IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-04-16

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leitoohello some channel in spanish for crux?01:01
mnh-try #crux-es01:02
leitoomnh yo know some program like  debootstrap or way to install crux in a chroot ?01:05
teKwell setup works like this, imho..01:15
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teKyou run setup an get to choose the later root directory (standard: /mnt)01:16
teKafter the installation you do a chroot /mnt /bin/bash01:16
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leitoobut a system without cd?01:18
treachloopback mount the iso.01:18
leitooand cp -a the dirs?01:20
treachsounds like a bad idea.01:21
teKsimply run /usr/bin/setup from within the iso and select your target directory01:21
teK(it's just too easy, I know)01:22
leitooError opening terminal: xterm. :S01:24
mrks_leitoo: do you have devpts mounted?01:27
leitooonly mouth the iso01:28
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teKread the handbook01:32
teKthe steps are just equivalent01:32
mrks_whatever, the handbook says you need a devpts line in your fstab01:32
leitoostay on gentoo now01:35
leitoomy english sucks !01:36
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Rakenhow i create a env car in my crux ?03:06
Rakenhow i create a env var in my crux ?03:07
Rakensorry :]03:07
RakenI only want to know while I'm down crux 2.3 !03:10
Rakengreat ... nobody must help me, no one is obli to help me ... but in all the chats the sense human is disapearing ... It's this the way to finish a channel ... ]03:14
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teKthat's really CRUX-specific AND "set environment variable linux" in google won't help I bet03:24
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blizzdoes anyone know how to change the broadcast adress via the ip binary?07:04
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treachisn't rp-ppp absorbed into ppp nowadays?10:55
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tux_fanHey Guys!10:55
treach(I've no idea, I don't use pppoe.)10:56
tux_fanWell, today I downloaded CRUX via torrent. Now, while booting the distro I am encountering a problem.10:56
* treach has a bbbbaaad feeling.10:56
tux_fanYeah. The error:10:56
tux_fan"atkbd.c: Spurious ACK on isa0060/serio0. Some program might be trying access hardware directly"10:57
tux_fanHow do I bypass this problem?10:57
treachuse a usb-keyboard? :P10:57
tux_fanWell, my Caps Lock and Scroll Lock blinks during this error..10:58
treachtux_fan: try feeding the error into google.10:58
treachI'm willing to be you'll get real answears that way.10:58
tux_fanI did.. Cound't find a suitable solution..10:58
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treachs be/bet10:58
tux_fanSo, how do I bypass this problem..?10:59
treachyou did include isa support in your kernel?11:00
maekitreach: no, there's experimental pppoe options in the kernel but doesn't look like it's .there yet.11:00
tux_fanNo, I didn't fiddle with the config file.11:01
treachmaeki: ok, sorry, no ideas.11:01
maekitreach: i believe i left an option out of the kernel build to <*>   PPP support for sync tty ports11:01
maekii left it out... tx anyway though.11:01
maekii almost have this guy up and running.11:01
treachok, good luck.11:01
treachtux_fan: you *need* to modify your config file.11:01
maekii think this is the sexiest distro i've ever used.11:01
tux_fanCan you please tell me what all alteration I should make.. Actually, I am very keen to use CRUX..11:02
maekicrux wears skimpy clothing.11:02
aonwell, how about ? :)11:03
treachtux_fan: Sorry, Crux is very userfriendly, it's just picky about it's friends. ;)11:03
tux_fanAh, I know. I have heard a lot about it..11:03
treachie, it's all up to you to make things work.11:03
aonhmm, i get that same error on my server with crux11:04
tux_fanC'mon pioneers, help me!11:04
aoni solved it by installing OpenBSD :)11:04
j^2tux_fan: part of the joy of crux is learning all the stuff you gave to do, it's a puzzle ;)11:04
treachstep 1 is always to know your hardware.11:04
j^2aon: hehe11:04
aonactually i had it there, but tried to boot crux11:04
tux_fanI think my hardware config is suitable..11:04
maekilol. porn-cache.11:04
treachaon: you mean GNU/BSD, right? ;)11:05
tux_fan128 MB RAM.. 80 GB HD..11:05
aontreach: no11:05
aontreach: compared to other bsd's it's still a lot more bsd11:05
