just deal til 1.3 and 2.0 are released07:36
tilmannot sure they'll fix the problem07:36
tilmanmaybe it's not known07:36
rxihmm good point07:36
treachtilman: anyway, you're meaning something like "sausage marmalade"?07:37
tilmanmaybe it's minced sausages, yes07:37
tilmantreach: it doesn't have the same consistency(?) as marmalade07:37
tilmani'd take a photo, but i don't have a camera ;)07:38
treachthank god.07:38
JKnifeohh noes! people are downloading the cd image for 2.3!07:38
tilmantreach: it's not disgusting or anything07:38
rxilol no it sounds delightful *gags*07:39
tilmanshut up, you vegemite-eating barbarian07:39
rxilol *does sgt shultz impersonation*07:42
blizzausbilder schmidt?07:42
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux07:42
rxihogans heros07:43
blizzahh, don't know them07:43
rxithe tv show?07:43
tilmanhulk hogan? :P07:44
rxilol no ..
Roomsterrxi, the one that has lame int he dependencys07:48
*** Roomster is now known as Romster07:48
rxiRomster: ta07:48
blizz"ein kaefig voller helden"07:49
tilmanah, i know that07:49
Romsteri've got testing to do on most of my ports07:50
Romsterbuild them in a chroot or a vm, to make sure there all ok.07:50
JKnifei have had one problem with the footprints =\ when you install a package that one uses as a optional dep. confiure will find it and build it with that support throwing off the footprint07:56
tilmannot a huge problem :P07:57
maeki_awayhow can i view footprints or related info07:57
*** maeki_away is now known as maeki_pseudoway07:57
JKnifecd the the ports dor07:57
JKnifeand do less .footprint07:57
maeki_pseudowaypre/post build?07:58
JKnifewell if you wrote the port file post07:58
JKnifeelse pre07:58
*** jflash has joined #crux07:59
tilmanthanks jjpk07:59
*** maeki_pseudoway is now known as maeki08:00
tilmanyes please08:00
maekithat one's going to take some time to sink in - but ok sorry.08:01
JKnifeaway nicks are just about as annoying as08:02
JKnifexmms2 is now playing: Flyleaf - Fully Alive08:03
maekii don't see the link.08:03
maekii like to be able to look down a list and see who's there and who is not.08:03
teKOberst Klink just was great, rxi08:03
tilmanthe fat bavarian was a bit too much clichee:P08:04
JKnifemaeki: use XChat and is they have a away message up then their name will be gray08:05
maekii do not like xchat.08:05
maekithis irssi is great.08:05
maekithat is as soon as i can find out how to change the background on the xterm back to black.08:05
rxi-bg black08:06
tilmanvim ~/.Xdefaults08:06
maekiand -fg white :)?08:06
JKnifeCTL+ALT+F1 and use that08:07
treach-bg black -fg black  :)08:07
maekii do not have an xdefaults file08:07
JKnife-depth 32 -bg "rgba:2000/2000/2000/cccc" -fg white08:07
maekiwhat goes in the xdefaults file?08:08
treachwhite on black sucks, too much contrast08:08
maekiis there a sample or manpage?08:08
treach@google ".Xdefaults"08:08
clbtreach: Search took 0.09 seconds: Using the . Xdefaults file.: <>; Save this file as ~/. Xdefaults and start a term without any ...: <>; NACSE - Sample . Xdefaults for mwm (X windows): <>; NACSE - X Configuration: . (1 more message)08:08
JKnifethat is white on transparent gray for Rxvt-Unicode08:08
treachdammit, han again..08:08
maekigoogled it thanks08:09
tilmantreach: heh08:09
rxitreach: hehe08:09
maekiok so here's a question08:11
maekihow would i go about finding the available properties for an application08:12
maekifor use in xdefaults08:12
treach"man application"08:12
*** Viper_ has joined #crux08:13
maekiah so X applications will usually(shouldalways) have a resources sectiopn in the man page?08:13
JKnifeif not the source code does08:14
maekibeautiful thanks.08:16
maekilearned something new today :)08:17
*** _unexist is now known as unexist08:29
*** maeki has quit IRC08:34
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux08:50
*** [BTF]Chm0d has quit IRC09:22
*** [BTF]Chm0d has joined #crux09:23
*** mike_k has joined #crux09:26
*** jflash has left #crux09:33
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*** [BTF]Chm0d has joined #crux09:50
*** [BTF]Chm0d has joined #crux09:52
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC10:02
*** jaeger has joined #crux10:07
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger10:07
