IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-04-15

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Corsuothe default wm in crux will be blackbox now ?01:40
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Romsterwhat is with the default WM?....01:51
Romsteryeash you install what you wan't to use..01:51
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tilmanthe cairo 1.4.4 release announcement looks cool03:41
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maekii'm trying to get IMAP up and running again... which packages in addition to postfix do i need to install if any or other?04:58
maekiand is there an http server in the ports? i only know of apache and it's not in the main 4 port repos.04:58
jkrdovecot is a fine imap daemon04:59
tilmanapache is in opt05:00
tilmanlighttpd is in opt05:00
tilmanwebfsd is in opt05:00
maekiexcellent. before i was just using fedora core and some how-to which lead me to postfix and cyrus.05:00
maekithanks tilm i see then05:00
maekii was just browsing /usr/ports yesterday instead of ports -l...05:00
maekii don't think i read through the whole tree.05:01
rximaeki: prt-get search05:01
rxior prt-get dsearch05:01
maekiwhat do those do over ports -u | grep05:02
rxiports -u just updates05:02
maekii mean -l05:02
rxinot much i guess05:02
rxidsearch will search the description05:03
maekisorry its 5a here i just woke up and drove to/from the airport.05:03
maekihow do i read the description of a package?05:04
rxiprt-get info <port>05:04
rxiprt-get help05:04
maekii see those - thanks.05:05
maekipostfix + dovecot?05:05
maekior just one or the other.05:05
tilmanpostfix receives/sends mail (-> MTA)05:06
jkrpostfix is the MTA, dovecot is just for providing access to your mail via pop3 / imap05:06
tilmandovecot makes received mail available via imap (or pop3)05:06
maekipostfix ~= sendmail05:06
tilmanjkr: ;)05:06
maekiso i tell dovecot i'm using postfix?05:06
maekithat's a good explaination :)05:06
jkrNo, just tell it where postfix stores incoming mail05:06
maekii was reading rfc 821-3 the other day05:07
maekioh so dovecot takes postfixes data and provides IMAP interface for it?05:07
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maekioh i get it now.05:08
jkrIt provides access via imap/pop3 to you mail - it doesn't care if you're using postfix, sendmail, qmail or whatever05:08
tilmanit takes mail05:08
maekiyou guys are awesome you give good answers.05:08
tilmanit doesn't care whether you have an MTA running or not05:08
tilmanor which MTA that is05:08
tilmanjkr: i  think i'll just let you do the talking ;)05:08
jkrI'm faster anyway ;)05:08
tilmanonly because i'm lagging so badly05:09
maekii understand it now i have the diagrams in a box next to me.05:09
jkrPah, poor excuse :)05:09
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maekii'm going to give all that advice a try right now. bbiaw thanks.05:10
maekiawesome - apache set.05:12
maekii'm trying to get my firewall/mailserver/web thing switched to crux before the weekendend05:12
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JKnife :(05:58
JKnifetrying to install and run vmware05:58
maekigood luck with that.06:01
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treachwhy? It has been done before. Maybe vwmare isn't compatible with 2.6.2x, or maybe he's got his paths mixed up. Who knows.06:11
JKnifewell it has compile errors with 2.6.20 applied a patch and now when i try to prob the module i get vmmon: Unknown symbol compat_exit06:13
rxiRomster: you need to rename gst-ffmpeg dir to gst-plugins-ffmpeg06:24
maekitreach: not a flippant comment. just wishing himmer good luck. :)06:34
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rxiRomster: and rename the $name in gst-plugins-bad06:47
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rxiRomster: and rename the $name in gst-plugins-bad06:48
maekihow many of you are tobacco smokers in here?07:02
plundraI'm being silly, can't you tell? :)07:04
maekioh no i thought that was some kind of rhetorical statementbutsad joke07:04
aonbuilds with vmware-any-any patch here fine07:04
maekimy dad just came and crashed my apt for a few days and my frustration level jumped up. i just bought my first pack of cigs in 6 months. ruined my streak.07:05
maekii was on a roll.07:05