treachaon: relax, just kidding wrt to that driver fiasco. :D11:05
aonyeah, i know :)11:05
tux_fanOkay, I opened linux-
tux_fanNow, will you please tell me the alterations..11:06
treachthat's not the way...11:06
aonwe can't know11:06
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aoni would possibly know if i would've bothered to look into it11:06
aonbut i didn't11:07
treachtux_fan: we don't know your hardware, and you apparently don't know how to build your own kernel.11:07
tux_fanThat's right.. I'll tell you my Hardware Config...11:07
tux_fan128 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, 1.7 Ghz.11:08
treachthat's no help at all.11:08
tux_fanWell, I had 512 MB RAM, but the thing blasted. So, going to buy a new one in a week or so..11:08
j^2tux_fan: want distro did you come from?11:08
treach"windows", I guess :D11:09
j^2"gentoo" :P11:09
j^2genkernel kicks ass!11:09
tux_fanI have Windows 2003 Server, BackTrack, Slackware and Red Hat 9.11:10
tux_fanI was going to use CRUX on my latop..11:10
treachwell, you need to learn a lot of things then.11:10
j^2tux_fan: what laptop do you have/11:10
tux_fanYeah, I know..So, no solution for this problem, eh?11:11
tux_fanIBM r60.11:11
treachlike for instance, you have to find out what's in your computer. And I mean what's in it. not how much ram and how fast the cpu is..11:11
j^2google the model of your laptop and .config ;)11:11
maekisorry- what was the question again?11:11
treach"How do I get rp-pppoe working?", I think.11:12
maekilol not mine11:12
j^2hehe never used pppoe :P11:12
jjpkRaken+++ haha11:13
jjpkLack of patience on that one :D :D11:13
maekiyeah it could use a generic how-to it hink.11:13
maekithere's one frmo debian that i found my mistake in.11:13
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tux_fanWell, some of my linux geek friends, told me to download a stable kernel
tux_fanWill it help me?11:24
Romstermaeki, hmm i use rp-pppoe maybe i can send you my kernel .config for ya..?11:24
treachbut you might as well go directly to 2,6.20.7 instead.11:24
Romster2.6.19.7 is what i'm on. 2.6.20 is just way diferent11:25
treachI haven't noticed.11:26
tux_fanMaybe, but as per my friends, it's stable and suitable for my system.11:26
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treachwell, if you think so, I guess you just have to roll up your sleeves and get going.11:27
tux_fanPhew, Downloaded..11:28
tux_fanNow, I have to burn the disk..11:31
Romstercheck out ketchup11:31
Romsterprt-get info ketchup11:31
treachRomster: that won't work..11:31
Romsterwell for auto getting patches..11:32
Romsterbut hes gotta redo the boot cd?11:32
treachscroll up, read up, and stop giving irrellevant advice. kthx.11:32
Romsteryeah wel how is he on then?11:33
Romstermeh nevermind11:33
treachwell, he never said he couldn't boot the cd.. but otoh, he hasn't told us very much which is useful yet. :/11:34
j^2treach: i'd have to agree11:34
Romsteri assume too much...11:34
Romsterassumed he could boot off the cd into the system installed but the booting on the built kernel fails.11:35
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treachRommy. start thinking.11:35
treachif you can boot the cd, why would you need to redo the cd?11:36
Romsteri've booted off the cd chrooted over start irssi11:36
Romsterask questions...11:36
Romstererr thought he needed to do the system not the cd i don't see that or i skiped that part of (s)he question11:36
tilmanhehe, rommy11:37
tux_fanCD Burned.. Now I ahev to boot.. So, Be Right Back..11:37
treachwhat are you going to do with a cd with the kernel sources on?11:37
j^2tux_fan: www.archlinux.org11:38
treachboot on it?11:38
Romstercrud he was on and off i didn't look furthor up in my log...11:38
j^2tux_fan: trust me ;)11:38
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* Romster slaps j^2 11:38
treachj^2: seems like ubuntu would be a better choice.11:38
Romsterwe want mroe crux users not less.11:38
treachRomster: not at any cost.11:38
j^2Romster: but he doesnt know how to build a kernel11:38
treachand this guy doesn't know enough to be dangerous to himself even..11:39
j^2^^^ totalry11:39
treachboot on a cd with the kernel sources... :D11:39
jjpkRomster: not that the already small userbase is going anywhere.11:39
jjpkI would dare say the userbase is very stable.11:40
treachjjpk: that's a dispuetable statement ;)11:40