*** [BTF]Chm0d has quit IRC10:08
*** maeki has joined #crux10:25
maekihey i'm trying to build xmms port and it's saying it has a problem with GLIB10:25
maekii have 2.12 installed but there's no glib_config10:26
maekiis there a devel port of glib that i should install or something else i should do?10:26
aonyou need glib1 for xmms10:26
aonand gtk1, too10:27
*** [BTF]Chm0d has joined #crux10:27
maekiare those port names that i can get?10:27
maekiglib1 and gtk1?10:27
aonthey're in opt10:27
maekiah fetching.10:27
maekii'm on the 15th iteration of prt-getting gnome10:28
maekiis that normal for the gnome install?10:28
jaegershouldn't be, no10:29
maekia few dependencies install...10:29
maekione fails...10:29
maekido it manually then repeat the depinst10:29
maekioh well that's ok i'll let you all know how it turns out. thanks for the gtk1 glib1 pt.10:31
*** maeki has quit IRC10:31
*** [BTF]Chm0d has quit IRC10:32
*** percent20 has joined #crux10:48
*** percent20 has joined #crux10:51
*** lasso|qt has joined #crux10:52
*** [BTF]Chm0d has joined #crux11:10
thrice`tilman,, irssi :-)11:17
*** frobnik has joined #crux12:00
*** Romster has quit IRC12:15
*** Romster has joined #crux12:16
thrice`shouldn't need gtk1 / glib1 for gnome, should he?  :\12:25
jaegergnome, no. xmms, yes12:26
thrice`ah - missed the xmms line12:35
thrice`jaeger, is the gnome repo showing up on the portdb for you?12:39
jaegerI don't think it ever has12:39
thrice`strange, I could have sworn it used to be listed12:40
Romsterit used too be on the portdb12:42
Romsterjaeger, why don't you email them or add it if you got access?12:43
surrounderjaeger: works great now btw, the gnome repo12:43
jaegermaybe I just don't remember it being there12:43
Romsterbeen asking for ages.12:43
jaegerRomster: never felt like it needed to be12:43
jaegersurrounder: glad to hear it12:43
Romsterkde is there why not gnome?12:43
thrice`it's good advertisement, since we have kde and xfce repos on there :)12:43
tilmanjaeger: so it's at least 3 users now ;)12:43
jaegerwoo hoo12:44
thrice`we'll convert you yet tilman12:44
Romsterjaeger, your also missing galeon :)12:44
tilmanthrice`: hehe12:44
Romsternot that i use gnome..12:44
Romsterelse we get asked wheres gnome...12:44
jaegergaleon is still around?12:45
Romsterseems so12:45
Romsteron sf12:45
tilmanit's not part of gnome though, officially12:45
jaegeryeah, epiphany is the "official" browser of gnome12:45
Romsteri started to make a port but it relies on to much gnome for me to even mess with it.12:46
Romsteri'm trying to get away form KDE even to something lighter maybe XFCE or maybe i'll just use a WM12:46
jkrfluxbox! :)12:47
Romsterah k12:47
treachfvwm! ;D12:47
surrounderfvwm <312:48
*** raw_ has joined #crux12:48
treachI've no idea why, my config sucks, and yet no matter how hard I try to get used to some other wm, I keep gravitating back to it.12:49
thrice`do you have a ss of your fvwm ?12:50
jaegerI lean towards openbox+visibility these days when not using gnome12:51
thrice`that doesn't look too bad at all12:52
rehabdollfluxbox is nice12:52
treachthrice`: well, looks aren't everything.12:52
treachthere are some pretty annoying behaviours built in currently which I haven't been able to track down yet.12:53
treachand frankly, I'm sick of digging in the man-pages for now.12:53
treachmaybe in a few months. :P12:53
*** mrks_ has joined #crux12:57
*** mrks has quit IRC13:01
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux13:01
*** raw has quit IRC13:01
*** treach has quit IRC13:11
*** destruct has quit IRC13:16
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*** mike_k has quit IRC13:45
*** mike_k has joined #crux13:46
*** treach has joined #crux13:48
*** [BTF]Chm0d has joined #crux13:55
*** Romster has quit IRC13:55
*** Viper_ has quit IRC13:59
*** Romster has joined #crux14:27
*** JKnife has quit IRC15:26
*** JKnife has joined #crux15:27
JKnifequestion.. porting galeon "--with-mozilla[=mozilla|seamonkey|firefox|xulrunner|thunderbird] Which gecko engine to use (default: autodetect)" <-- what do i do about this?15:36
JKnifejust use firefox?15:36
aonat least if you don't have any of the others installed15:37
* deus_ex wonders if 'Supernatural' is series worth watching (it starts tonight).15:39
aonprobably not15:39
treachsimply put, "No".15:39
treachTV sucks. :)15:39