aondepends on the situation, haven't smoked for a few weeks now07:05
maekimy lungs had just cleaned out. now i have to drop another $50 for the gum to roll off of it again.07:06
maekididn't mean to bring up the topic.07:06
maekior, i did - but apologize for it :).07:06
aoni don't really have any problems being without, guess i haven't been addicted except on the psychological level :)07:07
maekii moved from los angeles to boston, the origin where i smoked about a pack or so a day.07:07
maekias soon as i got to ma i stopped real quick.07:08
maekibut now the nicodemon is creeping back in to my sanctuary here.07:08
aoni guess i've done 2 packs most per week07:09
jjpkIt's all about will power. Find it and cling to it like there is no tomorrow.07:09
jjpkChange you attitude, you might surprise yourself :)07:09
aons/most/some word that actually fits/07:09
maekii've started and stopped several times. i am resting right on the line.07:09
maekii just have to make sure that i don't fall too far to one side or i'll have to move again :).07:10
maekii just get irritated when parents make surprise cross-country visits and crash my apartment X|07:11
* maeki stews.07:11
aoni guess that could be irritating, yeah :)07:11
tilmandamn weather07:11
maekithey were worried abt me and made me do a 10 day rehab stay in a hospital while they chilled at my apt.07:12
tilmani've constantly got bees and stuff visiting07:12
jjpkHere's a tip, sit them down, tell them you have something important to tell them about surprise visits.07:12
* maeki ^^ SURPRISE!07:12
maekii did07:12
maekithey asked to use my internet07:12
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maekiand i told them there's a public library down the street.07:12
maekii acknowledge their concern however. but still, surprises suck.07:13
maekiironic that i start smoking in rehab.07:13
rximaeki: lucky you werent balls deep in some chick07:13
* maeki o.o.07:13
maekiactually i'd be lucky if i were.07:13
jjpkrxi: your parents caught ya? :D07:14
rxilol nah07:14
rximy gf is 1200kms away07:14
rximy dick isnt quite that long07:14
maekimines 3000m07:14
jjpk1200km does lower the chances substantially :p07:14
maekii kind of feel bad last night i gave my dad the gtfo message. he's sadly bitterly upset.07:15
jjpkTruth hurts, but it has to be told.'07:15
maekii slept with a bread knife by my side because he was starting to get a little pissy-emotional.07:15
rxihe'll deal07:15
maekiwell he's kind of been the outcast of the family for my whole life so i wish i could cater to him a little more.07:16
maekii told him next time he schedules a visit we'll have some more fun.07:16
* maeki __s schedules.07:16
rxiporn and beers?07:17
maekiso i made the offer to stop at a bar the other day but he said NO07:17
maekii don't know why he's so anti-alcohol07:17
rxigoing to a  bar with your old man is pretty weird07:17
maekii get the impression that one time he got shxtfaced, played a game of poker, and something bad happened.07:18
maekihe does not drink or play games of any kind - out of fear.07:18
rximaybe thats where you came from :P07:18
maekidude. i never thought about that. fscking hilarious.07:19
maekiseriously. that's damn funny.07:19
maekii like you guys.07:19
rxithank you *bows* ill be here all night07:19
rawah those aussies07:20
maekinext time i get him drunk. i will look him in the eye and ask him that.07:20
maekiand he had better laugh and say yes.07:21
maekior cry. doesn't matter.07:21
maekitilman you at sc?07:21
maekioh hey hey what's the port name of a console browser07:21
maekione of my many uncles went there.07:22
maekierr which prog besides lynx can let me www from the console (w/proxy)?07:22
tilmani just killed what has to be the biggest bumblebee in central europe07:22
rximaeki: elinks07:23
maekibe careful about killing insects their souls go inside you and come out later when you least need it.07:23
maekii went on a killing spree in freshman biology with a makeshift toluene gas chamber. it didn't work and they were pissed.07:24
maekiif you're going to kill bugs, just ask for cyanide.07:24
* maeki beams :D.07:24
rxii prefer agent orange myself07:24
maekiwell, if you're going to have an accident in the process...07:25
jjpkHaha, put agent orange into action and you will see quite the collateral damage.07:26