jjpkMight go up every time a release is announced, but probably falls back within a few months again :D11:41
j^2you know maybe we should send him to ;)11:41
treachj^2: not a bad idea, in a way.11:41
j^2yep, he'll learn what he wants to learn11:42
jjpkNO DOCUMENTATION!!11111:42
j^2then when he's seasoned... he'll be ready for us :D11:42
Romsterjjpk, i dunno?11:43
Romsterwe seem to have lost some to the project..11:43
jjpkThose were not ordinary users I am talking about, but you are right about that as well.11:44
treachactually I think we're a bit in a rough spot. Too hard for newbies, and seasonded users are probably alredy comfy with what they use.11:45
treachall we get is the malcontets. :D11:45
jjpkso be it. :p11:46
RomsterLFS heh11:46
jjpkUnless I have been lied to for a number of years, crux was never designed to please the masses ;)11:46
treachRomster: the point wasn't that he had to install it.11:46
treachrather, he'd gather a lot of understanding there that he'd need to run crux.11:47
Romsterwel when i first started using crux it was over my head till prologic set one up then i learned messed my system up and redid it myself started making ports and yeah :/ learning more all the time now i don't even use windows :P11:47
jjpkInteresting numbers from the torrent tracker, 901 2.3 downloads vs 842 2.2 downloads.11:47
treachjust look around. most people here have used slack, gentoo or debian or some such for *years*, Such people doesn't grow on trees.11:48
Romsterah yeah i read it just to learn stuff.11:48
treachjjpk: no ftp for 2.3 though..11:48
treach*just* might skew the numbers a bit. :)11:48
Romsterbit of debian, but i only did server stuff, well ok i tryed mandrake and koppix but not seriosly till now.11:49
treachmandrake and serious in the same sentence?11:49
treachare you serious?11:49
jaegermandrake: serious business11:51
treach"seriously buggy" in my experience.11:51
jaegerno idea, haven't used it in a long time11:51
jjpkNever used it thankfully.11:52
treachI've tried it a couple of times, to see wether it would be a suitable suggestion for beginners.11:52
treachalas, it never was.11:53
jaegerI generally suggest ubuntu for beginners these days11:53
jaegerused to suggest fedora core until ubuntu developed more11:53
treachI'd never suggest fedora. :/11:54
treachtoo much churn.11:54
jaegerit's relatively easy to get started with, though, which was why I suggested it11:54
j^2and ubuntu is just pretty :D11:54
treachjaeger: ah, right, if the installer works, it's easy to set up, I can agree with that. :)11:55
jaegerthat's generally what I look for when making a suggestion for beginners... because the install is what scares most people away, I think11:56
jjpkIronically, the windows installers never were too full of eye candy either12:04
treachwindows doesn't need a fancy installer really.12:05
treachall the people who complain about how hard it is to install linux probably never tried to install windows. :/12:06
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maekiis there no dhcpd port for crux?12:06
treachthat would be news indeed.12:06
jaeger'prt-get fsearch dhcpd' turns that up, by the way12:07
treachthing:~% search dhcp12:07
maekiwhich port repo is it in?12:08
maekiit's not showing on mine12:08
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treachyou've enabled contrib?12:09
maekioh shxt12:09
maekii forgot to do it in the .conf file.12:09
tux_fanDamn.. same problem.. =(12:09
maekii changed the rsycn12:09
maekithanks, srry for that.12:09
tux_fanKernel 2.19 didn't help :(12:10
tux_fanC'mon Linux Gurus.. Help me..!12:11
treachwhy don't you help yourself to start with?12:11
tux_fand00d, I tried my best, but all in vain.. Atleast give me some hint..12:12
treachlike, tell us exactly what you're trying to do.12:12
tux_fanOkay, let me explain...12:12
treachare you booting from the cd, or have you managed to install crux?12:12
tux_fanI downloaed the latest version of CRUX because my leet friend told me that it's the best distros he has ever worked on12:13
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tux_fanNow, I downaload it via torrent and burn the cd.12:13
tux_fanAfter burning the cd i boot the cd.12:14
jaegertux_fan: regarding the atkbd.c error?12:14
tux_fanNow, during the boot process I get an error:12:14
tux_fan"atkbd.c: Spurious ACK on isa0060/serio0. Some program might be trying access hardware directly"12:14