aoni watch one series from tv nowadays15:40
aonplus some reruns15:40
aonand i've got loads of "Married with Children" as dvd-rips :)15:40
* treach hasn't watched any tv at all for at least two months.15:40
*** JKnife has quit IRC15:40
*** muerto has quit IRC15:40
*** schniggie has quit IRC15:40
*** jkr has quit IRC15:40
deus_exIt is substitute for Farscape, which ended last week.15:40
treachaon: Sure it's not "Lords and Ladies"? :P15:40
*** Romster has quit IRC15:41
aonthe one i watch? no :)15:41
treachnever mind, just a stupid "in" joke.15:41
deus_extreach: Is it like 'Buffy, the vampir slayer', worse, better ? :)15:41
*** JKnife has joined #crux15:42
*** muerto has joined #crux15:42
*** jkr has joined #crux15:42
*** schniggie has joined #crux15:42
*** Romster has joined #crux15:43
JKnifequick netsplit15:43
treachdeus_ex: it's just a terribly stupid fictional soap opera featured in Max Payne. :)15:44
aoni've never watched a scifi series :)15:45
aonall the kids @ school were all ":O" when i said that i dunno anything about stargĂ…te15:45
roberthit's a pub in Oslo15:45
aoni see15:46
deus_extreach: Any good-looking babes in it ?15:46
treachdeus_ex: you never played MP?15:46
treach..I take that as "No".15:48
deus_exMax Payne?that's the one with 'bullet time', right? Cop, vengeance, lots of blood?15:48
tilmanyeah, and comics15:48
treachlots of quirky humor as well.15:48
tilmancause they couldn't afford real cut scenes ;)15:48
deus_exNo, I haven't played it ( I don't play games much).15:48
treachI actually think it's one of the more original shot and dodge games I've played.15:49
deus_exGrim Fandango was the last, iirc15:49
tilmanif you like action a bit, you should try it15:51
tilmanworks perfectly in winex, too15:51
tilmannowadays maybe in wine, too :P15:51
deus_exSorry for the lag in answering, btw, I'm trying to fix a computer i.e Windows problem over the phone ;)15:51
treachjust plain wine works really well =]15:51
tilmantreach: okay, i played it 5 years ago or so15:52
jaegerhey look, SNES cartridges... I don't even own a SNES anymore15:52
JKnifejaeger, i have modified gl-select to work with all nvidia drivers..
treachtilman: I had a nostalgia attack last week or so. :P15:53
deus_exWhen I want to kill innocent creatures, I play Moorhuhn WE. :D15:54
jaegerby all do you mean the legacy drivers?15:54
tilmanthe guys in max payne aren't innocent15:54
JKnifeand the 96xx15:54
tilmanthey killed max' wife, or something15:54
treachdeus_ex: thankfully MP isn't about killing innocent creatures. :D15:54
jaegerJKnife: I don't follow, the 96xx had problems?15:54
JKnifewith 9631 was the last to support >=GF415:55
treachtilman: the easter-egg is really cool, too bad I can't get it to work properly. :/15:55
jaegerJKnife: I use the 97xx series with my >=GF4 cards all the time... 6600gt, 6800gt, 7900gt15:56
JKnifeohh my bad15:56
jaegerdo they make a distinction, then, between those and the legacy drivers?15:57
deus_exjaeger: opt/gl-select works if port is named nvidia, but not with-nvidia-legacy, or whatever.15:57
jaegerdeus_ex: I'm aware of that, hence my question15:57
JKnifewhat do you mean distinction?15:58
deus_exActually, there are two legacy drivers series, 71x and 96x.15:58
deus_exjaeger: Sorry :)15:58
jaegerlet me put it this way: do the 96xx legacy drivers support all the cards the 71xx legacy drivers do, or no?15:59
deus_exNo, afaik.15:59
jaegerJKnife: is all that's changed in your version the grep?15:59
JKnifeit doesn't support GeForce, TNT or any of the ones droped for 72xx15:59
Romstertheres only one legacy driver afaik O_o16:00
Romsterwhere is the second one....16:00
JKnifethis version grep looks for a package named nvidia-x11r7*16:00
JKnifeRomster, the 96xx16:00
JKnifethe one i wrote the port for XD16:00
jaegerJKnife: you might have a look at the current gl-select, it's got ATI support as well and the -x11r7 names got removed16:02
JKnifeuhmm ok16:02
jaegerhrmm.. seems to be one in contrib, which is confusing, but I'll look into that16:03
JKnifethat one wont work for the 71xx and the 96xx16:03
deus_exRomster: Drivers 7184 and 9631 (legacy) and 9755 current.16:04
JKnifecut -d- -f2  <-- has to be changed16:04
deus_exRomster: Confusing, ain't it ;) ?16:04