maekiwell i was limiting the scope to a person's garage.07:26
maekiand a little glass jar :)07:27
rxijjpk: bugs, bird, neighbours, all acceptable casualities :P07:27
tilmanespecially neighbours07:28
rxiand their yapping dogs that never shut up07:28
rximaybe if osama should "happen" to appear in their house the usaf could take care of things for me07:32
maekilsd is for yapping dogs.07:36
maekiturns barks into inquisitive g/prowls07:36
maekithat one is just a guess.07:37
rxiagent orange is probably easierto get hold of07:37
maekijust a bit.07:37
maekiso like... i'm trying to get this alsa thing working so i can hear some nectarine.07:38
maekii build it in the kernel - the card shows up in the dmesg07:38
maekiare the devices supposed to automagically appear in /dev or do i need to do something?07:38
rximake sure the vol is turned up and unmuted07:38
maekiwhich package is alsamixer in07:39
maekiso i need to just prt-get alsa-utils and it should be happy?07:41
maekiand is it ok if i build in the drivers as modules, or should i build it hard in.07:41
maekire. do i need to config the module in any way?07:41
rxidoesnt matter07:41
maekii havent really fudged with a diy linux since slackware ~5 years ago07:42
maekiand i had to munge up a bunch of stuff in conf.modules pre modules.conf07:42
maekiare we in better days?07:42
rxijust build it in the kernel07:43
maekisweet. what about the devices?07:44
maeki/dev/snd is all?07:44
rxiit will sort itself out07:44
maekiand i use alsa* .h .so if i want to write any progs to do audio i/o?07:45
rxino ide07:45
* maeki is giddy.07:45
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maekii'll let you know when i find out :)07:45
Romsterrxi, whoops fixed..07:48
rxiRomster: hehe had me really confused why thinks wouldnt build07:48
Romsteri didn't realise i even missed that one..07:50
Romsterthat was just stupid..07:50
rxioh well07:50
maekihowabouts do i go configuring blackbox (menus/panel/etc)?07:59
maekiis that .config file based or is there a gui07:59
treach"vim .blackboxrc"08:01
treachif you want gui configuration try "gvim .blackboxrc" :)08:01
maekilol thanks.08:07
maekihas anyone dovecot configured and running?08:08
treachactually I think that's one of the strong points of blackbox. the config file is quite easy to edit/understand.08:08
maekihow about mp3/ogg/vid players... any non-gnome ones besides xmms?08:40
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treachcmus,audacious, xmms2, guess there's more.08:44
maekithanks. just got kahvimp3s playing on xmms. relaxing.08:53
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jjpkTalk about overly sensitive X button handling :D :D09:14
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jjpkCare to stop bouncing like mad?09:53
tilmandoes that crash firefox for anyone else?09:54
surroundertilman: works here09:55
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jjpkFirefox does not crash, but it grinds to a halt.09:56
tilmani wgot the file, and i can view that09:56
surrounderworks fine here really09:56
jjpkThen again, not surprising with the open nv driver in xorg.09:58
jjpkMay also have something to do with the firefox port I use.10:00
jjpkWhen I upgraded my desktop to 2.3, the firefox on the cd crashed very often.10:00
* treach makes a guess at the javascripts.10:00
* jjpk runs noscript because he hates javascripts10:01
* treach too. :P10:01
tilmanwith all this web 2.0 crap, it's a pain to disable javascript10:01
jjpkIt is.. and it annoys me beyond belief.10:02
treachjavascript = another stupid idea that should never have come to life.10:02
rxitreach: what would all the porn providers use to create those annoying popups? did you think of the porn industry?10:03
jjpkIt's not all bad, but its uses too often have something to do with advertising.10:03
treachrxi: it's a really stupid idea, *why* on earth would I under *any* circumstaces allow *any* random website to execute code on my system?10:04
rxitreach: hehe i guess you didnt detect me <sarcasm> tag on that one10:04
rxii hate them too10:04
treachI did - it's just such a boneheaded way to do things.10:04
treachI bet it's something MS came up with...10:05
jjpkThe second thing about javascript is that many sites are crippled without it.10:05
tilmani'd bet it was netscape :P10:05
jjpkAll those fucking effects ARGH10:05