tux_fanSo, I need to bypass it in order to install CRUX.12:14
treachyou get the error duing boot from the CD, why didn't you tell us right away?12:14
tux_fanSo, I need help regarding that..12:14
jaegerjust for grins, try adding this to your boot command line: i8042.panicblink=012:14
tux_fanI did.. Invalid Command..12:14
jaegerwhere did you add it?12:14
tux_fanboot> i8042.panicblink=012:15
jaegeradd it to the kernel line12:15
jaegeri8042.panicblink=0 is not a valid grub command12:15
jaegerkernel (hd0,1)/vmlinuz- i8042.panicblink.0 root=/dev/sda3 rw <--- something like this, as an example12:16
jaegerer, =0, not .012:16
jaegerbut you get the idea12:16
tux_fanYeah.. Kinda..12:16
treachCRUX root=/dev/hdc,i8042.panicblink.012:16
treachanother one.12:16
tux_fanAh, you sure, this will work?12:17
jaegerI think the comma would negate it12:17
treachoh, right.12:17
jaegertux_fan: no, I'm not sure. but it won't make the problem worse12:17
tux_fanCan you tell me why this problem comes? I mean it doesn;t come in any other distro..12:17
tux_fanAtleast in any distro I have worked on.12:18
jaegerit's probably caused by some option in the kernel config but I don't know which; I've never had it happen on my systems12:18
tux_fanWhy is it always me!!?! :P12:18
treachyou were born under an unlucky star.12:19
tux_fanYeah, Right..12:19
treachsee yellow pages, "Gods" section for more info.12:19
tux_fanYou sure about hdc,i8042.panicblink.0? The comma..12:20
treachno, not the comma, I got things mixed up.12:21
jaegerbefore you try it, paste your kernel line for me12:21
treachright. I need to get my glasses..12:21
jaegerI typed it wrong up above, probably confusing12:22
tux_fanYeah, /me puzzled..12:22
Romstermsut be some dirver incompatability or missing driver it needs for your hardware?12:23
tux_fani8042.panicblink=0 root=/dev/hdc8 ro12:24
Romstergoogle your hardware on linux compatability maybe12:24
tux_fanAh, Linux is CONFUSING!12:24
treachtux_fan: that looks suspicous...12:24
treachroot shouldn't be "hdc8" if you try to boot from a cd.12:25
tux_fansorry hdc1*12:25
tux_fankernel /boot/grub i8042.panicblink=0 root=/dev/sda1 ro12:25
treachit should be "hdc"12:25
tux_fan^^ Foudn that via Google.12:26
jaegeroh, are you booting from the CD?12:26
jaegerI missed that part12:26
treachtux_fan: find out where your cdrom is connected.12:26
jaegerok, try this:12:26
jaegerCRUX root=/dev/hdc i8042.panicblink=012:27
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jaegerI thought you were trying to boot it with grub, sorry12:27
tux_fanYou sure about it ^^?12:27
treachthat's why I gave the line for lilo above.12:27
* Romster facepalms12:28
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jaegerwell, you don't have to try it if you don't want to12:28
jaegerbut that is my suggestion. take it or leave it12:28
tux_fanAllright Let me try it out.12:28
*** tux_fan has quit IRC12:28
treach"wouldn't dream of trying to stop you.."12:28
jjpknot one bit :D12:28
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Romsternot all hardware is compatable :/12:31
treachit's an r60.12:32
jjpkI have seen that error but it has never stopped me from using an old box.12:32
treachI don't think you'll get a more compatible laptop than a thinkpad.12:32
jjpkI've had a decent experience with my Toshiba satellite.12:33
treachand I doubt it classifies as a "an old box" btw. :D12:33
jjpkIt did not happen on this, it was my former server box (amd t-bird 1.4ghz)12:34
treachlol, "If in doubt, reinstall."12:35
Romsterthis is a k7 althon not sure if its a thunderbird though12:35
Romsteri did get the cpu revision and its one that is good to OC to 1.6GHz but the mobo is a pos and won't let me... get even near that.12:36
Romsterand faster ram than this mobo needs to have.12:36
Romsterprobbly some driver or something that hates that mobo..12:37
Romsteri cbf googling for it :/12:37
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tux_fanAllright, I could bypass the problem.. But, yet another problem..12:37
tux_fanNo Filesystem could mount root12:38
tux_fanKernel Panic=not syncing:VFS:unknown-block (22,0)12:38
RomsterO_o ah ide driver issue?12:38
tux_fanHow do I solve this problem?12:39
Romstersounds like the kernel is missing a driver for your ide interface but i could be wrong,,,12:40
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*** tux_fan has quit IRC12:43