*** lasso has joined #crux16:05
jaegerout of curiosity, why specify the kernel version in the version number for nvidia-x11r7-legacy?16:05
RomsterLatest Legacy GPU version: 1.0-718416:05
RomsterLatest Version: 1.0-975516:05
Romsterwhere is the other?16:05
Romsteri'm totally confused..16:06
JKnifeRomster, just know.. 7184 and 9631 are the legacy and 9755 is the current16:06
deus_ex"1.0-9631 (legacy) for Linux x86/x86-64 released"
jaegerperhaps nvidia just doesn't want to note that on the downloads page for some reason16:07
jaegerand looks like nvidia-x11r7 needs to be removed from contrib16:07
deus_exThey are in the 'process of updating the main page, please stand by'.16:07
Romsterthen my legacy port should be renamed as there is 2 legacy drivers16:08
Romsterbloody confusing...16:08
deus_exThat's at least what zander says...16:08
deus_ex(nvidia employee, one of the mods at nvnews)16:09
Romsterso how does one label 2 diferent legacy drivers?16:10 <-- nvidia-96xx16:10
JKnifeRomster, i called it nvidia-96xx so you have nvidia nvidia-96xx and nvidia-legacy16:11
JKnifethat way you don't have to rename packages16:11
deus_ex'legacy', yet-another-legacy' :) ?16:12
Romsterso the legacy is the oldist and nvidia-96xx bweing not so old...16:13
Romsterbut still legacy, thats jsut insane...16:13
deus_exWait when 100.x series of drivers comes...16:14
jaegerbit confusing16:14
Romsteryeah really...16:16
Romsterhmm nvidia-legacy and nvidia-old and nvidia ?16:20
aonjust run "nv"16:20
Romsterbut then we'd have a problem when they/if they add another damn version ..16:20
Romsterif nv had 3d acceleration i would...16:21
JKnifeRomster, call it nvidia-96xx16:21
tilmangotta people who are too damn stupid to figure out how to unsubscribe from a mailing list16:22
Romsteranyone using Romster repo its now at i don't know if it'll indefente or till prologic is back with shortcircuit or i find a better host...16:22
tilmangotta love*16:22
jjpkProblem is README means DO NOT ;)16:23
jaegerwhat's up with James' stuff anyway?16:23
jjpkmatter of fact, it seems to apply to any and all instructions :p16:24
Romsterhe moved and has no phone line yet...16:24
jaegertilman: I thought about responding to the guy saying "every mail has a link at the bottom" but decided not to bother16:24
jaegerRomster: ah16:24
tilmanjaeger: ditto16:24
JKnifedo it16:24
jaegerI figure the guy will sort it out eventually16:24
JKnifenot your fault they fail at life16:24
loopholeRomster, were the gst plugins updates just a name change or did they contain a version bump as well?16:25
tilmanactually, the crux ml doesn't add signatures16:25
Romsterjsut a name change and 2 have the --disable-static added.. if you look in git.16:25
tilmanjaeger: could you fix that?16:25
loopholeRomster, thanks :)16:26
tilmancrux-devel does have them16:26
Romsterloophole, mainly fixing all ports so they are package name -> tarball name16:26
Romsternote there is a set in gnome with the old names, i have a set in contrib because i don't use gnome.16:27
loopholeI should probably be more consistent with mine, as well... and more consistent about keeping them up to date :/16:27
Romsterloophole, what your repo?16:30
Romsteras i don't see one as loophole ;016:30
jaegertilman: oops, thought it did... I could certainly turn that back on, I guess16:32
loopholemine hasn't been listed in a long time... and with good reason. Spotty updates and duplicate ports.16:33
Romsterwell i go ta few duplicates, but out of date ports yeah soem of mine are out of date by now run ck4up after you add that and you can instantly see what needs updating.16:36
loopholeThe biggest set back for me was loss of interest in the technologies related to my ports. They have a heavy mono focus and I'm having trouble staying enthused about yet another technology stack.16:40
loopholeNot that beagle, banshee, f-spot, etc. aren't decent tools.16:41
Romsterah k16:41
Romsteryeah i was like ooo mono but now i'm like meh another platform like ruby and python and perl16:42
treachexcept that ruby/python etc doesn't have the evil empire and it's errand boys in the luggage. ;)16:43
loopholealso true16:43
RomsterI'll look at more ports later i'm gonna sleep for awhile is 8am now i've been up all nite.16:45
JKnifeusing growisofs to burn a DVD =SLOW17:06
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