treachjjpk: it's not javascripts that cripple the sites.10:06
treachit's tha lamer that depended on them when he created the site.10:06
treachs tha/the10:06
rxitilman: your right10:06
treachme <sarcasm>/my sarcasm10:07
rxinothin wrong with me english10:07
treach"my" :D10:07
* treach instigates "pick on rxi-day"10:07
treachyou know, we can't let poor Romster suffer alone. :D10:08
rxiwe can share the week between us :P10:08
treachafk, food10:09
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Romsteri hate javascript that cripples a site but i don't mind usign javascript to enhance, but not go overboard.10:14
aonmodifying forms on the fly is nice sometimes10:19
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treachjavascript is as prone to abuse as a runaway 16-year-old.10:24
*** blueCommand has quit IRC10:24
rxitreach: you know this from experience?10:29
treachyou mean if I abuse 16-year-old runaways?10:30
rxino if you were a 16yr old runaway10:30
treachNo, why should I? There are more ways to gather information than just experience things yourself.10:31
aonno there isn't10:32
* rehabdoll steps away from treach10:32
treachaon: of course there is. you don't have to be executed to form an intelligent opinion on that business.10:34
aonokay, but you can'10:36
aont claim that without totally destroying the basis of some people's argumentation10:36
Romsterlol what the..10:40
maekiyeah dubteeeff10:43
maekiyay my front teeth are coming back10:44
* tilman steps away from maeki 10:44
aonhow nice10:44
maekifrickin aliens.10:45
* maeki beams :D.10:45
* maeki continues pondering aon.10:46
* blizz steps away from #crux10:46
* aon continues installing openobex10:47
* maeki continues setting up jmstudios10:47
Romsterthis channel is going insane..10:49
maekimy bad :(10:49
Romsterok gone10:49
Romstergoing is a word10:50
treachwas always nuts afaik.10:50
maekiis my crux going to flip out if i install ati drivers for xorg 7.1 when i run 7.2?10:51
treachno. maybe your xorg though10:52
maekisupposing it did is there a safe way to revert?10:52
treachof course.10:52
treachthis isn't windows..10:52
maekisans reinstalling/formatting10:52
maekii dunno, so like i just reinstalled crux today10:52
maekibecause i did a prt-get depinst on gnome10:52
tilmanto each his own i guess10:53
maekino no it worked...10:53
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maekibut i got bad juju and couldn't find a prt-unget deprem on gnome.10:53
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treachtilman: well, I guess it's faster to reinstall than removing all the packages gnome installs. ;D10:53
maekiso i shaved my head with a bic.10:53
maekierr gilette10:54
tilmannipuL once wrote a tool that would help10:54
tilmani don't remember the name10:54
* treach tries to imagine someone shaving with one of these ->
maekii'm a boifromtroy10:55
treachdon't blame me, blame google.10:56
tilmantreach: gas. bic. *wooo*10:56
treachit's perfectly sfw though.10:56
treachaon: I know, I have a bag of those myself. :D10:56
aonheh :)10:57
aoni have russian razor blades and a chinese razor10:58
* aon is proud to be gillette-free10:58
maekiwhere'd you get all thems?10:58
maekii've been using the same mach-whatever for 4 years now10:58
aonthe razor from a flea here, the blades from latvia10:58
maekithat thing is build to last.10:58
treachaon: I thought all finns shaved with their morakniv(tm). :p10:58
aon10 packs of them cost less than one pack of gillettes here10:59
aonand they last longer10:59
treachrussian razors. they might turn your face into minced meat, but they'll live longer than you. :D10:59
tilmanjaeger: care to bump cairo to 1.4.4?11:00
maekiwhat exactly does cairo do?11:01
thrice`dunno, look it up11:01
maekiis it a vector prog. like illustrator11:01
maekii did do the prt-get info on it11:01
maekii'm still adjusting to the multi-console thing11:02
maekihey that looks cool.11:03
maekiis anyone here actively using that?11:04
treachdid you read the article?11:05
maekino i couldn't copy/paste the link. i was just reading the .org site.11:05
maekimy short-term buffer isn't long enough to hold that string.11:05
jjpkDump the silly alien belief and you might have enough storage.11:06
maekii was just wondering if it might be feasible to hook output #2 up to a projector and render in real time w audio processing.11:07