jaegerstill the boot CD, right?12:43
jaegeror not, gone again12:43
treachall patience.12:43
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tilman> You could try "xorgconfig" instead.12:52
tilmani tried "xorgcfg" and same blank screen.12:52
tilman[ ] arnuld can read12:52
treach[x] he can't12:52
treachI'm amazed he doesn't demand a CRUX specific doc for how to configure X.12:53
jjpkProbably in the making :D12:54
tilmani must admit i never tried any of the config tools in crux12:54
treachX -configure has worked every time for me.12:55
Romsteri just pinched the default one and edited it to my liking :/12:56
rehabdollim in hell. installing windows on a laptop with a cracked display for my brother-in-law :(12:57
jaegerI've only had Xorg -configure fail once, and that seems to have been only with xorg 7.1 - when all the xf86-video-* packages were installed Xorg -configure would hang my machine12:58
Romsterwhy bother with a laptop with a cracked display?12:58
rehabdollhe said he was going to use it as a stationary with an external monitor/keyboard12:59
Romsterah then why not use a externel monitor to install :/ or does it not work at install level?13:00
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treachheh, I first read that as "stationerey" :D13:01
treachs /rey/ry/13:02
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jaegeranyone using visibility? (the pager app)14:44
tilmanno, but its author says it sucks :P14:44
jaegerdocs seem sparse. I just now found the svn root14:45
aonit seems rather usable15:00
aonfrom the screenshots, that is15:00
jaegerworks ok for me so far... only one issue I've noticed - when started, there's an icon for a window that doesn't exist, but it updates properly after that15:04
jaegeris there no xwd in xorg?15:07
jaegerI don't see it in the ports tree15:07
aonapparently no15:09
aonNot in crux, at least.15:09
* jaeger uses scrot15:09
aonme too15:09
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maekiawesome. dns up and running.15:10
maekiseriously this distro is great15:10
maekihandbook + rfcs are all i need.15:10
maekiand you guys of course15:10
* maeki gags.15:11
maekiquick question... anyone know where the iptables options are in the menuconfig of kernel config?15:12
*** mnh- has quit IRC15:12
aonsomewhere around ipv4 and ipv6 opts15:13
aonip filtering or something15:13
maekiis it the netfilter option?15:13
jaegerNetworking -> Networking Options -> Network packet filtering15:13
* maeki gulps air and dives back under.15:13
maekithx bbiab :)15:13
maekiah - i 'enabled' it but missed everything under the ----->15:16
treachjaeger: accidentally I have a xwd port if you're interested. :p15:17
jaegertreach: I appreciate it but I have scrot installed anyway, so I'm all set :)15:18
treachwell, it's not as if I created it for this occasion. :)15:19
jaegerI figured not15:19
jaegergratuitous screenshot time!
treachsomeone tripped over the cable?15:24
jjpkWould almost blame my isp since it has been useless lately.15:24
jjpkNot opening here either.15:24
jaegermaybe the weird debian apache2 slowness problem is back =/15:25
jaegerwish I could figure out what causes that... it's rather annoying. no errors15:26
thrice`yeah, no go here15:27
treachhmm. molasses run faster uphill in the winter. :-/15:27
treachI've got the page now, all that's missing is the image. :D15:28
jaegerpart of it might be the apache2 install, part of it is probably our provider. we were down most of this morning15:28
aonah yes, screenshots...15:28
aoni took one today too15:28
jaegeranyone use lighttpd on a fairly large site? I'm pretty sick of apache, to be honest15:29
jaegeraon: how do you stand all that eye candy?15:29
aoni have bad eyesight15:29
treachdone \o/15:29
treachjaeger: you know, with enough vodka most things are bearable. :P15:30
jaegertreach: it's even slow here and I have a 100Mbit link to that server15:30
jaegerI blame debian's apache215:30
jaegerthough I can't track it down so far, no errors in the logs15:30
treachheh, I was refering to our friend in the east. :)15:30
jaegerI know, I was responding to the slow comment earlier :)15:30
treachoh. ok.15:31
jaegeryes, it's very slow, and it's pissing me off15:31
treachwell, it looks pretty nice. :)15:31
jaegerhehe, thanks15:31
treachI guess I'm partial, it's after all quite similar to my setup. :P15:32
jaegerI wonder if I could actually switch to lighttpd from apache15:35
thrice`no tarballs for visibility :\15:36
jaegeryeah, took me a bit to find the svn repo15:37
jaegertreach: would you mind checking my site again? I'm playing with the apache2 config a bit15:37
treachnot at all.15:37
treachsame url?15:38
jaegeraye, that should be fine15:38
treachhm. not sure if I hit a cache or something.15:38
treachit was instantaneous this time.15:38
jaegerhrmm, ok15:39
treachit seems to be working ok.15:39
*** maeki has quit IRC15:39
treachI tried a different url, and it's much faster now.15:39
jaegerthe slowness seems gone here, so I'm taking that as a good sign15:39
*** morlenxus has quit IRC15:39
jaegercool, thanks :)15:39
treachno problem.15:39
tilmanlighty is pretty cool15:39
tilmanthe 80.000 lines config of apache was a pita15:39
jaegerI use lighttpd here on my desktop at work for some quick stuff15:40
jaegerI'd love to use it in production but I don't know if it'll support everything needed15:40
jaegerphp is no problem but I'll have to do some research for the rest15:40
jaegervery cool that lighttpd can use fam/gamin for stat caches15:42
jjpkOh shit, a massive shoot up at Virginia Tech15:42
jaegeryeah =/15:42
treach"remember, guns isn't the problem".15:42
treach*shakes head*15:43
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:43
*** loophole is now known as laod15:47
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*** the-ruediger has quit IRC16:16
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux16:19
*** morlenxus has quit IRC16:30
*** morlenxus has joined #crux16:33
*** thrice` has quit IRC16:39
RedShifthehe treach16:40
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:45
treachque the nuts who claims it could all have been avoided if everyone had a gun.16:49
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:00
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC17:06
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:09
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:09
*** lasso has quit IRC17:23
*** maeki has joined #crux17:28
treach!pppoe working!"17:29
maekiyes and iptables and NAT and all that jazz17:29
maekithe last hurdle is the imap...17:29
treachdon't worry, I've heard dovecot actually reached 1.0. :D17:30
*** sepen has quit IRC17:30
maekiare there any others that people can recommend?17:30
treachnot sure, look in the ports.17:31
jaegerI used to use uw-imap, switched to dovecot17:31
treachbut dovecot is pretty damned nice.17:31
maekiabout now i just need something simple :)17:31
jaegercourier and cyrus seem to be the "more difficult, more features" options17:31
maekiand is mutt ~=~ pine?17:32
treachdovecot isn't hard, or at least wasn't when I used it a year and a half ago :)17:32
jaegerit's quite different, but it IS a terminal-based mail client17:32
maekimutt dovecot and postfix - a closed system?17:32
maekipackage wise :)17:33
treachsorry, I don't get that.17:33
maekifor mail sending receiving and reading17:33
maekiare those the only packages that one needs17:33
treachwell, I suppose you could do with mutt/postfix.17:34
*** jaeger has quit IRC17:34
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:34
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:34
maekii needs the imap17:34
treachmmh, mutt can do imap directly iirc.17:34
jaegerit can17:34
maekiso what does dovecot do then17:34
treachmore. :)17:34
jaegerdovecot is an imap *server*17:34
*** sepen has joined #crux17:35
jaeger(and pop, etc.)17:35
treachwebmail too iirc.17:35
maekiand postfix is the MTA right17:35
maekimutt is the client17:35
maekiand dovecot the server17:35
treach"A server"17:35
maekiin the 3 packages scenario17:36
maekicool :)17:36
treachmaeki: I suggest a visit to
treachmaybe you don't need it.17:37
treach(since I have no idea what you're trying to do.)17:37
maekifor example.17:38
treachhah, I had no idea the author was the same as for irssi. :)17:38
maekii'd go visit the links and all that but i've got computers and parts in shambles all over the place.17:39
maekionce i can seal this one up and put a sticker on it and back in the closet i'll be more at ease :)17:40
*** morlenxus has quit IRC17:42
*** morlenxus has joined #crux17:42
maekioh hey treach...17:56
maekiassuming my dns and postfix are installed17:56
maekiall mail just gets sent to my unix account?17:56
maekilike /var/mail/me?17:57
maekithat i can read with mutt...17:57
maekiso i dont really need dovecot to read mail if i have shell access to mutt?17:58