maekior if it was more of a non-realtime processing library.11:07
maekilike if i wanted to make a vector-ish VJ system11:08
maekifor aliens.11:08
maekispace aliens.11:08
treachdoes it matter? My guess is that they are illegal anyway.11:09
maekii haven't been introduced to the global federation consulate. so i think it would depend what country they land andor reside in.11:09
treach"illegal aliens", somehow that always makes me smile a bit.11:10
treachaliens at least to me first and foremost carries the connotation of lifeforms from space.11:10
maekii guess it depends which news channel you most frequently watch.11:11
treachand illegal is similarliy connected to outlawed stuff.11:11
Romsteralian is some life form we don't know about yet, se would be aliens to them if there was anything out there.11:11
maekitreach: simple for tax purposes...11:12
treachmaeki: I guess it's more about what language you're speaking natively.11:12
* Romster thinks maeki watches too much MIB11:12
maekii hate that show.11:12
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maekidislike - it is not for me.11:12
maekibut others may enjoy it :)11:12
Romsteri didn't mind it.11:12
maekisorry i'm transistoring into civil service.11:13
maekiworking on my diction.11:13
treachbut basically, why "aliens", "forigner" would make more sense, wouldn't it?11:13
Romstergee wine has alted alot or my ccache isn't big enough11:13
maekichange must be slow and methodical to minimize casualties :).11:14
Romstermaeki, are you one of them :D11:14
maekialien is from the 40s. foreigner the 70s11:14
maekias you can see alien is still in public conscience. foreigner is on the horizon. it takes time.11:15
maekiit's mostly the paperwork.11:15
treach70's oh yeah?11:16
* maeki slightly remorses shaving his head. it is now drafty and cold.11:17
Romsterthat 70's show?11:17
treachit's derived from middle english forein, french forain and orignially latin foranus "on the outside"..11:18
treachI guess it'd be approaching correct if you meant the 1270's or so.11:18
tilmanthe *band*11:18
treachah.. :D11:19
treachlol, count me out wrt modern music. :D11:19
maekidude. i'm in AMERICA11:19
treachyeah, so you're ignorant? Or what's that supposed to mean?11:20
maekino my country is! about history!11:20
treachok. :)11:20
maekiour history starts at 1776, and hardly anybody can remember what happened 20 years ago.11:20
maeki1970 is already a stretch... but 1270?! nuts.11:21
thrice`treach, heh11:21
treachheh, I don't think anyone remembers that here either, with the exception of the guys in former jugoslavia.11:22
* Romster falls off to bed11:22
maekinite rom11:22
treachthey still fight over who threw a potato on who back then, so I guess it's not doing them any good anyway.11:22
Romsterlater all11:22
treachcya Romster11:23
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*** raw has joined #crux11:38
tilmanCan who, add hal support standard in kdeebase?12:12
tilmani should killfile that idiot12:12
jjpkGah, just hand him a link or two to English grammar :D :D12:14
treach"Please email your real adress here; Well will send a member shortly to collect your hardware since you're too stupid to find out how to use it. \ Kind regards Crux-system-team. "12:15
treachs We'll12:15
jjpkOr that, still would be a better use of equipment ;)12:15
tilmanwe could ban him from the list ;)12:15
treachjjpk: grammar is of no use when there is nobody coherent present in the brain-office. :)12:17
jjpkIf he is trying to create the most broken, fucked English grammar possible, then he has succeeded impressively...12:29
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tilmanoh well ;)13:11
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x2FusionDownload today,
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jjpkAnother prankster.15:28
tilmani think i'll try that link15:29
tilmanmight be something good15:29
JKnifethat like gave me a .exe.. how do i run it?15:32
JKnifedamnit.. they give you a program don't tell ya how to run it15:33
maekihey... have any of you set up a pppoe gateway with crux?15:35
*** RedShift has joined #crux15:36
maekiagh. so now *i'm* the one who has to do it and doc it?15:38
RedShiftwhat are we talking about?15:39
maekiso right now i have fc5 on my gateway15:40