jaegerif that machine is the server that receives mail, yes18:02
maekiexcellent thanks.18:03
*** maeki has quit IRC18:13
*** maeki has joined #crux18:22
maekise funciona?18:22
treachno, see "waiting for.. " message. :p18:23
jaegerredirected to secure.basepair-etc. and that timed out18:23
maekione second...18:23
treach*meeeep!!* time's up!18:24
maekione mroe time for partial credit18:27
treachsame (negative) result.18:27
maekistill forwards to secure?18:28
jaegeraye, which times out18:28
jaegerif that's not intended, might be cached in firefox18:28
maekiyeah it should be forwarding elsewhere18:28
jaegercleaned the cache, no redirect this time, still timed out18:29
jaegerer... well, no redirect to https://secure18:29
jaegerredirected to http://blah:8000 which timed out18:29
maekiwell at least the redirect was correct.18:30
maekii have iptables forwarding from 8000 to 80, it works internally across machines...18:31
maekithere has got to be a better easier and free way to do this.18:31
maekiISP blocks port 80, ip keeps changing... yeesh.18:32
treachdyndns or something18:32
treachadditionally, I guess you could move the server to port 8080 or so directly rather than redirect.18:33
maekilet me remove the redirection18:34
maekiand just put it on 800018:34
maekidoes that work?18:36
jaegernot here, either18:37
treachstill no cigar18:38
* treach puts up "NO SMOKING" signs18:38
maekihow about now?18:39
maekii forgot to open the port after having removed the forward18:39
jaegerstill times out18:40
maekiare you guys outside the us?18:40
treachI am.18:40
treachjaeger isn't18:40
maekiok well thanks for trying... i'll play with it for a little longer.18:43
jaegergood luck18:43
maekithanks =/18:44
maekii'm off to sleep. night18:44
*** maeki has quit IRC18:44
treachsleep? isn't it a bit early for you guys?18:46
treach(I, otoh should have gone to bed two hours ago really...)18:46
jaegerit's 18:47 here, no idea where he lives18:47
treachdifference can't be that big.18:49
treachanyway, I'm off to bed as well, cya.18:49
*** treach has quit IRC18:49
jaegerer, night18:50
*** noesc_ is now known as loophole18:56
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*** Dudde has quit IRC19:02
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*** eqweqw has joined #crux23:28
*** eqweqw is now known as Sourf23:28
Sourfgood evening to everyone ... somebody can help me send to me a image  of that pin ... I need to a presentation here in my college ... I will speak about CRUX23:29
SourfI need some images like screemshot ... wallpaper or image of the animal that represent the crux system23:30
*** luxh has joined #crux23:30
SourfMay someone help me ?23:31
Sourfj^2  ?23:33
Sourfj^2  may you help me ?23:34
j^2sorry my cat got on my keyboard23:36
j^2what would you like?23:36
Sourflol  i'd like to know a link to get some images to put in my slides ... i will make a presentation in the college ....23:38
SourfI need a lot23:38
SourfI'm using badows here and I'm down here my dial-up modem .. I will put here in this month a band23:41
SourfI changed of place to live23:41
Sourfsomeone no about some link ?23:43
Sourfj^2 ? ;(23:43
Sourfare everybody here sleeping ?23:45
j^2cat again23:48
j^2gotta go23:48
*** tux_fan has joined #crux23:50
Sourfwaht is up with your cat man ... ? You are a program ? I program in c and lua ... I have installed a 6 months ao crux with enligh ... and I have been correct some codes then !23:50
tux_fanI have encountered a Problem..23:50
SourfI'm from brazil ... amazon capital23:50
tux_fanDie Spammer!23:51
Sourfj^2 and your cat lol ?23:51
Sourfwhat is up tux_fan ?23:51
tux_fanI have a problem.23:52
Sourfahh ok ! with your server ?23:53
Sourfemail server ?23:53
tux_fanWhen I boot the CD that cntains CRUX, I encounter a problem, saying:23:53
Sourfwhat crux 2.2 or 2.3 ?23:54
tux_fanNo Filesystem could mount root, tried :-all filesystems23:54
Sourfsaying ?23:54
Sourfbut is your first time ?23:54
tux_fanKernel panic=not syncing:CFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (22,0)23:55
Sourfwhat is your machine ... SATA or PATA or ATA ?23:55
Sourfsee in what slot is your cd/dvd drive23:56
Sourfsda sdb ?23:56
Sourftry use some options F3 F2 something like that ... I don't know about this because I'm download crux 2.3 now23:57
*** Sourf has quit IRC23:59

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