tilmanfucking wild monkeys in morocco15:40
maekiit's my web/mail server and doing my pppoe gatewaying15:41
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maekii want to put crux on it and do the same thing while not being out of comission for too long.15:42
maekiyou KNOW why ><15:42
tilmanmmh, my joke failed terribly15:42
RedShiftthat's the trouble with today's distributions15:43
RedShiftthey hide a ton of stuff for the user15:43
RedShiftmaking it look like "windows"15:43
RedShifttotally wrong15:43
maekiwindows on a console?15:43
maekii borrowed a bunch off of google to get it up15:44
maekii wouldn't say it was exactly point and click15:44
maekiFC had enough packages with conveniently edited .conf files...15:45
maekiand howtos.15:45
deus_extilman wild monkeys in morocco?15:46
maekiyeah not funny.15:46
RedShiftmaeki: so you didn't really know what you were doing and just searched the shit out of google?15:46
* deus_ex is back from bbq and almost drunk15:46
tilman<  RedShift> what are we talking about?15:46
maekiRedShift: NOOO15:46
RedShifttilman: yes, I got the joke ;-)15:47
tilmanyou could have commented :/15:47
maekiRedShift: i was just not familiar with ppp links - re over ethernet either15:47
RedShifttilman: yeah it's good, it put a smile on my face, but not ROFLZOMGLOL15:47
maekii had to google how to get it up and running with DSL15:47
maekiwhy am i always the last one to get it :(15:48
tilmanRedShift: hooray, so i didn't fail :)15:48
tilmani mean, smile is good15:48
maekiAct: 115:49
deus_exmaeki: Are you trying to write a haiku, or what?15:52
maekideus_ex: no i have a box of 3x5 cards in the corner for that.15:53
maekideus_ex: :) sorry i'm mentally preparing for the move.15:53
*** thrice` has quit IRC15:53
*** morlenxus has quit IRC15:55
maekii'm mainly concerned with getting my IMAP back up and DDNS15:57
maekiand getting back on IRC to hang out with you all of course ^^*15:57
deus_exddns?distributed?dynamic?dwhat dns?15:58
maekii have a cron script that runs every 15 min and sends the ip15:58
deus_exwhere to?15:59
deus_exsort of dydns,com?15:59
maekiso i have basepair-redc.com15:59
maekioff of a home dsl15:59
*** morlenxus has joined #crux15:59
maekiit sends the ip to zoneedit's DNS15:59
maekiso the world can resolve via zoneedit16:00
maekii'm wondering if i should just bite the bullet and upgrade to the small business service for $80/mo16:00
maekibut just for a static ip seems like peeing money away16:01
deus_exWhat do you get for 80 bucks/month?16:01
deus_exBesides static ip16:02
maekilemme check16:02
maekinothign that i'm not doing right now for myself, i don't believe16:03
deus_exThen it's not worth it, I guess.16:03
*** maeki has quit IRC16:03
*** thrice` has joined #crux16:04
deus_exNote to self: rerun gl-select after updating xorg-server.16:05
*** maeki has joined #crux16:06
maekioof sorry16:06
maekii completely forgot what i was doing.16:09
maekioh yeah.16:09
*** maeki has quit IRC16:09
*** raw_ has quit IRC16:11
*** maeki has joined #crux16:13
maekioh there's a rp pppoe port16:15
maekifrench moroccan?16:15
maekiwho surfs AND plays guitar?!16:16
maekiso why does gmail sometimes ask for a cell phone number16:21
maekiugh nevermind.16:21
JKnifeo.O PFNGLGETUNIFORMUIVEXTPROC is defined twice in glext.h from the nvidia-9631 driver16:33
maekishould i be sad that i could read that on the second pass?16:34
maekii lied. what's a vext?16:35
maekivirtual external?16:35
JKnifenot sure o.O16:35
maekii thought it was UIV at first16:35
maekichroma luma chroma16:36
JKnifemaybe uiv.. ohh well XD16:39
maekiso do you get paid to sit around and play with that stuff all day :)?16:39
JKnife,39044164,39352584,00.htm <-- i see Linux 3 being LGPL.. i really think that the FSF is starting to piss of Linus16:39
*** thrice` has quit IRC16:41
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:47
maekihmph vexxed.16:58
*** thrice` has joined #crux17:02
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* JKnife runs rm /usr/ports/*/*/.footprint18:11
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nipuL:\ just installed 2.3 on a computer, when i run Xorg -configure it just hangs20:40
JKnifeumm.. try xorgconfig?21:04
JKnifeor just write the file by hand...21:04
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